A young woman visits a professional for punishment. By a new writer to us.

By Julie Baker

My name is Sarah Costa and I was born in London in 1981. My mother is English and my father is Portuguese although he has lived in the UK since he was 10. I am an only child and I was brought up speaking both Portuguese and English. My mother is a teacher and my father works as an IT technician for the Foreign Office in London.

I was considered to be a bright pupil at school and good at all sports. I played a lot of hockey in the winter and tennis in the summer. I have been lucky to have been blessed with a slim physique and dark, attractive looks. I have quite an adventurous personality but didn’t like being in major trouble at home or at school. I was popular with the kids of my own age and had a wide circle of friends, so when I came home one day, when I was 16, to be greeted with the news that my father had been posted to Brazil on a two year assignment I was not particularly pleased.

There was a debate about whether I should lodge with my aunt in London and continue to attend my old school but ultimately it was thought that it would benefit me to experience a different culture. The timing wasn’t bad as I had just completed my GCSE exams and also I spoke almost perfect Portuguese. My father was keen that I attended a main stream Brazilian school rather than an international school where English would be spoken.

I was a confident girl and eventually accepted that this could be quite an exciting adventure. I had a couple of months left to complete the academic year and we then packed up and departed for Sao Paulo. The Foreign Office provided us with a lovely spacious flat in a prosperous suburb and within a week I had started school. Because I spoke the language and joined in all of the sporting activities it wasn’t long before I had established another network of good friends. I got on well with one girl in particular, called Joana. She had a similar personality to me, full of fun and always up for an adventure.

There was the normal type of behaviour that you would probably find in any school around the world. Kids were rude to teachers, didn’t do their homework, smoked in break time, skipped attendance and many other types of irritants to those in charge. Generally poor discipline was dealt with by detentions but occasionally this was not considered to be adequate. What I hadn’t realised when I went to Brazil was that corporal punishment in schools was still very much legal and widely used. However Joana and I got nothing worse than detentions in those early days and use of the slipper and cane were really quite rare anyway. That was until Joana turned 18.

Our birthdays were only two weeks apart and after our 18th birthday celebrations we had just under six months of study left before we embarked on our university courses. I had an offer of a place on a university course back in the UK and it was only conditional upon a letter of reference from my school. By this stage I was focused on completing my school career and returning back to London in good order. Joana, though, seemed to think that turning 18 made her a fully fledged adult and able to do as she pleased. Her attitude towards the school’s authority suddenly changed and she took the view that she could do as she pleased with the school having no sanction against her. As you might imagine, the headmistress took a different view.

Joana had a few run-ins with teachers and then one day she was caught having left the school premises at lunchtime without permission. Brazil is not a particularly safe environment even in the better neighbourhoods, and this was considered by the school to be quite a serious offence. I asked Joana what her punishment might be and she said that in the past she would have expected to get six with the slipper from the headmistress. Girls who were to be slippered had to raise their skirts, bend over to grab their ankles and then the punishment was administered over one layer of clothing. She said that as an adult they could not force her to accept a beating.

However the Headmistress pointed out that, apart from the danger that she had put herself in, she had also put at stake the reputation of the school where the safety of its pupils was paramount. She said that Joana would have to accept a slippering, whether she was 18 or not, or she would phone her parents and insist that they gave her the same punishment when she returned home. The head also said that next time she deserved to receive corporal punishment it would be with a cane on her naked bottom. She said this procedure was the ultimate sanction that the school had and, in the event of it being deemed necessary, if she refused then she would be expelled.

Joana’s confidence evaporated. She didn’t want her parents involved and she accepted six whacks from the head’s slipper with only her thin cotton panties in place to help reduce the impact. Afterwards, in the changing rooms, she took her panties down and raised her skirt to show me her effect on her bottom. There were bright red patches on each of her buttocks and I could see that she had been in floods of tears.

This actually seemed to have a dramatic effect on her behaviour. For several months she was in very little trouble. However, I suppose it was inevitable that she couldn’t suppress her exuberance for ever and one afternoon in an art lesson the teacher thought that she could smell alcohol on her breath. Joana was taken out of class and I discovered later that they had found a small bottle of Coke laced with vodka in amongst her sports kit. She was taken to see the headmistress, whose office was two doors away from our classroom, and the inevitable happened. Again she seemed to think that she was above the school rules but even she could see that being expelled would be a disaster for her. She had to remove her knickers, hold up her skirt and bend over the end of the headmistress’s desk. She then received six extremely painful strokes of the cane on her bare bottom and we could hear her cries of anguish as our lesson continued.

She was allowed to stand when she came back into class and once again I inspected the damage in the changing rooms later. Six clear red stripes across her bottom and she seemed genuinely traumatised by the experience. I thought that she had made a serious misjudgement although, at the time, amongst our group there was a certain kudos about having taken a beating from the head. I suppose I was slightly curious to know what it felt like but not so much as to put myself in danger of being slippered or caned. It seemed to work though; in the remaining few months of our time at school Joana did not need to be beaten again.

By the time my father’s two year assignment was complete it was time for me to leave school and come home to university. I had avoided being physically punished during my time in Brazil, probably more by luck than judgment, but I couldn’t get the memories of what happened to Joana out of my head. I did a three year course in graphic design and on graduation managed to get a great job with an advertising agency in London and enough money to get my own bedsit. I’ve now been at that same company for more than 10 years and at the age of 33 I am a middle manager earning quite a good salary. I own my own flat in Primrose Hill but, despite a succession of steady boyfriends, remain single. Life was going along quite nicely when one day I got an email from Joana. She was in London and did I fancy meeting up? We arranged to meet in a bar close to Covent Garden. Conversation inevitably went back to our school days and the terrible beatings that she used to take from the headmistress.

I went home that night and couldn’t get the thought of Joana having to bend over and present her bare bottom to the headmistress in order to receive six of the best from her cane. In an odd sort of way I also couldn’t help feeling slightly guilty that I had escaped the beatings whereas my best friend had endured those ordeals all on her own. I was curious to know what being caned felt like. I have quite a bold and wilful personality as well as a strong sexual urge to try things that are a bit risky or dangerous. I have always been uninhibited about being naked in front of others and I have indulged in mild spanking games with past boyfriends. Combining all these factors made me resolve to do something about exploring the world of corporal punishment.

On this basis, next day I Googled ‘London’ and coupled this with ‘spanking services’. It was amazing what came up! Mostly it came up with females offering to punish men but there was one guy who specifically offered spanking services for women only. It seemed that his main line of business was catering for hen parties and special birthdays but he also visited clients’ houses or offered sessions in a specialist facility for those wanting individual attention.

His name was Gary and I emailed him. I told him about my experiences at school in Brazil and said that I might be interested in a session with him to try to bring all of my feelings and emotions to some sort of conclusion. I tried to give him some insight into my motivation and confessed that as I got older taking pain was becoming a bit of a turn on for me. I reassured him that I had no problem with removing any clothing in his presence should this be necessary. I told him that this had to be done with complete discretion and that I would have to visit him rather than him come to me. He replied that this was fine with him and we arranged an appointment. I was told to come to a particular street, send him a text and he would respond with the final directions.

I took a day off work. That morning I got out of bed as usual, showered and had breakfast in my dressing gown. I then went back up stairs and stood naked in front of the bedroom mirror. I’ve got quite dark skin, long legs, a narrow waist, toned bottom and smallish but firm breasts. I still play plenty of sport so my body is generally in good shape. My hair is dark and I have it cut quite short. Men seem to find me quite attractive!

I applied a very light body oil to the whole of myself which I find gives my skin a glorious softness and suppleness. It’s difficult to know how to dress for such an occasion. I selected a high cut pair of white satin panties and matching bra which I teamed with a tight fitting white floral blouse and a knee length dark blue flared skirt complete with fitted under skirt. I thought the double thickness skirt arrangement might be useful later! My outfit was completed with short white socks and black shoes.

I left in plenty of time and arrived in the designated street in a quiet residential area of London with 15 minutes to spare. With slightly trembling fingers I sent a text to Gary and he immediately got back in touch with the final detailed directions. I walked down a small alley which consisted of back yards and garages and knocked on a door designated number 8a. A man, who I took to be Gary, answered my knock and he lead me first through an empty lobby and then through another door.

This was clearly into the business end of the premises and he then turned to greet me. He must have been late 30s and had a very open and friendly face. He was reasonably athletic in build and wore smart but casual clothes. The room itself was about 20 feet square with a small office taking up space to the left of the door and a sitting area to the right as you came in. This consisted of a raised bar style counter and some high wooden stools arranged around it. There was a warm red coloured carpet on the floor and the walls and ceiling were covered in shiny soft looking panels which I took to be sound proofing. In the far right corner I could see a school room scene set up with maps on the walls and in the far left corner I could see an array of punishment implements hanging on the wall. Almost out of view around the edge of the office I spotted part of what I took to be a bench specifically designed for administering punishments. There were several mirrors dotted around the walls of the room.

Gary invited me to sit down on one of the stools and we began to chat. He said that he had read my email and he wanted to know from me what I hoped to get out of the session. He was very confident in how he dealt with me and I relaxed a bit in the knowledge that he appeared to be good at what he did and that he would be taking control of what was going to happen. He asked me to take off my shoes and socks before we went any further.

He suggested that he should start by taking me over to the corner with his punishment implements. There were US style wooden paddles, leather straps, a riding crop, a leather belt, something called a ‘tawse’ with split ends, a flat backed wooden hair brush, a large, sturdy wooden spoon and an impressive selection of canes or various lengths and thicknesses. In addition there was a large white tennis shoe with a reasonably stiff sole which had a herringbone style tread moulded into it.

We then went back to sit on the stools. His next request was for me to remove my knickers and place them on the bar. I was a bit taken aback by this as I hadn’t anticipated this request so early in proceedings. I did as he asked, although I performed this task with the utmost attempt to preserve my modesty. I got down off the stool and carefully reached up under my skirt without raising it much so that I could slip them down to my ankles. I then stepped out of them and placed them between him and me. When I climbed back onto the wooden stool I ensured that my dress hung over the stool so that my bare bottom rested on the hard wooden surface. I liked that feeling.

Gary said he was satisfied that the main reason for coming to see him was to explore some of the feelings that my friend Joana had experienced at school and to enjoy some level of discomfort. He said that in his opinion the most painful punishment was from a cane delivered to a bottom that had not been properly warmed up and this was to be avoided if possible. He also pointed out that girls at my school were slippered as well as caned and that it would be a good idea to cover both forms of punishment. His plan, therefore, was that as a warm up exercise, he would give me a hand spanking over his knee, and then we would do a school role play before finishing the formal part of the session with the caning.

He invited me over to the middle of the room where there was a straight backed chair. He sat down asked me to go across his knees with my feet resting on the floor on one side and my hands on the other. Soon I could feel his hand resting on my bottom through the material of my skirt. I then felt the first smack from his hand. Not too bad, but it did smart a bit. He then proceeded to give me several more but the effect seemed to be more of creating a warm glow rather than inflicting any real pain. This went on for several minutes and I could feel myself relaxing. Gary then asked me to stand up and said that I could have a couple of minutes to recover before we started the school role play. He said that I should stay in character throughout the role play and that I had to call him ‘sir’.

We went over to the school corner and I sat at the low desk while he sat behind the higher table in front of me. He looked down at me and with some skill assumed the persona of a headmaster interviewing a naughty pupil. He began to question me about cigarettes and whether I had been smoking in the school grounds the day before. I can find some role playing exercises on training courses a bit awkward but I knew where this one was heading and I was happy to go along with it. I initially denied the deed but eventually owned up in the face of mounting evidence pointing to my guilt. The ‘headmaster’ then said that I would be slippered for this offence and that I should get up from my desk and bend over the end of his table. This I did.

He then told me that I would be receiving six with the gym shoe and that if I got up from my position or attempted to rub my bottom during the punishment that I would receive more. What happened next came as a bit of a surprise. I could feel the back of my skirt being lifted up and I knew therefore that my naked bottom had been exposed given that I had already removed my panties. I protested that it was normal for girls to be slippered at my school with one layer of clothing in place. He told me not to be impertinent and that smoking was a serious breach of rules that warranted the punishment being applied to a bottom without protection. He also pointed out that my skirt consisted of two layers, so I left him little choice other than to apply the slippering to my bare behind.

I was left bent over the end of the table while he went to get the shoe from the other corner. After a few minutes the ‘headmaster’ returned with the white shoe I’d inspected before and placed it on my bottom. He asked if I was ready to receive my punishment.

“Yes,” I said and the first blow arrived on its intended target. Well, this was at a much different level to the warm up with the hand. This really stung and the next five came in reasonably quick succession. The pain of the slippering grew and grew and by the time the last one was delivered I was really gasping. The last one was the hardest but I managed to avoid any extras. There were tears in my eyes but I lay still as the shoe was returned to it’s correct place. I was then told that my punishment was complete.

We came out of character and Gary asked me how I had coped. By this stage I was vigorously rubbing my poor bottom and said the pain seemed to build to a climax. He suggested that I go and inspect my bottom in one of the mirrors. This I did. It was very red on the lower part presumably as this was the area best presented when lent over the edge of a table. What did amaze me was that on close examination I could see the tread pattern of the sole replicated in little red lines on my bottom. I concluded that these must have been from the last and hardest hit. Gary also had another look and said that I was now nicely warmed up for the caning. I’m not sure I was quite able to match his enthusiasm but to be fair, this next bit was the main reason why I was there.

Gary said that the caning would consist of the traditional ‘six of the best’ and given the neatness of my bottom he would not use any of his heavier canes. He would choose a cane of medium weight, about 3 feet in length but on the thin side to replicate the type of punishments typically given to school girls and that we would be using the spanking bench for this part of the session.

He also said that I was to strip so that I was totally naked. He obviously sensed that I hadn’t seen this coming but he explained this would heighten the sensation of vulnerability during this part of the session and he knew from my email that I was comfortable with being naked. I had already been effectively naked from the waist downwards so removing my skirt felt alright, but even I was a little bit hesitant about removing my blouse and bra. I turned my back to Gary and unzipped the back of my skirt before lowering it to the floor. I thought of him looking at my exposed bottom while I unbuttoned my blouse and shortly I had nothing on other than my white bra. I put my hands around my back, unfastened it and then I was totally naked. I neatly folded my clothes and placed them on the chair in the middle of the room and turned to face Gary giving him a full front view for the first time.

He directed me over to the bench which I hadn’t paid detailed attention to until then. It was a black metal framed piece of equipment with red thickly padded vinyl upholstery. At the front was a lower level platform to kneel on. Then there was a longer raised platform to lay your main upper body along, and then either side of this were two long ledges at a lower level upon which to rest your elbows and forearms. The main part was long enough to rest your head on and there were restraining straps for both ankles and wrists. These were sheepskin lined. When I climbed onto the bench and got into position it was one of the most comfortable places that I had ever been! Most of my upper body weight was evenly distributed on the main part of the bench with a small amount of weight on my elbows and knees. Also the body oil that I had applied earlier meant that my skin did not stick on the vinyl surfaces which was a bonus. I fitted onto it perfectly and could have relaxed there for quite some time. But I also knew that the purpose of the spanking bench was to present my naked bottom in the ideal position and at the ideal height to receive a painful caning.

I lay there waiting. My heart was thumping. I could then feel Gary starting to fasten a restraining strap to one of my ankles. I protested that I had been well behaved during the slippering and that restraining me wasn’t necessary. He replied that he wanted me to feel as though I was totally defenceless during the caning and that being restrained would make the whole experience feel more intense particularly when I reflected back in the coming days and weeks. He quickly finished fastening the straps and at this point he had assumed total control of proceedings. I couldn’t move and had no choice but to wait to see what happened next. If I laid my head one way I could see in one of the mirrors the outline of my bottom perched on the end of the spanking bench ready to be caned. So I turned and looked the other way but this only revealed Gary carefully choosing a cane from his extensive collection.

Choice made and he was walking slowly over to the spanking bench swishing the cane as he went. He was right handed, so he came onto the far side of the bench and gave my bottom a few taps. He then stated that what was about to happen would inevitably involve some considerable pain and, disconcertingly, that this was another reason for using the straps. He did not want to risk the exercise being spoiled by me reaching round with my hands to protect my bottom during the caning or my legs rising to prevent the cane landing on its intended target. He said that he would deliver six strokes and that, although my bottom was quite small, he would attempt to space them out so that no two strokes landed in the same position.

“Are you ready Sarah?”

“Yes,” I replied.

This was my first experience of being caned. I didn’t know what to expect. The first one came as a considerable shock. He was right in saying I needed the straps. I felt both arms and both legs involuntarily straining to be free. I had let out a small cry of pain and shock. I resolved to not let that happen again. He let me recover for a few moments and then delivered the second hit. This was just as painful but I was ready for it and took it in silence. By the time the third blow had landed my eyes were very watery and we were only half way through. Number four landed and I really felt that I couldn’t manage the full six. I could hardly call a halt, though, and I was totally under his control anyway. I don’t know whether it was a mistake or not, but at this moment I turned my head so that I could see Gary and my bottom in the mirror. In theory this gave the advantage of knowing when cane stroke number 5 was about to land. Actually I think knowing it was about to happen was worse that it coming unheralded! I actually saw the cane arcing towards my bottom and the effect of the impact on my body. I knew the last one was going to be the worst but the prospect of the punishment ending got me through. Number 6 was the hardest stoke causing tears to trickle down my face but the ordeal was finally over.

Gary released the straps and I stiffly got to my feet. He could see the tears and he offered to give me a hug. Despite my nakedness I accepted the offer and stood in his arms for a few minutes while I calmed down. He then suggested that I have another look in the mirror. It was a bit of a mess back there with six clear red stripes expertly spaced up my bottom but the marks from the slipper were now going a deeper red and I could see that dark bruising was not far away. Gary also had a look and suggested that I got some arnica cream from the chemists on the way home as this would help with the bruising. In his opinion I would have few if any marks left after a couple of weeks.

I then went over to the bar and retrieved my knickers, shoes and socks. I got dressed by the chair as Gary tidied the room. He then offered me a hot drink and we chatted for another 15 minutes. I told him the session was everything that I expected and more. His planning and attention to detail had been excellent and he had judged my requirements to perfection. I also told him that his use of the cane and gym shoe on me had been well judged; right up to the limit but not beyond. I paid him his fee and left.

The whole event had taken just over an hour. Whatever I did for the next 24 hours I could feel my bottom ‘singing’ and everytime I sat down for the next three days I got a reminder of what I had been through. He was right about the marks going and I was left feeling that I had finally shared in what Joana had been through all those years ago. Also I now know what it feels like to be slippered and caned. I was fortunate to have landed on somebody as good as Gary but I feel that I have no need to return to him for further treatment.

I’m now in search of a boyfriend who will spank me hard when I deserve it!

The End

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