A lack of respect for their headmaster leads the girls into deeper trouble. previously published on the old website.

by Kenny Walters

Sara Hailsham glanced all around the neat and tidy sitting room, taking considerable pride in the spotless appearance of her home, a large five bedroom house on the outskirts of town. The clock ticking gently on the mantlepiece told her that Emma should have been home from sixth form college at least half an hour ago.

‘Talking to her friends, no doubt.’ She said to herself. ‘I’ll put the kettle on. She can’t be much longer.’

Even before Sara had turned towards the kitchen, the telephone rang.

“Hello Dawn. No, Emma neither. No, I’m sure they’re okay, Dawn. Probably some school activity. They seem to love that place so much! Yes, Emma speaks so highly of it. And she gets on so well with the teachers. We’re lucky to have such a good school in the town. Oh, hold on. Yes, that’s Emma just pulling into the driveway. I’m sure Katie won’t be many minutes. Yes, let’s meet for lunch. Tomorrow? Fine. Bye now.”

Sara Hailsham had only just replaced the receiver when an attractive girl with short dark hair burst into the room and threw her heavy bag onto the floor.

“Damn that bloody school! Damn that bloody Mrs. Blackmore! Damn that silly old fool, Harkinson! Damn the lot of them!”

“Emma! Such language!” Sara Hailsham, so similar in appearance to her daughter, just more lines to her face and a slightly fuller figure betraying the twenty-four years between their ages, reproached the new arrival into the room. “What on earth is the matter?”

Emma, dressed in a smart black skirt and white blouse, her face like thunder, stood with her hands on her hips as she breathed heavily. “Mrs Blackmore.”

“Mrs Blackmore?” Sara Hailsham pictured in her mind the fifty something, rather plump deputy headmistress in charge of the sixth form. “What has she done?”

“Oh, she’s only objected to Katie Brownlow and me knocking a few tennis balls about on the courts after school, that’s all!”

“But girls aren’t allowed to use the tennis courts after school, aren’t they?” Sara Hailsham frowned, recalling some circular letter she’d received a couple of years ago.

“Well, no. And we didn’t change into our tennis kit!” Emma explained. “Apparently you need to change into your little white skirts, otherwise you’re a danger to yourselves!”

“A danger to yourselves without your tennis dresses? Are you sure that’s all there was to it?”

“Oh, and we should have worn our plimsolls.” Emma continued. “So we didn’t slip over.”

“Ah, I see.” Sara Hailsham looked down at her daughter’s chunky high heels. “But, surely you weren’t wearing those platforms to play tennis, were you?”

“We were only knocking a few balls about. It wasn’t a proper game or anything.”

“Even so, you might have broken your ankle playing in those things.”

“Mother! Surely you’re not agreeing with that old dragon, are you?”

“Well, she does have a point, Emma Don’t I remember something about a girl breaking her ankle playing an unauthorised game of tennis without the proper kit? Wasn’t that why the rule was introduced?”

Emma scowled at her mother and made for the large sideboard that stretched along one side of the room. “I need a drink.”

“Emma! It’s a bit early.” Sara Hailsham watched as her daughter poured herself a rather large glass of whiskey. “So what is Mrs Blackmore going to do about it, then?”

Emma took a mouthful of the amber liquid and swallowed, then closed her eyes and trembled as the burning whiskey warmed its way through her. “She’s already reported us to Mr Harkinson.” The dark haired eighteen year old replied, then took another gentler sip from the glass. “Katie and I have to appear before him at ten past four tomorrow.”

“And what’s he going to do?” Sara Hailsham bit her lip, concerned that her daughter was in danger of losing some of the sixth form privileges of which she was so fond.

“Cane us.”

“Cane you? Surely not.” The attractive mother looked at her daughter disbelievingly.

“That’s what the other girls reckon.”

“The cane? For such a trivial matter? I can’t believe that.”

“Apparently Mr Harkinson had warned the school about not playing games after school and without wearing the proper kit at assembly last week.” Emma explained. “Don’t you remember, Julie Mattison also damaged her leg when she slipped over playing an impromptu game of hockey?”

“Yes, I remember Mrs Mattison saying something about it. She was all for suing the school until she heard young Julie had been larking about with a couple of other girls.”

“Right. So, because of her stupidity, Katie and I are to be made an example of.” Emma drained the glass, then thought about pouring herself another one.”

“Even so, caning you does seem a bit over the top.” Mrs Hailsham watched as her daughter’s hand hovered near the whiskey bottle. “I think I might have something to say to Mr Harkinson about that!”

“Ah, well…” Emma hesitated.


“Well, when Mrs Blackmore suggested to us that we shouldn’t be playing tennis without our kit…”


“Well, when she’d gone away…”


“We, er, sort of carried on playing.”

“So you deliberately ignored Mrs Blackmore?”

“Er, yes.”

“Oh, Emma!”

“Don’t worry mother!” Emma decided on just a small extra shot of whiskey. “Want one?”

“No thank you.” Sara Hailsham shook her head.

After pouring the small measure of whiskey for herself, Emma continued: “Old Harkinson is such an ineffectual little weakling. I shouldn’t think we’ll feel a thing! When’s dinner?”

The following day, as Emma Hailsham drove into the sixth form car park, she saw Katie Brownlow manoeuvring her car into a vacant slot and pulled in behind her.

“Hi’, Katie!” Emma eased open the door and called to her friend.

Katie, a blonde girl, a little shorter and slightly more rounded in the figure than Emma, looked back but didn’t speak. She waited while Emma, dressed in medium grey trousers and a stunning white blouse, bent over into the little car and dragged a couple of heavy bags from the back seat.

“Economics, Physics and History.” Emma explained the bags being filled with books. “You’re looking very smart today. Any special reason?”

Katie, missing entirely the sparkle in Emma’s eye, looked down at her black trousers and white roll neck jumper. “I’m not looking forward to today. Not one little bit.”

“Why? What’s wrong with today?”

“Mr Harkinson? Our meeting at ten past four? Ring any bells?”

“Oh that?” Emma retorted, as the two girls started walking towards the sixth form block. “Good grief! You’re not worried about that old twat, are you?”

“Oh no, of course not.” Katie answered sarcastically. “Although I am just a little concerned about what that ‘old twat’ might do with a large cane in his hand!”

“Nonsense! We’ll hardly feel a thing. You know what a hopeless idiot he is.”

“I just hope you’re right.”

For Katie, the morning dragged slowly on through monotonous lessons in which she found her concentration wandering. Lunch was tedious, and the afternoon started slowly but began to accelerate rapidly as the end of the school day approached. She didn’t see much of Emma, but the little contact she did have suggested that, for Emma, it was just another school day. At one minute past four, Katie looked around for her friend.

“Ready?” A voice called from behind.

Katie spun round.

“Don’t do that!”

“Not nervous are you?” Emma had a broad smile on her face.

“Just a tad, yes, actually!”

“Oh, don’t be ridiculous. Come on; let’s put our bags in the cars.”

“We haven’t got time, have we?” Katie frowned. “I don’t think it would be a good idea to be late.”

“Why? What can old Harkinson do about it if we are late?” Emma started towards the door leading to the car park.

“Give us extra strokes?” Katie suggested, hurrying after her friend.

When the two eighteen year olds finally reached the headmaster’s study door, it was fourteen minutes past four. Emma immediately tapped on the door and pushed it open.

“Ah, Miss Hailsham and Miss Brownlow. Do, um, well, you know the sort of thing.” Eric Harkinson, of average height and build and with greying dark hair, waved a hand vaguely towards the area of carpet in front of his desk.

Emma, knowing full well the headmaster wanted the two girls to stand side by side in front of his desk like the naughty sixth formers they were, totally ignored the wave and stood in the centre of the large study looking around.

“Would you mind terribly if we got on with this, headmaster? Only we’ve got things to do. You know how it is.”

“Oh, er, yes, of course. Well, er…”

“Have you decided yet how many strokes we’re each getting, headmaster?” Emma smiled broadly at the man who was looking rather overawed by Emma’s forthright approach. “I believe three was mentioned.” Emma beamed.

“Three? Er, I was thinking si…, er, well, I suppose, I mean, I think four, Miss Hailsham.”

Katie looked incredulously on at the discourse between headmaster and sixth former, hardly believing Emma’s cheek. Still, at least that nerve had apparently reduced their punishment from the six strokes she was half expecting to four.

“Four it is, then headmaster.” Emma beamed another smile aimed directly at the headmaster. “Hands or bottoms?”

Both girls saw the man’s face turn bright red before their very eyes.

“Ah, well, er, yes, I think, that is, in view of the serious, you know, nature of the offence and so on…”

“Bottoms it is then, headmaster.” A glow on Emma’s face suggested she was rather pleased with that outcome, a feeling not entirely shared by Katie.

“Hold on!” Katie interjected. “Across our backsides?”

“We have committed quite serious offences, Katie. Haven’t we headmaster?” Emma smiled at Mr Harkinson as she looked to him for support.

“Er, well, um, yes. Quite!”

“And I’m sure Mrs Blackmore didn’t send us to Mr Harkinson for just a couple of taps on our hands, did she headmaster?”

“Well, er, I suppose, that is, no, not exactly, no.”

“Right. We deserve to have our bottoms smacked for what we did, so I’m afraid you’ll have to be a brave girl and take your medicine, Katie.”

Katie scowled at Emma. Words failed her.

“Now we don’t want to mess up all those papers on your desk, do we headmaster? So perhaps we’d better use one of these chairs.” Emma looked over to one side of the study where two cane-seated chairs rested, more for decoration than any other purpose. She picked one up and placed it in the centre of the room. “Do you have the cane ready, headmaster?”

“The cane? Oh, er, um…” Mr Harkinson had been watching Emma’s efforts with the furniture with studious interest, and the sudden realisation that the time for action was fast approaching caught the gentleman by surprise. He got up from his desk and went over to a tall cabinet. “Let’s see now…”

As Mr Harkinson delved amongst the contents of the cabinet, Emma looked over his shoulder with apparent fascination. Eventually, the headmaster turned with a rather dark brown smooth slender rod in his hand.

“Oh.” Emma seemed surprised. “I rather liked those pale creamy coloured ones.”

“English willow.” Mr Harkinson replied, by way of explanation. “It’s a good pliant material, don’t you know.”

“Nice.” Emma muttered under her breath.

“Um, would you, er, like to…?” Mr Harkinson held the willow cane vertically, rather like a ceremonial sword.

“Ah, right. Katie, you first, or me?” Emma looked across at her friend, already panicking about being offered the first opportunity to experience the headmaster’s efficacy with his chosen implement.

Katie declined by beckoning Emma towards the chair with a deft wave of her hand.

“Right.” Emma took a deep breath. “Bottoms up, then.” The tall dark-haired girl turned and held onto the back of the chair. With a second deep breath, she leaned across the back and moved her hands to grasp the edge of the seat of the chair. Finally, she moved her hands still further down until they grasped the legs of the chair near to the carpeted floor.

As Mr Harkinson moved round so that he stood behind and to Emma’s left, Katie saw her friend’s grey trousers stretched very tightly across her firm round bottom, and noticed the outline of brief underwear that would have left most of Emma’s bottom bare had it not been for the trousers. With Mr Harkinson also studying her friend’s bottom carefully, she doubted the matter of Emma’s underwear had been lost on him either. Katie made a mental note to remember to adjust her own underwear before she bent over.

After tapping the seat of Emma’s trousers gently with the tip of the willow cane, Mr Harkinson drew the implement back and sent the first stroke down to crack sharply across the waiting target. Emma didn’t move.

Another stroke soon followed, and again the tall dark haired girl stood firm and still. A third stroke whipped down and cracked across the tightened trousers seat, but still drew no reaction. Finally, the fourth snapped down and whipped sharply against the taut material of Emma’s grey trousers.

With Mr Harkinson still staring down at the stretched seat of her trousers, Emma turned and looked pointedly at the headmaster, who then turned his attention to some point on the ceiling. Emma pushed herself up from the chair, turned and walked slowly and steadily towards Katie, hands cupped together in front of her.

“Your turn, Katie.” Emma said with an impudent grin.

Katie looked up into the taller girl’s eyes and saw nothing but the mischievous sparkle. Certainly there were no tears nor any visible sign of discomfort to suggest Emma’s caning had been any kind of ordeal. Was there the slightest tremor to the girl’s voice? Katie wasn’t sure.

Mr Harkinson stood concentrating his gaze on the ceiling, with just the occasional glance towards Katie as he waited for her to take her place at the chair. Katie knew he was waiting. Emma had apparently taken her punishment with ease. No grunts, no cries, no ouches, indeed barely any sign of movement as the dark willow cane had whacked down across the taut trousers seat.

When the waiting became too intense, the silent patience of Mr Harkinson too condescending, Katie felt herself compelled to step forward slowly towards the chair. Instinctively, her hands reached out for and grasped the top rail of the chair, just as Emma had done.

The view down at the neatly woven cane seat appeared so innocent and harmless, yet the nerve needed to lower her head down over the back of the chair was so great it was for the moment beyond her capabilities. Katie felt herself taking a deep breath, and then another, before she was able to bend herself forward and assume the position.

Even before her head was half way towards reaching the woven cane seat, Katie felt her black trousers hugging tightly around her firm round bottom. A momentary panic struck her as she realised she’d forgotten to adjust her underwear, thin silky pale blue panties that had also ridden up as she bent over. Too late now.

Hands gripping the front edge of the chair, Katie forced her head down as she had seen Emma do before her. Some distant memory stirred as she pushed her head down close to the woven cane chair seat, something about stretching the seat of your trousers as tightly as possible; that way, the cane might sting a little more when it hit you but the effects would pass much more quickly. Perhaps that was why Emma had bent so far over the chair.

Should she do the same? Katie pondered, her mind frantically trying to recall who on earth she knew who would have told her the best way to receive a caning. Certainly, none of her friends had ever received such a punishment. Before she could decide, Katie felt the cane tap her lightly across her bottom two, then three times. Too late to change her position now.

A brief swish of air heralded the first stroke and the willow cane struck Katie firmly across both buttocks. It hurt, yes it definitely hurt, a strange stinging sensation that spread rapidly across her entire bottom, but it was bearable.

Within a few seconds, a second stroke could be heard swinging its way towards the blonde girl bending over the back of the chair and Katie felt the hard willow cane strike her sharply across her bottom, just a little lower down than last time. Again, it stung and tingled, the sensation spreading across the entire surface of her backside.

Only now did Katie realise she was gripping the edge of the chair so tightly her knuckles were aching. Just as she relaxed her grip another stroke of the cane whipped down across her bottom, the suddenness causing her to jerk her head. This time the stinging pain spread with a real heat that was quite uncomfortable.

With just one more stroke to come, Katie stiffened and waited. The brief whoosh of air forewarned her, the sharp rap of the cane as it struck her across her bottom was predictable and the tingling heat permeating across her backside was, well, punishing but within her tolerance.

Katie stayed bending across the back of the chair, completely aware her punishment was over, because suddenly it was not the punishment she feared but the embarrassment of getting up and facing her headmaster and her friend, Emma. Long moments passed and Katie realised she couldn’t stay there forever. Reluctantly, she got up.

Deliberately, Katie turned keeping her back towards Mr Harkinson so she could for a moment avoid looking him in the face. Then, realising she was presenting her bottom for him to look at, she clasped her hands behind her. Feeling decidedly hot and flushed, Katie went towards the spot where Emma stood. A strange glow was etched on Emma’s face as the two girls met for a moment before Katie turned and stood beside her friend.

“Will that be all, headmaster?” Emma enquired.

“Oh, er, well, yes.” Mr Harkinson stood cane in hand looking rather lost in the centre of the large study. Yes, thank you girls.”

“Thank you, headmaster.” Emma said cheerily before she headed for the door.

Katie remained silent as she followed her friend.

The following morning, Katie entered the sixth form entrance with some apprehension. Her fears were soon confirmed.

“Morning Katie. How are you this morning?” A girl asked.

“Fine thanks, Jackie.” Katie smiled at her classmate, Jackie Henderson.

“I hope those awful hard chairs won’t be too uncomfortable for you today, Katie.”

“They haven’t been for the last seven years, Jackie.”

“Only, I heard you had a rather painful meeting with Mr Harkinson yesterday.” Jackie continued with some relish.

“Yes, Emma and I both got the cane. How did you find out?”

“Emma was down the pub last night. She told us all about it!”

“Oh great!” Katie muttered to herself.

The day continued with just about everyone she met alluding to her punishment at the hands of Mr Harkinson the previous afternoon, to the point where she felt the constant references were worse than the punishment itself.

At the end of the day, Katie left the building only to find her car blocked in by Emma Hailsham’s. After putting her bags in the boot of her car, Katie went to find Emma. She found her in an otherwise empty classroom.

“Emma! For goodness sakes! Are you mad?”

“Oh, hi’ Katie! What’s the problem?”

Katie waved her hand in an exaggerated attempt to disperse the cigarette smoke away from her face.

“Emma, you fool! We were only punished yesterday, for goodness sakes! Now you’re smoking on the school premises. Don’t you ever learn?”

“I needed a cigarette. Anyway what more can old Harkinson do? Give me another four whacks? He’s welcome, if that’s what turns him on.” Emma held the half smoked cigarette out towards Katie. “Here, hold this for me while I get my books together.”

Katie reluctantly took the cigarette and held it away from her body as she wrinkled her nose at the odorous smoke. “Yes but…”

“What on earth do you think you are doing with that cigarette, young lady? On school premises too!” A harsh female voice bellowed from the now open classroom door.

Katie froze. She didn’t need to look round to see who owned the angry sounding voice.

“Katie, go to my study. Right now! And stub that wretched thing out in the metal waste basket. Come along. Quickly now!”

When Katie did finally look round, she immediately tried to explain but Mrs Blackmore’s bulky frame had already disappeared along the corridor.

“Oh brilliant, Emma. Now I’m really for it!” Katie moaned.

“Don’t worry! I’ll go along and see Mrs Blackmore. If there’s any comeback, I’ll carry the can.”

Katie was certainly glad Emma was prepared to admit ownership of the cigarette. She just wasn’t certain that would be enough for Mrs Blackmore to absolve her from all blame.

“What do you think she’ll do?” Katie asked as the two girls walked along the corridor.

“Probably arrange another session for me in old Harkinson’s study. Who cares?”

“You mean more smacked bottoms! Gross!” The two girls stopped dead in their tracks as they suddenly heard the excited voice behind them.

“It’s not exactly pleasant you know!” Katie retorted, turning to confront their fellow sixth former, Jackie Henderson. “Not something to joke about.”

“It is from where I’m standing.” Jackie continued in gleeful mood. “Two smacked bottoms in as many days. I really don’t know how you two manage it.”

“It’s actually quite easy,” Katie replied. “With Emma around.”

“I’ll have to keep a closer eye on her then,” said Jackie, still smiling. “And see how she does it.”

“Be my guest.” Another voice boomed from behind. “I’m sure we’ll find room in my study for all three of you. Come along, girls!”

Jackie’s smile was suddenly replaced with a worried look.

“Stand there!” Mrs Blackmore pointed to the area in front of her desk and the three girls lined up, the tall dark-haired Emma in the middle, blonde-haired Katie to the right and Jackie, as tall as Emma, with long dark hair to Emma’s left.

“Mrs Blackmore, I need to explain.” Emma began. “Katie is totally innocent.”

“Katie didn’t look totally innocent, Emma.” The deputy headmistress glared back at the eighteen year old. “In fact, standing there with a cigarette in her hand she looked actually quite guilty.”

“But it was my cigarette, Mrs Blackmore!”

“I’m not sure why, but it doesn’t come as any surprise to me that you were the supplier of the offending article, Emma.”

“No, it was my cigarette that I was smoking, Mrs Blackmore. Katie was just holding it while I got my books together.”

“Oh, and that makes it alright does it?”

“Well, yes.” Emma looked confused.

“Well, no, actually young lady.” Mrs Blackmore looked Emma straight in the eye. “If Katie had taken the cigarette from you and immediately extinguished it, that would be alright. Aiding and abetting you in breaking the school rules is certainly not alright.”

“But Mrs Blackm…”

“Silence, young lady!”

“Sorry, Katie. I did try.” Emma whispered in Katie’s direction.

“What I find particularly disturbing,” Mrs Blackmore seethed with anger as she spoke. “Is that two of you have been caned just twenty-four hours ago and still you don’t feel it appropriate to take special care to ensure you don’t get into trouble again. Clearly the canings you received from Mr Harkinson didn’t make much of an impression, did they?”

“No miss.” Emma dared to reply, while the other two kept quiet.

“What you both deserve is to be sent back to Mr Harkinson for a double dose of what you had yesterday!”

“Seems fair.” Emma commented, causing Mrs Blackmore to glare angrily back at her.

“Oh, you’d like Mr Harkinson to cane you again, would you Emma?”

Emma shrugged. “Well, perhaps a severe ticking-off from you would suffice?”  Mrs Blackmore’s expression was enough for Emma to see that wasn’t going to be the case, so she soon added: “No, perhaps not.”

“How about you, Katie? Would you like another caning?” Mrs Blackmore’s eyes turned to the blonde haired girl.

“Not especially, actually Mrs Blackmore.” Katie glanced pointedly at Emma.


“I don’t know, miss. I’m not really a part of all this.”

“Oh yes you are, young lady. You clearly thought a caning was something to joke about. Well, let’s see how you feel about it when you are a little closer to the action, shall we?”

Jackie looked away.

“I’m amazed.” The deputy headmistress looked at each girl in turn. “I’d have thought three eighteen year old girls would be absolutely appalled at the idea of being caned, especially the two for whom it will be the second time in just twenty-four hours.”

Emma sighed; clearly she was finding this all quite tedious.

“I’m not boring you, am I Emma?”

“I just feel you’ve clearly made your mind up that you’re going to ask Mr Harkinson to cane all three of us, so we might just as well go along to his study right now and take our punishments.”

“Very well, Emma, if that is what you really want.” Mrs Blackmore paused, then looked up at Emma to see the girl’s reaction. When Emma failed to offer any visible concern, the deputy head teacher added: “Give me five minutes, then present yourselves outside Mr Harkinson’s study.”

When the deputy headmistress had left the room, Katie exploded.

“Oh, thanks Emma! Just what I really wanted. Four strokes yesterday and now what? Probably eight today. Brilliant!”

“Sorry, Katie.” Emma appeared truly remorseful. “But I did try to explain. Anyway, the four whacks we got yesterday weren’t exactly hard were they?”

“There were still four nasty red marks across my bottom last night, thank you!” Katie retorted. “And actually it did feel a little uncomfortable sitting down doing my homework while you were down the pub telling everyone what had happened to us.” Katie glared at Jackie.

“What are you looking at me for?” Jackie defended herself. “So, what do we have to do then? Does it actually hurt?”

“Not really.” Emma replied firmly, looking at Katie. “You just bend over and stick your bum right up so the old twat can see it, because otherwise he’d probably take your head off, and then he whacks you gently across the seat of your trousers.”

“Sounds fun.” Jackie replied, smiling broadly.

“Huh!” Katie retorted, then looked at her watch. “Come on, we’d better get along there.”

“Ah, there you are.” Mrs Blackmore opened the door to the headmaster’s study from inside. “Do come in.”

The three eighteen year olds entered the study and were surprised to find themselves alone with Mrs Blackmore.

“It seems Mr Harkinson left early today, girls.” The deputy headmistress explained. “Since he’s also taking a few days off, it means he won’t be back until next Wednesday.”

“Oh, never mind.” Emma said, half turning towards the door. “Wednesday it is, then.”

“Just one moment, young lady!” Mrs Blackmore’s raised voice stopped the tall dark-haired girl in her tracks. “I really wouldn’t want you all to have to wait until next week before being dealt with.”

“No, but since Mr Harkinson isn’t here…” Emma spread her hands in the direction of the headmaster’s vacant chair to exaggerate.

Mrs Blackmore smiled. “There’s no need for you to wait, Emma. While Mr Harkinson is away I have full authority to carry out any canings that are required.”

Emma’s mouth sagged open. She could feel Katie’s angry eyes boring into her, and even Jackie was looking rather dubious about this new development.

“It’s okay Mrs Blackmore, we are quite happy to wait for Mr Harkinson to get back, actually.” Emma tried to salvage the situation.

“Are you, Emma?” Mrs Blackmore smiled. “You needn’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find I’m quite proficient with a cane!”

With all three girls appearing stunned, the deputy headmistress went across to the tall cupboard where Mr Harkinson kept his collection of canes and thrust the door wide open.

“Now, I hear you have a preference for rattan as opposed to willow, Emma.” Mrs Blackmore asked, her back still towards the three girls.

“Me?” Emma queried. Then she remembered what she had said when Mr Harkinson produced the brown willow cane. “Oh, I just thought they looked a bit nicer.”

“Indeed they are nicer, Emma. They give a much sharper thwack when they strike.” Mrs Blackmore explained. “I’m sure you’ll appreciate the difference.”

When the deputy headmistress returned to the trio of girls, she again addressed Emma.

“I also hear you are quite adept in arranging things, Emma.”


“The chair, Emma?”

“Oh.” With a great deal more reluctance than the previous day, Emma fetched the same chair she had selected the previous day and placed it in a similar position.

“And perhaps Katie or Jackie would like to lock the door for us, please.” Mrs Blackmore continued.

The three eighteen year olds looked at each other, frowning as they silently enquired amongst themselves why it should be necessary to lock the door. No-one appeared to have any idea.

“Why do we need the door locked, miss?” Emma dared to ask.

“You’ll find out soon enough, Emma.” As she spoke, Mrs Blackmore flexed her chosen cane, a three foot length of pale yellow rattan with a crook handle, between both hands. She tested it with a couple of practice swings and seemed satisfied with her selection.

Katie watched the teacher’s antics with some horror before going over and turning the key in the door.

“Right! We’ve got the chair ready, we’ve got the cane ready, now all we need is to get you girls ready.” Mrs Blackmore looked at them, a gleam in her eye that none of the girls liked the look of. “As we’ve agreed, since four strokes seem to have done nothing to persuade you to adhere to school rules, we’ll see what effect eight has.”

“Er, excuse me Mrs Blackmore,” Jackie interrupted. “But I had nothing to do with what happened yesterday.”

“And it was my cigarette Katie was holding for me, Mrs Blackmore.” Emma spoke up. “She’d just come to ask me to move my car.”

“That is correct actually, Mrs Blackmore.” Katie added for good measure.

“For goodness sakes!” Mrs Blackmore was clearly annoyed by the interruption. She did, though, take a few moments to think. “Very well, girls. Jackie, you will take four strokes. Emma and Katie, you will get eight. That is my final word on the matter!”

“But, miss…” Jackie was immediately cut short.

“That is enough! Jackie, you clearly knew all about Emma and Katie’s punishments. You haven’t talked about much else all day! I’m sure Mr Harkinson meant it to serve as a deterrent to all the girls, not something for you to joke about. And Katie, you did not need to support Emma in her smoking endeavours by holding her cigarette while she did whatever else it was she was doing!”

Jackie Henderson looked at Katie Brownlow and sighed in despair. Katie returned the gesture with a grimace, confirming they both knew there would be no point in continuing to argue.

“Right!” Mrs Blackmore concluded her testing of the selected rattan cane with another two practice swings that whooshed through the air, then returned to stand behind Mr Harkinson’s desk. “Now, since we’re all girls together we don’t need to worry about protecting your modesty, do we?”

The three eighteen year old girls all stared, ignorant of what their deputy head teacher was getting at, but each having a nasty suspicion.

“Take your trousers off, girls!”

“I’m sorry?” Katie blurted the question out as an instinctive reaction.

Emma’s jaw sagged in astonishment, while Jackie half smiled as though uncertain whether Mrs Blackmore was really serious about her instruction.

“Come along!” Mrs Blackmore encouraged. “You heard me.”

Emma Hailsham, mouth still open, glared at the deputy head teacher, her expression a mixture of anger, resentment and just a little fear.

“Trousers off?” Jackie Henderson queried, still seeming to doubt the sincerity of the command. “Are you serious, miss?”

Katie, on the other hand, had by now reached for the zip of her tight fitting black trousers and slid it down before realising the other two were still questioning Mrs Blackmore’s command. Hand poised on the button securing the waistband of her trousers, she froze and waited.

“Undue modesty, is it girls?” Mrs Blackmore asked. “Or frightened the cane will be a lot more effective without the protection of your trousers?”

“It’s not right, miss.” Jackie Henderson moaned.

“Not right? It seems right to me, young lady!” Mrs Blackmore’s voice boomed. “The door is securely locked, so no-one will see you without your trousers on. And after treating your headmaster’s punishments with such a total lack of respect, the extra discomfort you’re going to feel is totally justified.”

While Jackie and Emma thought about expressing further objections, Katie decided it would all be quite futile so she completed the unfastening of the button securing the waistband of her trousers and slipped them down her legs.

Whether it was the sight of Katie accepting her fate or whether it was the dominating figure of Mrs Blackmore standing with cane in hand, probably neither girl could say, but both Emma and Jackie began unfastening their trousers.

“Oh, for goodness sakes!” Mrs Blackmore exclaimed. “Take your shoes off first! Don’t any of you even know how to undress?” The deputy head teacher looked on as each of the three girls stood with their trousers around their ankles, each struggling to get the garments off over their shoes.

Heeding the senior lady’s advice, each of them soon had their shoes and their trousers removed.

“Fold the trousers neatly and place them on Mr Harkinson’s desk.”

Emma was the first to lay her brown patterned trousers on the desk, followed by Katie with her black ones, then Jackie’s black leggings. They each placed their shoes against the side of the desk, out of the way.

“Line up in front of the desk.”

The eighteen year olds complied, Emma standing at the right of the line, nearest the chair, with Jackie in the centre and Katie to the left.

“Now tuck your blouses up out of the way.”

All three eighteen year olds expressed their objections by sighing loudly, but nonetheless complied with the instruction until they all stood in a line with their knickers exposed to their deputy headteacher’s eyes; Emma wearing extremely brief red panties, Katie plain white brief panties and Jackie pale blue brief knickers.

Mrs Blackmore, clutching the long slender cane in both hands, looked them up and down making the girls feel quite uncomfortable as the deputy head teacher focused particularly at their lower bodies. Emma and Katie already held their hands clasped together in front of them, Jackie soon followed.

“Go and stand against that bookcase!” Mrs Blackmore bellowed, pointing to a tall bookcase behind the desk where she would be able to keep an eye on the two girls not being punished while still devoting the greater part of her attention to the girl being dealt with over the back of the chair.

Emma shrugged and moved to the new position, standing with her back to the bookcase, followed closely by Jackie and then Katie. Mrs Blackmore watched them go, then went to the chair to be used for the girls’ punishments.

“Keep your blouses tucked up so I can see your pants!” Mrs Blackmore’s voice boomed across the room. “And turn round so I can see your bottoms!”

Amidst more sighs, all three girls complied, each feeling quite uncomfortable as they felt their deputy head teacher staring intently at their knicker clad bottoms.

“Right. Let’s have the first one.” Mrs Blackmore’s voice bellowed once again.

Emma and Jackie half turned, again looking at each other as they tried to silently agree on which of them should go first. Katie beat them to it.

“Across the back of the chair, girl!”

Katie soon dived over the back of the chair and thrust her bottom out, remembering again her thoughts from the previous day.

“Eight strokes, Katie.”

“Yes, Mrs Blackmore.” Katie’s miserable response accurately portrayed her true feelings.

“All for the sake of holding someone else’s cigarette, eh?”

“Yes, Mrs Blackmore.”

“No doubt that seems a little harsh, eh girl?”

“Yes Mrs Blackmore, it does seem very harsh.”

“Nonetheless, you need to learn to abide by school rules, whatever the circumstances. Right girl?”

“Yes, Mrs Blackmore.”

“Very well, I’ll give you a choice Katie.” Mrs Blackmore paused for thought, while Katie pondered whether she might be offered the chance of some small reprieve. “Eight strokes across the seat of your knickers, or four with your pants down. Your choice.”

Katie’s eyes popped wide open, not that anyone saw as she remained bent right down over the back of the chair. Emma and Jackie’s eyes equally expressed their astonishment at what they had just heard, then as they exchanged glances their mouths sagged open.

“Come along, girl. Make your mind up.”

Katie was definitely not looking forward to receiving eight strokes of the cane, especially from the formidable Mrs Blackmore who could instil terror into the eighteen year old just by raising her voice. Equally, Katie reckoned her brief white panties would undoubtedly leave some portions of her bottom uncovered as she bent over.

“I’ll take the four, please.”

“Right.” Mrs Blackmore looked down at Katie’s soft round bottom, still protected by the brief white panties. “Get ‘em down then!”

Katie reached back and slid her knickers down off her hips until they slipped down to her knees.

“Hold still.”

Katie braced herself. Almost immediately, she heard a whoosh of air and the first stroke whipped across her bare bottom.

“Oooouch!” Katie cried, screwing her eyes shut against the stinging pain. Clearly, Mrs Blackmore was extremely more adept at using the cane than Mr Harkinson.

“Face the bookcase!” The deputy headmistress’s voice roared across the room. Emma and Jackie, who had both twisted round to watch Katie receive her first stroke, instantly turned their heads back to the bookcase.

Katie braced herself again, moments before the second stroke cracked across her naked bottom.

“Yeeeesh!!” Katie’s eyes filled with water as a second dose of searing pain flashed across her backside.

“Keep still.” Mrs Blackmore’s voice cautioned, as Katie went on to tiptoe in a bid to stem the soreness.

As soon as Katie’s heels touched the floor, she heard another whoosh and a third bolt of lightning scorched across her backside.

“Ooooooww!!” Two tears began to roll down Katie’s cheeks as she screwed her eyes against the pain. She was certainly glad she chose to drop her pants; eight of these would have been unbearable.

“Last one, Katie.”

Katie remained silent and gripped the edges of the chair for all she was worth. A brief whoosh of air, then the final stroke whipped across her naked bottom.

“Aaaaaaarrgh!!” Katie’s back arched as the cane lashed her bare flesh, seeming almost to cut right into her buttocks. Only the relief that her ordeal was over prevented Katie from bursting into tears.

“Up you get, girl.”

Katie pushed herself upright, her hands immediately going to her bottom to rub and massage some of the sore pain away, which action caused her white knickers to fall from her knees to around her ankles. Such was the discomfort, Katie totally ignored whatever was happening to her underwear and continued to stand rubbing her bare bottom.

“I hope that will be a lesson you won’t forget in such a hurry, young lady!”

“No, Mrs Blackmore. I imagine I’ll be remembering this for several days!”

The deputy headmistress chuckled gently. “Okay. Get your pants up and go back to the bookcase.”

Katie bent over and pulled her white panties up her legs and around her sore bottom before walking uncomfortably over to the bookcase where she stood next to Jackie. Jackie gave her a worried look.

“Next, please!” Mrs Blackmore’s voice boomed again.

Emma and Jackie looked at each other, then both nodded towards the deputy headmistress. Clearly, both wanted the other to go first.

“Come along, Jackie. Let’s have you next.” Mrs Blackmore decided for them.

A look of horror sprang to Jackie’s face before she turned and walked slowly across to the chair.

“What’s the matter, Jackie?” Mrs Blackmore asked, waving a hand to direct Jackie to stand behind the back of the chair. “A little while ago you seemed quite keen to experience a little corporal punishment.”

Jackie ran both hands nervously through her long dark hair as she stood in just her pale blue brief panties and white blouse. She had spent most of her time facing the bookcase thinking that she, too, felt eight strokes of the cane for simply tormenting the other two about their punishments from the previous day was too much. Against that, she didn’t exactly relish the choice given to Katie.

“I’m sorry, miss.”

“Sorry?” The unexpected response from the eighteen year old caught Mrs Blackmore by surprise. “For..?”

“For teasing Emma and Katie, miss.”

The deputy headmistress smiled. “Might it be you’re not so keen on discovering the cane as a means of punishment now you’re in the firing line, so to speak?”

“Yes, miss.”

“You’re a sixth form girl, Jackie.” Mrs Blackmore reminded the eighteen year old. “You address me by name.”

“Yes m…, sorry, Mrs Blackmore.”

“Very well, Jackie. I think we can all see you regret teasing Emma and Katie, both of whom thoroughly deserved their canings yesterday and can have no complaints at all about getting another dose today.” Mrs Blackmore looked across at the other two girls, both standing bolt upright facing the bookcase as they listened to the conversation behind them.

Jackie relaxed a little, feeling she was indeed going to find her sentence reduced.

“Pants down and we’ll let you off with four. Your choice.”

Jackie frowned. Was that really a reduction in punishment for a girl full of remorse for teasing her classmates? She looked round at Mrs Blackmore, ready to query the so-called reduced sentence.

“Come along, girl, make your mind up. We haven’t got all day.”

Jackie had already decided losing the protection of her very thin pale blue brief underwear was a small price to pay for having the number of strokes reduced from eight to four, so when the deputy headmistress’s brusque manner spurred her to deliver a quick answer she replied simply: “I’ll take the four please.”

“Fine. Get on with it then.” Mrs Blackmore urged. “Get your knickers down and bend over.”

Immediately, Jackie thumbed her underwear off her hips and allowed them to fall down her slim legs until they surrounded her ankles. Keeping her knees together, Jackie bent over the back of the chair and presented her bare bottom for the administration of Mrs Blackmore’s cane.

The cold, hard feel of the cane gently tapping Jackie across her naked buttocks reminded the dark, long haired girl to brace herself. Within seconds a brief whoosh of air followed by the thwack of the cane whipping sharply across the waiting target brought home to Jackie just how much a well applied stroke could sting and smart.

“Oooouch! That hurts!” The girl reacted loudly.

“Precisely.” Mrs Blackmore said. “Do you still think it’s all a bit of a joke, young lady?”

“Nooooo.” Jackie wailed.

“Good. Hold still, and we’ll try another one.”

Jackie’s whole body visibly tensed, and she waited long seconds before she heard another whoosh of air as another firm stroke lashed across her bare bottom.

“Eeeeeeeesh!!” Jackie’s back arched as the thin rattan scorched her firm round backside.

“How does that feel, Jackie?” Mrs Blackmore asked. “A pleasant sensation, would you say?”

“Nooooo.” Jackie moaned again.

“Good. Keep still.”

Despite the instruction otherwise, Jackie bent each knee alternately several times, an action that made her bottom wobble from side to side. Mrs Blackmore, though, simply waited for the girl to settle before taking aim. A moment later, the deputy headmistress delivered another stroke sharply across Jackie’s naked bottom.

“Ooooooouuch!! This is too much!” Jackie exclaimed. Wobbling her bottom from side to side again as she tried to stem the burning pain that spread across her entire backside.

“Gracious, girl, you’ve only had three strokes!” Mrs Blackmore retorted unsympathetically.

“I know.” Jackie wailed. “But it hurts!”

“It’s supposed to, Jackie. The idea being you will behave yourself and not be in too much of a rush to come back for a second dose. Something your two friends would do well to learn. Face the bookcase!” Mrs Blackmore looked across at Katie and Emma and caught them peering over their shoulders at what was happening to Jackie.

“I am sorry, Mrs Blackmore.” Jackie’s voice brought the deputy headmistress’s attention back to the girl bending over the back of the chair.

“Glad to hear it, Jackie.” Mrs Blackmore told her. “Hold still.”

Jackie immediately braced herself and waited for the next dose of searing pain to strike her across her exposed bottom, the knowledge it would be the last time giving her at least a small crumb of comfort.

It seemed an eternity, but still too soon, before Jackie heard the dreaded whoosh and the crack as the cane whipped into her waiting bottom.

“Aaaaaargh!! Oh no!!” The dark haired girl arched her back and her hands leapt to cover her bare mounds of bottom flesh as the burning pain shot across her entire backside. Frantic rubbing of her bottom was accompanied by sharp intakes of breath as Jackie struggled to deal with the effects of the stroke.

Mrs Blackmore watched Jackie performing her various antics before saying: “Perhaps now you realise corporal punishment is not something to be joked about, Jackie.”

“No Mrs Blackmore. I mean, yes Mrs Blackmore.”

“Come along girl, get your knickers on and get over to the bookcase. Quickly now!”

Jackie hastened to obey, wincing as she bent down to retrieve her pale blue underwear from around her ankles. She was still gently easing the garment back around the sore curves of her bottom as she walked unsteadily back towards the bookcase.

Emma was already looking round, anticipating her summons to the chair. Katie was looking at her friend, both girls quite aware Mrs Blackmore would be looking forward to teaching Emma a lesson she would not forget in a hurry.

As Jackie faced the bookcase and slipped both hands inside her pale blue knickers to continue massaging the soreness away, Mrs Blackmore curled her index finger as she beckoned Emma towards her.

With just a brief pause as Katie touched her sympathetically on the shoulder, Emma turned and approached the deputy headmistress. A brief wave of the older woman’s hand directed her to stand behind the back of the chair.

“I’m not quite certain why your friends are so keen to show you any sympathy, Emma.” Mrs Blackmore spoke calmly and without emotion. “Because I’m in no doubt you are the cause of them standing over there with smarting bottoms.”

Emma stood silently, looking suitably chastened.

“You two!” Mrs Blackmore turned her attention to the girls facing the bookcase, and Emma too looked round at them. “Slip your knickers down. Let’s have a look at your bottoms.”

With a brief exchange of glances, Katie and Jackie obediently eased their panties down so that Emma and Mrs Blackmore could observe their bare pink bottoms crossed with the angry red lines that proved the efficacy of the deputy headmistress’s skill with the cane.

“Satisfied, Emma?” Mrs Blackmore looked straight into the tall dark haired girl’s eyes.

Emma, contrite and close to tears, nodded once. She held one hand in the other in front of her and looked down at the chair.

“Very well, you can pull your knickers up again, girls.” Mrs Blackmore watched as Katie and Jackie eased their underwear back into place, before turning her attention back to Emma. “Actually, Emma, I’m tempted not to cane you at all.”

Emma frowned but did not look round, wondering what worse fate the deputy headmistress might have in mind for her.

“No, really Emma.” Mrs Blackmore continued. “Perhaps we should leave the sight of your friends’ bottoms as sufficient punishment. Maybe that would teach you it’s not just you who suffers from your thoughtlessness and disobedience. What do you say to that?”

Emma shook her head briefly, shrugged her shoulders and murmured: “I don’t know.”

“Don’t you?” Mrs Blackmore responded pensively. “How do you think your two friends would feel if you were let off, having just been caned themselves?”

Emma risked a quick glance towards Katie and Jackie who kept their noses to the bookcase, although Emma knew they would both be listening intently.

“They wouldn’t like it very much.” Emma replied quietly.

“Probably not.” Mrs Blackmore agreed. “Well, shall I give you four strokes? Then you’ll all have had the same. How about that, Emma?”

Emma shook her head.

“No? Well, how about six, then? A couple extra to show your greater responsibility and for getting them into trouble?”

Emma clenched her lips together as she listened to the deputy headmistress’s proposal. Finally, she shook her head again.

“No?” Mrs Blackmore appeared perplexed. “So, what do you suggest, then Emma?”

Emma thought for a moment, then answered quietly: “Eight.”

“Eight? Is that what you said, Emma?”

Emma nodded.

“Very well, Emma. If that is what you really want.”

The deputy headmistress waited for the eighteen year old to make some further comment, but when Emma remained tight lipped and silent she added: “When you’re ready then, Emma, assume the position.”

Emma slowly bent over the back of the chair, forcing her head down which in turn pushed her bottom out. The tall dark haired girl seemed totally oblivious to her extremely brief bright red panties which covered very little of her firm compact round backside.

Mrs Blackmore looked across at the two girls standing against the bookcase. “Katie and Jackie, you may watch if you wish.”

Jackie, still gently rubbing her sore bottom but now outside her pale blue knickers, immediately froze, her hands motionless on the soft material of her underwear. She turned her head towards Katie, to see how the other girl would react.

Katie, standing with her hands in front of her, looked up, surprised at what she thought the deputy headmistress had just said. She experimented by half turning, expecting at any moment to be reprimanded for not keeping her eyes away from the punishment about to begin behind them. When no such admonishment was received, she completed the turn and stared at Mrs Blackmore.

“You may come nearer if you wish, girls.”

The two girls took a couple of steps forward, then risked another three until they were as close to the scene of the action as they wanted to be. Jackie, who had the better view of Emma’s head, saw her friend gripping the edges of the chair’s seat and looking stoically ahead as she patiently waited for her punishment to commence. Katie, meanwhile, had the better view of Emma’s bottom, clad in the very brief bright red knickers; indeed, Katie found that by edging slightly to her left she was able to improve her perspective of the girl’s tight round bottom.

They don’t cover a great deal of the target area, so to speak, Emma.” Mrs Blackmore spoke. “Your knickers, I mean.”

“I…. I suppose not.” Emma answered, her mouth obviously quite dry.

“So, they’re not really serving much purpose, then, are they Emma?”

Emma didn’t reply. There was no need. Instead, she simply reached behind her and slipped the red brief panties down off her hips and let them fall to around her ankles.

“I think your two friends will appreciate the gesture, Emma.” Mrs Blackmore commented as she looked down on Emma’s bare bottom. “Ready?”


Pausing just a moment or two to take aim, Mrs Blackmore drew the cane back and sent it whipping down onto the inviting target.

“Unh!” Emma grunted as the slender rattan sliced across her firm round backside. Jackie noticed Emma grip the chair a little more tightly as she immediately braced herself for the next stroke. Katie and Mrs Blackmore saw a single red stripe form across the centre of Emma’s bottom.

Katie’s eyes followed the swing back as Mrs Blackmore prepared to deliver the next stroke. A firm determination in the deputy headmistress’s feature caused the watching blonde girl to bite her lip as a brief pause increased the nervous tension. Then the cane was released on its rapid journey downwards until it cracked across the bare soft mounds that formed Emma’s waiting bottom.

“Uuh!” The pained exclamation and a sudden snatch of Emma’s entire body made Katie and Jackie both jump in sympathy for the bending girl. A second red line quickly formed across Emma’s smooth soft bottom as if to confirm the cane’s visit to her hindquarters.

Relentlessly, Mrs Blackmore drew the cane back again. Katie looked down at Emma’s bending figure and felt sympathy and some admiration for the girl’s courage as she held her backside steady for the next dose of searing pain that Katie herself had experienced some long minutes ago.

“Uuuh!” Emma’s body flinched noticeably once again as the cane bit into its soft luscious target. Only Jackie saw her friend’s eyes close and her face screw up as the cane delivered its fresh bout of smarting burning discomfort to the girl’s entire bottom.

Now Jackie looked to her left to see Mrs Blackmore pulling back the long slender cane as her steel hard eyes selected the next area of Emma’s bottom to suffer the effects of the punishment. In seconds, with grim determination written across her face, the deputy headmistress brought the cane rattling down yet again until a resounding crack heralded the next dose of agony for Emma’s poor bottom.


Katie stared down, aware that little by little Emma’s grunts were getting steadily louder with each stroke. Now four angry red lines had formed and moulded themselves around her friend’s perfect round bottom, perfect at least before the commencement of the caning. When Katie had taken her turn across the back of the chair, and Jackie too, she’d had the comfort of knowing that, at this stage, her punishment was over and that soon she could get up and contemplate administering soothing hands to her sore bottom. Emma, though, had only the next stroke to consider.

Such was Mrs Blackmore’s determination to see this wretched eighteen year old amply punished, the deputy headmistress was already bringing the cane back for another stroke. As Jackie saw Emma’s fingers tighten around the edges of the chair, the cane struck the bending dark haired girl with a mighty crack that seemed to echo round the room.

“Uuuuunnh!!” Katie could see instantly, from the red mark that bisected two of the earlier stripes, the cane had struck Emma across the line of two previous strokes and thus had caused her even worse discomfort. Katie wondered whether Mrs Blackmore had intended the cane should fall in such a way, but a glance at the stern deputy headmistress failed to reveal her intentions one way or the other.

Even when Mrs Blackmore took aim for the next stroke, Katie still had no idea where the next assault would strike poor Emma’s sore bottom. In an instant, the slender rattan descended rapidly and cracked across the waiting target, low down and below the criss-cross of red lines that decorated the soft pale naked buttocks.

“Uuuuuuhh!” The stroke caused Emma to rise onto the tips of her toes and grip the edges of the chair even more tightly. Jackie alone saw her friend’s face contorted into pain-filled lines, her complexion red and sore as though she had been crying, although Jackie had yet to see a single tear trickle from Emma’s eyes. Indeed, Jackie contemplated a plea for Emma to be released after these six strokes, so sure was she her friend had been amply punished. Emma, though, had settled back onto her heels and was bracing herself for the next stroke, the stroke Mrs Blackmore was already lining up. Now did not seem the right moment for Jackie to speak.

With a brief, harsh whoosh of air, the cane fell and struck Emma another firm blow across her naked bottom.

“Uuuuuuunnnhh!!” As Emma screwed her face up in pain, and began bending each knee alternately to try and ease the fresh dose of searing, scorching pain which spread like wildfire across her already extremely sore bottom, Jackie looked again at Mrs Blackmore who in turn appeared to be studying Emma’s reaction to the effects of the stroke.

Katie and Jackie were now both feeling their friend had taken sufficient punishment to atone for her misdeeds, not that either knew or had even contemplated what the other might be thinking. They both looked at the deputy headmistress, their mouths on the point of voicing some protestation on Emma’s behalf. Emma, in contrast, was simply hoping Mrs Blackmore would hurry up and give her the final stroke so her ordeal would be over.

The deputy headmistress seemed to be following Emma’s unspoken line of thought, rather than that of her friends, for she had already drawn the cane back in preparation for the final stroke. In a moment, the cane whistled down and landed across the eighteen year old’s sore bottom, Emma still managing to remain braced and steady as she awaited the final stroke of her punishment.

“Aaaaaarrrgh!” Emma arched her back and bent her knees as she struggled to cope with the final dose of smarting agony. She began taking deep short sharp intakes of breath, breathing the air out noisily through her mouth, as though this somehow enabled her to cope.

“Thank you, Emma. You may get up when you are ready.” The words sounded casual, almost disinterested, but a deep sigh from the deputy headmistress suggested even she was glad to have got to the end of Emma’s caning.

Emma half stood up, paused, then completed the task and immediately cupped her hands around her sore naked bottom. Only after half a dozen more brief intakes of breath did she feel able to begin gently rubbing and massaging the cane lashed soreness evidenced by the eight vivid red lines that crossed the pale nakedness of her buttocks.

“You may all get dressed.” Mrs Blackmore announced, still in the untypically remote voice, as she returned the cane to its place in the tall cabinet.

While Katie and Jackie immediately turned to retrieve their trousers from the headmaster’s desk, Emma endeavoured to bend down and pull her very brief red knickers up. By the time, Emma hobbled uncomfortably over to find her own trousers, the other two girls were already dressed. Mrs Blackmore stood waiting and watching as Emma painfully eased her brown patterned trousers and refastened them.

“School rules are there to be obeyed.” The deputy headmistress’s voice declared loudly. “Perhaps that point at least has finally sunk in!”

“Oh yes.” Jackie replied with feeling. The other two girls remained silent although their expressions confirmed the message had been received.

“Off you go then. It would not be a good idea to get into trouble again in a hurry!”

The three eighteen year olds left the headmaster’s study and made sure they were well out of earshot before speaking.

“My God, that smarts!” Jackie exclaimed, pressing her hands to her bottom again.

“Yes.” Katie agreed, her tone suggesting she was far from happy at having had to suffer a second, far more onerous, dose of the cane in successive days, especially as she felt her culpability was somewhat dubious.

“I don’t know what you two are complaining about!” Emma reacted, rubbing her own bottom frantically. “I got twice what you got!”

“So? You deserved it!” Katie snapped.

“Oh, thanks!”

“So, what did you expect? A medal?”

“Oh, steady on Katie.” Jackie interrupted. “It was only four.”

“For you? Maybe. For me? The second lot of four in two days, thank you very much!”

“Just think,” Jackie totally ignored the irate girl. “Eighteen years of age and I get my first caning. Gross!”

“Glad of the experience, are you?” Katie snapped.

“Ignore her.” Emma looked towards Jackie. “She’ll get over it.”

“Huh!” Katie retorted.

“It’ll certainly give us all something to talk about down the pub later.” Jackie seemed pleased. “Are you coming, Katie?”

“Do they have cushions on their chairs?”


© Kenny Walters 2011