An English girl’s experience of school in the USA

By Gillian Howard

Hello, I am Samantha Jackson, but everybody calls me Sam. I have just passed all ten of my exams with ‘A’ grades having attended a private school in Southern England. I have always enjoyed school and been very well behaved and have never had to be punished at school or, for that, matter at home either. I have witnessed both boys and girls get the slipper or cane across the hand and have seen the results of the cane across the bottom for girls when we have changed for games and PE with raised and very sore looking welts across the bottom. I was very luck to have escaped the cane on more than one occasion.

During the summer after our exams, Dad came home and told us we were going to have to move to America for three years with his work. I was going to ask if I could become a boarder till dad said we would be moving to Florida. So we packed up and moved and mum and dad found me a school with a very good reputation for academic sporting and discipline. I went for an interview and was accepted. I must say this as I am slim, 5’4” tall with long blond hair and a size 8 figure and 32c bust.

I arrived at the school for my first introduction day. Everybody made me feel very welcome and I soon became friends with most of my class mates. One big advantage was we did not have to wear uniform. The only stipulation for girls was no midriff showing, no knickers visible when stood up or walking or when sat down legs together. Only ear studs were allowed for jewellery. We could wear shorts/hotpants and short skirts.

I soon passed my driving test and I persuaded mum and dad to let me have an open top Chevy.

The only down side to the school was that they used corporal punishment and they used the paddle, a piece of wood about 20” x 5”, about 1/2” thick and holes drilled in it. It also had a wooden handle. Students told me that you would normally get 3 licks first time then 5 after that. A lick was like a stroke, and you got it across your butt outside the classroom.

During my first year, several girls and boys were sent outside and if the principal walked past he would give you the paddle. He would come into the classroom ask the teacher for the paddle, then go outside, make you lean against the wall and give you the paddle. Many boys and most girls re entered the classroom in tears.

Just before Christmas in my first year there, myself and two of my friends were sent out into the corridor. I asked them if they had been paddled before and they both said they had. After we were outside for 20 mins the bell sounded for end of lesson and as we returned to get our books the Principal walked past and I realised how lucky I had been.

I avoided any more scares for the rest of the year and had a great time in Florida during the summer and had a very good tan for somebody with my colouring. As we changed for games, some of the girls pointed out that it was obvious I had been sunbathing topless and it was not allowed, but I said it was round our pool which was not overlooked.

I had started to wear thongs now and wore them at school when I had my hot pants on. Even though you could see the line, you could not see anything so I was alright to do so. I was also informed that as seniors if we got the paddle it was an automatic 5 licks every time.

Almost every other day somebody would be sent out and more than half were caught by the principal and got the paddle. Just before Christmas I had an appointment at the doctors’ so mum explained I would be late arriving and I was told I would have to report to the secretary on arrival as I would still be issued with a tardy slip and that 4 tardy slips meant a trip to the principal for the paddle.

I arrived about an hour late and reported to the secretary. I was duly issued a pink Tardy slip and told to go straight to my lesson. I had to have the slip signed by my parents that evening and returned the following day, or get the paddle, when it would be placed in my personal file.

As I walked to my classroom I turned the corner just as Dylan, my boyfriend, was leaning over touching the wall. I stepped back a little so that I could just see the principal deliver the first blow that sent him forward slightly. Four more followed and he was shrieking by the fifth, just as I started to walk down the corridor.

As Dylan was sent back into class, the principal asked why I was in the corridor and I showed him my tardy slip. He handed it me back and I went in to sit down while the principal dealt with a boy called Brad who was also outside. But the principal was not there so Brad was left standing out side.

After a few minutes, the Principal came back into our classroom and said: “Samantha, outside please, with your Tardy slip.”

I then had to watch as brad received 5 very hard licks with the paddle and I was getting really scared. Did this mean that my unpunished bottom was to be brutally attacked with that paddle?

He took my slip and asked why it had taken me 4 minutes to walk 20 yards, or had I enjoyed watching Dylan being punished, which the CCTV showed you doing. I was only wearing a very thin and tight pair of hotpants.

“If you are so interested what the paddle does, you can find out. Hands on the wall in front of you and don’t move.”

I felt the paddle touch my bottom before moving, then a loud bang as it landed, almost pushing me forward into the wall. The pain was something I could not have imagined. As I screamed out, three more followed in quick succession, each one increasing the pain and I was screaming louder each time. The final one came upwards and almost lifted me off my feet.

“Return to your class immediately!”

As I struggled to stand, the tears were flooding down my face. After I walked through the open door and as I sat down, I yelped in pain. I was crying for most of the remainder of the lesson.

Luckily it was lunch break after our lesson and as I was on 2nd sitting. I went to the rest room to wash my face and examine the damage. Even stood up you could see the damage to my bottom either side of my hot pants, and when I lowered them the outline of the paddle and the holes was clearly visible. As I was wearing a thong, I had only a thin piece of satin between the paddle and my bare bottom.

Dylan asked if I was ok but I told him I was bloody sore. At least he had denims on.

At the end of the day the marks were turning a little blue as the bruising developed and as I drove home over the speed humps I could feel the pain. When I got home mum could see something was up and asked what was wrong. I turned and lowered my hotpants and told her I had been paddled for spying on Dylan being paddled, but I got no sympathy.

I was lying by the pool sunbathing in just my bikini bottoms when dad got home. He came out and I was lying on my front when I heard him say: “Sam, that looks like a very sore butt.”

“It is bloody sore, dad,” I replied.

I went to bed but couldn’t sleep thinking about the pain the paddle inflicted on me but came to terms with the fact that I did probably deserve it. It must have been about 3.00am before I finally dropped off.

I awoke with a start as mum was shouting that it was 8.10 and school started at 8.30 I rushed down, got dressed in a lemon short skirt with matching briefs and dashed outside to the car, checked my school bag was there and set off. I just had time to get to school But as I turned out of our lane, my phone pinged with a message from mum.

‘You have forgotten your tardy slip.’

Knowing I would be paddled if I didn’t take it in, I turned around. When I finally pulled into the school parking lot, I saw the stragglers entering the school. I ran to the door but it was locked so I had to buzz the intercom and was told to report to the secretaries’ office. I was told to wait while she filled out a tardy slip for me. As she gave it to me I handed her my signed one for yesterday.

I went to class moaning about getting another tardy. I settled down and for the rest of the week everything was great. Even though there were quite a few paddlings, I was not one.

As I got home on Thursday, mum told me the hospital had rang and I had a low iron count and showed signs of a little anaemia. They wanted to give me an iron shot on Tuesday. I also had to go first thing as they wanted to take a fasting blood test and an early morning urine sample, so I had to be at the Hospital for 0815.

I asked mum if I could have the rest of that day off as I would get a third tardy and I would only need one more to visit the principal’s office for the paddle, which he gives to you over your underwear with his secretary present.

Mum would not listen, so the following Tuesday I arrived at school at 11.00am and collected my 3rd tardy slip at the secretaries’ office. I was wearing my lemon skirt and lime green nylon briefs.

When I got to class, I apologised for being late and as I sat down I felt the pain from the iron shot I had in my butt. I was told to be quiet as I had disrupted the class enough already. I was sat next to Jess who had beautiful long auburn hair and green eyes.

Half way through the remainder of the lesson, I lifted my skirt and showed Jess the mark that the shot had left.

“Jessica and Samantha, outside now!”

I blushed as I rose and Jess was almost in tears. We made our way outside and waited in the corridor for the bell to ring, hoping that the principal didn’t do hid rounds.

Jess said: “How much will it hurt, Sam, as I have never had the paddle before?”

“Well, if the principal does come he will definitely hurt us.”

As we waited, the bell sounded and we sighed a sigh of relief. We headed for the classroom door when we heard: “You two girls, stay where you are. Why are you going into class rather than out of class? Had you been sent out?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Wait there!”

The principal soon returned with a paddle.

I said: “Please Sir, this means we will be late for our next class.”

“Then you can both collect a Tardy slip.”

“But Sir, that means I will have 4.”

“Very well, Samantha, you can also report to my office at 3.30 tomorrow after the final bell and get the paddle again for having 4 tardy slips. Samantha, hands against the wall, please.”

I tried to put a brave face on for the sake of Jess but with everybody walking past it was so embarrassing as I could feel my skirt rise and I knew everybody would see my knickers as they walked past. It was every bit as hard as my last paddling and I was told to stand after 5.

“Jessica, hands on the wall.”

Jess received her very first lick of the paddle and let out a scream. I was told to go and get my tardy slip.

As I was heading back to class, Jess arrived accompanied by the principal.

“Samantha, take Jessica to the toilet now please.”

I took her to the toilet and after washing our faces we inspected the damage. I was surprised to see Jess wearing a thong under her denims and the marks were not as bad as mine due to the added protection of denim. I thought to myself I would be getting some denim shorts to wear in future.

All the rest of the day I was teased over all the boys seeing my knickers.

When I got home, I gave mum my 2 tardy slips and she asked why 2. She was not pleased as she had informed the school that the doctor asked for me to attend the hospital that morning. She said she would speak to the principal herself.

I wore a pair of jeans to school with the thickest pair of knickers I could find. Mum came to school with me and took my tardy slips to see the principal. During the first lesson, the secretary entered the office and said: “Samantha, to the principal’s office immediately.”

I stood up and followed her out and was taken straight into the office. My mum was sat there with the principal and he said: “Samantha, your 2 hospital appointments should not have earned tardy slips, so they have both been struck off and any future appointments will not either.”

I stood open mouthed and then said: “Thank you, sir. Does that mean I do not have to report for the paddle this afternoon?”

“Correct, now back to class with you.”

The End

© Gillian Howard 2015