A daughter in law pays the penalty for damaging a car

By Paul S

Martin was married to Louise and they were a couple in their mid-fifties, happily married with two adult children, Craig and Charlotte, who now lived on their own, plus their sheepdog Poppy.

Craig had married Daisy about 6 months ago, and she was a charming and delightfully fit young girl who frequently popped round to see Martin and Louise in her Toyota Yaris, which Martin had let her have when he upgraded his wife’s car a year ago.

Martin was mad about cars, and recently changed his ageing classic TT Roadster for a brand new hard top TT sport in white. He spent hours cleaning and polishing it, and trying out all the optional extras, like the phone links, stereo system and additional driver features of his new £30,000 car.

One day, Daisy was driving along, humming a tune on the radio and wearing a floaty summer dress, sports bra and panties on her way to visit Martin and Louise. As she arrived, Louise had just pulled into the top of the driveway after going shopping and trying out Martin’s brand new pride and joy.

Martin had said: “Be careful if using my new car. If you prang it, you’ll pay the price!”

Louise knew all about penalties, living with Martin. A keen sports fan, he would take out his frustrations on Louise and Louise’s rear end particularly.

Louise was an easy going lady who was five foot eight inches tall with ash blonde hair, and reasonable figure if slightly overweight. She was well organised and loving towards Martin, but could also be headstrong. For instance, she would not let Martin punish her unless there was a good reason and she accepted she was at fault.

Daisy had driven up the road and turned into their turning. She swished around the corner without thinking and found Martin’s brand new car right in front of her at the top of the driveway. She slammed on the brakes, but couldn’t stop in time. Smash! She crashed into the rear nearside corner of Martin’s brand new car, and Louise had left the rear tailgate wide open whilst unloading the shopping, so the frame of the car was bent out of shape.

Daisy thought Martin would go mad, and she was in for it now.

Louise was wearing a white blouse and dark coloured trousers, and came out to collect the rest of the shopping and saw what had happened.

“Oh dear, that’s done it!” Was Louise’s immediate reaction.

Daisy said: “It was an accident. I couldn’t stop in time.”

Louise said: “Martin will be furious. I think both you and I can expect to be punished, I fear.”

At that point Martin came out and said: “I heard a terrible bang,” and then saw his car.

He said: “Oh no! My brand new car. Ruined! I will have to contact the AA and insurers immediately as I can’t be without a car for business.”

They all went inside while Martin called the AA and his insurers and explained what happened. The AA were round in 15 minutes, and confirmed the car frame had been bent and the car would probably be a write off.

Fortunately Martin had insurance allowing him to replace the car if damaged or written off in the first year. However he still had to pay the excess and collision damage waiver of £650.

The insurance assessor came round within the hour, and confirmed the car was indeed a write off. He arranged to have it towed away and replaced by a temporary hire car, which was not in the same league as his beloved TT.

Martin, Louise and Daisy all sat down and had a sobering cup of coffee to discuss what exactly had happened.

Daisy was very apologetic and said: It’s all my fault. I should have looked where I was going when coming round the corner, especially since I knew the brakes on my car aren’t that great.

Louise said she should have parked the car further down the drive and shouldn’t have left the tailgate open, as the shopping could have been stolen whilst she was indoors.

Martin said: “You ladies have both been very careless, haven’t you?”

They both nodded in agreement.

Martin said: “Well, we can settle this one of several ways. Daisy can pay me £650 for the excess and I will claim for a new replacement car through my insurance. Alternatively, if she can’t pay, then it will go through my insurance and be back claimed against Daisy’s Insurers.”

Louise then said: “I don’t think Daisy can really afford £650, as they are struggling newlyweds. Can’t we help her out, and I will have a talk with her about us both being physically punished instead, as we are both responsible after all?”

Louise took Daisy into the other room and explained that in this family she had married into, there were simple and fair house rules which she had to abide by. So far, she had been fairly good since her wedding and avoided any trouble, but both she and Daisy were now deep in trouble. In that event, she said, they would both have to be punished for their carelessness.

Louise explained that if a female in the household was punished, it would be by a leather belt applied across her panties, or bare bottom if serious. Usually 10 strokes up to 25 for serious breaches of discipline. Unfortunately for them, this was a serious breach of discipline. She also explained that both her and Craig’s sister, Charlotte, who now lived in London, had both received the belt as punishment.

Daisy was initially shocked, but agreed she was at fault.

Louise said: “leave it to me, I will talk to Martin and try to take the flak for this.”

The girls went back into the kitchen and Louise said to Martin: “Martin, Daisy simply had an accident and thankfully no-one was injured. I was at fault because I parked in the wrong place and left the tailgate open, so the car was a write off. If you need to punish one of us, then punish me but please don’t be too hard on Daisy.”

Martin said to Daisy: “Has Louise explained the house rules, that girls in this family get punished with a belt if they misbehave?”

Daisy said: “Yes, but I caused the accident, so I should be punished despite what Louise says.”

Martin said: “OK, you will both get the belt across your bare bottoms for this incident. As its Daisy’s first time, she will get 15, but Louise should know better and will get 25.”

Both ladies reluctantly agreed, and were ushered upstairs into the main bedroom.

“Right ladies, who wants to go first?”

Daisy said: “I will go first, as it’s my fault.”

She lifted her floaty white summer dress with yellow sunflower motif and lowered her panties, baring her shapely size 36 bottom, and stood ready by the bed.

Martin took a leather belt out of the drawer and stood behind Daisy.

He said: “As it’s your first time, I will give you one stroke first to get used to it. Bend over, young lady.”

Daisy bent over the bed as instructed, placing her head and hands on the counterpane. Martin lined the belt up across her shapely bottom, giving her a moderate smack.

Daisy rose up, rubbing her bottom which now had a bright red band across it.

Martin said: “How was that?”

Daisy said: “Tingling, but OK.”

Martin then said: “Bend over again, Daisy.”

Louise watched as Daisy then received four smacks in a row. Martin paused and Daisy rose up, rubbing her now reddened bottom.

Martin said: “Let me know if you need to stop.”

Daisy said: “No, it’s OK really.”

Martin said: “OK Daisy, bend over,” and gave her the final ten strokes.

Finally, she got up and was told to stand by Louise in the corner by the mirror. Daisy reviewed the damage to her reddened rear end which was now stinging all over.

Martin said: “It’s your turn, Madam.”

Louise went across to the edge of the bed and pushed down her trousers and panties.

Martin said: “OK, bend over,” and Louise buried her head and arms in the soft counterpane, raising her bottom up for punishment as she had done many times before.

Daisy watched in amazement as Martin thrashed Louise’s size 38 bottom, with 25 strokes straight off. Louise accepted her punishment without any complaints, and calmly got up and stood in the corner, hands on head with Daisy, like a pair of naughty girls.

Daisy whispered to Louise: “Have you done this before?”

Louise said: “Don’t worry, I have a high pain threshold. He was actually going easy on you as it’s your first time, and you have a young and sensitive bottom.”

Daisy compared her reddened bottom, with Louise who had a deep crimson rear end.

Daisy then sheepishly announced that she remembered her insurance cover was ‘Road Traffic Only’ and may not cover the damage.

Martin said: “Now she tells us!”

Louise said: “We certainly don’t need a £650 bill because of you! If you’re not covered then Martin should give you another ten of the best across your backside.”

Martin said: “If your insurance really doesn’t cover this, then I think you should bend over straight away, young lady.”

Daisy replied: “I’m pretty sure I’m not covered.”

“Do you want to go home and check?”

“I think that would be pretty pointless,” Daisy admitted. “Where do you want me?”

“Back over the bed, please.” Martin said. “Panties down and skirt lifted well out of the way, please.”

Daisy immediately complied and Martin proceeded to give her ten of the best in a row, as Louise had suggested, with the belt.

This time Daisy’s head popped up with her mouth open, unable to speak and clutching the counterpane as her shapely bottom was well and truly thrashed. The heat and pain was new and something she hadn’t experienced before.

She was told to stand in the corner by Martin, with her glowing bottom exposed next to Louise with both their hands on their heads.

Louise said: “I try to protect you, and this is how you repay me. I trust Martin gave you the thrashing you deserved, young lady!”

Daisy said: “I won’t be able to drive home for a while though, not with this sore bottom.”

The girls looked in the mirror and Louise said: “Martin’s car is not the only one to have its rear end damaged!”

The End

© Paul S 2016