A secretary is offered an unusual training program to help correct her errors.

By Steven Wilson

Richard Allen lifted his eyes from the papers strewn across his desk and allowed himself to be distracted by the sight presented before him. On the far side of his desk, perhaps eight feet in front of him, was Sandra Holt, his secretary. She had her back to him and was bending over scrabbling around in the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet searching for a file of some description. Most women would probably have squatted down on their knees to do such a task but Sandra had bent at the waist and now her bottom was thrust upwards and outwards towards Richard’s desk, a vision he found hard to take his eyes away from.

Today Sandra was wearing cream cotton trousers and her position caused the material to stretch tightly across her buttocks and, as Richard had already observed, make the outline of her panties beneath quite apparent. Richard had always been, as he put it a ‘bottom and legs man’ rather than a ‘boobs man’, and Sandra’s bottom was one to admire, shapely, not too big, not too small and very nicely rounded. Had he been standing behind her he would have been sorely tempted to give her a playful smack on the provocative target she presented but the desk thankfully prevented that. In this day and age, such an action could result in a tribunal and an expensive compensation settlement, so best not to tempt fate.

At last she straightened up, Richard quickly averted his eyes back to his papers, not wanting to be caught leering at her. She turned towards him file in hand and slightly flushed in face.

“Found it at last,” she said before pushing the filing drawer closed with her foot and then disappearing out the office door.

Richard Allen was Managing Director of Allen Media Ltd, a company providing web design and marketing services to various clients. He had started the company ten years ago and watched as it steadily grew to become the successful enterprise it was today. It had taken a lot of hard work and effort on his behalf and this was probably one of the main reasons why, although now in his early forties, he was still single. However he enjoyed his work and felt proud of what he’d achieved.

Accompanying him on much of that journey had been Anne, his former secretary and Personal Assistant. She had joined the company in its early days just as it had started to grow and she and Richard had been a good team together, and someone he grew to rely on in many ways. It had been a shock to him, a few months earlier, when she’d told him she was pregnant, although he had thought he’d noticed her getting a little larger in the stomach, and then announcing that she wouldn’t be returning to her job after giving birth as she wanted to be a stay at home mum. He could appreciate her decision but he would still miss having her around and having to find a new secretary/PA to replace her would be strange.

As her maternity leave came closer, he placed an advert in the local paper and received numerous applications in reply, from which he drew up a shortlist of those he wanted to interview. He had intended Anne to be present at the interviews too, but she’d been advised to start her maternity leave early by her doctor and so had finished the previous Friday, meaning that finding a new secretary had now become quite urgent for him. He interviewed several women who would have fitted the bill adequately, before in came Sandra Holt. She was the last person to be interviewed for the job and, in all honesty, Richard had little expectation of her being successful in getting it. Compared to some of the others he’d interviewed, she had far less relevant experience in such a role and her qualifications were not as good either.

He would always remember her walking through the door into his office for the first time and how, within the first couple of minutes of the interview, he’d already decided that she was to be his new secretary. It had nothing to do with her ability to do the job or that she was particularly impressive in her interview, it was more simple than that; he just liked her, or to be more precise, he fancied her.

Sandra Holt was twenty-six. She had an attractive face, a nice smile and wavy blonde hair that hung down over her shoulders. She was average height, slim, with a good figure and as Richard had already noted a nice pair of legs. She had been wearing for her interview a cream blouse and summery knee length skirt which had shown her legs off to her advantage and had not gone unnoticed by Richard. That she was also a little nervous and unsure of herself in the interview only added to the attraction he felt for her. The following day, when he had phoned her to tell her of his decision and to offer her the position, she had been delighted and accepted without hesitation, starting work the following Monday.

Richard knew he’d let his heart rule his head in making the decision, as from a business point of view there were at least two of the other candidates that were far more suitable to the position and had Anne been present they would probably have got the job ahead of Sandra. However she wasn’t, it was his decision alone to make and so Sandra it would be.

Sandra was now in her eighth week with the company, which was significant and something that was occupying Richard’s mind at present. Sandra had been appointed on an eight week probationary contract, at the end of which either party could terminate it without notice or the contract would become a permanent one. That decision would have to be made by Friday of this week at the latest.

From a personal point of view, Sandra had settled in excellently within the company and was getting on well with other staff members and clients who all seemed to like her. She and Richard had also clicked more or less from the off and he enjoyed having her around his office throughout the day. Often, when she brought him a coffee, they would chat together, and often about subjects other than work. She had surprised him one morning when she told him that she was divorced. She had married at an early age, “far too early,” she had said, to an older man she had met and fallen in love with. Against her parent’s and friend’s advice, they’d been married six months later. Although they tried hard to make it work they both eventually realised that they were not really suited to one another and parted amicably around a year ago, her divorce coming through a few months later.

Richard wondered if she had a new partner or boyfriend as she’d never mentioned anyone, but he didn’t ask, something he later regretted not doing. On more than one occasion he had thought about asking her out to dinner but had decided against it. Office romances were not unheard of, but he was aware of the difficulties they could present when between a boss and his employee, and so for the time being at least that was not on the agenda.

When it came to her work, however, things were not quite so straightforward. He couldn’t fault her attitude; she was pleasant, keen and willing to put herself out if need be, staying behind on more than one occasion to help him finish some piece of work for a meeting the next day. And in most other aspects her work was also more than acceptable, apart that is from her occasional errors. Richard had first noticed them in her second week; the odd wrongly typed word, silly mistakes, nothing major but still annoying. It meant that he had to check things more carefully than he was used to. It didn’t help that Anne had rarely made mistakes and he found himself frequently comparing Sandra to Anne, with unfavourable outcomes. Had Anne been an exception and was he expecting too much of Sandra? He wasn’t sure.

When he had first pointed out the errors to Sandra, she had been horrified and apologised profusely before rushing away in a state of embarrassment to correct them. She promised not to let them happen again, but they kept recurring, not always the same mistakes, but it had become a habit with her that she gave no sign of getting away from. He wondered whether he could put up with it in the long term if things didn’t change or whether it would eventually drive him mad. He also found it frustrating because, in most respects, Sandra had the makings of being an excellent secretary and he felt these lapses were down more to a lack of concentration at times rather than lack of ability.

And soon he would have a decision to make, whether to retain her or let her leave and find a replacement secretary. He had been thinking about this when Sandra’s upturned bottom had distracted him, but now he returned to his thoughts. Common sense told him that he should thank her for her efforts but that he didn’t think she was quite right for the job, so would not be making the position permanent. He could allow her to stay on beyond the end of the week until he found someone else if she wanted to do that. He wondered if one of the other women he had previously interviewed who had perhaps been more suitable would still be interested in the position. But, but, he still liked Sandra as much as he had done when he first set eyes on her, if not more so now he had got to know her a little better. Did he really want to let her go? Was he going to let his head rule his heart this time?

It was now Friday morning and he still hadn’t said anything to Sandra about her probationary period coming to an end, although he had an inkling that she was aware of it herself. She hadn’t been her usual cheerful self when he’d said good morning to her earlier, as if she had something on her mind, as if she were worried about something. He also noticed that she was smartly dressed this morning, not that she wasn’t always dressed nicely, but this morning she appeared to have made a special effort as if she were attending an interview.

She was wearing a matching blue jacket and skirt with a white blouse. She’d taken the jacket off and placed it on the back of her chair, and Richard could see the outline of her white lacy bra beneath the blouse. Her skirt was neat fitting and finished just above the knee, with dark tights covering her legs. He wondered if she’d made a deliberate attempt to look so business-like that morning.

When she came through to his office later that morning, he looked up and smiled. “You look very smart today Sandra, you’re not going to an interview later are you?”

“No, of course not,” she smiled back. “I just thought I’d dress up a bit today, that’s all. I can wear jeans on Monday if you’d prefer.”

“No, you look very nice, very efficient. Anyway, we need to do your appraisal sometime today, you’ve been here eight weeks now. Doesn’t time fly? How are you fixed for two o’clock? Is that okay for you, here in my office?”

“Yes fine, no problem,” she replied.

As she went out, Richard sat back in his chair and closed his eyes. He still hadn’t made his mind up as to what he was going to do, and time was now running out. He really didn’t want to lose her, but at the same time he knew he could probably find someone a little less flighty than Sandra who wouldn’t be prone to the silly errors she was in the habit of making. And then there was a third option. One that was a potential solution to his dilemma, one that might work, but whether he would have the nerve to actually suggest it, he didn’t know.

At two o’clock, Sandra came in and stood by his desk, hands clasped nervously in front of her, reminding him of a naughty schoolgirl sent to see the headmaster. Perhaps that wasn’t such a strange analogy either, he thought.

“Don’t look so worried,” he said. “Go and get us a couple of coffees and we’ll make a start.”

A few minutes later, she returned with two mugs of coffee in her hands. Richard got up from his desk and moved towards the far side of the office where there were a couple of easy chairs and a low table. “We’ll sit over here, it’s less formal than having the desk between us,” he said smiling again.

As Sandra bent forward to put the coffees down on the table, he caught a brief glimpse of her cleavage and the top of her bra down her blouse. Sandra was not particularly large breasted, more medium in size he had always thought, but he was distracted none the less. He returned his mind to the matter in hand as she sat down opposite him, crossed her legs and then picked up her mug and took a sip from it. He could tell she was nervous about what he was about to say to her and he was reminded of how she’d been at her interview a few weeks previously, not the chatty person he had come to know since. Little did she know that she was not the only one anxious about what was about to be said in the next few minutes.

Richard flicked through the papers he’d carried across with him more for effect than anything else. “Well, how have you found working here? Have you enjoyed it so far?”

“Yes definitely, it’s been really good and I think I’ve got on okay with everybody apart from that one client, Mr Smithers, who did test my patience a bit.”

Richard laughed. “Don’t worry, he drives everybody mad and I actually think you handled him quite well. So I take it you’d like to remain with us then?”

“Yes please,” Sandra replied eagerly.

Richard considered for a moment before speaking. “Well I have to say you seem to have fitted in well enough and you’ve even managed to put up with me too! From that point of view, I’d have no hesitation in making your position here permanent. However,” he paused for a moment before continuing and saw the smile drop from Sandra’s face. “There is the issue of those silly little mistakes that you keep making.”

“Oh I know. I’m really sorry about them, and I will stop making them. I promise,” said Sandra hurriedly.

Richard sighed. “But that’s what you say every time I point one out to you, that you will not do it again, and yet they keep on happening, don’t they? It means I have to spend far too much time checking things that I really shouldn’t have to do. You’ve put me in a difficult situation. Do I keep you on, hoping that you will eventually stop doing these things, or should we call it a day now and go our separate ways?”

He could see Sandra start to panic as she pleaded. “Please Richard, I will stop making mistakes. I really mean it. I don’t want to lose this job. I’d like to stay.”

He kept her waiting for a few seconds before continuing. “I find it frustrating Sandra, as I think you have the makings of being a fine secretary and PA to me, but you just seem to have lapses in concentration that result in these silly little errors you keep making. I don’t think it’s down to a lack of ability on your behalf, just a lack of concentration and application.”

Sandra looked down at her lap. “I know, sometimes I do tend to drift away a little when I’m doing things and I suppose that’s when it happens. I promise, though, I’ll make a real effort to stop it if you give me a chance, please.”

There was another silence before Richard spoke. “I have a suggestion which might provide a solution to this which would work for both of us. It would enable you to stay with the company on a permanent basis, but also I would hope help you to stop making these annoying little mistakes.”

Sandra’s face suddenly lit up. “Fine, whatever you suggest,” she said eagerly.

“Before you go agreeing to anything I think you need to know what I am proposing. I am proposing that we put you on a ‘training program’ administered by myself with the aim of helping you to concentrate better and cut out these lapses of yours. This will be a rather unorthodox training course, not one you will have come across before, and one that you may well feel that you don’t wish to embark on.”

“What exactly do you mean?” Sandra’s expression had once again changed to one of looking worried.

“We will have a review together every Friday afternoon of your work for that week, and where you have made mistakes for whatever reason you will be punished for them.”

“Punished? In what way would I be punished?” Sandra’s worried look had now gone to one of puzzlement.

Richard took a deep breath and steadied himself before speaking. “You will be spanked for your mistakes, and if they have been serious or there have been numerous ones in the week, you should expect to receive a more severe spanking with some form of instrument too, such as a slipper. I think having consequences to your mistakes will help focus your mind when you are working and hopefully eradicate these issues.”

The idea had come to Richard the previous evening when his mind had drifted to Sandra bent over the filing cabinet, her bottom thrust out towards him. At first it had been a silly thought, a joke, amusing but never going to happen, but the more he had thought about it the more it had seemed a possibility until he eventually thought, why not? Why not spank her when she made a mistake? It might make her concentrate more, but if not, at least it would give him some way of letting out his frustration when he had to correct her work.

He had always had an interest in spanking. Maybe it came from his appreciation of the female posterior, or maybe it was the other way around; he really had no idea where it had come from. Some years ago, however, he had a brief relationship with a woman called Sarah who had allowed him to spank her occasionally. It was something he still looked back on fondly but had never had the chance to repeat, until perhaps now. It was the possibility of spanking Sandra’s appealing bottom that had turned his amusing thought of the previous evening into the proposition he’d just made to her now.

The silence seemed to last an eternity but in actual fact was only a few seconds. He studied Sandra’s face, wondering how she would react, waiting for her to stand up, tell him what he could do with his job before storming out, never to be seen again. If he had the chance, he would try and call her back, tell her it was just a joke and that she could stay on as his secretary. He knew he was gambling on a grand scale as the last thing he wanted was for her to leave. He had already decided that, whether she accepted his proposal or not, he wanted her to remain as his secretary.


One little word, said quietly without expression.

It took a moment for it to register with him what she had just said. She wasn’t going to storm out, she had agreed to his proposal, she had agreed to be spanked.

Richard cleared his throat before speaking. “I think you’ve made a wise choice, and on that basis I can offer you a permanent contract starting next week. We’ll get it drawn up and signed on Monday along with your ‘training’ agreement.”

“Will anyone else know about this?” Sandra asked.

“No, it will just be between the two of us, nobody else will know of it so you’ve no need to worry. Anyway, now that we’ve agreed on the way forward, I think we should start your training as soon as possible, so I would propose that this being Friday we have your first session this afternoon. Would it be a problem for you to remain behind for a little after five?”

“No, it’s fine.”

“Excellent. Well that’s settled then, we’ll have your first training session later this afternoon.”

“Can I go now?” said Sandra.

“Of course, I think we’re covered everything, and don’t worry about it. It’s for your own good and I’m sure we’ll soon make those mistakes a thing of the past.”

As she got up, he gave her a smile and she managed a weak smile back before collecting up the mugs and leaving the room. Richard sat back and once again closed his eyes. His pulse was still running fast. He couldn’t believe that he had actually made the suggestion to her and even more so that she had actually agreed to it. The time was now twenty to three. In just over two hours he would be spanking Sandra Holt’s bottom.

It was five past five when she came into his office. Everyone else had left in the five o’clock rush, and they were the only two people now left in the building. As she had done earlier that afternoon, she stood nervously in front of him, hands clasped in front of her, the naughty schoolgirl sent to the headmaster.

If Sandra Holt was feeling nervous, then so too was Richard Allen. Until this afternoon, spanking his secretary had been a pleasant fantasy to contemplate in his quieter moments, but now, all too quickly, it was about to become a reality and Richard wasn’t quite sure how to proceed. How hard should he spank her? He had no desire to really hurt her but if it was to be effective then she would have to suffer some discomfort or there would be no point to it; it would need to be something that she wouldn’t wish to repeat too often. He rued his lack of experience and decided he would have to learn as he went along, and now it was time for him to take control of proceedings.

He cleared his throat before speaking. “I think it best if you remove your skirt, Sandra, it looks a little tight for me to lift out of the way.”

She didn’t reply but instead her hands went to the top of the skirt, pulled down a zip, and then she started to wriggle it down her hips before finally stepping out of it and placing it on the table at the side of the office. Richard had watched its removal in mounting anticipation, which had then turned to surprise. He had been expecting her to be wearing tights but as she lowered the skirt an expanse of bare thigh had come into view, swiftly followed by black stocking tops just above her knees. As she stood again in front of his desk, hands clasped in front of her, he could see the straps of a black suspender belt and a glimpse of white panties, although they were mainly obscured by the hem of her blouse. He wondered if she always wore this kind of underwear for work or if this was a special occasion.

He stood up and went over to one of the easy chairs at the side of the office and moved it further out from the wall before sitting down on it. It wasn’t ideal, but of all the chairs in the room it was the most suitable for the task he had to perform.

He looked at Sandra and patted his knee. “Over my knee, please Sandra, let’s get you in position.”

Again, without saying anything, she moved to his side before rather awkwardly lowering herself over his knee and then shuffling herself forward so that she could place her hands on the floor while keeping her shoes on the ground too. Her blonde hair fell forward in a curtain around her face, hiding it from Richard’s view. He could feel the weight of her body on his lap and the pleasant smell of her perfume rose with the warmth from it. He lifted the hem of her blouse up and placed it on her lower back, exposing for the first time her bottom.

Her bottom was as delightful as he’d often imagined it when he’d seen her bending over something in the office. Nicely rounded, and with just enough flesh on it to make it ideal for spanking. It was framed to the top and sides by her black suspender belt and covered by a pair of white knickers in a silky material, rather expensive looking, he thought, which were cut quite full and covered much of her bottom cheeks. He ran his hand gently over them.

Then he raised his hand and brought it down on her right buttock and then her left buttock. The impact caused her bottom to wobble delightfully, even though the spanks were fairly light and he was reminded instantly of the pleasure he used to get from spanking Sarah. Like riding a bike, he thought, it soon comes back to you. For the next couple of minutes he continued to spank her cheeks, right then left, still keeping it light, but something didn’t feel right, something didn’t feel satisfying enough for him and he knew why.

“Stand up please,” he said, having stopped spanking her.

Sandra struggled to her feet, a puzzled look on her face. Did she think that was it? That was all he intended to do to her?

Richard spoke. “This isn’t working, is it? I think we need to have your knickers off, don’t you? Can you remove them, please? Actually, I’d like you to remove the stockings and suspender belt too, so that you are stripped fully below the waist.”

He waited with a touch of apprehension for the response. Would she refuse to take her knickers off for him, or would she comply?

Once again Sandra remained silent but she reached up under her blouse and quickly slipped her knickers down and stepped out of them before putting them on her skirt on the table. Her fingers then went to her stocking tops where she unfastened the suspenders before reaching behind her, unclipping the suspender belt, and then placing that too with the skirt and knickers. Finally, she slid down the stocking on her left leg, removed it, then did the same with her right leg, before adding both of them to her pile of discarded clothing.

She stood in front of Richard looking somewhat more embarrassed and vulnerable than she had done just a couple of minutes before. Richard for his part had enjoyed her partial striptease and the glimpses of golden pubic hair at the top of her legs that it had afforded him.

“Back over,” he said.

As before, Sandra lowered herself over his knee and shuffled into position, hands and toes now touching the floor, and once again Richard lifted her blouse, placing it in the small of her back. He allowed himself a moment to appreciate the view set before him. Without the knickers, he could now appreciate Sandra’s bottom in all its glory, the paleness of the skin only disturbed by patches of a deeper pink from the spanking he’d already given her. She was bare from her lower back down and he took in her shapely thighs, legs and feet before returning his gaze to her wonderful bottom. He had enjoyed seeing her in stockings and suspenders, but it could not compete with seeing her free of them and bare.

His hand stroked her buttocks again, this time able to feel the softness and warmth of her skin, the cleft between her cheeks. Then he started to spank her. This time it was a little harder, but still fairly slow and regular and after every thirty seconds or so he would stop and stroke her bottom. When he resumed, it was a little harder than previously and a little faster in tempo. He watched her cheeks turn from pale pink to dark pink and then to deeper shades of red, the sound of bare hand on bare flesh being so much more satisfying than when material had previously kept the two apart.

He was unsure about how long he’d been spanking her for. He had lost track of time, although in truth it couldn’t have been for that long. Her bottom was now red from the top of its cleft to the top of her thighs, and as he ran his hand over the cheeks the skin was noticeably warm. He allowed his hand to stray onto her thighs, feeling their softness, the coolness of the skin there being in stark contrast to the warmth of her bottom.

He started to spank her again, this time harder and faster. Until this point the spanking had been carried out in relative silence, apart from the sound of hand spanking bottom and an occasional slight gasp from Sandra. Richard had thought about telling her this was all for her own good, or words to that effect, while he was spanking or stroking her bottom, but he thought it unnecessary, they both knew why she was over his knee being spanked. The silence of before, however, was now being broken by ever increasing and louder gasps from Sandra as the spanking progressed. The increased force and tempo was having its effect on her, it seemed.

It was also having an effect on her in another way. Up to now she had remained relatively still across his knees, but now she was beginning to wriggle in his lap, her bottom moving, legs and thighs parting slightly, and this in turn was having an effect on Richard. He had become aware of a growing arousal in his groin area and so quickly decided to bring the spanking to a close before it became too apparent and caused any embarrassment between himself and Sandra.

He stopped spanking her. “You can stand up,” he said.

It took a few seconds before Sandra moved, and then she slowly and awkwardly raised herself from his lap and got to her feet. Her hands went to her bottom and started to rub her cheeks slowly. She looked dishevelled, not the smartly dressed individual she had been earlier in the afternoon. She was bare from the hem of her, by now, very creased blouse to her feet, her hair was a tangle and her face was visibly flushed. There was also a hint of a tear or moisture in her eyes. Richard couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, but he hadn’t quite finished with her yet, he had one more thing left in store for her.

He stood up. “You took your spanking well, there’s just one more punishment for you to take and then we’ll call it a day for your first training session. You have made a considerable number of mistakes previously which have, up to now, gone unpunished. You will now be slippered for them.” He waited for her to react, to object, plead she’d had enough and ask to be let off, but instead she merely nodded her acceptance.

Richard went to his desk, opened a bag on the floor next to it and took out a slipper. He had found it the night before at the back of his wardrobe. It was old, well worn, but a size ten with an old fashioned sole made of soft and flexible rubber. A school plimsoll would have been the ideal choice but he didn’t possess one of those, and so this would have to do.

Sandra was standing in the middle of the office floor her hands still massaging her bottom cheeks and he went over to her.

“Bend over and touch your toes.”

She gave him a glance and then turning her back to him bent forward at the waist, hands pointing towards the floor and her bottom thrust upwards.

“Right down, Sandra, grasp your ankles and keep your legs straight.”

She did as she was told and adopted the classic school punishment position. It occurred to Richard as she did so that the view she now presented to him was very similar to the one that she’d given just a few days earlier when bent over the filing cabinet with her bottom thrust outwards in a provocative and tempting manner, the very view that had been the beginning of his thoughts that had led to his idea of a ‘training program’. The big difference was, however, that then her bottom had been shielded from his eyes by her trousers, whereas now it was bare and already a deep red in colour.

He grasped the slipper tightly and brought it down on her left cheek with a satisfying ‘whopp’ sound that caused Sandra to gasp out loud and rock forward on her toes. She steadied herself, straightened her legs and pushed her bottom out again. The next ‘whopp’ landed on the right cheek, and this time Sandra nearly lost her balance with the impact.

“If you’re finding the position difficult to hold, perhaps you’d be better off over the desk, Sandra,” said Richard.

She replied with a quiet: “Yes, I think so.” She then straightened up and went over to the desk and placed her hands on the top, bending forward at the waist.

“Right over the desk, please Sandra. I’d like your upper body flat on the top and for you to grip the far side with your hands to keep yourself still and in position.”

Sandra did as she was asked and lay across the desk, her chest squashed flat against the hard wooden surface and her hands out either side of her, gripping the edge on the far side.

Richard walked over to her and lifted her blouse clear of her bottom. “Part your legs a little and keep them straight, and push your bottom well out.”

She shuffled her legs a few inches apart and straightened them.

“Further than that please,” said Richard, “and bottom out.”

This time she spread her legs further apart and, arching her back slightly, pushed her bottom out as far as she could.

“Excellent, now keep that position throughout if you can and it will soon be over. I intend to give you six more and they will be six of the best, as the saying goes, so grip the desk tightly.”

Richard stood back and admired the view presented to him. Having her over his knee had been enjoyable and having her touch her toes had been a classic position, but neither could present her bottom as perfectly as she was doing so now, bent over the desk.

He intended to make this a slippering she would feel and remember and raised the slipper high before bringing it down forcefully on her left buttock. The sound seemed to echo around the office and it was accompanied by a yelp from Sandra, the first time she had made any real sound during the entire proceedings. Her hips pushed against the desk top before she thrust her bottom back towards him in an effort to reduce the stinging, causing her thighs to part further for a moment much to his delight.

He waited for her to settle. “Bottom out Sandra”

She pushed her bottom out again, this time her right buttock feeling the impact of the slipper which induced much the same response as the previous whack.

Once settled, and with bottom thrust out, the third visit of the slipper arrived, this time to the centre of her bottom. The yelp this time was louder and more urgent than the previous two and she gyrated her bottom in the most lewd fashion towards Richard for several seconds afterwards in a futile attempt to ease the stinging. To her credit she had remained over the desk and not attempted to stand or rub her bottom despite the obvious temptation she must have had to do so, but he could tell she was now struggling with the punishment and so decided to bring it to a swift conclusion.

After getting her into position for one final time the last three whacks were delivered in quick succession, one to the left cheek, one to the right cheek and one to the centre. The shock of receiving three whacks one after the other without time to recover in between, and the intense stinging it produced, caused Sandra to yell out loudly, let go of the desk, and stand bolt upright, her hands grasping her stinging buttocks. Tears began to slowly roll down the cheeks of her face and she barely heard Richard’s voice telling her that her first training session was now over.

It was forty minutes later and Richard was in his car driving home, his mind wandering over the events of that afternoon. He still couldn’t quite believe that he had just spanked and slippered Sandra’s bottom, that she had agreed to his ‘training program’ and not slapped him across the face or stormed out in a rage, and her bare bottom had been every bit as beautiful as he’d ever envisaged, if not more so. He wondered if next time, for he hoped there would be a next time, he could perhaps get her to remove all her clothing so he could see her totally naked, or would that be pushing his luck too far? Naturally he wanted her to learn from her training and eliminate her silly mistakes, but just not for a while yet. He was happy to put up with them for a little while longer if it meant that he had the chance to spank her a few more times.

Later that evening Sandra was lying in bed in a relaxed and satisfied state. She had been all too aware that morning that her appraisal had been due and had been worried about whether she would keep her job given the mistakes she had made over the last few weeks. It had been why she had dressed as she had done, to try and give at least the impression of being professional and competent.

When Richard had suggested the training program to her she had been shocked but in a way that he could never have imagined, because she liked to be spanked, in fact she loved to be spanked. Her ex-husband had introduced her to it soon after their relationship started and she had taken to it like the proverbial duck to water. Not just hand spanking, she was more than familiar with leather paddles, the tawse and especially the cane. It was the one activity where they did not grow apart and continued to indulge in until their separation. It wasn’t so much that she enjoyed the actual spankings themselves, they could be painful at times, it was the way they made her feel afterwards, stimulated and aroused, that made her want to submit to them.

It had been nearly a year since she had last been spanked, just a week before they separated, and it was something she missed. And now she had the chance to be spanked on a weekly basis. She wanted to eradicate her mistakes, she found them embarrassing, but she would make sure she made at least two or three a week for a while yet whether intentional or not, just enough to ensure her training program continued.

It was Friday morning, a week after Sandra’s first training session, and as Richard passed her desk he was greeted with a cheery, “Good morning,” from her which he returned in similar fashion. As he entered his office he wondered if she’d forgotten about the significance of the day. On Monday she had signed her new contract of employment and a copy of her ‘training agreement’ which Richard himself had prepared. It was only short, briefly outlining what she had agreed to, and was more a document for his own protection should she at some point in the future try to claim she had been forced into this against her will. He could produce this as evidence that she was a willing participant. By his reckoning, Sandra had made at least three mistakes that week which meant she would be due another training session after work that afternoon. In which case, why was she so cheerful this morning? She was aware of the mistakes so surely knew the consequences.

His musings were interrupted by Sandra’s voice behind him. “I’ve got something for you.”

He turned to see her standing in the doorway, she was wearing a pretty summer dress today with a full skirt that finished just above the knee. Her lower legs were bare. She was holding a rather large box which she offered to him. “I ordered this earlier this week, I hope you don’t mind,” she said smiling.

He took the box from her, “What is it?”

“Open it and see,” came the reply.

The box was about three foot in length, ten inches in width, and around two inches deep. It was not particularly heavy and Richard was totally mystified as to what it contained. He placed it on his desk and picked up a pair of scissors to cut through the packing tape, then opened the box up. The box contained bubble wrap which he lifted open to be met by a sight that left him both surprised and speechless. There nestling in the bubble wrap was a cane, an old fashioned school type cane complete with crook handle. He straightened up and turned to face Sandra.

She was still smiling, “I thought we might need it later on today,” she said.

The end

© Steven Wilson 2018