A typical in class punishment that many will recall. By a new writer to us.

By Paul Notes


Miss Watson bellowed, casting a steely eye over her 6th form Maths class. Unfortunately her Maths class was timetabled in as the last lesson on Friday afternoon. The twenty 17 to 18 year old girls were more interested in the weekend ahead.

She had set the girls twenty questions to work on in class, while she caught up on marking exam papers. Although she made allowances for a little background chatter, she expected her pupils to work in silence. However this was now the third time she was forced to tell the class to keep the noise down.

She realised it was just one or two girls that were creating the unrest, resulting in some of the more well behaved pupils following their bad example. Most of the disruption was caused, Miss Watson suspected, by Emma Ball.

The class had to be brought to order.

She had found that the mere threat of the slipper could be used to effectively control girls, and if the use of the slipper failed, the cane could be brought to bear on the naughtiest of girls.

So, having gained the girls attention, she opened the top drawer of her desk and removed the slipper.


With as much force as she could muster, she slammed the slipper hard on the edge of the desk. The girls’ faces quickly changed from bemusement to one of fright. A few squirmed uneasily in their seats as they remembered previous painful encounters with the slipper. Most sat wide-eyed and looked distinctly uncomfortable.

“I have had just about enough of you girls today,” Miss Watson hissed. “You WILL work in silence. The next girl who dares to disrupt this class will find herself bent over my desk with a very sore bottom.”

Miss Watson cast her eye around the class, holding the slipper in her hand, making sure she made eye contact with as many girls as possible.

“Do I make myself clear?” She paused for effect. “WELL?” She raised her voice further to elicit a response from a shocked class of girls.

Then, turning to look directly at the troublemaker, she growled her name: “Emma?”

After a brief pause Emma’s timid voice came form the back of the class.

“Yes Miss.”

The rest of the class soon followed suit, with those not actually saying anything, nodding their heads in a slightly exaggerated manner to make sure Miss Watson was aware they had understood.

“Good. You have work to do girls, I suggest you get on with it.”

With that, she placed the slipper on her desk as a visible warning to the class, and sat down to continue with marking papers.

Emma Ball, a slightly built 18 year old, felt her cheeks flush as Miss Watson had singled her out from the rest of the class. Her blond hair and angelic looks were deceiving. She was a mischievous, disruptive teenager who, more by good luck than good judgement, had never been in trouble before. It was the first time any teacher had singled her out, let alone threaten her with the slipper.

Embarrassed and ashamed she decided to concentrate on the algebraic problems in front of her and try not to draw attention to herself again.

Emma, along with her classmates, was finding the work difficult. To make matters worse, Susan, the girl sitting next to her, was pestering her for help, risking the wrath of Miss Watson.

“She has a brain of her own, she should use it.” Emma muttered angrily, trying her best to control her irritation and ignore her classmate. “She’ll just get me into trouble.” Feeling picked on and humiliated, she was in no mood to help anyone.

Five minutes later, Susan leant over and tugged on Emma’s sleeve, causing Emma to make an unwanted ugly pencil mark on her maths work book.

Emma, still seething inside from the public humiliation, turned and snapped: “Leave me alone, bitch!”

The next 30 seconds seemed like a slow motion dream. Her rage ebbing away, the shock on Susan’s face, and the curious looks her classmates were now giving her.

It was too late.

By the time Emma realised what she had said, Miss Watson had made her way over to her desk and had Emma’s ear in a vice like grip.

“Let’s see if I can help you remember a few rules,” sneered Miss Watson as Emma felt herself being hauled up and marched over to Miss Watson’s desk, her head forced uncomfortably to one side as Miss Watson’s fingers tightened their painful grip on her ear.

With one sweep of her arm, Miss Watson cleared some space on her desk.

“OVER. NOW.” She ordered, twisting Emma’s ear even harder to force her down over the desk.

“No Miss, please!” Cried Emma, desperate to stop what was happening. Miss Watson was having none of it.

Lifting Emma’s chequered blue summer skirt, she reached for the slipper. She had decided to give this young lady a short sharp shock.

Emma was a small, fit, well proportioned girl. A naturally sporty girl, she had the lean, tight figure of a gymnast. Her small bottom, encased in her blue school knickers barely wobbled as Miss Watson’s slipper struck her bottom.


It was all happening too fast for Emma. Her features crumpled under the pain and the shock, but she had little time to cry out before the next strokes arrived.


Three more hard swats followed in quick succession, covering the top of her thighs as well as both bottom cheeks. The rest of the class looked on in horror as the exposed flesh around Emma’s knickers turned bright red.

The slippering was all over in about 20 seconds. Miss Watson dragged the blubbering girl up by her arm, and marched her back to her desk.

“Sit down and be quiet girl!” Miss Watson barked. “Or you’ll find yourself back over my desk for more of the same.”

Emma’s face was bright red and wet with tears as she tried to contain her distress. Her bottom was ablaze, and no amount of rubbing seemed to ease the pain. Sobbing, with her head bowed in shame, she gingerly sat down.

Miss Watson addressed the class again.

“Let me reiterate,” she began. “I will NOT stand for ANY disruption in my class. The next girl who chooses to ignore the rules again will find out what my cane feels like across her backside. This is your final warning ladies. You WILL work in silence.”

The End

© Paul Notes 2016