Work experience is a good way to assist young people at the start of their careers. In this case, a slightly unorthodox disciplinary code is needed.

By Sarah G

“I’ll deal with you later young lady.”

Sarah trembled as the fateful words were spoken. She knew her behaviour at the meeting had displeased Keith, but from the harsh tone of his voice she now realised he was extremely angry.

She had left her car at his house, still a twenty minute drive away; surely she would be able to get round him during that time.

At least she would try.

“But Keith, what have I done, I really don’t see why you’re so angry,” she said, her voice quiet, with as much implied innocence as she could muster.

“You know very well,” was his brusque reply. “Now not another word until we get back to my house, and then we will discuss it in detail.”

Sarah sensed he would not be swayed, and so remained silent for the rest of the interminably long journey. What would he do to her? Was his bark worse than his bite? The questions swum through Sarah’s mind, but with no satisfactory answers to reassure her.

The rules were unknown to the twenty year old student, who had managed to get a one year secondment with Keith at the advertising agency. The secondment was essential to her, as it was a compulsory element in her Business Studies degree course, and she knew from bitter experience that such placements were like gold dust in the current economic climate. Now here she was, being driven to an unknown fate after her childish behaviour at the meeting had so offended her normally passive boss.

If only she could turn the clock back. But she couldn’t and so, inevitably, the music would have to be faced. But what would the tune be? At worst, of course, he could sack her, because after just four weeks in the job she was still on probation. More likely, she consoled herself, she was in for one enormous rocket, a really heavy telling off, a few minutes of well targeted ear bending, and then it would be over. After all, on reflection she had been in the wrong, and deserved to be pulled up. Yes, she decided, a good ticking off, followed by my apologising profusely (would she be able to manage a few tears to complement her trembling lip, she wondered?), and then off home and all forgotten by tomorrow.

She would soon know as Keith turned the car into the Close, and drew into the gravel drive outside his house.

It was dark as they got out of the car, and after locking the doors, Keith walked round to her and said: “Come with me please, Sarah.”

They went inside the dark house which was pleasantly warm after the cold wind outside. Keith turned the lights on and took Sarah’s jacket, leaving her in a fashionably short black skirt and white blouse. She had been pleased with the effect of the outfit which was professional and businesslike whilst not being at all fuddy duddy. Just the thing for an aspiring young executive, she thought, very grown up, yet appropriate to her age and position.

Sarah had always been careful about choosing her clothes as she did not quite reach the five foot mark (unless she cheated and stood on tiptoes), and was very conscious that she must dress in such a way that the centre of attention wasn’t her diminutive stature, but more her face and hair, both of which she was very proud of. And rightly so, because Sarah was an extremely attractive girl, with, if not a classically beautiful, certainly a very pretty face framed by her well cut almost black hair. A very attractive young lady by any standards, and her magical elfin smile would melt the hardest heart. Indeed, her demure girlish smile had charmed her out of several scrapes in the past, and saved her from punishments both at school and at home when she had been naughty as a child (not an uncommon event as Sarah was, to say the least, mischievous at times).

Keith ushered her into the lounge, and after sitting down on the long sofa himself, indicated that she should stand in front of him.

‘Here we go,’ she thought. ‘Just like school; stand in front of the teacher’s desk with my hands behind my back to be told off.’

But this wasn’t school, and she wasn’t a naughty schoolgirl. She must remember to be adult, and to accept the telling off, but also to maintain her dignity. After all, she was a sort of junior executive and she could expect to be treated like one.

She tried one of her smiles, normally a guarantee of leniency, but Keith was clearly unmoved.

“In all my years in business,” he began, with a firmness in his voice that she had not heard before. “I cannot remember seeing or hearing such stupid, ill-mannered, self opinionated, child-like behaviour as your pathetic little display this afternoon. Now what have you got to say for yourself young lady?”

Sarah could feel herself shaking; this sounded serious. She could see her vision of a schoolgirl ticking off evaporate, and she suddenly realised she didn’t know the rules in this grown-up game. She hesitated.

“Well,” he barked. “Have you got any sort of excuse or reason for your behaviour, and think carefully about your answer because it will have a direct bearing on how I decide to deal with you.”

“I’m really sorry,” stuttered Sarah. “But I hadn’t realised I was out of order. I didn’t do it deliberately, honest. If I’d known how bad it was I’d have shut up straight away, but I thought I was doing well. I really am sorry but I’m not sure what I can say to put things right. Sorry.”

“It’s too late to put anything right, Sarah, and I’ve a sneaking feeling you’re only sorry because you’ve been pulled up and are in trouble. And believe me, my girl, you really are in big trouble. Do you understand that?”

“Yes,” she replied. “The message has got through. I was totally out of order, and now I’m going to have to face the music.”

Keith looked at her. “Yes you are,” he said. “So let’s decide how you are to be punished, because that’s exactly what we’re talking about. If you had any ideas of getting away with a warning then forget them right now. You deserve a serious punishment for your behaviour, and that’s just what you’re going to get!”

The words hit Sarah like a bullet. What on earth did he mean? Surely he wasn’t going to sack her?

Sarah felt slightly weak at the knees, and wished she was a million miles away, but underneath she knew that no amount of day dreaming would get her out of this fix. She was in serious trouble, more serious than anything so far in the twenty years of her life.

It was different at school. There, everyone was naughty from time to time. It was all part of the game, and when it was your turn to get caught then a hundred lines, or maybe even a detention, were expected and accepted as the norm. Actually the worse the punishment at school the better, as it only served to raise your status in the eyes of the other girls. But this was different, and there were no other girls, just a very stern looking boss and an increasingly apprehensive junior employee.

It was different at home. There, Mum’s discipline had not been too severe, and punishments had been handed out sparingly. There were rules, of course, but they had got fewer as she got older, and in any case she could usually get away with breaking most of them.

But this was different. The man sitting in judgement was not a parent about to chastise an errant daughter. This was an angry boss with her future in his hands!

‘God,’ she thought. ‘What happens if he does sack me? How will I tell Mummy, who is so proud of me for getting into University, and for getting this choice placement? How will I explain to College I have been sacked because of my childish behaviour? What on earth would become of me?’ The prospect now, for the first time, seemed very real, and Sarah was now very scared.

“My immediate reaction, Sarah, is that I should get rid of you and find a student to replace you who has heard of good manners, and who knows how to behave like an adult in adult company. Quite honestly I’m extremely disappointed with you. I thought that I had employed a mature, intelligent young lady who would display the sort of high standards that I not only expect, but demand. Instead, what do I find? I find that I seem to have employed a precocious, arrogant, rude, spoilt brat who would be more at home at a kindergarten than in a business environment.

“It may have escaped your naive notice, young lady, but there are plenty of students out there who would give their right arm for the sort of chance you’ve been given – and what do you do? You throw it away. You really are a very silly little girl, and I can think of no good reason why I should have to put up with your antics; can you?”

Keith stopped, and fixed an unsympathetic stare at her. He knew he was being harsh on the girl, and the last thing he wanted was to sack her. After all, her work was superb, but she had to be taught a lesson as he did not have the time to spend teaching her on the job. A short sharp shock was what she needed, because there was no question about her behaviour at the meeting. It had been really bad, and both Keith, and perhaps more importantly the client, were both embarrassed and angered by her.

The idea that Sarah had earlier of trying to force a tear or two in order to soften Keith up had now been overtaken by the very real tears that were welling up in her eyes. ‘Don’t cry,’ she now told herself. ‘Take your punishment like an adult. There’ll be plenty of time for tears, and lots of them, later on.’

Unfortunately Sarah couldn’t think of a convincing reason for not being sacked! After all Keith was right, she’d been given a golden opportunity, and had wasted it through her own stupidity. She had been playing in a major league, and had performed like a rank amateur. He had every right to sack her, but please, please don’t, she thought, please give me a second chance, I promise not to let you down again.

So that is what she told him, she admitted that she had been totally wrong, and her behaviour deserved the sack, but pleaded for leniency, with promises of huge improvements in her behaviour – and she meant it!

Keith looked at the girl, and knew that she was genuinely sorry and fully deserved the second chance he was about to give her. But she wasn’t going to get away scot free. He’d promised her a punishment, and a punishment she was going to get.

“If I’m totally honest, Sarah, I don’t want to lose you. Apart from this incident your work is very good, and you fit into the team well. But, and there’s always a but, if I let you keep your job you’ll have to accept some other form of punishment. You do realise that, don’t you?”

The words sounded like magic to Sarah, who now knew that whatever else happened she was going to keep her placement. Right now, she really couldn’t care less what other punishment he imposed on her. She still had her job.

“Thank you, sir,” she muttered. She wasn’t sure why she had added the ‘sir’ but thought it might help her cause when the punishment was decided!

“So what are we going to do with you, young lady?”

Although he had given a reprieve, he was clearly still very cross, and in no mood for any wisecracks.

“I don’t know, sir,” replied Sarah, this time using the word ‘sir’ out of a strange respect she was developing for Keith. It seemed to move her predicament from that of the cold business world back to the school teacher and naughty schoolgirl world she was much more familiar, and comfortable, with.

“Well let’s look at the situation logically shall we? You are a twenty year old student on a one year placement with me. You have behaved very badly at an important meeting; in fact more like a naughty little girl than a mature adult. We both agree that you deserve to be punished for your behaviour, and that the obvious course of dismissing you will be overlooked. The only remaining question is, how do I punish a badly behaved twenty year old?”

He paused to gather his thoughts, and then continued.

“To begin with we have two choices. Either we treat this as a formal breach of Company policy, and take the official view that you should be reported to the Personnel Department, and let them decide your fate – in which case, I should add, you must realise that they may decide to overrule me and dismiss you.

“The second choice is that we do not make this matter official, but deal with it between the two of us. It’s your choice Sarah.”

‘Some choice,’ she thought, and immediately replied: “I’d like you to deal with me please sir, and not involve anyone else.”

“I thought you might,” replied Keith. “So what would be a fitting punishment, do you think?”

“I think I should leave it to you, sir. I’m willing to accept whatever you think I deserve.”

Keith paused. “How would you be punished at home?” He asked, to which Sarah had to admit that she would almost certainly be spanked by her mother.

Her boss smiled at the thought of this attractive twenty year old being given a spanking, and decided to follow the line of enquiry further.

“Do you mean that, even at your age, your Mum would spank you?”

Sarah turned firstly pink, and then bright red.

She couldn’t look Keith in the eye as she replied: “Yes, if she thought I deserved it I’m sure she would still give me a good hiding”

“Does she often do that?” Inquired Keith, who was pleased to hear that in this day and age naughty youngsters were still punished in the time honoured fashion.

“Oh no,” replied Sarah. “In fact it’s about two years since the last time she spanked me,” she admitted, remembering with some discomfort being put across Mum’s knee on the night of that fateful party.

Keith decided not to let go; this was clearly uncomfortable for Sarah, and he could see her fate revealing itself in front of him.

“Really,” he said. “So she last spanked you when you were eighteen? Tell me all about it.”

Sarah had not been expecting this, and did not like the way things were developing. She had no choice, however. She was here to be punished, and being made to reveal the details of a maternal spanking certainly came into that category.

“Hurry up, Miss Green.” Now Keith had reverted to the formal tone he had started off with. “I’m waiting.”

So Sarah told him the story, all of it. In for a penny, she thought, and left out nothing. Getting permission to go to the party, persuading her mum that she could be trusted to be home on time, the party itself, and then the disbelief at getting home very late to find Mummy waiting for her. The memories came flooding back; eighteen years old and feeling very grown up, the embarrassment at having to take her jeans off whilst her mother sat watching with a stony stare, the humiliation of being pulled down across Mummy’s knee, how she had felt like a naughty child, Mummy’s hand holding her down so that she couldn’t struggle, and then the final indignity of having her panties pulled down.

The actual spanking was the worst she had ever been given by her mum whose hand rained mercilessly down until Sarah had been given 36 hard smacks on her bare bottom, the unbelievable pain as her bottom became redder and redder under her mother’s relentless spanking, and then the emptiness as she was left lying on her bed, bottom on fire, shedding floods and floods of uncontrollable tears, she told it all.

“And that’s what you would expect to be repeated today?”

“Yes,” she admitted, and in her heart she knew it was true.

“Well,” said Keith. “That solves it. All I have to do is ring your mother, tell her about your behaviour, and ask her to deal with you as she thinks fit.”

Sarah could not believe her ears. Surely he couldn’t mean it, no way, God no, anything but mum finding out. She had to think quickly before this got out of hand.

“Please don’t, sir. Anyway, I thought we were going to deal with this between the two of us, without involving anyone else.” She sighed an internal sigh of relief, a neat move. ‘Get out of that,’ she thought.

Unfortunately for her, Keith had already thought. “OK,” he said. “You deserve a good spanking, and we can’t involve your mum, so I’ll spank you, ok?”

Sarah stared in disbelief and was unable to utter a word as the penny slowly dropped. God, she’d walked straight into it. How stupid could she be? It had taken all of ten minutes to talk herself into the position she now found herself in; a position which would result in her being spanked like a naughty little girl, but this time not by Mummy, but by her boss!

She was, for once in her life, genuinely lost for words. To be spanked at home was one thing, but to be subjected to the humiliation of being punished by her boss, a virtual stranger, was quite another.

Office discipline didn’t include physical punishment, did it? Surely not, she wasn’t a child any more, she’d left school and was grown up, a part of the adult world. She must have misheard, mustn’t she?

“Pardon, sir,” she ventured. “Did you say you would spank me?”

“Yes, Sarah, that’sexactly what I said, and what’s more, it’s exactly what I meant.”

“But sir,” she began.

“No buts, Sarah, the choice is yours. If you wish to keep your job, then you must accept a spanking; if you like, it’s Sack or Smack time!”

Sarah was not amused, but knew she had no choice. “All right,” she whispered. “I’ll take a spanking.”

The next ten minutes felt like a lifetime to Sarah. She still could not believe this was really happening to her; she was in a dreamlike state, but this was no dream. It was very real as she was about to discover.

“Right,” said Keith. “Please take your skirt off.”

Sarah had not been expecting this. She had assumed the worst scenario would be that her skirt would be pulled up just enough to uncover her underwear, but to remove her it completely…

“Do I have to, sir?” She asked. “Couldn’t you just sort of pull it up?”

“I would advise you to do exactly as I say, and to do so quickly. If you don’t, then I can assure you your punishment will be made even worse, do you understand?”

Sarah understood, and knew any further argument would be futile, and her only chance of any leniency was to do exactly as she was told. There was, however, one point that she had to clarify before undressing.

“All right, sir,” she said. “I’ll do as I’m told, but may I ask for one thing please?”

“What is it?” Asked Keith.

“Well,” Sarah replied. “Being punished in this way by you is going to be incredibly embarrassing for me, but it would be a million times worse if anyone else ever found out. Could you promise you’ll never ever tell anyone else about it?”

Keith looked at her thoughtfully. “Sarah, the last thing that I want to happen is for people to think I go about smacking naughty girl’s bottoms! I promise as far as I’m concerned this is, and always will be, just between the two of us. Now take your skirt off please.”

Sarah obeyed, and her ever so grown up black executive skirt fell uselessly to the floor.

“Now pick it up and hang it over the back of that chair,” said Keith, pointing to an armchair on the other side of the room.

Sarah did as she was told, although she felt extremely embarrassed. She had slipped her shoes off at the same time as her skirt, and now she stood in front of him, trying to inconspicuously pull her blouse down as far as possible over her panties. Sadly, she was not having much success.

Fortunately, she had, as always, taken care in her choice of underwear, and was wearing a pair of deep pink, lacy, low rise Brazilian knickers that her mum had given her as part of her last birthday present. They were not only extremely comfy, but also looked both elegant and sexy. Mum certainly knew a thing or two about choosing undies. These were set off extremely well by the hold-up stockings that she had chosen, and which in any other situation would have been both glamorous and sexy.

“You have told me that your mum would spank you, is that correct? You also told me that last time your mother gave you 36 hard smacks when she punished you. Why that exact number?”

“Well sir, it’s the system she’s always used. I get two smacks or swats for each year of my age, and as I was 18 she gave me 36 smacks.”

“I see, well that sounds very sensible, and so I shall adopt the same principle. Right then Sarah, I am going to give you 40 smacks, two for each year of your current age. The first 20 will be on your knickers, followed by the remaining 20 on your bare bottom. A punishment that I feel sure your mother would approve of. Is that perfectly clear, Sarah?”

“Yes, sir,” Sarah forced herself to say as the severity of her punishment became all too apparent.

Keith then sat on the sofa, reached forward to take hold of Sarah’s left arm, and pull her towards him. Then he gradually and gently pulled her downwards until she was firmly positioned in the classical spanking position across his knee. She felt totally helpless, and realised there was nothing for it but to lie there and take the spanking he was about to give her.

Keith carefully pulled her blouse back from both sides, and when it was at the level of her breasts he tucked it into the back of her bra, thus ensuring it was safely out of the way, and leaving the helpless girl naked from her bra to her feet, with the exception of her knickers and stockings.

Sarah started to cry, and the silent tears rolled comfortingly down the burning redness of her cheeks.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered, and waited for the inevitable torrent of blows.

Keith then began to spank her.

As soon as the first smack hit her right cheek, Sarah knew that this was going to be a spanking like no other she’d ever had. Keith was a keen sportsman, and worked out at the gym at least twice a week. The result was a very fit physique and a very powerful right arm. It was the force of this power that caused Sarah to virtually scream with pain, only to be rewarded with an identical smack on her left cheek. The second took her breath away, as she had never been spanked as hard before.

When mum had spanked her, the smacks were given in a reasonably rapid, but constant, stream. Keith’s approach was different. After the first two he paused for a few seconds before giving four more, two on each cheek, after which he paused again and stroked Sarah’s already sore bottom. Then, without warning, another four were painfully administered. Ten down, which meant another blistering 10 to go, before the second, and more humiliating part of her punishment.

The next ten came in two salvos of five smacks with a pause between them. Her knickers might have been very pretty but offered virtually no protection from the stinging blows that Keith administered so accurately. Needless to say, at the end of the first twenty Sarah was already in floods of tears, and sobbing like a naughty child.

After another short break, and without further comment, Keith took hold of the waistband of Sarah’s special knickers and in one swift movement pulled them down to her knees. Even though she knew that it was going to happen, Sarah gasped at the total humiliation of this. Her bottom was now completely bare, a state that very few people ever saw, and certainly no men, yet here was a near stranger who was not only going to spank her, but also going to be privy to her most private regions.

Unlike her boss, Sarah was unable to see her bottom’s bright pink colouring, but if she could she would doubtless have noted how well it toned in with her dark pink knickers, although this had not escaped Keith’s attention.

The next ten smacks came rapidly together, once again alternating between her left and right ‘sit on’ spots. This was much more painful than she had anticipated, and her bottom felt as though it was on fire. She yelped, sobbed, pleaded for it to stop, apologised, and howled with the extreme discomfort and humiliation, but to no avail. There were ten smacks left, and she was going to receive every one of them before she would be allowed to get up.

The final session was given more slowly. A hard smack to the left, a pause, and then another to the right, and so on until the final extra hard one. By now the previous shade of pink had transformed through bright red to its current crimson hue, marks that would clearly remain for some time, and which would serve as an on-going reminder to the girl about her responsibilities.

Not wanting to prolong the profound indignity Sarah was obviously experiencing, Keith pulled her knickers back up so that her bottom was once again covered, and then he pulled her blouse back down to its rightful place.

“You can get up whenever you’re ready, Sarah,” he said gently.

Sarah slowly, and painfully, stood up trying both to rub her flaming bottom and wipe away the cascade of tears that continued to flow.

“You can put your skirt back on now, Sarah, and then I want a little chat with you.”

Sarah was only too pleased to obey, and not without a little difficulty managed to readjust her clothing to its original state. She stood in front of her boss, who had found a box of tissues for her to dry her eyes.

“I doubt you want to sit down at the moment, Sarah, so I’ll make this quick. You are with us for a year, and in that time I very much hope that you learn a lot. But I doubt anything you learn will be as important as the lesson that you have hopefully learnt today. Our business is not a game; it is deadly serious and very fragile. Luckily the guy that we saw today is an old friend of mine, and I am sure that once I’ve had a chat with him all will be well. You will, by the way, be writing a sincere letter of apology to him on Monday. If it had not been Frank that we saw, but another less understanding client, then we could well have lost our contract with them. In Frank’s case, that would be worth about a quarter of a million pounds a year! It is that serious. These people are our clients, and we treat them with TOTAL respect. You were spanked today for childish behaviour. If we had lost the business you would have been out on your ear. Is that very, very clear?”

“Yes, sir,” sobbed Sarah. “I am truly sorry for what I did, and I really have learnt my lesson. Thank you for making me understand, it definitely will never happen again.”

Keith knew that she meant it.

“Good girl, now if you want to pop up to the bathroom to clean those tears away and redo your make-up, I’ll make us some coffee. Is that ok?”

“Yes, sir, that would be wonderful.”

Sarah stayed with the company for the full year, and blossomed into an outstanding member of the team. She went back to college with glowing reports, but only she and Keith ever knew just what happened to set on the path to success.

The End

© Sarah G 2016