Freedom leads a girl into trouble

By Dr Paddle

Sarah had moved into her flat and was very much looking forward to university life. She had grown up in the city, was an only child, and her parents had sent her to one of the best independent day schools to get the best education. She had wanted for very little in life but, being an only child, her parents had tracked her every move and essentially guided her through her life thus far. Her dad worked hard in the city as one of the top barristers, and her mother was one of the finest paralegals, so it was no surprise Sarah was steered towards a career in law. So here she was, a confident, very attractive young woman, aged 18, with long brown hair, standing at 5 foot 7 inches with very long shapely legs and a very attractive figure which she knew gained the attention of passing males and, occasionally, females. She was in the city, free from the prying eyes of her parents and determined to have some fun.

Her studio flat was only four miles from her family home, but it felt like she was a million miles away, with the world as her oyster. She was quite amazed her mum and dad had agreed she could move out, but she had spoken at length to her mum and they both agreed it was a good idea for her to find her own feet and have some independence. During her early teens, Sarah’s mum had ensured she worked hard at school in order to take full advantage of the education they were paying for. When her school grades needed to improve or she had let her parents down by behaving inappropriately, she would be taken up to her parents’ bedroom after dinner and would find herself over her mum’s knee for a sound bare bottom spanking with hand or hairbrush.

As she matured, the spankings became less frequent and Sarah had become very driven to get the grades she needed for her university course. Indeed, she hadn’t been spanked for well over a year, but she was grateful her mum had kept her in line in those early years and always felt that her punishments were well-deserved. As her mum had said, “There is no such thing as a free lunch,” and they had only recently laughed at the dinner table that the payment for not respecting her parents by either letting them down with bad behaviour or bad grades was rightly a trip over mum’s knee.

So it was that Sarah settled into Freshers’ Week at university, which inevitably meant parties, drinks in the pubs and, of course, late nights. Earlier in the week, she had met some new friends on her course, had drunk too much too quickly, and by 11 o’clock she was staggering back to her new pad. Just outside the underground station, she literally collided with a couple. She was wearing a short skirt and high heels, and simply lost her balance. She toppled over, landed on her back with her legs in the air. She had gone out without her knickers as this seemed to add to the excitement of the evening, but it meant that the couple and a few other passers-by had a good eyeful. She scrabbled around on the floor in a bit of a daze, and a gentleman helped her up and asked if she was alright. She smiled at him, thought briefly that he looked familiar, and staggered off. The chap had been saying something to her, but she couldn’t really hear what he said and was just intent on getting back to her flat, so she rather rudely ignored him.

She woke the next morning and remembered very little, but her head was very sore indeed. By the afternoon, she felt better and was thankful her mum and dad knew nothing of what had happened. Just being out without knickers would have not gone down well, and getting totally drunk would have really upset her parents.

The good news was that she had flirted with a guy called Edmund who was also on her Law course. He’d messaged her twice that morning and she did remember having a quick snog with him before staggering off home.

So it was that on the Thursday she got a call from her mother inviting her round on the Friday evening for dinner. She tried to explain she was busy, but her mother was very persuasive and indeed subtly reminded her that it was her parents who were paying for her flat. Sarah agreed and thought it would be possible to have mum cook for her, take her leave and then go on to a party where she knew Edmund would be.

Sarah arrived at 5.30 for dinner at 6.00 pm wearing a stylish blue dress, black tights and black shoes. She looked very attractive with her hair in a ponytail. Her mother opened the door, greeted her with a welcoming smile and said she thought she looked great in her dress. Sarah said it was lovely to be invited round, thanked her mum for the invite, and explained that she was going to a party later so would leave just after 9.00 pm.

“That’s fine,” said her mum. “It’s lovely to see you and we would love to hear about your university course, any new friends you’ve made and what you’ve been up to.”

Sarah went through to the lounge to greet her dad who had just come home from work and was pouring two gin and tonics, one for his wife and one for himself.

“Hello, my lovely,” he said with a smile. “Do you want one as well?”

“Yeah, great, thanks.” A good start to the evening, she thought.

Her dad poured three large gin and tonics, and Sarah sat on the sofa sipping hers whilst her dad took one through to the kitchen. He then returned to chat with his daughter. They were interrupted when mother called them to the table.

The meal passed pleasantly enough with more chat about Sarah’s course and her new flat. Sarah said she met some nice people who were on the same course, being very careful to avoid talking too much about parties and drinking as she knew they would disapprove of her getting drunk. After all, they were paying for her flat.

In a previous conversation, Sarah’s mum had already made it clear she was hoping that, by giving her this sort of independence and paying for a very expensive flat, Sarah wouldn’t have to find part-time work to fund her university existence. In return, Sarah would act responsibly, work hard and not let the family down. Despite it being a large city, both mum and dad were well known and their reputation in the legal profession was important to them.

Mum cleared the table after the tasty homemade cottage pie was devoured by everyone and she brought through a delicious looking apple crumble. The crumble was just as tasty and as the last mouthful went down, Sarah’s mum turned to Sarah. Her smile had gone and she looked very stern; a look that Sarah had not seen for a while. Sarah knew something was amiss and the times she had seen her mum give her this look before had invariably ended with a trip up to the bedroom.

“What’s up, mum?” Sarah said.

“Well, Sarah. You know Judge Robinson and his wife, don’t you? We’ve been round to their house in the country a few times. Very respectable and obviously very influential in legal circles.”

“Oh, yes, I remember them,” said Sarah, not quite putting two and two together.

“Well,” her mum continued. “They were in London at the theatre on Tuesday night and as they were outside the underground station they bumped into a very drunken young lady.”

Sarah turned bright red, and some of the Tuesday evening started to flood back into her memory. The couple she had bumped into, the fact she had fallen over and the man she half recognised was obviously Judge Robinson.

‘Oh no!’ she thought.

“It looks to me,” her mum said. “That you know about this incident, judging by how embarrassed you are. Apparently, the Judge said the girl was in a short skirt and when she fell over he, his wife and other onlookers were treated, if that’s the word, to quite an eyeful as the young lady had forgotten to put her knickers on.”

Her mum glared at her and her dad looked very disappointed and thoroughly embarrassed.

Sarah’s cheeks were now bright red. She looked down at the empty bowl in front of her and just couldn’t find any words. She was speechless and was clearly horrified.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

She had no idea what to say. Her first exciting forage into the city where she had taken a bit of a risk had ended up bringing the family into disrepute in the local courts.

Her mother continued. “We have given you a lovely flat and the freedom which no doubt you wanted, and within a few days you appear to be out of control. It wouldn’t be so bad but your dad has to see Judge Robinson on Monday in court and obviously he will need in some way to explain that you were in your first week away from home and a little high-spirited. But Judge Robinson when he rang asked how we intend to deal with this matter and bring you under control, for your own good.”

“I’m so sorry, I really am,” Sarah said. “I am happy to go and see Judge Robinson and apologise to him and his wife, if that helps.”

“That’s not quite how we have done things in the past, is it, Sarah?

“But mum, no. Please, I’m 18 now. Don’t take me to your room, please!”

“Very well, but there is a matter of trust here, Sarah. You have let us down, put yourself in danger by wandering around the city completely drunk, and embarrassed us within the legal community. Unless you accept our terms, we will have to take the flat back and you will have to find a way of funding your own accommodation or move back in here with us. It is up to you and we will of course respect your decision. But you need to learn that there are consequences to your actions, as was the case when you were younger.”

Sarah was now torn. She hadn’t been spanked for ages. It would be painful but over quickly. No doubt the judge would be told and would agree the matter was resolved and a lesson learned. Losing the flat, which she had proudly told her new friends about, would put her into a difficult situation, and moving back home would be awful. Logically, she had little choice but to go upstairs with her mother.

“Well, are you going to follow me upstairs? If you can’t act like a mature young lady then you need be treated like a naughty little girl.”

Sarah stood up, walked to the dining room door and headed to the stairs. Her heart was pounding as she recalled the times before when she had made this trip with her mum behind her. Every step up the stairs led her to the inevitable.

Her mum followed, knowing this needed to be done. She was quite proud of her daughter for accepting a punishment as she was convinced this would set her straight. And it would make her think twice before putting herself in danger again.

Sarah and her mum entered the bedroom in silence, as they had done when Sarah was younger. Her mum pulled the stool out from under the make-up desk and sat on it.

“Stand in front of me, Sarah. We will only be paying for your flat if you can behave like an adult and not put yourself in danger. Clearly you have not met the standards expected of you, so in order for you to keep the flat and to keep you in line you will need to be taught a lesson like the naughty girl you are.”

“I’m so sorry, mum. I know I have behaved badly,” Sarah said. “It won’t happen again, I promise.”

“Indeed it won’t, Sarah. You are really too old for this but your behaviour warrants it.”

Her mum lifted Sarah’s dress up, pulled her tights down to reveal her black cotton knickers which she also pulled down to just below the top of her thighs.

Sarah always found having her knickers pulled down humiliating as it handed control to her mum. Her mum knew her daughter, no matter her age, was agreeing she deserved the impending spanking. The consent was important to both of them as Sarah was, after all, an adult.

“Right, young lady. Over my knee. I trust you can remember the position.”

“Yes mum,” Sarah said as she bent right over her mother’s knee so her hands were on the floor and her toes were just about touching the floor on the other side. She was balanced there with her bare, pale bottom high in the air, exposed and a perfect target for her mother.

As the first whack with the hairbrush came down, Sarah squealed with surprise and it reminded her that this was going to be just as painful as it was when she was younger. She had hoped being older would make it less so. The second whack on her other cheek confirmed it. It stung like hell and if she had not been held firmly in place she would have wriggled even more. Her mum watched as the two whacks turned her daughter’s cheeks a pink colour.

As each sharp whack landed on alternate cheeks, Sarah’s squeals became louder and the wooden back of the brush came down just a little harder, while the rhythm remained the same. Sarah knew that no matter how much she yelped her mum would only stop when her bottom was sore all over and a lesson had been well and truly learned. Her cheeks wobbled under the brush and the pain was spreading all over the as her mum continued her work. It was clear to Sarah that she was going to be sore for a few days at least.

The spanking continued with Sarah’s yelps alternating with the crack of the hairbrush. What was once a white bottom was now much redder and, in places, crimson. Her legs were kicking as the end of the spanking neared. Sarah was experienced enough to remember that an increase in pace and intensity of her mother’s whacks meant the last minute or so of her sound spanking had come. She yelped and felt each hard whack in the centre of her cheeks. It was stinging like crazy and she was wriggling to try and avoid the brush, to no avail.

With Sarah’s bottom on fire and feeling very sore, her mum stopped and put the brush on the bed. She told Sarah to stand up. She did so, felt back with her hand and rubbed her sore bottom. As if by instinct, she lifted her dress, turned round and showed her mum her bottom to ensure the job was done properly.

Her mum gave a satisfied, “Yep, I think you have learned your lesson, although you are probably a bit too old for me to have to do that, honey.”

“I guess so,” said Sarah.

Despite her sore bottom, she smiled at her mum and knew that the spanking was given with love and in her best interests, as they always had been.

“Pull you knickers and tights up and we can go down and enjoy the cheese and biscuits, before you go to your party.”

Sarah did as she was told and the two ladies returned to the table. Sarah sat very gingerly and told her dad she had been soundly spanked, and hoped he would tell the Judge on Monday that she had learned her lesson. She also thanked her parents for looking after her interests and letting her keep the flat.

Once the cheese and biscuits were finished and they had enjoyed more chat and a glass of port, Sarah took her leave. She decided, however, that maybe she might give the party a miss as Edmund was certainly not going to be seeing her bottom in this state and she wasn’t going to be sitting comfortably anyway. She messaged him, said she would see him after the weekend, and returned to her flat.

The End

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