A story of Bible Belt family justice

By Stinger Sam

“Genesis 3:6 says, ‘When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it,’” said Reverend Carter, standing on the church stage by the pulpit. “We all know and are constantly told that it was Eve who gave into temptation. But how many of us realize that Adam failed at his responsibilities as head of the household?”

“Amen.” Yelled a male attendee in the third row.

“Here we discover that Adam was with her during her encounter with the serpent. The word says ‘her husband, who was with her.’ Adam was there, and didn’t protect Eve nor speak up to Satan. Nor did he reproach his Eve when it appeared she fell hook, line, and sinker for the devil’s bait. Instead, we find him standing in the background and neglecting his duties. God personally gave him, not Eve, the specific command to not eat of the tree. What does he do? Nothing. God’s word tells us that men are the head of the household. As the head, we are instructed to lead our family and protect them. This sometimes requires us giving correction whenever needed. Eve here was going astray. Could she have used some correction?”

“Amen.” Said an older female churchgoer in the audience.

“Yes, she could have. This calling of men being the head of the household still stands today,” hollered Reverend Carter, slapping the wooden pulpit. “Men, we need to step up. We owe it to our families. But most importantly, if we call Jesus our Lord, we need to do what he commands. I, for one, don’t want to let my family slip into the devil’s hand and dragged into hell. God’s word says, ‘without holiness, no one shall see the Lord.’ God expects sanctification from each and every one of us. Professing a simple belief is not enough, change follows sincere faith. When we see the ones that God has entrusted us with swaying from holiness, we could be very well helping saving their soul by fulfilling our duties.”

After the church service ended, Reverend Carter stood at the exit of the church and greeted guests as they left.

“Reverend, that was some sermon,” said Robbie, the associate pastor and fiancée of Reverend Carter’s daughter. “You have a strong anointing on you. I can feel it every time you preach.”

“Thank you, son. But all the glory goes to God. When you and Beth are wed in two months, I pray that you faithfully obey your calling as the head of the house.”

“Yes, sir. I have been fervently praying for that.”

“I know you have,” Reverend Carter said with a warm smile. “I’m sure the Lord will give you a good homily to share with us next Sunday.”

When they arrived home, Beth was looking for some old family photos but couldn’t find them.

“Father, may I go into the basement and look for some missing pictures? I searched the entire house and they are nowhere to be found.”

“Honey, they are not there. I promise. Besides, you know how I feel about you going into the cellar.”

“That you don’t want me near it?”

“That’s right. I don’t think it is necessary to remind you what would happen if you did wander in the cellar.”

“No, sir.”

Beth went to the kitchen and ate a snack. After her father went to the bedroom to take his usual Sunday afternoon nap, she debated about defying her father’s orders and searching the basement.

‘They have to be there,’ Beth thought to herself. ‘I’ll be quick and say a prayer afterwards.’

Despite having a strong hunch to not enter the basement, she gave in and thus disobeyed her father’s clear orders. She snatched her mother’s keys from the kitchen table.

‘Better bring a flashlight since there is no light in the cellar,’ Beth thought to herself.

Beth exited her home and walked to the side of the house where the entrance of the basement was located. She unlocked the basement, shut the door, and ventured downstairs. Once at the bottom of the stairs, she turned on the flashlight and was alarmed when she saw a pillory. She turned her head and saw a set of three straps hanging on the wall, from smallest to biggest. She picked up the smallest one by the wooden handle, felt it, and returned it to its resting place.

She walked further in the basement and stopped upon seeing a wooden chair fastened to the floor. She walked to the chair’s left side, and saw black leather restraints on each of the large armrests, along with a large red paddle with the Ten Commandments written in black letters on the business end of the paddle.

Just then, she heard the cellar’s wooden doors open. Filled with fear, she turned off the flashlight and quickly hid herself in a dark corner behind two large boxes. She listened as two sets of footsteps were heard walking down the stairs.

“What do you mean you can’t remember if you locked the cellar?” Asked Reverend Carter, holding a lantern in his left hand. “It was unlocked, right? You and I are the only two with a key. So, since you were the last person down here, you forgot to lock the cellar. Anyways, do you know why we are here?”

“Yes, I need to be punished,” replied Angela, Reverend Carter’s spouse.

“This is for your own good, dear,” responded Reverend Carter, hanging the lantern on a nearby hook and then unlocking the pillory.

‘Oh my gosh, is he really going to put mother in that torture device?’ Beth thought to herself.

“Get in,” ordered Reverend Carter, patting the pillory. “You know the punishment for transgressing against the Lord.”

After his wife positioned herself in the pillory, thus causing her to be perfectly bent over to be chastised by her husband, Reverend Carter locked the pillory and raised her long button-front denim skirt, thus exposing her round bottom which was covered by a pair of white cotton hi-cut panties.

“Honey, I love you,” Reverend Carter said, stroking Angela’s long light brown French braid. “God never said sanctification would be easy, but we both want heaven to be our home.”

“I know, dear. Do whatever is necessary.”

Reverend Carter grabbed his wife’s panties and slid them down to her knees. He reached toward the nearby wall and retrieved the medium black leather strap from the hook that it called home. He took aim at his wife’s unprotected backside and smacked it hard, causing her to yelp.

‘Is my father spanking my mother?’ Beth thought to herself as she listened on as her father kept punishing his wife’s bottom.

Beth’s curiosity got the best of her, and she poked her head out to confirm if her mother was really being spanked.


Another devastating swat landed on Angela’s red and aching bottom.

“Two more, and I think you should be in the clear,” announced Reverend Carter to his sobbing wife.


“Ouch!” Screamed Angela, balling up her fists tightly.


“Forgive me, Lord,” blubbered Angela, with rivers of tears flowing from her wide blue eyes.

Knowing that the spanking was at its conclusion, Beth hastily hid herself once again.

“Don’t move until I inspect your bottom,” ordered Reverend Carter.

Reverend Carter looked intently at his wife’s beaten and swollen rear end. After he examined his work for a short moment, he rubbed his wife’s glowing backside and gently caressed it.

“It appears that you have been properly chastised,” informed Reverend Carter, pulling up his wife’s panties tightly. “However, I want you to stay in the cellar and think about what you have done.”

“Like this?” Asked Angela in disbelief.

“Yes, in the pillory. You reap what you sow.”

Having said that, Reverend Carter hung up his strap, grabbed the lantern, exited the basement, and closed the cellar door, which caused complete darkness to engulf every inch of the basement. Angela hung in the pillory and listened as her husband locked the basement. Beth couldn’t decide if she should scream for her father to release her from this dark dungeon, or if she should keep her mouth shut and try to avoid punishment by escaping it herself. She couldn’t make up her mind so it was decided for her as her father returned to the house. Beth stood up, turned on the flashlight, and made her way to her weeping mother.

Beth wrapped her arm around her mother and asked: “Are you okay?”

“What are you doing down here?” Angela asked, trying to compose herself. “If your father finds you down here, you know what he will do.”

“I know, mother. I was looking for some family pictures, and that was when you two came in here. Why did you let him do that to you?”

“Because I deserved it. He loves me and wants the best for me. So when I go astray from the Lord, he disciplines me. I know this seems harsh, but really I view it as a safety net. Your father is ready to catch me when I start falling into hell. That is what a good husband does. Do you know what a good god-fearing wife does?”


“Submit to her husband and respect him, just us the Bible commands us to. Your father is a man of God. When he sees me sliding, he helps me with my sanctification by disciplining me. Who am I to reject his assistance? You will soon be married to Robbie, and learn what it means to be an obedient wife.”

“I don’t know if I could ever let him do that to me. Stand still while I try to get you out of that horrible torture device.”

Beth tried to open the pillory but with no success.

“It’s locked, honey. Only your father has a key, so I’m stuck here until he decides to let me out.”

After Angela said that, the flashlight stopped functioning, and the basement was once again covered in pitch darkness.

“Come on,” pleaded Beth, hitting the flashlight against her palm. “It’s gone. Do you know a way out?”

“There is only one way out, and it is fastened tight with a heavy chain and padlock.”

“So are we stuck down here in the dark,” asked Beth, now starting to panic.

“Yes, until your father lets us out.”

“When will that be? Soon?”

“I don’t know, honey. It could be in a few minutes, hours, or tomorrow.”

Beth was now terrified. The thought of being locked in a dark room for an unforeseen amount of time was taking its toll on her. She started crying.

“Come here, honey,” Angela said, wishing to wrap her arms around her daughter but unable to do so. “It’s going to be fine. Go to sleep, and it will all be over with.”

Beth curled up in the floor by her mother, and went to sleep so the nightmare would be over with. The next morning, Reverend Carter unlocked the padlock and opened the cellar doors. Beth woke up and hid in the corner.

Reverend Carter unlocked the pillory and said: “Wake up, honey. Our little Beth ran away last night and has not returned home. I thought she was only upset with me about the pictures, so she probably went to the field to cool off.”

Not wanting to cause her daughter to be in any more trouble, Angela said: “I don’t know where she could be. Have you checked Robbie’s home?”

“Good idea,” replied Reverend Carter. “Let’s go.”

“No time to lock the cellar. Let’s find our little girl.”

Once Reverend Carter and Angela got in the truck and left, Beth exited the basement and went inside her home. She took off her clothes and bathed. Once finished, she put on a pair of pink panties, a denim skirt with a floral design on the front, and a short sleeve purple blouse. After brushing her long brown hair, she laid down in her bed and took a nap, which was shortly lived on account of being woken up by her family pulling up in the driveway. She got out of bed and saw that her fiancée was walking towards the front door with her parents. She ran downstairs to greet them.

“Hello, father. I’m home.”

“I see that. Where were you?”

Beth paused, looked at her mother and said: “I was so upset that I ran off to Shelby’s house and stayed the night. I’m sorry that I worried you. It won’t happen again.”

“Shelby’s house, huh? That explains everything. I still think all of us should have a seat in the den and have a meeting about what transpired.”

“A meeting?” Stuttered Beth.

“Come,” said Reverend Carter, placing his right arm across Beth’s upper back.

Beth sat down in the loveseat next to Robbie, and anxiously awaited the words that proceeded from her father’s mouth.

“So you got upset because I did not give you permission to go into the cellar?” Asked Reverend Carter.

“Yes, father.”

“Do you know why I didn’t give you permission?”

“No, father.”

“Beth, you are 20 years old. Surely you knew part of why I didn’t give you permission, that is where I keep a lot of my important things, and I don’t want any of it to get rearranged or to turn up missing.”

“Yes, father,” replied Beth, looking at her father in the eyes.

“The cellar is also the place where I punish your mother when she needs it. So I don’t think it is a place for a sweet girl like yourself.”

Hearing those words caused a shiver to go down Beth’s spine. She looked at her mother, who was staring at the floor, and recalled how severe her mother was whipped with her father’s strap.

“So, Beth, why don’t you tell me where you really were at,” sternly asked Reverend Carter, glaring in his daughter’s blue eyes. “I know you were not at Shelby’s house. That was the first place I called.”

Beth hung her head low, looked down at the floor, and answered: “The basement.”

“For how long?”

“A few minutes before you and mother came. When I heard you walking down the stairs, I hid myself because I knew I would be in trouble.”

“I see. So you hid yourself while I punished your mother for her sins, then remained in the cellar until this morning.”

“Yes, father.”

“Did your mother know you were in the basement? You better not lie to me, girl.”

Beth sighed and affirmed that her mother knew of her presence. Angela looked up and had a frightened look on her face upon hearing her daughter’s confession.

Reverend Carter looked over at his wife, gently slapped her left thigh, and said: “So you knew our daughter’s whereabouts and didn’t breathe a word, but instead allowed me to worry sick and continue on that wild-goose chase? Do you think that was the Christian thing to do?”

“No, sir.”

“I will deal with you shortly; however, at this time I feel Beth needs my attention more.”

“I understand, dear,” replied Angela in a petrified state with a tear rolling down her right cheek.

“Beth, you have deliberately disobeyed me and fully knew that you were not supposed to go into the cellar but did it anyways. Then you attempted to cover it up and lied to me, even using your own mother as part of your scheme. Beth, I don’t know when you went wrong and decided to go astray from the Lord, but I won’t let the devil have you without a fight. In God’s word, we read how Israel went astray and sinned against God; however, God disciplined Israel to bring it to repentance. God wants us to be in a holy state. That is what sanctification is. On our journey through sanctification, we need to be disciplined to get us back on the right track. You are a good person, Beth. But during these few days, you have gotten off track.”

“I’m sorry, father,” said Beth in a sweet tone, trying to manipulate her father. “Please forgive me. I know what I did was wrong, and I’ll never do it again.”

“Confessing your evil works is the first step, but there is more work to do. Robbie?”

“Yes, reverend?”

“Very shortly, Beth will be your bride and entrusted in your care. Once she is in your care, it is your obligation to be the head of the house and make sure she stays on the thin and narrow road.”

“Yes, reverend.”

Reverend Carter stood up and said: “I think now would be a good opportunity for you to start learning. Robbie, we are taking Beth to the cellar. Since she wanted to go there so badly yesterday, she should be happy that she is now getting what she wanted.”

Angela stood up.

“It’s not your turn, Angela,” Reverend Carter sternly said. “As I already said, I will deal with you shortly.”

“Please, let me take Beth’s punishment for her,” pleaded Angela with tears in her eyes.

“Honey, you know I can’t do that. She has disobeyed the Lord, and now needs correction. Do you want our little girl to end up in hell because we didn’t provide her with the love and correction that she needed?”


“Let’s go, son.”

Angela stood there and watched in fear as her husband and Robbie took her daughter to the cellar.

“You know why we’re here, right?” Asked Reverend Carter, repeating the same question he asked his wife from the previous night.

“Yes, to punish me like you did to mother,” responded Beth, trying not to cry.

“This is for your own good, honey,” Reverend Carter said, unlocking the pillory. “If I didn’t love you, we wouldn’t be here. God’s word says, ‘The Lord disciplines those he loves.’ Out of my love for you, I discipline you. Now get in and make yourself at home.”

Beth, not wanting to get in anymore trouble, bent over and got in the pillory as her mother did, and presented her round bottom to her father and fiancée to punish as they saw fit.

Reverend Carter went to grab a strap and his hand paused at the medium strap before retrieving the largest strap. He handed it to Robbie and said: “I think this one will do. Son, my daughter will be yours shortly. I think it will be best for you to administer her punishment.”

Robbie took the brutal strap from his future father in law and said: “Reverend, I never done this before.”

“It is easy, son. Stand about a foot from Beth’s left side. Take aim, then draw back the strap and let her have it.”

Robbie lined up his future father-in-law’s strap to his fiancée’s upturned bottom. Right before he swung, Reverend Carter spoke up.

“Have you forgotten something?” Asked Reverend Carter. “When administering discipline to a woman, you need to lift up the dress and lower panties. Being spanked bare bottom not only allows a more painful spanking, but it allows you to observe her bottom for redness. Being able to see your handy work, you can more easily determine if her bottom needs more punishment or if it has received enough.”

After being educated by his soon to be father-in-law, Robbie raised Beth’s skirt and lowered her panties. Beth turned her head and looked at Robbie with a plea of mercy in her eyes as Robbie passed by in front her one last time.

Robbie, not having any compassion, ignored the pleas of his soon to be wife. He retuned to Beth’s left side with the handle of the strap tightly gripped in his right hand.

Beth started crying, knowing full well what was in store for her since she witnessed her mother’s strapping yesterday. As she closed her eyes and braced herself, she felt her father’s thick cold strap cover her exposed bottom.


Beth let out a loud yelp when the large strap made contact on her unprotected backside. As she was about to beg for mercy, Robbie jerked back the strap and struck his fiancée’s rear end with great force.


With her backside already lit up bright red and stinging, Beth said: “Robbie, enough! Please!”

“I’m sorry, dear. As your husband, it will be my job to keep you on the straight and narrow road. You have broken God’s law and disobeyed your father. So now I need to pull you out of the fire.”


Another powerful blow landed on Beth’s bottom.

“Do you see those red strap marks on her hide?” Asked Reverend Carter, pointing at his daughter’s sizzling behind. “That’s when you know you’re doing a good job. By the way Beth’s bottom looks, she probably only needs two more licks.”

‘God, I can’t take this anymore. Please let it stop,’ said Beth, silently praying.


When Beth received that lick, she opened her mouth and broke down crying. With her bottom completely blistered at the hands of her fiancée, she had great remorse for the actions that she had committed and vowed not to do them again.

“Father, Robbie, I’m sorry for what I done,” sobbingly said Beth with rivers of tears flowing from her bloodshot eyes. ”I won’t do it again.”

“This is the result we are looking for,” Reverend Carter said. “She has learned her lesson and has grown.”

“I’m happy to hear that, honey. Stand still. Here comes your final swat.”


“Robbie, that is how you blister a bottom. Good job, son,” Reverend Carter said, high fiving Robbie as his daughter remained in the pillory bent over crying. “After witnessing how you handled her just now, I’m confident that my daughter will be fine in your care.”

Robbie hung up the strap and pulled up Beth’s pink panties.

“Robbie, let’s go back in the house,” Reverend Carter said, looking over at the torture chair and the massive paddle that hung near it.

As Reverend Carter and Robbie walked to the top of stairs, Beth hollered at them, supposing that they simply forgot about her.

“Not you,” shouted Reverend Carter. “You stay here and think about what you have done.”

“Father!” Screamed Beth as her father shut the cellar door.

“Now let’s go deal with my wife.”

The End

© Stinger Sam 2017