A young woman faces her punishment

By Katherine Jones

Samantha Greenway glanced quickly at her phone in response to the alert. It told her exactly what she expected it to say. “I will see you now.” Sam drained her coffee, picked up her bag and nervously smoothed down her skirt.

Her mind suddenly went back to the shame of that often-remembered school day when she was summoned, blushing, to the Housemistress’s room after being caught lending out her homework to her friend Nicky. She recalled the sting of the ruler on the fingers of her left hand and the deep embarrassment of the whole incident.

Coming back to the present, Sam found herself in auto-pilot mode, already going up in the lift and then walking nervously down that long, long corridor. When she reached that door numbered 22, Sam stopped and paused. She took deep breaths and involuntarily pulled down the hem of her skirt. Then she knocked twice.

There was a silence. ‘Don’t keep me waiting,’ she thought, but eventually there was a movement inside the room and the door opened.

“Ah, right, yes come in,” he said rather diffidently and without making eye contact. She followed him into the room and saw that he had moved his desk so that it forced her to take the only available seat which was directly opposite him.

“I want you to stand,” he said, more confident now but still not looking at her. She complied, without argument, pushing the chair back and getting to her feet. She clasped her hands together in front of her and began rubbing them nervously.

“Have you reached a decision on my offer?” he asked, now looking up at her.

Sam took a short breath and then said almost inaudibly, “I don’t see that I have much choice. I will take up your, er, offer.”

“You have been a fool, Samantha,” he said, now looking her straight in the eye. “You are an asset to this College. I can see that clearly after your first six months here. Students like you, and colleagues find you good to work with. You can have a good career here as a lecturer and then eventually as a manager. I have no doubt about that, but it all depends now on me. I have these false and massively inflated relocation and travel claims you have submitted on my desk and I will keep them here, not interfering in your career, as long as you do what I ask.”

Sam shuffled her feet and bowed her head as he went on to say, “I now need to punish your greed and foolishness. I will do this using the method you have consented to, that is corporal punishment and I will administer your just deserts now.”

‘Well, it looks like he will go through with it,’ thought Sam as she waited to see what his next move might be. He quickly informed her.

“I will apply eight strokes of the cane to your bare buttocks. Now make yourself ready and then turn and face the wall over there with your hands on your head.”

Sam cringed inwardly as the words unfolded and all her energy left her body. She sighed in resignation. She was certain she needed to comply. Her instincts told her to put down her bag and take off her black jacket. She also began to remove her bracelets and other jewellery. Finally, with a quick glance at his steely set face, she took off her glasses and put them into their case and then into her bag. All now was prepared, and she had no option other than to turn and face the wall as instructed. She put her hands on her head.

Sam had time to contemplate her humiliation and massive vulnerability as he sat silently looking at her. ‘Can this be happening?’ she thought, and then in a confused mind racing moment reflected on how glad she was that she had taken such care with her choice of underwear!

He was now on his feet and moving towards her. Smack, smack, smack! The sound rang out in the room before Sam felt the impact of the slaps on her bottom. Then it happened again, smack, smack, smack! They both found themselves breathing heavily and contemplating the significance of what had just happened. He had laid hands on her!

“Ok,” he said breathlessly, “now come over here and bend over, touching your toes.”

She moved slowly, keeping her hands on her head and then, once in the place he was pointing to, she took a deep breath and bent, grabbing her ankles to steady herself. She panted gently as she awaited his next move and considered the awful humiliation of her position.

After a few seconds he began to lift her skirt.

‘That’s a rather nice sight,’ he thought as he looked at her bending figure.

The tight black skirt and jacket, the white blouse; this was all, in his view, perfect and respectful of the process. As her skirt came up his perceptions of her full engagement with the exercise were confirmed as black pull ups covering her shapely legs and then her black silky pants were revealed.

He was determined to make her wait whilst he went to get his cane which had been so far hidden from her view. Eventually, though, she sensed his presence behind her which was confirmed when her pants were unceremoniously pulled down and a rhythmic tapping of the cane began on her bare buttocks.

Whoosh, smack. The noise beat the pain into her consciousness as the cane cut into the naked and fleshy part of her bottom. “Oh my god,” she murmured, but kept herself from making any other noise and focused on being braced for the next impact.

Down it came, and then again. Three red stripes appearing on her buttocks. A fourth stroke followed but this time landing higher, almost on the small of the back.

Then to her surprise he shouted sharply, “Get up and go and bend over my desk.”

‘He is certainly planning to get his full share of enjoyment out of my humiliation,’ she thought as she raised herself and then shuffled awkwardly towards the desk with her pants around the top of her thighs.

“Reach out and grip the end of the desk” he ordered as she settled herself. Then, as soon as she was in place, he applied two rapid strokes across the top of her thighs, provoking an involuntary breathless scream.

He paused, finding himself panting, but began tapping her bottom again with the cane. He was determined to enjoy the final stages and pulled his arm back to land the hardest of the seven strokes across the centre of her bottom. Then, turning, he inflicted the final lash with a backhand stroke which landed on the very top of her thighs. Sam gripped the desk and then involuntarily cried out in pain. However, she knew that it was over.

“Get up, get dressed and get out,” he told her, throwing the cane onto the floor.

She panted and quietly moaned, and then levered herself up from the desk. Now standing unsteadily, Sam pulled up her knickers then pulled down her skirt. She didn’t look at him but gathered up her jacket and other possessions and headed for the door.

“You are not free of this, I will see you again,” he shouted threateningly as she left the room.

Sam Greenway retraced her steps along the corridor and took the stairs to the ground floor. She sat herself back at the table she had left just 20 minutes ago. Sam felt that something had changed, though, and this was confirmed when Rob appeared through the door of the hotel bar, smiling and almost glowing with excitement.

“Are you Ok?” he said, urgently hugging her. “Was that alright? I didn’t hurt you too much?”

She kissed him and said, “No my love, it was fine! It was brilliant, but you can still be harder on me. I can take it and want it. I was impressed by you, though, and how much you got into role! You became very firm and masterful!”

Sam and Rob had successfully completed their first spanking role play session in that hotel room. They both had been taken aback by the power of what they had experienced.

“I think lecturer Samantha might continue to be naughty and will need you to take her in hand and keep her on the straight and narrow my love,” she said.

“I will be ready to be fair but very firm,” Rob replied with a smile, adding,  “meanwhile I suggest we get a drink and then make some more use of our hotel room. I am feeling very much in love with you!”

The End

© Katherine Jones 2018