A girl appears to be in trouble, but all is not as it seems
By Brian Melville

At Hargrove Secondary School, in the east of England, the twenty-two girls and boys of 6A listened to the important announcement over the intercom, just after the bell rang to announce the start of the last period before first break, when the secretary concluded:

“The following student must report to the headmasters Study immediately!”

There was the usual pause of a rather nerve wrecking few seconds, before she actually read the name.

“Annabelle Howick of 6A!” The secretary exclaimed.

This came as a huge shock to the tall, slender, Annabelle with her shoulder- length ash blonde hair and pretty blue eyes, as well as the rest of the class, as Miss Howick was known to be a very well-behaved young lady.

Annabelle quickly gathered her books and pencil bag and, as she made her way down the corridors of the school to the headmaster’s study, she tried to think why the headmaster would want to see her, as she had done nothing wrong as far as she knew.

As Annabelle reached the reception area, she saw the secretary, Miss Jane sitting at her desk sipping her cup of tea.

“Morning Miss Jane.”  The tall teenager greeted with her normal smile.

“Morning dear, you must be Annabelle Howick?” Miss Jane replied cheerfully.

“Yes Miss. I must see the headmaster, miss.” Annabelle nervously replied.

“Yes dear, you can just go knock on Mr Brown’s door. He’s waiting for you.” The secretary replied.

Annabelle turned and made her way to the oak door and, after checking that her uniform was in order, she knocked.

There was a slight pause followed by the stern voice of the headmaster: “ENTER!”

The girl took a deep breath as she opened the door and entered the spacious study, closing the door behind her.  As she turned to face the headmaster, she saw various items of clothing on his desk as she made her way to stand in front of his desk, just behind the two arm chairs.  The headmaster looked at  the slender blonde girl for a few seconds, before he sternly addressed the teenager.

“Annabelle Howick? Miss Andrews, the gym mistress, did an surprise inspection of all the sixth form lockers this morning, and found these items in your locker. So, would you mind explaining to me what these items, which are all clearly marked with other girls names on them, were doing in your locker, girl?”

Annabelle was stunned to hear that it came from her locker.

“Answer me, girl!” The headmaster snapped.

“Uh-uh, I don’t know sir. Really.” The poor girl meekly replied.

“You don’t know? Are you sure, girl?” Mr. Brown asked again.

“Y-yes, sir. I really don’t know how those things got into my locker, as they were not there this morning when I went to put my gym kit away, sir.” Annabelle replied nervously.

The headmaster got up from his chair and made his way around his desk and passed the pretty teenager, to about three feet from the study door when he stopped and turned to face the young Miss Howick.

“Well, Miss Andrews went to fetch the girls whose items these are and while we wait for her return, you can come stand over here by the wall and think how those things got into your locker, girl. Quick about it!” The headmaster snarled.

The poor girl quickly made her way to the wall and, once in position, Mr Brown returned to his desk as he snapped: “Then I will deal with you appropriately.”

Five minutes ticked by slowly as Annabelle could hardly believe her luck, as she stood four feet to the left of the study’s oak door, with her back to the headmaster, her hands on her head and her nose firmly pressed against the cream wall, inside the headmaster’s spacious study with its varnished wooden floor, book cases, shelves and cabinets from floor to ceiling along the wall.

The headmaster sat in his comfortable, high backed, brown leather chair behind his large oak desk, with two comfortable brown leather arm chairs in front for visiting parents or teachers.  The wall to her right only had four filing cabinets and a black plastic chair standing against it, with its three big windows covered with stylish grey blinds.

Her mind raced in all directions as she tried to think or remember how those items got into her locker, while also nervously anticipating what punishment would be in store for her. Annabelle knew that it was seen as theft and that she would definitively be leaving the study with a well caned bottom.

Then there was a sudden knock on the door and the headmaster again sternly replied: “ENTER!”

The door opened and Miss Andrews entered, followed by three girls. Annabelle couldn’t see them, but could hear that they were girls by listening to their voices, as her already obscured view was now even more obscured with her standing behind the door.

“Good morning, ladies.” The headmaster greeted.

“Morning sir!” The three girls replied in a chorus.

“Right girls, these items belong to the three of you, I presume, and were found by Miss Andrews in another girl’s locker after a surprise inspection, as one of you reported that things were taken from your locker yesterday.”

There was a brief pause, then the headmaster snapped at Annabelle: “Stand still, girl! Keep your hands on your head and your nose to the wall!”

This caused the three girls standing in front of him to, only then, notice the girl standing facing the wall. This was the normal position for any naughty boy or girl who was either awaiting punishment or had to think about what he or she did wrong. As two of the girls glanced and winked at each other, the third was very curious to know who the girl was, but her curiosity came to an abrupt end as the headmaster continued.

“Would you girls please go through these items on my desk and put them in three, neat and separate piles on my desk, and then come stand over here by the side of the desk, please.” Mr. Brown continued.

The three girls took turns to step forward to retake ownership of their stolen belongings. First was Anna Smith from 6C, a short, skinny girl with curly red hair that was neatly tied in a single pigtail, and freckles covering her face.  Anna was the one who complained and was very happy to get back her new pink purse with the full ten pounds still in it and her white leather belt.

Next, was the very tall and athletic Catherine Hamilton, or Cathy, the deputy head girl of the school, with her Chinese bob cut black hair and brown eyes. She stepped forward and quickly grabbed her denim jacket, pink ankle socks and a pink silk scarf. After placing them in a separate pile next to Anna’s, she stepped back in line.

Next, the long-legged, over six foot tall prefect, Melody Da Silva, with her long, straight dark brown hair and olive- coloured skin, took her white leather handbag, her black back-pack with silver glitter print on the front and her brown purse with all its contents still inside, as well as her denim pencil bag, and placed them in a separate pile on the desk, before rejoining her fellow victims.

“Good!  Now, Annabelle Howick, you can come stand in front of my desk, facing me.” The headmaster snapped at the poor girl by the wall.

As Annabelle made her way to face the headmaster, she removed her hands from her head, but Mr. Brown noticed this and snarled:  “Keep your hands on your head, girl!”

The girl quickly returned her hands to her head as she muttered: “S-sorry Sir!”

Once in position, the headmaster continued: “So, Miss Howick, would you be so kind and explain to us how and why you took these items from these three young ladies’ lockers?”

Annabelle stared at the headmaster for a few seconds before she gave a loud sigh as she answered: “I really did not take them, sir. And I don’t know how they got into my locker, sir.”

The headmaster sat looking at the girl in front of him for a few seconds, then he got up, turned around and went to a cupboard behind his desk, which he opened and stepped to the left side so the contents of the cupboard was in full view of everybody in the study.  Inside, on the left, hung a two and a half foot long, 8th of an inch thick crook handled cane, and to its right hung a three foot long, quarter inch thick crook handled cane. Below the canes on the shelf were two black leather-soled, well worn plimsoll slippers, the one on the left was a size ten and the one on the right a size thirteen.

Annabelle’s heart missed a beat as Mr Brown took the three foot cane from its hook and swished it through the air, causing the cane to hiss with a swish as it sliced through the air, before he took it in both hands and flexed it a few times to show just how supply the rattan rod really was. A nervous Annabelle bowed her head and stared at the floor as her stomach turned in the knowing that her poor bottom’s fate was sealed, even though she knew she was innocent, while Melody and Cathy stood with broad grins on their faces as their evil plan fell into place.

The headmaster took an entire minute as he just looked at the four girls, all looking like young professionals rather than school girls, smartly dressed in their Sixth form uniform, consisting of maroon trousers, crisp white long sleeve blouse, maroon and white striped tie, maroon blazer, black ankle socks and black Mary Jane school shoes with a half an inch high heel.

“Right, Howick, for the final time, do you now remember how these items got into your locker?” The headmaster snapped as he placed the cane on his desk, before sitting back down in his chair.

“N-no Sir! I really don’t know how those things got into my locker, sir! I am not a thief, sir! Promise!” Annabelle tried to plead her case.

Mr Brown then took a book with a red cover from the top left drawer of his desk and opened it at the last entry.

From the entry, Annabelle knew that it was the punishment register, as she saw the last entry right at the top of the page.

Wendy Baker,  6C, Disruptive behaviour in class, four strokes of the long cane over seat of skirt, bent over desk.

Annabelle, who was all the time just standing next to Melody with no expression on her face and her hands behind her back, was surprised to see Wendy’s name in the book, as she was a real miss-goody-two-shoes. As the headmaster made a partial entry into the punishment book, this came as a bit of a surprise to all four girls.

Six strokes of the long cane, over seat of trousers, touching toes.

“As you can see, ladies, I have only made a partial entry into the punishment book and I know you all are wondering why.  Well, let me start by asking the following questions.  Do you think that six strokes over the seat of Annabelle’s trousers while she’s touching her toes is a suitable punishment for stealing your items? Melody?” Mr Brown asked.

“Yes sir!” The six foot teenager replied with a mile long grin on her face.

“And you, Anna?” The headmaster asked the freckled faced girl.

“Yes sir.”  Anna replied.

Mr Brown smiled as he continued: “Catherine?”

“Oh yes, Sir!”  Cathy replied eagerly as she glanced at Annabelle with a mile long grin on her face.

Annabelle just stared at the cane on the desk, while listening to the evil three girls.

“Well girls, I am not going to administer one caning but two or three, today!” The headmaster snarled as he sat back in his chair.

All four girls were totally stunned by the turn of events and looked at each other, as the grins disappeared from the two prefects’ faces.

“You see, girls, I know exactly what happened. Miss Andrews saw who placed the items in Howick’s locker. It was you, Hamilton and Da Silva!”  Mr Brown continued.

This came as a surprise and quite a relief to Annabelle, while the two prefects now stood nevervously fidgeting with their ties as they stared in total disbelief at the headmaster.

The headmaster snapped: “Hands on your heads! Right now! Both of you! And you can relax now, Howick!”

The two girls complied with the head’s orders, immediately.

“The only part I don’t know is how your things ended up in Howick’s locker, Smith?” Mr. Brown snapped at Anna.

“Uh-oh.” Anna stuttered.

“It will be in your best interest to tell the truth, Anna!’ The headmaster sternly advised the girl.

“Uh, well sir, Melody asked me to lend her the items, then Cathy promised me two pounds if I reported the items as stolen to you, sir.”  Anna Smith meekly replied as she bowed her head in shame.

Melody and Cathy both glanced at Anna in anger as she spilled the beans on their plan.

The headmaster smiled at Annabelle before he looked at the other three girls for a few seconds, then he continued.

“So Smith, seeing that you are an accomplice, I am going to cane your bottom as well, but I will be a bit lenient towards you and only give you three strokes. As for the two of you, will each receive the six you so eagerly wanted me to administer to Howick’s bottom.”

Mr Brown then took his pen and made the entries in the punishment book.

Anna Smith, 6C, Accomplice to trying to get an innocent girl caned, three strokes of long the cane, over seat of trousers, touching toes.

Catherine Hamilton, 6A, Accusing an innocent girl of theft to get her caned, six strokes of the long cane, over the seat of trousers, touching toes.

Melody Hamilton,   6A, Accusing an innocent girl of theft to get her caned, six strokes of the long cane, over the seat of trousers, touching toes.

The headmaster then sat back as he sternly addressed the three culprits.

“The three of you who are about to be caned, please remove your blazers and place them neatly on the chairs in front of you, then go stand by the wall, facing it with your hands on your heads and your noses firmly pressed against the wall till I tell you to move! Quick about it!”

The three girls quickly removed their blazers and assumed the humiliating position against the wall, with Melody closest to the door, Cathy to her right and Anna to the right of Cathy.

Annabelle was very relieved that she wasn’t the one who had to go face the wall again, but also felt sorry for her fellow sixth formers, as she could only imagine how much a caning must hurt.

“Thank you, Miss Andrews, you may return to class while I deal with the issue at hand.” Mr Brown thanked the teacher.

“Only a pleasure headmaster!” The teacher replied as she exited the study, closing the door behind her.

The headmaster got up from his seat, picked up the cane from his desk and, as he made his way around the desk, he addressed Annabelle.

“Right, Howick, you have a choice to either leave or witness your fellow sixth formers punishments, as I would’ve given them the same choice if you were about to feel the sting of the cane across your bottom, young lady.  So what will it be?”

Annabelle was stunned as she heard this, and tried hard not to sound too eager as she always wondered what it looked like when someone got caned.

She replied:  “I want to witness their punishments, please sir!”

“Good idea, seeing that they were so eager to get you caned! You can go stand behind my desk. That way you are out of the way and will have a good view of the proceedings.” Mr Brown replied as he smiled and winked at the girl.

As soon as Annabelle was in position behind his desk, the headmaster took up his position about a foot from the windows, and four feet from the chairs in front of his desk, facing the three girls standing by the wall.

He swished the cane through the air a few times, as practice swings, before he addressed the girls, again.

“Smith, over here! The rest of you, keep your noses against the wall and your hands on your heads!”

Anna nervously turned and stepped towards the headmaster.

As soon as she was about three feet from him, he snapped: “Turn around so your back is facing Howick, then bend over and touch your toes, Smith!”

Anna complied without hesitation and Annabelle noticed just how tight the maroon school trousers stretched across Anna’s fleshy, round bottom.

“Feet together, Smith and touch your toes, girl!” The headmaster snarled as he pushed the girl further down with one hand.

Poor Anna had to really stretch to let the tips of her fingers touch the tips of her school shoes. Once in position, the headmaster took another few practice swings with the cane behind the girl, causing her body to tense each time the cane hissed through the air. Mr Brown then placed the cane firmly across
the centre of the girl’s upturned bottom before tapping it lightly as he sternly addressed Anna again.

“Right, three strokes for you, Anna!”

Then, without warning, the cane sliced through the air with a sswishh, and landed just below the centre of the poor teenager’s bottom with a resounding, tthwack!  This resulted in Miss Smith answering in an ear-piercing tone of voice with a “Yeouch!”

As she bent her knees slightly, as she shook her head from side to side, her finger tips left the tips of her shoes and were now frantically rubbing her bottom where the cane left its searing line of fire.

“Stop that immediately, Smith! It is not the first time you find yourself on the receiving end of one of my canes! Back into position, young lady!” The headmaster snapped.

“Uh, sorry sir, but it hurts!” Anna replied meekly, as she forced herself back into position.

“Now stay there, girl!” Mr Brown snarled as he tapped her bottom a few times with the cane.

Twenty seconds of the light tapping went by before the familiar, swwissh, tthwacck, as the second stroke fell about half an inch below the first, causing the girl’s knees to buckle again slightly as she replied with an rather loud, “Ow, ow, oweee!”

The headmaster gave the girl a full minute to compose herself, before giving the up-turned target another few taps with the cane, before there was a slight pause followed by a single tap and then the horrible swwissh, followed by a pistol shot like, thhwackk, as the third and final stroke landed just above the natural v where bum meets thigh.

“Ow, ouch, owwee, that really hurts, ow, ow, ow!” Anna complained but managed to stay in position.

Annabelle stood thinking to herself that if that was Anna’s reaction to only three strokes of that horrible cane across her bottom, what the two prefects’ reactions will be to six of the best, which she knew would be more severe. After a full minute, the headmaster addressed the girl.

“You can get up and compose yourself, girl!”

Anna leaped up and rubbed her burning bottom with both hands as she shifted her wait from foot to foot. After about thirty seconds, Mr Brown continued.

“That’s enough now! Put your blazer back on and go join your friends facing the wall with your hands on your head and nose to the wall!”

Anna complied while sniffing back some tears, and as soon as the headmaster was satisfied with the girl’s position, he called the next girl.

“Over here, Da Silva!”

Melody, who was the tallest of the three girls, turned and quickly made her way towards the headmaster, who stood flexing his cane between his hands.

“Stand over there with your back towards Miss Howick, and bend over, Miss Da Silva! Touch your toes!” The headmaster ordered as he pointed to a spot on the floor about three feet away from him.

Melody turned and, just before she bent over, she glanced at Annabelle in shameful anger, and firmly pressed her fingertips on the tips of her shoes without any difficulty. Her trousers stretched tightly across her up-turned bottom.

“Come on, Da Silva, legs straight! You of all should know the form by now!” Mr Brown snapped, as he gave Melody’s bottom a firm tap with the business end of the cane.

Melody complied with a muffled: “Ow! Yes sir! Sorry sir!” The firmer tap surely caught her off-guard as it caused a little bit of a sting.

Annabelle was quite surprised at this and couldn’t help but notice just what a perfect bottom the prefect had; firm, round and perfectly sized for her very tall figure.

The headmaster took another few practice swings behind the bent over girl, with no reaction from Melody.

“Right, six of the best, AGAIN, for you!” The headmaster sternly said as he placed the cane firmly against the girl’s well presented bottom, before tapping the cane against it, lightly.

“Keep still, Da Silva!” The headmaster barked his final order before the familiar, sswissh,  thwacck!  Followed by another muffled “Ow!” from the teenager as the cane left its searing red line of fire across the centre of Melody’s firm bottom.

Ten seconds ticked by, followed by three taps and swwissh, thhwacck! The second stroke fell right at the top of the well-presented target, with no reaction from the girl.  Ten seconds later, tap, tap, sswishh, thwwackk, the third stroke fell in the middle of the first two, causing Melody to sway her hips slightly as the stinging pain intensified across her bottom.

Mr Brown left the tall dark haired teenager wondering when the next stroke would be administered, for a full thirty seconds. The headmaster gave the girl’s firm bottom a light tap and drew the cane back, then with a single movement he let it rip through the air and at the last moment flicked his wrist, which caused the cane to whip down with a sswwisshh, and an echoing ttthwackk. This being the fourth and hardest stroke yet, fell right at the top of  the soft, fleshy sit spot, which caught Melody off guard, causing her  to leap up right as her hair flew in all directions and her hands immediately covered her scorched bottom. Fortunately, she realized what she was doing and quickly re-assumed the humiliating position she had found herself in before.

“Legs straight, Miss Da Silva, and stay in position!” Mr Brown addressed the prefect sternly.

Tap, tap, sswiiish, tthwackk, the fifth stroke fell right on the natural crease where bottom meets thigh, causing the poor girl to shriek,  “Owweeee!! I hate those low strokes, sir! Owwee!” She rubbed her thighs together while swaying her hips from side to side in an attempt to ease the pain.

“I told you to keep still, Da Silva! Do you want extra strokes, girl?” The irritated headmaster snapped.

The threat of extra strokes was enough for the sixth former to comply without hesitation, as the headmaster kept her waiting for a full minute before he gave her very sore bottom three hard taps which were followed by an sswwisshh,  and then the final stroke fell in the middle of the previous two strokes with a cracking ttthhwacckk!”

The teenager just inhaled deeply a couple of times as she vigorously shook her head, while gritting her teeth, but the moans of, “Ow, ow, ouch,” still escaped from her lips.

Thirty seconds later, the headmaster snapped: “Get up, Da Silva and compose yourself, girl!”

Melody got up and immediately started to rub her burning bottom as she shifted her weight from foot to foot.  A minute later, Mr Brown addressed the teenager again.

“Enough of that silly behaviour, girl! Get your blazer back on and go and join your friends over there, facing the wall with your hands on your head, quickly!”

Melody quickly put her blazer back on and assumed the position, with her nose firmly against the wall.

“Feet together and stand still, young ladies!” The headmaster barked.

As soon as he was satisfied that the three miscreants were in position, he turned his attention to the deputy head girl, Cathy, who was still facing the wall.

“Right, and finally we come to our honourable deputy head girl, Miss Hamilton! Come over here, Catherine!” The headmaster snapped, as he swished the cane through the air a couple of times.

The slender, 5’9” girl with her bob cut black hair turned and made her way to the headmaster, and when she got to about three feet from him she stopped and looked at the headmaster in anticipation.

“Turn around, with your back to Howick, then take a step forward and bend over, girl! I want you to touch your toes and keep your fingers there till I tell you to move!” The headmaster continued.

Cathy gave Annabelle a death-defying glance as she turned and assumed the humiliating position for only the third time in her entire school career. Except for Annabell, who saw how her trousers stretched drum tight over her up-turned, round, firm, little bum, Mr Brown also noticed just how much her crisp, white blouse also stretched quite a bite across her double C cup breasts.

“Head down, feet together, legs absolutely straight and keep still!” The headmaster barked his final orders as he immediately started tapping the girl’s bum with the business end of the cane.

Cathy closed her eyes as she waited for the first stroke to sting her bottom. After about ten taps, the fimiliar swwishh, followed by the tthwackk, as the first stroke settled right at the top of her bottom, and after a few seconds its searing line of fire spread across her bottom. Cathy moaned softly: “Ouch!” as the stinging pain settled into a deeper throb. Ten seconds ticked by, followed by the next swwissh, tthwack, as the second stroke fell across the middle of her bottom. The deputy head girl shot up right like a Jack-in-the-box, clasping her bottom with both hands as she hopped around the study floor, moaning loudly:  “Ow, Ow, ow!”

This really got the headmaster angry and he grabbed poor Cathy by the back of her neck and, as he forced her back into position, he snarled: “Get back down, and hold still, girl! I have hardly started with you!”

A sniffling Catherine had no choice but to present her sore bottom again for further punishment. Once she was back in position, the headmaster placed the cane firmly across his deputy head girl’s bottom and, without any prior tapping, he drew the cane back and let it rip through the air with an almighty, swwiiisshh, and a cracking thhhwacck, causing the girls knees to buckle as she shrieked: “Yyyeeouuch!” The third stroke landed just below the first.

“Legs straight, Miss Hamilton! If I have to remind you again to keep still or remain in position I will add extra strokes, and have Miss Howick hold you down over my desk! Are we clear, young lady?” The headmaster snapped in sheer anger.

“B-but it hurts,”  Cathy tried to answer, but was interrupted by the headmaster, who snarled: “No buts! Are we clear, girl?”

The deputy head girl meekly whispered: “Y-yes Sir! S-sorry sir!”

Cathy decided there was no way she would give Annabelle Howick the pleasure of holding her down for a caning, so she forced herself to focus really hard on staying in position for the final three strokes.

Mr Brown decided to keep the girl waiting for a full minute and a half, then he tapped the well-presented target of soft female bottom flesh four times, followed by another swwiisssh, thhwaaack! The fourth and hardest stroke so far for Cathy found its spot half way between the last stroke and the crease where bum meets thigh, which was the trigger for an earpiercing, “Oowwwweeeeeeee!” Coming from the bent over girl, as she swayed her hips and shook her head in pure agony.

Ten seconds later, the cane hissed again with a swwiiishh, tthwaackk, as the fifth stroke fell just below the fourth. Before the girl could react, there was another, sswwisssh, thhhwwacckk, as the headmaster sent the final stroke ripping across its target. This stroke fell right on the crease where bottom meets thigh with the tip slightly biting into the back of Catherine’s right upper thigh, which caused her to howl,  “Owwweeee, ow, ow, ow!”

Mr Brown, knowing just how much the girl’s bottom was hurting, decided to let her up after only a few seconds.

“That’s it, Miss Hamilton, you may get up and compose yourself!”

Cathy leaped up as her hands flew to her scorched bottom and whilst giving it a frantic rub she danced aroud the study floor while moaning softly:  “Ow, ow, ow! That hurts! Ow, ow! Owee!”

After a minute, the headmaster addressed the well-punished girl, again: “That’s enough of that stupidity, girl! Now get your blazer back on and go rejoin your friends against the wall! Quickly!”

The deputy head girl hastily put her blazer back on and glanced at Annabelle with her tear-stained face as she sniffed back the tears, while making her way back to the wall.  Once all the girls were back in position against the wall, the headmaster returned the cane to the cupboard, and as he closed the cupboard door he addressed Annabelle.

“You can go stand in front of my desk again, girl!”

Annabelle quickly made her way back around the desk and stood facing the headmaster, as he sat back down in his chair, before he continued.

“Right Howick, I hope that the punishments you just witnessed were to your satisfaction as it was exactly what these miscreants had planned for you, but I also hope that with this you have seen what happens to girls at this school and that it will serve as a warning to you?”

“Yes sir!” Annabelle replied.

“You three over there may turn around and apologize to Miss Howick, right away!” Mr Brown continued.

The three girls turned and faced the headmaster with their hands still on their heads.

“Anna, you first!” Mr Brown snapped.

“I’m sorry, Annabelle!” The 5’2” girl meekly offered her apology.

“Good! Melody?” The headmaster sternly said.

“I’m sorry, Annabelle, for trying to get you caned!” The blushing prefect replied.

“And now it is your turn, Catherine!” The headmaster continued.

“I am very sorry, Annabelle, It was a stupid idea with very severe and painfull consequences!” Cathy replied as she sniffed back some more tears.

“That’s good, now is there anything you want to say to the three ladies, Annabelle?” The headmaster asked the ash blonde girl, who had a slight grin on her face.

“Yes please, sir!” Turning her attention to her three fellow sixth formers.

“Well, as long as you have learned from it and your bottoms are hurting like mine would have hurt, I accept your apologies.” Annabelle said with a twinkle in her eyes.

The bell rang for first break, as the headmaster continued: “Thank you, Annabelle, and I can assure you their bottoms are hurting more than you can imagine! I don’t want to see any of you in front of me again, for the rest of the year! You three ladies are dismissed!”

The three girls hastily left the study with Melody closing the door, then they made a bee-line for the toilets, stopping along the way, to give their bottoms a good rub, while Annabelle still stood facing the headmaster.

“Off you go, Annabelle!” The headmaster said while smiling at the ash blonde teenager.

Annabelle then left the study and made her way to the toilets, just to find Anna, Melody and Cathy inside discussing their punishments. When they noticed her, they again apologized to her and then showed her their marks.

Anna was first to show and had three angry looking welts across her pale white bottom. Then Melody showed her marks and, to Annabelle’s surprise, the olive skinned girl’s bottom was pink in colour and almost evenly covered with six very nasty and angry looking red welts, before Cathy showed off her bottom.  The deputy headgirl’s bottom was bright red, with six clearly visible dark red welts, with the lowest one forming a bruise where the tip of the cane bit into the back of her upper thigh.  All four girls agreed that Catherine Hamilton’s bottom looked the most painful.

The girls were best friends ever since then, with them still remembering that day, thirty-eight years later.

The End

© Brian Melville 2019