A girl lets the side down and pays the price

By Robert Roberts

Marcia, Head Girl at the Ardwicke Boarding School For Girls, was concerned as she entered her two-bed dormitory to find her roommate and good friend, Grace, sitting on the edge of her bed and crying.

“What’s wrong Gracie?” asked Marcia as she sat next to her friend and attempted to comfort her with an arm around the shoulder.

Grace pulled away. “You must know,” she sobbed. “My appointment with the fifth formers tonight.”

“Gracie, for Heavens’ sake. It’s just a bit of fun. Why are you so upset?”

Grace, feeling quite downcast, responded through her sobs and tears. “I can’t believe you arranged this punishment for me, especially as I thought we were friends. The humiliation is unbearable.”

“You’re not meant to take it like that, Gracie. It’s a chance to show the fifth formers that us sixth formers can take it as well as dish it out.”

“But it’s not us is it? It’s me. Just me. I’m the one that’s got to stand in front of them and take their abuse and jibes and then get whacked by them.”

“Because it was you who made the mistake, Gracie. We’re demonstrating that if we make a mistake we take the consequences, and a show trial and spanking is our light-hearted way of bonding with the fifth formers. It will be all right. I’ll be there to see fair play.”

“You’ve got to get me out of this, Marcia,” pleaded Grace.

“No way, Gracie. Everyone is looking forward to it. When I put it to Mrs Davies she laughed and thought it a great idea, and she’s coming along to watch.”

Grace threw herself on to her bed and buried her face in the pillow, sobbing with increased intensity. Marcia was beginning to feel guilty, and perhaps she was asking too much of her friend.

“I’m really sorry, Gracie. I thought you of all people would enter into the spirit of this and get a good laugh out of it.”

“I’ll be a laughing stock throughout the school. I won’t be able to face anybody.”

“No. Just the opposite. If you handle this correctly your popularity will rise in leaps and bounds. Play your cards right and you will be seen as a good sport.”

“And how can I do that?” retorted Grace disbelievingly.

“Turn up on time with me. Smiling, chin up. Confident. Admit your guilt with good humour. Plead for mercy and say you will accept the punishment awarded by the court.”

“And what is that punishment?” asked Grace with a shudder.

“I know exactly what the punishment will be because I’ve discussed it with the girls. You are going to get two whacks from each of the five girls you caused to suffer because of your mistake. Mrs Davies has lent them her leather paddle.

“Oh! How jolly decent of her!”

“Just one more thing, Gracie. After the spankings you’re going to be dragged from the gym and taken fully-clothed for a cold shower to emulate the drenching the girls got in the thunderstorm when they were walking back to school after your mess-up.”

“This gets better by the minute,” complained Grace, who was now beginning to accept her fate.

“Come on. We’ve got twenty minutes to get you to the gym. I suggest you change into your sports kit.”

Grace peeled off her day clothes and tossed them onto the bed. She opened one of the drawers in her wardrobe and pulled out her sleeveless, pristine white T-shirt, ankle socks, sports bra and blue gym-knickers that fitted snugly around her bubble butt.

Stepping into her trainers, she said, “How do I look?” knowing full well she looked very pleasing to the eye.

“I’m so jealous of you,” remarked Marcia.

Grace made a reluctant move towards the door.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” asked her friend. “You’ll need a towel and dry clothes when you’re released from the shower.”

“Oh! Thanks. I’m not thinking straight,” said Grace as she headed back to the wardrobe. Grabbing her sports bag, she deposited a towel, a pair of knickers, her dressing gown, sandals and a bag for her wet clothes.

“See. I told you I would be looking after you,” laughed Marcia.

Grace gave her an icy stare.


It was 8.55 pm and Grace, with Marcia at her side, made her way to the gymnasium for her 9.00 pm kangaroo court appearance. Much to Marcia’s relief, Grace had got herself into game mode. Although she was trembling and her apprehensive levels were at maximum, she was determined to put on a good show.

“Just how many are coming?” asked Grace with increasing nervousness.

“It’s a packed house. Tickets were changing hands at well above face value. You’re the talk of the town,” laughed Marcia.

As they entered the corridor to take them to the gymnasium entrance, Grace noticed the eerie silence. She stopped dead in her tracks.

“I can’t do this. I’m going to run away,” she said, knowing full well this was not an option.

Marcia encouraged her to start moving forward. “Come on. You don’t want extra whacks for being late.”

“These whacks. They’re not going to be proper whacks are they?

“Of course not. I’ve agreed with the fifth formers they will be token slaps,” lied Marcia, and she smiled to herself knowing she had told the girls to give it all they’d got.

The two of them reached the gymnasium entrance. It was deathly quiet and Grace hoped that maybe nobody was interested and all this was a wind-up. Her hopes were soon to be shattered. Marcia gently pushed her forward through the doors. She was met with a deafening cacophony of hoots, screams, shouts, some cheering, some cat-calling, hissing and booing. These girls were here to enjoy themselves at Grace’s expense. Taken aback for a couple of seconds, Grace then quickly got her act together. She raised both arms above her head and gave mock bows to her audience, turning to each side of the gym.

Marcia took her by the arm and moved her towards a desk where the judge and jury were sitting. As she approached the desk, Grace noticed, to her consternation, the vaulting horse had been strategically placed for her to bend over to facilitate her spankings. The very same horse that she had so enjoyed using to hone her gymnastic skills. And standing by the vaulting horse were the five girls who would be administering their revenge spankings. To the side of the judge and two jurors, stood Mrs Davies holding her leather paddle and gently swishing it against her hand. Of course, just to add to Grace’s torment, she was smiling and obviously enjoying the proceedings.

Grace came to a stand before the judge, flanked by two jurors. The judge was the Deputy Head Girl, Samantha, who was quite friendly with Grace outside this arena and the jurors were two fifth formers. Samantha gained absolute silence from the baying crowd simply by raising her arms outstretched and slowly lowering them.

“Grace McTavish, you have been brought before court to answer the charge of incompetency and carelessness resulting in harm to those people in your charge. How do you plead? Guilty or not guilty?”

“Guilty your honour, but there are extenuating circumstances.”

“Silence!” shouted the judge. “You were told to plead guilty or not guilty. Nothing else. You are in contempt of court and will receive two swats of the paddle to be administered by the Head Girl.”

A shout came from a member of the throng. “Cane her!”

Very quickly, the assemblage broke into a chant. “Cane her, cane her, cane her.”

This seriously unnerved Grace. Surely not a caning? Crestfallen, she sought to make eye contact with Marcia who was her only hope of salvation. But wait. Wasn’t it Marcia who manipulated her into this nightmare? Indeed, it would seem that the Head Girl and her deputy had colluded to organise an extra spanking to be delivered by her friend.

Once again, Samantha calmed the situation. “Order, order, order! Prepare the prisoner for punishment.”

Two fellow sixth formers stepped forward and guided Grace to the vaulting horse, and with a hand firmly pushing her in the middle of her back she found herself sprawled across the leather surface of the horse and her bottom feeling exposed to some unwelcome attention.

“Knickers down!” came a shout, followed by the throng joining in with another chant.

But knickers weren’t coming down and the chanting faded away to a buzz of excitement as the spectators waited for the first slap to reign down on the bottom of the beleaguered sixth former.

Marcia collected the leather paddle from Mrs Davies and moved into position. She whispered to Grace. “I told you I would look out for you. No cane. No knickers down.”

Grace didn’t particularly feel that she was being looked after, especially when the first swat crashed into the left cheek of her buttocks amidst a roar of approval from the crowd.

“That wasn’t a token slap,” gasped the poor girl, and the second swat immediately followed, this time landing on her right cheek, confirming there was no tokenism being offered by her so called friend.

Grace was lifted up from the vaulting horse by the two sixth formers and escorted back to the judge. Really wanting to rub her stinging bottom, she was unable to free her hands from the grip of her attendants.

Samantha, with a stern expression but desperately wanting to laugh out loud, offered Grace the chance to explain the extenuating circumstances of her ‘shameful’ behaviour.

“Your Honour as I was about to explain, I…” Grace began.

She was interrupted by Samantha.

“That’s enough of your snivelling. It’s time to pass sentence.” Samantha turned to her accomplices and it took less than ten seconds to announce the sentence.

“Grace McTavish. You have been found guilty and sentenced to ten swats of the paddle to be administered by the five poor girls you so badly wronged. You will then be led to the changing rooms where you will be subjected to a five minute cold shower. Take her away.”

Once again, Grace was led back to the vaulting horse and positioned over it ready to receive the next two swats. First up was Jill Needle, a shy girl not sure if she wanted to be spanking a sixth former who might just find a way of getting her own back. Besides, she liked Grace, but being egged-on by the crowd was incentive enough to proceed with two very firm whacks, imparting more sting to Grace’s delightfully firm and shapely buttocks.

“I can’t believe this,” muttered Grace to herself as Jill Needle stood back and handed the paddle to Irene Scunthorpe, who had previously fallen out with Grace on the netball court. This was the chance she never thought she would get to teach her netball opponent a lesson.

“Two hours ago, I was contemplating a leisurely walk down to the Royal Oak in my new mini dress for a glass of… Ouch!” The first of Irene’s spanks homed in, accompanied by enthusiastic cheering from the crowd.

The sound of the thwack of Irene’s second spank was drowned out by the laughter of the fifth formers and a few sixth formers. They were having a great time witnessing Grace’s indignity. Grace was hell bent on taking the resounding blows in silence.

‘This is so unfair,’ she cried inwardly, ‘but I’m not going to cry out.’

The next fifth former, Christine Kent, stepped up to have her moment of fame. Could she be the one to break Grace’s resolve and cause her to emit a howl or at least a yelp? Christine raised her arm and brought the paddle down with a flourish, catching Grace across the lower part of her bottom, below her gym knickers, and creating an immediate angry red mottling on the victim’s bare flesh.

Grace stoically refused to concede and remained silent except perhaps to those with a ringside seat who might have been close enough to hear a gasp. Christine was disappointed with Grace’s refusal to cry out and her second attempt exploded with full force on exactly the same area as her first effort. Grace remained silent, but the urge to reach out and caress her burning and aching posterior was greater than ever.

Turning her mind away from the spankings and trying to concentrate her mind on more pleasurable activities, Grace imagined enjoying a glass of Merlot at the village inn, attracting the attention of the local lads.

“I wonder if one of them might pluck up the courage and… What was that?” She was aware of the cheering turning to jeering.

Tina Robson now had her hand on the paddle. She really liked Grace and, although Grace was responsible for her getting lost and stranded and drenched in the thunderstorm, she bore no ill-will. In fact, when approached by Marcia to take part in the spankings, she was very reluctant and hence delivered two mild taps. This brought about mock disapproval from the gathering.

But for Grace, it meant just two more spanks and she would be released with just the cold shower to endure. Elaine Sidebottom also liked Grace but she wanted her spanking efforts to be cheered not jeered, and Grace’s discomfort was concluded with two sharp renditions of Mrs Davies’s paddle. Elaine was the only girl to actually apologise to Grace.

“Really sorry, Grace, but I had to.”

Grace was hauled to her feet and paraded in front of the spectators, before being marched to the shower room. Limited space was available for the spectators, and some began to drift away having been thoroughly entertained.

The temperature lever was jammed on cold and the volume lever on maximum power as Grace was ordered in, still in full gym kit, to endure five minutes of being submerged in freezing cold water. It only took two minutes before she was shivering uncontrollably. Girls had jostled for places to observe her watery torment, but to be fair the comments were mostly supportive. They had enjoyed the spectacle of a respected sixth former getting the whack, and they were impressed with her uncomplaining acceptance.

Grace felt miserable. Her bottom was stinging although the cold water did bring some relief. She tried to respond to the comments with humour, but she just wanted to get back to her dorm, get some attention to her burning and bruised bottom and get warm again. Five minutes and Marcia confirmed it was time for the girls to get moving back to their dorms.

“Show’s over, girls. Back to your dorms for 9.30. Lights out at 10.00. I’ll be checking.”

She turned the shower onto hot for Grace to get warm, but Grace just wanted to get out. Marcia thought it prudent not to make any comment for the time being. Instead, she helped Grace out of her sodden gym kit, took the towel out of her sports bag and started to dry her, but Grace quickly took over. Marcia collected the wet clothes and wrung them out over the sink in the changing rooms before putting them into the bag. When she returned Grace was donning her dressing gown.

“Ready?” asked Marcia, and ventured to give her friend a hug. “Let’s go.”

On the way back to their dorm, Samantha intercepted them.

“Well done, Gracie. You’re a star.”

Samantha handed Marcia a small parcel that Grace couldn’t identify and then turned to her and asked, “No hard feelings, hun?”

No response from Grace led Samantha to think her friend was not yet in a forgiving mood.

They reached their dorm. Grace was subdued. As they got organised, Marcia took Grace’s wet clothes down to the laundry room and on her way back collected some ice from the kitchen. She was away for a few minutes and, when she returned Grace was lying face down on the bed, bruised bottom on display.

Without speaking, Marcia sat beside her on the bed and applied the ice which met with Grace’s approval. She continued to gently apply the ice to Gracie’s throbbing and bruised bottom until it started to melt, then switched to applying arnica from the tube given to her by Samantha. A long silence existed before Marcia spoke.

“Aren’t we going to have a conversation, Gracie?”

“I just can’t understand why you would want to do this to me,” responded Grace, fighting to hold back the tears.

“You know I love you more than life itself,” remarked Marcia, “but you are so perfect. Brilliant at sport, very popular with everyone, top of the maths and physics classes and you are so good-looking. And then I found out last week that I was only appointed Head Girl because you turned it down.

“I’m so sorry, Gracie. I organised tonight’s show because I just wanted you to taste how life can be when you’re not in control. I don’t feel so good about it now. I brought Mrs Davies’s paddle back with me. You can use it on me to get your own back.”

Grace smiled for the first time since the beginning of her ordeal.

“Now there’s a tempting offer.”

The End

© Robert Roberts 2020