A student’s part time job develops into something unexpected

By Paul S

Penny was 18 and a girl as green as grass when she started University. She kept herself to herself and concentrated on her studies. She did not have a regular boyfriend and came from a middle-class family with no real money worries, initially.

Her first year at University went as well as could be expected. Living on campus in halls of residence was affordable and fun, with plenty of social mixing and activities to try, but she remained very insular, putting her studies first.

She had a girly figure at first, ate well and looked after herself. However, campus life started taking its toll, with boys making advances and she started social drinking and eating fast-food to keep up with the guys and other girls on her course, although did not mix socially a great deal.

However, she started putting on weight and by the end of the year after her exams, she was becoming a very curvy 36-26-38 and finding her clothes and underwear were getting tight, with skin-tight trousers and tops.

She went on holiday abroad with a friend who had taken up a part-time job, pole dancing, to raise cash as she was already in her second year and finding it tough going.

Penny helped her out and asked her about jobs on campus, but her friend said most were already taken, and shop work, etc. was minimum wage or zero hours.

She did the pole dancing as a necessity as she had a good figure with a long blonde wig, although was not particularly attractive, unlike Penny who was fast becoming eye candy. Lucy wore a blonde wig to entice the punters to give extra tips.

Penny’s friend, Lucy, said it paid well and there was no sex permitted by the licensee, who was a woman who looked after her girls.

The summer passed and the new term started. Penny moved into lodgings with three other girls, including her friend Lucy, but found the rent and bills were now much higher.
Her law course was going well, but Penny worried about money as her grant was being drained away all too quickly by the increased costs of paying commercial rents.

Penny went to the campus part-time job advisor and student counsellor, and she said to try local shops or cleaning jobs as all the bar jobs were in demand and taken, as they paid well.

The student jobs advisor then said: “Penny, you have a really nice curvy figure. Have you thought about modelling ladies’ underwear or clothes? Take this brochure and contact me if interested. It pays well at £100 a session with opportunities to do this professionally and work in fashion, etc. long term.”

Penny took the brochure and thumbed through the pages over a glass of wine.

Lucy asked if she was thinking of doing pole dancing or escort work like other students, but Penny said: “Hell no! I am not really into that sort of stuff.”

Penny gave the lady a ring and they agreed to set up a photo shoot.

Penny agreed to model some clothes, but the photographer persuaded her to try on and shoot some very saucy underwear, such as bras and panties, thongs and suspenders in provocative positions to emphasize her curvy figure and attractive looks and flowing red hair.

Penny was pleased with the shoot photos, and the £100 she had earned, and went back to her studies, but thought nothing more of it. Some of her year though were less than nice about her revealing photos and cleavage, already seen on one or two adverts around the town.

She was dozing off in a tedious lecture about consumer rights when her phone pinged with a text message.

It read: ‘The agency and mags loved your photos and would like you to come into the agency to discuss more shoots. Would you also consider doing videos or movie work involving spanking and/or porno movies up to £400/hour? Text-back or ring 07999 xxxxxxx. if so.’

Penny was listening to her lecture, but her head was in a flat spin.

After the lecture she rushed back to the lodgings and showed the text to Lucy.

Lucy said: “Wow! They must really love you! You should do this!”

Penny said: “I’m not so sure. I don’t like the idea of doing porn, and spanking sounds painful.”

Lucy reassured her and said: “Hey, I get guys slapping my butt and thighs every Friday night dancing when doing a pole dance or private session with two girls, and you get used to it. I would bite their hands off for £400 an hour.”

Penny rang the agency and said: “No problem doing the modelling, but can I sleep on the other two?”

She went away and had a long think and was not keen initially. But £400 seemed like a lot of easy money right now and was sorely tempting, despite the prospect of exposing herself and being dominated.

In the end she thought: Oh! Sod it, I really need the money,” and contacted the agency to arrange a spanking audition.”

Penny went to an address given to her by the agency and met a strict-looking dominant lady in a room full of chairs and desks with some implements hanging on the wall next to a conservatory.

She asked if it was Penny’s first time and if she was nervous, and she said: “Yes.”

Then, Penny was given a glass of wine to ease her nerves.

The lady explained the audition was to check her suitability and the session would be recorded, but she would be paid plus her expenses. Then she asked if Penny had any questions.

Penny replied: “No.”

The lady asked her to change into some saucy black underwear with hold-ups, leaving her blouse on but to take off her jumper. She then suddenly pulled Penny firmly by the ear across her lap and started spanking her without warning.

Penny was caught completely by surprise and gasped, but found herself being smacked very firmly. After 5 minutes her dress was lifted, and the spanking continued over her skimpy black knickers.

A further 5 minutes elapsed, and her knickers were then taken down to her thighs with Penny pleading: “No, please.”

But her arm was restrained while the dominant lady spanked her bare bottom thoroughly.
She was then told to get up and kneel on the chair with her high heels protruding and felt her long red hair being firmly grasped as she was bent right over and felt a cold leather paddle against her bottom.

The stern lady said she would give her 20 strokes to test her reactions. Penny tossed her long curly red hair, gasped and squirmed and begged, to the delight of the stern lady.
When it was over, Penny was left breathless with a nicely reddened bottom and panties around her ankles, but the lady was impressed with Penny.

She said: “For a first timer, that was impressive. The way you tossed your hair and really squirmed your bottom over my lap and begged will have the punters queuing for more.”
Penny thanked the lady and left. Later, she rang the agency and said it was: “The most thrilling 20 minutes of my life.”

One thing led to another and Penny, despite her initial reservations, progressed to the strap, belt, crop, flogger and cane and gradually turned from a shy girl into a female tigress not afraid to flaunt her body.

Unfortunately, the University got to hear of Penny’s adventures and said it was inconsistent with their law course, after a complaint from fellow students.

She agreed to leave if she could finish her year and transfer to a similar Open University course and complete her degree, which she did successfully the following year.
Penny kept in regular touch with Lucy, who left to become a professional dancer, and worked with Penny on joint Lesbian spanking shoots which became more and more adventurous over time.

Penny was very surprised to find herself and Lucy nominated for industry awards as the best newcomers and artists, including ‘Spankee of the year’ trophy which she won with a £2,000 prize.

She went on to become well established in the industry and said she would quit in 4 or 5 years to perhaps settle down and get married and start a family.

Penny’s part time law degree was useful for agreeing her business contracts, but said it was the paddle and crop hanging in her wardrobe that had really turned her from a shy girl into a red blooded woman.

The End

© Paul S 2020