A school end of term party causes problems

by PG

“It is indeed a precedent to cane pupils two days before they leave the school.”

Alison Palmer and James White had been ‘going out’ together for nearly a year, and as they stood before their Headmaster, they knew that they were in very serious trouble. They had taken their A levels and were both hoping to get the required grades for their university places. It was Wednesday July 15th and the last day of term was the Friday, only two days hence. They had been ordered to report to the Headmaster immediately after assembly.

The problem the two sixth formers faced was that they had been accused of bringing cannabis to the annual seniors end-of-term party the previous night and they had no choice but to admit their guilt. What made the situation so much worse was that they had shared their drugs with many others at the party, effectively ‘distributing’ drugs.

The annual seniors end-of-term party was held in the last week of the summer term and was open to anyone in the Fifth and Sixth forms. It was usual for about 150 pupils to pay the nominal amount to attend and the school itself sponsored the event, paying for the band and the limited amount of alcohol for those in the Upper Sixth that were eighteen. It was a highlight of the year.

The Headmaster told them that their behaviour at any other time of the year would have resulted in instant expulsion. However he added that with two days to go that would simply be sweeping the matter under the carpet and he had the behaviour of the others that had smoked the drugs they had supplied to take into account. He added that he had no choice but to report the matter to the Police.

It was clear to both of them from his opening comment that they were going to be caned, but it did not seem this was going to take place immediately. This was confirmed when the Headmaster told them that he needed time to further consider the matter, talk to the Chairman of the Governors and put a call into the Police Liaison Officer. He added that in the eight years he had been Headmaster this was by far the most serious incident that he had had to deal with and that they should be under no illusion about the severity of the punishment they would both receive later in the day. They were then dismissed and told that they would receive further instruction later in the morning.

Alison and James had a free period and elected to go to the school tuck shop. They genuinely thought nobody had noticed their activities during the party, but now knew they were in big trouble and that they would both have to face being caned. During their school years they had both experienced the cane; Alison in the fifth form for being caught smoking had received six strokes across the seat of her skirt, James had been caned a year earlier for an abusive remark made to a teacher and had also received six strokes across the seat of his trousers.

They asked themselves what the Head might have meant when he talked about a severe punishment, which sounded as if it was going to be worse than the canings they had previously received. Alison also reflected that she only had a thong on underneath her skirt as she was planning to change into tight trousers after school before going straight out with friends and did not want a VPL. Whatever happened, she was only going to have one layer as protection, but what if she was made to lift her skirt, a truly horrifying thought?

Morning break came and others wanted to know what had happened and why Alison and James had been instructed to see the Head after morning assembly. They told their friends they had effectively been ‘busted’ for the cannabis they had brought to the party the previous evening.

They did not have to wait too long to find out what was going to happen next when at the start of period 3 all classes in the fifth and sixth forms were informed that period 4 was cancelled and that they should all make their way to the main hall for a special assembly, with instructions to all to be seated on the right hand side of the hall.

“What did that mean?” Alison and James both asked, and they were now extremely worried.

At exactly 11.30, when period 4 should have started, 150 pupils from the three respective years were standing to attention in the main hall as the Headmaster and all the teachers that would have been taking the lessons arrived, together with a Policeman and The Chairman of the School Governors. Also ominous was that on the stage was a trestle that nobody had ever seen before. It was not difficult to imagine what it was for and the awful thought crossed both Alison and James’s mind that they may be facing a public caning.

The Headmaster went to his lectern and told everyone to take their seats.

He started by saying: “Today, as your Headmaster, I am facing the most serious breach of discipline in the eight years I have been at the school, indeed in my entire teaching life. It has become known that at the annual seniors end-of-term party, normally a celebration, two pupils that are leaving the school in two days took it upon themselves to bring drugs onto the school property and further that these drugs were widely shared. These two pupils, Alison Palmer and James White, will be dealt with at the conclusion of this special assembly and I have already told them they can expect punishment the like of which has not previously been awarded. In short, they will made an example of which I am sure will act as a deterrent to pupils in this hall that will be returning in September never to even think about bringing drugs onto the school premises in the future.”

The Head then asked Alison and James to come onto the stage and stand to one side.

The Head continued: “In addition to the two main culprits, several teachers that attended the party noticed others partaking and I have a list of eight further names of these pupils, and I am sure that this list is far from complete.

“I also have a list of all attendees at the party, so in the first instance I would like to ask all pupils that did not attend to move to the seats on the left hand side of the hall.”

As these thirty pupils moved over, the Head gave the attendee list to one of the teachers to check that nobody that had moved was on the list.

He then addressed the pupils that were left, about one hundred and twenty in all, saying: “I am now going to give you an opportunity to admit your guilt and confess to having indulged in drugs at last night’s party, and I ask that those who fall into that category to please now stand.”

Slowly seven pupils then stood and were summoned onto the stage, obviously expecting the worst.

The Headmaster then turned back to the remaining pupils still seated on the right hand side of the hall and said: “Well that is interesting, because I have the list that I mentioned earlier of eight pupils that were seen using drugs by members of staff and only one of those is in the first group standing on this stage. I would now like to ask Melanie Watson, Emily Smith, Sarah Parker, Joanna Wilson, Paul Brown, John Larsen and Brian Turner to come onto the stage.”

As this new group of seven made their way to the stage, the Headmaster told the original seven that had admitted their guilt to return to their seats, and as reward for their honesty no further action was going to be taken. Seven very relieved pupils breathed a sigh of enormous relief.

He then turned to the new group and asked why they had not admitted their guilt. He told them they could protest their innocence if they wanted, but he had the list given to him by staff who were at the party. None of this second group decided to protest and now knew that if only they had stood up when first asked they would have escaped what now looked like a certain caning, which was confirmed when the Headmaster turned to his audience and said that there were going to a number of ‘firsts’ today; the first of which would be an unprecedented public caning. He turned to the PE master and asked him to take over proceedings and give each of the seven pupils six strokes of the cane in front of everyone in the hall.

The PE Master stepped forward and told the seven to form a line as the awful realisation hit home. The first in line was Joanne Wilson who was summoned forward, told to remove her jacket, face the front and bend over the trestle and reach right down to hold each of the front legs. Joanne was mortified as she stepped forward and knew there was other choice but do as she was told and get into position. She was wearing extremely tight trousers, which as they tightened across her bottom left nothing to the imagination. The PE Master had to admit she had a superb bottom, to which the old expression ‘you could park a bike there’ was apt indeed. Joanne, however, was both terrified and humiliated, as she knew that well over 100 pairs of eyes would be focussing on her bottom. The Headmaster had brought three canes into the hall, and the PE Master picked up the first one and lined it up against Joanne’s bottom.

You would have heard a pin drop in the hall, as the PE master lined up the cane across Joanne’s bottom before thrashing her for the first time which resulted in a gasp from the unfortunate girl. The second stroke was given ten seconds later and led to another gasp. The PE master was not hanging about and ten seconds later thrashed her bottom for the third time. The cane was actually leaving faint lines across Joanne’s trousers, which could be clearly seen by those sitting toward the front of the hall.

As her caning continued, Joanne’s gasps were getting louder and as she was getting strokes every ten seconds her caning was completed in a little under a minute. It had been a quick-fire caning that Joanne had found to be incredibly intense and painful.

At the other side of the Hall, both Alison and James were both wondering what was going to happen to them if the seven that were currently being punished were getting the cane in front of the entire senior school and they instinctively knew that whatever they would get, it would be worse than six strokes with clothes in place, and Alison in particular was regretting her decision to wear a thong in place of normal knickers.

The PE Master then summoned Paul Brown forward who received similar instructions. As he bent over the trestle his trousers tightened across his bottom and some of the sixth form female pupils appreciated what they thought was a cute bottom. The PE master used the same cane and beat Brown methodically, leaving him in considerable pain. He had been caned before, but in private and not with quite the intensity.

John Larsen was next in line, a taller boy who took off his blazer before getting in position. It was a horrifying prospect for all seven to be beaten in front of their peers and Larsen just wanted the next minute to pass quickly. He was in the lower sixth and had never been caned before. Thus he was very shocked at the sheer pain as the PE master gave him the first stroke. As before, the six whacks came quickly and he was ashamed to have tears in his eyes by the time the last stroke hit the middle of his bottom.

Next it was Sarah Parker who, like Joanna, was wearing tight trousers. Sarah was a tennis player who was extremely fit and had a slim figure. She had been beaten before, but only with a slipper when she was in the middle school. She knew that despite the extreme embarrassment of being caned publicly, she was in for a painful time. Bending right across the trestle it was time for the boys in the audience to appreciate a fantastic female bottom, which was round and toned and, like Joanne’s before, left little to the imagination as her trousers tightened across her derriere. It was not only the boys in the audience that liked what they were seeing. The PE master also had to admit that he felt a little stirring as he lined up the cane. Predictably Sarah found the caning itself a real ordeal, but gripped the legs of the trestle and managed get through it without crying out. She was grateful for the rapid strokes that, although they were incredibly painful, were over quickly.

Brian Turner was next and he had a real attitude as he strutted forward, took off his blazer and bent over the trestle. Turner had experienced the cane on too many occasions and showed no emotion of any kind as his bottom was beaten.

The PE master was getting into his stride and had now caned five pupils in less than ten minutes. Melanie Watson and Emily Smith were the two left, and Melanie was summoned forward. As with those before, she was told to take off her blazer and bend over the trestle. She was wearing a skirt that was possibly a size too small and as she got into position over the trestle the fabric of her skirt stretched over her round bottom giving the PE master an ample target. Melanie took her caning well and did not move as she was being beaten and only after the last ‘cracker’ of a stroke did she make any noise.

The last of the seven was Emily and she was wearing a considerably shorter skirt, probably shorter than school rules allowed. The PE master told her to get into position as she stretched right over the trestle it was clear that she was going to give everyone the sight of her white knickers as her skirt rode up. Emily was a slim girl and was mortified by the prospect of being publicly caned. She was also aware that strokes to her lower bottom would only just be protected by her all too skimpy knickers. The PE master caned her just as he had the previous six; cane strokes at ten second intervals, each of which made Emily gasp, especially the last two that were below her skirt and across her knickers which had also ridden up meaning that in part the cane was striking her bare bottom.

Emily was told to return to the line as the Headmaster returned to the lectern. He told everyone that it was now time for the main culprits to be dealt with as he asked Alison and James to step forward. He then made a speech to everyone in the hall.

“As I have already said, today I am dealing with the most serious matter ever to face me as Headmaster. These two pupils have created a situation that has brought shame and humiliation on this fine school. I have had to inform the Police and we have our Liaison Officer with us this morning. I will be writing to every parent to inform them of the situation and to reassure them that the actions we are taking today should result in drugs never again being brought onto the school premises. Alison Palmer and James White are leaving the school on Friday and may have thought they could simply get away with their actions, but instead they have created a situation that has already seen seven of their fellow pupils caned in the presence of everyone in this hall, something that has never needed to happen before.

“My first telephone call this morning was to Mr Bennett, the Chairman of School Governors, to discuss a suitable punishment and he agreed with me that normal guidelines relating to Corporal Punishment should be set aside, especially as they are also guilty of supplying drugs. It is also a condition of the level of punishment that the Police have agreed not to press charges on Palmer and White. These two have humiliated the school and I am going to humiliate them. They are both going to receive 12 strokes, double the normal maximum.”

He then turned to face Alison and James saying: “I assume that you would prefer the punishment I have outlined, because the alternative is that you go the Police station to be charged with possession and supply of illegal drugs?”

Both of the eighteen year olds knew they had no choice and nodded.

The Head then said: “It is my opinion that you, Alison, are the main culprit, so you will be beaten last.”

He then told James to remove his jacket and trousers and bend over the trestle. James knew he was in for an awful experience as Alison’s worst fear was realised, as she only had a thong on underneath her skirt with the obvious consequences.

James, now in just his underpants below his waist, got into position over the trestle. Worse was to come, though, as the Headmaster told the PE master to lower James’s pants, to the collective gasp from everyone in the Hall. They were all going to see James caned twelve times across his bare bottom. Alison knew that her worst nightmare was minutes away.

The PE master, having lowered James’s pants, picked up the cane and lined it up against the boy’s bare bottom. Many of the female pupils were struck by seeing James’s bottom and more than a few found the sight before them to be causing mild sexual feelings.

Also nobody had ever received twelve strokes and the PE master started the caning with a ferocious whack across the centre of James’s bottom. As before, the cane strokes were coming thick and fast and in less than a minute James had received the first six. To all in the hall, there were six very clear cane stripes across James’s bottom.

He was finding it very difficult to be silent and emitted a few gasps but he knew that he was only half way through and was determined to try and take the full twelve without showing undue emotion. As the PE master lined up the seventh stroke, James knew this was going to be tough, but to his credit he stayed in position despite the extreme pain until the final stroke.

James was told to stand and to pull up his pants as everyone knew what was next – Alison’s public caning.

After James was told to stand to one side, Alison was summoned forward. The inevitability was clear for all as the Headmaster told her to remove her skirt. At this point, only Alison knew she was only wearing a thong, something that became clear to all as she did as instructed and slid her skirt down. It was almost without reference that the Headmaster remarked on her inappropriate underwear as she was told to get into position across the trestle.

For Alison, the floor could have opened and taken her as she reached over the trestle and got into position. There was nothing in her life that could compare with the humiliation being inflicted on her as she remained stretched out over the trestle with her effective bare bottom presented to the entire senior school.

However, worse was to come as, conscious that it was inappropriate for the PE master to touch Alison in any way, the Headmaster asked Mrs Freeman, the Deputy Headmistress, to lower her underwear, telling her that although her inappropriate underwear would not provide any protection she had to endure the same humiliation suffered by her friend previously.

The boys in the hall had enjoyed watching Melanie, Sarah, Joanne and Emily being caned, but now they had the prospect of watching the highly fanciable Alison taking twelve strokes across her bare bottom. And it was a bottom to behold, medium sized, but firm, round and trim.

The PE master had already delivered 54 stokes of the cane, but knew the next twelve were the ones that needed to count. Alison’s pants, now around her ankles, gave him a completely unimpeded target as he lined up the first stroke before slowly taking the cane back and delivering a severe stroke to the middle of her bottom, resulting in a loud yelp. Predictably it was worse than even Alison thought possible, and significantly worse than the caning she received when she was in the fifth form.

As with the others, the PE master was caning Alison at ten-second intervals and it was all she could do to hold onto the low crossbar between the front legs of the trestle. In less than a minute she had received the first six strokes and had some very impressive stripes.

The whole hall remained silent only punctuated by the ‘thwack’ of the cane thrashing Alison’s bottom every ten seconds.

The PE master decided to leave a short gap, largely for him to stand back and admire her bottom and his handiwork. He resumed the caning with the seventh stroke low down just above the crease which caused her to make an even louder yelp. But Alison was counting down and just wanted it to be over. She had even forgotten about the incredible humiliation of being caned so publicly; it was the fire in her bottom that occupied all her thoughts.

With five to go, the PE master was making his way up her bottom. The eighth striking just above the previous stroke meant Alison’s bottom now had eight clear red stripes making it more difficult to find gaps. But the PE master was extremely accurate as he thrashed her for the ninth time, finding one of the remaining bits of white bottom prompting another loud involuntary gasp. The tenth and eleventh were given to the upper middle part of her decorated bottom before he again stood back to consider where to put the final stroke.

Alison knew enough to know the last is usually the worst and he kept her waiting for a full thirty seconds before, with no warning, he caned her for the last time right in the middle of her bottom and on top of a previous stroke. Alison simply let out a long sustained gasp as she absorbed the most painful stroke of all.

But laying over the trestle, her caning was completed. The Headmaster stood forward and told her to remain in position as he addressed everyone in the hall.

He said: “I hope the severity of the punishments you have witnessed will act as a deterrent to you all. We have never before felt the necessity to punish pupils publicly, and have never before applied a caning of the severity you have just witnessed. I thank the Police for allowing the school to deal with the matter and their undertaking not to press charges.”

Alison was still in position over the trestle with a bottom sporting twelve red weals, and the Headmaster told her to stand and make herself decent. As she rose, the teachers that were sitting on the stage together with the seven that had been caned earlier were all treated to the sight of Alison’s naked front as she reached down to pull up her tiny pants.

That brought the proceedings to an end as everyone dispersed. There was a hushed atmosphere in the dining hall that day as members of the senior school that had witnessed the canings talked openly about what they had seen. The seven that had been caned first were all finding it painful to sit down, but nothing compared to the pain James and Alison were suffering. They both felt ashamed they had been so publicly thrashed, made so much worse by being caned on their bare bottoms. What actually happened, though, was that over the next two days they became ‘folk heroes’ and nobody in that hall that witnessed their canings would ever forget what they had seen.

Nor for that matter did Alison and James ever forget. They went their own way to separate universities but stayed close and eventually the childhood sweethearts married eight years later. They both enjoyed reminiscing about that famous day when they both were caned in such a dramatic circumstances and was it a coincidence that spanking became part of their sex life?

The End

© PG 2016