A girl spends a long time wondering what it would be like to be caned.

By Gillian Howard

Hello, I am Samantha Gilmore and I am 18 years old. The year is 1969. Like all my friends, we enjoyed the swinging sixties with the new freedoms the era had brought us. I attended a co-educational grammar school in the north west of England where corporal punishment was an every day occurrence. I had, over the six years at the school, gained a reputation as a goody-goody because I had never had to endure any form of corporal punishment.

On the last day in the lower sixth, my then boyfriend, Alex, had received 6 of the best of the Headmaster for bullying and that evening, while mum and dad were out, I had seen the welts across Alex’s bottom and run my fingers along them. He told me they were still painful when he sat down. It caused me to have a strange but pleasant feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Over the six week summer holidays I would often think about what it would be like to feel those welts on my own bottom but as girls were not caned at our school (they got the slipper instead) I knew I would never find out.

As the new school year approached, I met up with the 5 girls in our close group to decide what we would be wearing for school as we no longer had to wear school uniform. We had all had a letter to say the only thing forbidden was no underwear to be seen and no Hot Pants to be worn. We went shopping and I chose 5 skirts, all the same style but different colours, and selected matching coloured satin briefs but white bras as we did not want them to be obvious through our blouses. Being 5′ 8” tall, all my skirts finished about 4” below my bottom so were just about passable but with the skirts being pleated if it was windy they could blow up to reveal your knickers. Over the weekend before returning to school, I kept thinking that maybe I should do something to get myself smacked or sent for the slipper, but then the cowardice in me took over. By the time we returned to school I now had a new boyfriend, Craig, who was no stranger to the cane so I knew I would be feeling more welts across his bottom. We also had 5 new staff members including a new headmistress. It was at the start of our fourth week that Craig was sent to the headmistress for disrupting the class. That night I was told that she made him lower his trousers and he was caned over his underpants. She certainly knew how to cane and had really hurt him, and the marks he had were really painful looking with blisters at the end of two of them. Over the next few nights I had the same thoughts about being punished, but the memory of Craig’s bottom put me off.

Our new maths teacher, Mr Rigby, was about 30-ish and very athletic. Apparently he was a county Rugby player and he seemed reluctant to use corporal punishment until on the Thursday after Craig had been caned we were having our lesson and had been given a problem to solve. I had little trouble and soon had finished it, but I could see Melanie and Elizabeth, my 2 closest friends, were struggling and discussing it together when I heard Mr Rigby shout.

“Melanie and Elizabeth, out here now! Face the blackboard, hands on head.”

He went behind them, lifted one side of Melanie’s skirt and smacked her thigh from her knee right up to her bottom. Each slap knocked her off balance. He then lifted the other side of her skirt and repeated it on the other side. All the class had no doubt she was wearing black lace briefs. He then did the same to Elizabeth and all the class could see her pale blue nylon briefs.

“Let that be a lesson to you all. I will not tolerate talking about a problem. If you are having trouble you ask me, as in an exam that would be classed as cheating.” They both returned to their seats with tears in their eyes and at break time the hand prints were still clearly visible on their legs. They told me they had never had anything so painful, not even the slipper off the previous Headmaster. They had both visited him on more than one occasion.

On Friday, Hannah was coming to my house after school to stay for the weekend as her dad were going to a conference in London and her mum was going with him. While I was studying Physics, Hannah was studying English Literature. She was also going out with my ex, Alex, who was studying the same subject as Hannah.

While waiting at the school gates for her, Craig came over and said that he had just heard Alex and Hannah had been sent to the Headmistress as they had been caught in the library with Alex’s hand up Hanna’s jumper.

Craig, after making arrangements to call later, said: “I think I will wait till they get here to see if Alex thought she was a heard caner. I also want to see how Hannah is after the slipper as, although she got smacked often enough, she has not had the slipper since year 2.”

Five minutes later, Alex came out.

He came over and said: “She certainly can cane. 6 off her with your trousers down is much worse than 6 off our ex-Headmaster. I was told to wait outside school for Hannah.”

Hannah finally appeared. She seemed to be walking with some difficulty and was in floods of tears. I put my arms around her and cuddled her and she sobbed on my shoulder. I could just make out what she said.

“She gave me 6 across my knickers with the cane!”

I stood up in complete shock and shouted: “She caned you? But she can’t!”

“She can and she did! She said that if a boy is caned there is no reason a girl should not get the same.”

Hannah lifted her skirt a little and we could see the angry looking welts across her bottom either side of her white knickers. We all walked slowly home and as the boys gave us a kiss she asked Alex not to call that evening, so I did the same with Craig. As we arrived home, mum could see something was up and I told her what had happened. She told us to up to my room and she would be up shortly. She came in and slowly removed Hanna’s skirt and gently eased her knickers down before applying a good amount of cold cream on the vicious looking welts.

“Mum, how can she suddenly start to cane girls without warning? Surely she must have your permission?”

Mum said: “Yes dear, you are quite right but since you first went to the school we have had to sign consent forms for you to be punished if you break the rules.”

“I know that, mum. It’s a condition of entry.”

“Well, it has always stated on theses forms that all punishments, including the slipper and cane, are available to be used by the head teacher on all pupils over 1 item of clothing only, if he or she considers it appropriate. We have always signed, allowing you girls to be caned. It is just that Mr Johnson chose to slipper girls rather than cane them and to cane boys over trousers, as your brother found out on several occasions. Miss Bromilow is obviously going to implement caning for all over 1 item of clothing.”

As the evening wore on, Hannah was able to get dressed and to come down for a meal. We then returned to my room and listened to music before we fell asleep. Hannah slept on her front all night. As I was dozing, the thought came to me that I could, if I wanted to, actually get caned and have those welts on my bottom.

I woke up, Hannah had just returned from the shower and she had at last got her normal smile back on her face.

She joked: “At least I will go down in the folklore of the school as the first girl to be caned. Everybody will be asking about it and wanting to see the marks in Gym on Monday morning.”

Over the weekend I kept thinking about getting myself caned, but then remembered the marks on Hanna’s bum. The more I thought about it over the days and weeks after, the more the thought of being smacked became acceptable.

As we approached half term with only just over a week to go, we were having a Religious Education class just before lunch on Thursday morning with Rev Tyler. He was obviously in a bad mood for some reason as during the lesson he had already given both Alex and Craig the slipper and smacked Hanna, Michelle, Elizabeth and Rose.

Over lunch I was fascinated to see the red hand prints on all their legs.

After lunch we would have Miss Joseph for General Studies before having Mr Rigby for maths. I went to the toilet and as I was washing my hands I made up my mind to try to get smacked in Miss Joseph’s class as she was not a very hard smacker apparently.

During the lesson she was very calm and quite a lot of talking and messing about went on which she just ignored, so I thought I would have to wait till another day. Suddenly, she told Judith and Ken to go to the front, so I knew I may get a chance. She gave Ken 6 with the slipper for talking and messing about, and then gave both of Judith’s legs a good smacking. It must have been 6 or 10 smacks to each leg. As with most lessons, I was sat at the back with Elizabeth and thought this was my chance. I leaned over to Craig who was sat a row in front and across the aisle and asked him if he was coming to our house that night.

“Samantha Gilmore, stand up! You have just seen me punish 2 for talking and disturbing the class. Do you want the same?”

“No, Miss.” But I was wishing I could have said ‘yes’.

“Then sit down. Any more and you will regret it.”

After a couple of minutes I turned to Elizabeth and was just going to say something when the bell sounded for the end of the lesson. As we left and made our way to Maths, I was walking behind Judith and her legs looked sore.

I heard her say to Ken: “It’s not fair. I say something and get a good smacking. Miss Goody-Two-Shoes says something and gets told to be quiet.”

Ken said: “I know, but we had been at it all the lesson and that was the first time I have ever heard Samantha talking in class, so we did deserve it really.”

They continued to their English class as Elizabeth and I went to Maths. We were amongst the last to arrive as we had come from the opposite end of the school. The only seats left were in the back corner, so I sat in the corner next to the window and Elizabeth next to the aisle. As we got our books out, Mr Rigby started to write a problem on the blackboard. Then Lisa and Mark entered and went to the opposite corner from us, overlooking the sports field.

As Mr Rigby finished the problem he said: “Right, that should take you about 30 minutes to calculate the answer. Then we will discuss if for the last 5 minutes or so. Mark and Lisa to the front, please.”

They slowly got up and walked to the front.

“Lisa, hands on head. Stand in the corner facing the wall. I don’t know what excuse you may have for being late but you obviously don’t think the reason should be given to me. So, Mark, touch your toes.”

He opened his desk and took out his slipper. Then he gave Mark 6 really hard strokes across the bottom. Mark was then allowed to return to his seat to continue his work.

“Lisa, come here. Face the blackboard.”

Lisa, to my knowledge, had only been smacked a few times before but not for the last 3 years at least. He lifted her skirt, revealing her black knickers, and gave her 6 really hard smacks between her knee and bottom so that the whole area not covered by her knickers was red with hand prints. Then he repeated the same on the other leg. She then returned to her seat in floods of tears.

About 10 minutes before the end of the lesson, I had just finished my task and put my hand up. Mr Rigby saw me and motioned me to sit still and wait for the rest.

I heard somebody sobbing outside and saw Hannah’s younger sister walking past coming from the direction of the Headmistress’s office. It looked as though she may have been caned as she was obviously having trouble walking and her hands were under her school dress. I watched her as she slowly made her way to her classroom. I turned back to my work and was just about to check it when I noticed Mr Rigby stood at the side of Elizabeth.

“Samantha, do you find it interesting watching a girl returning from being caned by the Headmistress? Would you like to go to the headmistress so that everybody can watch you return from getting the cane?”

“No, Sir,”

“I didn’t think so. To the front, now. Hands on head in the corner facing the wall.” I walked to the front and realised that I was going to get smacked today, but by Mr Rigby, the hardest smacker. As I stood facing the wall, I was thinking what knickers I had on. Then I thought it would be ok as I had my pink high leg briefs on, but then it struck me they went right up past my bum and the sides were at waist level so all the side of my bottom would be on view.

As Mr Rigby asked everybody to stop work, he quickly went through the workings and most had got it right as far as they had done. He told everybody to put their books away.

“Class, I want you all to pay attention please. Samantha here was very curious watching a girl return from the Headmistress with a caned bottom. While I do not intend to send her for the same, I am certain she will remember the smacking she is going to get. Samantha, move to the front and face the blackboard. Keep your hands on your head or you will go for the cane.”

I moved forward and could see the look of anticipation on the face of most boys especially, but also some girls as Miss Goody-Two-Shoes was going to get a good smacking. I felt him lift my skirt right up above my waist on the left side. Then, without warning, the first smack landed almost knocking me forward. My hands left my head but I replaced them immediately.

The smacks kept coming and the tears were flowing as smack after smack landed before he eventually let my skirt fall back. Then he raised the other side and started again on the other leg. I was begging him to stop before he eventually did and sent me back to my place. As I squeezed past Elizabeth, my legs were on fire. I sat and squirmed to ease the pain. As I sat, the bell sounded for the end of the day.

We all made our way to the bus stop and I had to stand on the bus. I could hear lots of snide comments about the hand prints right up my legs. Craig had returned with me as we were due to go to the youth club that night, so he was having tea with us.

As soon as we walked in, mum saw my legs and said: “Samantha, I see you have had your legs smacked. Is it the first time?”

“Yes, mum. We are just going to my room. We will be down soon.”

We went upstairs and I took my skirt off. There was bruising to both legs and he had smacked me till he had reached my knickers. Elizabeth had said I got 12 on each leg. Craig pulled me to him and gently stroked each leg. I stopped him from going too far as i didn’t want to be intimate with mum downstairs.

I put my skirt back on and took my cigarettes out of my bedside cabinet. We went downstairs and sat in the garden having a quiet smoke and drinking the cup of tea mum had made.

That night in bed, I lay awake stroking my legs which, by then, showed no signs of the smacking earlier.

On Friday, I got up and put on my short yellow dress with matching lace underwear. I had my breakfast and was drinking my tea in the garden when Hannah came and joined me for a cigarette. We finished them and set of for the bus. At the next stop Judith and Ken sat behind us.

Judith tapped me on the shoulder. As I turned round, she said: “Sam, is it true that you finally got a good smacking off Mr Rigby yesterday?”

I felt as though everybody was looking at me and I could feel myself blushing.

“Yes, I did and it bloody hurt!”

I saw her smirk and say to Ken: “I wish I had seen that. It’s about time she got smacked as she is always being let off.”

During assembly, Miss Bromilow finished all the school news before saying: “As you all know, my predecessor used to punish boys by caning them over the trousers and girls by giving them the slipper across their knickers. Well, as some of you already know, I have changed the punishments with the full approval of the governors and all your parents sign the form giving the school permission to punish you as we see fit.

“So far, 13 boys have been sent to me for punishment and they will tell you that if you are sent to me you will receive the cane across your underpants only. 3 girls have also found out that if they are sent they will also receive the cane across their knickers only, and there will be no exceptions.”

We were then dismissed. Of course, we already knew this as Hannah was one of those that had been caned. After registration and on the way to our first lesson, all you could hear in the corridors were comments about girls being caned. We went into class and Miss Joseph was having a hard time getting everybody to be quiet.

She shouted: “John Wright, Raymond Fairclough, Wendy Davies, Samantha Gilmore, out here now. I have asked for quiet but nobody is taking any notice. I have a good mind to make an example of you four and send you to the headmistress for the cane.

“You can all stand outside for 10 minutes and if the headmistress happens to come along then you will likely be caned. Now, go and stand with your hands on your heads.”

We stood there with our hands on our heads and, after about five minutes, we heard a door open and close along the corridor where the headmistress’s office is. Then we heard the unmistakable noise of a lady in heels walking towards us. My stomach was churning as I anticipated being caned.

Suddenly the school secretary appeared round the corner and walked right past us. We all uttered a sigh of relief and a few minutes later were called back into class where we were told to stand against the wall.

Then we heard Miss Joseph call: “Raymond Fairclough, out here and touch your toes.”

She gave him 6 strokes of the slipper. He stood up clutching his bottom and returned to his seat.

“John Wright, touch your toes.”

He also got 6 stingers before returning to his seat.”Samantha Gilmore, stand facing the blackboard, hands on head.”

I felt my skirt being raised and then six very hard smacks to my thigh followed. My other thigh got 6 more. I returned to my seat with the red hand prints clearly visible.

When break came I spoke to Hannah, Michelle, Melanie and Elizabeth and commented that I thought the punishments were unfair as we got smacked on our bare legs, 6 to each leg, but the boys only got 6 with the slipper over their trousers and underpants.

Michelle said: “Samantha, I have had the slipper and I know that 6 with the slipper is as bad if not worse than having our legs smacked, so leave well alone.”

The rest of term passed without too much incident, but we did see the evidence of the cane on Judith’s bottom in Gym with 6 very neatly spaced welts three days after her caning for going to the shop at break time without permission.

Easter term came and went. I was still in a relationship with Craig, but Hannah was now seeing Ken, and Alex appeared to be trying to date as many of the class as possible as he was now seeing Judith, having broke up with Hannah and Elizabeth. He had also been to see the headmistress on 4 occasions to be caned. In our year, the only other boy to be caned was Craig, and he had been twice.

After the Easter holidays, we were concentrating on revising for exams. We still had games and gym which was a welcome relief from the studies. On the Thursday before half term we had Gym just before lunch and as we went to get change I was annoyed to find I had picked up my games bag instead of my gym bag. I nipped into the gym to see Mr Brady to see if it would be alright to wear my my games kit instead. I explained what had happened and he went into his store room. He returned with a yellow gym leotard and told me to wear that. 3 boys were also there and were given spare pairs of shorts.

As I returned to the changing rooms, Hannah said: “You realise he will smack you before we start, don’t you?”

“I know,” I said.

I got undressed and started to put the leotard on, but noticed it was age 15. Although I managed to get it on, it left nothing to the imagination and was stretched far too tight across my bum as we all trooped into the gym.

Roger, Graham and Steve were stood at the side of the vaulting horse, which had been lowered. I was called over and told to stand with them.

Mr Brady then said to the class: “These four have all turned up with no Gym kit and, upper sixth or not, the boys will be getting 6 with the slipper and Samantha will have both legs severely smacked.”

Without thinking, I put my hand up.

“Yes, Samantha, have you a problem with that?”

“Well, yes Sir. It is not fair that the boys get just six with the slipper over their shorts, but I get at least double the smacks on my bare legs.”

“Would you rather get the slipper, then?”

Still not thinking clearly, I blurted out: “Yes, I suppose I would, Sir.”

“So be it, then.”

I then realised what I had agreed to. As I looked around, there were lots of smirks on the faces of my class mates.

“Roger, over the horse, now.”

As Roger bent over, his already tight shorts became even tighter. Mr Brady picked up his slipper and in rapid succession applied six vicious strokes to Roger’s bottom. He was soon standing up again rubbing his bottom.

“Samantha, over the horse, now.”

I was shocked because I expected to be last, but I moved forward and bent right over. I could feel the leotard riding up and realised I would have virtually no protection. Without warning, there was a loud crack and pain spread across my bum. 5 more followed without a break.

I was in floods of tears and in agony as I heard him say: “Stand up and back in line.”

I stumbled to my feet and my bottom was on fire as I held it in my hands.

After Gym, the rest of the girls were laughing and saying they had never heard a girl ask for the slipper instead of being smacked before.

That night Craig told me all the boys were talking in the changing room about how revealing that leotard had been.

Over half term, I spent the entire time revising. The exams came and I was very pleased with the way they had gone and told mum that I should get the grades I needed to study medicine at university. On the Saturday after the exams, we all went out for a celebration meal before going back to my house where mum had laid on some drinks. We had a great time and it was about 2.00 am by the time the last taxi arrived to take them home.

Mum and dad were in bed long before us so I tidied up. In the toilet, I noticed part of an empty condom packet on the floor so I picked it up and put it into the bin.

As I got up in the morning, mum mentioned that she had heard something going on in the bathroom but had ignored it. She also told me she had found a small orange hand bag on the floor at the side of the chair. It was like the one that Melanie and Elizabeth had with them so I opened it and immediately saw 2 condoms inside.

I said to myself: ‘It must be Elizabeth’s, as Melanie is a virgin and has never had a boyfriend.’

I had breakfast, got dressed and set off to take Elizabeth her bag back.

I knocked on her door. Her mum answered and told me to go to her room as she thought she might get up then. I knocked on her bedroom door and entered. She was lying on her front, almost naked. I shook her and she jumped up. I told her I was not happy with her having sex in the toilet when mum and dad were at home.

She looked at me and said: “Not me; wrong time at moment.”

“Sorry, Liz, it’s just your having condoms in your bag.”

I gave her the bag, but then she looked at me and said: “There’s mine in the corner.”

We opened the one I’d brought because I’d thought it was hers, and as well as the condoms and lipstick we found Melanie’s bus pass.

“Sorry, I had best take it to her,” I said.

As I got off the bus, her brother was just getting on. He told me the kitchen door was open and that Melanie was just getting up as their mum and dad were away. I walked up the path at the side and opened the door. Melanie was stood at the sink having a drink of water and wearing just a very short nightie. She was shocked to see me.

I told her she had left her bag behind and that mum had heard somebody having sex in the bathroom. I said I had found part of a condom pack like the ones in her bag and she admitted it was hers.

As she turned, I saw 2 love bites on her neck.

I said: “Make certain you cover them tomorrow, or it will a very sore bottom for you.”

I then heard a familiar voice as somebody came down stairs saying: “Come on back to bed. I am ready for you.”

I turned to see Craig standing there with a condom in his hand and completely naked. I was so shocked that I just ran out in floods of tears. I went to Hannah, who lived around the corner, and poured my heart out.

That night mum told to try to ignore it all and move on.

The following morning, I met Elizabeth as normal and she was totally shocked. As we approached the school doors, Melanie was stood with Craig and Ken talking. I tried to ignore them and walked past, but Melanie tried to apologise and I just turned to face her and gave her a real slap across the face, calling her a bitch.

Her lip started to bleed and I heard: “Gilmore, headmistress, now!”

I turned to see Miss Joseph stood there. I stormed off and stood outside the headmistress’s office. Miss Joseph arrived after 10 mins and went inside.

After a while, they both came out and headed to assembly. I was left cursing my stupidity and now knowing that I would soon be bending over for the cane.

After assembly finished, Miss Bromilow and Miss Joseph returned to her office, followed a short time later by Melanie and the Matron. Melanie had a very swollen lip. She was carrying her scarf and I noticed her love bites were visible.

After about 10 minutes, I heard the headmistress with a raised voice, then silence, before I heard the Swoosh Thwack followed by a scream and realised Melanie was being caned. 5 more landed, each followed by a louder scream. The door eventually opened and Melanie, along with the Matron, came out. Melanie had her blue knickers in her hand. They set off towards the medical room.

I was the summoned in and Miss Bromilow was sat at her desk, which had been cleared apart from a very long menacing looking cane that I imagined would soon be inflicting terrible pain onto my bottom.

“Samantha Gilmore, I am totally disgusted with your unprovoked act of violence towards a fellow pupil. I have heard the reasons behind it and, while sympathising with you, it is no excuse for your actions. It is only the fact that Melanie has begged for you not to be punished that has stopped me expelling you with immediate effect.

“As you heard, Melanie has already received the most severe punishment allowed and her friend, Craig, will also be punished in the same way for both coming to school with those disgusting marks on their necks. As for you, I have examined your file and spoken to several teachers who have all been completely shocked by your actions. I feel that the only course of action left is for me to inflict the severest punishment I am allowed to, and that is six strokes of the senior cane across your bare bottom. Do you agree? I have already spoken to your mother.”

I just nodded.

“Remove all clothing from the waist down.”

I slowly removed my skirt and then placed it neatly on the chair at the side. Then I removed my lace knickers and placed them on top of my skirt.

“Stand at the corner of the desk. Lean right across and hold the other side. Miss Joseph will hold your wrists to prevent you getting up. I will then administer 6 of the very best across your bottom as quickly as I can.”

I bent over and I heard her pick up the cane. I heard the cane swish before my bottom was on fire. The pain just increased, as did my screams, but true to her word the remaining strokes were quickly applied and I was told to stand and to replace my skirt. I was to be escorted by Miss Joseph to the Matron, who was expecting me.

I picked up my knickers and was taken outside, where Mr Brady was stood with Craig. I totally blanked him.

Matron told me to remove my skirt and she took me into a small room divided by a screen. I was asked to lie face down on the bed as she needed to apply antiseptic cream. She then gave moved the screen and I saw Melanie lying there. She again tried to apologise but I just told her to shut up.

Ten minutes later, we heard Craig scream as he had antiseptic applied to his bottom before being sent on his way. We stayed in the medical room till break when we were allowed to leave separately.

I soon found Hannah and told her everything. We went to the washroom and she had a look at the damage. For several days, sitting was uncomfortable.

The End

© Gillian Howard 2016