A girl finds her school does not appreciate her jewellery.

By Fenton Creek

The changing room was full of half-naked pupils getting dressed after PE.

“Hurry up girls!” Chided Miss Willow, the PE teacher. “You’ve got classes to get to.”

Clad in just white knickers, Talia Mbanefo was looking for her bra. Her large breasts swayed as she searched through her clothes.

As she located the missing garment she realised that Miss Willow seemed to be looking in her direction, a small frown on her face. Talia glanced around to see if the teacher was looking at somebody else. When she looked back Miss Willow had gone.

Talia shrugged her shoulders and carried on getting dressed.

Outside the changing room she fell in step with her friend Stephanie.

“Miss Willow was looking at me funny.”

“Well, you is funny,” retorted Stephanie. “Or perhaps she fancies you.”

“You don’t think so do you?” Replied Talia, not entirely jokingly.

“I wouldn’t think so,” answered Stephanie. “When we are changing, or in the shower she’s usually in her office, not out perving at us.”

“Yes true,” mused Talia. “I wonder what it was.”

After lunch that day a Prefect appeared at the door of the Sixth Form common room. “Talia Mbanefo!” She called. “The Head wants to see you, right now please.”

A few minutes later Talia arrived at Miss Jenning’s office outside the Headmistress’s study. “Mrs Blackburn’s ready for you Talia,” said Miss Jennings. “Go right in.”

Talia knocked and entered.

“Talia, thank you for coming so promptly. Please close the door.”

Talia shut the door and stood in front of Mrs Blackburn’s desk.

“Talia, you are aware of the school rules relating to dress and particularly jewellery?”

“Yes Miss.”

“And what do those rules say about earrings and body piercings?”

“Well Miss, I think it’s that the only things allowed are plain studs or sleepers.”

“That is correct Talia, but it is not your ears that I wish to talk about. Miss Willow spotted something this morning that concerns me. Would you please take off your blouse and bra?”

“What Miss!?”

“You heard correctly, Talia. Take them off. There’s a chair behind you to put them on.”

Talia frowned at Mrs Blackburn then loosened her tie and slipped it over the top of her head. She unbuttoned her blouse, slipped it off her shoulders and put it over the back of the chair.

She reached behind for the clasp of her bra. “Really Miss? Do I have to?”

“You’ll find out why Talia, please get on with it.”

Talia turned away from the Head, undid her bra and placed it over the back of the chair. She turned back to face Mrs Blackburn, hands crossed modestly across her chest.

“Hands by your side Talia.”

Talia let her hands drop, her bare breasts now exposed.

Mrs Blackburn stood up and walked round the desk to where Talia was standing. “Talia, what is this?” She pointed at the girl’s left breast.

Talia looked down at the thin silver ring which pierced her nipple.

“Er, it’s a ring Miss.”

“Yes Talia, I can see that.” Replied the Head as she walked back round her desk. “And it very much breaches rule 9 of the dress code which specifies that no jewellery of any sort may be worn to school, except for sleepers in the ear. That is not a sleeper and it is very definitely not your ear!”

“No Miss” murmured Talia, eyes downcast.

Mrs Blackburn bent down to pick something up from beside her desk. When she stood up Talia’s heart missed a beat. The cane!

“This is not your first offence this term, Talia. Perhaps you need an extra reminder about keeping to school rules.” Mrs Blackburn moved a small pile of papers from the top of her desk then tapped the wooden surface twice with her finger.

“Bend over Talia, across the desk here.”

Talia obediently leaned over the desk.

“With your skirt up.”

Talia reached back and pulled her skirt up, flipping the hem on to the small of her back, revealing her knickers. She leaned forward again, her nipples almost touching the desktop.

As Mrs Blackburn walked back round the desk, cane in hand, Talia’s heart was thumping.

Please! thought Talia. Please don’t make me take my pants down as well.

The first stroke caught her unawares, the tiniest swish then the cane cut across her knickers. Talia lurched forward a tiny bit, her nipples grazed the desk top and the ring made a little tapping noise at it knocked against the wooden surface.

“Keep still Talia!”

Another swish, the cane landing a little higher than before.


That’s two. How many more? At least I’ve kept my pants on.

Another swish, another “Owwwoww!”

“OK Talia, you can stand up now.”

Talia stood up and straightened her skirt.

“Do not wear anything like that to school again – and don’t think I won’t be checking. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss.”

Mrs Blackburn opened the study door.

“Pick your clothes up. You can get dressed in Miss Jennings’ office. Don’t let me see you again today unless it’s for the right reasons.”

Talia gathered up her clothes and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Miss Jennings did not seem to see anything unusual about a half-naked girl emerging from the Head’s study. She watched as Talia started to get dressed, looking back at her work once the girl had her bra back on. Talia buttoned her blouse, tucked it into her skirt, tightened her tie and headed back to the Common Room.

The End