The headmaster is in a hurry, and that presents a girl with a difficulty.

By Douglas Ramsey

“You can go in now Cheryl. He is in a hurry so don’t keep him too long. He has another girl to deal with before he goes out.”

“Yes Miss, thank you.” Cheryl went into the Headmaster’s study.

“Right girl, let’s get this over with. Bend over that chair and lift your skirt. I don’t have much time so you’ll get three, rapid fire, across your knickers.”

“But Sir, I…”

“Don’t argue or it will be worse; one more peep from you and it will be six.” The Headmaster clearly meant it.

“Sir, I haven’t come…”

“OK six it is, one more word from you and it will be on the bare.”

“Sir, please this is not right…”

“On the bare; get over that chair now, skirt up knickers down.”

Reluctantly Cheryl took up the fateful position, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down to her knees.

“Right, let’s get this over with, six rapid fire, shouldn’t take more than five seconds. Brace yourself girl!”

Six forearm jabs lashed down across the centre of Cheryl’s naked behind. Before she could let out a cry the six whacks had landed, and she was in agony.

“Up you get girl. Now let’s just enter this in the punishment book. Beryl Smith, U6H, rapid 6…”

“My name is Cheryl Smith, sir, and I am in U6A.” She was trying to hold back tears with very limited success. “I came to invite you to the end of year ball.”

The Headmaster looked bemused. “Oh dear! Well you probably deserved a whacking anyway, but do remind me that you have six in the bank if you do something stupid before the end of term. You can go now.”

“Thank you sir.”

The End