Following on from ‘An American in London’, Katie now has to face her mother.

By Mary Desmond

Things were starting to come together in my life. I had just completed my internship at a major corporation in London for the final hurdle needed to complete my courses and earn my four year degree at the university back in the US. The corporation, whose name I will continue to keep out of the story, had given me an opportunity of a lifetime with the internship. They had placed me at their London office and catered to my needs with assistance for travel, housing and any training needed, all the while paying me a decent wage during my time with them.

My guidance counselor was worried that I would get lost being involved with a big corporation, but the opposite happened. I came out of my shell, so to speak, with some help from the events that played out at the Academy where I had attended for additional training, and also being out on my own, miles away from my home. It allowed my inner strength to come through. I learned to be brave and my confidence grew.

At the end of my internship, I met with the personnel director and the corporate CFO. They commented on my positive traits and skills and thought of me as a talent they didn’t want to lose. They offered me a job right there. The whole package was too good to pass up. It was even better than taking a position at their office near home. Now, with the end of the internship, I would be heading back home to the United States for a graduation ceremony and celebrations. I would also meet up with friends and family that I hadn’t seen since before the start of this last term, way back around the holidays.

Most of all, I missed my mother who I have always been close with. I felt like I had some patching up to do with her. She really wanted me to work at the branch office close to home if I was going to work for that company. I had a hard time trying to convince her to accept my London decision. I still don’t think she was happy with it. I had made friends there and grew fond of the people and it all still seemed new and exciting to me. Then, there was another matter that needs attention between Mom and me.

After my meeting in Mr Leary’s office, it was supposed to be a fresh start with everything behind me, thanks to the Headmaster. I had faced the consequences of my actions, but now I felt that was just between me and the Academy. Somehow, I knew I had to make it right with mom. I didn’t want the guilt of having that dirty magazine in the house years ago eating away at me and also, as it was pointed out to me, how I had lied to her. It would never really go away as long as there was a possibility of her finding out at some point. There was plenty to think about as I boarded a plane for home.

I took some reading materials for the long flight, but I sat looking out the window deep in thought instead. I was thinking back of how ashamed I was standing in Mr Leary’s study as I admitted everything in front of him and his secretary, Ms Compton, who was there to take notes on everything that was said during that meeting. I told him how I knew the magazine contained images that I shouldn’t be looking at. Mr Leary threatened to involve my mother by sending a letter home with me and to have her sign it. It would contain everything admitted by me in his study that day. It would tell of how I went against all of my upbringing. He remembered that I told him about a leather belt hanging in the kitchen that mom kept handy to deal with those who couldn’t follow the rules of the house.

That was years ago. Was it still around the house today? I wasn’t sure. I was more worried what my mother might think of me if he had sent that letter. I didn’t want to disappoint her. She had helped me along through school and every activity I was involved with over the years, helped with applications for school and scholarships. If I got caught at school with my screwing around, a lot of that would have went away. Just how could I apologize to mom without spilling it all out.

I was so ashamed to speak in Mr Leary’s office, I just couldn’t see myself standing in front of my mother going through all of that again.

Graduation and several parties were celebrated. I visited and hung out with friends whenever I could, knowing I’d be heading back to London to start full time employment. I was one up on most of my friends as they were still searching for work. It wasn’t that I forgot about talking to mom about the past, it was that I didn’t know how to get the conversation started. I thought, maybe just handing a letter over to Mom would be the way to go. I decided that I’d send off an email to Ms Compton asking if I could possibly have a letter from the Headmaster’s office to use as my backup plan.

Mom scheduled a mother/daughter day where we could spend some time like we used to. There was plenty of shopping for shoes and clothes with a stop along the way for coffee. Things were going very well and I think she was warming up to me going back to London. I think she saw it as an opportunity to travel, which I welcomed her to come visit. We stopped at one of our favorite restaurants for a late lunch. We had wine with the meal and the day just felt right. We were bonding again and I was talking freely of plans and hopes. I reassured her that London was just a starting point and not permanent for me and it offered so much more than any entry level job would.

Mom brought up how proud she was of me as she ordered more wine. She talked about memories of my childhood, school plays, sports and went through the years pointing out how grown up I’ve become.

I told her, “I wasn’t that perfect, I can still remember the belt hanging in the kitchen!”

“That was more for your older brothers, who could be trouble makers. You didn’t need much of that as I recall,” she said.

I said to her, “I think the last time I was about twelve when I was giving you some lip! You were pretty mad and chased me up the stairs to my room.”

“Yes, I think you are right,” she said, “but only a few swats before you were apologizing.”

I said, “A conversation came up a few weeks ago and I thought about that belt. Mom, I was wondering if you still have it.”

“Well, I remember putting it in a drawer and then into a box when we were remodeling the kitchen,” Mom answered. “There’re some boxes in the closet that I’ve put off going through. Why do you ask, would you like to see it again? Maybe you’ll need it when you give me grandchildren, but don’t even consider rushing into that!”

I replied right back laughing, “No way mom, career first!”

The wine was loosing me up and I thought the moment was right for a full confession to her, but I couldn’t spoil the day.

She looked at her watch and said, “Oh look at the time. We should be going. I have to start supper soon.”

I didn’t think the car ride home was a good time to speak of it either. The following day, I got up a little late and Dad was already off to work when I came down to the kitchen. Mom had some fresh muffins set out and she poured me a cup of coffee as I hugged her and said, “Good morning.”

I thought of the wonderful time we had the previous day and the close bond that we shared and thinking other daughters might not have with their mothers. We could talk about most anything from fashion to favorite movie stars and everything in between. I’m happy that our relationship was as close as ever. My thoughts went back to what I wanted to say to her yesterday when I was feeling a little tipsy. I missed a good opportunity as the wine loosened my tongue and maybe put her in a receptive mood too. I thought about my time running out enjoying this little vacation before I had to return to London for work. I still wanted to apologize to Mom for having that magazine and lying to her.

As I ate breakfast and sipped my coffee, I asked her what she was doing that day. There were already a couple of boxes on the table.

She said, “I thought that I would clean out the closet. Those boxes have been in there long enough. I’ve already gone through these. If you’d like to help, you can grab the boxes from the top shelf in there.”

I told her that I’d love to help. When I came back to the kitchen with the last box I said, “Mom, I need to talk with you. There’s something I need to say. We had such a wonderful time yesterday and I don’t want to ever loose the closeness that we have, so please don’t be upset with me for what I’m about to tell you!”

Mom was going through the boxes and said, “Should I sit down?”

I said, “Remember the newspaper collection project way back in my senior year to raise funds for charity?”

Mom said, “Okay, go on,” as she tried to recall.

I said, “I’m not sure how I should say this. There was a magazine that I took out of the pile and brought home with me.” I looked at her and took a deep breath and then continued, “Mom, the magazine was sort of a dirty men’s magazine. Before you say anything, it wasn’t like you might think.” I could see the expression on her face change as I continued. “It was nothing like that, it was, well, different. It had pictures of girls getting s-spanked. Some on their b-bare b-bottoms.”

I could see that she wanted to speak, but I raised my hand up and continued with, “Let me finish Mom. I didn’t really mean anything by taking it; it’s just that it got my curiosity going, if you know what I mean. And I just wanted to say I’m sorry for bringing it home and I lied to you at the time. I told you that I had homework to do when all I really wanted was to go to my room with it and look at it. Please don’t be mad at me.”

Mom started with, “So that’s where it came from! From that newspaper drive at school! You did that at school! You could’ve been caught with it by one of the teachers or staff. Do you realize what could’ve happened to you?”

I replied, “Yes, I know. I was foolish, I didn’t realize at the time how much I could’ve lost with scholarships, universities and now employment and I don’t even know how the school would have punished me! I was very lucky not to get caught. I know that, Mom.” Then I realized. I said, “Wait, what did you say? Did you already know I had that magazine?”

Mother replied by saying, “Yes, I came across it when I was cleaning your room one day. I knew you had it, but I just thought you were going through some kind of phase and because your marks were better than ever and you had scholarship offers, I choose to ignore it. I knew it was some old magazine that you must have come across and it was obviously not new, but you did this at school! How foolish! Maybe I should’ve given you the belt!”

I said, “Mom, wait!” She looked mad as I watched her continue going through the boxes rapidly. “Mom,” I said, “I understand you being mad at me for having the magazine and lying about it.” I went on, “For that part Mom, I’ll do whatever you say, I want to keep our close relationship. I can’t tell you how sorry I am about all of this and how it has bothered me. I have already had help addressing my actions involving school. Let me tell you what happened.

“You know about the computer class I was taking at Wellington Academy. Well, one thing led to another and I ended up meeting with the Headmaster for tea one day.”

Mom stopped going through the boxes and looked up to hear what I had to say.

I continued, “In the course of our conversation, he could sense that I had something bothering me, but I was uncomfortable saying anything at first. He offered to help and encouraged me to think it over and contact him later. He explained that by me taking that one class I was considered a student and that there was help available. I mentioned how the Academy’s uniforms reminded me of being back at St Joseph’s as I walked through the halls.

“I eventually sent an email and told him all about the magazine and taking it while at school back in my senior year. I said that I was sorry that I did it and asked him for help in putting it all behind me. He came up with a very interesting plan to take me back to my days in school to face what I had done. I was issued one of the Academy’s uniforms to wear to a meeting with him. As it worked out, I had to wear my uniform to a class that was right before my meeting.

“Mom, I couldn’t believe how that uniform could transform me back to my senior year. From putting it on in the morning and going to school, the longer I wore it, walked in it, and people saw me in it, it just took me back and I felt like the girl I once was.

“After my class, I was grabbed by the arm and led to the Headmaster’s office by the computer instructor. Other students saw us along the way. That part was awful, Mom! I really felt like a schoolgirl in trouble. And the waiting outside Mr Leary’s office was worse. I even received a reprimand from some lady who stopped to see the secretary. When I was called in, I was ready to confess and face my consequences.

“Before the meeting, I wrote a letter basically acknowledging I would be considered as any other student at the Academy, including following the student guidelines. I stood before him and was questioned about the events of that day. I answered every question and admitted to everything honestly. It was like going back in time and standing before my old principal, Mr Carter.”

Mom said, “What did he say after you told him?”

I replied, “He scolded me, said that I was brought up better, that I knew I shouldn’t be looking at such pictures and that I stole the magazine during school. Worst of all, he pointed out my lying to you, Mom. He sent me to face the wall and think about my actions. He wanted to send a letter home for you to read and sign, expecting you to deal with me. I had told him about getting the belt at home!”

Mom said, “You mean this one,” as she pulled the old belt from the last box. My eyes opened wide as I hadn’t seen it in a very long time and it still put fear into me! I always believed that it was one of Dad’s old ones, about one and a half inches wide, well worn and flexible with the buckle removed. It was about two feet long when doubled over.

As she put the belt down on the table, Mom said, “So where’s the letter?” I explained that I didn’t want to upset her like she was now and wanted to keep her out of it. I pleaded that a letter not be sent. I wanted everything handled right then and there at the Academy.

Mom asked, “So what did he decide?”

I said, “He talked about a couple of options, but he still thought a letter was the best option. I asked him again to please not send a letter. I already knew that girls were caned at that school. I stood there and asked Mr Leary to cane me!”

Mom stood up, came over to me and wrapped her arms around me. I snuggled up to her, burying my head under her chin. She stood a good four inches taller than me. I haven’t grown since high school and have long realized I will always be as I was in my senior year. Tears filled my eyes as I enjoyed the comfort of her arms. After a while, we sat down next to each other at the table with her holding my hands.

Mom asked, “Tell me all about your caning, tell me everything!”

I told her, “After I asked for it, my head was spinning. I was sent to retrieve the cane from the cupboard. I examined the cane in my hands, inspected it, felt its weight and smoothness. It’s hard to describe what I was feeling, but I was dreading what was about to happen. He then asked me to bring it to him and ask again to be caned! Oh Mom, it was bad enough to ask for it the first time, but to ask again! I handed it to him and said, ‘please cane me, Sir’!

“I was told to remove my blazer, then I watched a chair being moved to the center of the room and then Mr Leary flexing and swishing the cane. Mom, there was a time that my curiosity was getting the best of me and I wanted to experience the cane like the girls in that old magazine. When I was ordered to come forward and bend over that chair, I knew I was in for it. It was no longer curiosity. I felt just as any other guilty schoolgirl. I had to lift the back of my skirt right up, bend over the back of the chair with my head right down on the seat, offering myself for punishment. I got six good whacks, Mom, mostly to the center with a couple down low. The forth one was low enough to hit my unprotected bottom. I tried to be brave through it all, but it left me crying out. Crying from the pain but also crying for myself. I got what I deserved.”

Mom said, “Is your bottom all healed?”

I replied, “The marks are gone now. I had a few welts that lasted longer than others and sitting gave me a good reminder for a few days.”

Mom continued, “Well, you were brave to finally come forward and take your medicine, Katie. It’s too bad that you didn’t come to me sooner; you wouldn’t have received the cane. I have never thought of a cane before, the belt always seemed to be enough to me. Looking at everything now, I can see where the cane can be very effective on a naughty girl’s bottom and I’m glad you got it! It sounds like it was delivered soundly.”

I said, “Thanks for the sympathy, Mom!”

She said, “You don’t think you deserved it, Kathryn?”

I replied, “Yes I deserved it, you’re right.”

Mom added, “Well I think Mr Leary was fair with you, don’t you?”

I nodded my head in agreement.

She added, “Maybe I should have him keep an eye on you while you’re in London.”

I replied, “I survived through it and I suppose if I screwed up enough, I’d take it again. Not willingly, though Mom, because I understand that Leary increases the punishment for returning girls. Believe me, I won’t be returning anytime soon. I’ve definitely learned my lesson. Mom, I’m glad I was able to talk to you about this. I was afraid that I wouldn’t know where to start and I actually asked the secretary if she could email the letter that was to be sent home with me as I thought that I could just show it you.”

Mom replied, “Did she send it to you?”

I replied, “I don’t know. Let me check my email with my phone.” I checked the phone. “There is an email from her,” I said. “It says she has the letter but she wants to send it directly to you. She’s saying that she can’t send it to me because the letter wasn’t intended for me. Originally, it would have been sent along with me in a sealed envelope to be given directly to you. I’ll send your email address to her.”

Mom said, “Well there’s still a matter of facing consequences here, right Kathryn?”

Looking down at the belt, I said, “Yes Mom, for my lying. I told you that I would do whatever you suggest. Where do you want me? Here in the kitchen or the living room?”

Mom replied, “Actually, upstairs in your bedroom for a big girl punishment would be better, but I think for now I’ll have you sit here at the table and you can work in some leather conditioner into your old friend, it’s been a little neglected.”

I sat down with the bottle and cloth that was given to me and started in on the belt. I was upset that she called the belt ‘my old friend’. It was humiliating working on something that will be used to tan my bottom. Mom finished sorting through the boxes, putting away those items that she was going to keep and packing up what was for donations.

We were both surprised when my aunt Clara came through the back door saying, “Morning everybody!”

“Well, good morning, Clara,” Mom replied. I looked up and half gave a ‘good morning’ to my aunt, wishing I could hide. I’m sure she could sense that the atmosphere was a little cool in the kitchen. She could easily see what I was up to. It’s not every day you’d expect to see a 22 year old girl sitting at the kitchen table conditioning a leather belt in front of her mother.

“So what brings you by, Clara,” Mom asked.

“Oh, I just dropped the twins off at a friend’s house to go swimming for the day. I thought I’d stop by to say ‘hi’ and I hoped I’d see Kate again before she left since I was right in the neighborhood. Quite glad I did!”

I didn’t look up at her and it’s probably best that I didn’t.

“Let’s have a cup of coffee, shall we?” Mom offered.

Mom poured coffee and the sisters chatted at the table while I was left to my task of methodically caring for the leather belt. How humiliating having to work on this belt in front of my aunt. My face couldn’t be anymore flush with embarrassment.

Aunt Clara asked, “Kate, it must be a relief finishing school.”

I said, “Yup, I’m glad.”

Aunt Clara asked, “Has there been a lot of graduation parties?”

I said while still not looking up, “Yea, there have been a few.”

Aunt Clara said, “I hear you’ll be heading back to London to start your new job.”

I responded with, “Yes, it’s the same place that I did my internship with,” while I continued to rub the oil into the leather without looking up.

Mom said, “Kathryn!”

“Sorry,” I added, looking up at Aunt Clara. “I’m looking forward to starting my career. You should all plan a vacation. I’d love to show everyone around. Mom, I’m all out of this stuff. It’s soaking it all up,” I added.

“That’s good,” Aunt Clara interjected, “it’ll make it nice and flexible!”

Which drew an immediate look from me!

Mom said, “Go across the street to Mr Lane’s shop and ask for another bottle. He should be out there working and it’ll give your aunt and me some time for a private chat.”

I was a little thankful to be getting out of the house, but I knew that I would be the subject of their conversation. I was sure Mom would fill her in on all of the details.

I found plenty of projects that were waiting for Mr Lane’s attention. Most of his business was leather restoration work that he did in his converted garage. The driveway had two antique cars and an old carriage waiting for new seats. Inside there was a couch and an arm chair and a horse saddle needing work.

I called out and heard him say, “Back here!”

I followed the voice to find Mr Lane working all the way in the back room. I was pretty shocked when I met up with him. He was putting the finishing touches on a black leather paddle. I was speechless and didn’t know what to say as he turned toward me still holding the menacing thing.

He greeted me as Kate, and I just said “Oh! You m-make those?”

Mr Lane said, “I started making these things when people approached me for them and it fills in the slow times, but as you can see, I’m a little backed up right now. What can I do for you?”

I had no idea that he made other leather items. “Umm, Mom sent me over to pick up a bottle of conditioner for a leather belt,” I responded, with my eyes still fixed on his project.

Mr Lane said, “Is she still using that same belt? Must be fifteen or twenty years ago that she picked it up.”

I asked, “She got that belt from here?”

“Yes,” Mr Lane said, “I made it to look just like an old belt, without a buckle of course, just like she wanted it.”

I said, “All this time I thought it was one of daddy’s old belts.”

I looked around his little back room workshop at the assortment of tools and sheets of leather stock. I didn’t see any other paddles laying about, but there were some closed cabinets. I saw a homemade sign he had up. ‘Take care of your leather and your leather will take care of you.’ How fitting, I thought.

He reached over to a shelf and grabbed a bottle. “Here you go, no charge,” he said as he handed it to me. “Now, make sure you put it on nice and even, taking your time to work it in. That will make it nice and supple, helps to mould itself to the target so it can deliver the message deeper, if you know what I mean.”

I said, “What makes you think that I’m working on that belt?”

“It’s a little obvious, Kate,” he said. “You look a little glum like you have something hanging over your head. I figured that your mother sent you over for a special reason. Is there anything that I can show you while you’re here?”

“No, I should get back. Thanks, Mr Lane.”

“Ok Kate, tell your mother to stop over sometime.”

“Okay, I will,” I replied.

I turned to walk away and Mr Lane commented, “You can stop back yourself, Kate, and pick something out. We can even put your name on it. You can try it out right over those short shorts you have on.”

“Thanks again for the conditioner, Mr Lane,” I said walking away.

‘That dirty old man!’ I thought. Thoughts of him trying out a paddle across my shorts immediately flashed in my head. I stopped in front of the English horse saddle and I envisioned sitting on it, leaning forward, bare-bottomed while being spanked. Then, when I was outside, I imagined Mr Lane calling out, ‘would you like Kate, Katie or Kathryn stamped into it?’

I thought, ‘Maybe I will sneak back over to see him again.’

Mom and my aunt were in the other room in front of the computer when I returned. I walked in and she asked if Mr Lane took care of me. I said that he did and I told her that he said to stop over sometime.

Mom said, “Ms Compton sent that email. We were just going over it. This letter is pretty official looking from your headmaster’s office.”

I cringed knowing that my aunt was sitting there reading it along with my mother, and by now she was fully in tune with everything.

“Katie!” Mom said, “You didn’t tell me about breaking the Academy’s Student Internet Policy. It says that they checked your laptop. Anything you want to say to me?”

“It’s nothing, Mom,” I said. “Just a story site that I visited. I didn’t know that it was anybody’s business,” as I directed an angry look toward my aunt.

“It says here that you got two additional strokes,” Mom said. “Good for them! Now go back to finish your task while we finish reading here.”

I spun around and headed for the kitchen. The belt was in very good shape for its age. There were no cracks and it looked just like a favorite well-worn belt. Mr Lane did a good job. I didn’t feel as embarrassed working on the belt now by myself as thought about the instructions that Mr Lane had given me in his shop. I worked in the liquid to condition the leather, making it nice and supple. My bottom clenched as Mr Lane’s words were repeated in my head, and I thought about the leather moulding to the curves of my backside. I could hear Mom talking with my aunt in the other room, but not well enough to make out what they were saying. It was a humiliating feeling knowing that they were talking about me in the next room leaving me to work away on my task.

I told my mother that I was finished with the belt. Mom and my Aunt came back to the kitchen and I asked, “Where do you want this,” as I held up the belt. Mom pointed to one of the nearby walls and said, “I thought we would hang it from the hook over there.”

Aunt Clara chimed right in with, “That’s a great idea, Helen. Right in the open by the back door.”

That drew a strained look from me.

Mom followed with, “We can keep it there while you are home and then move it to hang in your closet when you leave for London. What do you think?”

How was I supposed to answer that, I thought. ‘Oh, that’s a great spot, mom! Right where everyone can see it. Why don’t you put my name above it while you’re at it!’

I simply said, “Okay Mom,” then I got up and placed the belt on the hook as she wanted.

Mom said, “Let’s load up these boxes and take them to the donation center, then we can stop for a quick lunch. What do you say Kate?”

“Okay, sounds good,” I answered and started to carry boxes out to the car.

I was just glad to get out of the house and away from Aunt Clara. We were off and heading on our errands without much said along the way. A little too quiet for me. I thought of turning on the radio, but finally spoke out. “I’m sorry Mom.”

“Oh, I know you are sweetie,” Mom replied. “Thank you for arranging for that letter. That worked out very well, better than I could’ve imagined. I was able to email the secretary back and I have a better understanding of everything. We’re good, Katie!”

“I love you Mom.”

“I love you too, Katie.”

We made a quick stop at the donation center and were waiting for our food at a local diner when I asked, “Mom, So what’s the plan?”

Mom replied, “What are you talking about, Kate?”

“Mom,” I said, “you’re answering a question with a question. You know what I mean. I spent half of the morning working on that belt. I know that I’ve got it coming. When? Can we just get it over with?”

Mom replied, “I’m glad I didn’t just make a quick decision this morning. It was better to hear everything, including all of the emailing with the secretary from the academy. So I’m not going to rush right into it like I almost did.”

I said in despair, “You mean that I’m going to have to look at that belt until you’re finally ready to use it?”

“It will stay there for you and for anybody else to see until you leave for London,” Mom said. “I’m going to invoke the old rule I had for your brothers again. As long as you are living under our roof it will be a reminder for you.”

I said, “I know I said I’d do anything, Mom, but I wish you just get it over with and put the belt away. That belt hanging there is a bit embarrassing for me. What if I have friends over or family drops by?”

“Oh you can go ahead and invite some friends over, Kate,” Mom said.

I was almost in tears as I said, “I already have for tonight, Mom. This is going to be just awful. I hope they stay out of the kitchen.”

We were eating our meals and Mom popped a surprise on me. She said, “We’re going to stop at your aunt’s house next.”

“Really?” I said, “What was with her this morning? Why was she sticking her nose in my business?”

“Kathryn!” Mom said, interrupting me. “Stop right now before you say something you’ll be sorry for later. You were wrong.”

I shook my head and looked down at my plate. She continued scolding me and said, “You had a huge attitude because your aunt caught you taking care of the belt. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you were in some sort of trouble and you just made it worse with your attitude. Now look at me. We’re going to go over there and I want you to apologize to her for your actions this morning. You know that she used to use a hairbrush on your cousins when they were younger and I wouldn’t blame her if she used it on you! We’re also going to pick up one of the twins’ school uniforms. I’ve decided, and your aunt agrees with me, that you will wear that uniform for your little meeting with me and your friend hanging in the kitchen. I wish we still had your old uniform, but I think this will work just like it did at the academy.”

She put me in my proper place and I said, “I’m sorry Mom. You’re right, I did have a huge attitude and I did agree to do whatever you want.”

We were welcomed into Aunt Clara’s home and she offered iced tea as we sat down in her living room. The twins were still gone to their friends’ house. I was uncomfortable facing my aunt again after this morning. She knew all about my troubles with Mom and how I allowed the Academy to deal with me. She read that letter along with my mother. My stomach was turning and it wasn’t because of something I ate at lunch. Mom and Aunt Clara chatted, seemingly non-stop. I was looking for an opportunity to make my apology, get the uniform and be on my way before the twins showed up.

I finally had an opportunity to speak up to apologize, but Aunt Clara stopped me by saying, “Go up to Kristen’s room. I already laid out a complete uniform for you. You should try it on and come back down stairs so your mother can have a look at it.”

I thought, ‘So, now I have to model for them. Whatever!’

I stood up and went on my way. I walked into Kristen’s room and Aunt Clara wasn’t kidding. There was everything needed on her bed including knee high socks in the school’s colors and a pair of black low heel pumps. Suddenly, the same feeling washed over me on the day that I had the Academy’s uniform set out for myself to wear for my meeting with the headmaster. I just stood there looking at everything, trying to understand my feelings before starting to undress.

I kicked off my sandals and quickly undid the button and zipper of my shorts, letting them drop before stepping out of them. I pulled my top over my head and set it next to my shorts, then turned toward the uniform. I put on the white short sleeve blouse and buttoned it up before stepping into the gray and maroon plaid skirt. A button at the waist and a quick zip up and I glanced over to a mirror. I can’t believe I’m the same size as my sixteen year old cousin.

On with the knee highs and then the shoes. I really didn’t need the shoes; I have a pair that would work. ‘Oh well,’ I thought, ‘let’s put on a show!’

I slid one arm in then the other, and pulled the blazer on to wrap myself inside it. A quick check in the mirror to straighten my hair and I was ready to make the trek downstairs to model in front of Mom and my dear auntie. I was thinking how the academy’s tie really set off the whole uniform. I entered the room and walked straight to the center and made a quick spin to model off my St Joseph’s uniform for the sisters.

My aunt spoke first, “That looks very good, Kate! What do you think Helen?”

“Yes, it does,” my mother replied. “How does it feel Kate?”

I said, “It feels like I’m back in school, like you’d expect?”

“I was talking about the fit, Katie,” Mom said, “but I’m glad you feel that way.”

“Can I go and take it off now?” I asked.

Mom replied with, “Katie, don’t you have something to say to your aunt first?”

I took a deep breath and turned toward my aunt. I gathered up my words to make the best apology that I could put together and hoped that would satisfy her. I told her that I was sorry for being really short with her and out of line this morning and that I didn’t blame her if she was still mad with me. I ended with a sincere, “Please forgive me, Aunt Clara.”

Aunt Clara said, “I’m not mad at you, Katie. I do agree that you were out of line by taking your little situation this morning out on me. If you were one of my daughters, I’d have you over my knee for the brush. I think you know that, right?”

“Yes, I’ve heard,” I said demurely. “I imagine if I was your daughter I would have a better understanding of that and not acted so foolishly. I’m truly sorry. You know that I acted out of character this morning to you.”

There was a painful moment of silence as I hung my head in shame, still standing on display in the middle of the room as a girl in her school uniform. I was waiting and hoping to be dismissed as my conscience was gnawing at me.

Finally, I broke the silence by saying, “Perhaps you should show me the way to your room, Aunt Clara.”

“Perhaps I should, Kate,” Aunt Clara replied as she stood and gestured toward the stairs. “Helen, would you like to join us?”

“Thank you, but I’ll just wait here and sip my iced tea, Clara.”

I started up the stairs with my aunt following close behind, once again feeling like a naughty schoolgirl in my uniform. When I reached the top step, I paused waiting for direction. Without saying a word, she took hold of my arm then guided me straight to the large master bedroom where I was led through the doorway. She continued on toward her vanity and moved the bench out to the middle of the room and sat down on it.

She said, “You know you don’t have to go through with this, Katie.”

I said, “I know, Aunt Clara. This whole thing has gotten me in so much trouble, I deserve this.”

She then said, “Well, put your blazer on the bed, then bring the hair brush from my vanity, Katie.”

I removed my jacket then made my way to her vanity and the dark-stained wooden hairbrush. I picked up the brush and noticed its weight and ran my fingers across the polished surface on its backside. My bottom was already quivering as I turned and walked across the room toward my aunt.

Aunt Clara is a little shorter than my mother but has a fuller figure and is still in very good athletic condition from playing tennis, swimming and golf. Today, she wore a light summer dress which she hiked up exposing her thighs as I approached. I stood before her, handed the brush to her and she set it down next to her on the bench. She grabbed my wrist to guide me closer and around to her right side. Then she pulled me right across her lap with her other hand pushing at the small of my back. I fell uncomfortably down and let out an “oomph” as I landed across her bare legs. I was pulled and pushed until I was helplessly suspended off of the floor and right where she wanted me.

She said to me, “I haven’t had to do this to my girls since they were little. They’ve learned to act properly. You apparently haven’t gotten to that point.”

In a strained voice, I said, “I’m sorry Aunt Clara, I was upset and didn’t mean to act like that.”

She replied, “You were acting like a little child. How do you feel now, lying over my lap about to be spanked like a little girl?”

I replied nervously, “This is very humiliating, Auntie,” as I stared at the carpet below.

She said, “Let me make it clear, this won’t be a light punishment. You can get up right now if that’s not what you expected. You asked to be brought up to my room didn’t you?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said. “I was rude to you and I deserve this. I want to learn like the twins did to act proper.”

“Very well, Kate.” With that she lifted the back of my skirt. She said, “I hope you didn’t wear underwear like that when you were in school,” as she looked at my light blue high cut nylon panties with lace edging.

“No, Ma’am,” I answered.

Next I felt her hand at the small of my back with the cool brush tapping on my bottom. She then commenced raining blows on my backside. Right, left, right, left, moving around the whole area of my bottom in rapid succession. Many landed on exposed bare skin, but my panties are so thin there is no noticeable difference. I was going “ooh” and “aaah” from the start. The pain was sharp like a slap to the face. Over and over. I squeezed my eyes shut from the pain and when I opened them, the tears poured out. I tried to balance myself by grabbing the leg of the bench. The noise from the brush filled the room, splat, pop and I soon joined in mirroring the blows with my crying out. I was wiggling and kicking and flailing until auntie grabbed me around the waist and laid a few right to the back of my thighs with a warning to stop my fussing.

After a few more, I tried to cover my bottom with my right hand and she grabbed it, grunting and wrestling with me to pin my arm behind my back. After that she said, “Stop,” SMACK, “wiggling,” SMACK, “around,” SMACK, SMACK.” All of those applied to the back of my thighs!

I was in full tears and blubbered, “Please, please, Aunt Clara!”

After that episode, she slowed down the pace and delivered about ten more, but I was in too much of a state to keep track. I was a blubbering mess in just a few short minutes. She helped me off of her lap and I couldn’t stand. I slid down to my knees with my head in her lap and she held me close, rubbing my head and back.

“It’s alright, Katie,” she said to me. “You’re a good girl. You’re just going through a little period right now. You’ll find your way.”

I settled down a little and she said, “Go change and bring your uniform with you.” I hobbled off to Kristen’s room to change and I checked the damage to my bottom and found it blazing red. I could easily see red through my blue nylon panties. I couldn’t bear to peel them back to look. I clearly didn’t think this whole thing through as I struggled to pull on my little tight shorts. Not the right thing to be wearing after a good dose of the hairbrush.

As Aunt Clara descended the stairs back to the living room, her sister Helen said, “Well, that was quick!”

Clara said, “I didn’t want to draw it out and got right to it. I gave her a little lecture and gave her the option to change her mind.”

Helen said, “I could hear it from down here.”

Clara said, “She was pretty vocal, wasn’t she? I can’t believe she actually asked me to do it.”

Helen said, “She’s not afraid to accept the consequences of her actions. If corporal punishment is involved, she seems willing to embrace that.”

Clara replied, “She faces her punishment as an adult, but wants to get punished as a girl.”

Helen said, “I saw it for myself how the uniform helped her into a different role. She stood before you and asked to be punished.”

Clara responded, “Well, I gave her what she asked for. I think I hear her coming down.”

After a quick trip to the bathroom, I had my confidence back and I headed down stairs with Kristen’s uniform on a hanger. I went right to my aunt and hugged her, whispering a ‘thank you’ in her ear.

After our embrace, she said “I love you, Kate.”

I said, “I love you too Aunt Clara.”

My mother said, “From down here it sounded like you learned your lesson, Katie.”

I turned with a hand on my bottom and said, “Yes, I did Mom.”

On the way home, I told Mom, “I’m not in a big hurry anymore to get the belt.”

She laughed and said, “I figured that. I can tell by seeing the back of your thighs peaking out from those shorts?”

I said, “She really whacked me good, Mom. I bet my cousins never got it like that.”

I applied a good layer of lotion on my bottom and tops of my thighs as soon as I got home. When I dressed for my little get-together with friends that night, I wore one of the nice short summer dresses that my mother bought on our shopping trip. It was fashionably short, but it would be alright as long as I didn’t bend over too far to show my sore backside. I just couldn’t wear anything tight, so I wore a pair of my silky tap pants as panties underneath to help cover more of my lower bottom. The swats from the brush left my skin tender and there was also a deeper soreness from bruising. I’ll remember my experience with Aunt Clara for a long time.

My friends showed up and we shared a bottle of wine as we talked and looked at photos on our phones and those in our high school yearbook. We reminisced as we flipped through the pages. I was mesmerized looking at pictures of me in my uniform and I thought of the image I saw in the mirror earlier in the day.

I spent a lot of time mingling during the gathering rather than sitting, for obvious reasons. Mom brought out snacks for us along with more wine and spent some time with us. I was lucky enough that none of my friends went into the kitchen to notice the belt hanging by the back door in clear sight.

Two days, went by with the belt still on display as a reminder to me. A reminder to be good, which I was, and a reminder of mom’s planned meeting with me. She didn’t bring up the subject and I was hoping somehow it wouldn’t come to be as I was scheduled to leave in a couple of days for London and the start of my career.

Mom and I were enjoying a second cup of coffee after breakfast and I couldn’t take my eyes off of the belt. It was the elephant in the room, day after day. I was tempting fate, but I wanted to ask Mom a little about the belt and Mr Lane.

I said, “Mom, Mr Lane told me the other day that he made that belt.”

She replied, “Yes he did. He makes wallets and other things on the side, besides his restoration business.”

I said, “I also found out ‘other things’ includes paddles.”

Mom said with a laugh, “Yes, he’s expanded his line a little over the years. When I got that belt, I had one made without the buckle when your brothers were constantly bullying a kid down the street. I wanted something to hang up as a reminder to them. That seemed to work very well. I hardly ever had to use it, to be honest.”

I said, “Well, I told you that Mr Lane wanted you to stop over sometime, but I didn’t tell you that he wanted me to stop back to pick out something for myself and to try it out across my shorts. I think he was just picking on me because he knew you had me working on the belt.”

Mom said, “We can head over this morning to see what he has, if you’d like to.”

I answered with, “Maybe another time.”

Mom said, “Did you plan on going out tonight?”

I replied, “A bunch of us were going to get together over at Becky’s and maybe go out from there.”

Her reply was, “Well, don’t be out too late. Tonight is a school night.”

The puzzled look on my face must have been priceless. I thought for a moment and then realized that my waiting was over. Tomorrow will be the day for the uniform to be worn and whatever was planned.

I looked at her, then over at the belt, then back to her and listened to her say, “Tomorrow, I want you to get up, take your shower then come down for breakfast, much the same routine as when you were in school, only be dressed and ready by 7:30 am. Understood?”

I replied, “Yes, Ma’am.”

My immediate thought was, ‘that’s really going to put a damper on the fun tonight.’

I looked back down into my cup of coffee, thinking about my lying, feeling like a naughty girl again. I went over to Becky’s at night to hang out with a group of friends as planned. It was a nice cool night after a rather hot day so we hung out on her back deck and listened to music, sipped wine and exchanged gossip and stories. Once again, as we often did since graduation, the group decided to head out to a club for music and dancing. I had a nice time with my friends but I keep thinking about this being a ‘school night’ and excused myself from going, explaining that I had plans with my mother for tomorrow.

That wasn’t quite true as it was the other way around as mom had plans for me. So, I went home at a reasonable time. Mom and Dad were still up watching one of their favorite programs and I went in to kiss them both goodnight. Without anything else said, I went straight to my room to set out my uniform for tomorrow.

Thoughts of my time at the Academy filled my head. I thought how wearing that uniform turned back the clock for me and suddenly I felt like a girl back in school without the status of adulthood, having to conform to school rules. Being told what to do and what to wear. There’s no going out to clubs and staying out late. Not able to wear today’s fashion and relying on others to get around. I set my alarm for the first time since being back home, then slipped into bed. I stared over at the clock, realizing I hadn’t been to bed that early in a very long time.

The alarm signaled the start of the morning and my old school routine. Off to the bathroom for my shower. I headed downstairs in my robe and I was able to see dad off to work. Mom offered to make anything I wanted for breakfast, but some fruit and toast would be all my nervous stomach wanted. Mom poured a cup of coffee and left me to myself. I couldn’t help but keep looking over to the belt still hanging on its hook.

Having finished eating, I took my dishes to the sink and washed them. My bottom involuntarily clenched as I stood ever closer to where the belt was. Mom’s voice snapped me back to my old routine by reminding me of the time. I had to dry my hair yet and get myself dressed and back downstairs on time.

I left my shoulder length hair down and styled it with my curling iron. I removed my robe next and started putting on my clothes for the day; a pair of white cotton panties and white bra, along with the rest of the uniform. The day was typical of many other days when I was back in school. A check of the clock told me I was on time. I didn’t want to run late and upset mom. I buckled up my shoes and a last look in the mirror confirmed I’m going to do as I’m told, as I’m wearing my uniform today.

I went downstairs and met mom in the kitchen. My eyes immediately went over to the belt again and I saw that it was still on its hook.

Mom said, “You look very nice this morning. Are you ready?”

I took a deep breath and answered, “Yes Ma’am, I’m ready. This feels like being back in school.”

I wasn’t sure what would happen next, but I was ready to get this over with. I sort of figured to get it right there when she stood up.

She told me, “Well you can consider yourself back in school for the day because that’s where we’re headed. Go grab your backpack, it’s time to get in the car and head out.

I wasn’t about to ask any questions.

After driving for a while, Mom said, “In a few minutes I’ll be dropping you off at school like I used to before you got your license, when you didn’t ride the bus, of course.”

I said, “Yes, I remember.”

She continued, “I’m sure you remember Sister Margret Mary who is still in charge of fund raising for the missions. Well, I called her and she is expecting you this morning. All you need to do is tell her you’re sorry for taking that magazine.”

I panicked and started to say, “But Mom, I can’t tell her…”

She stopped me there by saying, “You don’t need to get into what kind of magazine you took, just let her know you’re sorry. You should find her on the auditorium stage. They’re starting to work on sets for the next school play. Sister said a group of Art students are coming in to decorate the sets.”

I asked if my cousins might be there and Mom said, “They took all of their final tests so they are done for the year, but you never know. I’m sure there will be a few students around. You know how the football coach pushes for off-season training in the weight room. Much of the staff is still working, I’ll bet.”

As we pulled up to the school and drove around to the parking lot in the back, she said, “Alright, this is how this is going to go. I’ll drop you off here and the rest will be up to you. Go apologize to Sister, then walk to the corner and take a bus toward home. You’ll have to walk the rest of the way from Summer Street bus stop. Do you have money for the bus?”

I said, “Yes.”

“Okay,” Mom said, “I love you. Have a good day!”

I said, “I love you too, Mom.”

“I’ll be waiting at home, Katie,” she said.

There were quite a few cars in the parking lot for a school that wasn’t in session. I intended to make this visit as quick and short as possible. I walked along swiftly with my shoes clicking on the pavement. I looked around to see if anyone was watching me as I approached the entrance next to the cafeteria. I heard a car pull into the lot and I looked back to see three girls get out, all wearing workout attire.

My image was reflected in every ground floor window I passed, and my thoughts when back to wearing the Academy’s uniform. This time I was at my old school in a very familiar uniform. Each step brought me back closer to my senior year. I opened the door and walked through as I have done countless times before. It was like I had never left. I took the stairs up one floor to the main level and a right hand turn into the hallway. The auditorium was right off the main lobby in the center of the school. I would have to pass several classrooms on my left and the two main gym entrances on my right, plus the entrance to the girl’s gym locker room.

The hallway was empty but I could hear activity coming from the gym as I passed. I saw one of my old classrooms and stopped to look in, remembering my time in there. As I got closer to the entrance to the girl’s locker room, I looked back and those three girls were catching up to me. They were carrying gym bags, so I assumed that they would be going into the locker room.

The doors to the auditorium are adjacent to the second gym entrance and also the entrance to the girl’s locker room. I tried door after door, trying to get into the auditorium. They were all locked. By this time, those girls were standing at the locker room door watching me trying to get in as I banged on one of the doors hoping for someone to answer. I thought of going to try the stage door that was on the ground floor, but I would have to pass by the main office to get there and I’d rather not be seen by staff members.

As soon as I turned the corner there was a teacher coming down the hall that I didn’t know. Not wanting to talk to anyone if I didn’t have to, I turned back to knock on the doors again. He must have spotted me and continued walking toward me and asked where I was going. I told him I had a meeting with Sister Margret Mary in the auditorium. He said I shouldn’t be wandering the halls and I should’ve gone to the main office and have her paged. He said that he had been chasing kids running around all morning.

He had me all flustered as I tried to talk my way out of the situation saying my mother set up the meeting and that I was just looking for Sister. It didn’t seem like he believed me at all and he started to take me towards the main office. When he asked for my student identification there were some kids laughing and running at the far end of the hall. He told me not to move and stand there against the wall as he ran after those kids.

I thought, this is turning into a nightmare.

He wasn’t far away when a girl opened one of the auditorium doors and asked, “Are you here to work on the sets?”

I would have agreed to anything in order to get out of the hallway and told her “yes, thank you!”

I looked down the hall at the teacher running away and used the opportunity to slip inside. I gave that girl a hand moving sets that had been stacked upon each other. After moving the first one, I removed my blazer. Thank goodness Sister finally walked in after a while. I don’t know what would happen if I had been left in the hallway and Sister wasn’t around to verify our meeting.

I walked over and told Sister that I needed to talk to her. She took me aside and I spoke right up saying that something I did years ago had bothered me and I just wanted to say I’m sorry for it. I explained about the event and taking a magazine. She brushed my actions off as nothing, but appreciated me coming forward. She said that I looked good in my uniform and that I hadn’t changed a bit. We talked briefly and Sister congratulated me on my accomplishments and suggested I visit again. I returned to moving the last of the wooden sets so that they could be painted and then said my goodbyes as art students started arriving.

With my apology behind me, I put my blazer back on, grabbed my backpack and took the shortest route to get out of the school, hoping to not cross paths with that teacher again. The nearest bus stop was at the corner, but it was a long walk down the school driveway and along the roadway to get to that corner.

As I walked along, I thought back to my school days and all those memories made with friends. Today might have had a few uncomfortable moments, but I enjoyed being here today, walking through the hallway, seeing the classrooms, and hearing the activity in the gym. It just brought me back to carefree days without the responsibilities of adulthood. I was enjoying this beautiful morning, feeling the warm sun shining on me as I walked slowly along in my uniform. I was glad to come back and apologize and put that behind me. I don’t really understand it but I was enjoying the feeling that this uniform was giving me. There’s a feeling that comes over me every time I put it on.

I was almost at the bus stop when a car full of boys drove by, honking the horn and howling out to me. It was a bit embarrassing as it only drew more attention my way and made me more conscious of my appearance. I wished there were others waiting for the bus with me. Eyes from inside cars turned my way as they waited for every red light.

My bus finally came along and I rode it toward home. I put off thinking about facing Mom, but the time had come. I stared out the window for most of the ride, lost in my thoughts. There was so much to think about. There were good times with friends, reminiscing about school experiences, and now, putting the last piece of the past behind me. That magazine and my guilty conscience had got me in trouble but had also led me on a path to experience something that I may have never known otherwise, and had awakened something in me.

I’m not afraid to admit my mistakes and seek a meaningful (at least to me) punishment. There were other things to think about as tomorrow I would be boarding a plane back to London and the start of my career, but it was hard to think about that just yet. I was the only person to get off at my stop and I was the center of attention as I exited the half full bus. It was a long walk from the stop to home and I would be walking past the homes of neighbors, many who knew me. Looking ahead, there were kids riding their bikes and playing in their front yards. Also people mowing and gardening in their yards along the way. I returned the occasional friendly wave and kicked a ball back that came my way.

Mrs Tucker was gardening around her roadside mailbox and stopped me to talk. I knew that she was a friend of my mother’s and a widow, so I felt obligated to carry on with her for a bit. She was also known as the mayor of our street.

After exchanging ‘hellos’ and other pleasant conversation, she asked, “How was school today, Kate?”

I replied with a generic answer of, “It was okay.”

Mrs Tucker said, “I saw your mother take you in the car this morning. Isn’t school done for the year?”

I replied, “Yes it is, but I had to go in.”

Mrs Tucker continued with, “I’m getting on in years, but I thought you already graduated.”

I said, “Yes, I did. It’s a bit of a long story.”

She said, “I’d love to hear it,” and she stared at me waiting to hear my explanation.

I said, “You had better ask my mother.”

She said, “I see. I think I understand. I’ll give her a call, but not right now. Something tells me that she’ll be busy for a while, once you get home.”

As I walked away, I thought, ‘Is it that obvious?’

I continued walking home and walked right in to the kitchen to find mom sitting at the table with a fresh plate of cookies.

She was the first to speak and said, “How was school? Did you get any homework?”

I answered with, “I talked to Sister Margret Mary and I don’t have any homework. I’m sorry, mom, for lying to you, please forgive me!”

Mom said, “You’re forgiven, Katie, but we’ll talk later. Sit down and have your milk and cookies.”

She stood and left me alone in the kitchen. I did as she suggested and was deep in my thoughts as I munched on mom’s irresistible cookies, satisfying my appetite from the long walk. Occasionally, I would glance over to the belt that was still there and the more I considered what I had done years ago, the more I felt that sinking feeling in my gut. I finally stood and walked to find Mom in the living room and apologized once again, then asked for what I felt I deserved.

Mom said, “You certainly would have been punished somehow, but at the time I’m not sure that I would have used the belt on you.”

I replied with, “Mom, when I was growing up that belt always hung as reminder for us kids and I knew what the consequences would be. Even through high school when it wasn’t still hanging in the kitchen, I knew what to expect if I screwed up.”

My mother seemed to be deep in thought for a minute until she said, “Very well, Kathryn, I had been going back and forth over this, but I’ve decided to give you something that you’ll remember. Go over in front of the mirror and stand as you did in the headmaster’s study,” as she followed me out to the foyer.

As I approached the mirror, the reflection was a pitiful sight of myself. I shook my head then stood there silently placing my arms behind my back.

Mom said to me, “While you’re standing there, I want you to think about what you did, Kathryn, including your lying.”

She left me there and walked away. I knew I was wrong and was finally going to settle with my past. My sad face soon had a tear trickling down my cheek. After about five minutes, the door bell rang which Mom answered. From what I heard, it was a boy selling candy for his sports team. Mom told him that she had to go get her purse and left the door open. She told me not to move as she walked by. I didn’t look over, but I could sense the boy in the doorway where he could clearly see me standing there. I felt so embarrassed to be seen just as I saw myself in the mirror, a naughty girl awaiting her punishment. Mom returned and bought something from him then closed the door.

After several minutes more, Mom returned and said, “It’s been about ten years since you felt this belt on your bottom. Do you remember that?”

I said, “Yes Ma’am, I received a few swats over my pants for talking back.”

Mom continued, “You’ve earned yourself a good one this time, Katie. Now march your butt up those stairs right now!”

As I turned to head up to my room, I saw that she already had the belt in her hands. She followed close behind all of the way. Once inside my room, I was instructed to remove my blazer as she continued on and sat on the edge of my bed. She set the belt down next to her and called me to come stand in front of her. She reached under my skirt to find the waist band of my panties and pulled them to my knees. Then she pulled me forward between her legs and guided me over her left leg with my upper body landing on the bed along her left side. My school skirt was pulled right up and soon I felt the first taps of the belt on my bare bottom.

Mom said, “I think you’ve heard enough of my lecturing on the foolish risk you took, but I just wanted to ask you if you ever thought about what other moms would think if you were caught in school? The rumors would fly among all those hens in the parent groups that I was involved with. The booster club, the women’s guild and all of those committees that I was on, how could I face them? You must think of how your actions could effect others. For that, you have earned a good one, Kathryn Elizabeth! And your disrespectful lying on top of that!”

I whimpered, “I know, I know,” as I wiggled in her lap anticipating the first blows.

She started right in, beating my bottom like a set of drums in her lap. She had a hold of my waist and pulled me into her side as my movements increased in her lap. Mom covered my whole bottom with the belt from the top to the underside, just above my thighs. I gripped and pulled at the bedding in my fists as the pain in my bottom was sending its message. I told myself to never ever lie again! To think about my actions first! It was soon apparent that the belt was going to leave a new, unforgettable memory. It was hard to believe that taking that magazine years ago was so wrong and could have been so much worse. Mom was right, I hadn’t thought of how my actions can be so bad. I’m getting what I deserve.

After a few minutes, I was now squirming like an eel and sobbing and crying out. Mom continued swinging the belt and, after applying a few lower ones, she locked her legs around mine and tightened her grip around my waist, pulling me in tight. I tried to cover up my bottom and Mom immediately grabbed my hand and interlaced her fingers with mine, then pulled my hand underneath me as she held me around the waist again. After several minutes more with the blows raining down much slower with many low and on my upper thighs, Mom released her grip and let me up enough so that she could stand up.

I slid down to my knees with my head on the bed and wiped away tears with my hand. Mom grabbed a Kleenex from the night stand and handed it to me without saying anything. She took the pillows from the headboard and stacked them in the middle of the bed then said, “Get up, we’re not done.”

As I got to my feet, she said, “Lay over the pillows, butt up in the air.”

I stepped out of my panties and got up on the bed, crawling into position. I pulled my skirt back up and out of the way without being told.

Mom said, “Ten more, and these will be the hardest yet, Katie. Keep your hands out of the way and we’ll get this over with!”

I pushed the pillows further under my hips to offer a better target and then left my hands underneath me so I wouldn’t be tempted to cover up. Mom laid the belt across the center of my bottom. I watched her pulling her arm way, back over her shoulder, and I turned to look away as she applied the first one dead center. My hand jerked up and I grit my teeth as cried out.

She continued with the next one soon after, moving the target lower each time until striking across the tops of my thighs, and then moved back up my backside until all ten were applied. I kicked my legs and cried out each time, but remained in position as best I could.

Mom said, “Come on, get up.” I was sobbing as she helped me off of the bed and handed me another Kleenex and hugged me saying, “I hope we never have to repeat this, Katie. If you wanted to experience a good one, you just got it.”

Mom walked to my closet and announced that she was going to hang the belt in there. She came back to me and took my arm to direct me to the stairs as she said, “I don’t want you staying in your room crying in self pity. I’m going to finish your punishment by having you facing the wall where I can keep an eye on you.”

We headed downstairs and over to mom’s computer desk. She said that she had some work to do and placed me facing the wall next to her. I took it upon myself to lift the back of my skirt as I remembered punished girls were left standing in that old magazine. Mom was printing off several pages from the computer. She tugged at my skirt to lower it and then I was told to turn around. I watched as she wrote on a few of the pages and signed them as well. She stuffed everything into an envelope and sealed it.

Mom handed me the envelope saying, “Make sure you pack this with you. You need to drop this off to Ms Compton. It contains the letter she sent. She asked that I sign and return it along with some other paperwork. Make sure you take care of it, don’t forget it and get yourself in trouble. Understand?”

I said, “Yes Ma’am.”

She said, “Now go change out of your uniform and finish your packing. Tomorrow will be a very early start to catch your flight.”

I hugged her saying, “I’m sorry Mom! I love you!”

Mom said, “I love you too, Katie.”

I went up to my room and checked out my sore bottom. I ran my hands across my tender skin and I bent forward to check out the back of my thighs. I thought about how sitting on the long flight tomorrow would feel and started to feel a little sorry for myself.

I told myself, ‘Stop that. You got what you deserved; it was long overdue and it’s done!’

I stayed in my uniform as I packed up my clothes. I saw the belt hanging and it sent a tingle to my bottom. I just had to touch it again and picked it up. I noticed how flexible it was and I heard Mr Lane’s words in my head.

I said out loud, “I got the message, Mr Lane.”

I finished packing and made sure the envelope was tucked away. I eased my panties back on and went downstairs to see Mom.

She was surprised and immediately said, “You haven’t changed your clothes!”

I said, “No, I’m all packed though. It just feels right to be wearing it right now.”

I sat next to her on the couch and leaned into her as she put her arms around me in a loving embrace. It was early to bed and an early wake-up to catch my flight in the morning. Mom must have asked me several times if I had the envelope and reminded me just as many to hand it in to the Academy as soon as I could. Hugs and kisses and I was off on my new adventure. I turned back and hugged Mom one last time and told her I loved her.

As the plane lifted off, I thought back on everything. Meeting with family and friends, graduation, returning to my old school, apologizing and growing up just a bit more. I was satisfied that I had accomplished my one big goal in renewing my relationship with my mother.

The End

© Mary Desmond 2019