A girl experiences contrasting discipline styles

By Gillian Howard

I was born in 1956 in Northwest England and my father was a manager at a large Manchester hotel. Mum worked part time as receptionist there. In 1964 dad was offered a similar position with a lot more money in Miami, with our own house as part of his package. We all emigrated in the summer and I started school in grade 3. At my new school they used the paddle to administer corporal punishment and this was carried out in the corridor outside your classroom by the principal. Each student was given a student handbook which laid down the school rules.

Although there was no uniform, they had a strict dress code which, for girls, was as follows:

No make up to be worn.

No jewellery apart from ear studs to be worn.

Girls must wear a bra if needed apart from sport and PE when a yellow leotard/swimsuit or yellow sport knickers and vest.

Shorts allowed any length but no underwear to be visible

No midriff to be visible

Hair to be tidy at all times

The wearing of make up or allowing underwear to be visible carried an automatic paddling. Any four dress code violations in a semester also meant a paddling. Any three tardies (being late, I was informed) in a semester would earn a paddling, and all further tardies earned a paddling. Smoking, bullying cheating or truancy earned a paddling. Normally a paddling was 2 licks for first offence, 5 licks for any other.

Over the years, on average, at least one paddling a day could be heard being applied in the corridor. The paddle used at our school was 18″ long, 4″ wide with a handle and about 3/8″ thick, with holes drilled in it.

The first time one of my class mates was paddled he had to lean forward with his hands just below the window and I was sat in our classroom right next to the window. I saw the pain on his face as the paddle struck. I avoided the paddle even though I received 2 tardies or 3 dress code violations on several occasions.

When I was in grade 11 mum was ill so I had to do more of the chores. As I was getting dressed for school one Friday I realised that all my denim shorts were in the wash so I put on my lime green satin shorts. As normal I checked my knickers were not visible.

We had been throwing a few baskets while we waited to be called in. The principal was on yard duty that morning and he eventually called us all in. We filed in and put our bags in our lockers as we had PE second lesson. Part way through maths I saw the principal walk past the window and then a few minutes later heard 2 pupils from another class getting the paddle. I tried to see if I could see who it was but couldn’t. Then there was a knock on our classroom door and the principal came in with his paddle in hand.

He said: “Adam Gregg and Susan Gregg, you both have your 3rd tardy; outside now. Joan Walsh, I could see your multi coloured briefs while you were throwing baskets; outside now please.”

I stood up, shocked that I was to get the paddle. I blushed as I went outside.

Principal Thomas followed us out and said: “Susan and Joan, face the wall, hands on head. Adam, you have already been paddled three weeks ago so its 5 licks for you. Stand 3 feet from the wall lean forward, hands on the window sill. Don’t move.”

I then heard a loud bang and realised it was the first lick.

“Janet Walsh, you were told to face the wall. One extra lick for you.”

I realised I had turned around.

A second bang followed and after the third I heard a moan from Adam. After the fourth was a sob and I could hear him sobbing more after the fifth.

“Susan, you know what to do. It”s two for you.”

Without warning, I heard the bang as loud as any Adam received. The second followed and I realised I was next. Susan sounded as though she was sobbing as she was sent back to class.

“Janet, over here. I believe this will be your first paddling, so stand 3 feet from the window. One step away and legs a shoulder width apart and your hands on the window sill. Remember, you are getting three licks.”

I felt my shorts tighten across my bottom as I leaned forward. As I looked up I saw several of the boys looking straight at my face. There was a bang and my bottom exploded in pain. The second landed and I yelped in pain. As the third landed I was in agony and was sent to class.

I was only back in class for 5 minutes before the bell went and we made our way to our lockers to get our kit. I made my way slowly to the changing room and, as I got undressed, I saw the outline of the paddle on my bottom, holes and all. I struggled into my leotard because of my swollen bottom and finally got to the gym.

“Janet, why are you late getting here?” Mr James bellowed.

“Sorry Sir, I got the paddle in the last lesson, sir, and it’s been painful getting ready, Sir.”

“So did Adam and Susan but they got here on time. See me at the end of the lesson for a tardy slip.”

I was shocked this would be my second. And there was still six weeks of the semester to go. I handed my slip to the school secretary at lunch and she also reminded me of what would happen if I got another. The rest of the day, I was reminded of my paddling every time I sat down. When I got home mum was feeling a lot better and was out of bed.

As I started to tidy up, I bent over and she said: “Janet, what have you done to your bottom? It looks very sore and bruised. Let me see it, please.”

So I lowered my shorts and knickers and said: “I got the paddle this morning because the principal said he saw my knickers as we were throwing a few baskets while we waited to go into school.”

“Well, you will remember that for a while. Dad has just phoned to say that Mr and Mrs Gullickson are coming over tomorrow along with Scott and Savanah, so we are having a barbeque by the pool. I am afraid your marks will be visible in your bikini.”

”It will be ok, mum, as Savanah had paddle marks last time we went to their place. Remember?”

“Oh yes, she did, didn’t she?”

Saturday arrived and Scott and Savanah were with me around the pool as the adults were sorting out the barbeque.

Scott said: “How many did you get, Janet, and what for?”

”How many what, Scott?”

“Licks, of course. You can see the bruising on your butt.”

”I got three, ‘cos my knickers were visible under my shorts. It was my first time, too, and I got three instead of two because I turned round as one of the twins got theirs.”

As we all sat down to our steaks dad said that he had something to tell all the children.

”Mum knows, and so does Mr and Mrs Gullickson, but in three weeks I am to return to England to take up a position as head of European hotels and Mr Gullickson will be taking my place in Miami. So they will be moving in here as we are returning to England.”

I just got up and ran to my room in tears. Mum followed me and found me lying on my bed, crying.

I said: “But I will miss all my friends, and the weather, and even school.”

”Don’t worry, dear, we have arranged for you to attend a very good Grammar school. They say your work is well above average and you will have no problems settling in to their system. You’ll take your A level exams next year and we will have two homes, one in Cheshire and another in Cannes in the South of France. We’ll be able to spend all your holidays there.”

Just then Savanah came to see how I was and I told her to make certain she got my room as the views in the evening as the sun was setting were fantastic, and my bathroom with its Jacuzzi was to die for. We laughed and she had a look around and nodded with delight.

Half way through my next to last week, I was having a juice outside the gym and the bell went for the end of break. I was talking to my friend, Josie, as we walked to English.

As we went in and sat down, Mrs Bloomfield said: “Josie and Janet, see me after class for a tardy slip. You were late arriving.”

“We were not, miss!”

“If you want to argue, Janet, then I can also add ‘being insolent’ if you wish?”

“No Miss, but that will be my third tardy.” I said.

“Mine too, Miss,” said Josie.

”Well, it will be sore bottoms for both of you!”

We picked up our slips and took them to the secretary. She looked at our records and said: “The principal will no doubt be along to see you both shortly.”

As we walked away, I said: “This means my first ever five licks.”

Josie said: “It’s five for me too.”

We had our lunch and several of the boys came over and said: “Can’t wait to see them little botties get paddled!”

We both looked at each other and realised that our next lesson after lunch was PE, so we would get our paddling at the far end of the gym leaning against the wall bars, and with just our leotards on so most of our bottoms would be bare.

We were in the gym and about ten minutes before the end of class the Principal came in and ordered us to the bottom of the gym along with Ross, a very shy boy who, to the best of my memory, had never been in trouble before.

”Right girls, you have both gained three tardies, so you will both get five licks. Ross, this may be your first punishment but truancy is an automatic 5 licks. So, ladies, any order.”

I walked forward to get it over with and had to bend slightly, holding onto the bar nearest to waist height with legs apart. As I bent over, my leotard went further up revealing more of my bare bottom. Without warning, the first lick exploded across the middle of my butt and I let out an involuntary scream. The second exploded and the pain increased. After the third, I let out a real scream. As the tears flowed I was determined to try to remain silent for the remainder. The fourth landed with just a grunt from me. I bit my lip after the last and most painful.

I was told to return to the top of the gym and staggered with tears running down my face. I saw most boys smiling but mouthing ‘well done’ as well. Just as I got to the remainder of the class, Josie’s punishment started and she was screaming after her third lick. After her last, she was told to return to the other end of the gym too. Ross was screaming after his first lick and it got worse the more he got. He almost collapsed to the floor after his five.

I left the school the following week and we returned to England. I was shocked to find out that, even though I was going to be in the sixth form, I would still have to wear full school uniform which consisted of a green and white gingham dress which we were allowed to wear to mid thigh length. We also had green school knickers, a green blazer with yellow piping and a straw boater with green and yellow band. I had been informed that corporal punishment was still used at the school and was informed I could be smacked or caned across the hand in class or caned across the bottom by the headmistress.

At the end of assembly on my first day, I was asked to remain behind along with my new class mates and introduced. I then followed them to our first lesson with Mr Cartwright, a tall well built man in his early thirties. As we waited outside the classroom for him to arrive, I asked the girl next to me what he was like but she just seemed to ignore me. I then felt my skirt being lifted and turned to see what was happening. I heard a loud smack and jumped as the pain hit me. I saw this tall man smacking my leg.

After the third smack, he stood and said: “In this country you remain quiet while waiting for your teacher to arrive.”

We followed him into the classroom and I rubbed my leg which was smarting like hell. I could see hand prints on my thigh. Apart from that, the day went pretty well and I started to be friendly with a girl named Jessica, who became my best friend, and some of the others. In conversation we talked about the punishments at school and I told them of my experiences with the paddle. They all said they had been caned across the hands in class and several had been caned across the knickers by the headmistress.

I told them I was really shocked when Mr Cartwright lifted my dress and smacked my leg. They all laughed and said the shock on my face was hilarious. They all agreed that, apart from the headmistress, Miss James was the hardest caner which shocked me as I had found her to be so pleasant.

At the weekend mum asked me to invite my new friends over for a barbeque and they all agreed to come. Jessica said it was her first barbeque. It was a really hot day and mum had made some of her homemade lemonade which went down a treat. I was surprised to discover that Jenny and Paula both smoked.

The following week at school we had exams every day. I thought that I had done really well and was very pleased.

It was on the Tuesday after our exams that I witnessed a classroom caning for the first time when a girl called Joanne received one stroke across each hand for talking. At break she showed me the welt across each hand and they looked painful.

On Friday Jessica and Paula were coming to our house straight after school and staying overnight. Jessica was waiting for me at the school gate but there was no sign of Paula. Jessica said she had been caught smoking at afternoon break and was seeing the headmistress. She would probably be removing her dress and getting six of the best over her knickers, four for smoking and two for not wearing school knickers.

About ten minutes later we saw Paula approaching and she was walking as though in pain.

“Are you going to be alright, Paula?” I asked as she caught up with us.

“I will be when I can get some cream on my bum!”

We carried on home and mum gave us some of her lemonade. We went to my room and got changed. I got some of mum’s cold cream and Jessica applied it to the very painful looking welts on her bum. Paula saw my photo of me in Miami at the wheel of my white Chevy convertable. We got changed and they both commented on me wearing school knickers. They told me it only mattered if you have to see the headmistress for the cane and she hurts so much you are numb by the time you get the extra two.

We all put our shorts on and went down stairs to the music room to listen to my records. Mum came in and set up the movie projector as she had received film of our new villa in Cannes and said that we would be there all summer. Jessica and Paula were coming for three weeks with their parents.

We had a great day in Manchester on Saturday and when we got home Paula and Jessica’s parents were there and we had a party.

Back at school on Monday, Paula met me at the gate and said: “I can’t wait for summer and it should be great as they allow topless sunbathing. Oh, by the way are you wearing school knickers?”

“No, I am wearing white briefs.”

We all went into lessons and two girls in Chemistry got two strokes across each hand for not doing their homework. I witnessed Miss James using her cane and she certainly had both girls in tears. As we left the classroom after the lesson I commented on how hard she caned them and how glad it wasn’t me.

“Walsh! Come back here. Would you like to feel how hard I cane?”

”No, Miss. It’s just that I had been told you were the hardest caner.”

“I see. Well come here, I also smack hard.” She lifted my skirt before giving me three hard smacks to each leg.

“Did that hurt?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Well, next time you will feel my cane. Now go!”

Our next lesson was Maths with Mr Cartwright. we handed our homework in as we entered the room and he gave us some problems to get on with. Before the end of the lesson he handed them back and told us that anybody with less than 65% would receive 1 stroke across each hand. Jessica was called out as she only had 64%. After taking her two strokes, she put her each hand under her arm pits as she sat down.

I was really disappointed that I had only got 67%, but relived at the same time.

”Walsh, stand up. You could have done a lot better, but you got above 65%. However you should always complete your homework. You answered 4 questions but missed the 5th question over the page so for not completing your homework out to the front. You will receive 2 strokes across each hand.”

I walked to the front and had to hold my left hand out. He placed the cane across the centre of my palm, raised it, then brought it down with such force. The pain was terrible and I yelped before the second landed and I looked to make sure my fingers were all there. The pain was so intense as I lifted my right hand. I tried to clench my fist on my left hand but it would not close. Then the pain in my right hand exploded as the final stroke landed and both hands went automatically under my arm pits.

I was told to sit and I was in tears as I looked at the 2 angry looking welts across each hand. I managed to still write for the rest of the day. Jessica was coming home with me as her mum and mine were both going to the hairdressers, so she was collecting Jessica at our house.

We got home and started our homework and were just finishing it when our mums arrived. Jess showed her mum her hands and she asked what it was for this time. Jess told her mum who said: “It’s regular at least once every two or three weeks, and hardly a week goes by without having her legs smacked. Has Janet not been caned or smacked, Sheila?”

“No Ruth, not to my knowledge. Have you, Janet?”

“I have been smacked twice and I also got caned today for not completing my homework even though I got the pass mark. I missed seeing the final question on the reverse side of the sheet. I got 2 across each hand. Look!”

Jessica’s mum said: “Don’t let it worry you, Sheila. I have lost count how many times Jessica has had her legs smacked or been caned, but all the girls accept it as part of school life and it does create a lot of respect. Paula has been caned by the headmistress at least three or four times that I know of.”

After a really good weekend I had arranged to meet up with Jennie, Paula and Jessica. We walked through the park and Jenny and Paula lit cigarettes, so Jessica and myself speeded up a little so that we were ahead of them. As we approached the gates, we heard the school bell and ran to get in. Jess and I just made as the head girl was going to close the doors. We then stood in the doorway to stop them closing which allowed Jennie and Paula to get in.

The head girl was not pleased and told us to follow her. We went straight to the headmistress who was not taking assembly as she had a lot of paperwork to catch up on.

As we stood outside Jess whispered that the headmistress would probably cane us all. We were ushered in and asked for our version of events. She wanted to know why Jennie and Paula were behind.

“Before any of you answer, I can smell cigarettes.”

I looked at Paula who was resigned to her fate and she looked at the floor.

Jessica admitted that she thought they had been smoking and I then agreed.

The head then said to the head girl: “Take them all to Miss James and tell her I have asked that she gives them all 1 stroke across each hand for being late. Then bring Jennie and Paula back here and I will cane them for smoking. You two can think yourself very lucky not to be coming back to me to be caned as well because if you had all been walking together you would be back.”

We were escorted to the staff room and Miss James had just come out with her cane as three other girls were waiting and we were told to join the queue. It didn’t take her long and I held my hand out. The cane flashed down, then the same across the other hand. I was biting my lip to stop me screaming.

We were sent on our way as Jennie and Paula returned to the head. We all hurried to the wash room to run cold water over our hands.

We met up with Paula at break and she told us that, because they had both been caned for smoking only a few weeks earlier, they got six for smoking and two for not wearing school knickers. A letter was going to be sent to her parents informing them that if she was caught smoking again it would be 6 across her bare bottom.

The rest of the term passed and we broke up for holidays. I had come in the top 10 in all subjects so was very pleased. We went to Cannes and arrived at our villa. Our bedroom had three single beds so we all unpacked and went outside to the pool and barbeque area. We settled down with a bottle of cola as the adults opened a couple of bottles of wine and Paula’s mum and dad and Jessica’s dad all started smoking. Paula’s mum asked if it would be ok if Paula had the occasional cigarette. Mum agreed as long as it was outside only.

After the first week, all our dads had to return home so we were left with just our mums there. As soon as they returned from saying goodbyes, we were around the pool when they all took of their bikini tops and started sunbathing. We looked at each other and we all did the same. As the villa was very private we all actually sun bathed nude on a few occasions. We had a fantastic time.

During the last week our mums had gone shopping and we had been messing around in the pool and were on the sun loungers when Paula lit a cigarette. I was lying there and I was shocked to hear Jessica asking to try one. Paula handed her one and she puffed on it. I was asked if I wanted to try one but refused and Jessica took 2 puffs before starting to cough and put it out.

We returned home and a few weeks later returned to school. On the first morning we were introduced to the new prefects and were pleased to discover that Jennie’s twin sister, Gloria, was the new head girl. The headmistress also informed us the head girl had been authorised to punish any girl sent to her by a teacher who thought that 2 strokes of the slipper over the knickers would be appropriate. After about three weeks word had got around that Gloria was quite good with the slipper but only girls from the first year had been sent to her.

Then on the Monday in our fourth week, Jessica and I had gone to the toilet at the start of break. We had been talking and having a good laugh when the door opened and Miss James stood in the doorway.

“Why are you girls still in school?”

“Sorry Miss, we’re just washing our hands,” I replied.

“It doesn’t take 10 minutes. I think a visit to the head girl is in order and tell her I have sent you both for the slipper. I will check that you have been.”

We walked past and went around the corner to where Gloria had her office. We knocked on her door. She opened it and invited us in.

”Come in, girls. What can I do to help?”

“Miss James caught us in the wash room too long and sent us to see you so that you can give us the slipper.”

“Wow! I have not had to slipper any sixth formers yet, so you two will be my first. Right, stand about 4 feet apart lift your skirt right up. Then bend over touching your toes.”

As I did so my red and black satin briefs tightened across my bottom and rode up exposing more of my bottom. I looked to my fight and could see that Jessica had white with red polka dot briefs. They would offer her very little protection.

Gloria had taken a large plimsoll out of her cupboard and told us we would get 2 each. I felt the cold rubber sole resting on my right cheek, then it moved and a loud bang indicated it had reached its target with great effect. It really stung. The second landed on my left cheek with the same effect. I had to remain in position as Jessica received the same.

We were told to stand and immediately put our hands up our skirts and rubbed our bottoms. Gloria put the slipper away before saying: “Right girls, I hope you felt that and that it is a reminder not to return.”

“Of course not, Gloria.”

We turned to leave but she stopped us by saying: “However, we now have another problem, girls, because neither of you are wearing school knickers and as you well know that is an automatic 2 strokes of the cane off the headmistress.”

“But Gloria, neither of us have been caned by the headmistress before.”

“I have already had to take 2 fifth formers to the headmistress for the same thing last week and I can’t show favouritism. So let’s go and get you both caned.”

We followed her along the corridor to the headmistress’s office and were told to wait. As we waited, the bell went for the end of break and everybody coming in could see us waiting. I spotted Paula and she gave pretend cane strokes, and I just nodded. As Gloria came out, she went into the secretaries’ office before heading to her next class.

The secretary took some files and a book into the headmistress before coming out and telling us to come in. She closed the door as she left. We stood in front of her desk and immediately saw a 4 foot long cane with a crook handle lying on her desk.

She eventually finished what she was writing in the book and, placing a pen on the book, turned it around.

“Girls, neither of you have attended my office for punishment before. I must say, Paula, looking at how often you have been smacked and caned in class it surprises me. You, Janet, have not been here long but have felt the cane on the hands and been smacked enough times. Well, you are both going to feel my cane across your knickers and you will regret not wearing school knickers.

“Gloria told me she had informed you it is an automatic two strokes. Well, she is wrong. In view of your past records, it will be three each. Remove your dresses and place them on that chair. Janet, stand next to the door facing the wall, hands on head. I can see Gloria has given you both a red bottom. Jessica, touch your toes and do not move or you will get extra.”

The room was silent. I could just hear a very faint tap tap tap which must be the cane tapping against her bottom then SWOOSH THWACK followed by a shriek from Jessica. Another stroke landed followed by a scream. Then I could just hear the sobbing of Jessica and thought perhaps we were getting two after all. Then I heard the loudest stroke of all and another scream.

I heard her tell us to swap places. As we passed each other, Jessica was in floods of tears and appeared to wince with every step. I was told to touch my toes and bent over. I felt my knickers tighten across my bottom and rise up, exposing most of the lower part of my bottom. Then the tapping started.

Suddenly it stopped and I heard SWOOSH THWACK as the cane struck low down on my bottom. I yelped at the sharp pain. The second arrived and the pain increased and I could feel my eyes filling up. The final stroke was the hardest and was delivered in an upward motion and almost certainly on just bare skin.

I was told to stand next to Jessica and as I put my hands on my head the skin on my bottom tightened and was really stinging. After about 10mins standing in just our bra and knickers, socks and shoes, the headmistress spoke.

“Girls, in front of my desk now and countersign the punishment book. Then put you dresses back on.”

We were sent back to class and had to tell the class we had been given the slipper by the head girl and that she took us to the headmistress for not wearing school knickers, and that we had received three strokes of the cane over the knickers. Every time I moved in my seat I felt a sharp sting. Jessica was also suffering and had her legs smacked for fidgeting too much. We walked home together and parted as we passed the bottom of their road.

Then mum pulled up in the car and as I got in and sat down I squirmed a little.

“Are you alright, Janet?”

“I am ok, but I got the cane across my knickers today. I’ll explain when we get home, mum.”

When we got home mum put the kettle on and asked me to show her the damage. I lifted my dress and pulled my knickers down. She gently traced the welts with her finger and said that she thought the bottom one would hurt longest as it was on the spot where I sit. She wanted to know why I had been caned so I told her that Jessica and I were sent to the head girl for the slipper as we had been in school too long at break, and after she gave us both the slipper took us to the headmistress for not wearing school knickers.

Mum said: “So Jessica got caned by the headmistress for the first time as well?”

“Yes mum, she did, and she also got her legs smacked as well in Maths for wriggling too much.”

At the weekend I met up with Paula and Jennie and caught the train into Manchester for some shopping. We bumped into Jennie and Gloria and had sandwiches for lunch in the big square outside the town hall. After lunch Gloria got a packet of cigarettes out and handed them round. Jennie and Paula took one and they tried to encourage Jessica and me. I refused but Jessica took one and they all lit them.

Over the following few weeks it became obvious to me that Jessica had started to smoke on a regular basis, .but I still refused to join in. At half term Jessica and her mum, Ruth, were coming to the villa with me and mum but Paula and her family were on a trip to London. The weather was glorious and not many of the villas were occupied. We spent most of the 2 weeks sunbathing around the pool and, as it was so deserted, Jess and I spent a lot of the time naked, so got brilliant all over tans.

Jessica was smoking virtually all the time now, as did her mum, and I had noticed mum having the occasional one in the evening. During our second week I also started to have an occasional cigarette as we all relaxed after our evening meal with a glass of wine. I had also started smoking when we went into Cannes and was walking through the centre or looking at the fabulous yachts in the harbour.

After the holidays we went back to school and met up with Paula as we walked to school. I shocked her as I took out a packet of cigarettes and offered her one. The three of us walked to school smoking.

As we got changed into our yellow gym leotards, Jessica and I got some comments about our all over tans and were asked if we really did sunbathe in the nude.

Paula chimed in by saying that in the summer,, when she had been with us we all had done so as our villa had a pool that was not overlooked.

Mr Roberts was taking us for gym this term and everybody was still chatting as we entered the gym a little late. As a result he made us do 3 circuits of the apparatus before he had us all stand with hands on head and gave us all a hard smack to the top of each leg.

With Christmas approaching, we had the first snowfall of the winter, albeit just a small covering. Jessica and I were waiting for Jenny at the side of the park and were having a cigarette when we saw Jenny rushing up to us out of breath. She had apparently slipped and her tights were laddered. She had a few puffs of each of our cigarettes before we threw them away as we got nearer to school.

Just before assembly Paula managed to go to the toilet to remove her tights and throw them in the bin, but was not happy with bare legs in this weather. As the Headmistress finished assembly she said she would like to see Janet Walsh and Jessica Smithson in her office immediately after assembly. We wondered what we had done as if we had been caught smoking we would have seen somebody, but we didn’t. We always looked out for teachers’ cars and none had passed us.

We arrived at the head’s office and knocked on the door. As soon as we entered we saw the senior cane across the desk and the punishment book open along with our files so we looked at each other knowing that we were to be caned for something.

“Girls, I am really disappointed in both of you. I thought you were sensible girls, but this morning my car would not start and my husband brought me to work. As he drove past the park he pointed out 2 girls in uniform smoking and it was you two, so now you will be punished. Remove your dresses. I see you are both wearing tights so remove them as well. As you are both in the upper sixth it will 6 of the best with the senior cane.”

We both did as she said and I was wearing matching candy stripe bra and very skimp briefs. I noticed that Jessica was wearing a pair of the white lace French knickers she bought in Cannes.

”Well I can see that neither of you are going to get any protection from those knickers, but they have earned you an extra 2 stokes each.”

Jessica was told to face the wall with hands on her head and I was told to bend across her desk and to hold the far end. I just managed to do so but was really stretching and this had caused my knickers to virtually disappear into the crack of my bum. I felt the cane tap a few times before disappearing and returning with a loud bang. I screamed in agony as my bottom exploded in a line of fire. By the time the fourth landed I was swinging my legs trying to avoid any more pain and begging her to stop. After 6 she said it would now be the 2 for not wearing school knickers, and both theses strokes came in an upward direction right under my bottom near the crease.

I was told to stand and to swap places with Jessica. I was crying uncontrollably as I made my way to the wall where Jessica had been and raised my hands. I never heard the first stroke land on Jessica, but heard the scream. She screamed in agony at each stroke.

Eventually she was sent to stand with me until we had both calmed down enough to take in what she was saying. We both stumbled over to her desk and had to countersign the punishment book. I noticed that Gloria had also had six of the best for smoking and 2 extra for not wearing school knickers on the last day before half term. We were then told to replace our tights and dresses. Replacing my tights brought all the pain back as I had to pull them over my swollen bottom.

We were both eventually in a condition to return to class were we had to explain were we had been. We both sat down very cautiously as we felt the hard wooden seat on the welts. Mr Cartwight warned us to keep still and 3 girls were really smiling at our discomfort, so much so that he brought them out and gave then 2 across each hand. For the rest of the day I was in great pain every time I sat down.

As we had gym 2 days after our caning the stripes were still painful and the strong elastic in our leotards really rubbed the welts.

We approached our last week before Christmas and as we returned to our classes after lunch there was no sign of Paula who arrived 20 minutes into the lesson with tears still in her eyes. She had to explain to the class she had been caned by the Headmistress for running along the corridor and as it was her fourth visit and the fourth time she had not worn school knickers she had been caned on the bare bottom.

We met her at the school gates on the way home and she told us that she had been given all 8 strokes upward just above the crease and it was absolute agony to sit. She did not come into school the following day as she was still having trouble sitting but her mother had been to see the headmistress. We found out over the holidays that her mum had in fact thanked the headmistress and hoped that her general behaviour would see a great improvement. She had grounded her for the entire holidays.

We returned to school in January and immediately started to revise ready for our mock exams in early February. I was pulled out in maths as I tried to explain how to resolve a problem for Janice who was struggling and told it was not my job but the teachers job and received 1 across each hand. I whispered as I sat down that it was unfair but was overheard.

”Well if you think it is unfair then go and see the headmistress now and tell her.”

”I am sorry, sir, I should not have said that.”

”No, you shouldn’t. So go to the headmistress now!”

I got up and set off. I was very angry at being caned twice for trying to help somebody. I knocked on her door and entered. I was asked to explain my reasons for being there.

After listening, she said that while she agreed my actions were with the best of intentions, I did show insolence to a member of staff by questioning his decision. She therefore had no alternative but to cane me, two strokes.

“Take off your dress and tights and bend over the end of the desk.”

She asked her secretary to bring in the punishment book and my file. I was just putting my dress on the chair as she entered. As I started to remove my tights to reveal a pair of white satin French knickers, the headmistress was filling in the punishment book and looked up to say: “Another 2 for uniform.”

She filled in my file and then added: “This is your third caning off me and not the first time for not wearing school knickers. If you are sent to me again I will be caning you on the bare bottom. Do you understand?”

”Yes, Miss.”

I bent over the desk and received all four strokes across the middle of my bottom. I could tell they were not full force so realised she must have thought my punishment a little unjust.

I returned to class and informed everybody that I had received 4 strokes of the cane. Over lunch I told Paula and Jessica that I had not received a hard caning and although it had really stung had not brought me to tears but I had been told any more canings would be on the bare bottom.

Paula said: “Take it from me, you don’t want that as they are so painful and it was three days before I could sit down properly. The marks were there for three weeks.”

The week of the mocks arrived and every morning myself, Jessica, Paula, Jenny and Gloria would meet in the park and would have a quick cigarette. We’d then set off to school sucking mints.

The exams went well and I found none of them too difficult. During our last exam I knocked my blazer onto the floor but was told to leave it till the end of the exam. After it finished, we were all chatting and I bent down to pick up my blazer. Unfortunately, I lifted it up and by the tail and everything dropped out of my pockets, including a packet of cigarettes and a lighter.

Mr Cartwright looked up, saw them and said: “Janet Walsh, bring them to me now, please, and stand at the front of the class till everybody has gone. Then we will visit the Headmistress.”

I walked to the front with all my belongings and placed the cigarettes and lighter on his desk. I was blushing as the rest of the girls filed out. He took me to the headmistress’s office and went into the secretary’s office. Two other girls were stood there and I heard a third girl being caned. She came out in floods of tears and her hands shot up her dress as she walked away, revealing black knickers.

One of the other girls went in and soon you could hear the cane land, then a scream. After 3 stokes all went quiet and she walked out and her hands were up her dress and revealed she was wearing school knickers.

As the final girl was caned there were 6 strokes and she emerged her hands went under her dress to reveal red knickers. I then began to think it makes no difference as I will get it on the bare.

Mr Cartwright accompanied the secretary into the office, the secretary returning immediately. Then Mr Cartwright emerged 5 mins later and told me to go in. As I entered I saw the punishment book open on her desk along with my file open and the senior cane across his desk.

”Janet Walsh, this is the fourth time you have attended my office for punishment this school year and on the other three occasions you have not worn school knickers, so I expect you are not today. Am I correct?”

I just nodded.

“I explained last time any further punishment you receive will be on the bare bottom, so if you would please get undressed leaving just your bra in place and then bend over the end of the desk. I am going to make you realise that I will not stand for constant misbehaviour. Your mother has already been informed of your impending punishment.”

“Please Miss, can I not have it after the holidays? We are all going away, Miss, and the marks will be visible with my bikini on.”

”You should have thought of that before bringing cigarettes to school. Now undress and bend over. You are to receive 8 strokes.”

I slowly took my dress off before removing my shoes and tights. I finally peeled off my pale pink French knickers and placed them with the rest of my clothes before bending over her desk. After stretching, I reached the far edge and gripped tight. The first stroke came and I took a deep breath and bit my lip. It was like Paula had said, an upstroke. The second arrived and this time a shriek came from my lips as it landed in the same area. Number three bought a scream as the tears formed. My bottom was just on fire. The fourth landed again in the same area and I could not help it as I jumped up, my hands going to my bum.

“Walsh, back in position immediately or my secretary will come and hold you down and we will start from the beginning again.”

I got back over the desk, the remaining four strokes came and I was just in a daze as the pain just seemed to have reached a maximum. I just about heard her tell me to get up and stand in front of her desk, hands on my head. I was moving from foot to foot trying to ease the pain but to no success. She handed me a tissue and allowed me to take my hands down but not to touch my throbbing bottom as she filled in my file and punishment book.

I eventually was fit enough to sign the punishment book and told to get dressed. I put my dress on and pulled my knickers on as softly as possible. With them being French knickers they had no elastic in the legs so were quite easy. I rolled my tights up and slipped them into my bag as she put the cane away.

“You may go now. Have a nice holiday.”

How I refrained from giving her an answer, I don’t know. Outside the gates, Jessica was waiting and the cool breeze blowing up my dress was comforting.

”How are you, Janet? You were a long time.”

“I am not surprised, she had 3 others to cane before me. Then I got a lecture and got 8 on the bare. The flight on Sunday is going to be uncomfortable.”

She walked all the way home with me and mum was waiting with a jar of cold cream. We went to my room and Jessica helped me take my dress off before I lay on the bed face down as mum eased my knickers down. She gently applied about half a jar of cold cream before leaving me and Jess on our own. I took my bra off and took a nightie out of my drawers and put that on before we went downstairs.

Mum gave us both a drink and although I was in extreme pain we did have a little laugh as we talked about the upcoming holiday and that it was to be the twins’ first visit.

We flew out Sunday morning and I had difficulty sitting still on the flight. We arrived at the villa just after lunch and changed into our bikinis. The four girls were sat on the side as our mums came out with sandwiches and a dish of salad. Everybody passed comment on how painful my bottom still looked and I assured them that it was. That was the last comments I received. It was a little too cool to go naked. Even though the twins tried it they only lasted about an hour.

After our holiday, we returned to school and I had an appointment at the opticians. When I met up with Jessica the following morning she told me she had been caned the previous day and was also on a warning of a bare bottom caning. I advised her to avoid one like the plague.

During the next month I had my legs smacked twice and just after completing our A level exams we had our gym lesson and we were all in high spirits and Mr Robert told us all to line up down the centre of the gym. 12 of us were wearing our leotards and six including Jessica were wearing gym knickers.

He disappeared back into his office and came out carrying his cane. He stood at the end of the line next to Michelle and said: “Hands on your heads and legs together. I warned you all last time that the next time you make such a noise you would all feel my cane. So I will be giving each of you three across both legs. Move and you will be sent to the Headmistress.”

Michelle and Angela, who had never been caned at all, would be the first two. I was about the seventh girl along after Lisa. I heard the cane land on Michelle’s legs and she screamed in pain. The second followed and she screamed. After the third she was in tears and was sent to face the wall bars, hands on head in front of us. We could all see 3 red lines just below her leotard.

The cane then struck Angela and I could hear her stamp her feet. As the second landed she slipped to the floor and tried to protect her legs with her hands. She was told to get back up or else. She eventually did and was warned hands back on her head or else she would go to the Headmistress. She eventually took her third stroke.

There were a few yelps before he stood next to Lisa and the first stroke landed without any response. It was the same for the second, and the third brought a whimper. As she walked to her position the marks were there for all to see so he had not held back.

I heard the swish then felt the line of fire erupt on my legs. The second followed and I bit my lip to stop me screaming and tried to control my breathing as the final one landed.

Within about 10 mins all 18 of us had 3 stripes across the very top of our thighs. After gym I have never known so many girls take their time having a cold shower. That was my last punishment but poor Angela was called out in Miss James’ class for continually fidgeting and received 1 stroke across each hand.

A few weeks later we left school and when our results came through Jessica, Paula, the twins and myself had all got the results we needed for our university of choice.

The End

© Gillian Howard 2016