A teacher punishes a man’s daughter, but there are consequences. Contains male punishment.

By Lisamum

“Had a good day love?” Asked Mum as eighteen year old Delia got home from school.

“No I haven’t,” snapped Delia angrily.

“Why, what’s the matter?” Asked Mum.

Delia held out her hand. There were two ugly red lines across her palm.

“Where did you get those?”

“That cow of an English teacher gave them to me after school. Didn’t half hurt.”

“That’s not fair,” replied Mum.

“I’m going to tell Dad, he’ll sort her out,” said Delia.

Dad arrived home just before dinner.

“Dad, that cow of an English teacher gave me the cane this afternoon. She’s been after me all this term. Look.” Delia held out her hand.

“She did that, did she? What for?”

“She reckoned I was talking and I wasn’t. It was the girl behind me.”

“Didn’t the girl own up?” Asked dad.

“No, she thought it was a huge joke, me getting caned instead of her.”

“Is the teacher that young one?”

“Yes, hardly looks any older than me.”

“Right, I’m up there tomorrow after school and have it out with her. She’s not caning any girl of mine without good reason,” said a determined sounding dad.

“That’s it Dad, you sort her out.”

Next day dad met Delia outside the school.

“Right, where do I find this young woman?”

“This way Dad,” said a gleeful Delia.

She led the way into school and down the corridor to Mrs Stephens’ classroom. She then beat a hasty retreat as her dad opened the classroom door. Mrs Stephens looked up from where she was marking some books.

“Who are you?” She said with a surprised look on her face.

“I’m Delia Roberts’ father.”

“Have you been given permission to come in here?” Retorted Mrs Stephens.

“No, and I don’t need it to come and sort out a bully like you,” said Dad.

“What on earth are you talking about?”

“You caned my daughter yesterday.”

“Yes, what about it?”

“You caned her for something she didn’t do. I won’t stand for that.”

“You only have her word for that,” replied Mrs Stephens.

“Are you saying my daughters a liar?” Demanded Dad in a raised voice.

“Not necessarily, girls can twist the truth to sort themselves,” replied Mrs Stephens.

“Not my daughter. Besides, the girl you should have caned said she thought it was really funny that my Delia was caned instead.”

“May I remind you, Mr Roberts, that I decide who is caned and who isn’t. There is such a thing as loco parentis.”

“Don’t you start quoting all that fancy stuff to me. I expect my daughter to get a fair hearing and be properly looked after. If I could find a cane, I’d give you a dose of your own medicine.”

“Yes, you’d like that wouldn’t you,” sneered Mrs Stephens. “Well, there isn’t one, so you can’t.”

“No, but I can do the next best thing,” retorted Mr Roberts.

Before Mrs Stephens could do anything, Mr Roberts stepped forward and pulled Mrs Stephens from her chair. She was only a small young woman; Mr Roberts was a hefty six foot plus, well-built man.

“What are doing?” Shouted a shocked Mrs Stephens.

Mr Roberts pulled her away from her chair and sat down himself. The he pulled the protesting and resisting teacher over his lap.

“How dare you! Leave me alone,” she yelled.

“Not until you apologize and leave my daughter alone.”

“Like hell I will,” snarled Mrs Stephens.

“In that case you can take what I’m going to give you.”

Smack, smack, smack. As Mr Roberts’ large hand descended on to Mrs Stephens bottom.

“Ow, ouch, let go of me you brute,” cried Mrs Stephens as she kicked and struggled to get up.

Smack, smack, smack, smack.

Mr Roberts was in no mood to be lenient as smack after smack rained down on that bottom.

“I’ll report you for assault,” she cried as she tried to push herself up. Mr Roberts was far too strong for her and continued. Finally he stopped.

“You haven’t heard the last of this,” she yelled as she looked up from her position over the lap.

“And neither have you,” replied Mr Roberts as he pulled Mrs Stephens from his lap. “If you lay a finger on my daughter again.” He then turned and walked from the room, leaving Mrs Stephens rubbing her bottom.

She stood there for some minutes, regaining her composure. Then she thought about going to the head to report the incident but thought she’d leave it until the next day. She gingerly sat down and tried to resume her marking. As she did so, a comforting warm glow filled her bottom and she thought for a moment.

‘Actually, this is nice; perhaps having a smacked bottom isn’t so bad after all. Perhaps I’ll get hubby to give me one,’ she thought.

Outside the school Delia was waiting. “What happened, Dad?”

“We had words and then I put her over my knee and gave her a good hiding.”

“You did what?” Cried Delia. “Dad, how could you? She’ll make my life hell from now on.”

“I don’t think so. I’ve got feeling that young woman enjoyed that.”

“Don’t be daft, Dad. We’ll have the police round our house to arrest you for assault,” said a worried looking Delia.

“Let’s worry about that when it happens,” replied dad.

Well, nothing more was heard and Mrs Stephens left Delia alone until she did have to cane her for late homework.

“I got caned again today, dad,” said Delia when dad got home.

“I suppose that means I’ve got to go to school and give her a spanking again?” Replied dad.

“No, it’s ok, Dad. I forgot to hand in my homework.”

“Oh,” said dad, sounding disappointed.

Dad thought that was the end of the matter until a few weeks later he was leaving the supermarket and who should he bump into with his trolley than Mrs Stephens.

“Hello,” she said. “I was expecting to see you the other week, after I’d caned Delia again.”

“Oh hello. No, she told me she deserved it.”

“Oh, pity, I was rather hoping you’d come,” said Mrs Stephens with a seductive voice and smile.

“Oh were you now?” Smiled Mr Roberts.

“Yes, I was,” smiled Mrs Stephens.

“Enjoyed it last time, did you?” Asked Mr Roberts.

“You could say that. My naughty bottom does need seeing to.”

“In that case you’d better stay behind after school,” said Mr Roberts.

“When can you come?” Asked Mrs Stephens.

“How about Wednesday?”

“What time?”

“I can’t make it before five.”

“Five will do nicely. I’ll stay behind and do some marking until you arrive.”

“I’ll see you then,” said Mr Roberts.

The pair parted and waited excitedly until Wednesday.

Wednesday arrived and Mr Roberts made his way to Mrs Stephens’ classroom, hoping that she was able to keep the appointment. Sure enough, as he looked through the glass in the door, there she was looking at a pile of exercise books. He knocked and went in.

“Ah, Mr Roberts, how nice to see you. Thank you for keeping our appointment.”

“My pleasure, young lady,” smiled Mr Roberts.

Mrs Stephens tidied up her books. “Are you ready to spank me now?”

“I’m always ready to spank a naughty teacher like you,” replied Mr Roberts.

“Oooo, you make it sound so exciting,” said Mrs Stephens, rising from her chair. “There you are, sit down.”

Mr Roberts could hardly contain his excitement. As he sat down, Mrs Stephens wasted no time in going over his lap.

“Are you going to pull my dress up?” She asked.

“If that’s what you want?”

“I’m sure it’s what you want,” replied Mrs Stephens.

Mr Roberts started to pull up the dress. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Being revealed before him first of all were stocking tops, then black suspenders, and finally a pair of the most silky black knickers he had ever seen.

“How do you like it?” Asked Mrs Stephens.

For a moment, Mr Roberts was speechless. He wanted to pinch himself because he thought he was dreaming.

“I’m speechless,” he replied.

“Hmmmm, I thought it might excite you, bought them specially.”

“I don’t know what to say,” replied Mr Roberts.

“Don’t say anything, just smack my bottom.”


Mr Roberts could hardly contain himself as his hand exploded onto those silky knickers stretched across Mrs Stephens’ pert bottom.

“I can see you’re enjoying yourself,” chuckled Mrs Stephens.

“So would you in my position,” retorted Mr Roberts.

“My turn in a minute,” replied Mrs Stephens.

“Oh really? I wasn’t aware that was on the agenda,” replied Mr Roberts, as he continued to smack.

“You mean you wouldn’t like to be disciplined by a strict schoolmistress?”

“You bet I would,” replied Mr Roberts.

The spanking finally ended and Mrs Stephens eased herself up and pulled her dress down.

“What a wonderful experience, even better than the first time,” she said, rubbing her burning bottom.

Mr Roberts got up. “Do you want to wait a minute before you sit down?”

“I’m not going to sit down for what I’m going to give you,” replied Mrs Stephens, as she went to her handbag and took out a key.

Mr Roberts looked puzzled. Mrs Stephens then went to a cupboard, unlocked it and, to Mr Roberts’ delight, took out her cane; the very one that had started all this when she had caned Delia.

“Now who’s been a naughty boy?”

“Me, Miss,” smiled Mr Roberts.

“You know what happens to boys who misbehave don’t you?”

“Yes Miss, they get their bottoms caned.”

“They do, don’t they? Now be a good boy and bend over that desk,” said Mrs Stephens, pointing to one of the desks in the front row.

Mr Roberts went to the desk, bent over it and put his hands on the seat. Mrs Stephens pulled up his jacket and stood back to admire the ample backside before her.

“Six of the best I think.”

Mrs Stephens got into position and took the first swipe. THWWAACCKK!!

“Oooowwch, I felt that.”

“Did you ever get caned at school?” Asked Mrs Stephens.

“Yes, don’t think it was as hard as that though.”

Mrs Stephens laughed. “Naughty boys have to be properly punished.”



Mr Roberts bravely took his six.

“You may stand up now.”

He eased himself up slowly and rubbed his very tender backside. Mrs Stephens replaced the cane.

“Will you be back next week for more of the same?”

“As long as it’s not so hard. I am supposed to be enjoying this.”

“Alright, I’m sorry. Perhaps I was a little over zealous. Would you spank me again for it?”

“If you want some more, I don’t think I’m in a position to sit down,” said Mr Roberts, still massaging his backside.

“I’ll bend over my desk,” said Mrs Stephens.

She bent over the desk and pulled her dress up. Immediately Mr Roberts got an eyeful of the knickers he forgot all about the pain in his own backside. He put his hand on Mrs Stephens’ back and gave her twenty juicy smacks.

“That was heavenly,” she purred after she had stood up. “So you will come again at the same time next week, won’t you?” asked Mrs Stephens.

“Try and stop me,” said Mr Roberts.

“My name is Natalie, by the way,” said Mrs Stevens.

“Mine’s Malcolm.”

They said goodbye and Mr Roberts headed home. His wife put the meal on the table and Mr Roberts sat down as usual.

“Ouch,” he gasped, forgetting about his sore bottom.

Delia laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Asked dad.

“You looked just like the boys at school when they come back from a caning,” said Delia.

“I think your dad’s a bit too old for that dear,” said Mrs Roberts.

‘That’s what you think,’ thought Mr Roberts.

The following Wednesday, Malcolm Roberts arrived at the school for his date with Natalie Stephens, his daughter’s English teacher. He made his way to Mrs Stephens’ classroom in high spirits, thinking about what was to come. He opened the classroom door and went in. Mrs Stephens was sitting at her desk marking books. The difference from last week was that the cane was already on her desk, ready and waiting.

“Hello Natalie.”

“Hello Malcolm, you’re late for class.”

“Am I?” Said Malcolm, looking at his watch. “About a minute.”

“That is not acceptable, you will be caned.”

“I’m sorry, Miss,” replied Malcolm.

“But first you’ve got to smack my bottom,” laughed Natalie.

“With pleasure,” smiled Malcolm, rubbing his hands together.

Natalie stood up and moved aside to let Malcolm sit down. Then she laid herself across his lap and Malcolm pulled up her skirt to reveal the same underwear as last week.

“You do spoil me with this underwear,” said Malcolm looking at the black knickers.

“Don’t suppose your wife wears anything like this?” Chuckled Natalie.

“Chance would be a fine thing,” replied Malcolm. “Ready for your spanking?”

“I’m always ready,” laughed Natalie.


Malcolm applied his hand firmly to the inviting sight before him. Natalie wriggled and squealed with delight as the pain in her bottom increased.

“You are enjoying this, aren’t you?” Said Malcolm.

“It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” replied Natalie.

Finally, Malcolm called a halt and Natalie got up, a broad smile on her face. Malcolm also got up.

“So, you naughty boy, time to bend over,” smiled Natalie.

Malcolm needed no second telling, and went to the front row desk and bent over it. Natalie picked up the cane and gave it a vicious swipe.

“Are you trying to frighten me?” Asked Malcolm.

“Just a practice swipe,” replied Natalie. She went over to Malcolm and tapped his backside after raising his jacket.


“Not so hard as last week, thank goodness,” said Malcolm.

“I took pity on you,” replied Natalie.

She raised the cane for the second swipe when suddenly the door opened. Natalie looked across to see the Headmistress standing there.

“What on earth do you think you’re doing?” She shouted.

Natalie stood looking stunned. Malcolm looked round and stood up, face red as a beetroot with embarrassment.

“Well?” Demanded the Headmistress.

“Erm,” said Natalie, trying to think of the right thing to say.

“On second thoughts, the pair of you can come to my office and explain. NOW.”

The headmistress turned and walked out. Natalie and Malcolm followed in silence, each one trying desperately to think of a way out. They followed the Headmistress down the corridor, up two flights of stairs and along the corridor to her office. She ushered the pair in.

“Go and stand in front of my desk.”

Malcolm was gaining his composure and was starting to enjoy this. Being told to come and see the Headmistress was most men’s dream. The Head went to her desk and sat down.

“Well,” she said in true Headmistress fashion, sitting upright with her fingers intertwined on the desk and looking up at the two embarrassed adults, both feeling like naughty schoolchildren.

Natalie and Malcolm looked at one another.

“There’s no point in making excuses. We might as well tell you the truth,” said Natalie.

“Which is?” Said the Head.

Natalie looked at Malcolm and then started to explain. “Some weeks ago I caned Mr Roberts’ daughter. He was annoyed and came to my classroom to have a go at me. We argued and he grabbed me and put me over his knee and spanked me. I was going to come to you and report him but I left it and decided I quite liked having my bottom smacked. Three weeks ago we met by chance and agreed to meet every Wednesday to discipline each other, and today was our second meeting. I’m sorry, Headmistress, I shouldn’t have done it on school premises. I suppose you’ll want my resignation?”

The Head looked at Malcolm. “And what have you to say on this matter?”

“I don’t think that I have anything to add ,except that I’ve been very foolish.”

“I take it that your wife and daughter know nothing of this?” Asked the Head.

“Definitely not,” replied Malcolm.

“And your husband, Mrs Stephens?”


“Well, I have to make a decision on what to do with you Mrs Stephens. There is nothing I can do about you, Mr Roberts, except to ban you from entering school premises. However, as the pair of you seem to like discipline, I could punish the pair of you and we’ll say no more about it.” Said the Head.

“What sort of punishment?” Asked Natalie.

“I would suggest the slipper for you and the cane for Mr Roberts.”

The pair looked at each other. Malcolm, who was already dreaming of the prospect of bending over for a caning from a headmistress, nodded in agreement.

“We’ll take the punishment,” said Natalie.

The Head smiled. “I thought you would. Shall we start with ladies first? Mr Roberts, would you go and stand over there in the corner, hands on head please.”

“Yes Miss,” said Malcolm, becoming more excited by the second. This was real life being played out.

The Head, Miss Vera Ferguson, stood up and walked deliberately to a hard backed chair against the wall. She took it and placed it in the middle of the room. “If you would be so good as to bend over the back of this chair, Mrs Stephens.”

Natalie went to the chair and bent over it, hands on the front of the seat. Miss Fergusson then pulled up her skirt. “Well, well, what have we here? It looks as though Mr Roberts has beaten me to it, judging by the colour of your lower bottom. As for your underwear, hardly school regulation is it?”

“He did spank me out of school hours so I wasn’t breaking any rules, Miss,” replied Natalie.

Miss Ferguson smiled as she returned to her desk and took out a white plimsoll from a desk drawer. Then she returned to Natalie to begin her slippering.





The total of six whacks that Miss Ferguson delivered certainly had an effect on Natalie’s already sore bottom.

“You may get up and change places with Mr Roberts,” said Miss Ferguson, returning her plimsoll to the desk.

As Malcolm and Natalie changed places, Miss Ferguson went to a cupboard and selected a cane from the small collection inside.

“I think in fairness to Mrs Stephens, you have too much protection, trousers down please,” ordered Miss Ferguson.

Malcolm gulped. This wasn’t part of the game plan. However he didn’t want to be seen as a wimp so he complied.

“Now Mr Roberts, six I think, don’t you?”

“Yes, Miss.”

Miss Ferguson then proceeded.


“Ooooch,” gasped Malcolm.



Miss Ferguson certainly knew how to cane. Something Malcolm could testify to after she had finished.

“Both of you come and stand in front of my desk,” said Miss Ferguson.

Malcolm and Natalie stood in front of the desk, Malcolm massaging his throbbing bottom, while Miss Ferguson replaced the cane and returned to sit at her desk.

“So, how do you two naughty people feel now?” Asked Miss Ferguson.

“I think you enjoyed that,” said Malcolm.

“One has to have one’s pleasures,” smiled Miss Ferguson.

“You mean you enjoy spanking, just like us?” Said Natalie.

“Yes, I think we have something in common.”

“So, where do we go from here?” Said Malcolm, rubbing his hands together.

“Perhaps we could all meet here on a Wednesday?” Suggested Miss Ferguson.

Malcolm looked at Natalie. “Fine with me,” said Natalie.

“And me,” said Malcolm.

“Excellent. Since my partner left me some years ago, I haven’t enjoyed a spanking of any sort,” admitted Miss Ferguson.

“I’m sure we can soon remedy that,” grinned Malcolm.

“Perhaps you would oblige me now?” Asked Miss Ferguson.

“It’ll be a pleasure,” replied Malcolm.

“Perhaps you would like to sit in that armchair. I’m sure your bottom isn’t ready for a hard chair,” chuckled Miss Ferguson.

“To smack your bottom, I’d sit anywhere,” replied Malcolm.

The prospect of being able to spank a forty-something, strict headmistress was something not to be turned down in a hurry. He went to the armchair and eased himself onto it. Miss Ferguson walked over to him and lay across his lap.

“Aren’t you going to pull her skirt up?” Asked Natalie.

“Nope, I’m saving that little treat for next week,” smiled Malcolm.

“Don’t rush things, Mrs Stevens,” said Miss Ferguson.

Heart pounding with excitement, Malcolm set to work. He gave Miss Ferguson’s skirt a real dusting, which had her wriggling and kicking her legs by the end. Finally, she stood up.

“That was wonderful, such a long time since I’ve felt a man’s hand on my bottom.”

“Plenty more opportunities in the future,” said Malcolm.

The spanking over, the three of them arranged next week’s meeting and then they all departed.

The End

© Lisamum 2016