The series continues

By Fenton Creek

Having already breached school dress rules, Talia is in trouble again.

Clad in just blue knickers, Talia Mbanefo was on her knees. Her large breasts swayed as she picked through the pile of clothing on the floor. Shaking her head she stood up and rifled through the garments hanging in her wardrobe.

Giving up, she opened the door and called: “Mum! Where’s my school skirt?”

Silence. Damn.

Talia stepped out on to the landing, skipped down the stairs, her bare breasts bouncing, and opened the kitchen door to find her mother cleaning the work top.

“Mum! Where’s my school skirt?”

“Talia! Put some clothes on. You can’t walk about the house like that.”

“But there’s nobody else here Mum. It doesn’t matter.”

“One day somebody might be. Your skirt? They’re both in the wash, your school trousers are in your closet.”

“Thanks Mum!” Talia turned and raced up the stairs, pursued by the words: “And pick your clothes up please.”

Back upstairs, Talia found her trousers and put them on.

She had just plucked a pink bra from her drawer when her phone beeped. Talia picked up the phone and looked at the screen.

Stephanie: Hi!

Talia’s fingers flew over the phone keyboard.

Talia: Hi yourself!

Stephanie: What doin

Talia: Don’t know what to do about my ring.

Stephanie: The 1 u got the cane for?

Talia: Yes. If I leave it out then the hole will close up. If I leave it in then I in trouble again. Got PE today.

Stephanie: Well, duh, take it out before PE then put it back. Simples! Got to go. Laters!

Talia: Laters!

Talia fingered the ring in her left nipple.

“Yes, Steph’s right. Obvious really,” thought Talia as she fastened her bra and reached for her school blouse.

Later that day, just before PE, Talia slipped into the toilets, locked herself in a cubicle, undid her blouse and bra and slipped the ring out of her nipple.

While she was getting dressed after PE, Talia made a point of putting her knickers, trousers and socks on first, leaving her breasts on view as long as possible hoping that the PE teacher, Miss Willow, would notice that her nipples were unadorned this week.

At the start of lunch break she went to the toilets again where she undid her blouse and bra again then eased the ring back into her nipple.

Two minutes later she was on her way to the Dining Hall when she heard: “Talia Mbanefo!” She turned to see Mrs Blackburn, the Headmistress, walking towards her.

“I’m glad I’ve seen you Talia, I was going to send for you. My study please.”

“Miss, am I in trouble?”

“I don’t know Talia, that’s what I intend to find out.”

They climbed the stairs to the Secretary’s office where Miss Jennings was at her desk and then through a further door into the Head’s study.

“Talia, I spoke you last week about the school dress code, particularly item 9.”

“Yes Miss.”

“I take it that you have removed the item of jewelry you were wearing last week and are no longer wearing it to school.”

Is she going to check like last time? Surely not.

“No, of course not Miss.”

“So if I were to ask you to take your bra off again then I would not find anything amiss?”

I don’t like the way this is going.

“Er, no Miss, no. I’m not wearing anything, I mean not anything I shouldn’t be.”

“Well, let’s find out for certain shall we? Same as last week, take off your blouse and top. You can use the chair to put things on.”

Oh dear…

Talia removed her tie and started to unbutton her blouse.

“Er Miss?”

“Yes Talia.”

“Actually Miss, I do still have the ring in.”

“Really Talia? I thought you said that you hadn’t.”

“Er well, I thought I’d taken it out this morning but I’ve just remembered that I haven’t.”

“Or rather that you knew all along and you are owning up when you know you are going to be found out anyway?”

“No Miss, I really did forget. Do I still have to get undressed now? I mean I’ve admitted I’m still wearing it”.

“Talia, this is getting tiresome. Just get on with it.”

Talia sighed then finished unbuttoning her blouse and put it over the chair. She undid her bra and draped it on top of the blouse and then turned to face Mrs Blackburn, not bothering to cover her breasts.

“Talia, you broke a school rule last week. This week you not only blatantly broke the same rule, but also tried to lie and deceive. Do you have anything to say?”

“No Miss,” mumbled Talia.

“It pained me to punish you last week and I am disappointed to have to do so again so soon.”

“Sorry Miss.”

“Too late for that.” She reached behind her desk for the cane and used it to point to the chair upon which Talia’s clothes were draped.

“Move the chair away from the desk. That’s far enough. Now, take your trousers down.”

Talia undid her trousers and slid them down to her knees.

Please, not my pants as well.

Mrs Blackburn frowned, then walked past the half naked girl and opened the door ajar.

“Miss Jennings, I need a witness for a punishment, can you find a staff member please?”

She closed the door and turned back to Talia. “You’ll have to wait just a minute.” She turned and looked out of the window for a few seconds, then turned back to Talia. “As this is your second offence in a week, knickers down as well please.”


“Oh, please Miss.”

“Now, Talia.”

Talia reluctantly slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her knickers and pulled them down to join her trousers.

Please can we get it over with, I don’t want to be standing here like this.

Mrs Blackburn returned to her desk, picked up a folder, slipped out a bundle of papers and started to flick through them, oblivious to the near nude Talia.

Silence fell, broken only by the rustling of papers and the almost inaudible tick of the study clock whose second hand seemed to take an eternity to travel round the clock face. Talia glanced sideways at the window.

Oh no, somebody can probably see me.

Although the office was on the first floor, the art block next door was a storey higher. Talia herself had once been sitting at a desk by the window and been able to glimpse a girl being caned in the office below. Feeling even more exposed, she covered had crotch with one hand and, not entirely successfully, her generous breasts with the other.

At last there was a quiet knock on the door, and Miss Willow, the PE teacher, entered the room. She raised an eyebrow at Talia. Whilst a bare bottom was a regular sighting in the Head’s study, a pupil naked to the knees was something different.

“You wanted a witness, Headmistress?”

“Yes, thank you Miss Willow,” replied Mrs Blackburn. “It seems that Talia is not taking Rule 9 very seriously. Hands by your sides Talia!”

“Hmm! The ring again.” Said Miss Willow. “That wasn’t there during PE this week.”

“I don’t suppose it was, but I’ve just found her wearing it again.” Replied Mrs Blackburn. “Would you put her in position please?”

“Of course Headmistress. Over to the chair Talia, one hand on top of the other on the seat then rest your forehead on your hands.”

Talia stepped forward and leaned over the chair. Being quite tall she had to bend her knees and push her bottom out to get into the required position.

This is embarrassing, they can see everything, including something I particularly don’t want them to see.

The first stroke caught her unawares. A fleeting swish then Talia gasped as the cane cut across her buttocks.

The second stroke came quite low, almost at the top of her legs. “Owwww!”

How many more? Two? Four? Don’t think I can take four more.

Another: “Owww!” Louder this time, as the cane struck again, a little higher this time.


Is that it, has she finished?

Another swish, the stroke delivered with more force than the previous three. “Aaarghh!” Talia was trembling, her eyes filled with tears.

Talia could hear Miss Willow talking quietly to the Headmistress.

Oh dear, have they noticed?

“Stay where you are for now Talia.”

Mrs Blackburn crouched down behind Talia for a few seconds, then standing up said: “Miss Willow, I believe you are right. Talia, stand up and face me.”

Talia stood up and turned around, rubbing her bottom with both hands.

“Miss Willow noticed something during your punishment. We think you may have yet another piercing in an even more intimate place.”

Oh no, they’ve spotted it

“Do you have anything to say?”

“Er, No Miss.”

“OK, pull your pants and trousers up, and take your clothes. Miss Willow will take you to the School Nurse who will examine you and see if you have breached Rule 9 yet again. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss,” answered Talia meekly.

“Off you go then.”

“Thanks Miss.” Talia picked up the rest of her clothes and followed Miss Willow out of the Head’s study back into Miss Jennings’ office. Miss Jennings looked up with interest at the topless pupil and Talia felt her eyes upon her as she got dressed.

“Right!” Said Miss Willow. “Nurse’s room.”

To be continued