A very bright girl is in danger of failing to reach her expected exam results, until her favourite teacher steps in.

By Sarah G

Sarah Green was 18 and in her final year at Grammar School, studying for the examinations that would be her passport to University. She was quite a shy girl, who had been brought up an only child by her Mum as her Dad had sadly died when she was only five years old. Although she was socially a little reserved, she very much enjoyed school and Guides, where she was a leader in the Brownie pack. She was without doubt very intelligent and destined to achieve excellent exam results. This did not, however, make her popular with the other girls in her class who, when the sixth form group evolved, saw her as something of a ‘swot’ and, even worse, a ‘teacher’s pet’.

To describe her physically, the word ‘petite’ would spring to mind. At 5’ 3”, she was short and her weight at 75lbs made her look somewhat younger than her age. Happily the development of her young body had been proportionate to her size, which gave her a very pleasing figure. If not stunningly beautiful, she was without doubt very pretty, with her shoulder length auburn hair framing her twinkling green eyes and cheekily snubbed nose, overall she was considered by most to be very attractive.

English Literature was Sarah’s favourite subject, and so it was not at all surprising that it was one of her Advanced (A) level exam options, along with History, Economics and Music. Indeed so great was her love of the subject that she also opted to sit the optional Special (S) level examination as well.

Unfortunately, however, none of Sarah’s sixth form colleagues had chosen this option, and so it was not possible to include the S level work in the normal school timetable. The English teacher, Miss Calvert, was aware of the girl’s great interest in the subject, and recognised her ability in critically understanding the great works of literature, and so happily agreed to give Sarah out of hours lessons. In practice this meant an hour after school on two evenings a week.

At the first of these extra lessons, Miss Calvert laid down very firm rules for the new arrangement, and made it very clear that, if she was to give up her own time voluntarily to help Sarah, then she would expect total commitment in return.

“I don’t have to do this, Sarah, but I know how important it is to you, and as long as you are willing to make the effort, so am I. But I warn you that I won’t stand for any nonsense, and that when I set you homework there will be no, and I mean no, excuses for not getting it to me on time. Is that clearly understood?”

“Yes, Miss,” replied Sarah. “I’m really grateful for what you’re doing for me, and I promise not to let you down.”

Miss Calvert knew Sarah meant what she said, and would not have agreed to the extra work if she had not known the girl was as near to being a model pupil in her classes as was possible for an eighteen year old. She liked Sarah, and knew that she would do well in her exams, and that she was not afraid of hard work.

Heather Calvert was thirty-three years old, and in the ten years that she had taught at the school had become a clear favourite with all the pupils. Her ‘firm but fair’ approach to teaching was readily accepted, and although not in any sense a walkover, it was generally accepted that her bark was usually worse than her bite. Indeed, compared with most of the other members of staff, she was usually very lenient, with only an occasional detention or an imposition of lines being meted out to remind the students of her authority. Her popularity was also enhanced by her sporting abilities, especially her performance on the tennis court where her talent had led to her regularly representing her county. Nor was it surprising that Sarah wasn’t the only girl in the school to have a crush on the teacher.

The extra lessons proved to be really successful, with both parties encouraging each other with their enthusiasm and hard work. The results said it all as week after week Sarah produced excellent work, and glowing acclaim from her teacher. She was quite certain that if the youngster kept this standard up, then the elusive ‘distinction’ grade pass would be hers for the taking. This, she thought, is what teaching is all about, and although she did not tell the girl directly, she was extremely impressed with Sarah’s understanding of the subject, and her mature capacity for serious literary analysis and criticism.

The first two terms went according to plan, and Miss Calvert had no complaints either about Sarah’s work, behaviour or attitude. In the summer term of that first important year, however, there seemed to be a slight change in the girl’s attitude, and on more than one occasion there had been the need to remind her of her responsibilities. Her work remained, on the whole, excellent, and so Miss Calvert felt no great concern, but was determined to make sure the status quo was fully maintained.

Things seemed to improve until the first Tuesday in May when Sarah handed in her weekend essay for marking and discussion at Thursday’s lesson.

Miss Calvert took the manuscript home that evening and looked forward to being able to award the normal A minus or even A grade that had become normal for Sarah. After a couple of minutes she was sitting upright wondering if her eyes were deceiving her. The work was atrocious, not only in content but in presentation. Surely this was the wrong essay? She must have picked up another pupil’s work, but no, Sarah was the only girl in the S level set, and her name was clearly at the beginning of the paper. This was certainly not Sarah’s usual standard of work.

She read the essay several times, each time becoming angrier with Sarah, but finally convincing herself that it must be a one-off example, and that there would be an acceptable excuse for it. In any event, she would find out at tomorrow’s lesson.

“I’ve marked your essay, Sarah, and guess what mark I’ve given you.”

“I don’t know, Miss,” replied Sarah sheepishly.

“Oh come on, you know the standard of your own work by now, so what grade does this essay deserve do you think?” Miss Calvert was determined to extract the truth from the girl who, she realised, was looking extremely guilty.

“B, Miss,” she finally answered. “I don’t think it was the best essay that I’ve ever written.”

“No Sarah, it certainly isn’t the best. In fact it is by far the worst, which is why I have given you an E, the lowest possible grade. You will also notice that I have put various comments on it. Please have a look.”

Sarah slowly picked up her essay, and saw the mass of red notes and underlined words throughout. She went to the final page, and read the teacher’s notes:

“This is the worst piece of work that it has been misfortune to mark for many years. It is made worse by the fact that it was written and presented to me by a student of your calibre. You will carry out the following:

Firstly, you will of course re-write the entire essay, to your normal standard, by next Monday (in addition to this week’s project); 

Secondly, you will correct every spelling mistake (there are 32, each highlighted) and copy each one of them out neatly 25 times; 

Finally, you will write out: ‘If I behave like a naughty first form girl, I must expect to be treated like one’ 50 times.”

Sarah read the comments, and could hardly believe her eyes. She knew the work had been really bad – a late Sunday night effort – but to be punished like this!

“Please Miss, I know it wasn’t very good, but surely you’re not really going to make me do all this, are you? It‘ll keep me busy every night and all next weekend. Please couldn’t you drop the 50 lines? After all, I am in the sixth form.”

“Then I suggest that you behave like a sixth former. As I said, if you behave like a first former, that’s how I shall treat you. Either that, or I’ll stop the extra lessons which, after all, I am doing voluntarily. So which is it to be?”

Sarah knew Miss Calvert was right, and that she deserved to be taught a lesson.

“I’m sorry, Miss,” she finally admitted. “I know I’ve behaved very badly, and deserve everything that you have given me. I promise it won’t happen again. In any case, if this punishment for a first offence is anything to go by, you’ll probably give me a good spanking next time!”

Sarah thought that by turning it into a joke she would relieve the tension. After all, the last thing she wanted was to upset Miss Calvert, who she absolutely worshipped. The teacher, however, did not laugh. Her face was stern, her usual lovely smile had vanished. When she spoke next, her voice was very soft but filled with an unmistakable level of serious authority.

“Listen to me very carefully Sarah. If you ever produce work for me like this again, I promise you here and now that that is exactly what I shall do to you, and don’t for one moment think that I am bluffing. You are neither too old to be spanked nor too grown up to be put across my knee, and believe me young lady I am exactly the person to do it.”

Sarah looked at her and immediately realised that she was deadly serious and as her face reddened with the embarrassment that she felt from the words, she knew that her teacher would have no hesitation in punishing her like a naughty child. She did not know what to say, and so very sensibly said nothing. The teacher looked unsmilingly at her, and dismissed her with a reminder that the additional work had better be of an acceptable standard, or else.

After a hectic week, Sarah managed to produce the assignments given to her as her punishment, and handed them to Miss Calvert the following Tuesday. She accepted the thick wad of paper and told Sarah to stand in front of her at the table they used for the lessons.

“Stand up straight, Sarah,” she commanded. “And put your hands by your sides.”

Once again, the tone of voice told Sarah that she was deadly serious, and so she obeyed. Miss Calvert then explained she intended to check the work very carefully, and that only if it was completely satisfactory would the matter be closed and Sarah could expect to be once again treated like an eighteen year old sixth form student and not a first former.

First of all she selected the spelling corrections and with painful precision went through them all, ticking them individually. Fortunately, there were no mistakes.

“Good,” she said. “And how long did it take you to write these out?”

“About an hour, Miss,” Sarah replied.

Miss Calvert put the corrections to one side, and picked up the 50 lines which she scrutinised as carefully as she had done the spelling corrections. Once again, they were all acceptable.

“And how long did these take?”

Sarah was not likely to forget the humiliation of the punishment. “An hour yesterday afternoon, Miss.”

Once again, Miss Calvert merely said: “Good,” before asking: “About two hours in total then?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Time well spent, Sarah?”

“No Miss.”

“At least we agree about that,” replied Miss Calvert, who then proceeded to slowly tear up the sheets of painstakingly hand-written punishments, and very deliberately dropped them into the waste paper bin. “I hope that you’ve learnt something from this sorry episode, Sarah, and that we never have to go through this again.”

“Yes Miss, you’ve certainly taught me a lesson, and it’s one that I’m not likely to forget in a hurry. You really have made me feel like a naughty little girl, and I’m really sorry for what I did. Can we carry on as before now please?”

“Yes of course we can, so let’s forget about the whole silly incident, and get on with passing your exam.”

The punishment was certainly effective, and immediately Sarah’s work was back to its usual excellent standard, and the previous friendly relationship between them was quickly re-established.

The ‘mock’ exam was held the following term, and predictably Sarah sailed through it with flying colours although with hindsight perhaps she did a little too well, because the results seemed to affect her attitude, as she more and more came to believe that she would have no problems with the real exam. This over-confidence soon became apparent in her work and in her general attitude to the course, and Miss Calvert started to become concerned that her attitude would put the actual exam result at serious risk. Something drastic had to be done to change Sarah, and done fast.

She thought long and hard about the problem, which she very much wanted to solve for Sarah’s sake. She knew that teachers weren’t meant to have favourites but in Sarah’s case she made an exception, and was genuinely fond of the girl. In her heart she knew the best solution would be a short, sharp shock, and that from personal experience this should take the form of a good, old fashioned spanking. Her mother had firmly believed that when used sparingly, and as a final resort, this was an extremely effective way of disciplining youngsters, and so throughout her teenage years she had more than once been sent to bed in tears with a well smacked bottom. She realised, however, that such punishments were prohibited at school, and so if it was going to happen, it would have to be outside school hours, and away from school.

The solution she decided on was very simple; she would suggest that Sarah spent a weekend with her for a pre-exam, intensive cramming session, something that in any case would be very useful, but during which the girl would, if necessary, receive the form of discipline she had decided on. At the next opportunity she asked Sarah if she would be interested in such an arrangement without, of course, mentioning the planned discipline. Sarah leapt at the chance, but her teacher explained, however, that this was effectively an extension of school, and that whilst they were studying, strict school conditions and rules would be adhered to. This meant, for example, that as a sixth form student Sarah would not be expected to wear school uniform, but instead clothes of her own choice within certain well-defined boundaries, and she would be expected to address her teacher as ‘Miss’. During teaching hours there would be no informality, although obviously their leisure time would be more relaxed, and a good opportunity to get to know each other better.

Sarah was delighted to agree, and so it was decided that ‘extra-school’ would begin at nine o’clock promptly the following Saturday morning and, in order that Sarah could settle in, she should arrive at eight-thirty.

Saturday morning came, and at eight-thirty Miss Calvert was waiting for the student, as she was at eight forty-five and at nine-fifteen when Sarah eventually arrived. Sarah didn’t, as yet, realise what a big, big mistake this was. She would soon find out. 

Sarah could see Miss Calvert was far from pleased, and began to make excuses for her lateness.

“Not now, Sarah, let’s wait until you eventually manage to get yourself into class. Now come with me.”

She led the girl upstairs and showed her to a very prettily decorated bedroom.

“This is your room for the weekend, Sarah. The bathroom is across the landing, and my bedroom is next to yours. Now please get ready for classes, and come downstairs as quickly as possible. We will be working in the dining room, which is the first door on the left at the bottom of the stairs.”

With this, she left Sarah alone, at the same time happy and excited to be here, but equally worried that she had clearly got off to a very bad start. She would have to try very much harder.

Sarah quickly unpacked her case, checked her appearance and brushed her hair before going downstairs. She had decided to wear a knee length navy blue pleated skirt and a smart short sleeved white blouse. In addition, she had chosen a pale blue, lace trimmed matching bra and panties set, skin coloured tights, and plain black shoes. Her jewellery was confined to tiny ring earrings and a discreet gold pendant. She wore no make-up. Miss Calvert couldn’t complain about the care she had taken over her appearance, and she had a sneaking feeling that she was going to need all the Brownie points she could muster.

Miss Calvert was waiting for her in the ‘classroom’, her face clearly demonstrating she was not at all pleased. She was sitting on one side of the dining table, her books and folders arranged neatly in front of her. Opposite her was another chair which was obviously for Sarah.

“Please put your things on the table, and stand behind your chair,” said Miss Calvert, giving Sarah a very frosty look.

Sarah did as she was told, and stood facing her teacher wondering what would happen next.

“Stand up straight, and put your hands behind your back, please,” was the next command, which Sarah immediately obeyed, now feeling more than ever like a very naughty schoolgirl, which was exactly what Miss Calvert intended.

“Now then, Sarah, before we begin work I want a serious word with you. You know me well enough to realise that I am not at all pleased with you. I freely give up my time to try to help you, and how am I repaid? You behave like an arrogant little madam who can’t even be bothered to turn up on time. Not, unfortunately, that I’m surprised, as this is just another demonstration of your recent work, attitude and behaviour. You have changed from an absolutely delightful student to what I can only describe as a spoilt brat, and that is something that we are going to address, and hopefully rectify, this weekend. Is that understood?”

Sarah stood unable to speak. She felt as though a bucket of ice-cold water had been thrown at her. Surely this couldn’t be happening? Had she really changed that much, and worse had she really upset her teacher so badly? She wanted to burst into tears, but couldn’t; she was too numbed.

“Well Sarah?”

“I’m very sorry, Miss, I had no idea. I didn’t realise. Please give me another chance, tell me how I can change, what do I have to do? I’m so sorry, please don’t be angry. I promise to try much harder.”

The words finally came tumbling out in such a way that the experienced teacher knew the girl was genuinely shocked, and that bringing her back into line might not be as difficult as she had envisaged.

“Thank you, Sarah, but I meant what I said, and hopefully by the end of the weekend it is something that it will not be necessary to repeat. Having said that, you must understand you will not find it a particularly pleasant experience. Is that clear?”

“Yes Miss, I understand, and promise to do whatever you say to make things better. I hate it when you’re angry with me, especially when you have to punish me, but I know you only ever do it for my own good. I still remember the lines that you gave me. That certainly worked!”

“Yes it did, didn’t it? But the benefits seem to have worn off. You will, no doubt, also recall what I said would happen if there was a repeat of your behaviour.”

Sarah was once again shocked, as she remembered very clearly what had been threatened. She felt her face burning and knew that it had turned bright red.

“Well Sarah?”

“What Miss?”

“Do you remember what I said?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Well, what was it?”

“You said that you’d punish me more severely, Miss.”

“How, Sarah?”

Sarah hesitated before replying in a very soft voice: “You said that you’d give me a good spanking, Miss.”

“That’s right, and did you believe me?”

“Not really Miss, you were just trying to scare me, weren’t you?”

“No Sarah, I wasn’t. I meant exactly what I said, and I promise you that I still mean it. Now sit down please. Firstly, we are going to review your work and behaviour over the past three months in order that you will understand exactly what I mean.”

This was not what Sarah had been expecting, and as she sat down she realised Miss Calvert was very angry, and that she was clearly in for a very uncomfortable time. She knew her recent work had not been up to her normal standard, and that she could have done a lot better, but why bother after such brilliant mock exam results?

As for the change in her behaviour and attitude, this had in fact been deliberate, and for a very good reason; it had been made extremely clear to her that the other girls in her form wouldn’t tolerate a ‘teacher’s pet’ in the class. This was demonstrated to her three months ago when she’d been given the treatment’ by a group of her class-mates. In Sarah’s form there was a small clique of about six girls, all members of the senior hockey squad, who, although not strictly speaking bullies, were known to be responsible for administering rough justice if they felt it was needed.

It was at the end of school one Wednesday afternoon, and Sarah was preparing to go home, when she became aware of the clique and some other girls approaching her. Warning bells rang in her head as the look of this gang was extremely worrying. The group was led by a tough girl called Claire, who was their spokesperson.

“We’d like a chat with you, please Sarah,” she said. “So come with us.”

It was not a request, and Sarah knew she would have to comply, whatever the consequences.

“Is something wrong?” she asked sheepishly.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” was the terse reply. “Now come with us.”

Escorted by the group of girls, Sarah was led out of the main school building and taken in the direction of the gym. The truth of her fate then dawned on her. The gym could only mean one thing, something she absolutely dreaded. She felt weak at the knees, sick in her stomach and very, very scared.

The gym was deserted, and once in the changing rooms she was immediately surrounded by her tormentors.

“Please undress,” ordered Claire.

“No, please Claire, not that. What have I done wrong? Please!” She pleaded hopelessly, but to no avail.

“We want you to know how we feel about teacher’s pets and swots. Now undress quickly, or we’ll do it for you!”

Sarah clearly had no choice; being stripped by this group of girls was not an option of choice. As she removed her jacket, she was aware her cheeks were burning, and doubtless if she looked in a mirror her face would make a ripe tomato look positively pale.

“Hurry up,” ordered Claire, and so Sarah took off her blouse and skirt which were immediately taken from her. Her natural shyness made this ordeal unbearable, but she knew she had no alternative but to obey the gang.

“And the rest, and I mean everything,” said Claire.

Sarah could no longer hold back the tears of humiliation as she kicked off her shoes, and took off her tights. Standing in just her white cotton bra and knickers, she made one more appeal for leniency, but to no avail. She then slowly took of her undies and stood in the circle stark naked.

The girls then led her to the communal showers, where all the cold taps were turned to full force.

“You will get into the showers at one end and walk very slowly through the showers to the other end, then turn round and walk back. Now in you go.”

Sarah closed her eyes and stepped into the shower and under the first jet of freezing water, the sensation of which made her scream. But she knew she had to walk the walk of shame, and slowly she walked the length of the shower before turning for the return journey. It was actually over quite quickly, but to Sarah it seemed like a lifetime.

Once out of the shower, Claire left her in no doubt that if there was no big change in her attitude, then she knew what to expect. Most of the girls then left her standing naked, bitterly cold and very upset. Two of the girls stayed behind having felt sorry for her, and quickly a couple of towels were wrapped around her and she was taken over to the hairdryers in order both to dry her sodden hair, and also to use the hot air to warm herself up. She thanked the girls profusely, and left for home knowing she must ensure the treatment was never given to her again.

The review then started. Miss Calvert had clearly been very methodical in her preparation, and without any trace of emotion led Sarah through her course work for the past three months. Although each essay and project had already been individually assessed and discussed, when put together en masse it did not give a favourable impression. Basically her average essay mark had reduced from 94% to 72% – enough to pass the exam, but nowhere near enough to give the pass level that she was capable of, and needed for her preferred university placement. The review was clinical and made Sarah feel very ashamed as she was fully aware that she had not been trying her best by any means. Scathing comments about not only the critical and descriptive content of the work, but also about the poor spelling, punctuation, grammar and presentation were fired at Sarah with machine gun rapidity, and to very good effect. Sarah felt miserable, and knew she was in very serious trouble. The teacher then went on to examine Sarah’s behaviour and attitude, an area that Sarah knew full well had deteriorated dramatically, and of course she also knew why.

“Now then, Sarah, as you know I am less than happy with your recent behaviour, and having spoken to your other teachers, it would appear they have all noticed a marked deterioration as well. If there is a reason for this, then please tell me. Are you having problems at home, for example, or is there a specific problem at school?”

“No Miss,” replied Sarah untruthfully.

“Are you sure, Sarah? If there is something, and you tell me about it, I promise that I will do everything I can to help you.”

Sarah hesitated. She desperately wanted Miss Calvert’s help and friendship, but the thought of splitting on her classmates… She took a deep breath.

“No Miss, there’s nothing.” And with those words she knew she had sealed her fate.

“Very well Sarah, in that case you leave me with no alternative, and I shall have to take the corrective action that I feel is necessary. Do you understand what I am leading up to?”

“I think so, Miss.”

“What, Sarah?”

“I think that you have decided that I deserve to be strictly disciplined, Miss.”

“That’s right Sarah, I have, and after our earlier chat I am sure you understand what that means, don’t you?”

“Yes Miss.”

“What does it mean, Sarah?”

“I think it means that you are going to give me the spanking that you promised before.”

“That’s right Sarah; I am going to give you a spanking that you will not forget for a long time, partly because of your recent work and behaviour, but equally importantly as a deterrent against any continuation of your silliness which is beginning to threaten your exam results. Now come with me please.”

The teacher stood up and led Sarah to the corner of the room where a solitary dining chair was waiting in readiness. She sat down, and beckoned Sarah to stand next to her.

“Before we start,” she said. “I just want you to know that I am extremely sorry and saddened to have to do this to you. If anyone had ever suggested that of all the girls in the school, I would have to give Sarah Green a good spanking, I’d have laughed in their face. But please understand that I’m doing this for your own good, and that although it’s going to be horrible for both of us, I truly believe that it is the right thing to do.”

Sarah lowered her head in shame. “I understand, Miss,” she whispered.

“Now please take off your skirt and tights and place them on the table.”

Sarah knew that arguing would be futile, and that her only sensible course of action was to do exactly as she was instructed. Accordingly very shortly she was standing bare legged with her pretty blue knickers fully exposed. Miss Calvert then took hold of the girl’s wrist, and pulled her gently down across her knee.

“Hands flat on the floor in front of you, please,” she told Sarah, who immediately obeyed.

With her hands and feet both touching the floor, her bottom was perfectly position for the punishment that had so carefully been decided on.

Firstly, however, there was one more piece of preparation, and without further ado the teacher took hold of the waistband of Sarah’s knickers, and eased them off her bottom, pulling them down to the girl’s knees.

Sarah was mortified; eighteen years old and bent over her teacher’s knee for a bare bottom spanking!

“Ready Sarah?”

“Yes, Miss.”

And with that the punishment began in earnest.

The first smack set the scene as it stung down on Sarah’s exposed left buttock, ensuring an involuntary yelp from the teenager. But almost immediately the second smack fell, this time on the right buttock, thus setting the pattern for the first half of the punishment.


Onwards and onwards the powerful smacks covered every inch of Sarah’s poor bottom, and resulted in the girl being reduced to tears very quickly. She wriggled, she struggled, she kicked her legs, but to no avail. The teacher’s hold was firm, and her repeated instructions for the girl to keep still were soon heeded. The spanking seemed never ending, and the squeals soon turned to cries of anguish as her bottom turned from white, through pink, through red, to crimson, and did not stop until fifty hard smacks had landed on their target, twenty-five on each cheek.

At this point, the spanking stopped as Miss Calvert realised Sarah had been sufficiently punished, and would most certainly have learnt her lesson. She looked down at her pupil’s very red bottom and the sight, when combined with the girls sobs, made her hate herself and she could not stop herself from bursting into tears.

The teacher then very gently pulled Sarah’s knickers back up and slowly eased them over her very sore bottom. As she did so, Sarah slowly began to stand and was soon once again facing her teacher. Sarah’s face was simply streaming with big, big tears that cascaded down her cheeks and onto her blouse.

There would be no more work that day, but the lesson Sarah had painfully learned would stay with here for a long, long time. With both of them still sobbing, she was escorted up to her bedroom and left there to reflect on her behaviour and its consequences. The teacher felt dreadful, but was sure that she had done the right thing. Sarah stayed in her room for the rest of the morning, much of the time in tears, but all the time lying on her tummy, still dressed as she had been for her spanking. She began to realise how stupid she had been to put herself through all this and risk her University place simply because a group of stupid girls had threatened her. She soon realised that nothing those beasts could do to her would be anywhere near as bad as being punished by Miss Calvert.

When she stopped crying, she went downstairs and apologised very sincerely to her teacher, who unreservedly forgave her, and gave a motherly hug. Lunch, however, was somewhat uncomfortable due to Sarah’s inability to sit still at the table! In the afternoon they concentrated on exam technique, and spent a relaxed evening listening to music. Later on when it was bedtime Miss Calvert helped the girl to get ready for bed before tucking her in with a goodnight kiss. 

Sarah went back to school a different person, with a totally positive attitude. She was never bullied again, and achieved outstanding results in her A and S levels. She went on to University where she was awarded a first class honours degree. She now works as an English teacher. She remains in close touch with Heather Calvert, who she considers to be one of her closest friends. Neither of them ever mention the spanking again, but neither has ever forgotten.

The End

© Sarah G 2015