Continuing the series

By Gillian Howard

As I got dressed, Helen was asking me about being caned and how much it hurt etc.

I said: “It was excruciating and I don’t want it again. When you sit down for days after, you feel the pain and it was really embarrassing having to remove my skirt in front of the headmaster. It was a good job I was not wearing the knickers we used to wear at your school and wore these instead.”

I took a pair of my school knickers out of my drawer, and Helen just burst out laughing when she saw them. I heard the phone ring and dad answer it, so I finished getting dressed and we went downstairs and into the lounge. Helen’s Mum and Dad got up and left the room taking Helen with them.

“What have you been up to now, Rachel?” My dad asked.

I was really puzzled as I did not know what he meant.

He continued: “We have been asked if it would be possible for us all to go to school as soon as possible as he is only there till 1.00pm. So go and get your school uniform on and we will go now.”

As I went into my bedroom, Helen was sat on my bed and she asked what was wrong. I explained we had been asked to visit the school and I had to be in uniform to see the Headmaster, so i undressed  and put my school knickers on causing Helen to laugh again.

“Does this mean you are going to be caned and can I see the marks after?”

I looked at her in disgust and said: “I don’t have any idea why, but if I get the cane then yes, you can see the marks afterwards.”

We travelled to school in complete silence and on arriving went straight to the Headmaster’s office. His secretary was also there and informed the Headmaster that we had arrived. Mum and Dad were taken in and I was instructed to stand outside. I was straining to hear what was being said but to no avail.

The secretary then came out of her office carrying a pink folder and some paperwork and entered the Headmaster’s office. After another ten minutes or so the door opened and I was asked to enter. The secretary left and the Headmaster was sat at his desk and mum and dad at the right. Another chair was in the middle facing the Headmaster. I stood behind the chair expecting to bend over it shortly.

The Headmaster beckoned me to sit which I did in quick time.

“Rachel, as you know you have proved to be a very good student here, apart from having to learn a few rules rather quickly and painfully, and all the teachers have been really impressed by your academic achievements. Yesterday I received a phone call from the Education Committee asking if I could recommend a student to them.

“After a quickly arranged staff meeting last evening, your name was suggested and was agreed. I have just explained the situation to your parents and they are in full agreement that you will not be returning to this school after Christmas.  Instead, you are to attend a local mixed public school as a boarding student. This is a very great honour of which you should be really proud.”

With that he thanked us for coming and shook my hand and wished me all the luck I deserve.

As we drove home, I was really delighted as the school had a fantastic reputation and I was concerned if mum and dad could afford the fees. I was assured that would be no problem as I was to receive a 90% grant for the 5 terms I would be there.

As we got home and we went into more details, I was really excited and Helen, although disappointed at not seeing my caned bottom, was as excited as me. The only down side was that the discipline was used more often and prefects could slipper you.

I arrived a day early at my new school and was introduced to the prefect in charge of my house, which was Karen. She showed me around and took me to my room which had 3 other beds in it. The others would be arriving later in the evening.

Karen explained that we had to be in bed for 9.30pm and lights out was at 10.00pm after which no talking. She added that if she heard a sound from any dormitory in her house after that time she would enter and everybody in the dorm would receive 6 strokes of her slipper over the bare bottom.

After I had been taken to the kitchen instead of the dining room for an evening meal the other students began to arrive. I was sat on a chair in my room as I didn’t want to take somebody else’s bed. The first to arrive was Julie who welcomed me and told me which bed and locker was free. We both unpacked and it was explained that everything had to be neat and tidy. Then Louise and Sandra arrived together and greeted me warmly.

After we had all got settled, they took me down to the common room and I was introduced to several other girls. We made our way back to our dormitory for 9.00pm and got ready for bed before going to the bathroom. As we all got back to the room a hand bell sounded and that was the sign to get into bed. I was told that when the next bell sounded I had to turn the light out as the switch was at the side of my bed, then there would be no talking.

As we settled down after lights out, I heard a noise outside and our door opened slightly before being closed again. I then heard a loud noise, seemingly from next door, and I heard Karen’s loud voice.

“N U K D now!!!”

I heard the shuffling of feet followed by a load slap and muffled noise, then 5 more in rapid succession. This was repeated another 3 times before Karen was heard to say: “Bed,” and a door slammed.

I slept pretty well and next morning I asked Louise, who was in the next bed, what had happened last night. She explained that Karen had caught them talking next door after lights out, hence the command N U K D which means nighties up, knickers down, and they all got 6 strokes of her slipper, which she really lays on.

Over the first month or so I ad been doing really well and it was not obvious that I had only just started. The school uniform was as bad as the last school but different in colour, mainly grey with red underwear. I had seen several boys and girls punished in class with the slipper and seen several girls after they had been caned.

One night, as we were doing prep in our dorm, I asked Louise why it was that there always seemed to be two sent to the Headmaster for the cane. I didn’t remember seeing just one walking in the direction of his study. She explained that if somebody disgraced themselves as much as requiring the cane then she or he should suffer the indignity of choosing one of their dorm mates to accompany them. She said that in our dorm all our names are in a cup in the wardrobe and if anybody is caned they draw out a name to accompany them. Everyone agrees it is not fair but they are the rules.

The following week we were just getting ready to go to bed when Sandra announced that she had been reported for being rude to the cook as she had dropped some food on the floor and had not picked it up. She was to be caned the following morning.

Louise got out of bed and went to the wardrobe. She reached on to the top shelf and took out a cup. She put 4 pieces of paper on the desk and checked them all, then put Sandra’s name to one side. With the remaining three pieces of paper now in the cup, she held the cup in front of me above my head and asked me to select a piece of paper. I did so and drew out Julie’s name. I apologised and was told not to worry as it could have been me.

At break the following day, Julie and Sandra went off to the Headmaster and each received 6 of the best over their knickers. We saw them again late morning and they were in great pain at lunch. We met up in our dorm and I was asked to put cream onto Louise’s bottom, which had 6 very angry raised weals.

As we returned to the dining hall, Karen asked me where I had been and I explained I’d been helping to put cream on Julie and Sandra’s bottoms as they had been caned.

“Did you ask my permission to go to your dorm during the day?”

“No, I didn’t Karen. I thought I would be allowed to assist my friends.”

“Well, at bedtime you will learn the consequences.”

I was concerned all afternoon that I would be receiving the slipper at bedtime, but during Physics I was thinking of getting the slipper when Mr Ryder called: “Rachel Connolly, come out here and bend over the desk.” He gave me 2 stingers with his ruler across my bottom and told me to sit down.

As we got undressed for bed, I asked how much Karen hurt and was told by all three girls that she really knew how to slipper.

As the bell sounded to get into bed, our door burst open.

“Rachel Connolly, N U K D, hands on the end of the bed.”

Karen soon had me yelping in pain as she gave me 6 strokes with the slipper 3 to my right cheek and 3 to my left.

“Now dress yourself and get into bed!”

Just before half term, we heard that Sandra was in trouble again and was due another caning after prayers the following morning. That night we drew another name and this time it was Louise who had to accompany her. As we were talking, the bell for lights out sounded. and as we all said good night to each other the door burst open.

“All of you, N U K D, hands on bed,” and we all received 6 strokes from Karen’s slipper.

As I received my last stroke, the words: “Shit, that hurt,” came out as a whisper, but Karen heard it.

“Rachel Connolly, report to the Headmaster at break tomorrow for the cane for swearing. Who will accompany you?”

Julie said: “I will, as Sandra and Louise are already going.”

“Very well,” Karen said. “Looks like a full dorm for the cane tomorrow.”

As we woke in the morning, I apologised to Julie for getting her caned. We all dressed and I knew the next time I was in my dorm I would have a very well caned bottom. I also realised that we had games straight after break so all the girls would see my marks.

As the bell sounded for break, we all arrived outside the Headmaster’s office. We knocked and he came to the door, looked at the four of us and said: “Sandra, this is already the third time you have visited me this term. So you and your partner will be getting 6 of the best. Now, inside!”

As the door closed, I mouthed an expression of surprise to Julie, who nodded.

Within moments, I heard a loud slap and then a second followed by a yelp from Louise, then a third and a louder yelp, also from Louise. There was then a couple of minutes’ gap before another 3 loud cracks were followed by yelps from Louise at about 30 second intervals.

After a longer pause, the performance was repeated with Sandra’s voice providing the vocals.

After a couple of minutes, the door opened and 2 very tearful girls walked out and up the corridor. I turned back to see The Headmaster at his door.

“Inside now!”

As we entered, I saw his cane resting on his desk and 2 straight back chairs facing each other.

He just said: “Stand behind a chair each, facing each other. You should know, Rachel, that the use of foul language at any time is regarded as a very serious matter. You will therefore be allowed just one layer of clothing for this punishment. Therefore, please adjust your clothing accordingly and bend over the chairs.”

He picked up his cane and walked behind Julie, who rolled her dress up and pinned it above the waist. As soon as Julie had bent over, he then lined up the cane before taking 2 steps back and moving forward, quickly lashing the cane across the proffered bottom.

Another similar stroke followed which brought a yelp from Julie. I could see the pain in her eyes. The third stroke lashed down and she started sobbing. After he gave Julie her last 3 strokes he allowed her to pull her dress back down.

I then saw him move behind me. I was told to prepare myself in similar fashion, so I rolled my own dress up and bent over the back of my chair. I braced myself, then heard the 2 steps forward and the cane bit. How I kept my scream in I do not know, but there was no time to recover as he moved forward again. This time the scream of agony did escape my mouth.

The third and fourth strokes were just as excruciating, as the pain intensified with each stroke. The fifth was low down on the joint of bottom and thighs. Then I heard him move back further and he approached for the final stroke, which he delivered with an upward stroke to the underside of my bottom. How I did not jump up, I did not know. As we got to the toilets, Sandra and Louise were already there and helped us put cold water on our bottoms As the bell sounded we made our way to the changing rooms and at every step my knicker elastic was rubbing against the welts.

Everybody wanted to know what had happened and inspect the damage.

None of us visited the Headmaster for the cane again that term, or the summer term, but we all received the slipper. I got it three times in class, the first time for smiling as a boy returned from a visit to the headmaster for the cane. I was called out and had to face away from the class when I bent over. I was told later that my knickers were seen every time the slipper landed.

End of this Part

© Gillian Howard 2015