A Girl tries to conceal a school punishment. By a new writer to us.

By Arthur Martensson

Rachael Heenan, my wife, had been my sweetheart since I was 13 years old, when she first moved to my school at Geelong, Australia. I still remember the first day when she walked into the class, and so fortunately, sat 2 desks next to me. Her looks; beautiful face, silky dark hair, slim body, in a neat uniform, white blouse, navy blue skirt, black tights and navy jacket. She was oozing with confidence and elegance. I remember frequently looking at her while at class.

I was fortunate to grow up with her, and had the opportunity to spend lots of time together through representing the school in State Level debates together, and later on becoming Head Boy and Head Girl of the school respectively. Though I fancied her from day one, I kept that to my heart, as she had always stated she wanted to focus on studies while in Secondary School. I only mustered up my courage and asked her to be my girlfriend when we were both studying together at Melbourne University; myself in Law and she in Medicine. I was the luckiest guy when she said yes.

My school in Geelong does use the cane, albeit sparingly, on both boys and girls. They are administered by either the Headteacher or Deputy Head. As the Head Boy, I had seen it administered on my male colleagues before, about 5 occasions, for serious offences.

Being such an outstanding student, I was most surprised when I found out from Rachael one day that she had been caned before by the Deputy Head, and that was when she was the Head Girl.

How did I find out? It was quite an interesting, and itself quite exciting story to me. Rachael is always dressed elegantly, from school days to university days, to working days. She is always very feminine, and loves to wear skirts or dresses. On all occasions, she would pair them with dark or black tights. During social functions when she does not wear these, she would always wear a pair of nude tights under her skirts or dresses. She said she likes wearing them. I always joked that it was because of her British roots (she grew up in London before coming to Geelong), or because of Kate Middleton’s influence. One day, after coming back from work, we were having some intimate time together when I asked her the burning question that I had in my mind for more than 10 years. I remember one day while at school, I saw her not wearing tights for the first (and last) time. What was peculiar was that I recall seeing her that morning with tights. Why did she remove her tights halfway through the day?

Her answer surprised me, and she said it was the first time she confided in anyone about that.

Around April of that year, Rachael and I were busy as part of the School Debate Team, and we emerged proudly as the State champions. Just a few days after returning to school from the competition was our mid-semester exams, which was rather inconvenient. We didn’t do well in our exams. Rachael got a B- for Mathematics and Physics, and mostly Bs for other subjects, a big contrast to her usual A+s. As usual, we were given report cards. Rachael, who had always been a high achiever, felt embarrassed at showing her mother her results, and decided to just counterfeit the signature.

A few days later, Rachael was invited to the Deputy Head’s Office. She thought it was just a usual meeting when she was startled by Deputy Head Ms Allan’s question.

“Rachael, I was just looking at all the students’ report cards. Did you show your mum your report card?”

Rachael said yes initially. Ms Allan offered her a second chance to answer truthfully, before she would ring Rachael’s mum. Realising that she must have been caught, Rachael burst out in tears, and admitted to doing so.

Ms Allan told Rachael how she found out. Ms Allan bumped into Rachael’s mother at a local cafe the weekend prior, and as they knew each other quite well (both being quite active in local community groups), they had an impromptu catch up. Among other things, Ms Allan told Rachael’s mother not to worry about Rachael’s performance, as she would help provide her with additional supports to catch up with her studies now that the competitions were over. Rachael’s mother seemed to not understand much about what Ms Allan said, but was extremely appreciative. That was picked up by Ms Allan. She decided to do some investigative work when she returned to school, and with detailed scrutiny, realised that the signatures were not a perfect match.

With tears, Rachael explained to Ms Allan that she was too embarrassed to show her mother her results. Ms Allan told Rachael her dishonest behaviour was a big let down for an otherwise bright and exemplary student. Rachael apologised repeatedly for her behaviour.

Ms Allan explained to Rachael that the punishment she could mete out on her for dishonesty included caning, detention, stripping her of her Head Girl title and possibly suspension. Rachael was very tearful and shook like a leaf when she heard that.

Thankfully, Ms Allan decided to be gracious and told Rachael that as she had been an exemplary student and had a very bright future, anything that would leave a black mark on her future would be excessively harsh.

She told Rachael: “Rachael Heenan, I am going to give you 10 strokes of the cane. 6 for dishonesty, 1 for additional dishonesty as you did not own up to your mistake when I first apprehended you, and another 3 for committing the offence as a Headgirl. I will not strip you of your Headgirl title, but rest assured, if this happens again, you will be demoted.”

Back from the brink, Rachael was extremely appreciative and thanked Ms Allan.

Ms Allan offered Rachael the choice of being caned on the hand or bottom, but without giving Rachael much time to think about it, Ms Allan suggested caning her on her bottom, so that nobody else would notice. Ms Allan asked Rachael to choose a witness; it may be a student or a staff.

Rachael pondered for a moment, unsure who to suggest. Ms Allan understood that Rachael may not like her peers to know about the caning, and suggested Miss Bennett, the teacher who led the school debate team. Rachael nodded and Ms Allan left her room to find Miss Bennett.

The 5 minutes between Ms Allan leaving the room and returning with Miss Bennett felt like a very long time for Rachael. She felt ashamed of her behaviour, and also felt ashamed that she would now be caned. She had only seen it used on girls who had been really naughty. She was embarrassed that she would soon be seen as one of the naughty girls, as her name would be recorded in the punishment book. She imagined the next time a student was caned, he/she when signing the line on the book would look up the page and see her name there too. She knew her caning would not be a secret forever.

Soon, Ms Allan and Miss Bennett entered the room together. Miss Bennett gave Rachael a hug, told her to be brave and then stood in one corner. Ms Allan asked Rachael to fetch the cane from the cupboard with the punishment book, “just like what she knows happens”.

Rachael went to the cupboard, fetched the senior cane (as she expect to be caned with, being a Year 12 student) and laid the punishment book on Ms Allan’s desk.

Ms Allan took the cane and walked back to the cupboard, and replaced it with the junior cane. She told Rachael: “If you had chosen the junior cane, I would have changed it to the Senior Cane and given you an additional 2 strokes. But since you chose the right cane, as you should know as the Head Girl, I will be kind to you for the last time today and use the junior cane. I think you would not tolerate a senior cane. But rest assured, I will cane you severely with the junior cane.”

Rachael’s relief turned to fear when she heard Ms Allan’s last sentence.

Ms Allan then said: “Now, Rachael Heenan, bend over on the desk, just like how you have seen other naughty girls being caned. For the 60 years of this school’s existence, I had never heard of a Head Girl being caned, and for 15 years of my teaching career, I had never caned a Head Girl. I am very disappointed by your dishonesty, and you should expect a very harsh caning.”

Ms Allan aimed the cane at Rachael’s buttocks, and after a few practice swings, hit down hard on Rachael. It was extremely loud. Rachael’s skirt carpeted the impact and gave a loud bang. Rachael did not feel anything for 1 second, then soon after her nerves awakened and the severe pain set in. This was despite the protection of her panties, tights and skirt. For an outstanding girl who had never been smacked, let alone caned, it was definitely a severe pain.

Rachael started crying. There must have been a wait of approximately 10 seconds before the 2nd stroke came down, then the 3rd stroke, then the 4th stroke. Each time, Rachael let out a cry, and at the end of the 4th stroke, she was shaking.

Ms Allan then paused, and told Rachael to stand up. Rachael thought she had been let off lightly by virtue of being caned while fully clothed, but what Ms Allan then said confirmed her worst fears.

“Rachael, those 4 strokes that you got just now were the additional strokes. As you know, dishonesty is a serious offence, and as you have seen before as a Head Girl, these canings are usually done over a single layer of clothing, over your panties only. I leave it to you to decide whether you want to lift your skirt up or remove your skirt, but these tights must come down.”

Shaking and sobbing, Rachael removed the tights from underneath her skirt, and left them on the desk. Unceremoniously, she then lifted her skirt. When all that was done, Ms Allan asked her to bend over.

Rachael did so obediently, and exposed her bottom with panties to Ms Allan. Rachael told me she was thankful the panties that she wore that day were reasonable; white cotton panties with some small flowered patterns on. Imagine how embarrassed she would have been if she wore something that was too childish, as she still had panties with cartoon characters such as Minnie Mouse at that time.

Back to the caning. Rachael was bent over, and the 5th stroke landed shortly after, which came as a real shock. She realised how much her skirt and her tights had protected her. The 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th strokes landed, approximately 10 seconds after each one.

Ms Allan then announced: “Rachael Heenan, your final stroke. I intend for you to remember this for the rest of your life.”

Then, with a huge swing, she caned Rachael, her last stroke. Rachael gave a big yelp, and was crying and sobbing like a child. She did not dare move as she was scared of being awarded more strokes. What a relief it was to her when she was told the punishment was now finished and that she could stand up again. She stood up, and the skirt lowered itself. She did not dare to rub her bottom, as she recalled girls from previous canings being prohibited from doing so.

Ms Allan spoke to Rachael now in a more gentle voice, and told her that she hoped she had learnt her lesson and would continue her life with integrity. She went to the Punishment Book, took a pen, wrote on it and told Rachael to come and sign her name. With teary eyes, Rachael looked at the book but did not see her name written there! It turned out that Ms Allan purposefully did not remove the cover from her pen. Ms Allan told her that as a one-off and so it does not show on her school record or become known to others, she would not record it this time, but if it happened again then next time she shoul not expect any favours.

Ms Allan offered her secretary’s room for Rachael to recompose herself (the secretary was not there that day) for as long as she needed it. Rachael thanked Ms Allan and Miss Bennett, turned around and was about to leave the room when she realised she forgot her tights. She turned back, and went to retrieve her tights from Ms Allan’s desk. Ms Allan told Rachael she may choose to not wear them for the rest of the day if she liked, as it would likely be more painful for her and it was not a compulsory part of the school uniform. Rachael thanked Ms Allan, and left the room.

In the secretary’s room, Rachael sobbed for a while rubbing her bottom and, when no one was around, she looked down at her buttocks and saw a red bottom, with lots of lines running horizontally. She tried wearing her tights again, but understood why Ms Allan recommended her to not wear them, as it was really sore with them on. She removed the tights and put the tights in her blazer’s pockets. After about 1 hour, Rachael felt better, returned to say goodbye to Ms Allan then walked back to the classroom, in time for the next lesson.

That was when I bumped into Rachael, and saw her without her tights for the 1st time. I remembered how beautiful and sweet she was. She was elegant in her tights, but sweet and extremely youthful in her bare legs. I did notice her bleary eyes, but did not ask her why. Rachael remembered also that time when she bumped into me. She recalled herself blushing (I didn’t notice that), and was worried that I may notice her recent crying and/or find out about her caning.

What she told me afterwards gave me a fuzzy feeling. She admitted to me that she already liked me a lot during Year 12 and had secretly fantasised about me too, and was particularly worried that I would think lowly of her if I knew she had been caned. I reassured her that would never be the case.

I am pleased and extremely lucky to be her only boyfriend and husband, to hear about this memorable moment in her life. Her experience did excite me a lot, and Rachael confessed that the experience did give her a bittersweet feeling; scared of the pain, but excited too about the experience. We grew to love each other even more.

The End

© Arthur Martensson 2017