Living with a roommate isn’t always easy. Here, two girls find a way round their problems. By a new writer to us.

By Ryder Mansion

Anna pulled up her car into the apartment parking lot. After a few deep breaths to get over her 20 hour work day, she proceeded to execute a defined set of procedures to gather her things, switch off the stereo followed by the headlights and to finally mark the end of her day by switching off the engine. Her strict catholic upbringing and detail oriented job as a manager at a leading accounting advisory firm ensured that she brought a composed, comprehensive, and disciplined approach to all aspects of her life. Sure she was always tightly wound and had immensely high standards of living, but that was how she was wired. It enabled her to be a natural leader, to strive for better than that of her previous standards which were met with the belt. She embodied the strong parental roles that raised her.

Anna mentally processed her night’s chores while taking out the keys from her right pocket to unlock the door. She had to unload her laundry, take a bath, read up on a new client and finally call it a night. She just hoped her roommate would’ve done the dishes as part of their shared chores. As she entered her quaint two bedroom flat that she shared with her long time friend, Sally, she was met with a level of horror only reserved for the most frustrating days. This was one of those days. Unlike Anna, Sally had a more care-free attitude towards life. This was reflected in her work as a copywriter. While Sally and Anna had similar upbringings, Sally chose to vent her childhood creatively through her profession where positive and often dark projects were her forte which proved to be therapeutic. Her upbringing was so profound that it made her truly empathetic to others and to always place the happiness and approval of loved ones first.

Anna surveyed the room to find that her laundry was unloaded before its completion, only to be placed in a pile together. She observed that the wet bundle had stained their wooden floor. Further on, she noticed a pile of unclean dishes stained by dry markings of leftover food. By the couch, she found a pile of crumbs left from a particularly sweet batch of cookies. Beside the crumbs, she noticed a sleeping Sally on the couch with a laptop in front of her. Anna sucked in her frustration and decided to take a cold shower in order to calm down. As she entered the bathroom, she noticed a pile of cut ginger body hair that belonged to Sally. That was the last straw, and after 6 months of reminding Sally about her unhygienic ways, Anna had had enough.

The 5 foot 11 inch, incredibly athletic Anna marched up to the couch and slammed the laptop shut, which startled Sally from her deep work-induced slumber.

“Sally, I had asked you specifically to do the dishes, why are they not done?”

“Oh my, I’m so sorry! I was going to get to it, but then I was slammed with work and fell asleep after a bit. I’ll do them now,” responded a confused Sally as she rubbed her eyes.

“That’s not an excuse, Sal. You know what you had to do. And why are my clothes left in a pile on the floor? You know they weren’t done!” Anna was trying to be patient with the sensitive Sally. She knew she had a quick temper.

Sally didn’t respond this time and chose to block her roommate’s lecture out by switching her laptop off. Anna couldn’t stand unaccountable behaviour and proceeded to stop her from doing so. This time, she burst in a fit of anger and continued: “And how many times have I told you to clean up after yourself?! There are crumbs everywhere, there’s hair in the bathroom and, by God woman, the food has hardened on the plates! I must’ve told you about a million times, take better care of your surroundings! Why is it so bloody hard for you to listen to something I say?!”

Sally was dumbfounded and just gaped at Anna with a now very dry mouth wide open. Anna did not stop.

“Quite frankly, it’s getting to a point where this is unbearable. If you have nothing to say for yourself, I’m going to bed. Goodnight.” With that, Anna left the living room and proceeded to her bedroom. She couldn’t stop herself from crying out the stressful day before sleeping.

The next morning, Sally apologised profusely to which Anna simply sighed at the ground and said: “I know you’re sorry, Sal. But honestly, I don’t think this is going to work out because this isn’t an isolated incident. I think we should really assess the possibility of looking at separate living arrangements. The month end is coming up next week, so I think we should honestly take a call then.” Years of consulting had taught Anna to be as professional as possible.

The following week was quite tense between the two, with words barely exchanged. Anna buried herself in her work in order to finish up on her current clients. She decided to tackle the issue once she had a less stressed mind from work. Meanwhile, Sally tip-toed around Anna to avoid any confrontation and tried being as clean as possible.

They sat down on the sixth night to hopefully hash things out as they had to do on similar previous occasions. With tears starting to form at her eyes, Sally went first.

“Anna, I’m truly sorry for what happened. It’s just that I’ve been slammed at work and I haven’t had the chance to finish up my end of the chores around here. I know that’s not an excuse, I mean, you seem to be able to work twice as much as me and still have time to be perfect. I promise I’ll try harder. We’ve been friends for a long time, and we’ve been there for each other at times of difficulty. Please, please don’t look for someone else! I love you like an elder sister! I’m asking for one more chance.”

Anna looked thoughtfully into her roommate’s face. “Sal, I love you too, you know that. But… I’m honestly tired of coming home to this every week. I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried being as patient and as understanding as possible. But this is just too much. I’m at my wit’s end.” Anna truly felt like a big sister to her. She only reserved second chances and mercy to those that were close to her heart and not a lot of people were close. “I know I’m difficult to live with, but this is basic stuff, Sal.”

All Sally could muster was: “Okay,” as she stared at the floor carpet. Anna went into her bedroom to compose herself. She couldn’t believe that she had just gutted her little sister. About thirty minutes later, she heard a sheepish knock on the door.

“Come in.”

Sally stood in front of her roommate; she squared her rounded shoulders and straightened her oval face. With her long flowing, deep red curls hanging to her shoulder, she looked Anna in the eye and said: “Anns, you’re completely right. You have been extremely patient with me and my ways and I’ve failed your countless chances. I was out there crying my eyes out and that’s when it hit me. I need a reset button.”

“A what?” Anna was slightly bemused at her roommate. She never really got Sally’s tangential ramblings.

“A reset button. When I was a kid, and well into my teens, I was your average slacker. My parents gave me all the freedom in the world, but every now and then I would need a firm reminder. Just to keep things from getting out of hand, particularly when I was disrespectful to others. That was one of the worst offences.”

“Sal, what are you talking about? Please just come out with it.”

Sally was now jittery. “Argh, look, I was a haughty little child and I still probably am. When I did too many things wrong, my parents would spank the living day lights out of me.” She gave out a nervous laugh and continued. “It wasn’t excessive or anything, but every now and then I’d forget my ways and would need a reminder. So those sessions served as a…”

“Reset button.” Anna completed Sally’s trail of thought and gave her a genial smile. They had never talked about this aspect of their upbringings in the two years of living with each other.

“Haha! Yeah.” Sally felt flushed suddenly. “And I know that part of my life is over, but in some ways I still carry that conditioning around. It’s like I haven’t had a reset button in the longest time. And I guess I’m going out of control. Am I weird for that?”

“Not at all, Sal.” Anna gave her a comforting hug as she placed Sally on her bed. She took her seat before continuing. “In fact, I know exactly how you feel. I was spanked too; harshly, at that. I carry the same conditioning around as well.” Anna suddenly realised that she hadn’t confided this in anybody except for one semi-serious ex boyfriend.

“You were?!”

“Yeah. Every B, every late assignment, and every untidy corner was met with thirty odd strokes of the belt from my father, or six strokes of the cane from mom. They were mostly on the bare and always in the nude when it was Mom punishing me. Smaller infractions were met with the hand over my mother’s knee or sometimes with the hairbrush. So I ensured to do my very best, to be better than my previous versions. I guess that’s why I demand so much from others and myself, because I think any slack should result in my punishment. So yeah, I still carry it around.”

“Oh my God, Anna, I never knew! I only got, like, ten on my shorts with a belt!” Anna smiled back at her and wondered why or how this conversation evolved. A comfortable silence filled the air.

“Anns, I’ve disrespected you these past six months by disregarding your living space. And you’re like a big sister to me. So I guess what I’m asking is…”

“No, Sal. I’m not going to do that.” Anna already completed that sentence in her head.

“Please. I need a reset button. And you ARE my big sister. I’ve wronged you, and I know that. Plus, we’ve tried everything else and it hasn’t worked. I know I deserve it, and I want to do better. I think that this will help.”

Anna rested her head in her hands and processed Sally’s request. “Wouldn’t that be awkward?! Who am I to punish you? Won’t it affect our friendship?” Was the first thing she blurted out in a fit of confusion.

“No, it wouldn’t. We’ve been through it already. Besides, you aren’t my friend.”

“No? Then what am I?”

“You are my guide. You always look out for me; you want me to be better. I want those things too, and I know you can help me achieve that. I need you to guide me, Ann.”

Anna thought deeply about this request and its consequences; to punish her friend, to give into the core definition of her upbringing. She finally looked at Sally. “It would have to be my way, though. Not the way your parents raised you.”

As a million thoughts raced through her head, Sally mustered a slightly cracked: “Yes, of course.”

“Okay. Go into your room, undress, fold your clothes neatly, and kneel in the corner by your bed. You can leave your bra and panties on.”

Sally hesitated as the reality of the situation hit her. She was having second thoughts now, all of which disappeared at an emphasized, “Now.” by Anna.

Sally had never served a corner time before, let alone one that entailed her kneeling in the corner with nothing but her lingerie on. She nervously ensured that every command was complied with. As she took her position, she placed her hands by her pink cotton knickers that matched her bra. She was immensely aware of her exposed body. For a self-professed couch potato, she was surprisingly fit. With a very round bottom that most women would squat till death for, her body was exquisite with her petite frame as contrasted to her deep red hair. Her thoughts jumped from what she had done, to their conversation, to how Anna must’ve gone through the exact same thing. She could not focus. Not more than five minutes had passed that she heard Anna’s entrance. Every nerve and fibre of her body was heightened.

For a second, Anna was taken aback from the utter beauty of Sally’s skin and body. She truly was beautiful. Anna immediately dismissed these thoughts as she had a very new task at hand; to do unto Sally that which had been done unto her; to guide her. She pulled up a straight-back wooden chair and placed it in the centre of the spacious room. “Come here.”

Sally gingerly got up and walked towards her roommate. Correction; her guide. She could feel the burn on her knees from the carpet as she walked.

“Kneel down in front of me for a moment, Sal.”

For some reason, Sally took comfort that Anna referred to her by her pet name. It seemed caring. She got onto her knees and couldn’t muster the courage to look up. Instead, she clasped her hands in front of her and looked down.

Anna lifted Sally’s chin with her hand to make eye contact. “Before we do this, I want you to know that this does not change anything, okay? We’ll still be us after this session, yeah?”

Sally replied with a meek: “Yes.”

“Now, this is going to hurt. A lot. But you should know that I love you as a friend and a sister. And Sal, I need you to listen and follow whatever I say, okay?” Anna gave a warm, soft smile that filled Sally’s heart with a sense of safety.


“Okay. I need you to call me ma’am during these sessions. Just so that we have a formal dynamic in these instances. Now, why are you here?”

Sally felt a pit in her stomach at the thought of multiple similar instances. She felt a greater pit at the thought of answering Anna. “Because I haven’t been taking care of my surroundings… Ma’am.”


“And, I know I can do better. To respect your living space and better my own.” Anna gave her a gentle chide.

“Ma’am.” Sally remembered just in time.

“Okay, then let’s deal with this, shall we?” Anna brought Sally to her feet and gentle motioned her over across her lap. Sally felt the blood rush to her head as her viewpoints had suddenly changed to only carpet. After stabilising herself with her hands, Sally was in a mild state of shock over the events of what was happening. However, she had no time to think once she felt a sharp smack from her guide’s hand. It was utterly surprising at first but there was no time to react once she felt the second and then the third sharp smack across her knickers.

WHACK, WHACK, WHACK! As the intensity of the spanks grew, Sally gritted her teeth to handle the battery of pain. She had never felt something as intense in so long. Anna alternated evenly across the top and middle portion of her bottom until it was blushing red. Sally had so far taken the spanking well. At the three minute mark, she tried blocking Anna with her hand. Unfortunately, that was immediately dealt with as Anna simply locked it behind her back.

Sally could feel the pain breaking her bottled frustration. She completely let go when Anna started to concentrate her efforts on Sally’s sit spot. She wasn’t a screamer at all, but instead chose to let everything out in the form of soft sobs. She needed this.

Anna rained a series of sharp, heavy slaps across her bottom in the final fifth minute. Sally’s bottom was glowing red hot. After a couple more spanks, Anna slowly rubbed the small of her back and let her cry. When she was done crying, she tried to get up but felt a downward pressure from Anna’s hands.

“We aren’t done yet, Sal. We have a little more to go, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Anna was impressed by how well and stoic Sally was taking this. It reminded her of a younger Anna.

“Okay, I want you to get up and bend over. Grab your ankles. Yes, that’s it.” As Sally assumed the position, she noticed that Anna had a thick man’s leather belt folded over.

“Now, you’re going to receive 15 with this on the bare and I want you to really think about why you’re getting this, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“I want you to count the strokes out loud, okay?”

Sally could only manage a muffled: “Hmm.”

Anna took a step beside her and removed her panties down to her ankles. Sally gasped as the image of being so exposed to Anna. She wanted to run and hide.

“It’s perfectly okay. It’s how punishments are to be received. I have the same parts as you do.” Anna tried to lighten the mood with basic anatomy observations.

Sally felt the cool night air hover across her burning behind. She heard the swing of the belt through the air and before she knew it, she felt a loud crack! across the middle portion of her bottom. The pain was unreal. She gave out a deep grunt and desperately tried to hold her position.

“I’m waiting.”

“One… ma’am.” Sally was cursing herself for forgetting to comply. However, her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a second crack across the same area.

“Ahh! Two ma’am!”

Crack, this time the belt strapped her across her upper thighs. “Three ma’am! Ahh!” She broke position and leapt up slightly. Anna brought her back and said: “Discipline is maintaining the position while receiving your punishment.”

Crack! “Yes, ma’am, sorry ma’am! F-f-f-four, ma’am.” Sally did not know how she strung so many words together.

She was howling by the eleventh stroke, but she ensured to hold her ankles, slightly spread her legs and arch her back as directed.

“We’re almost there.” Ensured Anna as she proceeded to increase the intensity of the punishment.

Craaack! “Twelve, ma’am.” Her bottom was now a deep red with strap marks all across.

Crack, Crack! Two painful strokes followed by their respective counts were administered in quick succession.

Anna made sure to rub the small of her back, before giving one last stroke to clean the slate. After the count, Sally ensured to remain in position until instructed otherwise. Anna brought her up, and gave her a gentle hug. Sally cried in her arms for a good minute.

Slowly, Anna broke away and said: “Now, usually this is followed by another corner time on your knees but I think you’ve had too much as it is for now. So what I want you to do is to write down your feelings and how you intend to get better at things, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

After thirty minutes to herself, Sally emerged from her room and read her thoughts out to Anna; she ended it by another apology. Anna got up from the couch and gave her a hug. “I forgive you. From now on, we work at this together, okay? The session is over. The slate is clean.”

They never looked back after that night and Anna saw huge improvements in Sally’s attitude towards all aspects of her life.

Months later, Sally was replaying the incident in her head and was thankful they had to go through a spanking only once. That was until she saw Anna place a rattan cane on the coffee table followed by the words: “Sal, I need a reset button.”

The End.

© Ryder Mansion 2014