What started as a bit of fun has consequences

By Brian Melville

Cindy Barnes and Cindy Baxter are both students attending the sixth form at Pennington Hill Grammar School for Girls, in the far east of London. Pennington Hill is one of only a few private schools in London where corporal punishment is still used regularly. The deputy headmistress, using her size 12 plimsoll slipper, and the headmaster, using one of his four crook handled canes, are permitted to use corporal punishment applied to the girls’ bottoms.

Pennington Hill Grammar School for Girls has a very traditional summer and winter school uniform for all students from first to sixth form. The summer uniform consists of a maroon skirt, maroon blazer, maroon V neck pullover and jersey, white long sleeve blouse, maroon knee socks, black Mary Jane school shoes with the strap and silver buckle over the top of the foot. The winter uniform consists of only two changes, the maroon skirt and knee socks making way for maroon trousers and ankle socks. At Pennington Hill, all students are known by their surnames, and all female staff are addressed as ‘Miss’, while male staff are addressed as ‘Sir’.

With her long blonde hair, slender, fit body and deer like blue eyes, eighteen year old Cindy Baxter looked more like a twenty-one year old than a sixth form schoolgirl. Cindy also was the captain of the school’s first netball team and very competitive in everything she did. In contrast with her best friend for the past three years, the seventeen year old Cindy Barnes, with her shoulder length auburn hair and brown eyes, was shorter and not so slender or competitive, but just as fit. Cindy Barnes was captain of the schools cross-country running team.

Both girls were no strangers to the slipper, but Miss Barnes had only been caned once before, back in second form. Miss Baxter had felt the cane several times up until fourth form, two years ago.

The girls liked to make jokes and play innocent pranks on family, friends, fellow students and even a few teachers, until one cold and rainy Wednesday during the autumn of 1985.  As the twenty-four girls of 6C filed into their geography class, Cindy Baxter saw a drawing pin on the floor next to her desk and decided to pick it up. As soon as Barnes took her seat next to Baxter, she showed her find to her friend, who immediately got an idea, which she thought would be really funny. Miss Barnes shared her mischievous plan with her friend. Their teacher, Miss Peters, was late for class.

“Cindy, I’ve got an idea. Let’s place that drawing pin the seat of miss goody two shoes, Alice Whitemarsh.”

The idea caused Cindy Baxter to giggle, as she imagined Alice sitting on the drawing pin and then jumping up from her seat, causing a scene. She was known to be a drama queen.

“Excellent idea, Cindy! That will be so funny!”  Baxter said as she giggled like a first former.

“Yes, and hopefully that will force Miss Peters to at least send Alice for the slipper!” Barnes replied with a laugh in her voice.

Miss Peters, who had short, curly light brown hair and brown eyes, was rather short. The fifty year old teacher entered her classroom and a silence fell over the girls of 6C. They knew better than to talk in the strict but fair teacher’s presence.

“Morning, girls!” Miss Peters greeted them.

The class replied in a chorus: “Morning, Miss!”

“Whitemarsh, to the front of the class please!” The teacher continued.

Alice immediately stood and made her way to the teacher’s desk. She was smartly dressed in full winter uniform. As she reached the desk, the teacher tapped with her left hand on a pile of exercise books, and spoke to the girl again.

“Hand those back to the class, please girl.”

Alice complied without hesitation. A soon as she gave Baxter and Barnes their books and proceeded to the next girl, Barnes took the opportunity to place the copper coloured drawing pin, sharp end up, on the seat of Whitemarsh’s desk. A few moments later, Alice returned to her desk and sat down onto the seat, but as soon as her bottom made contact with the hard wooden surface she flew up, yelling at the top of her voice.

“Ow, ow, ouchh! Something stung me on my bottom! Ow, ow, ow!” She was hopping around from foot to foot.

This behaviour really annoyed Miss Peters, who snapped: “Stop that, Whitemarsh! Right now, and let me see what that is stuck to the seat of your trousers.”

Alice didn’t stop hopping around, but did continue making funny howling noises, which caused the geography teacher to grab the girl by the back of her neck and force her over an empty desk for closer inspection. The teacher then saw the drawing pin firmly stuck through the school trousers and the girls underwear into the flesh of her bottom. Miss Peters plucked the pin out with a swift movement of the hand, causing Alice to shriek at the top of her voice. As soon as the drawing pin was removed, the teacher let go of the girl who fell into a heap on the floor, sobbing and holding her bottom.

Miss Peters snapped: “Stop that, Whitemarsh! Right now! Or must I send you to Miss West?”

Alice didn’t hear the teacher’s threat and so continued her sobbing as she laid on the floor clutching her injured bottom. Miss Peters grabbed the girl by the ear and pulled her to her feet.

“Stop that! Or do you want to go visit the deputy headmistress for a dose of her slipper, Whitemarsh?”

The teacher’s words made the girl come to her senses immediately.

“No Miss! Please Miss, don’t send me for the slipper!” She answered meekly.

“Then you’d better calm down, girl! Go stand in the corner behind my desk, facing the wall with your hands on your head.” The teacher said.

“Yes miss!” Replied Alice, knowing better than to argue with the teacher.

Alice got to about a foot away from the corner and stood facing it with her hands by her side when the teacher spoke again.

“Hands on your head, Whitemarsh, and get your nose right into the corner!”

Alice complied, although feeling angry and rather silly having to stand in the corner like a naughty girl even though she was the innocent victim. The teacher continued.

“I don’t want to hear a word from you, or see you move till I tell you to, girl, or you will be feeling the sting of the slipper from Miss West across your bottom for disrupting my class with your little drama!”

Turning her attention to the rest of the class, the teacher asked:
“Which of you girls were responsible for the drawing pin on Whitemarsh’s seat?”

None of the twenty-three remaining girls answered, so Miss Peters decided to threaten the class.

“The girl or girls responsible better own up right away or I will have no choice but to send the lot of you to Mr Johnston, the headmaster!”

The teacher waited a full minute before continuing with her threat, seeing that no one was willing to take responsibility for the incident.

“I am sure the headmaster will be more than willing to cane the lot of you if the culprits don’t own up to this childish and dangerous prank!”

The prospect of getting caned was enough to convince Wendy Abrahams, a tall, skinny red headed girl with freckles and glasses to raise her hand.

Miss Peters snapped: “Abrahams?”

Wendy stood before addressing the teacher. “Miss, I saw who placed the drawing pin on Alice’s seat.”

This caused the two Cindy’s to get very nervous indeed, knowing that they would surely end up being caned if Wendy named them as the culprits.

Miss Peters looked at Abrahams for a few seconds before asking her to say who did it.

Alice was also very interested to hear who was responsible for her painful experience as she stood in the corner like a naughty girl, even though it was only to calm her down.

“Would you be so kind as to tell us who was responsible for the drawing pin sticking into Whitemarsh’s bottom?” Miss Peters asked.

Wendy took a deep breath before answering. “Yes miss, it was Cindy Barnes and Cindy Baxter, miss!”

This caused both friends to go pale as a shiver ran down their spines and their mouths went dry.

As soon as Wendy uttered the names, she knew she would regret being a snitch, but she hated nasty pranks like that, and, to her, it was bullying, not a prank. Alice had to bite her lip not to turn around and grab one of them by the hair.

Miss Peters snapped angrily: “Barnes and Baxter! On your feet! Now!”

The two girls jumped to their feet as they saw Olivia Oliver also with her hand raised.

The teacher continued: “Hands on your heads, stand up straight!”

The girls complied, as the teacher turned her attention to Oliver.

“Yes Oliver, anything to add?”

Olivia stood and then answered: “Yes miss, I saw Baxter picking up and showing the pin to Barnes who then placed it on Whitemarsh’s seat, miss.”

This was enough for Miss Peters as she snapped at the two girls: “Right, both of you can go to the headmaster’s study. Right now! You can explain to him what and why you did what you did.”

The girls looked at the teacher and then at each other as they made their way towards the door of the classroom. As they passed the teacher’s desk, Alice swung around and snapped at the two friends.

“You fucking bitches! You should be expelled, not caned!”

Miss Peters snapped: “Stop that, Whitemarsh! Or you will be joining them in the headmaster’s study!”

“I will get you for this, you fucking cows!” Alice yelled as Barnes and Baxter left the classroom for the short walk down the corridor to the headmaster.

“Get back in that corner, Whitemarsh! Right now! And you’d better watch your language, young lady!” The teacher snapped.

Alice turned and assumed her position again, in the corner. Meanwhile the two pranksters arrived at the school reception office and Cindy Baxter took it upon herself to report to the school secretary.

“Morning, Miss Lewis, we were sent to see the headmaster by Miss Peters, miss!”

The secretary looked at the two very nervous looking girls for a few seconds before asking: “Surnames and form, please?”

Baxter replied: “Baxter and Barnes from 6C, miss!”

Miss Lewis then replied: “Right girls, you can have a seat on those chairs up against the wall by the door to the headmaster’s study.”

The girls nervously made their way to the hard plastic, black chairs and sat down next to each other, with Barnes right by the door.  The secretary picked up the phone and the girls could only hear her side of the conversation.

“Headmaster, sorry to disturb you, but I have Barnes and Baxter here to see you. Yes, headmaster, Miss Peters sent them, so I guess they’re in trouble as they seem rather nervous. Yes sir, thank you headmaster.”

She put the phone down and then addressed the two girls: “The headmaster will see you girls in a bit, so be quiet and sit still, while you wait, please!”

About five minutes later, the door opened and the grey haired, figure of Mr Johnston appeared in the reception area. Mr Johnston was a short, grey haired man with a rather big stomach who was known to be very strict but fair, and was very able to put any of his canes to proper use without hesitation if he believed it was well deserved.

“Barnes and Baxter, inside and close the door behind you.” The headmaster snapped as he turned and took his seat behind his large oak desk again.

The girls followed and Baxter closed the door behind her as the headmaster motioned with his hand to where they should stand in front of his desk, just behind the two chairs for visiting teachers or parents.

Mr Johnston looked at the two girls in front of him for a few seconds before he asked: “Barnes, would you be so kind and inform me why you and Baxter find yourselves here, at this time of morning?”

Cindy Barnes stuttered: “Uh, oh, because we did something wrong, sir.”

The headmaster snapped: “Yes, obviously you did something wrong, Barnes! What did you do wrong, girl?”

“We played a prank on Alice Whitemarsh during geography, sir.” A blushing Miss Barnes replied as she looked down at the tips of her shiny black shoes on the plush cream carpet.

Mr Johnston turned his attention to Cindy Baxter, who was also staring at the carpet.


The tall blonde looked up in shock as she heard her name.

“What prank did you and Barnes play on Whitemarsh?” The headmaster asked sternly.

Cindy Baxter blushed bright red and looked at her friend for a few seconds, before answering the headmaster, meekly.

“We placed a drawing pin on Alice’s seat of her desk and she sat on it, so it got stuck right into her bottom, sir.”

“You did what?!!!” The headmaster yelled.

Both girls immediately bowed their heads and looked at the floor, knowing the headmaster was now really angry. After a full minute, Mr Johnston spoke again.

“You two are in sixth form! Not first form! First former girls do stupid things like that! You are really very silly and irresponsible for your age, so I will have to deal with you in a very serious manner!”

Both girls meekly replied in a chorus: “We are really, very sorry, sir!”

“Quiet! Both of you! Stand up straight. Face me!”

The two friends complied without hesitation. Meanwhile, the headmaster turned towards the full wall-to-ceiling bookcase behind him, and went to one of two cabinets on the left side.

As he unlocked and opened the cabinet, he said: “I will be using one of these, to deal with your stupid, irresponsible behaviour!”

He moved out of the way so the contents of the cabinet were in full view of the two girls. Inside were four crook handled canes of different lengths and thickness hanging on hooks inside the cabinet. The first cane on the left, known as the white cane due to a white piece of tape around the handle, was short, just one and a half feet long and only an eighth of an inch thick. To its right, the next cane was known as the red cane due to the red tape round the handle, and was two feet long and a quarter of an inch thick. Next, the blue cane was two and a half foot long and three eights of an inch thick. The last cane, the black cane, was three foot long and half an inch thick.

Cindy Barnes had received the second cane, the red cane, back in third form for talking in class after repeated warnings. It was only two strokes across the seat of her school skirt, but it really hurt.

Cindy Baxter had been in Mr Johnston’s study just a month ago for skipping mathematics, and she was on the receiving end of the third cane, a well deserved four strokes over the seat of her school skirt.

Both girls knew this time that they were really in for it and the blonde Baxter girl prayed that Mr Johnston didn’t decide to give them the maximum of eight strokes, allowed at the school. Miss Barnes was almost in tears as she waited nervously to hear their punishment.

“Baxter, Barnes!.Both of you will be bending over shortly for six of the best with one of those canes in the cabinet behind me!” The headmaster continued sternly as he sat down in his chair, while opening a drawer and taking out the punishment register.

“You will in turn bend over, touching your toes with your legs perfectly still, facing  forward  and you will remain in that position until I tell you to move. Are we clear?”

After a few seconds, the headmaster snapped: “Are we clear, girls?”

Baxter relied: “Yes sir!” She nudged her friend in the ribs as she answered.

“Uh, oh, Y-yes sir!” The other girl replied.

The headmaster opened the punishment register and both girls could see the last entry made in the book.

“08:05, Melany Jardine, 6A, skipping school with false sick note from parents, 4 strokes, blue cane across the seat of school trousers.”

The two girls glanced at each, surprised to see the deputy head girl’s name, offence and punishment as the last entry.

The headmaster picked up his pen and made the next two entries into the punishment register. Seeing their names, offences and punishment being written down brought Cindy Baxter straight back to reality, while her best friend next to her was trying to calm herself by telling herself that fortunately this time she had trousers on, which should give extra protection.

“09:05, Cindy Baxter, 6C, playing dangerous prank on fellow student, 6 of the best with the blue cane across the seat of school trousers.”

“09:05, Cindy Barnes, 6.C, playing dangerous prank on fellow student, 6 of the best with the blue cane across the seat of school trousers.”
Miss Baxter sighed a rather loud sigh of relief as she saw they would be feeling the blue cane across their bottoms and not the feared black one. Miss Barnes was now really nervous, but equally glad the black cane was not being used.

Mr Johnston then sat back, looking at the two teenagers staring at the entries in the punishment register before addressing the sixth formers.

“Right girls, I need to make an urgent phone call before we can get down to the business at hand, so I want you to follow me, please!”

The headmaster got up from his seat and made his way through the door back into the reception area, through the door leading into the secretaries’ office, to a blank wall to the left of Miss Lewis, and addressed the two eighteen year old girls.

“Barnes, over here.”

As Cindy Barnes went to the preferred spot, she stood hands clasped in front of her, about a foot from the wall, facing the headmaster.

The headmaster took four steps to the right of her, and snapped: “Baxter, over here girl!”

Cindy Baxter moved to the spot the headmaster pointed out, and stood with her back to the wall, hands clasped behind her back.

The headmaster looked at the two girls before speaking again. “Turn around and face the wall, hands on your heads and get your noses right up against that wall.”

The girls obeyed and, once they were in position, the headmaster addressed the secretary.

“Miss Lewis, would you please keep an eye on these two miscreants for me? I just need to make a phone call, before dealing with them.”

“Of course, Mr Johnston.”

“Thank you, Miss Lewis!” The headmaster said as he turned and made his way back into his study.

The girls heard the door close behind the headmaster as they stood with their noses to the wall. Barnes felt rather self conscious as she stood there, knowing that anyone entering the reception area would see them standing there and will know immediately they were in trouble. Fortunately, no one could see her face, or recognise her from behind.

Baxter’s thoughts were back in the geography class as she wondered if Alice Whitemarsh was still standing with her nose to the corner as well.

Then the secretary spoke in her normal, soft friendly voice: “Stand up straight, girls, and keep your noses close as you can to the wall, please!”

The girls complied. After a few minutes Cindy Baxter adjusted her hands slightly on her head, causing the secretary to snap: “Stop fidgeting, Baxter!”

“Sorry, miss!” The blonde teenager replied meekly.

After two minutes, which felt like hours to Cindy Barnes, the secretary spoke again: “So girls, how many are you in for and which cane will he be using?”

Cindy Barnes rolled her eyes, thinking the secretary had quite a cheek asking a question like that.

“Six with the blue cane, Miss.” Her ash blonde friend replied.

This caused Barnes to cringe.

The secretary smiled before she replied. “Well then, you must have been really naughty, mustn’t you?”

“Yes miss!” Young Baxter replied

“Good, that’s enough talking now! Stay in position girls! I am sure Mr Johnston will  want you back soon.”

Then, the telephone rang, causing both girls to jump in fearful anticipation.

The secretary answered. “Mr Johnston? Will do, headmaster!”

As she placed the phone back on its receiver she said: “Right girls, the headmaster is ready for you, now.”

Miss Lewis stood and, as she walked past Baxter, she instructed: “Follow me, girls.”

Miss Lewis made her way to the headmaster’s study door and as soon as both girls were standing in front of the door, with Baxter in front and Barnes right behind her, Miss Lewis whispered: “Next time I see you, I’m afraid your bottoms will be a little sore, ladies!”

She slowly opened the door and let the girls enter the study. Miss Lewis closed the door and went on to resume her work.

As the two girls approached the front of the headmaster’s desk, he ordered: “Hands on your heads, stand up straight and face me!”

The two best friends complied, and as soon as they were in position the headmaster sat back in his chair and looked at the two pretty girls in front of him.

“Anything either of you want to say before we continue with the business at hand?” After a few seconds he added: “Barnes?”

“No sir!”


“Just that we are really sorry, sir!” Cindy replied.

Mr Johnston looked at the blonde for a few seconds, then stood and made his way to the still open cabinet containing his collection of rattan canes.

“You will be sorry once I am done with you, girl!”

He took the blue cane from the cabinet and flexed it between his hands as he turned to face the two sixth formers.

“You will be very sorry! Both of you!” He said as he moved around his desk to a point just behind the two girls. “Stay as you are, facing my desk.”

He moved the table and chairs to the far end of his study to create space for the girls to bend over and to allow him enough room to get a good swing with the cane. Once he was satisfied, he tested the cleared area by taking a few practice swings with the cane, letting it slice through the air a few times with a swish, every time.

Just the sound of the cane swishing behind her caused Cindy Baxter’s eye to water and she had to sniff the tears back. Mr Johnston then took a few seconds to look at the two miscreants from behind as they stood hands on head facing his desk, and he couldn’t help but notice the difference in the bottoms of the two friends. Baxter had a tiny, round and very firm bottom, compared to Barnes’s bigger, more fleshy bottom.

“Right, remove your blazers and hang them over the backs of the two chairs in front of you!”

Both girls took a quick glance at each other as they removed their blazers and placed them neatly over the chair backs.

“Hands back on your heads, and keep facing my desk, girls!” The head continued.

Taking a few more practice swings, he waited for the girls to settle down.

“Baxter, since you were here just a few weeks ago, I will deal with you last. You will remain in the position you are in until it is your turn to bend over. Understood?”

Baxter replied meekly: “Yes sir!”

“Barnes, turn around and face me, girl!” The headmaster snapped.

The auburn haired teenager’s heart sank to her feet as she swallowed hard before turning around to face the headmaster. As she turned, she saw the headmaster flexing the rattan rod between his two hands.

“Come and over here, facing the window.” The head ordered.

Barnes did as she was told, and as she stood facing the window, with her back towards the wall next to the door. She wanted to beg for mercy, but she knew better.

“Right Barnes, bend over and touch your toes!”

Cindy Barnes took a deep breath and then bent at the waist, pressing the tips of her fingers firmly on the tips of her black school shoes. Her auburn hair covered her face, as she felt her trousers stretched tightly across her up-turned bottom, making the perfect target for the waiting  cane.

Mr Johnston placed the business end of the blue cane against the bent over girl’s bottom, as he got into the perfect position, to the left and slightly behind Miss Barnes. Once the headmaster was in position he tapped the cane against the seat of the girl’s drum tight trousers, as he addressed the girl for a final time.

“Barnes, this will hurt as it’s suppose to. You will be expected to remain in this position till I tell you to move. If not, I will add two extra strokes for each time you move or try to cover your bottom, understood?”

Tapping the cane against the girl’s bottom, he waited for the reply.

“Y-y-yes sir!” Barnes replied almost in a whisper.

“Right, Let’s get started.”

The tapping stopped and Cindy felt the cane being pressed firmly across the centre of her bottom for a few seconds, and then with one swift movement the headmaster swung the cane back and brought it down with a flick of the wrist.

Swissh, thwackk!

The first stroke landed dead on target, across the centre of the bottom, causing the young miss Barnes to gasp for air. After ten seconds, another few taps just above the first stroke and; swishh, tthwack! The second stroke found its way to the aimed spot, causing the auburn haired eighteen year old’s head to jerk back, as her fingers lifted from her shoe tips with a rather loud: “Ouch! It stings!”

As she forced herself back into position, she heard: “Straighten those legs, Barnes!” The headmaster tapped her bottom just above the last stroke.

“Keep still, girl!”

The headmaster took a few practice swings behind the bent over girl, causing her to flinch with every swish. Then, without warning; swisshh, thwacckk! The third and hardest stroke yet found its way to just above the last stroke.

It was met with a faint: “Oww, oww, ouch!”

Almost immediately after the third stroke, with only a single tap just below the first stroke; sswwissh, tthhwackk! The fourth stroke landed firmly across the fleshiest part of Cindy Barnes’ bottom. This time the poor girl lost control and shot upright, as her hands flew to her scorched bottom, giving it a good soothing rub as she hopped from foot to foot.

The ash blonde Cindy Baxter did not dare to try and look behind her, knowing all too well what six of the best felt like.

The headmaster gave the Barnes a few seconds before he snapped: “Touch your toes, Barnes! Right now!”

Cindy Barnes obeyed immediately with a rather loud sigh, praying to herself that Mr Johnston would have mercy on her and not add the extra two strokes. The tapping started again.

“If you do that again I will add two strokes, understood?” Mr Johnston said sternly.

“Yes sir!” Came a very relieved but pain stricken reply.

“Two strokes to go, Barnes!” The head continued.

Cindy Barnes closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as she waited for the final two strokes.

Tap, tap, tap, swwiiisshh, tthhwwaackk! Stroke number five found its stinging spot just above the natural crease where bottom meets thigh, causing a very loud: “Ouch, oww, oww, it hurts!’ coming from the well punished eighteen year old.

The headmaster decided to let the girl wait a full minute before administering the final stroke. After about twenty seconds, Barnes turned her head slightly and saw the headmaster just standing there flexing the cane between his hands, just looking at her bottom. This made her feel very self conscious, and she blushed slightly at the thought of such an old man looking at her bottom, but there was nothing she could do or say unless she wanted to submit to three more strokes instead of one.

Finally, she felt the cane being held very low down against her bottom before a single tap and then swwwiiiisshhhh, tthhwaackk! The firnal stroke seared across her bottom, right on the crease where bottom meets thighs, causing a very intense mixture of sting and throbbing pain, but she managed to remain in position with only a grunt escaping from her tightly pressed lips. Thirty seconds later the headmaster addressed the still bent over girl.

“Let that be a lesson to you, Barnes! Get up and go stand next to Baxter with your hands on your head, facing my desk!”

Miss Barnes gave her bottom a quick rub as she made her way to join her friend.

As soon as she was in position, the headmaster snapped: “Stand up straight, feet together and chin up, Barnes! Baxter over here, girl!”

Cindy Baxter slowly turned and made her way to the headmaster.

“Quick about it, girl! I don’t have all day!” The head snarled.

Miss Baxter got to the headmaster and stood looking at him.

“Over there, girl! Face the window! Touch your toes! You know the form, Baxter!”

“Yess sir!” Cindy Baxter said meekly as the slender teenager reached down before pressing her fingers firmly against the front tips of her shoes, then she straightened her long legs and pushed her tiny, round, little bottom out, now covered in her tightly stretched school trousers. Her blonde hair covered her face as her white blouse also stretched tightly across her pert breasts, Cindy found this position familiar, but also very uncomfortable as she regulated her breathing to keep herself calm, knowing what was coming.

The headmaster tapped her bottom a few times as he addressed her sternly: “Right Baxter, you know the form! I don’t need to explain myself again, do I?”

“No sir!” Came a very confident sounding voice from underneath the hair covered face.


Tap, tap, tap, then he just held the cane firmly against the girl’s bottom for a few seconds before snapping again: “Keep still, girl!”

Then with a single tap, the headmaster drew the cane back and with a swift move he brought the cane slicing through the air with a swish, down towards the well presented target. The first stroke landed with a sound thwack across the centre of the much smaller target. The girl did not make a sound, but the headmaster could see her tensing her bottom muscles as the cane made contact with the drum tight trouser seat.

Mr Johnston waited a full thirty seconds before he tapped the bottom again three times before delivering the second stroke just above the first, with a  swishh, thhwack! This caused the pretty girl to gasp for air as a muffled: “Oww!” escaped from her lips.

Ten seconds later another four taps and swishhh, tthhhwackk! Stroke three landed above the second and, being the hardest stroke yet, young Baxter’s head jerked back as her knees buckled slightly in agony, but she regained her composure and position very quickly.

“Keep still, Baxter! We are only half way!” The head snapped.

“Yes sir, but it hurts, sir!” Complained Cindy.

“Stop that silly behaviour unless you want extras,” the head replied.

At this point Cindy Barnes had half turned to see what was going on behind her. The headmaster noticed this immediately and snarled: “Barnes, face my desk! I told you not to move from your position, didn’t I?”

“Yes sir! Sssorry sir!” As she quickly turned back facing the desk.

Mr Johnston continued: “Stand up straight with your feet together. If you so much as flinch, you will be finding yourself touching your toes again for some extra strokes.”

Once the girl was back in position the headmaster placed the cane just below the first stroke and tapped the young miss Baxter’s bottom a few times before he let the fourth stroke rip through the air with a swwiisshh and a resounding thhwwaacckk, as it settled its stinging pain right on target. Baxter just gasped loudly for air as she shook her head and swayed her bottom from left to right before keeping it perfectly still and pushing it out again. Thirty seconds went by and, without any touch of the rattan rod, there was a swwissh, followed by a cracking thhwaacckk as the fifth stroke intensified the stinging pain covering her entire bottom. This was met a few seconds later with a very loud: “Ouch!”

The slender ash blonde girl braced herself for the final stroke, knowing from past experience that the headmaster would really lay it on to drive the message home. A full minute went by, with the head taking practice swings behind the bent over teenager, who wished she could get up and soothe her tremendously throbbing bottom, but there was one stroke to come.

Then the headmaster took aim again, right in the middle of the girl’s bottom, on top of the first stroke. With a few taps, then with a swissssh and a swift flick of the wrist, the final stroke fell at an angle across the previous five strokes, with  a pistol-shot-like thhhwwwaacckk!  This caused Cindy Baxter’s knees to buckle and her hands to leave the tips of her shoes as she leaped into the air, both hands clasping her very sore bottom. She danced around the floor frantically rubbing her bottom, while saying: ‘Oww, oww,oww!”

This behaviour really irritated the headmaster. “Baxter! Stop that childish behaviour and get back into position over here! Right now!”

Cindy Baxter realized what she was doing and immediately turned and assumed the position, with her fingers on the tips of her shoes and her bottom stuck well up in the air. The headmaster waited a full minute before addressing the girl again.

“Right Baxter, after that little childish display you can count yourself lucky I am not going to give you any extra strokes!” Get up and join Barnes over there, with your hands on your head, facing my desk!”

Miss Baxter got up and quickly made her way to her friend and assumed the prescribed position. The headmaster then placed the cane back in the cabinet and locked the door, before taking his seat behind his desk. He took a few moments just looking at the two tear-stained faces in front of him, before addressing them for the final time.

“I hope you two girls learned something from those thrashings.”

“Yes sir!” Barnes and Baxter replied in a chorus.

The headmaster continued: “I don’t want to see either of you in front of me ever again for any form of prank, or I will resort to the black cane, understood Baxter?”

“Yes sir!” The blonde girl answered.

“And you Barnes?” The headmaster continued.

“Yes sir!” Miss Barnes replied meekly, eyes cast down to her feet.

“Good! Now get back to your class and apologize to Alice Whitemarsh! I will be asking Whitemarsh to ensure you do as you are told.” The headmaster said sternly.

The girls took their blazers and, after putting them back on, they left the study, Baxter closing the door behind them. The two friends made their way back to their geography class in silence, while soothing their bottoms with both hands.

As they got back to class, Miss Peters asked: “So girls, what did the headmaster do?”

Cindy Baxter answered while blushing: “We got six of the best each, miss!”

“Good for him! Now go sit down!” Miss Peters replied with a smile.


The rest of the class couldn’t resist looking as the two friends took their seats, wincing in pain as their still smarting and very tender bottoms made contact with the hard wooden seats of their desks.


Both girls saw Alice Whitemarsh sitting at her desk three rows in front of Cindy Baxter.  Alice turned her head and glanced at the two friends in anger. The geography double period dragged by, and eventually the bell rang at ten o’clock to announce first break.


As the two friends approached the door, Alice Whitemarsh came up behind them and slapped Cindy Baxter as hard as she could on her left bum cheek while running  past the slender girl. She did the same to Cindy Barnes, but on her right bum cheek, causing both teenagers to shriek in pain. Before the girls could come to terms with what just happened, a stern voice echoed through the corridors.

“Whitemarsh! To my study straight away!”

Alice almost fainted as she heard her name, knowing she has been caught red handed by the deputy headmistress. The poor girl made her way to the study of the deputy headmistress as the two pranksters went on to enjoy their break.

Just before the end of the break, Alice Whitemarsh came up to the two friends with tears in her eyes, still sniffing back the tears.

“Hi, I need to apologize to both of you for slapping your bottoms like that earlier!” Alice said meekly.

Cindy Barnes replied: “That’s all good, Alice! I also want to apologize to you for playing that stupid and very dangerous prank on you in geography this morning!”

“Me too! I mean, I do apologize for the prank as well, Alice!” Cindy Baxter interrupted Alice.


“That’s okay, I forgive you!” Alice said with a huge grin on her face.

“We forgive you too, Alice!” Miss Baxter replied with a smile.

Cindy Barnes couldn’t resist any longer and just had to ask: “So, did Miss Harris whack your bottom with her slipper?”

“Yes she did; four strokes on the seat of my trousers, and boy did it sting! But, I am pretty sure the six of the best with the cane was much more painful for the two of you from Mr Johnston.”

Both girls agreed. The three girls became best friends on that day.

The End

© Brian Melville 2018