Two girls are dealt with by the headmaster

By Brian Melville

As Ellen-Mari Duncan and  Ella-May Alister sat on the grass behind the swimming pool puffing on a chesterfield menthol cigarette each, chatting about Ellen-Mari’s boyfriend who’s studying law at Oxford university, they didn’t hear or notice the head boy, Simon Bernard, approaching. Simon was just in time to see the two fellow sixth formers take a puff from their respective cigarettes.

“What do you two think you’re doing?” Simon snapped.

Ellen froze as Ella tried to nip and hide her cigarette behind her back, but both girls realized that it was too late and that they had been caught red-handed.

“Get up and hand me those cigarettes you’re puffing on, right now!” Simon snapped.

The girls glanced at each other as they obeyed the head boy’s instructions, who in turn dropped the two cigarettes on the grass and stepped on them before picking them up again and placing them in his blazer pocket.

“You know the rules, so you will be following me to the headmaster! Let’s go!”  The head boy snapped as he turned and made his way to the school’s office building.

“No! Please, not the headmaster, Simon! Please, we will never do it again, promise!” Ella-May pleaded.

“Y-yes, we will never do it again, promise! Ellen Mari acknowledged pleadingly.

“NO! I am taking you to Mr Sampson! Come along!” Simon snapped.

The girls stood staring at the handsome head boy with his blue eyes,
dark blonde hair and tall lean figure as he stood neatly dressed in his uniform, consisting of grey trousers, yellow long sleeve shirt, black and yellow striped tie, black blazer, grey ankle socks and shinning black school shoes.

“Come along, or must I tell the headmaster that you refuse to take orders from me, as well?” Simon threatened.

The threat worked, as Ella replied: “We’re coming, so there’s no need to be a tell-tale, Simon Bernard!”

“I’m sure you know the way, so you can lead, Ella-May Alister!” Simon said sarcastically.

The tall girl with her athletic, very fit body with hazel-nut color eyes and long, straight auburn hair that almost reached her bottom, glanced at the head boy as she made her way towards the office building.

“Come along, Ellen-Mari Duncan, follow your friend, in a single file please!” Simon snapped as he followed the slender and slightly shorter Ellen, with her ice blue eyes, straight blonde hair that reached the middle of the girl’s back.

As they made their way to the office building, Simon couldn’t help but notice the girls’ cute round little bottoms in their black trousers, yellow long sleeve blouses, black ties, black blazers, black ankle socks and black Mary Jane school shoes with half an inch heel. Simon felt sorry for the two girls as he knew the headmaster would surely be caning those cute bums shortly.

As they reached the office building, the two girls waited at the main entrance door for the head boy to lead them inside to the door of the headmaster’s study.

Pointing towards the wooden bench against the white wall to the left of the study door, Simon commanded: “You girls can have a seat over here while I go see if the headmaster is in!”

The two girls did as they were told, with Ellen sitting closest to the door and Ella a few inches to her right, as Simon went over to the secretary.

“Good morning, Miss Small, I caught two girls smoking behind the swimming pool, so I was wondering if the headmaster might be in.” Simon politely asked.

“Morning, dear. Mr Sampson is in the staff room having a cup of tea, so I’d suggest you go look for him there.” Miss Small said with her cheerful smiling face.

Simon looked at the two girls seated on the bench and then back to the secretary, as he was unsure if he should leave the two girls seated on the bench or not, but the secretary quickly came to his rescue.

“Don’t worry, I will keep an eye on those two smokers!” The secretary confirmed as she glanced at the two girls.

The head boy nodded and made his way to the staff room. As he reached the door, before he could even knock, the headmaster saw him and asked: “Yes, Simon, can I help you, boy?”

“Yes please, sir. I caught two sixth form girls smoking behind the swimming pool, sir!” Simon answered.

“Are they at my office, boy?” Mr Randall enquired.

“Yes sir!’ Simon replied.

“Good! I will be there shortly.” The headmaster advised.

“Yes sir! Thank you, sir!” Simon replied.

Simon turned and made his way back to the waiting girls, and was hardly seated in one of the comfortable black arm chairs opposite the bench where the two smokers were nervously waiting for the headmaster, when Mr Randall arrived.

As the headmaster reached the door to his study, he snapped: “You two again! Get in here, right now! Both of you!”

The two girls jumped to their feet and hastily made their way into the headmaster’s study, where they stood in front of the headmaster’s desk, just behind the three comfortable chairs for members of staff or visiting parents. The study was rather cramped with its grey carpet, floor to ceiling bookshelves and cabinets against three of the four walls, the desk and chairs, as well as the headmaster’s chair and a dinning room table with six high backed chairs.

“You wait right there, till I have finished with these two!” The headmaster snapped as he turned and closed the door.

“Yes, sir!” Simon replied.

“You two again! You know why you are here, so empty your pockets onto my desk as I want the packets of cigarettes and lighters on my desk right now!” The headmaster snapped as he sat down in his chair.

The girls immediately removed their cigarettes and lighters from their blazer pockets and placed them on the headmaster’s desk. The headmaster took the
punishment book from one of his drawers and opened it at the last entry which was clearly visible to both girls.

Henri Hammond, 6A, Kissing a girl, Yvonne Saunders, in school, 4 strokes of the cane over seat of shorts, touching toes.

Yvonne Saunders, 6A, Kissing a boy, Henri Hammond, in school, 4 strokes of the cane over seat of shorts, touching toes.

This caught Ellen by surprise as the entire sixth form knew Henri and Yvonne were friends, but she never knew it went that far.

“This is your third offence this term for smoking, so you will be caned, SEVERELY CANED, for your trouble!”

The headmaster sat back in his chair as he looked at the two girls for a brief moment again, before continuing.

“Take your blazers off and hang them over the chairs in front of you!”

The two girls did as they were instructed. The headmaster got up and walked over to the door as he sternly addressed the teenagers.

“Since I intend to give you two six of the best, I will NOT expect you to touch your toes, but you will have the comfort of bending over with your hands on the seat of a chair! I do expect you to stay in position till I tell you to move! Are we clear on that, Duncan?”

“Yes sir!” Ellen-Mari replied meekly.

“Clear Alister?” The headmaster snapped.

“C-clear sir!” Ella-May stuttered nervously.

“You will wait outside, under the supervision of the head boy till I call you in for your punishment! Follow me!” The headmaster continued.

The headmaster opened the door and stepped out of his study into the front office where Simon was seated, with Ella and Ellen following closely behind.

“Alister, over here, facing the wall!” The headmaster snapped as he pointed to a spot on the grey carpet, about a foot to the right of the door. The girl complied immediately.

“Duncan, over there, facing the wall!” The headmaster continued as he pointed to a spot about two feet away from her partner in crime. Ellen quickly stepped forward and took up the position by the wall.

“Hands on top of your heads! Get the tips of your noses against the wall and stand up straight with your feet together!”

As soon as the girls were in position, the headmaster turned his attention to the head boy. “Sampson, keep an eye on them, please!”

“Yes, sir!” The head boy replied.

“If they move or talk, call for me!” The headmaster snapped as he made his way back into the study, closing the door behind him.

Inside, the headmaster moved one of the high-backed chairs with its back against the bookshelves covered wall opposite his desk, next to the dinning room table, then he went over to one of the cabinets behind his desk and opened it. Inside there were three crook-handled canes. On the left was a two foot, quarter inch thick, cream in color, cane that was never used. To its right was a two-and-a-half-foot, quarter inch thick, golden brown in color, crook-handled cane. This was the most frequently used cane. To the right of this cane was a three-foot, half an inch thick, dark brown crook handled cane, better known by the students as ‘the special cane’. It was only used for serious offences like fighting and repeat offenders, so this three foot cane was the obvious choice for the job at hand. The headmaster removed the cane from its hook and took a few practice strokes with it through the air, causing the supple rod to hiss with a swissh. He then placed the cane on his desk and removed his jacket before taking the cane in his right hand as he made his way to the chair. As he stood by the chair, he flexed the cane between his hands as he called the first girl in.

“Alister! Inside!” The headmaster called loudly.

Ella-May immediately turned and made her way into the study. As she closed the door nervously behind her, she noticed the ‘special’ cane being flexed by the headmaster.

“Get in here, girl! Stand over there, facing the seat of the chair and bend over, with your hands on the seat!” Mr Randall snapped.

The slender teenager nervously assumed the position and was quite surprised at how tight her trousers were stretched across her firm but fleshy, round little bottom. Never before had she been asked to assume this particular position. The deputy headmistress and headmaster always had the naughty boy or girl leaning over for punishment and therefore trousers or skirts were not stretched so tightly.

As the headmaster placed the cane across the center of the girl’s now up- turned bottom, Ella turned her head to the left in order to peek over her shoulder at what the headmaster was doing.

Mr Randall saw the girl looking over her shoulder and snapped: “Feet together! Legs straight! Face the front, Alister! You don’t need to see what’s going on behind you, you just need to FEEL!”

As soon as the girl  was in the perfect position, the headmaster tapped her  bottom a few times with the cane and then, with a single, swift movement, the cane sliced through the air with a swish, followed by a firm thwack, as the cane landed just below the centre of the girl’s bottom.

This was met by a few seconds of silence, followed by a mixture of a gasp for air and the word: “Ouch! It hurts so much!” Then the stinging sensation quickly turned into a more intense, deeper, throbbing pain. Ten seconds later, the the naughty girl felt the cane tapping her bottom again, followed by the swish, thwack, as the second stroke settled right at the top of the girl’s bottom. This was met by a loud, “Owww, ow, ow!”

Fifteen seconds ticked by with the headmaster just looking at the bent-over and heavily breathing girl trying to deal with the throbbing pain across her bottom. She slightly swayed her hips from side to side. Then, with only a slight touch of the cane against her bottom, the cane sliced through the air with a swwissh, thhwacck, as the third stroke fell just above the centre of Miss Alister’s bottom. This was met by a teeth-gritting grunt from the girl, as her knees buckled from the severity of the stroke. But the girl quickly straightened her legs, giving the signal to the headmaster to let the next stroke rip through the air. Swwishh, thhwwacck, the fourth stroke nestled itself right at the bottom of the girl’s bum cheeks, with the tip crossing the natural crease where bottom meets thighs. This caused the poor teenager to leap about half a foot into the air, clutching her scorched rear end with both hands.

“Oooh, aargh, oww, ow!” Ella yelped loudly as she hopped around while caressing her bottom with both hands.

Meanwhile, outside the study, Ellen-Mari Duncan could hear her smoking friend moan and scream in agony after every stroke. The secretary left the head boy and the naughty girl as she had to go do something important in a different part of the school, so Simon took full advantage of the situation to tease the waiting girl.

“You nervous, Ellen-Mari? I would be if I were you. It seems like Mr Randall has selected the special cane for your cute bums, Ellen!” Simon whispered into the girl’s left ear as he stood behind her.

“How do you know, Simon? You can NOT see through doors and walls!” The blonde teenager sarcastically replied in a louder whisper, while keeping her nose against the wall.

“Well, I can hear what’s going on in there, and your little friend is not taking the caning from the headmaster as well as she normally does!” The head boy replied.

Ellen decided to ignore the silly boy and just rolled her eyes. When Simon noticed the girl was ignoring him, he whispered:  “You will see that I am right. This bottom of yours will soon be feeling the wrath of that long, thick special cane.”

Then they heard the headmaster’s voice. “Enough of that stupid behaviour, Alister! Come on, right back over with you! Bend over! I said, BEND, Alister!”

Ella turned and forced herself back into position.

“That’s better! Only two more strokes to go, girl!” The headmaster continued.

The headmaster tapped the girl’s firm bottom a few times as he ordered sternly: “Legs straight and stick that bottom right out, girl!”

He then swished the cane through the air behind the poor girl, who braced herself for the impact, but it was only a practice stroke.

Then, without warning, swwiisshh, thhwacck! The fifth stroke seared across Ella-May’s bottom, precisely in the middle of the third and second strokes. The tall teenager’s head jerked back and her right leg kicked back as she moaned loudly: “Ow, ow, ow, it really hurts, sir!”

“It’s suppose to hurt, you silly girl!” The headmaster snapped as he tapped the cane against the now well-presented and very sore target. After a full thirty seconds of tapping, the headmaster swiftly drew the cane as far back as possible and whipped the cane down as hard as he could towards the waiting target with a ssswiisshhh, followed by a cracking ttthhwacckkk!

The final stroke seared across Ella’s bottom right between the first and fourth strokes, with the girl using all her will power to stay in position, but no matter how hard she gritted her teeth she still yelled at the top of her voice: “Arrgghh, ow, ouch!”

The headmaster waited patiently for a full minute until the girl regained her composure before addressing her, sternly.

“You didn’t take that very well, Allister! You may now get up and give your bottom a quick rub before you go wait outside by the wall while I deal with Duncan.”

Ella leaped up as her hands flew to her well-punished seat, giving her bottom a good rub. The headmaster placed the cane on his desk and couldn’t help but watch the cute eighteen-year-old girl soothing her sore bottom with both hands.

About a minute later, the headmaster snapped: “Put your blazer back on, and follow me, Ella-May!”

The girl quickly obeyed and followed the headmaster back to where Ellen and Simon were waiting. Once outside, the headmaster pointed to the preferred spot against the wall.

“Come stand over here, hands on your head and your nose to the wall, Allister! As for you Duncan, I will be calling you into my study shortly for your caning!”

As soon as the punished girl was in place, he returned to his study and closed the door behind him. He then took the cane from his desk and took up his position by the chair while taking a few practise swings.

“Duncan!!” The headmaster called out.

As Ellen entered the study, the headmaster impatiently continued: “Close that door and get yourself bent over with your hands on the seat of the chair, girl! Quick about it!”

The blonde girl closed the door and nervously forced her way to the chair where she stood staring at the headmaster.

“Assume the the position, unless you want me to add two penalty strokes to your punishment!” The headmaster snapped.

The threat of penalty strokes was enough encouragement for Ella-Mari to quickly assume the position, which caused the bubbly girl to become quite self-conscious with her very firm, round bottom so high up in the air under her very tightly stretched trousers.

As the headmaster placed the cane firmly against the target, he snapped: “Legs straight and stick that bottom right out, girl!”

Ellen blushed slightly as she thrust her bum out as far as possible, while the headmaster tapped her bottom a few times with the business end of the special cane. Then, without any warning, there was a swish, followed by a firm thwack, as the cane laid its first searing line of fire across the very top of the naughty teenager’s bottom, causing her head to jerk back as she moaned softly: “Ow, ow, ow.”

Ten seconds went by before she felt the cane tapping her bottom again, followed by the cane only slightly touching her bottom three times before there was another, swiish, thwacck, as the second stroke fell, just under the center of Ella’s upturned bottom. This stroke caused the teenager to gasp for air with only a faint: “Argh,” escaping her lips.

Ten seconds later, without any tap or touch, the cane sliced through the air with a swwissh, tthwackkk as the third stroke landed right on the crease where bottom meets thighs, causing Ella’s knees to buckle as she cried loudly: “Owww! Oh my gosh it hurts!” while giving her scorched bum cheeks a squeeze.

“Legs straight, hands on the seat of the chair, Miss Duncan!” The headmaster snapped.

Ellen-Mari immediately complied, but only after a full minute did the headmaster position his cane again against her now throbbing bottom, and after a few firm taps, swwissh, tthwackk, the fourth stroke seared its way across the centre of the girl’s bottom. Ellen stomped her feet on the floor as she moaned loudly: “Ouch, ouch, ouch!”

“Keep still, girl!” The headmaster snapped, as he tapped the well-presented target with the cane.

As soon as Ellen was standing still, the headmaster let the fifth stroke rip through the air, ssswissh, tthhwackk, as it found its resting spot just below the second stroke, causing the blonde girl to yell in a very high-pitched tone of voice: “Oowwwwwwieee!” She swayed her hips from side to side,  while shifting her weight from foot to foot.

Ten seconds later, after only a single tap, there was a fierce swwwiishh, from the cane followed by a resounding tthhwwacckk!”

Then the final stroke lashed down, settling just above the third stroke, which caused Ella to howl in pain, “Owwwwwwww, owwwww, owwww,” as she arched her back and bent her knees. It took all her will power to keep her hands on the chair and to get back into position, but she did, just as
she heard the headmaster returning the cane to the cupboard.

A minute later, the headmaster addressed the girl, again.

“Get up, Duncan, and compose yourself!”

Ellen-Mari leaped up and frantically rubbed and squeezed her bum cheeks as she tried to soothe the intense throbbing pain covering her entire bottom, with the headmaster just staring at the girl, before continuing.

“Get your blazer back on and follow me!”

As Mr Randall opened the door, they stepped out to where Ella-May was still standing with her nose against the wall and her hands on her head, while the head boy remained still seated on the chair behind her. Ellen quickly got her blazer back on and her hands immediately returned to her very sore bottom.

“Go stand over there in the same position as Alister, over here, Duncan!” The headmaster snapped.

Ellen complied and the headmaster turned his attention to the head boy.

“Simon, I’m off to enjoy a final cup of tea before the end of the break, and I want you to keep an eye on these two. They’re not to move from their positions or utter a sound until my return. If they do, send for me!”

“Yes, sir!” Simon confidently replied.

The headmaster then made his way back to the staff room, and was hardly around the corner when Simon decided to have a bit of fun with the two sore-bottomed, attractive young ladies. He got up and walked over to Ellen, then he poked her bottom with one finger as he whispered into her left ear.

“I told you so!”

“What are you doing, boy?” The stern voice of the headmaster echoed behind them, as the bell rang to announce the end of break.

The boy got such a fright that he couldn’t answer the headmaster.

“You will report to me at the end of school and I will be giving you some of what they got, boy!” The headmaster snapped as he paused to let his words sink in.

“Y-yes, sir.” Simon replied nervously, as both girls glanced at each other with grins on their faces.

“Right, back to class with all three of you, RIGHT NOW!’ The headmaster snapped.

The head boy, followed by the two naughty girls, scampered off to their next classes. At the end of the day, the two girls made their way to Ellen’s house and, once they were in her bedroom, they were shocked at the damage that special cane had caused their bums. Six angry, deep red welts decorated their bottoms for more than two weeks.

The next day they heard that the head boy also got six of the best with the same cane, while touching his toes. The girls vowed to each other that they would never smoke again!

The End

© Brian Melville 2019