She Just Had to Find Out

A girl visiting her old school indulges an earlier ambition

by Pat Greenham

Alison Stammers had returned to her old school, Clansdale College, for the yearly Speech Day that ex pupils were always invited to attend. Clansdale College was a mixed school and Alison’s twin brother had also attended and was with her at the Speech day. It was always a good chance to catch up with old school friends and this was the second year she had gone.

Alison had enjoyed her school years, having excelled both in her academic studies and on the sports field. The school had also kept Alison on the straight and narrow, and she had memories of being in front of the Deputy -Headmistress for various misdemeanours. On two occasions she had been caught smoking which was strictly against school rules and had been caned. Whilst at the time these were painful experiences, Alison looked back at them with some kind of strange almost romantic recollections.

The cane had always been the school’s main form of punishment for serious matters, and The Headmaster and the Deputy Headmistress were the only ones permitted to administer such punishments. With very few exceptions, the Headmaster beat male pupils whilst The Deputy Headmistress dealt with female pupils.

After the events of the day the school laid on a Cheese and Wine party for all the guests, and Alison was enjoying a glass of chilled white wine when the Headmaster, Philip Knight, introduced himself and made polite conversation.

Alison’s feeling toward the Headmaster had not changed, and she still found him to be a very charismatic and powerful figure. He engaged her in direct conversation and asked how she was doing. He also asked her if she had enjoyed her school years. Here was her opportunity, and she told him that she had loved her time at the school and had just one regret…..

Two Years Previously

When Alison had been in her latter years at school she had always been slightly fascinated with the cane and fellow pupils that had been caned, always wanting to know the details. At morning assembly, names of any pupils down to be caned were read out together with a time to report to the Headmaster’s secretary. In a normal week this would happen once or twice and it would be usual for the pupil in question to be instructed to report during morning break or just before lunch.

Both times Alison had been caned were when she was in the sixth form, and on each occasion after a severe ‘dressing down’ for smoking from the Deputy Head mistress.

The first time she had been made to remove her jacket and bend across the desk. This had had the effect of tightening her skirt across her bottom and Alison can well remember the six strokes that quickly followed.

The second time was slightly different as she was one of two names called out in assembly – the other being a boy in the lower sixth called David Smith. When morning break came, Alison made her way to the Head’s study to find David already waiting outside. Almost immediately the Headmaster came from his room and summoned David.

As Alison waited to be summoned by the Deputy Headmistress she could clearly hear the Headmaster talking to David. It was widely known that the Headmaster often caned on the bare, with trousers and pants removed, and Alison assumed that David would soon be getting the cane on his bare bottom just the other side of the door. Strangely she envied David as secretly she wondered what it might be like to be dealt with by the Headmaster who she fancied in a rather strange way.

The Headmaster was the youngest ever appointed to the position and was seen as a ‘high flyer’. He also had a reputation for strict discipline and Alison wondered what it would be like to be ordered by him to take her skirt and knickers off and bend over. She knew it would be very painful, but it was still a very powerful thought.

Alison was still thinking about what ‘it might be like’ when she was summoned into the Deputy Headmistress’s study. Unlike her fantasy thoughts about the Headmaster, Alison hated the Deputy Headmistress, Mrs Gresham. She was told that for her first caning no more two months previously she had received the middle-school cane, but that because this was a repeat offence she would be getting the sixth form cane, which was considerably longer.

Alison was told to get into position as before and to remain in position whilst being caned. The Headmistress then gave Alison six hard strokes over the next minute that certainly gave her something to think about and left her in very considerable pain.

As she left the office, the secretary was entering her name into the punishment book, which Alison had to sign. As she was doing so, she heard the very distinct sound of the cane hitting its target from the Headmasters room, and was struck by the ‘pistol shot like’ sound of the cane hitting what she believed was David Smith’s bare bottom.

As she was leaving thirty seconds later there was another stroke and it occurred to Alison that David had gone in to see The Headmaster before she was even summoned – reflecting that in comparison with the Deputy Head, the Headmaster made a caning session last very much longer.

Despite her intense dislike of the Deputy Headmistress, as before over the next couple of hours the pain from her caning changed to a glow that had the effect of making Alison feel quite horny. As she thought about being caned, her mind once more wandered back to thinking about what it must have been like to be caned by the Headmaster.

Back To The Wine And Cheese Party

Alison, having had a couple of glasses of wine, could not help herself. Here she had been engaged in a one-to-one conversation with the Headmaster, Philip Knight, and she told him that she had always wondered what it might have been like to be caned by him, adding that she had been punished twice by Mrs Gresham which she had found to be cold uncompassionate punishments. Further, she told the Headmaster that boys had always said that whilst their canings had been painful they never resented it and felt they had deserved their punishment.

Philip Knight was taken back by Alison’s comments and told her that this was an unusual conversation. Alison asked him to tell her how he conducted a caning, and he replied that he would be happy to continue the conversation but felt it would more appropriate at another time. Alison said she would like the opportunity to discuss the topic more and asked when would be convenient. Again Philip Knight could not quite believe what he was hearing and wondered what Alison was actually asking of him. He told her that that if she wanted to come back the following day, he would be in his study from 8.30 am and, as it was a Saturday, the school would be deserted.

The Following Day

Alison had told Philip Knight she would come at 9.30, and when she woke she could not quite believe what she had done. However she showered early and made sure she looked extra smart for her very unusual meeting. Driving to the school, Alison felt nervous and wondered how her conversation might go. Obviously in the back of her mind was the possibility that he might agree to demonstrate a caning first hand, but did not want to get her hopes up. She also questioned her sanity to be even thinking of such a thing.

When she arrived she made her way to Philip Knight’s study and found the door to be open and the Headmaster working on some papers. He welcomed her and suggested she take a seat in the chair in front of his desk, and simply asked how he could help. Alison had rehearsed her opening line a number of times, and simply said she would like to know more about how he conducted a caning.

The Headmaster said that he took administering a caning very seriously, and that if a boy was sent to him he always took the opportunity to discuss their overall welfare and made sure he had previously discussed their progress with the relevant Form Master.

He also discussed with them why they had been sent and asked if they thought a caning was deserved. He told Alison that there were two types of caning – a ‘Warning Caning’ that was designed to be moderate and a ‘Punishment Caning’ that was an all-together more serious affair.

Alison asked what was the difference, to be told that a ‘Warning Caning’ involved six moderate strokes given quite quickly over the seat of the recipient’s trousers whilst touching their toes, whilst a ‘Punishment Caning’ was six hard strokes delivered slowly to a pupil’s bare bottom whilst bent over his desk.

He said that about half of those that received a ‘Warning Caning’ returned for the more serious punishment, but it was indeed rare for a pupil to transgress again after receiving a ‘Punishment Caning’. He added that he could remember only one instance where he had to administer a second ‘Punishment Caning’ – and on that occasion he had doubled the number of strokes to twelve, making it an ‘Extreme Caning’.

Up until this point Alison had never even considered more than six strokes, and the thought of twelve was unbelievable and her mind wandered to think about what it might be like to receive an ‘extreme caning’.

Alison wanted to know more about a ‘Punishment Caning’, and asked the Headmaster to tell her exactly how the punishment is carried out. He said that after the discussion about the pupil’s misdemeanour, he would announce his decision. If this was a ‘Punishment Caning’, the pupil would be instructed to go to the chair in the corner and remove their jacket, trousers and pants before returning and taking the few paces across the room to stand in front of him and apologise for their crime.

He explained that at this stage an element of humiliation is important, and he would leave them standing naked below the waist for a few moments. He would then select the appropriate cane before instructing the pupil to bend across his desk and hold the far side. The correct position would be to actually lie across the desk with their legs straight out behind and together. They would be told to stay in position whilst being caned. Then the actual punishment would start, with the six hard strokes being given slowly over a two to three minute period as it was important for the pain of each stroke to be fully felt and absorbed.

Philip Knight then stood and went to his bookshelf and took down three canes and explained that the 28 inch cane was for junior boys, the slightly thicker 32 inch cane was for the middle school and finally the longer 36 inch cane was for sixth-formers.

Alison was finding the conversation to be extremely stimulating but was unprepared for the Headmaster’s next question. “Is there anything else I can tell you or help you with?”

The moment had come, and Alison had to find out for herself and simply said: “Would you think me mad to ask you to actually show me what a caning from you feels like?”

The Headmaster had suspected that this was how the conversation might go, and asked her which of the two canings he had outlined did she think appropriate. Alison replied that having already experienced a caning with her clothes in place, it would seem only right to discover what a full ‘Punishment Caning’ was like.

Philip looked Alison straight in the eye and told her that if that was what she really wanted, he would be happy to carry out her wish. However, she must realise that there would be no holding back and that if she wanted the experience, she would get exactly the same caning as if she was actually being punished, and he would simulate a real punishment. Alison responded that she would want the caning to be as ‘real’ as possible and again thought about the possibility of taking more than six.

The Headmaster told her to go and sit outside his study and wait to be called and imagine being back at school awaiting a caning. Alison left and sat down in the chair outside – the same chair she had occupied more than two years previously before being summoned by Mrs Gresham. She was nervous and terrified, but at the same time excited.

Five minutes later she was called in by the Headmaster whose tone had completely changed. He told Alison that her behaviour was dreadful and that he had decided that she should receive a ‘Punishment Caning’ which would mean six hard strokes with the sixth form cane to her bare bottom. Alison was told to go the chair in the corner and remove whatever clothes necessary for her bottom to be completely bare.

She stood up and took the few steps to the chair. She was wearing a smart summer dress and thought about whether she should pull it up or take it right off, but as he had said ‘completely bare’ she elected the latter. It was a summers’ day and she did not have tights on and was soon standing in just her bra and pants, a particularly special and skimpy set she had recently treated herself to in the sales.

Alison kicked her shoes off and turned to face him before slowly pushing her knickers down – hoping that Philip Knight liked what he saw. She then took the few steps back to his desk completely naked except for her bra and stood before him.

The Headmaster was a strong disciplinarian who did not particularly enjoy caning deserving pupils, seeing it as an important and necessary part of his job. However this was completely different as he looked Alison up and down appreciating just how attractive this tall and slim twenty year old was with her nicely trimmed pubic triangle on show, and knew that this was one caning he was going to enjoy.

He had mentioned this part of the punishment being the necessary humiliation, and he chose to stay sitting for a few moments to admire the view before him. He then stood and walked round his desk whilst instructing her to bend right across it. His attitude had changed and he had become quite ‘masterly’, exactly as Alison imagined he would be if he were about to carry out a real punishment.

This was what she wanted and had hoped for. Taking position over the desk, she hoped that he liked what he saw and she was turned on by the thought of him focussing on her bottom. For Philip Knight, the sight of Alison’s bottom when standing had been attractive, but bent over his desk her bare bottom was nothing but magnificent.

For the first time Alison thought about how painful the cane was going to be when applied to her bare bottom, and knew she was about to find out. He told her that after the sixth and final stroke he expected her to thank him. To his further surprise, Alison responded by saying that if she did not thank him within thirty seconds of the last stroke he should continue and give her a further six strokes to mirror what he had described as the ‘extreme caning’ he had given to a repeat offender.

Moments later Philip Knight tapped Alison’s bottom a few times before taking the cane back over his shoulder and bringing the thirty-six inch instrument down with speed and accuracy to strike her bottom with real severity. For a few seconds Alison thought she had truly gone mad as the pain of just one stroke was incredible, and she wondered how on earth she could take five more whacks, let alone the full twelve she was thinking about.

He made her wait a full minute before delivering the second devastating stroke. Again the pain was shocking, but the long gap was allowing her to come to terms with the pain and to indeed ‘want’ the next stroke. When the third came it added another layer of pure pain, and this was very different to the two cold canings at the hands of Mrs Gresham. This was an unbelievable combination of pain and pleasure – the pleasure she felt with her bottom totally exposed to this powerful man – and the genuine pleasure she was getting from being completely dominated and subjected to pain that was rapidly turning her on.

The next three strokes came with similar intervals, and despite the extreme pain of each stroke, the sixty seconds that followed as she absorbed each whack were pure pleasure. She knew after six that it was decision time, and wished he had not mentioned the one time he had given twelve strokes!

She wondered how it would possible to take another six but knew it was a drug she just had to take and wanted to see if she could come whilst being caned. She was close, and wanted to find out. She also knew that if she backed out at this point, the need to find out what a caning from him was like would be replaced by the need to find out if she could take twelve strokes.

Philip Knight was an expert and had got the first six perfectly parallel, but he had never experienced anything like this before and was astonished by Alison’s ability to take such a severe caning. However after a full minute, and without a ‘thank-you’, he reached the obvious conclusion that she was not finished, and delivered a seventh stroke.

Alison was in a world of her own – in a zone, far from reality wanting to survive the last few strokes whilst at the same time experiencing something extraordinary. She hated the actual strokes but loved the after-effects and when, eventually, she took the final stroke she just lay over the desk and groaned – in pain and elation as she climaxed.

Alison did not move and after a few seconds asked for one more stroke which a minute later she received. She had been over his desk for nearly fifteen minutes, and Philip Knight admired his handiwork with her bottom now having thirteen parallel red strips as she stayed in position.

Eventually she stood and faced the headmaster before thanking him for her caning. She had done it – taken the full twelve plus one and was absolutely elated, and she had certainly found out what it was like to be caned by the Headmaster. She also said that she could now claim to have taken the most severe caning he had ever given – the reason behind the final extra stroke!

As she remained almost naked, Philip Knight told her that she was a very interesting woman. From his point of view he had enjoyed the caning tremendously, both from giving Alison the satisfaction she had got from the experience and that as a red-blooded male caning a very attractive twenty year old girl on the bare bottom had its obvious pleasure.

A few moments later Alison replaced her knickers rather gingerly and slid her dress back on before going to ladies room to tidy up her make-up. When she came back she thanked Philip Knight one more time before leaving. He replied that if she wanted to ever see him again, she only had to ask, a comment Alison was to reflect on over the next twelve months. It took almost two weeks for the marks to disappear and for at least four days, every time she sat down she was reminded, pleasurably, of what it had been like to find out.

As the year went by, Alison thought about her caning very often. She reflected that the strokes themselves were extremely painful but the almost immediate after effect was extraordinary.

Three days before the next Speech Day, Alison phoned Philip Knight and asked if she could see him again. He knew immediately what was being asked of him and told Alison to arrive one hour before Speech Day began. At 11 am, three days later, Alison received a Punishment Caning – this time just six strokes given slowly to he bare bottom, but it left her with a glowing bottom for the whole afternoon of Speech Day.

The End