Bullied by a group of girls, but is revenge really so sweet?

By Wendy A

I spent four very unhappy years at St Margaret’s Junior School. I am not sure why or when my problems started but they revolved around a girl in my year, Pauline, and several of her friends. They were effectively a gang and picked regularly on the more vulnerable girls. They were also regularly in trouble with the teachers and were often spanked.

They picked on me incessantly, I was more often in tears than not. They were really horrible, my life was hell. An Aunt of mine was a teacher at the school, Aunt Vera, and I spoke to her several times about my problems. Sometimes she took action but this resulted in even worse teasing and more devious pranks directed at me. On the rare occasions that I did retaliate I ended up in the Headmistress’s study for a spanking.

At 12 years old I failed the entry exam into the senior school and ended up at a nearby State school where academic achievement was not a top priority. At least the teasing stopped and I made some good friends. Both my Aunt and Mother were very disappointed but I was at least happy and achieved much better exam results. By 15 I was in a section learning secretarial duties and enjoyed the work.

I left school at 16 and had a couple of dead end jobs, such as making tea in an office. I also started going out with Brad, he had been in the year above me at school. All was fine till I became pregnant. Brad was initially supportive but my Mother almost ostracized me. I eventually had to leave home and went to live with Brad in a small rented flat. We were married quickly before the baby was born which seemed to appease my Mother. Brad’s family were also supportive, particularly an Uncle and Aunt who ran a pub close to St Margaret’s.

Within days of Lucy’s birth Brad disappeared, apparently he had gone off to London, fatherhood was clearly too much of a burden. My Mother came to my rescue as did Brad’s Aunt, Rosemary. I decided to keep on the flat and after a period of maternity leave I went back to work. During the day Lucy would be looked after by either my Mother or Rosemary.

One day I mentioned to my Mother that I would need a better paid job, money was getting very tight. She did suggest that I move back home with her, my Father was long gone, but I cherished the freedom that my flat gave me. A few days later she mentioned that there was a job going at St Margaret’s in the Headmistress’s office. My Aunt had retired, as had the Headmistress that I had known at school, but apparently my Aunt still had influence in the school.

An interview was arranged with Miss Donaldson, the new Headmistress, and within a couple of days I had a new job. I gave a week’s notice and started in my new job a week later.

Miss Donaldson introduced me to Mrs Walker, her secretary, and she took me under her wing. She was very motherly and did not mind having to teach me the same things several times.

One day I spotted Pauline and her friends, they were now all in the Upper Sixth. They did not recognise me, my short mousy hair was now long and blond and contact lenses had replaced the glasses I used to wear. Also I assumed that they would not even notice a mere clerk in the Head’s office.

One day when we were having a coffee break I mentioned about Pauline and her friends. Mrs Walker explained that they were a bad lot, would never become prefects and were often in Miss Donaldson’s office for punishment. I had quite forgotten about corporal punishment. Mrs Walker explained that usually Miss Donaldson caned the girls and in the case of serious and repeat offences it would be applied on the bare bottom. The other teachers applied the belt either to the hand or on the bottom over knickers. Mrs Walker also mentioned that she was usually called into the Head’s study as a witness.

It was only a couple of days after that chat that two girls appeared in our office with slips. I took them, but Mrs Walker intervened and said she would handle the matter. She called Miss Donaldson on the intercom and the two girls were told to sit on the row of chairs adjacent to the Head’s study. There was a buzz on the intercom and Mrs Walker escorted the two girls into the study. I could hear voices, the usual lecture, and then the sound of the cane, they each got four strokes. When they came out they were both in tears and were rubbing their bottoms.

This had given me an idea, it would be just revenge if I could arrange for Pauline and her friends to be caught, from the comment of Mrs Walker I was sure that they regularly broke the rules, smoking and going to the pub at lunchtime.

The following Friday I asked Mrs Walker if I could have an extra long lunch break so that I could go to my Aunt’s, Lucy had a cold and I was worried about her. She readily agreed.

I got to the pub on the stroke of midday and asked Rosemary whether any girls from the school ever came in for a drink. She looked curiously at me for a moment and explained that this was a taboo subject because some of them may not be 18. I comforted her by saying that my enquiry was specific and that all the concerned girls were at least 18. I described Pauline and her friends and was informed that they often came in on Fridays at lunchtime. They would also meet up with some of the boys from the nearby St Paul’s boy’s school. I asked her to check and she reported that they were there, six of them and a couple of boys.

I returned quickly to school and thanked Mrs Walker. I mentioned that I had seen several girls going into the White Swan. She immediately went to report the matter to Miss Donaldson. Two teachers were summoned and they headed off in the wake of the Headmistress.

Within half an hour they were back accompanied by 6 very unhappy girls. The girls were told to sit and Miss Donaldson went into her study with the teachers. The discussion was short, the buzzer went and Mrs Walker escorted the 6 girls into the study. I noticed that the study door had not been closed completely. Feeling slightly guilty I went over to the door and found that I could see two of the girls facing the desk, the others were obscured and I did not dare open the door wider. There was the usual lecture, being absent from school without permission, being in a pub during school hours, drinking alcohol and smoking. There was no mention of the boys. On being invited to comment the girls had nothing to add and Miss Donaldson announced that they would each receive 6 strokes on their bare bottoms.

There was movement in the study so I stood back. When I looked again I could see one girl bent over a chair with her skirt up and knickers down. A cane appeared and tapped the bottom a couple of times before disappearing. It returned with force and impacted loudly on the unprotected rear of the girl. I watched while 3 girls were caned and then decided that I should return to my desk in case I was discovered.

After the last girl had been caned they trooped out, I noticed tears in their eyes and they were rubbing their bottoms.

Pauline and her friends were regular visitors to the Head’s study and I enjoyed hearing the cane impact on their bottoms and then the exit in tears and with bottom rubbing.

It was about two months later when Mrs Walker was off sick that I got a phone call from Aunt Rosemary, the girls had returned. I knocked on Miss Donaldson’s door and was invited to enter. I told her that the girls who were in the pub a couple of months ago were back again. She did not enquire how I knew but immediately summoned two teachers and they set of for the pub. What would I say if she asked me how I knew that they were there, should I come clean and say that my Aunt had told me? Would she discover my secret vendetta against Pauline and her friends?

Within half an hour they were back and the girls were told to sit facing me in my office. I busied myself with some work. The buzzer sounded, I stood and opened the door, the girls filed in. I was about to close the door and go back to my desk when Miss Donaldson said: “Wendy, as Mrs Walker is absent I suggest that you stay.” My heart skipped a beat as I closed the door behind me and went to stand next to the two teachers.

The lecture was a repeat of the previous time when I had eavesdropped. She reached the end of the lecture and asked the girls whether they had anything to add, they all shook their heads. She then announced that they would each receive 8 strokes except Pauline who would receive 9 strokes.

A high backed chair was placed in the centre of the room near the desk. One of the girls was called forward; she slipped her hands under her skirt, pulled down her navy knickers and bent over the chair. Miss Donaldson went to a corner cupboard and took out a cane, it looked frightening and I could feel the muscles tense in my own bottom. She took the first three without much fuss but was sobbing by the fifth and was pleading mercy by the eighth.

Each of the girls reacted much the same, some squealed and others grunted, all were sobbing by the fourth or fifth stroke. I was beginning to feel sorry for them, the humiliation of baring their bottoms in front of the four of us and their friends, the pain which I assumed was unbearable judging by their reactions, the tears and the knowledge that the whole school would know that they had been severely caned.

Miss Donaldson had been saving Pauline for last. My pity disappeared as she made her way to the chair. A pair of skimpy white knickers appeared, not the regulation navy ones. Miss Donaldson remarked: “I should give you extra for not being dressed correctly.”

Pauline bent over and Miss Donaldson raised her skirt up over her back. What a great target, Pauline had an ample bottom. Miss Donaldson lined up the cane and brought it back with all her force. Pauline screamed and almost stood up. The tramlines appeared almost instantly. Her screams were more muted for the next three but she was sobbing. Miss Donaldson seemed to find extra vigour, the next three were real corkers, the sound of the impact resounded round the room. Pauline was now pleading for mercy. “Please Miss, no more.” She was told to shut up and the last two were applied with every ounce of strength left in Miss Donaldson’s arm.

Pauline was told to stand up but remained bent over, she was sobbing her heart out, she was totally crushed, the bully had met her match and had suffered. I could not help smiling inwardly at the sight of her blistered bottom. Finally she managed to stand and pulled up her panties. After a few more words they were invited to leave. I held the door open and the girls filed out followed by the two teachers. I was about to follow when Miss Donaldson called me back. She asked me to make her a coffee and bring one for myself.

When I returned with the coffees she was seated on the sofa and indicated that I should sit on one of the armchairs. She turned to face me and said: “Do you want to tell me something Wendy?” Decision time had arrived like a bolt of lightning. She was no fool and had probably guessed that I had set up Pauline and her friends to be caught. I started at the beginning and my life just came tumbling out of my mouth.

When I finally finished she said: “I am glad you told me that, I had a word with your Aunt Rosemary and she provided some of the background. It was not difficult to imagine that it had been Pauline and her friends that had bullied you when you were younger. On the other hand I do not appreciate being used by you for seeking out revenge. Had you not been honest with me I may well have asked you to resign. This would have saddened me greatly because you have settled in well to our routine and are a hard worker. I will give you a choice, either you can leave or take six strokes of the cane on your bare bottom.”

I had just seen six girls flogged, they were clearly used to being caned but had been totally crushed, how could I endure six strokes? I could not afford to lose my job, I enjoyed it and the pay was good. Finally I spoke. “I will accept the caning, Miss.”

She decided that it would be best for me to be punished immediately and, noticing my tight skirt, suggested that I should remove it completely. This I did and laid it on the desk. Next I went to the chair which had not been moved and pulled my tights and panties down to my thighs. Finally I bent over placing my hands on the seat of the chair.

Would she go easy on me? The answer came very soon. After a couple of taps I heard the swoosh of the cane and the crack as at it hit my bottom. The pain hit a half second later. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. The second stroke landed and the floodgates opened, tears were streaming down my face. I almost stood up after the fourth and was immediately told to get back down. The fifth and sixth were the worst of all. I stayed down for ages until I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Come on Wendy, it’s over.”

I hesitatingly stood and my hands went immediately to my bottom, it was on fire and I could feel ridges. Rubbing did not seem to ease the pain, in some ways it just made it worse. Finally I bent to retrieve my panties and tights, they felt uncomfortable when I slid them over my bottom. Getting my skirt on was also difficult and I had to steady myself with one hand on her desk.

I turned to face her and said that I was very sorry to have involved her in my vendetta. She replied: “Wendy, I am sure that I would have done the same self thing if I had been in your position, it’s just that I can’t condone my being involved in your scheme for revenge, there was a price to pay for that. Now get off home and I will see you on Monday morning.”

The End