A girl tries to win back her sister’s affection

By Lorna Brand

Dawn watched her tears disappearing into the dry earth underneath her feet through misty eyes. They slipped down her flushed cheeks leaving a salty taste as they passed over her full lips. Her wrists were bound together by a silvery silk tie around the leg of her patio chair. Although at her own request, she had been here so many times she had almost lost sight of why. It was the only way things could ever be made right again. Her repentance had to be sincere and her submission genuine or forgiveness would never come.

Dawn was going to stay bent over where she was until Page was satisfied, hence the need for the restraints. Even if they probably wouldn’t hold up to a determined attempt to break free, it provided the mental hand cuffs that she needed to keep her focused.

She stared down at her stretched and knotted cuffs. This wasn’t how she thought her day would turn out when she woke up that morning but she was grateful it had. The plastic chair was digging into her hips and stomach as it stuck to her sweaty skin that rippled as she wriggled. Perched on the tip of her toes she struggled to not fall forward.

Completely naked from below the waist, Dawn tried to count the stitches in her jeans that lay strewn to the side of her, just so her brain had something to do other than to scream: ‘MOVE, GET UP!’ at every blow. She wanted to run away so badly but she couldn’t give in to that urge. She had to silence that voice in her head and get through this.

Page didn’t have a great deal of strength behind her. She was a petite young lady with short blond hair styled into a pixie cut. She looked sweet like butter wouldn’t melt, but the anger swelling up and surging through her body gave her all the technique she needed, mixed with a dash of sadistic, and she was a force to be reckoned with.

The cool air bit into Dawn’s bum, giving a sudden sting sensation followed by a temporary relief in between the severe lashings. But it wasn’t this that was making Dawn unconscionable as she wept without reservation. It was the humiliation of having her little sister taking years worth of hostility out on her unprotected exposed bum in front of their friends during a summer evening’s barbecue. Despite it being at Dawn’s own insistence, it was far harder to cope with than she could have ever imagined. Feeling the hatred from her sister cut deep into her, it was the worst thing she had ever been through. All those people that used to hold her in high regard now watched enthusiastically, delighting in every stroke of the belt that Page was wielding.

The crowd encouraged the punishment with comments like: “You can do better than that, Page. Give her what she deserves!”

Dawn understood why, but hearing the animosity made her feel that much more uncomfortable. That, coupled with her stomach being thrust into the chair with every stroke, made Dawn start to feel sick.

Dawn, until this moment, had always been the one in control. Being a full three minutes older than her younger, identical twin, sister was something that she constantly reminded Page about and used at every opportunity. Dawn had to be the first one to try something new. She had to be the first one to blow out her birthday candles. She had to be the first one to do everything! Because she was first! And Page was never aloud to forget it. All through their childhood, Dawn led and Page was expected to follow. Even now, if Dawn changed her hair Page had to too. Every aspect of Page’s life was determined by her older sister.

That was until Page delivered her ‘big news’ a few weeks ago. She had got engaged to her boyfriend. It was a whirlwind romance; they had only been dating for a few months, but Page fell hard for him and the two instantly knew they never wanted to be apart. Page was going to be the first one to settle down and that was what triggered the events that led to this insane moment.

Dawn had never been overshadowed by her little sister before and she wasn’t enjoying it. All the cards and engagement gifts should have been for her. She had decided in a moment of jealousy that Page’s husband-to-be wasn’t a suitable match for her, and Dawn would have to show her that by any means possible. Expressing her concerns and belittling him was achieving nothing so Dawn had to step things up a notch.

The two girls were true identical twins right down to their taste in clothes and could only be told apart because of Dawn’s more bullish nature. If they were walking down the street, for instance, no one would know who was who unless they were to realise who was leading the conversation. This was something they had taken advantage of before, as teens, to play pranks or imitate each other. Their parents couldn’t even tell them apart at times, so the inspiration hit Dawn like a bolt of lighting.

Dawn decided to pretend to be her sister and seduce her new fiancé. It was completely selfless, of course, just to prove to Page that he was not marriage material. That’s what any good sister would do. Dawn was prepared to kiss and sleep with someone other than her own boyfriend just to ‘help’ Page. It didn’t occur to Dawn that it would devastate her sister or damage their relationship in any way. She didn’t think their mutual friends may not see this as a fantastic idea, nor indeed that they would think it was the most selfish, stupid and cruel thing she had ever done.

It wasn’t hard to carry out her plan. She just waited until she knew her sister would be at work and that there was no way they could be disturbed, then Dawn made her way to Page’s fiance’s house and threw herself at him. She didn’t have to do much acting as the girls’ tastes were very similar and that extended to the men in their life. Dawn had secretly wanted to jump into his arms and be completely consumed by him since Page introduced him to the family.

Dawn knew she had a full day to get entangled in his arms. She could have stopped at an embarrassing kiss to make her point, but she was going to give in to her selfish desires and use every second she had to make her point over and over again. Dawn had also spiced things up by taking some very adult and compromising pictures of them together.

This was a step too far, although she could have stopped at that point too, but she didn’t! Somehow she felt it necessary to show the world what an unsuitable husband her sister had picked, so she put them on line. #Wrong twin was trending everywhere. As you can imagine, this is when a stupid hurtful idea was transformed into a life changing monstrous catastrophe and there was no going back. The story of the stupid man who couldn’t tell which sister  was going to be his bride was being laughed at everywhere.

This is why Dawn had to be completely contrite and she was going to do everything she could to show her sister just how sorry she was, taking every lash her sister could give out.

Page had refused to speak to Dawn after the incident, knowing that she had deliberately duped her love and humiliated them both so publicly. Page couldn’t bring herself to invite her to their engagement barbecue and the sheer mention of Dawn would spark so many feelings she couldn’t cope with. As far as Page was concerned, Dawn no longer existed. She cut her out of her life altogether.

This is why Dawn gate crashed the engagement barbecue in the hope that she could show her sister just how sorry she was. It wasn’t until Dawn suggested her little sister could humiliate her in any way she wished that Page even made eye contact with her. The sparkle in her face said it all.

Page wanted Dawn to be caught with her trousers down like her partner was, and so badly wanted her twin to feel the physical pain she did every time she lay next to him and wondered if he was the same with her. This is how Dawn ended up over the garden chair being whipped by her sister swinging her fiance’s belt.

Page thought this was a fitting punishment. The brown leather licked over Dawn’s bum, making her scream out not to stop, but in pain. Dawn couldn’t keep still to start with, no matter how she tried. As the belt hit her an electric shock surged through her, making her jump up high. Page became more impatient as she presumed the gesture was insincere. Then she suggested the restraints.

The tie had come enthusiastically from Page’s fiancé who was keen to see justice done and peace restored to his wife to be. The more Page swung, the more frantic she got. Over and over, she brought the belt thundering down, lost in the commotion and unable to control herself.

Soon the spectators had fallen silent and no longer wished for more. The revenge was beginning to appear ugly and upsetting to watch.

Finally Page’s fiancé stepped in, grabbing her wrist in mid stride.

“That’s enough,” he called.

Page had been so caught up in her own revenge she had become deaf to all that was going on around her, engrossed in what she was doing and shut off to the pain she was causing.

Dawn was truly sorry for the pain she had caused. She didn’t know how much her sister meant to her until faced with the thought she may never be there for her again. She would have stayed over that chair until Page stopped, just to prove her love. Tears flowed freely as two others untied Dawn and helped her to her feet. She was carried back to the house by Page’s fiancé while her little sister fell to her knees on the grass. The people watching dispersed, leaving Page on her own watching her tears disappearing into the dry ground.

The End

© Lorna Brand 2016