Punishment of a High School Senior

An American girl learns to behave the hard way.

 by Holy Diver

At the end of the penultimate period of the day, high school senior Rebecca Wharton nervously approached the Vice Principal’s office. One hand was clutching a discipline form (commonly known as a ‘pink slip’), while subconsciously her other hand was feeling her bottom. Rebecca knew full well that her bottom was about to receive ten hard swats with the wooden paddle. Before she approached the office, Rebecca’s thoughts were contemplating her misdemeanours.

On her pink slip, it said that Rebecca was to be paddled for the following offences:

 Failing to complete two homework assignments

 Regularly talking in class; not paying attention

 Generally displaying a poor attitude

 Passing notes in class

It was the offence of passing notes in class that had bumped up her earlier five swat sentence to a ten swat paddling. Before lunch, the English teacher, Ms Phillips, had recommended the five swat punishment due to the missing homework assignments, coupled with the fact that Rebecca commonly goofed off in her class.

However, in Science class, Rebecca was caught passing notes to her best friend, Amy. Unfortunately for Rebecca, her Science teacher turned out to be the head of faculty, who was aware of Rebecca’s previous sentence. The teacher wasted no time in increasing poor Rebecca’s sentence and ordered her to report to the Vice Principal at the end of the penultimate class of the day.

Rebecca was an attractive girl. She had long, wavy brown hair and had developed fair sized breasts and bottom. Consequently, she was fancied by boys and usually aimed to be the centre of attention. Recently, this proved to cause more harm than good as Rebecca’s behaviour had severely deteriorated. Today, she was going to pay the price.

Back to the present, Rebecca had arrived at the Vice Principal’s office. Mr Jim Grogan was the Vice Principal of Rebecca’s school. He was a dark haired, middle aged and portly chap. Despite his physique, Mr Grogan could still deliver the paddle effectively. Mr Grogan felt that having to paddle students was an unfortunate part of his job, but knew it was a necessary evil.

As Mr Grogan was sorting papers on his desk, he heard a knock on the door and told Rebecca to come in.

Mr Grogan started off friendly by saying: “Hello, Rebecca. What can I do for you?” before noticing her pink slip. Mr Grogan turned serious. “Oh, this doesn’t look good.”

Mr Grogan frowned while he read Rebecca’s misdemeanours. He then faced Rebecca with a serious expression on his face.

“Miss Wharton, I’m very disappointed in your recent behaviour. You are normally such an intelligent student, but your recent behaviour will not stand. You do realise I am about to use the paddle on your bottom?”

“Yes, sir,” replied Rebecca meekly.

She knew she deserved it. What Rebecca dreaded most was that she had not been spanked at home for at least five years. Her poor butt was going to hurt after this. Rebecca remembered her friends had all been paddled; Amy, Lucy, Jessica, Gina, Natalie and Stephanie had all felt the board over the past year.

Rebecca could clearly remember the incident where Amy had took Rebecca into the girl’s bathroom and Amy showed Rebecca her bare bottom to prove how severe the paddlings were in their school. Rebecca shuddered at the thought that her own bottom was going to suffer the same fate.

“I am going to fetch a witness for your paddling,” said Mr Grogan. “Please remain seated while I do so.”

While Rebecca was left alone, she saw the paddle on Mr Grogan’s desk. She decided to pick it up. It was a typically sized school paddle, 16 inches in length and a ¼ inch thick. This scary looking object was soon going to be smacking poor Rebecca’s bottom. Rebecca’s nerves were at a pitch. Her heart was pounding in her chest and her stomach was churning. She hoped Mr Grogan would get a move on.

A few minutes later, Mr Grogan returned with the school administrator, Louise Torrance. Louise was not much older than Rebecca and had felt the paddle herself while at school. To make matters worse, Louise was a friend of Rebecca’s family.

‘This is going to suck,’ Rebecca thought to herself.

Louise gave Rebecca a sympathetic look. Mr Grogan then spoke.

“Before I paddle you, Rebecca, I am going to ask Ms Flynn to check your back pockets and to make sure you are only wearing one pair of panties. After all, we don’t want you giving yourself extra padding, do we, Rebecca?”

Louise asked Rebecca to bend over Mr Grogan’s desk and to stick her bottom out. Although she hated herself for it, Louise put her hands in the back pockets of Rebecca’s jeans. Rebecca felt most uncomfortable at someone putting their hand near her bottom. Then, Louise gently held back the waistband of Rebecca’s jeans to check she was only wearing one pair of panties. Once satisfied, Louise gave Rebecca’s bottom a gentle pat. Rebecca was so embarrassed.

“All good, sir.” Said Louise.

“Very good.” Replied Mr Grogan. “Now Rebecca, I expect you to maintain position at all times. Do not move. This is for your own safety. You will receive 10 licks of the paddle and after each swat I want to hear a number and a ‘sir’ afterwards. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” Replied Rebecca.

Rebecca braced herself for her first lick. Mr Grogan took aim.

Smack! The first swat impacted greatly across Rebecca’s jean-clad butt.

Rebecca’s eyes watered. “One, sir.” She replied.

The second swat followed with another hard Smack!

“Two, sir.” Counted Rebecca.

Rebecca felt like her backside was on fire. Although Rebecca wanted to jiggle about to ease the pain, she knew she must maintain position. The third swat immediately followed with a Thud! 

“Three, sir.” Yelled Rebecca.

This was really so very painful. Louise stood by, dutifully witnessing the punishment with a sorrowful expression on her face. As much as Louise enjoyed her job, she hated this aspect. Louise was usually a good friend to the students, and she could still clearly remember her own experiences with the paddle.

The fourth swat came with yet another hard Whack! 

“Four, Sir!” Screamed Rebecca. She was losing the battle to keep the tears out her voice. The fifth swat came soon after. Smack! 

“Five, sir!” Yelled Rebecca, tears now streaming down her cheeks. Rebecca felt so embarrassed. She was 18 years old, and crying like a baby in the vice principal’s office.

“That’s the halfway mark, Rebecca.” Said Mr Grogan. “You have five more swats to come. Remember to continue to maintain position.”

Rebecca did not feel she could manage any more. She felt her bottom was never going to be the same again. Yet, Rebecca knew she had deserved this.

Mr Grogan took aim for the sixth time. Thud! 

“Six, sir!” Yelled Rebecca.

Then the seventh swat. Smack!

“Seven, sir!” Cried Rebecca.

The eighth swat proceeded. Smack!

“Eight, sir!” Two more to go.

The ninth swat was the same as the previous one. Smack! 

“Nine, sir!”

“Here comes your final swat, Rebecca.” said Mr Grogan. “I warn you, this one is going to count.”

And sure enough the tenth swat was applied with a big Whack across the girl’s buttocks.

“Ten, sir! Goddamn it, that hurt!” Screamed Rebecca.

Mr Grogan was rather shocked.

“Do watch your language, Rebecca. I know you are in pain, but that does not excuse your swearing. As that is not the worst language I’ve heard, I’ll let you off this time. But normally it would result in further punishment. So consider yourself lucky.”

“Sorry, sir.” Replied Rebecca shyly.

Rebecca looked a mess. Her face was tear-stained and her eyes were puffy. Rebecca’s face cheeks were bright red and she knew her bottom cheeks would be even redder. Louise handed Rebecca a tissue to dry her eyes and patted Rebecca’s shoulder.

Mr Grogan gave Rebecca a minute to compose herself. He then signed Rebecca’s pink slip and asked Louise and Rebecca to give their signatures.

“The slate has now been wiped clean, Rebecca.” Said Mr Grogan. I want you to hand your slip to your teacher to prove that you’ve been paddled, and then go to your class. I trust that I won’t be seeing you in here again, any time soon?”

“No, sir,” said Rebecca quietly.

“Good. Off you go now.”

Rebecca walked stiffly to hand in her pink slip to her head of faculty and then returned to her French class. Although Rebecca was relieved she didn’t have PE today, she would find having to sit on a sore bottom for the last class of the day very hard. Rebecca was constantly fidgeting and shifting her butt in an attempt to ease the pain.

It became obvious to her classmates what had happened to her. Rebecca could hear girls whispering and boys sniggering, but she did her best to ignore it. She didn’t want to get in anymore trouble.

At long last, the bell rang. Rebecca headed to the girls bathroom to check out the damage. Amy came up to her.

“Hey Becky. How’s your butt?”

“My bottom is on fire.” Replied Rebecca.

Amy seemed rather excited. “Going to the bathroom to check it out? I’ll come with you.”

Rebecca felt like she had no choice but to agree. After all, Amy was her best friend, and she was decent even to share the sight of her paddled butt with Rebecca earlier in the year.

The two girls entered the deserted bathroom. Rebecca lowered her jeans and panties and had a look in the mirror. As she feared, her bottom was bright red with some bruising on her right cheek. Amy has horrified.

“Oh my God!” She shrieked. “Look at the mess of your poor bottom.”

“Amy, calm down for God’s sake. I’ve already been paddled and I deserved it.”

Amy settled down and said: “I remember my bottom was like that when I was paddled. I suggest you use an ice pack and rub cold cream on your bottom when you get home.”

“Definitely.” Rebecca agreed.

The two girls left the building. Rebecca longed for the tub of cold cream in the cabinet at her house to soothe her fiery rear.

The End

© Holy Diver 2015