Getting a parent to sign a form after their daughter has received corporal punishment is practiced in many schools. Occasionally, a student tries to bypass the system.

By Stinger Sam

“Why did you have your cell phone with you in class?” Asked Principal Mitchell.

“I don’t know, I guess I forgot to put it away in my locker,” replied Lacy, looking away from Principal Mitchell. “Accidents happen. That’s life.”

“Accidents do happen in life but so does not turning off your cell phone and deciding to actively use it during class,” responded Principal Mitchell. “That fact remains that if you sincerely forgot to put your phone away, you still could have had the decency to turn it off and not use it during class. Right?”

Lacy didn’t breathe a word and continued to look away from Principal Mitchell. Principal Mitchell was no detective, but she knew when someone was lying to her. In her mind, Lacy’s story was not adding up.

“Unlock your cell phone and pass it to me,” demanded Principal Mitchell.

With a paranoid expression written all over her face, Lacy glared at Principal Mitchell and gasped: “Excuse me?”

“Unlock your cell phone and pass it to me,” demanded Principal Mitchell, repeating herself.

“Is that really necessary?” Objected Lacy.

“Was it necessary for you to break school policy by having your cell phone in your possession and using it during class?” Retorted Principal Mitchell.

Lacy stood up and said: “That is my private property, and you do not have a right to go through my personal belongings nor meddle in my personal business.”

Principal Mitchell, using a matter of fact tone responded: “If you don’t hand over your cell phone right this instant, I will be forced to suspend you from school for a week and to call your mother.”

Lacy didn’t want to be suspended from school. She was 18 years old and had less than a semester before graduating high school. She had never been suspended from school and didn’t want to start now, especially with college right around the corner. She had high hopes of being accepted in a respectable university and a suspension could decrease her chances of seeing that dream fulfilled. Besides that, her mother would be infuriated with her behavior, not to mention outraged for disrespecting her best friend, Principal Mitchell.

After evaluating the situation, Lacy decided to unlock her cell phone and to hand it over to Principal Mitchell. She returned to her seat and hopelessly observed Principal Mitchell flipping through the device. Principal Mitchell spotted notifications of unread text messages and decided to view them.

Scrolling through the text messages, Principal Mitchell said: “Very interesting, Lacy. While you were in class and supposed to be learning, you and Kari were engaging in a girl’s chat about sexual experiences you two had with your boyfriends. Talk about progressive learning right there! Maybe you two should consider teaching a sex education class at school. Should be fun, correct?”

Blushing about Principal Mitchell’s remarks about her sex life and in fear knowing she got caught in a lie, Lacy responded: “Principal Mitchell, let me…”

“Explain,” Principal Mitchell said, interrupting Lacy. “You are raging with hormones, I get it. You are no longer that little girl I used to know. You are now a woman with so many feelings and emotions running through you. That is normal; however, you still disobeyed school policy and lied to me. That is why you are in trouble. These offences are academically dangerous. I thought you were trying to get in a good college? Do you know how difficult it is to get accepted into a fine school with a suspension on your record?”

“I know that I messed up, Principal Mitchell. I’m very sorry,” replied Lacy, pleading for forgiveness.

Principal Mitchell picked up the Student Handbook from the bookshelf, read over the discipline section and said: “These offences combined would equal six days of suspension. Or you could take three swats with a paddle and three days of suspension. Which do you prefer?”

“Are those my only options? Now matter what, I’m getting suspended?” Lacy responded, almost in tears realizing that her dream was fading fast before her eyes.

“Well, there might be another possibility but it is not an easy route.”

“Please, tell me,” pleaded Lacy, regaining some hope.

“Each offence is the equivalent of three swats so you could take six licks with a paddle and avoid suspension altogether. But I must warn you, even after three swats your bottom will be on fire and in agonizing pain. I don’t recommend this option but it is on the table,” said Principal Mitchell.

“May I see your paddle?” Asked Lacy.

“Yes, you may,” answered Principal Mitchell, getting up and retrieving her paddle from behind the file cabinet.

Holding Principal Mitchell’s paddle sent shivers down Lacy’s spine. The paddle was made out of rosewood and had a dark reddish color. It was 22 inches long, 3 inches wide, and a 3/8 thick blade with dark tape wrapped around the handle. Lacy knew that this piece of work was going to produce massive damage on her heart shaped bottom.

“Have you been paddled before?” Asked Principal Mitchell.

Holding the paddle with both hands, Lacy looked up at Principal Mitchell and answered: “No, I haven’t. I’ve been spanked before, as you are aware since you spanked me a few times while taking care of me, and of course you remember that whipping you witnessed my mom give two weeks ago with her belt after dinner.”

Chuckling, Principal Mitchell said: “Yeah, I remember so clearly that thrashing your mother gave you. She made you drop your pants, bend over, and grab your ankles. There you was, so defenseless; your butt was raised high and was only covered by light blue hip-hugger panties with a black waistband and leg openings. She really sizzled your behind with her belt. I knew it hurt. Which reminds me, did she ever tell you how we became friends?”

“No, she didn’t,” answered Lacy.

“I was a newbie at college and joined a sorority. Your mother had a few years on me and was already a big sister. She busted my bottom good with her paddle. I remember thinking that she was one of the hardest spankers I crossed paths with. That sorority paddle of hers, wow, it was much more severe than a normal school paddle. You better count your blessings that your backside was never introduced to it. Neither her belt nor my paddle has anything on that beast she wielded in her college days. My poor butt was tore up for a week after she got done with it. Boy, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to sit until my poor bottom healed,” Principal Mitchell said, now with a smile on her face.

“That sounds about right,” Lacy said, laughing and feeling relaxed. “Okay, I think I’ll be a big girl, bend over, and take my spanking. Since I took after my mother, I think I have enough protection in my backside to handle six swats.”

“Yes, you do. Just look at you, you got a lot of junk in your trunk, girl. But unfortunately for you, it has to be spanked because you misbehaved,” said Principal Mitchell in a half joking manner.

Passing Principal Mitchell her paddle, Lacy said: “If I have to get paddled at school, I’m glad that at least a good friend will administer my punishment and not some stranger. Shall we get this is over with?”

“Alright, let’s do this. Just to let you know, although I love you like my own daughter, I can’t take it easy on you,” Principal Mitchell said, getting up and walking to the office door.

Lacy nodded and said: “I know you are going to tan my hide real good and I’m fine with that. I messed up and deserve to be punished. And don’t worry, nothing will change between us. I’ll always love you.”

Principal Mitchell had a look of love in her eyes and added: “I know it won’t change anything. This will probably be the last time that I spank you for misbehaving. Then after that, it will be just nice soft birthday spankings over my knee. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll be having a chat with Kari later this afternoon about using her cell phone during class. I’m sure her butt will be sore too, so don’t feel alone.”

“Thank you, Karen,” replied Lacy.

Principal Mitchell opened the office door and said: “Miss Jenkins, I need you for a moment.”

Miss Jenkins, a young secretary straight out of college and just a few years older than Lacy, rose from her desk and entered Principal Mitchell’s office with a grin on her face as she eyed Lacy. Miss Jenkins had never been on the receiving end of a paddling since her parents never consented to her receiving corporal punishment. Even though she wasn’t spanked in school, it didn’t stop her from thinking it was funny when an unfortunate student got paddled to tears, especially if she was privileged enough to witness the event.

Principal Mitchell shut the door, grabbed her paddle from the desk and told Miss Jenkins: “Ms Hicks was caught using her cell phone in class and she also lied to me. She has agreed to a paddling consisting of six swats.”

Lacy didn’t particularly like being talked about like she didn’t exist. After Principal Mitchell informed Miss Jenkins of her fate, Lacy looked up and noted that the young secretary continued grinning ear to ear. The two ladies made eye contact and Miss Jenkins chuckled and resumed smiling with her lips parted. Lacy became livid, thinking that Miss Jenkins found it humorous to watch her backside get utterly beaten with the business end of Principal Mitchell’s paddle. She wondered why Principal Mitchell would choose such a witness but figured it was convenient, or perhaps Principal Mitchell believed that Miss Jenkins was trying to appear friendly. Nevertheless, Lacy was not thrilled about Miss Jenkins’ behavior nor her presence and she let her know by glaring at her with flushed cheeks in full view.

“Lacy, please stand up,” ordered Principal Mitchell.

Lacy took a deep breath, stood up, and accepted that she would soon be spanked like a child by a close family friend and in front of an arrogant witness that is close to her same age. Miss Jenkins pushed the chairs against the wall and cleared Principal Mitchell’s desk. She then resumed her position by the office door and waited for the amusement to begin.

Being close to the age same group, Lacy thought Miss Jenkins probably had the same fashion taste as she did when she was not forced to dress professionally at work. On this day, Lacy chose to wear a buff-gloss sateen jeggings (cross between jeans and leggings), a white mix stitch pullover sweater, and a pair of tan western booties. Lacy had light brown curly hair that grazed the middle of her back, dark brown eyes, and a medium complexion. She was a beauty and would make just about any heterosexual male happy by becoming his spouse. But at this moment in time, this beauty queen was about to submit to her friend and principal, Principal Mitchell, and allow her to spank her jiggly bottom with that monstrous paddle that had no doubt been used on many of her peers.

“Lacy, I want you to step in front of my desk, bend way over, and place your elbows on the desk,” ordered Principal Mitchell in a professional tone.

Lacy resigned her destiny and presented her bottom to be punished to Principal Mitchell’s satisfaction. She bent over the desk as far as she could and placed her elbows on the desk which caused her round butt to raise high and her pants to stretch tightly across her backside. Lacy crossed her arms and waited for her spanking as her large ripe breasts rested on Principal Mitchell’s desk.

“Good. I need you to stick out your butt and spread your legs a little further. Do you have anything in your back pockets,” asked Principal Mitchell, examining the bottom of her best friend’s daughter.


“I want you to look straight ahead at all times and stay in position. Do you understand?” Asked Principal Mitchell.

Looking at Principal Mitchell holding the paddle in her right hand, Lacy answered: “Yes, ma’am.”

Lacy turned around and saw a picture of Principal Mitchell with her daughter. Lacy was friends with her but was not exactly close to her since Lacy was a few years older and had different interests than she had. She was an exact replica of her mother except she inherited her father’s brown eyes.

Lacy wondered what it be like to be a principal’s daughter. Would she get spanked differently at home or always with the tool the principal was accustomed to, namely a wooden paddle?

Lacy took her eyes off that picture and focused on a photo of Principal Mitchell and her mother when they were in college. She thought Principal Mitchell had not changed much. She was still pretty and retained her shoulder length blonde hair and wide sea blue eyes. The only thing that had changed was her attire and personality. Instead of dressing like a hippie in that photo, Principal Mitchell now had on a fierce red scuba skirt that hit her knee, a black sleeveless blouse, and black high heels. As Lacy pondered on that, her bottom was welcomed by the murky presence of Principal Mitchell’s paddle.

‘This will all be over with before you know it,’ Lacy thought, seeking to find some comfort.

She no longer felt the menacing presence of the paddle and realized her first lick was arriving soon.

‘Brace yourself, girl.’ Lacy thought.


A sound similar to an explosion was heard from outside in the hallway by a passing student who paused before resuming her walk. Lacy almost cried after the first swat. With tears already in her eyes and red-faced, she turned her head around and made eye contact with her friend and current disciplinarian, having eyes that were pleading for mercy.

“Lacy, please turn back around and look straight ahead,” commanded Principal Mitchell, holding the paddle with her right hand and tapping the large blade in her left palm. “If you don’t turn back around right now, you will be getting a penalty swat.”

Despite being close friends and knowing Principal Mitchell her entire life, it dawned on Lacy that Principal Mitchell was not going to be lenient. No sooner than she turned back around, her bottom was struck again.


A piercing howl escaped Lacy’s thick luscious lips. She quickly restrained herself before completely cracking up, as she was determined not to give Principal Mitchell and Miss Jenkins the honors of watching her cry.

Principal Mitchell patted Lacy’s sore backside two times with the paddle before executing another perfectly hard blow.


“Ouch,” screamed Lacy, now with rivers of tears flowing from her gorgeous brown eyes.

After the third swat from Principal Mitchell, Lacy didn’t think she could endure the next three swats, much less not cry.

Principal Mitchell raised her paddle to Lacy’s upturned bottom and smacked it again.


Despite all of her determination, Lacy gave up and accepted that Principal Mitchell and Miss Jenkins were going to watch her bawl like a child. She then opened her mouth and broke down crying.

“You have two more swats coming. It will be over soon,” Principal Mitchell said, providing Lacy some relief.

Principal Mitchell lined up her paddle to Lacy’s swollen backside and struck it with profound force.


Lacy let out a shrill scream but was quickly greeted with the final swat crashing against her guaranteed soon to be bruised bottom.


“You may get up now,” Principal Mitchell announced. “Thank you, Miss Jenkins. You may leave now.”

Miss Jenkins quickly exited the office and shut the door behind her. Lacy remained bent over and was sniveling. After a minute, she rose up, sat down, and fought to regain her composure.

Principal Mitchell sat down at her desk, turned around, and started typing on the computer.

“I have to say, you took your paddling very well. I was impressed,” Principal Mitchell said, trying to make small talk.

“Really?” Asked Lacy. “I thought I did awful. You really know how to swing a paddle.”

“Just yesterday I gave big Bruce three swats and he bawled like a newborn baby. His mother came and picked him up from school within an hour. Imagine that, an 18 year old that is 6’5 and 230 pounds crying to his mommy after a mere three swats and you took six! Incredible,” Principal Mitchell said, now finished typing.

“Thank you”, replied Lacy, now laughing.

Principal Mitchell passed Lacy two corporal punishment notices.

“One copy is for your records and I need you to have your mother sign the other copy and for you to return it to school tomorrow.” Said Principal Mitchell.

This was bad news for Lacy. Lacy’s mother had a policy that if Lacy got spanked at school, she would get another spanking at home. Even worse than a sore bottom was that Principal Mitchell went out of her way to not only mention the offences, but also to explicitly state the content of her text messages in class. There was no way she wanted her mother to see this notice.

“Why?” Objected Lacy. “You did a great job spanking my bottom. The punishment is over.”

“That is true, but school policy states that a parent or guardian’s signature is required when a student receives corporal punishment at school. I can say as a mother, I would want to know if my children were spanked at school. You being a student, the policy is really for your own benefit and protection so your mother will know who spanked you, how many licks you got, why you were spanked and who witnessed the punishment,” responded Principal Mitchell.

‘For my own benefit? Don’t make me laugh. My mom would tear up my butt more if she saw this letter,’ Lacy thought.

“Anyways, have your mother sign one copy and you bring it back tomorrow. Try to enjoy the rest of your day,” said Principal Mitchell in a kind and friendly tone.

Although Principal Mitchell wished Lacy a nice day, it turned into a nightmare rather quickly. From the moment of walking out of Principal Mitchell’s office, being welcomed by a group of snickering students in the secretary’s office and a beaming Miss Jenkins, to the dismissal bell, was a living hell for Lacy.

The next class period was gym and unluckily for Lacy, it was mandatory to shower after class. The clear bruising and welts on Lacy’s curvy bottom provided sufficient entertainment for her classmates. Even her friends giggled at the sight of her bruised bottom while another student snapped a picture of it and teased about posting it on social media with Lacy being tagged in it.

As if her behind wasn’t in enough pain, one classmate popped Lacy hard with a wet towel on her bare bottom when she bent over to grab her clothes. The only thing she found humorous today was that she learned Kari got paddled during fifth period.

Unfortunately, her departure from school that day was only the beginning of her worries. She didn’t know what to do about the corporal punishment notice. If she presented it to her mother for her to sign, she would be in for a dose of her mother’s dreaded brown leather belt. Worse, how would her mother view her after finding out that her own daughter was no longer a virgin? Allowing that scenario to happen was not an option, in Lacy’s mind, especially since that peace loving hippie that used to be her mother died and came back as an overly strict, ultra conservative, evangelical Christian. She felt trapped and decided to phone Kylie, her best friend, for help.

“Hi, Lacy. How is your butt?” Kylie sarcastically asked. “Pretty roasted I imagine. Would you like for me to bring you an icepack for the bruising, seeing that Principal Mitchell did a fine job spanking that booty?”

“Very funny,” responded Lacy. “With all jokes to the side, I’m in a mess.”

“Okay, what is the matter?” Asked Kylie.

“I have to get my lunatic mom to sign the stupid corporal punishment notice and return it to school tomorrow,” answered Lacy.

Being confused, Kylie asked: “So what exactly is the issue?”

“If my mom reads the notice, I will be getting another set of licks, only this time from my mother,” explained Lacy. “And you know what else? Principal Mitchell went to great lengths to include explicit details of my text messages. If my mother sees this, she will know that Pete and I have been fooling around. Knowing how crazy my mom is, there is no telling how she will react to the news.”

“Ouch, you are in quite the predicament,” responded Kylie.

“I know, right? So what do I do?” Asked Lacy, staring at the corporal punishment notice and desiring to rip it to shreds.

“I got it,” exclaimed Kylie, jumping out of her seat. “My little sister Tori is a brilliant artist. Bring something with your mom’s signature on it to my house along with the notice and Tori will forge your mom’s signature. Problem solved and no belt for you tonight.”

Filled with excitement and now wearing a smile on her face, Lacy said: “Thank you, Kylie. You are a genius. I’ll be over soon.”

Lacy hung up the phone and went to the kitchen to search for something with her mother’s signature on it. After searching for a few minutes, she gave up. Then it dawned that her mother had a checking account and since she was so obsessed about her finances, she always requested a copy of every check that she wrote. She knew that her mother kept the copies in her bedroom but wasn’t for sure where. To make her dilemma more grave, her mother was at home and had no plans of leaving for the night.

As she was about to have a meltdown, her mother went to the restroom. Lacy quietly ran in her bedroom and searched the area. She started to panic because she knew her mother could emerge anytime and catch her in the act. She opened a dresser drawer only to be met by her mother’s colorful silk underwear and an eight inch dark purple crystal jelly dildo with a suction cup.

‘What the hell, mom? I thought Christians were not supposed to have things like that.’ Lacy thought.

She closed that drawer and opened the one beside it. She gazed over the contents like a vulture does to dead prey and noticed a small white plastic box in a shape of a rectangle. As she grabbed it she heard the bathroom door open. Lacy opened the box and saw a large stack of check copies that her mother wrote. She took a few, closed the box, and quietly shut the dresser drawer. She heard footsteps approaching the bedroom and realized that she could not escape. She put the copies in her pocket and sat down on her mother’s bed.

“What are you doing here, sweety?” Tanya asked.

“Oh, nothing. Just looking for you,” Lacy replied.

“Looking for me? Is something on your mind,” Tanya asked, taking a seat next to her daughter.

“Well, you know, next year I’ll be starting college and will be far away from home. I’m kind of scared and already missing you.”

“Oh, honey, I’ll miss you too. I’ll be sure to visit you often and of course you will come home during breaks. Don’t worry; you will see me more than you want. I might have to come over there and spank your butt if you are naughty,” Tanya said, placing Lacy over her lap and playfully spanking her over her pants.

Laughing and still laying over her mother’s lap, Lacy said: “You probably will, mom. Lord knows somebody needs to when I step out of line.”

Rubbing her daughter’s bottom, Tanya responded: “Isn’t that the truth? No matter how big you or your butt may get, you will never be too big for me to bend over my lap or take my belt to.”

“Yeah, I know mom,” answered Lacy. “You already proved that by spanking me two weeks ago in front of Karen.”

“As long as you know that,” Tanya said, slapping her daughter’s right cheek.


“Ouch!” Cried Lacy, still having a sore rear end from that paddling she received earlier today from Principal Mitchell.

“How is Karen?” Asked Tanya. “I haven’t talked with that girl in a while. I need to have a chat with her and catch up.”

Now filled with anxiety, Lacy replied: “Principal Mitchell is doing fine. She is staying busy at school; paddling those troublemakers whenever she is needed.”

“I would be on my best behavior if I were you,” warned Tanya. “I know first hand that Karen is a fierce spanker. As a big sorority sister, I blistered her bottom very good on two occasions. I think she decided to seek revenge and made a bet with me, in which the loser would be paddled. I lost and she demolished my bottom with her paddle. Wow! After six swats from that woman, I almost couldn’t sit down for an entire week.

‘Geez, mom, I guess we have more in common than what I thought. Like yourself, I think it is going to be a challenge to sit down for a week after receiving the same number of swats by Karen,’ Lacy thought.

Also, you are aware of my spanking policy, right?” Asked Tanya.

“If I get a spanking at school, I’ll get another one at home,” replied Lacy.

“That is correct. If you get your butt paddled by Karen at school, you can expect me to spank it again once you arrive home. And trust me, if you get spanked at school, I’ll find out. Karen and I are not only best friends, but it is school policy for a parent to sign a corporal punishment notice.”

Lacy’s heart was racing and paranoia was running wild throughout her body when she heard those words. She had what she was searching for and decided she better act if she wanted to avoid another harsh spanking.

“Mom, I’m going to Kylie’s house for a bit.” Lacy said.

“Stay out of mischief,” replied Tanya, vigorously smacking Lacy’s left cheek.


When Lacy arrived at Kylie’s house, the three girls went to Kylie’s bedroom where Lacy passed Tori the corporal punishment form and the copies of her mother’s checks.

Tori placed the notice down and the checks beside it. She examined the unique signature, grabbed a red pen and perfectly drew Tanya’s signature.

“Wow, that looks great! But I have to ask, why did you use red ink?” Asked Lacy.

Placing the pen down on the table, Tori responded: “Because that is the color of your butt since you got spanked at school today.”

Lacy felt embarrassed and annoyed upon hearing that remark and seeing the two sisters tittering about her aching bottom.

“Tori, while are partially correct, perhaps you should have used a purple pen since that is the current color of Lacy’s ass,” Kylie said, resulting in her and Tori bursting out laughing. “Which reminds me, Lacy, have you been on the school’s social media page recently?”

“No, I haven’t,” heatedly answered Lacy, having a beet red face.

“You probably should have a look,” Kylie responded, handing Lacy her cell phone.

Lacy browsed the school’s page. She instantly noticed that Melissa posted the picture she snapped during gym class, which fully displayed the damage to her bare bottom after Principal Mitchell was finished spanking it. There were several ‘likes’ and numerous comments on the post. Lacy read through some of the comments and was staggered by what she saw. One male classmate wrote that if Lacy ‘needed a massage on her tender behind, he would do it for free.’ A foreigner from Europe was horrified by the thought of ‘beating children was still occurring in American schools’. Another male classmate commented that he ‘would bend over for that hottie, Principal Mitchell, and let her spank me any day of the week’. In absolute disgust, Lacy handed back Kylie her cell phone and removed her own cell phone from her right back rear pant pocket and saw a notification where she was tagged in the photo on both the school’s page and Melissa’s page.

“Why the hell hasn’t an administer of the page removed that damn picture,” demanded Lacy, boiling mad and having a face that was fiery red.

“It will probably get removed by morning,” answered Kylie.

“Well, I better go. It has been a long day. Thanks, you two for your help,” Lacy said.

The next day at school, Lacy stopped by Principal Mitchell’s office and dropped off the corporal punishment notice containing the forged signature.

“Have a seat,” Principal Mitchell said, closing the office door behind Lacy.

Principal Mitchell sat down at her desk and said: “I want you to know that I did not enjoy paddling you yesterday. I knew it hurt you, but it hurt me more. I love you like a daughter and I don’t enjoy giving you a punishment spanking, only the nice and playful birthday spankings that I give you on your birthday.”

“Lacy looked at Principal Mitchell and said: “I know, and I love you too. I deserved that spanking. My behavior was completely unacceptable and even though it may sound strange, I feel better about myself after being paddled by you since my conduct was addressed and my guilt was removed.”

“I don’t consider it strange at all. Many adults actually pay to have spanking sessions with professional disciplinarians. Some clients reported viewing it as a therapy to rid themselves of the guilt they felt for their wrongdoings. Anyways, I also saw Melissa’s post on the school’s page and read many of those repulsive and perverted comments,” Principal Mitchell said, grabbing Lacy’s right hand. “I’m very sorry that occurred. I have deleted that post and I will be giving Melissa three swats in the hallway in between classes after first period for the entire school body to witness and to gossip about. I can’t guarantee that Melissa will delete the post on her wall, but I will do everything in my power to persuade her.”

“Thank you, Principal Mitchell,” Lacy replied. “So, do you think she will delete it?”

“We’ll see. If not, she will have a sore butt for the remaining school year,” answered Principal Mitchell, causing Lacy to laugh. “Well I don’t think I’ll see you back in here, at least not on bad terms. You are an exceptional good person with excellent character. What happened yesterday was just a mistake and it is behind us. If you need a letter of recommendation to the dean, I’ll be more than happy to assist you.”

Lacy stood up, hugged Principal Mitchell and said: “Thank you, Karen. You are one of the most important people in my life, like a guardian angel.”

Lacy felt calm and secure after speaking with Principal Mitchell. After first period, she, along with many students, witnessed Principal Mitchell ruthlessly punishing Melissa’s bottom with her demonic paddle. Lacy took her phone out of her right rear pants pocket and recorded the entire paddling. Thinking of posting Melissa’s paddling on social media put a menacing grin on Lacy’s face. Lacy had a good day at school and left in a joyful state.

The peace that Lacy felt was about to be killed. That night, Principal Mitchell and Tanya ran into each other at a coffee shop. The last thing Lacy wanted was for her mother and Principal Mitchell to visit.

“Karen! How are you,” Tanya asked.

“Great! I missed you, babe,” replied Principal Mitchell, hugging her dear friend. “How is Lacy doing?”

Tanya looked puzzled, thinking that was a strange question to ask since Principal Mitchell sees Lacy every school day and replied: “She is doing fine. Is there something that I should be aware of?”

“Well, as you already know, Lacy got into some mischief yesterday and I had to paddle her. However, another student thought it would be funny to take a picture of Lacy’s bare bottom in gym class and post the picture on social media. Of course the post raised a lot of responses from students and from outsiders. I deleted the thread and punished the student for posting it. I know it is embarrassing to get paddled at school, much less being an elegant female senior and allowing the entire school or anyone for that matter to view the results of your spanking. I’m just wanting to make for certain that Lacy is handling the situation well or if we need to give her help from the school counselor or psychologist,” answered Principal Mitchell.

“Hold on a minute, Lacy got spanked at school?” Asked Tanya, stunned by the announcement.

“Why do you look surprised? After all, you signed the corporal punishment notice and the signature perfectly matched the unique one that I’m accustomed to seeing from you,” responded Principal Mitchell.

Throwing her hands up, Tanya said: “Karen, I never laid my eyes on that corporal punishment notice, nor did I sign it. Trust me, if I saw that notice, Lacy would have returned to school this morning with her bottom on fire and blistered again.”

“If you would like, I could show you the notice that Lacy returned to school.”

“Yes, I would like that very much,” Tanya said.

“Okay then. You know where I live so I’ll see you in few minutes,” answered Principal Mitchell.

Once at Principal Mitchell’s residence, the two ladies sat down beside one another on a sofa with a laptop on a nearby glass table.

Opening up the school’s website and putting in her password, Principal Mitchell said: “I can access the school’s records from my home. Here is Lacy. I’m pulling up her file right now. All right, here is the returned corporal punishment notice that was returned to school today and scanned into the system. Do you recognize that signature? Because I know I do.”

Tanya look intently at the notice, carefully observed the signature and said: “Yep, it is a match. But Karen, I never saw that notice and I sure in hell didn’t sign it either.”

“Then that means Lacy had your signature forged by a crafty artist,” responded Principal Mitchell.

“But who?” Asked Tanya.

“There are methods to find out,” answered Principal Mitchell. “Would you like a copy of this notice?”

“Yes, please,” Tanya said.

Principal Mitchell clicked print, fetched the copy from the printer, passed it to Tanya and asked. “So what do you plan on doing?”

“This is what we are going to do.”

When Tanya returned home, she acted normal like nothing happened. She walked into the family room where her daughter was resting.

“Honey, don’t stay up too much later. Remember, it is a school night,” Tanya said.

The next morning, Lacy got dressed like it was another regular day at school. She slipped on a skylight thong, put on a blush flowy skirt and a cream crochet gauze tank. After she was dressed, she slipped on her tan western booties and headed off to school. Everything seemed normal to Lacy. She, along with half of the school, got to witness Melissa get paddled again in the hallway by Principal Mitchell for refusing to delete the picture of Lacy’s spanked bottom.

Everything was going smooth until seventh period. As the instructor was giving his lecture, the classroom intercom beeped and Principal Mitchell’s voice proceeded.

“Mr Browne, please send Lacy to my office. Thank you.”

Lacy didn’t think anything of it and thought that being summoned to Principal Mitchell’s office involved Melissa being unwilling to delete that picture of her.

“You wanted to see me, Principal Mitchell?” Asked Lacy as she was greeted by Principal Mitchell in the secretary’s office.

“Yes, please come in my office,” answered Principal Mitchell.

Lacy walked in the office and shrieked when she saw her mother sitting down and waiting for her in the office. Quivering in her booties, Lacy sat down in the chair beside her mother. Principal Mitchell closed the office door and sat down at her desk.

“What is going on? Why are you here, mother?” Lacy nervously asked.

Tanya pulled out the corporal punishment notice, passed it to her daughter and said: “Funny you should ask, because I was going to ask why you were here two days ago.”

Lacy stared at the notice which contained her mother’s forged signature and didn’t respond. She gulped and trembled with fear. She knew she was busted and there was no lie or scheme that could get her out of this dilemma. Her only hope was to throw herself on the mercy of her mother and her lifelong friend and current principal.

Lacy lifted her face, looked at her mother with tears in her eyes and said: “Mom, I’m very sorry. I made a big mistake and it won’t happen again. Karen, I apologize to you too. You are a wonderful friend and principal, and didn’t deserve to be lied to.”

Tanya took a deep breath and said: “Lacy, I have raised you better than this. I have always taught you to be honest. I’m very disappointed in you.”

Lacy put her arm around her mother and said: “I know, mother. I’m very sorry. I will try to make it up to you and Karen.”

Principal Mitchell look directly at Lacy and said: “No more lies. I want you to tell me who forged your mother’s signature.”

Not enjoying having to rat out her accomplices, Lacy reluctantly replied: “I called Kylie and asked her for help. She told me her little sister, Tori, could draw my mom’s signature since she is an outstanding artist. I stole a few of my mother’s check copies and went to Kylie’s house where Tori forged my mom’s signature.”

“I appreciate your honesty,” responded Principal Mitchell. “Your mother and I both knew that you weren’t able to forge your mother’s signature, since you always lacked potential for being an artist. Kylie will be visiting my office tomorrow and unfortunately for her, it is going to be a painful visit. As for Tori, she is out of my jurisdiction; however, I will see to it that Principal Collins will give her what she deserves.”

Tanya added, “I came here with the full intentions of giving you six swats, three for being spanked in school and three for having my signature forged. But for being honest and cooperative, I have decided to reduce your punishment to four swats. What you did was wrong and I can’t let you go unpunished.”

Lacy’s worst thoughts were finding fulfillment. Even with the reduced number of swats, her already sensitive bottom would become sore once again and throbbing in severe pain when it was punished by her mother.

“I’m assuming it is the belt again,” Lacy said.

“Not this time, honey,” replied Tanya. “Since your behavior was quite grave, I’m afraid you need something more deserving.”

“Like what?” Asked Lacy, worrying what her mother had in mind.

“My old sorority paddle from college,” answered Tanya. “Although it is old, it is in great shape for using. Unlike many cheap and flimsy sorority paddles, mine was crafted with premium exotic wood. It is very durable as time has proven.”

“Really?” Sarcastically asked Lacy, wishing not to be paddled again with having only one day apart from the two paddlings.

“Yes, really,” responded Tanya. “I just busted your butt with my belt a few weeks ago in front of Karen. Although I thought you had learned your lesson, I was very mistaken. Your behavior is now more hideous than ever before. Upon hearing Karen’s proposal of using my sorority paddle on your bottom, based on her experience of being on the receiving end of it, I knew it was the right course of action. Stand up.”

Lacy stood up and saw Principal Mitchell pass her mother her sorority paddle. Lacy felt like fainting when she saw it. The paddle was 24 inches long, 4 inches wide, and a 1 inch thick blade with multiple holes drilled in it. She thought Principal Mitchell’s paddle had a frightful appearance, but she realized she was wrong. Unable to stop quivering, Lacy bent over Principal Mitchell’s desk.

“What are you doing,” asked Tanya. “You know that when I spank you with an implement that I never have you bend over an object. I’m old school; I want your hands on your ankles so your bottom is raised and pushed out as far as it can go. I want you to stand facing the wall and to bend over.”

Lacy walked away from the desk and did as her mother ordered. Since she was wearing a skirt, she expected her mother to lift it as she normally did. This was more bad news for Lacy since her mother was on the verge of catching her insubordinate daughter breaking yet another rule.

Tanya raised her daughter’s skirt and said: “A thong? You know how I feel about thongs and what my policy is concerning them. I don’t want them in my home. You knew this and did it anyway. For your violating this rule, you will get an additional two extra licks. Oh, which reminds me, do you care to tell me about Pete? You are only 18 years old. You have so much ahead of you such as college and finding a respectable occupation. You can’t be spreading your legs for every guy who says they love you. You need to learn a lot about chastity but for right now, I think two swats will do.”

“So how many licks am I getting?” Asked Lacy.

“Eight,” replied Tanya.

Lacy felt the cold and dreaded presence of her mother’s paddle as her mother lined it up with her bare bottom that was only covered by a mere thong. As Lacy felt the cold and solid presence of the paddle and saw Principal Mitchell at her right side, she recounted Principal Mitchell telling her the other day about how painful it was when she got paddled by her mother in college. She heard a horror story about her mother’s paddle and now she was to experience it firsthand. Lacy figured there was no way she could survive this.

Even in such a state of fear, Lacy found relief that if anyone had to witness her getting paddled while wearing a thong that is was Principal Mitchell since she was practically like family. Lacy looked up at a mirror with flower designs in the glass hanging on the wall and was able to see her mother standing behind her. Her mother was wearing a light blue button front midi denim skirt that hit her mid calf and a short sleeve black V-neck top. There was no denying that Tanya was Lacy’s mother. Lacy was the spitting image of her mother with the exception that her mother’s hair was a few inches shorter than hers.

Lacy knew she was in for a world of hurt. It was just two days that she was here getting her butt beat with a different paddle. She no longer felt the presence of her mother’s paddle and knew what was coming. She closed her eyes and braced for the impact.


After the first swat, Lacy almost broke down crying. Tears were already rolling down the sides of her cheeks. She thought Principal Mitchell spanked hard, but she was extremely mistaken.


She sniveled and let out a loud howl.

Tanya examined her daughter’s red backside, tapped it a few times, and swung exceptionally hard.


Lacy was done for. After that extraordinary blow, she broke down crying, not even surviving three swats from her mother’s sorority paddle. Her mother and Principal Mitchell stood there and witnessed her sobbing and the dazzling red glow on her bottom. Unmoved with compassion, her mother took aim and crashed the paddle against Lacy’s rear end.


Had she refrained from strong sexual behavior and not purchased a thong, Lacy’s punishment would be over. Instead, she had to endure another four swats for misconduct. Needless to say, Lacy had great remorse for her behavior.


The fifth swat knocked Lacy out of position.

“You got three seconds to get back in position or you will be getting an extra swat,” warned Tanya.

Lacy looked over at Principal Mitchell to seek support but found none. Principal Mitchell appeared unfazed. She stared at Lacy and stood against the wall with her arms crossed. Realizing that she was not going to receive any sympathy, she bent back over and presented her scorching red bottom for her mother to spank. Principal Mitchell approached Lacy and lifted her skirt so Tanya could focus on the task on hand, which was chastising her daughter’s backside.


“Mother, I can’t take anymore!” Blubbered Lacy.

“You have two more swats coming. Stay in position and this will be finished momentarily,” responded Tanya, rubbing her daughter’s bottom with the paddle.


A fierce scream rushed out of Lacy’s throat when her beaten backside was once again greeted by that ghastly paddle.

“Last one,” Tanya said. “Unless you feel you need more swats.”

“No, thank you,” whispered Lacy, earnestly trying not to stutter.

“If you get spanked by Karen again, are you going to bring me the corporal punishment notice?” Asked Tanya.

“Yes, ma’am,” answered Lacy.

“No more forging signatures?” Asked Tanya, wanting reassurance that her daughter had learned a lesson.

“No more,” confirmed Lacy.

“Good, girl,” Tanya responded, tapping her daughter’s bottom with the paddle.


The eighth and final lick caused Lacy to transform into a bawling newborn baby. Tanya returned the paddle to her beloved friend and lowered her daughter’s skirt. Lacy stood up and instantly rubbed her throbbing backside. She took a seat and felt relieved that her punishment was over and that she once again had a clean slate. Tanya and Principal Mitchell sat down as the paddle was displayed on top of the desk.

“Am I free to go now,” asked Lacy.

“There is one other matter that must be discussed,” replied Principal Mitchell.

“Lacy look puzzled and asked: “What is that?”

“By not having your mother signing the corporal punishment notice and having Tori to sign it instead, you have committed a serious offense,” answered Principal Mitchell.

“But I got paddled for that offence!” Objected Lacy, having a fearful look in her eyes.

“Honey, you are confused,” responded Tanya. “That spanking I just gave you had nothing to do with you transgressing against the school. It was strictly for your behavior towards me.”

Lacy’s eyes started to tear up when she realized she did not have a clean slate and therefore more punishment was in store for her.

“So what is going to happen?” Lacy asked, wiping tears from her eyes.

“That is totally up to you,” answered Principal Mitchell. “Lying and forgery together are punishable by six days of suspension or three days of suspension and three swats with the paddle. Another option is to take six swats with the paddle.”

The End

© Stinger Sam 2016