A security guard deals with a young woman rather well known to him.

By Lorna Brand

Dave was proud of his job. It wasn’t the most prestigious but Dave had been unemployed for 8 months and after applying for every job under the sun he was finally in the 10th week of his new job, and officially that marked the end of his probation.

The relief was amazing. Dave never thought he would love being a security guard as much as he did. He worked for a discount store doing 3 weeks on day shifts followed by 3 weeks on nights. Although he was moved to different stores when needed, he mostly stayed at his local shop situated in the centre of town and just a stone’s throw from his local pub.

Staying in the same store gave him a grate opportunity to get to know all the staff and customers, many of whom were friends. The job wasn’t all plain sailing. It had taken his wife a long time to get used to him not being at home as much and she still hated the night shifts especially when the kids were away staying with their grandparents.

The one perk of the job that his wife didn’t mind was the uniform. She certainly liked seeing her well-groomed man suited and booted.

Dave was a fair man and as such conducted himself fairly at work. He was by no means a soft touch but believed in helping where he could and giving people a chance. The store he worked in left it up to the security guard as to whether or not charges should be brought although it was recommended.

This gave Dave quite a bit of freedom. He decided very early on that if the goods could go back on the shelf and it was a first time offence he would let them away with a good telling-off, otherwise he was a great deal firmer.

On this particular night, the store was starting to close and Dave was doing the last sweep of the store on the security cameras before going to see the staff out and lock up behind them. Then he spotted a lady through the grainy black and white footage blatantly put something down her bra. Looking straight at the camera she walked over to the other side of the aisle and put something else down her trousers. Dave was used to his fair share of odd balls, attention seekers and drunks, but this was still bizarre behaviour especially as this lady just stood there in the middle off the shop as if she was waiting for him.

Rushing out off the office, he ran straight to this particularly weird lady ready to pursue her if need be. Screeching to a halt at the end off the aisle, Dave finally came face to face with the lady that seemed so grainy on the monitor.

“Oops! It looks like I have been very bad,” said the dark brunette playfully.

“Stay there, I will deal with you in a minute. I have to lock up behind the manager first.”

Dave was less than impressed with this situation. In fact, the more he thought about it the angrier he became.

The manager was not to keen to leave Dave alone in the store with this manic woman but after being reassured that he had dealt with this customer before and that she too would be leaving shortly he didn’t waste time in going home.

“Right, you follow me,” Dave barked as he stormed past the waiting thief.

“Oh yes, sir,” beamed the woman as she trotted along in her stilettos behind the dashing guard, scrunching up her long hair to give it even more volume.

She followed Dave through the store to the pokey dull office he had watched her from.

“Hands on the desk, April, and no back chat.”

Dave gestured towards a sparse desk on the far wall sitting under the old security monitor with only a clip board on it. Around the monitor was a collection of photos showing people to watch out for.

April glanced all around the little room but there was nothing else to see.

“I haven’t been in here before. It’s interesting,” she said as she complied with the orders. “Now what?”  She whispered, placing her hands firmly on the desk top and wiggling her ample behind. “Do you like what you see?”

“Stop fooling around. This is serious.” Dave could feel his anger seething up within him as he ran his hands around her body, slipping one under her tight pink top to retrieve one of the stolen items from her cleavage and slamming it on to the desk top.

“Careful, sir, you don’t want to break that now,” April flirted.

Dave didn’t answer but ran his hands down to her waist and unbuttoned her black tight trousers before easing them down over her behind until they slipped to the ground. Another stolen item rolled out over the floor.

“Oh my! Be gentle with me now,” April mocked.

“FOR GOODNESS SAKE, APRIL!  I am NOT mucking around!  You have stolen two things on camera in front of the store manager, MY BOSS! You, the security guard’s wife, are nicking from the store!”

“Can’t you just explain things to him?” April said as she began to realise she may have made a big mistake.

“You jeopardised my job over a make-up brush and some nail varnish. Do you want us to be broke again?” Dave said, hoping for some sort of an apology.

“I just thought we could play a little as the kids are away and I didn’t want another night on my own. I thought it would be fun to surprise you,” she giggled.

“FUN? I am furious at you!” Dave shouted.

“But as I am here anyway,” April swung her hips. “We could deal with this later. Can’t you think of something you would rather do? You, the strong security guard; me, the naughty girl who needs a good telling-off. It’s a shame to waste the situation.” April taunted as she tried to persuade her husband towards her way of thinking and clearly not listening to what he was saying.

“NO ! We are dealing with this now.” Dave spoke firmer than he had ever spoken before. He undid his belt and pulled it from its loops in one motion. “Stay still, April, you have been selfish and stupid. The worst of it is that you haven’t noticed how upset I am about this. I love my job, whether you do or not, and for all of us I need to keep it and you need to see how much you have messed up.”

April was taken aback by what her husband was saying and starting to feel butterflies in her stomach as she realised this was not going to go the way she wanted. Her hands started to feel sweaty on the small desk and she could feel her heart beat getting stronger in her chest. She suddenly felt less sexy and more exposed as she was acutely aware of her ample bottom with only a thong covering it.

“You should have gone with the big pants, dear. It might have taken the sting out of this,” spited a very annoyed Dave as he folded his belt around his hand, stood to one side of his target and took the first swing.

“BLOODY HELL! That hurts!” April cried out as the first blush appeared, framed by a red welt where the side of the belt had dug in.

“So it should!”

Dave took aim and swung harder, hitting her on the fullest part of her bum. He watched it getting absorbed in to her derriere before flicking back. He lashed down again and again, striping her bottom.

April screamed out as each blow hit, turning her round bottom darker until it was visibly bruised with red welts criss-crossing the surface. She flopped down on to the desk sobbing.

Dave dropped his belt and lifted her up, brushing her hair back from her face and wiping the tears from her make-up streaked face.

“Why didn’t you ask me to stop? You know I would Have”

“I know you would, but you were right. I was being horrible and not thinking of my family. I didn’t realise how important this job was and that I could have ruined it for you. I am sorry.”

“Maybe next time you want attention from me, just ask,” Dave said as he tried to comfort his wife, slowly pulling up her trousers and carefully replacing them over her very sore bottom.

He embraced April before giving her a very soft pat on her bum and sending her home.

The End

© Lorna Brand 2015