A pleasant ride in the country goes wrong

By Paul S 

There were 6 cyclists who regularly cycled as part of the Roman Cycle Club, which was a large cycle club with over 100 members of all ages. They were; Martin and his partner, Joanne; Naz and his girlfriend, Pritti; plus John and his girlfriend, Louise.

Martin was the senior rider in this group at age 30, with Joanne at 28 being fairly well built at 36-30-42 with medium blonde hair and blue eyes. Pritti was a slim and younger girl, at 24 and 34-26-36, with long dark hair and dark eyes. Louise was 25 and medium build with medium length blonde hair and hazel eyes and was 36-28-38.

They met up one Sunday morning as usual to cycle out to a pub in the country, on a warmish sunny morning, although there was a heavy dew on the grass following a cool evening.

The club specialised in cycling Roman roads because they were straight and ideal for cycling. Most rides, though, were of the order of 20 miles to avoid fatigue, or loss of concentration, which could be hazardous on busy roads. The club had rules which were fairly straightforward, but were quite strictly enforced as breaking them could invalidate the club’s insurance cover, or lead to claims.

The group prepared for their ride by checking the map and traffic reports ahead, which were clear with no expected problems or other events planned en-route. They checked their drinks flasks and helmets, before putting them on. They also checked their Lycra suits to ensure there were no snags and that they were not fouling the bikes.

Martin reminded everyone not to make phone calls or text whilst riding as that could cause accidents. He told the girls, particularly, as some of them had done just that on the previous ride, fortunately without incident.

Martin asked if everyone was ready, and they all said: “Yes.”

Martin then asked his partner, Joanne, if she was ready and she replied: “Yes,” whilst he gave her a kiss and put his arm around her.

However Joanne was in a stroppy mood that day and started having a go at Martin about being a control freak, so he left her alone and went to get ready instead.

One by one, the party left the church car park where they had gathered, and slowly pulled out into the side road, before pulling into the main road and oncoming traffic.

Martin said: “OK, be careful guys.”

However Joanne was still giving him grief and said: “Martin, we can all see the cars. Just shut up!”

The party rode along in single file initially, but after a mile or so the 3 girls began to ride 3 abreast behind the guys who were still in single file. At first they didn’t notice, but then several motorists started hooting as they were finding it hard to overtake. This attracted Martin’s attention and he yelled at the girls to ride single file to avoid problems.

One motorist yelled abuse at Joanne, but she yelled back an obscenity.

Martin was really shocked and said: “Joanne, there is really no need for that!”

They continued a few more miles up the road, and then Pritti’s mobile phone rang. She answered it and started talking whilst riding.

Martin and Naz were not happy, and Naz said: “Pritti, please call your friend back later on.”

But Pritti carried on chatting before hanging up 10 minutes later.

They came to a roundabout on the outskirts of a main town, and pulled out one by one as the traffic allowed. Louise, however, decided to pull out, forcing cars to swerve and stop as she rode selfishly straight across the middle of the roundabout.

Martin and John, this time, were not happy, and had to apologise to passing motorists who were complaining of women riders and ‘Lycra louts’.

John said to his partner: “Louise, that wasn’t clever, was it?”

Louise just said: “I lost control temporarily and swerved across the road, but it didn’t affect anyone.”

They carried on through the town without incident, but once back on the open road, the 3 girls stared riding 3 abreast again, causing traffic to build up behind them.

Martin was getting cross by now, and asked the girls to stay single file or 2 abreast at most. However, he was being roundly ignored whilst they chatted relentlessly, ignoring other road users.

Martin shouted at them to get in line, and said: “I don’t know what’s got into you lot today. You seem to have had a complete breakdown of discipline on the road.”

Joanne replied by telling Martin to: “Shut up, and stop being a control freak,” as the girls were enjoying the ride.

They eventually arrived at the country public house and restaurant, miles off the beaten track but still surprisingly busy for a reasonably warm and sunny Sunday around midday in Autumn.

The pub opened at midday and overlooked a village green, which was very picturesque. The boys and girls parked and secured their bikes, before removing their helmets and clips, etc. before making their way into the pub.

Martin asked what everyone was drinking, and took orders for 6 drinks before moving over to sit down in the restaurant area.

The publican explained they had only just opened up, so preparing food would take about 20 minutes, and if they were happy with that.

Martin said: “Fine, no problem.”

At first Martin and the boys and girls discussed the road conditions on the way up to the pub, and how their bikes were handling in the cool dry conditions but on a damp road surface following a heavy dew.

John, Naz and Martin then discussed some technical issues whilst the girls chatted amongst themselves briefly.

The discussion then turned to the girls’ rebellious behaviour that morning. Martin opened the discussion by saying the way they had behaved was completely unacceptable and would normally be referred to the club committee. In that event they could all expect to be fined and suspended from membership, or even face possible expulsion from the club, which they all agreed none of them wanted.

Joanne said that some of the passing motorists had been very rude.

However Martin replied: “That doesn’t mean that you have to be. You have been slagging me off, young lady, all morning, for which you will be punished later.

Martin said to Naz and John that all 3 girls should really be disciplined, for showing disrespect and cycling in a hazardous way.

John said the normal club sanction for dangerous cycling and abuse is a 6 month ban and/or a large fine. In serious cases, such as Joanne’s, it could mean dismissal and a life ban from all cycle clubs.

Naz said that could apply to all 3 girls.

Louise said that was unfair, but John, her partner, said what they were doing was potentially dangerous.

Pritti said what the girls had done was bad, but they didn’t want it to go to the committee as if they got banned, they wouldn’t be able to cycle for other clubs in future.

Martin said the girls would all have to be punished for their actions, and they would have to agree a sanction that they would all accept.

A frantic discussion then ensued for some time between the girls whilst they started their lunch, and ordered more drinks.

Martin then called Joanne outside, and they went to the edge of the woods at the rear of the pub, behind the garage.

Pritti and Louise were chatting for some time before they realised Joanne had gone. John and Naz were chatting, but Pritti and Louise decided to go and look for Joanne.

They looked around the pub grounds but there was no sign of her or John. The beer garden was empty, so they went round to the back and into the woods.

There they saw a picnic table with Martin standing to one side, and Joanne with her Lycra pants around her knees and her bottom looking quite red, being lectured by Martin on her dreadful behaviour that day.

Clearly Martin had decided enough was enough and taken her round the back to discipline her, and was half way through the process when the girls spied on them.

To their shock, Joanne was told to bend over to complete her spanking, despite her protests.

When they had finished, Joanne stood up clutching her sore bottom.

Martin noticed the other two girls spying on them and said: “Pritti and Louise, come over here!”

The two girls reluctantly came over and asked Joanne if she was OK.

She said: “Yes, I’m fine thanks,” but looked very embarrassed.

Martin said: “You two haven’t behaved much better this morning either, and now you are spying on us. Perhaps you two should join Joanne for some discipline as well.”

Pritti and Louise stuttered and said: “No, no, really, we were just going.”

Martin said: “You two are going nowhere. Over the table now, please!”

Both Pritti and Louise looked shocked, but did as Martin said. Both girls bent over the end of the picnic table in the woods, with the Lycra stretched tightly over each of the girls’ bottoms.

Martin then took out a short leather belt and applied it firmly ten times across each girl’s backside in turn, bringing a loud: “Ouch!” from each girl in turn.

When he finished, both girls got up rubbing their sore bottoms. The belt applied over the Lycra stung like hell, as the girls were not wearing any underwear.

All three girls retired to the ladies toilets to inspect the damage, and were quite shocked at how red their bottoms were.

Martin went to get the boys and told them he had disciplined all three girls, which grudgingly met with their approval.

They then left the pub and prepared to cycle the 20 miles back home.

The atmosphere was silent on the way back, as the girls found cycling with a sore behind very painful. Joanne spent most of the journey with her bum in the air to try and cool it off.

All three girls complained it was a painful return journey, but the boys had little sympathy the way they behaved that morning.

On their return the boys put all the bikes and equipment away whilst the girls retired hurriedly to the changing rooms to fully inspect the full extent of the damage, then shower and change.

All three girls took their Lycra pants down, whilst the other girls inspected her bared behind. Joanne’s rear was lightly reddened as she had not sat down that much, but Pritti and Louise’s were both very red from chafing against the saddle on the way back.

Each girl had cold cream rubbed into her sore bottom in turn, with their Lycra pants left down for a while to try and let the redness and soreness ease, before showering and changing to go home.

Pritti said: “I am not doing that again! Look at us; like a bunch of red-bottomed naughty school girls! I am taking a selfie of us three as a reminder of how sore this was!” She set the timer on her phone on the desk, and linked arms with the other two girls. “Bottoms up, girls!” She said, just as the flash went off.

Louise said: “I can’t believe you just did that.”

But Pritti was unrepentant and said it was a great photo.

The End

© Paul S 2016