Two more ‘old girls’ are confronted by their vengeful  former headmistress

By Kane Strokes

Mrs Roberts opened the door to the headmistress’s office for Liz and Angela to enter; they walked in. Mrs Hepworth was sat behind her desk; there were no other chairs in the room, so Liz and Angela stood in front of her desk.

“Hi, Mrs Hepworth,” Liz said cheerfully.

Mrs Hepworth frowned at the pair of them.

“I’d like you to cast your minds back 15 years to the day you left this school. When I drove away from this school it seemed like every car in the country was hooting it’s horn at me. I wondered why. I soon found out as then pupils unknown to me had placed very rude signs and banners on my car, carefully placed so I wouldn’t see them, which unrolled as I drove for the motoring public to see and laugh at.”

Liz and Angela shuffled uneasily. This was deja vue; they felt like naughty school girls, and not the thirty something women they were now.

“Can you remember what you wrote on those signs and banners?”

The accusation came like a thunderbolt from a clear sky. Both women were speechless, and blushing deeply.

Angela regained some composure. “Why do you think we did that, Mrs Hepworth?”

“When you are in my office you will call me ‘miss’. I’ll ask you why are you lying to me? I know it was you, you both admitted to it. You were on a girl’s night out about four weeks ago. I was in the same restaurant. I heard you two clearly admit putting the signs on my car, and repeating word for word what you had written in foot high letters, what was it? Hoot if you want to see my ass?”

Once more Liz and Angela were tongue tied.

Mrs Hepworth continued: ” You must have thought that funny. Let’s see how funny you find six of the best.” She walked to the cupboard to remove the same cane she’d used ten minutes earlier on Emma and Kelly.

“You can forget that, I’m leaving!” Said Angela. As she turned, she saw Mrs Roberts stood in front of the door.

Mrs Hepworth returned to her desk with the cane, placing it on the desk in full view.

“I have just caned Emma and Kelly for their part in the fire alarm prank. Like you, they were going to leave, but decided it was better to stay and take their punishments, so I’ll tell you the same as I told Emma and Kelly. You may leave if you wish, I’m addressing the reunion guests shortly. I have several anecdotes; I’ll include the one about the sign, and tell them that the perpetrators, Liz Clark and Angela Black, have confessed to making and placing the signs, and accepted a caning; they’ve left now, making their way home nursing their very sore bottoms.”

“You mean you’ll tell everyone you’ve caned us even though you haven’t?” Asked Liz.

“Yes, Liz, well done for working that out. So, what’s it to be? Six of the best, and not a word said to anyone? What happens in this room stays here, or do you leave, and have everybody know what you did, and think I’ve caned you tonight? How many people in the hall do you know, or know you? The choice is yours; a caned bottom no one else will know about, or the humiliation and embarrassment of people thinking that a thirty something woman has touched her toes for a caning?”

Liz and Angela looked at each other. They knew they were trapped, blackmailed into a caning.

“We’ve no option, have we?” Asked Angela.

“You accept the caning?” Queried Mrs Hepworth.

Liz and Angela agreed.

Mrs Hepworth walked to the front of her desk.

“Angela, stand there facing that wall. Liz, you stand here facing the opposite wall. Both of you, trousers down!”

They knew arguing was pointless. Both women slid their trousers down.

“Touch your toes!” Commanded the headmistress.

They both bent over. The G string Liz was wearing disappeared completely into her cleft. Angela’s panties also revealed plenty of bare flesh for the cane to bite in to.

Mrs Roberts looked on. She thought back to the times she had been called to witness a caning, and how she wished Mrs Hepworth should have been allowed to cane a bare bottom. Her wishes had come partly true when Emma and Kelly touched their toes, but the underwear Liz was wearing left her bottom fully exposed. Her wish had been fully granted.

Mrs Hepworth tapped the cane firmly against Angela’s bottom, then pulled the cane back. This time Mrs Roberts concentrated hard, watching every movement; she saw its start position, but she saw nothing of the cane’s travel until it was whipped away.

The whack echoed around the bare plaster walls. A white mark across the width of Angela’s bottom quickly turned pink, then a deeper pink, the red, deepening and darkening all the time to a deep angry red. Angela gasped, lurched forward slightly, then regained her position.

Mrs Hepworth repeated it again for Liz, who gasped and rocked at the impact before steadying herself.

The caned swished through the air for the second stroke cut across Angela’s bottom, slightly lower. Again, she gasped as she lurched forward. The rising welt appeared, parallel to the first.

Liz suffered in a similar fashion to Angela.

Mrs Hepworth waited, allowing the pain to fully reach its peak.

As with Emma and Kelly, Mrs Hepworth deemed it was time for a more vocal reaction. She eyed Angela’s bottom. She knew exactly where she wanted the cane to strike. The cane would strike where she wanted it to. She’d had many years of disciplining naughty girls; there was never any doubt about her aim and accuracy.

The cane whipped through the air swishing louder than before. The crack of rattan against bare flesh reverberated around the room; so did Angela’s yell as the cane lashed into the fold where her thighs and bottom met. Angela almost jumped up to grab her bottom. Even Mrs Roberts winced at the ferocity of the stroke.

The nerves and stomach churning for Liz increased after hearing Angela’s reaction. She had guessed what was coming. Even so, she was totally unprepared for the stinging pain. She yelled as loud as Angela, and it took her all of her will power not to grab hold of her bottom.

The fourth and fifth strokes both landed below the second stroke. The vocal reactions were getting louder. Both women buckled at the knees and tried running on the spot in a futile attempt to reduce the the burning, the sting, the pain and the throbbing in their bottoms.

The last stroke was to be a scorcher. Mrs Hepworth changed her stance. Mrs Roberts watched intently; she knew what was coming, she’d seen it earlier. The cane lashed down, criss-crossing the previous welts.

Angela leapt up clutching and grabbing her bottom, tears streaming down her face.

Mrs Hepworth turned and did the same for Liz. She too leapt up grabbing her bottom.

Crying hard, they both danced as best they could around the room, their trousers still around their ankles. They knelt, they straightened; whatever they did, nothing reduced the pain.

Mrs Hepworth put the cane down on her desk.

“When you have finished making spectacles of yourselves, you may dress and go. I’m sure you feel better knowing that past debts have now been honoured.”

Liz and Angela gently eased their trousers over their swelling throbbing bottoms, not at all amused by Mrs Hepworth’s remark about paying past debts. They left her office and Mrs Roberts closed the door behind them.

“Well, Mrs Roberts, I think this reunion has been a great success.”

“Indeed so,” replied Mrs Roberts.

Outside in the corridor Angela and Liz found Emma and Kelly waiting for them.

“Sorry,” said Emma. “We were coming to warn you. Then we saw you with Mrs Roberts and it was too late.”

The four walked off to the toilets. After much washing of faces and repairing make up, they returned to the hall where they all got themselves a stiff drink.

Mrs Hepworth had already started addressing the other guests. In her speech she mentioned the fire alarm prank, and the rude sign, and quipped: “If the culprits are here, and your conscience is troubling you, please come to my office to discuss it, I still have my cane.”

Everyone laughed, except the four women at the back of the room nursing very sore bottoms.

The End

© Kane Strokes 2016