A girl falls foul of some tough school regulations

By Gillian Howard

My name is Sandra Brady and I am in the Upper sixth at our Girls Grammar school in the west Midlands. I am studying Maths, Physics and Biology as well as studying art at college on a Tuesday and Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. Our school has a very rigid uniform policy and anything which is considered to flout this will result in the cane without exception. The uniform consists of dark grey skirt, white shirt, grey and maroon tie, maroon blazer, maroon knickers, maroon beret and long grey socks with 2 maroon rings at the top. For PE we wear a maroon leotard which is cut high on the legs. Our games kit is red skirt and knickers and yellow shirt.

The punishments can be lines, 1 hour detentions on a Wednesday evening, having your legs smacked, the slipper across the bottom or the cane across the hands in class. If you are sent to the headmaster you can receive the slipper across the knickers but usually the cane across the knickers. I myself, along with several of my friends, have never received any punishments.

I and some of the others often smile and giggle inwardly as girls have returned to class in tears and considerable pain after receiving the cane.

Outside of school I have a boyfriend, Keith, who goes to the boys grammar school and we have been seeing each other for about 9 months.

When we started back to school after the summer break my art class moved onto live models, and for the first six weeks we had various ladies, but we were told that after half term we would be having male models. Keith thought this would be hilarious. For the first time ever, I struggled with the artwork as I could not get the male sexual parts looking correct. On the second week I was getting myself upset and, after school on the Friday, I was going to Keith’s house for my tea. Keith’s parents were going to the local badminton club and said they would drive me home afterwards.

After they left, Keith suggested I practise drawing his penis and testicles and, after several attempts, I finally got the hang of it, but I also succumbed to his charms. We had just got dressed when his parents arrived back and took me home. That Saturday the teachers commented on the vast improvement in my drawings.

Back at school on the Monday, three of the usual girls arrived back in class after the break in tears and had obviously been caned. Monica and myself looked at each other with a smirk on our faces. On Tuesday afternoon in gym, all three had 4 raised welts showing across their bottoms. Julie told me they had got 2 for being late 3 days in the last 2 weeks, and a further 2 for not wearing school knickers.

I was shocked because it was accepted that we could wear tights even though we still had to wear our socks as well. That night, when I got home, I checked to see if I still had any school knickers but mum said she had thrown them all away .as I had stopped wearing them.

As we started back to school after the Christmas holidays, we were informed in assembly on the Tuesday morning that Miss Myler, our maths teacher, would be off school for a few weeks as she had been rushed to hospital over night with a burst appendix. A supply teacher would arrive in the afternoon, but the headmaster would be taking our double period.

We arrived for Maths and it soon became obvious that he was an excellent Maths teacher. After the bell for the end of the first period, he set us 6 problems to calculate and, as we started, he said he would be back before the end of class and that he expected us to work in silence while he was away.

Most of us had finished the problems and Monica and myself were discussing my art class that evening. I then started to check my work as Monica started chatting to Julie and Sam, a close friend of Julie. The door suddenly flew open.

“You three girls, come out here now. When I tell you to work in silence, you do so. Now come out here and I will make you make some noise!”

Julie, Monica and Sam made their way to the front.

“All of you, bend over one of the front desks,”

This would be Monica’s first ever punishment and he gave each of them 4 real stingers with the slipper. Luckily for them all, he did not raise their skirts as none of them ever wore school knickers.

He then said: “Right, you have 5 minutes left before the bell. All of you, check your work as I will be collecting it in and then I will ask one of you to collect it later. As I reopened my book, it opened on the centre pages and I saw the drawings I had done of Keith’s privates as I had forgotten to remove the pages. I slowly extracted the centre pages and slid them off the desk and under my bottom just as the books were collected. I managed to fold the drawings and move them into my satchel.

We went to the common room during break and Karen, one of Julie’s friends, started to tease Monica about getting punished for the first time. Monica, myself and Julie were commenting how lucky it was that my bottom was not throbbing like Monica’s was. We went to our last lesson of the morning, biology, and as usual I was totally engrossed in it. About 5 minutes before the end of the lesson, the school secretary knocked on the laboratory door and Miss Dawson spoke to her.

After we had taken details of our homework, the bell sounded for lunch. As we filed out, Miss Dawson asked if I could go and collect our Maths books from the Headmaster and said that I would need my satchel to carry them. I told Monica I would see her later.

I arrived at the Headmaster’s office and knocked on the door.


I opened the door and entered. I was surprised to see the size of it. Mr Jones was sat behind a large desk with a green leather insert in the top. Down both sides was a green leather 3 seater Chesterfield sofa and 3 upright chairs against the wall on one side of his desk, and 2 on the other side with the third one placed in front of his desk facing him.

“It’s Sandra Brady isn’t it? Please sit down.”

I did as I was requested but couldn’t stop looking around his office.

“I take it you have never been in here before, Sandra?”

“No, Sir.”

“Well, just relax. I am sorry I don’t get around too often and get to know my students. Now Sandra, your work in Maths this morning was exceptional and I was very impressed. I have since checked with all your teachers and they all say you are an exceptional student with a very good disciplinary record. I also believe you are also a very talented artist and attend college to take the extra A Level.

“This morning, as I was collecting in the maths books, I thought I saw you out of the corner of my eye rip 2 pages out of your Maths book. Before you answer, I have your book here along with 2 new ones and 2 other girls’ books. Your book has 6 fewer pages than any other and the staples in the centre are raised. What have you got to say for yourself, Sandra?”

I could feel myself blushing and was getting scared as it looked like I might be getting the slipper at the very least.

I just mumbled: “Sorry, Sir.”

“Well, Sandra, your unblemished disciplinary record is going because for tearing pages out of your maths book I am going to give you 2 strokes of the cane across your knickers. I will first give you the chance to hand over the pages you removed this morning before I decide if you are to receive extra.

“I am going to ring my secretary to come in and to bring the senior cane and punishment book. If you have not handed the missing pages over by the time she gets here I will get her to search your satchel and increase your punishment.”

He picked up the phone and spoke. “Miss Mathews, could you please start an entry in the punishment book; Sandra Brady, upper 6th science, 2 strokes of senior cane across her knickers for destroying school property. There may be more to add. Then bring the book and the senior cane in as I will need you to act as a witness.”

I sat there completely stunned, then remembered the cigarette I have before the bus arrives in a morning and when I get off the bus in the afternoon.

As the secretary entered, I reached down and took the paper out and handed it to him. I tried to explain I had drawn them as I was having trouble in live art classes. He seemed to accept the reasons for the drawings.

“Sandra, while I accept your reasons for the drawings, I do not accept that you forgot about them. I am left with no alternative but to give you a further 4 strokes, making it 6 in all. Stand up, remove your socks, tights and skirt, then bend over the back of the chair you have been sitting on.”

As I stood up, my stomach was churning and my legs were like jelly. Realising that I was to receive 6 strokes of the cane, whereas Sam had never received more than 5 strokes, I remembered that Julie told me she got 2 extra for not wearing school knickers. Although mine were a full brief, they were pink nylon and not maroon cotton. I removed my skirt and placed it neatly on the floor, then slowly put my fingers into my tights and carefully removed them, taking care not to pull my knickers down as well.

“Miss Mathews, another entry please; Sandra Brady, upper 6th science, 2 strokes of senior cane for not wearing school knickers, making a total of the maximum allowed of 8 strokes. Sandra, bend over the back of that chair and reach as far down as possible. Miss Mathews, take up your normal position and hold her shoulders and arms down.”

I felt my knickers stretch over my bottom and, without warning, I heard a loud bang as a line of fire erupted across the centre of my bottom. As a yelp escaped my lips, 3 more landed in quick succession, each intensifying the previous pain. The fifth stroke was low down across the very tops of my thighs on bare skin and brought a scream and several expletives from my lips. The final 3 strokes were low down on my bottom and I was screaming and kicking my feet after each one.

I felt Miss Mathews move and heard the Headmaster say: “Sandra, you may get up and get dressed. You took your punishment well considering you got the maximum on your first caning. For using those expletives, I would normally have given extra but instead you will serve a 1 hour detention tomorrow, and again next Wednesday. Now get dressed.”

I picked up my tights and the skin across my bottom exploded in pain again as it stretched. I slowly picked up my skirt and replaced it before feeling even more pain as I put on my socks and shoes.

I finally stood in front of him and was told to sign my three entries in the punishment book. I was told to put all the maths books into my satchel and take them to the common room. Miss Mathews then handed me 2 detention slips and opened the door for me.

I returned very slowly to the common room to find my friends, Monica, Susan and Wendy were sat near the door. As I entered, they asked where I had been for 15minutes. I burst into tears on Wendy’s shoulder as I told everyone that I had been given 8 strokes of the senior cane and why.

Julie, Sam and the others exclaimed that they had never had more than 6 strokes. They all wanted me to show them the marks, but I told them they would see them in gym after lunch.

I whispered to Wendy to get my leotard from my locker and meet me in the toilets. I was naked when Wendy arrived but she helped me into my leotard and was really upset when she saw the marks on my bottom and the one across my thighs. I told her how I had sworn when that one landed and had been given 2 detentions. She helped with my tights and socks and we returned with my bra and knickers in my blazer pockets. I just had time for a sandwich and a drink before the bell sounded.

We made our way to gym and as we changed there were quite a few smirks at the state of my bottom, and the elastic of my leotard was really digging into my welts. As we entered the gym, I was informed that I would be given no favours in gym by Miss Smythe. Part way through the lesson, Wendy was caught helping me over the beams. We both finished up standing hands on head as we received 3 hard smacks to the backs of our thighs. That was her first taste of corporal punishment.

That night at home, mum applied some cream but said I had deserved the cane and was shocked to hear I was no longer a virgin. Keith was told to go home when he called around later.

The following day, as I got ready for school, I told mum I would be late home as I would be serving my first detention.

All day, I was being tormented by the girls normally in trouble, who said I would be getting another sore bottom tonight.

I arrived at the detention room where there were seven other girls waiting. Miss Smythe was on duty that night. We had just been given our assignments when there was a knock on the door. It opened and I saw it was Joanne, Wendy’s sister, who was in the fifth year and a regular visitor to the headmaster. She was with her friend Sylvia.

They apologised for being late and Miss Smythe said: “Put your bags at a desk and then go to the headmaster to explain why you were late.”

They returned after about ten minutes having both received 3 strokes of the cane.

As they took their seats, two girls were called out and got three with the slipper for watching them sit down.

During the detention, I finished my task and watched as Sylvia was called out. She got 6 with the slipper for fidgeting.

“Sandra Brady, out here! You seemed to enjoy watching that punishment. Touch your toes.”

“But Miss, I have finished my assignment.”

“You should have told me you had finished. Now, bend over.”

I received my first dose of the slipper. Although nowhere near as painful as the cane, 6 strokes of the slipper on my sore bottom was still really painful.

Mum took me to the doctors and I was prescribed the pill and told not to have unprotected sex for a month. That was no problem as I still was not allowed to see Keith.

The rest of the week went quietly for me, but on the morning of my second detention Wendy and Susan both received their  first dose of the slipper in Biology off Miss Dawson.

At the end of the day I went to the detention class and was stood facing the wall, hands behind my head. I suddenly felt my skirt rise and 3 sharp smacks to the back my thighs off Miss Dawson.

“Hands on your head, not behind it!”

We entered the room and stood behind a desk. The door closed.

“Brady, go to the Headmaster and inform him you are not wearing school knickers.”

I walked out and around the corner, and knocked on the Headmaster’s door.


I opened the door and immediately saw the cane on his desk.

“Miss Dawson sent me, Sir, as she saw I was not wearing school knickers as she smacked my legs.”

“Tights down and bend over and touch your toes.”

I saw he was filling in the punishment book as I bent over. He picked up the cane, came around his desk and, without ceremony, delivered two hard strokes across my red briefs.

“Stand up, pull your tights up, sign the punishment book and get back to detention.”

I returned and had to inform the class that I had been caned. I got through the rest of detention with no other problems, although 3 girls did get the cane across their hands.

As we approached half term, mum had let me start seeing Keith again and we resumed our sexual activities.

Wendy and I had asked if we could go to Paris for a long weekend at the start of May to relax us before our A levels. Both our mums took us into town and booked flights and 3 nights in a top hotel. I told Keith and he was a little upset but that night asked me if Wendy still fancied his friend Gary. I said that she did, so we arranged for us all to meet up and everything went great with them over the Easter holidays. We spent a lot of time together and they eventually asked if we would mind if they came to Paris as well. Wendy was a little unsure, but then agreed.

At the start of our final term, we all received a letter to say that the Headmaster would be leaving after 25 years at the school to take up a position as Head of School Inspectors for the government.

As half term approached, Wendy and myself were really looking forward to going to Paris. Wendy was a little apprehensive, but since Easter had spent a lot of time with Gary. On our last day at school before our flight, Wendy, Monica and myself were going to the common room.

We were all a little boisterous when we heard the headmaster shout: “You three girls, in here now!”

We turned to see him stood in the classroom doorway. We walked into a classroom full of First year girls, including  Monica’s 12 year old sister Mary.

“The three of you, stand facing the wall with your hands on your heads. You were making more noise than I would expect from this class of 12 year olds, so we will show them that even in the upper sixth I will not stand for such behaviour.”

I heard a loud smack as he started to smack the back of Wendy’s thighs. I counted six before I felt my skirt being lifted and my thighs explode in pain as I was given three to each thigh. Then I heard Monica being smacked.

“Turn around! In future you will walk around school quietly. The three of you can now go and wait outside my office facing the wall with hands on your heads. Brady, when you get there tell Miss Mathews to enter all your names in the punishment book and to place it, along with the senior cane, on my desk. I will be along as soon as I can get a prefect to supervise this class. You are all to receive 2 strokes of the cane for not wearing school knickers.”

We made our way slowly to the Headmaster’s office and I gave Miss Mathews the message. She soon came out of her office and into the Headmaster’s office just as the Headmaster returned.

“You three, in here now. You are all to get 2 strokes for not wearing school knickers. Brady, show them what to do. Out here, pull down your tights and touch your toes.”

As I bent over, I could feel my new white briefs ride up exposing most of my bottom. With no formalities, I felt my skirt raise and heard the cane being lifted off the desk. Then I heard the swoosh and crack as the first line of fire erupted across the lowest part of my bottom. The second stroke brought a yelp as it landed on the crease between bottom and thighs. I was told to stand and pull my tights up.

As I did so, I heard Mr Jones shout: “Thomas, come here, take your tights down and bend over.”

I saw that Wendy was already in tears and, as she bent over and Mr Jones flipped her skirt over her back, I saw she was wearing white nylon knickers that were full and covered all her bottom. The first stroke landed and she let out a yell as she leapt in the air.

Mr Jones said: “Thomas, get back over. That stroke will not count. You still have 2 to come.”

She slowly bent over again. Her second stroke landed and again she jumped up, hopping around and falling over due to her tights being still around her knees. Miss Mathews helped to her feet, guided her back to the desk and bent her over it. I could clearly see 2 raised welts through her knickers.

Once she was bent over the desk, Miss Mathews held onto her so her upper body could not move. This was clearly something she was used to doing.

Mr Jones was clearly very annoyed as he said: “Thomas, you have earned yourself an extra stroke, so you now have three to come.”

He wasted no time delivering 3 real stingers to the lower part of Wendy’s bottom. Miss Mathews held her in place for a minute after her caning and I could see the 5 lines across her bottom. She was eventually allowed up and Miss Mathews carefully pulled her tights up and she joined me.

“Webster, over here, take your tights down and bend over.”

Monica did so and her skirt was flipped up to reveal white briefs with red yellow and blue polka dots. The first stroke landed low down and she too screamed as she jumped up.  She apologised, but was still told it would not count. She took her remaining two well, grunting after each one. We were then told to go.

As soon as we were outside, all our hands were cupping our throbbing bottoms. We went to the toilets and bathed our bottoms. A minute or so later, the door opened and Sam appeared with a large jar of cold cream as she had seen us stumble into the toilet and guessed why. She told Wendy she, too, had received 5 on her first caning instead of just 2 because of the shock of that first stroke.

On the bus home, Mary kept chanting: “Monica has been caned! Monica has been caned!”

The following morning, Wendy and her mum arrived to take us to the airport. After we had checked in, Wendy and myself went through passport control and mum shouted they would be in the viewing area to wave us off.

Keith and Gary were among the first to board wile Wendy and I were among the last. Luckily mum never noticed the boys boarding. When we arrived at our hotel we both had massive rooms with double beds. We had a fantastic weekend visiting all the tourist spots and, on the last two nights, Wendy swapped rooms with Keith. We arrived home very happy and left the airport ahead of the boys. Wendy couldn’t wait to tell Monica she had lost her virginity.

Our exams started when we returned to school and were soon over. I was very happy with the way the exams went. The staff had arranged a leaving party for Mr Jones and had invited all the upper sixth and about 100 previous students, including Monica’s mum, along with my mum. On the Thursday at assembly, Mr Jones thanked everybody for all the cards and presents and said tomorrow’s assembly would be taken by Miss Morrison, the new Headmistress. At the end of assembly, Mr Jones made one last announcement.

“Sandra Brady, please report to my office immediately after assembly as you were observed smoking on the way to the bus stop this morning and you will be caned.”

I rose from my seat and made my way to his office. I could not believe he was going to cane me with only 1 day of school left.

I knocked on his door and heard: “Enter!”

I did so and Miss Mathews had everything ready.

“Brady, remove your blazer and skirt and take your tights down. Bend over the back of the chair.”

“I am wearing stockings, Sir, not tights.”

“Very well, leave them in place.”

As I took my skirt off I was stood in a pair of red silk French knickers and matching suspender belt and stockings. As I bent over the chair, I knew I would have little protection.

“You will receive 4 strokes of the senior cane for smoking, and a further 3 for wearing totally inappropriate underwear.”

I could hear all the students passing by as my caning started and knew they would be able to hear it. I was screaming after the fourth stroke and as he finished I staggered to my feet and replaced my skirt before signing the book.

He pointed out that on the last 2 pages I had 7 entries.

I then left and returned to the common room with a very painful and marked bottom.

. On our final day, the morning was spent helping the kitchen staff prepare the buffet and then, at 11.30, all the guests arrived and the formal proceeding got under way. St about 1.30, the buffet was opened and everybody mingled.

My mum and Monica’s mum, as ex pupils, had been invited and we were all stood together along with Wendy. Mr Jones came and spoke to us and asked Monica’ s mum when she had attended the school. He remembered her when he heard her name as she had been deputy head girl.

He turned to my mum and said: “When did you attend the school, Mrs Brady?”

“I was in the upper sixth as you arrived as Headmaster, Mr Jones, and I remember the shock of a male teacher being appointed.”

“Yes, the school governors were very forward thinking at the time, but I hope I proved them right. I am sorry I don’t remember you but I do remember names more, so what was your maiden name?”

I thought I could see mum blush.

“My maiden name was Jacobs; Martha Jacobs.”

He stood there thinking before speaking.

“I do recall the name, but it does not come to me completely, but it may do. But thank you all for coming as I really appreciate it.”

As he moved away, I turned to mum as Monica’s mum whispered to mum.

Just then, I heard Mr. Jones behind me say: “Mrs Brady, how could I forget you? If my memory is correct, at the start of my second week you became the very first girl that I had to discipline. I thing it was 4 strokes of the senior cane for smoking.”

Mum really blushed as she just nodded.

“Well, I just cannot believe it that the first girl I caned is the mother of the last girl I caned, and both 4 strokes for smoking. Well that is unbelievable.”

He walked away smiling as it was now my turn to blush. Mum did not know about my caning yesterday, although she did know about my others.

Shortly afterwards we walked through the school gates for the last time as pupils, and waved to Mr Jones as he was driven away by his wife.

Once home, mum told me that when my school report arrived in the morning it would include a copy of my school file, so my father would know about all my punishments.

“Does he know that you were also caned, mum?”

“He should. He was also caned at the same time as the boys school was attached to the girls school, but he got 6 of the best on his bare bottom!”

The End

© Gillian Howard 2017