A secretary gets a glowing report, but only after a glowing bottom

By Paul S

Stephanie was 19 and was an attractive girl. She had recently joined Tanner International lawyers PLC, mainly based in London, New York and Sydney but with branches all over the world. She had worked as a secretary for some time, but wanted to get on and advance her career. She initially worked in a typing pool with other girls, when an opportunity came up to work as a Personal Assistant (PA) to one of the junior partners, Mr Bridge.

Mr Bridge was a very pleasant and professional man, but did not like girls who messed up and was quick to say so. Christine, his current PA, was very experienced and in her fifties, but decided she had had enough of working full time, and decided to switch to the firm’s Dubai office where she could work part time as assistant to one of the senior partners, whom she knew very well.

When the time came, applications for the post were initially advertised internally within the firm, but all over the world in their offices, as some girls came from abroad to work on secondment.

Stephanie applied, took a first interview and was short listed as one of 3 possible candidates. It was explained to her that the job would be demanding and she may have to work late on occasions to get a job finished, but she didn’t mind that.

The day of the interview came, and Stephanie made sure she looked smart, striding in to the interview room to meet Mr Bridge of the first time. She was a trim 36-26-36 with a perfectly shaped derriere, that hadn’t escaped Mr Bridge’s notice. Mr Bridge looked very imposing and professional, but greeted her very kindly and asked her to come in and sit down, and whether she wanted a drink. She asked for a glass of water, which Mr Bridge poured out into a glass and handed it to her.

He then explained the role and what it entailed. He also explained that it was a more responsible position than typist, but also came with extra benefits such as working closely with the partners on occasions. It did involve some overtime, but also meant a pay rise of £5,000 per annum for Stephanie from her current grade, and a bonus and secondment to offices worldwide in time, which sounded very exciting.

Mr Bridge also explained the job was on 6 months’ probation, and any mess ups or failure to perform would go in a full report to Personnel, and could affect her chances of getting the job permanently. She could also have her salary docked or be punished by removal of benefits or other methods agreed with her partner.

Stephanie concluded the interview and thanked Mr Bridge. Two other candidates also attended. One was older and more experienced, but was a slower typist. One was younger but less experienced than Stephanie.

Several days later, Stephanie was delighted to get the job and thanked Mr Bridge profusely.

He replied: “Well done, but we have work to do now. Here are a pile of files to sort out and I need appointments made for next week. I also need a coffee and the office tidied up for a client meeting tomorrow.”

Stephanie took to her new role with zest, but found it was a big step up from her previous fairly sedate existence as a typist, with much more responsibility. However she took to it like a duck to water and Mr Bridge was very impressed.

Everything was going swimmingly. Then one day Stephanie had a major row with her boyfriend which distracted her all day at work. She simply could not concentrate as she was visibly upset and Mr Bridge’s work was suffering as a result.

Mr Bridge was very understanding and said: “Look Stephanie, these things happen in this business. Take the day off sick and have a rest and get yourself straightened out. Come back when you are yourself again.”

Stephanie said: “No, if I go home now I will run into my boyfriend and I am not ready for that just yet.”

Mr Bridge said: “OK, but bear in mind that this mess up will go in your probationary report, and could affect your chances of subsequent promotion and secondment abroad.”

Stephanie said: “Oh no, please Mr Bridge, don’t give me a bad report.”

Mr Bridge said: “I don’t want to as you have been marvellous, but perhaps we can find a way around this major blip? Carry on as best you can and see me after work in the office.”

Stephanie said: “OK,” and continued with her work diligently. She gradually recovered from her distressed state of mind.

She went to Mr Bridge’s office at 5.30pm and closed the door.

Mr Bridge said: “Lock the door, pull up a chair and let’s have a chat.”

Stephanie did as she was told and sat down in front of the desk.

Mr Bridge explained that previous PAs had been in this position in the past, such as Michelle who worked from 1986-99 and who was now in Melbourne, Phillippa from 1999-2009 now in New York, and Christine from 2009 to recently and now in Dubai.

He said: “I give my PAs a choice of either having a faux pas recorded on their record and having benefits withdrawn, or losing their job in some cases, or getting some other punishment they think is appropriate.”

Stephanie said: “What do you mean, ‘appropriate’?” She looked concerned.

Mr Bridge said: “Well, three of my four PAs decided they would accept a glowing bottom, if I agree to give them a glowing report to Personnel to advance their career. Christine decided against, but she was semi-retiring anyway.”

Stephanie said: “I don’t know about that, as I have never been spanked before. But I don’t want to risk my career if I can help it.”

Mr Bridge came around the desk and asked Stephanie to stand up, which she did by the edge of the desk.

He said: “Do you agree to be punished then?”

Stephanie said: “OK, I’ll try anything once.”

Mr Bridge then asked her to bend over the desk and hold the other edge with both hands. Her short black skirt rose up, exposing her stocking tops. Mr Bridge lifted her skirt and was surprised to find her bottom completely bared.

Mr Bridge said: “Don’t you wear underwear normally?”

Stephanie said: “No, I go commando. My boyfriend likes it. That’s what the big row and upset was about. Silly, really.”

Mr Bridge fondled her buttocks and then started spanking her slowly, with little reaction at first.

He said: “You have a lovely bottom, but it’s very naughty to go commando.”

Stephanie laughed, as the smacks rained down. She started to squirm under his hand and later had to bend over and raise her bottom to absorb the heat, tossing her teasing long blonde hair into the air after each stroke, making her gasp slightly with her mouth open.

Mr Bridge spanked until her bottom was red, then stopped and told her to get up.

Stephanie rose, rubbing her bottom with one hand.

Mr Bridge said: “How do you feel?”

Stephanie said: “A bit embarrassed, and it’s hot and a bit sore.” She looked at her red bottom in the mirror on the wall opposite. “Have you had other girls in this position?”

Mr Bridge said: “Yes, on a number of occasions. They weren’t as good as you, but wanted to get on career wise. However, I hope you have learned something today, and we won’t say anything more about it.”

In the days that followed, Stephanie returned to work and carried on as normal as if nothing had happened. Mr Bridge didn’t mention the incident again until the Christmas party, much later on.

The day of the Christmas party, the office was decorated and filled with staff taking advantage of a free disco and drinks and a buffet, with the partners and staff dancing to the music.

Mr Bridge danced with Stephanie, after she had danced with several of the junior lads in the office and the most senior partner, which was daunting. Mr Bridge embraced her for a slow dance, with his hands holding her in the small of her back, but slipping down to clutch her shapely rear end.

They discussed how things had gone during the year, and Mr Bridge said the firm had done well and staff would be getting good bonuses. Stephanie was coming to the end of her probation, and looked set to get the job permanently with a chance to go to the firm’s San Francisco office.

Stephanie thanked Mr Bridge and said it made all the difference if she could get a great job abroad with a really exciting future ahead of her.

Mr Bridge said: “Yes, you only had one blip, if I remember correctly, and no sick days, which is very good for a PA.”

Stephanie asked if he wanted another drink or refill, and he said: “Just a soft drink for me, please.”

But Stephanie was on fortified wine and getting tipsy.

She came back with the drinks and was curious about Mr Bridge’s previous PAs.

She said: “Tell me about your previous Pas, then.”

He said: “Come back to my office and I’ll show you some pictures of them, if you like, and what they did.”

They went upstairs to Mr Bridge’s office, and shut the door.

Mr Bridge opened a drawer and got out some old photos of his previous PAs.

“That was Michelle,” he said, pointing to a girl in a bikini on Bondai beach. “She was a lovely looking girl, and a great PA who emigrated to Melbourne and still works at our office there. I still get a Xmas card from her.

“That was Christine,” pointing to another photo. “My most recent PA. She was very good but older and decided to semi-retire out to Dubai, where she works part time now at our office there.

“This one was Philippa,” he said, showing Stephanie a photo in a frame. “She was a lesbian and went to our New York office with her partner. She loves New York and the gay club scene, and sends me cards occasionally thanking me profusely for giving her an opportunity she might never have had. She wasn’t a great PA, though, and had a glowing bottom regularly to keep her glowing HR record.”

Stephanie noticed a strap in the drawer, and asked what it was for.

Mr Bridge said: “I actually bought that for Philippa’s bottom, because at one point she was so wayward with her duties.”

Stephanie was leaning across Mr Bridge’s desk, inebriated, revealing her stocking tops and part of her bare bottom cheeks.

Mr Bridge said: “Are you not wearing any knickers again, Stephanie?”

Stephanie said: “No, sir, I am not.”

Mr Bridge said: “Then you need to bend over for a glowing bottom, you naughty girl, if I am to give you a glowing report.”

Stephanie laughed but bent over the desk, raising her skirt and fully revealing her bare bottom.

Mr Bridge gave her ten light hand spanks and then stopped.

Stephanie leaned up and softly said: “Mr Bridge, you know and I know that was just a light warm up.”

She handed him the strap and said: “Now bend me over and do it properly like last time.”

Mr Bridge bent her over the desk and brought the strap down firmly across Stephanie’s bottom, causing her to rise up after each stroke with her long blonde hair in the air, mouth wide open and panting heavily.

Stephanie said: “Ooh, that really hit the spot.”

As he continued spanking her with the strap, she said: “This is getting really hot.”

Mr Bridge gave her a full 20 strokes, then told her to get up.

Stephanie rose up, rubbing her now red hot bottom, and looked dazed in the mirror.

She said, rather drunkenly: “How am I going to explain to my boyfriend why my ass is bright red?” She gave Mr Bridge a kiss on the cheek.

With that, Mr Bridge said: “I think I had better get you a taxi home, young lady, before you get into any more trouble.”

The End

© Paul S 2017