A sequel to the previous story ‘And Mother Makes Four’

By Harry James

It is Friday 29th November 1996, three weeks exactly since both Dorothy Wilston and her daughter, Head Girl Marjorie, were caned in Marjorie’s Headmistress’s study for the same offence, though in Dorothy’s case the offence had taken place 25 years earlier, when she had been Deputy Head Girl, and the punishment was carried out by her now retired old Headmistress, Margaret Floyd.

In the days following her punishment Dorothy had often thought she had experienced a bizarre and surreal dream; it couldn’t possibly have happened, could it? Could she really have called her old Headmistress and to all intents and purposes requested to be punished for her 25 year old offence? Then something would happen to tell her that it really was true. One early morning, 3 days after getting caned, she had sat on the edge of her bed and been sharply reminded by the stinging soreness of her bottom. Her first instinct was to worry that something was wrong, then she remembered what it was!

Each time she thought about the punishment she had received, she came to the realisation that it had been very real. She then also had to confront the thought that she had to return at the end of term for another punishment, one that was almost certain to be worse.

Over the weekend following Dorothy’s caning, the Headmistress, Harriet Gilroy, had experienced some doubts about the punishment that she was due to inflict on Dorothy on the last day of term. It had been one thing to allow Dorothy’s caning by her old Headmistress, but this second punishment was somewhat different. Firstly, the offence was current, so she would be caning a parent, not just an old girl of the school; secondly, she had announced her intention to cane Dorothy on her bare buttocks due to the more serious nature of the offence.

Harriet reflected that it had not been difficult for her to fall in with the plan Margaret Floyd had put to her when she called after speaking with Mrs Wilston. Naturally, she had been absolutely staggered by the suggestion Margaret should cane Mrs Wilston in Harriet’s study on the same occasion that Marjorie Wilston and her two friends were due to be caned by Harriet for the little drinks party they had held in the Head Girl’s study.  Nevertheless the logic was compelling; Dorothy Wilston was requesting the same punishment as her daughter for the same offence committed when she had been a 6th form girl at Finchester Ladies High School. She had pointed out that, like her daughter, she was over 18 and therefore an adult able voluntarily to accept this punishment. However, what had made it easy for Harriet to fall in with the plan was the immediate anger she felt towards her when she heard that Mrs Wilston had admitted her daughter’s offence had been her idea and that she had even supplied the brandy!

Marjorie Wilston had been a natural choice to be Head Girl. She was almost certain to get a place at Cambridge and wanted to pursue a future career in law. Harriet thought she had the intellect and ability to even become a future High Court Judge. Naturally, given her high regard for the girl, Harriet had been appalled by her behaviour and lack of judgement in bringing alcohol into the school and consuming it and sharing it with others, thereby leading them into trouble.

When Harriet heard about Mrs Wilston’s role in the affair, it did not diminish her disappointment that Marjorie Wilston had not used better judgement, but her anger transferred from Marjorie to Dorothy Wilston. The woman deserved to be caned! It was the anger that had led her to tell Margaret Floyd thatMrs Wilson had committed two offences, the first one 25 years previously and the second one now; the offence of providing her daughter with alcohol and of actively encouraging her daughter’s offence. Harriet had  said that Mrs Wilston should receive two canings, one for each offence, to which Margaret had suggested they tell Mrs Wilston they could only agree to her voluntary punishment if she agreed to both punishments. Thus the trap was laid for Dorothy when she arrived for her first caning. She felt she had no option but to accept.

Of course, Dorothy’s suggestion that she be caned was not motivated by the simple logic of owning up to an old offence and accepting punishment. Dorothy was driven by the fear that helping her daughter get into trouble and being the cause of her getting caned would destroy both Marjorie’s respect for her and the wonderful relationship that mother and daughter enjoyed. She reasoned that if Marjorie saw her mother owning up and getting caned as well, they would be in the same boat. Dorothy would not just be leaving Marjorie to take the blame and the consequences alone.

Harriet Gilroy considered seeking the advice of her Chairman of Governors, but decided against it. She knew her Chairman well. He was almost bound to tell her it was her decision and not a policy matter. The only thing he might anguish over was whether there might be a reputational risk for the school. In Harriet’s view there was nobody directly involved who had the slightest to gain from making the matter public. In fact, the very reverse was true. Her secretary of course was in the picture, but Harriet trusted Ann’s discretion absolutely.

Her mind now focused, Harriet decided she would go ahead, but something still nagged her. Eventually it came to her. When 18 year old girls are offered the option of voluntarily accepting corporal punishment there is always an alternative punishment on the table, given the seriousness of an offence. Most often the alternative is suspension or expulsion.  In the case of Dorothy Wilston, if she refused punishment she would walk away unpunished. She would have failed to meet her own objective of salvaging her daughter’s respect for her, and probably she would lose her own self-respect, but that was not punishment imposed by the school.

The next morning Harriet called her secretary, Ann Conroy, into her study and asked her to write to Mrs Wilston concerning arrangements for her appointment on the 19th December, the last day of term. Harriet did not dictate the letter but told Ann exactly what information the letter should contain. She instructed Ann that the letter should come from her and not from the Headmistress. She did not want to encourage a written exchange with herself regarding the matter.

Ann was naturally aware of the importance and sensitivity of the letter. She took her time over the composition before showing it to Harriet for approval. It was finally posted on Wednesday 27th November.

Meanwhile Dorothy, unaware of what had been happening, had started to wonder why she hadn’t heard anything from the school. She did not even know at what time she was supposed to report on the allotted day. It seemed somehow inappropriate for Dorothy to call the school to enquire, so she continued to wait.

Each Tuesday for three weeks now, Marjorie had telephoned home as usual. On the second Tuesday, about a week and a half after punishment, Marjorie reported that the lines were still quite visible, but the swelling had completely gone and there was very little redness or bruising to see, also there was no soreness left.  By contrast Dorothy still had some visible bruises and some soreness at times, but the swellings had disappeared. Dorothy had actually received seven strokes, including a penalty stroke for jumping up, and all the strokes had been just a little harder than Marjorie’s. This week Marjorie’s marks had all but disappeared, Dorothy’s had faded some more, but the stripes could still be seen.

Today, on the Friday where we started this story, the post has landed on the doormat. Dorothy gathered up the five envelopes. Two items of post were addressed to her husband; she would call him about those later. He might say to forward them to him in Nigeria, where he was working as an oil company executive, or he might ask Dorothy to open them. One of the others was her bank statement; another was soliciting insurance business, but the third made her heart jump. It was a white vellum envelope bearing the Finchester High School crest on the flap. It was not particularly unusual to receive mail from the school which was keen to keep parents informed, but at the present time this envelope, judging from its bulk containing more than a single sheet of paper, could only be about one subject, couldn’t it?

Dorothy turned the envelope over in her hand a couple of times. ‘Best get on with it,’ she thought. She tore it open and pulled out the contents.

There was a letter and a form. She recognized the form; it was the same as the one she had signed to accept her first punishment. It was titled ‘Voluntary Acceptance of Corporal Punishment’.  She unfolded the letter and began to read.

Dear Mrs Wilston, 

I am writing to inform you of arrangements for your appointment to report to the Headmistress on the last day of Term, Thursday 19th December. 

You will appreciate that the last day of Term is a very busy day for Mrs Gilroy. Many parents visiting the School to collect their daughters seek meetings on that day. It is impossible to accommodate them all. 

Nevertheless, Mrs Gilroy has given overriding importance to your own appointment. The Headmistress feels that in the circumstances it is better if you do not meet with other parents on this day. Therefore your appointment has been set for 10:30am. Please be sure to arrive at School Reception no later than 10:15am. Parents begin to arrive from 11:30 and girls are free to leave the School from 12:30, therefore you will be able to leave before other parents arrive. Mrs Gilroy will give your daughter authority to leave early for the holiday on this occasion. Alternatively you may retire with your daughter to her study for a period of recovery before departing after all other parents have left around 4:00pm. In this case you must depart before 5:00pm at which time the School premises are secured for the holiday period.

It is appreciated that 10:30 will mean a very early start for you, particularly taking into account the need to navigate the Motorway past Manchester in the morning rush-hour, therefore we are prepared to offer you accommodation in one of our two guest bedrooms on the night of 18th December. Please contact me at your earliest opportunity if you wish to take up this offer. Please be advised that if you do decide to stay at the School for the night the Headmistress feels that it would be inappropriate for you to dine with staff or girls. A light supper and breakfast will be provided in your room. 

As you are aware, your attendance is entirely of your own free will and not under duress from the School. The enclosed form details your offence and also the punishment that you are voluntarily accepting. To confirm your agreement and acceptance of to both offence and punishment on this occasion, please sign and return the enclosed form as soon as possible.

Mrs Gilroy has asked me to point out that failure to complete the allotted punishment for reasons within your own control will result in the imposition of a compulsory alternative sanction. Reasons within your control include not accepting any additional punishment resulting from failure to follow reasonable instructions whilst receiving correction.                                                                    

The alternative sanction in your case will be your exclusion from the School grounds and buildings for the remainder of this academic year; that is, until your daughter leaves the School. You will also be excluded from alumni events organised for old girls (‘The Finches’) by the School for the same period. At the end of the period of exclusion you may apply for re-admission and your case will be given full consideration. 

We expect to see you on 19th December. The Headmistress bids me to request you dress appropriately for the occasion. She also wishes you to know that from arrival in her outer office until the time you leave her study, you will be treated no differently to a member of the upper school reporting for the same purpose. If you need any further information or if I can be of assistance, please do contact me. I look forward to receiving your completed form of acceptance. 

Yours sincerely 


Miss A Conroy

Personal Secretary to Mrs H Gilmour MA (Cantab)

Dorothy thought quickly about the journey and timings. She came to the conclusion that she would rather stay at ‘The Bear at Finchester’ than sleep at the School the night before. She called ‘The Bear’ and secured a room.

She then read the letter for a second time and also the form, particularly the descriptions, which were:

Gross irresponsibility, viz: provision of alcohol to a student of this School, active encouragement to that student to consume said alcohol on school premises and to involve other students in this misadventure.


Six (6) strokes of the cane to be applied to the uncovered buttocks.

Dorothy found herself experiencing the same mixture of trepidation and unexpected excitement as on the first occasion, but actually heightened this time by the clearer knowledge of what was to come, plus that matter of ‘uncovered’. She winced.

She tried to think rationally about the excitement, why was it exciting?

It occurred to Dorothy that many dangerous things, including those that could involve being hurt, can be exciting. For some reason, bungee jumping sprang to mind. Notwithstanding the differences, Dorothy concluded that both were adventures. She resolved from here on to think of the whole affair as an adventure. That would justify the excitement and motivate her not to change her mind; it did not remove the fear.

The next matter to consider was ‘dress appropriately’. What on earth did that mean?

Dorothy concluded that ‘appropriately’ came down to not being ‘flashy’ and to be accessible, not too many layers of clothing to deal with.

Putting her thoughts to one side, Dorothy went to the study she shared with her husband when he was home. She sat down at the desk, put the form on the desk, picked up her fountain pen, turned the form over and signed it with a flourish at the bottom of the page.  Next she went to her computer keyboard and typed a quick letter back to Miss Conroy. She politely declined the offer of accommodation, gave her an assurance that she would be on time and would not be changing her mind, and noted the enclosure of the signed Voluntary Acceptance form. She would walk to the post box along the lane before the last collection and post her reply.

Over the weekend she began seriously to think about her outfit for ‘the adventure’. Current fashion was rather unhelpful, with very short and rather tight skirts being in vogue. She tried on and discarded a couple of outfits. She also considered trousers but thought them unsuitable, not knowing whether she would be able to lower them or whether she would be obliged to remove them. She then remembered the Prada dress and matching jacket she had bought for the previous winter; she still had it in her wardrobe. The outfit consisted of a black, sleeveless dress, fitted but not overly tight on the waist with a moderately full skirt to just above the knee. The dress was complemented by a short, collared and fitted jacket. She had some dark purple court shoes and a nice little clutch bag of similar colour to go with it. Dorothy thought the dress could easily be lifted above her waist, certainly in its entirety, but probably also just at the back. She decided to find out.

Easily finding the dress in her well organised dressing room wardrobe, she put it on. She found that, as expected, she could lift it above her waist. She was also able to lift it at the rear and bend over with it resting on her back, leaving her bottom uncovered. The dress had a fitted lining, so a slip was not strictly necessary. To be really sure, Dorothy wanted to try and copy the posture she would be obliged to adopt. She knew exactly the position as a result of her first caning.

In her bedroom she had a low backed sofa with wide arms of the same height. She picked up her dressing table stool and put it to the side of the sofa, she found that if she knelt on the stool she could lay across the arm and along the back of the sofa at pretty much the same height as Mrs Gilroy’s desk. She then tried getting into the same position with the back of her dress lifted, and finally tried getting into position first and then lifting the skirt. She was able to accomplish each manoeuvre quite easily. It was clear that she would either have to remove her panties first or lower them after bending into position. She tried the latter and again found it quite straightforward. She resolved that unless given exact instructions on taking position she would adopt what she had just practised.

Finally there was the question of underwear. What was ‘appropriate’? Dorothy had briefly considered a G-string, thinking she might be allowed to retain it. She quickly discarded the thought, feeling fairly certain that Mrs Gilroy would consider it ‘inappropriate’. She absolutely did not want to wear anything with leg elastic which would cross the cane welts which she knew she would have. The discomfort this would cause while driving would be just too much. The choice came down to full cut trouser briefs, the sort intended to avoid the dreaded visible panty line (VPL), or, as she had worn previously, french knickers.  Whilst french knickers had been quite successful, even offering a small amount of protection to her lower bottom, on balance, particularly as the question of any protection did not apply this time, Dorothy chose to opt for the panties. She did not want to wear a suspender belt. It had been ok the last time, but the garment had remained largely covered by the knickers. Dorothy thought that a suspender belt without knickers would look slightly wanton; she needed to go out and buy some hold-up stockings.

All of this preparation had deflected Dorothy from thinking too much about ‘the event’, that is, the actual punishment. Her mind now began to dwell on it. She had no doubt that it was going to be a new level of pain and hurt, but that somehow became part of the adventure. She decided to think of enduring it as a dare she was placing on herself.

The next Tuesday, Marjorie called as usual. They quickly arrived at their now regular topic.

“Oh mummy, are you really, really sure about this? You got it really badly last time and this will be worse,” said Marjorie.

“Darling, I’m quite sure. I have now returned the consent form which I received on Friday.  To be honest, I think that taking this punishment is the only way that I can regain my self-respect, having failed in my responsibility to you so badly. I need to set you a better example.”

“Well, I can’t really argue with that, mummy, but I do respect you for what you are doing.  Mrs Gilroy sent for me today and briefed me as to what is expected of me as your chosen chaperone and witness when, you know, the time comes.”

“Really? And what is expected of you?” Said Dorothy, genuinely intrigued.

“She will not allow us to meet before you enter her study; I will already be in there. She is determined to stay formal to avoid any embarrassing moments, as she put it. She will address you as Mrs Wilston and me as Miss Wilston only, not by first name as usual, and I’m not allowed to speak unless replying to her, so don’t try to speak to me.”

“I think all of that is probably for the best, darling. I am determined to remain composed and dignified,” replied Dorothy. “Anyway, it is only just over two weeks to the date, so we will talk just twice more and then that will be it. We will then go home and it will all be in the past.”

“Yes, mummy.” She paused. “I love you, mummy.”

“I love you too, darling. Night night.”

Marjorie did not tell her mother the entire conversation she had with Mrs Gilroy. After Mrs Gilroy had finished speaking Marjorie had said: “May I speak frankly, Miss?”

She had been given assent to say what was on her mind.“Put simply, Miss, I love my other very much and I am very proud of the way she is taking responsibility for what she accepts was a terrible act of irresponsibility on her part. She is determined that her actions and acceptance of responsibility now are the example that I take from all this.”

The Head had simply smiled slightly and nodded at this.

*          *          *

The 18th December arrived and Dorothy looked back over the previous two weeks, which seemed to have passed with astonishing speed. The punishment that she was due to receive the following day was now foremost in Dorothy’s mind to the almost total exclusion of anything else. It seemed impossible that it was real, but real it was.

Dorothy dressed in a pair of designer jeans with flat shoes for driving. She wore a sweater over a camisole top and bronze/gold puffa jacket over that. She carried a large soft bag with her overnight things and the change of clothes for the next day. She set off at one o’clock after a very light lunch.

The drive was steady rather than fast, Dorothy arrived at The Bear just after 5pm. In the room, she unpacked and then realised that she hadn’t packed anything to wear for dinner. Never mind, she’d stay as she was and have a meal in the bar area. At dinner, Dorothy was alone with her thoughts. At odd moments, she could not quite believe that part of her was looking forward to the next day, but she reminded herself that it was both an adventure and a dare. She retired quite early and surprisingly slept quite well, probably as a result of the drive combined with nervous exhaustion, but she woke early at 6:00 am, before the alarm.

After her shower, she dressed and went down to breakfast, but did not eat a great deal.  She had plenty of time; the school was only a ten minute drive. She was due in reception before 10:15, so leaving The Bear at 9:45 would allow for any reasonable eventuality. She paid her bill and left on time, driving through the school gates a few moments after 10:00.  Dorothy took her time parking and sat in the car for a few moments gathering herself together. Trepidation, bordering on fear, was now her uppermost emotion. She forced herself to think ‘adventure’ and ‘dare’ as she left the car and walked to reception.

Exchanging smiles with the receptionist, she simply said: “Good morning, Mrs Dorothy Wilston to see Mrs Gilmour.”

“Certainly, Mrs Wilston. I was told to expect you. I’ll call Ann Conroy now to come and collect you.”

Ann Conroy picked up her ‘phone and listened. She nodded to Marjorie Wilston who was sitting in front of her and stood to go and collect Dorothy. Marjorie had been told what to do at this point. She also stood and walked to Mrs Gilroy’s door. She knocked and entered.

“Ah, hello Miss Wilston, Mrs Wilston has arrived in reception I presume?”

“Yes, Mrs Gilroy.”

“Are you ready for this, Miss Wilston?”

“Yes, I think so Mrs Gilroy.”

“Good, just remain calm and focussed. Now help me with this chair, you know where it goes.”

They picked up one of the two low backed and well padded visitor chairs and placed it with its back touching the front of the desk, the seat facing outwards. The desk had already been cleared. Mrs Gilroy walked to her corner cupboard, reached in and took out a cane which she placed on her desk at one end. The other chair they placed to one side of the desk from where the scene could be fully viewed. Finally Mrs Gilroy opened one of her desk drawers and took out a document which she placed together with a pen at the far end of the desk. Marjorie knew it was the witness document which she would be called on to sign once her mother’s punishment had been completed.

Mrs Gilroy gestured for Marjorie to sit down to wait. Mrs Gilroy took her usual seat behind her desk.

Meanwhile, Dorothy had reached the outer office; it was just after 10:20.

Ann Conroy spoke: “Please stand by Mrs Gilroy’s door and wait to be called, Mrs Wilston.”

Dorothy went and stood with the door to her right.

“Facing the wall please, Mrs Gilroy, it will give you time to think!”

Dorothy did as she was instructed, thinking: ‘I don’t want to think!!’

At exactly 10:30, having told Marjorie to remain seated and having moved her own chair to one side, Mrs Gilroy opened her door saying simply: “Enter, please Mrs Wilston, and stand in front of my desk.”

Once Dorothy had taken position, Mrs Gilroy continued speaking: “I shan’t waste time, Mrs Wilston, by stating why you are here. I just want to hear that you are still consenting of your own free will to receive the punishment of which you have been informed. I would also like to hear that you agree that your behaviour fully justifies this punishment.”

For a brief moment there was silence as Dorothy took in her surroundings, noted the cane on the desk, and digested what had just been said.

She gathered her strength and firmly responded: “I have not and will not change my mind. I do freely consent to the punishment which I believe is entirely reasonable chastisement for my irresponsibility. I am a Finch, Mrs Gilroy, and I have not lived up to the standards I was taught. I must now pay the price so that my daughter is given the right example by me.”

“Very well, Mrs Wilston, this is not your first time in my study for this purpose, so you know what you must do. Please assume the position, and I must remind you that on this occasion your buttocks should be fully uncovered.”

In the absence of any further instructions Dorothy was pleased that she had practised. She walked forward, stepped out of her shoes and knelt on the chair. She then reached behind her and lifted her dress from the hem to the middle of her back, revealing her panties, hold-up stocking tops and bare thighs. Then, still holding the dress up, she bent forward so that it lay across her back. Before going fully down, Dorothy moved her hands and placed her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and drew them down to a position between her bottom and her stocking tops. Then she lowered her upper body to the desk top and took a grip on the far side of the desk.

“You will need to part your knees slightly, Mrs Wilston, in order not to risk toppling to one side.”

Dorothy realised that obeying the instruction had a different risk; that of revealing herself. She mentally pinched herself and took it as part of the adventure.

“Thank you, Mrs Wilston. You may not now move from that position until instructed to do so. Any attempt to stand or to avoid punishment will result in additional strokes. I hope that is clear?”

“Completely clear, Mrs Gilroy.”

“If you wish and Miss Wilston is willing, she may now stand in front of you and grip your hands, or she can stay where she is. Which do you prefer?”

“I would very much like to have Miss Wilston hold my hands, Mrs Gilroy.”

“Very well. Are you willing to do that, Miss Wilston?”

“Of course, Mrs Gilroy.”

“Then take the position.”

Marjorie rose and walked around the desk to face her mother’s prostrate body. She placed one hand palm upwards, next to each of Dorothy’s hands. Dorothy let go of the edge of the desk and placed her hands into her daughter’s, who immediately took a firm grip.

Mrs Gilroy picked up the cane and walked to Dorothy’s left side. Rather like Dorothy, she could barely believe that this was actually happening. ‘Stay professional,’ she told herself.

She placed the tip of the cane onto the centre of Dorothy’s left bottom cheek and noticed a very slight shudder. She tapped it a couple of times, drew the cane back and sent it down hard, leaning slightly forward as she did so. The cane struck the full width of Dorothy’s unprotected bottom with a loud crack.

Dorothy first heard the cane coming through the air, then she heard it strike. Finally she felt it. She was certain that it was harder than the last time and she was sure that it sounded different on her bare skin. As these thoughts passed, the searing, burning sting arrived. Mother tightly gripped daughter’s hands. Marjorie felt the grip tighten hard, accompanied by a loud sucking of breath through clenched teeth followed by a gasp, then the grip and Dorothy’s body relaxed again to the accompaniment of something similar to a tuneless whistle as Dorothy exhaled.

The same procedure was repeated four more times. Dorothy was determined not to jump up and earn extra, as she had done the last time. Marjorie’s grip on her hands was helping considerably. The strokes were landing well spaced, there were now five red marks across her bottom with the welts already rising. Both Dorothy and Mrs Gilroy were very aware that the final stroke was to come. Both knew that it was the one that would be remembered. Dorothy guessed correctly that Mrs Gilroy intended to place it into her bottom/thigh crease.

Dorothy braced herself, gripping Marjorie’s hands this time before the stroke landed, but trying her best to relax her bottom to try and minimise the effect.

Mrs Gilroy took her time, though it was actually only a matter of a few extra seconds. She lined up the stroke with great care and then bought it down as hard as she could whilst keeping control of the accuracy. The cane swished loudly through the air and landed exactly in the crease.

“Owwwwww!” Shrieked Dorothy, gripping Marjorie’s hands so tightly that Marjorie winced as her fingers were momentarily crushed together.

Then: “Urgh, Ow! Ow! Ow!” Finally Dorothy relaxed, still gasping.

Mrs Gilmour spoke.

“Your punishment is now discharged, Mrs Wilston, and the matter is now over and closed. You may stand and re-arrange your dress. Miss Wilston, would you kindly sign the witness document.”

“Do you agree that the punishment was fair, mother?” Marjorie addressed herself to Dorothy. Mrs Gilroy glared at Marjorie.

Dorothy looked at Mrs Gilroy. “Please may I reply to that question Mrs Gilroy?”

“You may.”

“Yes darling, the punishment was deserved and it was fair. I hope you learn from my example.”

Marjorie signed the document.

Dorothy pulled up her panties with great care. She let her dress drop and slipped her feet back into her shoes.

“You may go now, Mrs Wilston, and I hope that your family still manage to enjoy the Christmas break. I suspect, though, you will experience a few reminders of your punishment.”

“Miss Wilston?”

“Yes, Mrs Gilroy?”

“You were clearly told not to speak unless addressed by me. I will have 200 lines on your return to School after Christmas: ‘When so instructed I will not speak unless spoken to’.”

“Oh! Mrs Gilroy!. Yes Miss. I am sorry, Mrs Gilroy.”

Dorothy silently reached out her hand to Harriet. The two women shook hands and smiled.

Dorothy and Marjorie headed of to Marjorie’s study. Dorothy found walking uncomfortable.

As soon as they reached the study, Dorothy whisked off her dress and panties.

“Cold cream, please darling. I’ve got to drive us home in 5 hours time!”

She walked into the bathroom and stood with her back to the mirror. Marjorie stood to one side in the doorway. Both could clearly see the cane damage, which was going to get worse before it got better. The welts were deeper red and the swelling, even at this stage, less than 15 minutes since the caning, was far worse than the previous punishment.

“Wow mum, that is REALLY impressive!! You really are utterly amazing. If I had only been told about this I would never have believed it.”

Five hours later the journey home commenced. Dorothy sat on a pillow with her seat in the lowest position; it was still pretty uncomfortable.

“I’m going to have to tell your father about this, aren’t I? He is home at the weekend for Christmas.”

“You are not really going to tell him, are you? What on earth will you say?”

“I don’t really have any choice about telling him. You’ve seen the marks. I can’t exactly hide them. As to what I tell him, nothing beats the truth.”

“I suppose so. I certainly don’t think anything will ever beat this particular truth.”

The End

© Harry James 2018