The sixth instalment of the “Girls of St Mary’s” series

By Penny Morton

“I won’t warn you again about chatting in my class girls,” said Miss Helen Howarth as she took the sixth form girls for revision maths during the last lesson on a warm Friday afternoon. She had recently joined the staff at St Mary’s and, at twenty-three and recently out of college; she was not much older than the senior girls she was teaching. She was quite small and neatly dressed in a white blouse and a long blue skirt. Her fashionable shoes with very high heels helped to boost her height and confidence. Her dark hair was quite short and a small golden cross on a necklace was her only visible jewellery. This was her first lesson with the sixth form who were a mixture of prefects and non–prefects.

The girls noticed that she was rather nervous and lacking in experience, and some wondered if they could have a little fun at her expense to liven up the lesson. Penny Bates decided to take the lead in playing the new mistress up. Maths wasn’t her favourite subject and she had a record of challenging authority. Penny’s room mate Becky Foster warned her to be careful.

“I overheard some fifth formers saying yesterday how strict the new maths mistress was,” whispered Becky. “They said that she was ‘ace with a slipper’, so be careful, Penny darling, if you don’t want to be given a very sore botty.”

“Don’t worry, Becks, I’ll be careful,” replied Penny with a giggle. “I reckon little Miss Howarth is too small and dainty to pack much punch with a slipper. She’s a pussycat. I could eat her for breakfast and still feel hungry!”

The lesson continued for a few minutes until Miss Howarth, who was writing algebraic formulae on the board, was again aware of conversation. She turned round quickly.

“You girl! The blonde girl in the back row! Were you talking?” She asked crossly.

“Yes, Miss. Sorry, Miss.” The culprit got to her feet.

“What’s your name?”

“Penny Bates, Miss.”

“Right, come up to the front.”

“Why Miss?” asked Penny cheekily, still standing at her desk. “Can’t I talk from here?”

“Come here at once girl,” ordered Miss Howarth, her pale face becoming a little pink.

Penny came slowly forward trying to suppress a grin. The girls had been allowed to remove their blazers in class during the warm weather, but they still looked neat in their crisp white blouses, their green mid–thigh length skirts, green and gold ties and white ankle socks with sensible shoes. Some ties were not properly in place and the odd top button was open. It was still quite early in the summer term, but not quite warm enough for the blue gingham dresses that comprised full summer uniform.

“I have just warned the class about talking in my lesson, Penny, and find you still chatting away despite my warning. Have you anything to say before I punish you?” Miss Howarth looked up at Penny’s face as she spoke.

“Please don’t punish me Miss. I’ve already said I was sorry and most of the other mistresses don’t mind if we chat in their lessons, do they girls?”

Several girls murmured their agreement and the general level of conversation increased.

“Be quiet all of you,” ordered the teacher. “I am sure the headmistress would not approve of any chattering in classes.”

“Oh I don’t think Miss Gregory is quite so strict as she was Miss,” remarked Penny with another grin at her classmates.

“Right, Penny. You will go and stand out in the corridor until I call you back in at the end of the lesson.”

“But Miss that’s not fair. I will miss your lesson and the algebra you are teaching us.”

“No you won’t miss it because you are having two hours maths detention with me on Saturday morning. That’s tomorrow of course. I already have one or two silly fifth year girls coming.”

“But, Miss. I can’t. I’m already engaged. We have tennis practice then.” replied Penny, encouraged by the murmurs of the other girls.

“Not on this Saturday morning, Penny.”

Penny pouted in rather a childish way.

“Please, Miss. Couldn’t you punish me in some other way, and not put me in the corridor. If you send me out Miss Gregory might come along and find me.”

“But you said she didn’t mind girls chatting in class Penny. You could explain to Miss Gregory why you were standing in the corridor, and from what you say she wouldn’t be worried.”

“I think she just might be cross and make me report to her office after school.”

“What would happen to you there, girl?”

“She might cane me, Miss.” Penny’s voice sounded rather worried and she began to wish she hadn’t started chatting and playing up. Girls sent out of lessons and discovered by the headmistress on one of her regular patrols were normally caned at the end of afternoon school. Penny had been caned by Miss Gregory about a year previously after being sent out of Miss Harrison’s French class and didn’t want to be caned again.

“Excuse me Miss,” said Vicky Scott standing up after holding her hand up briefly. “I’m the head girl and I am sorry Penny has been so naughty and disruptive in your lesson. You could give her the slipper Miss or I could do it for you. I think there’s probably a punishment slipper in your desk on the platform, Miss, if you need one.”

“Thank you, Vicky but Penny is going out now and I’ll call her back for further punishment at the end of the lesson.” Miss Howarth opened the classroom door and Penny found herself pushed gently, but firmly, into the corridor and exposed to the possible arrival of Miss Gregory and, if the headmistress did arrive, a caning.

“Right. We’ll get on with some maths now, girls, without any chatting unless anyone wants to join Penny in the corridor and be punished at the end of the lesson too.”

After ten minutes there was a shriek, and then a very loud knock on the classroom door and Penny burst in without waiting for permission to enter.

“Please Miss,” she said wringing her hands and with real tears in her eyes. “I think I heard Miss Gregory’s voice just down the corridor, Miss. Please let me come back in. I’ll do anything. I’ll accept any punishment if you let me come in. I just don’t want to be caned.”

“Get out at once girl!” snapped Miss Howarth. “I’ll punish you for your gross impertinence later. Or we might go and discuss your behaviour with Miss Gregory. I have a feeling that she might consider your behaviour this afternoon already merits a caning.”

Still pleading and protesting, a tearful Penny was sent out into the corridor again.

The rest of the lesson passed with the sixth form paying close attention to Miss Howarth, although several girls wondered what their new mistress would do to Penny. As the bell went for the end of afternoon school Penny was called back into the classroom.

“Right, Penny. Have you anything to say for yourself before I punish you.”

“No Miss, except that I’m very sorry and I have been punished already.”

‘Vicky!” snapped the mistress, ignoring Penny’s comment.

“Yes Miss?” Vicky got quickly to her feet.

“You said there might be a slipper in the teacher’s desk. Go and see if there is.”

“But Miss,” began Penny. “I’m eighteen and in the sixth form. You can’t give me the slipper.”

“There are two slippers here, Miss.“ reported Vicky, holding up a large elderly white plimsoll and a smaller black one.

“Bring them both here, Vicky”

Miss Howarth carefully compared the weight, flexibility, and the sole condition and depth of the two slippers, and selected the white one for use on Penny. Vicky returned the black one to the teacher’s desk.

“Right girls, that’s the end of the lesson and all except Penny may go.” announced Miss Howarth. “Unless you want to see what I do with girls, including sixth formers, who talk in my classes without permission or are impertinent and disrespectful.”

Nobody moved and the class stayed quietly in their desks, which were arranged in two rows of three with a space between them, extending to the back of the classroom.

Classroom corporal punishments for any naughtiness or for girls who had failed tests were quite common at St Mary’s but the girls wondered how the diminutive teacher was going to deal with Penny who was taller and heavier than she was. In any case it was always quite amusing to see someone else get a spanking as long as it wasn’t you.

“Come here Penny,” ordered the mistress, “and turn and face the blackboard.”

Miss Howarth grasped the hem of Penny’s short skirt and rolled it up before tucking it into its waist leaving Penny’s plump but shapely bottom clad only in regulation green school knickers.

“Please Miss, what are you doing?” said Penny twisting round.

“I am preparing you for punishment, Penny.”

“But Miss, please let me off.”

“Bend over and touch your toes, girl.”

“Please, Miss. I’ve said I’m sorry and you have given me a detention and please let me….”

‘Bend over at once Penny or you’ll get extra!” ordered the mistress as she checked and made slight alterations to Penny’s position. “You will not stand or touch your bottom until I give you permission. It’s extra if you do.”

Miss Howarth walked to the back of the class and then, to the amazement of everyone, turned and ran towards the bending girl, slipper in hand. As she got to Penny she landed a hard whack across the middle of the girl’s knickers.

“Ow! Gosh that stings!” protested Penny, gasping in discomfort as the whack of the slipper pushed her forward.

“Keep still girl and get back in position.” ordered the mistress.

Miss Howarth walked slowly to the back of the room, repeated her run and gave another hard, fast-moving whack, this time on the right side of Penny’s bottom.

“Ow! Ow!“ protested Penny and jumped up rubbing her bottom with both hands. “Please Miss, not so hard. I’ve never had a slipper sting so much before. Her feet did a little dance as she tried to alleviate the sting. Please Miss, you don’t know how much it stings.”

“You were told not to stand, move or touch, Penny,” observed the mistress with a very slight smile.

“Please Miss. That’s enough, surely?” pleaded Penny. “You’re not going to give me any more are you Miss?”

“I most certainly am. I usually give six. What do other teachers give at St Mary’s?”

“It’s mostly six and often more, Miss. Prefects can give up to eight.” said head girl Vicky helpfully.

“Shut up Vicky, you horrible cruel bitch!” sobbed Penny still massaging her stinging bottom. “Oh gosh sorry I didn’t mean it Vicky please don’t…”

“No doubt you will be dealing with this girl later for that rude outburst Vicky?” queried the young mistress.

“Yes Miss.” Vicky turned towards Penny. “Report to my study in your pyjamas and no pants underneath after supper, Penny.” she ordered. “I think you know what to expect.”

“No, please let me off Vicky. I’m really sorry,” pleaded Penny. Her plan to have some fun at Miss Howarth’s expense was going badly wrong. Her punishment from Miss Howarth was incomplete and now she almost certainly had another encounter with a slipper on the horizon.

“I’ll give you extra if you’re late.” warned Vicky as Penny’s sobbing increased.

“Please Miss, could I say something?” Penny’s face was tear-stained and she was struggling to restrain her sobs.

“Yes Penny?”

“Although the other mistresses may give six or eight with the slipper they don’t run with the slipper like you do, Miss.”

“Oh I thought everybody gave the slipper like I do,” smiled Miss Howarth. Do you know why I use this technique? Any of you?” Miss Howarth opened the question to the class.

“No Miss,” chorused the girls.

“It’s a simple matter of physics. I think the slipper is an excellent and highly effective punishment for girls but if you are small like me and faced with a big girl like Penny you have to use science to make sure she feels her punishment. Anyone with me?”

“No Miss.”

“Well remember the physics formula ‘Force = Mass x Acceleration’ so if you want to make the slipper really sting you whack the naughty girl with the maximum force possible. To do this you need a reasonably heavy slipper to give you mass and accelerate it as it reaches the bottom. The faster I go and the slipper goes the greater the force and hence the sting on the girl’s bottom. So if I whack the girl as both the slipper and I are accelerating forwards the resultant force is greater. The only problem is that larger heavier slippers are harder to hold in a small female hand. Everyone understand what I am talking about?”

“Yes Miss,” chorused the class. Penny was beginning to understand why her bottom felt so sore.

“Right, bend over again Penny,” ordered Miss Howarth grimly. “Let’s get this punishment over. You’ve still got five to come.”

Penny was about to bend as ordered, but knew she had received two strokes already. Surely there were only four to go.

“Excuse me, Miss. Er, sorry Miss, but it’s four to come Miss. I’ve had two already.”

“The last one didn’t count Penny. You stood up without permission and I warned you that you would get extra if you did. Your punishment is six strokes and you’ve had one leaving five to go!”

Penny bent as ordered and Miss Howarth took her place at the back of the classroom. Miss Howarth found her high heels made running towards her target a little difficult and twisted her ankle slightly en route to give Penny her third stroke. She had to stop and go back to her starting point and rub her ankle, making Penny wait until she was ready to give a proper stroke, this time on the left side of her bottom. Penny’s punishment continued with strokes on alternative sides of her bottom until she had received her six strokes and was at last allowed to stand, clasp her stinging bottom and dance on her tiptoes.

“Vicky! Put this slipper away,” ordered Miss Howarth.

“Yes Miss,” replied Vicky who, like everyone else in the room, perhaps especially Penny, was in awe of this extremely strict young teacher for whom giving a spanking with a slipper was an art form. Silence reigned in the classroom apart from Penny’s sniffs and sobs.

“I hope, Penny, that has taught you never to talk in my lessons again?” queried Miss Howarth.

“Yes, Miss. It has. I’m really sorry Miss,” replied Penny with her face red and tear-stained. What had started as fun had become very stressful and she carefully rubbed her bottom which was stinging like mad and felt as if it was on fire.

An hour or so later Becky, Penny and a group of sixth formers were in the dining room having tea. Penny was finding sitting still very uncomfortable and frequently and carefully adjusted her position.

“You look rather uncomfortable Penny.” observed Jane Menzies. “How does your poor bottom feel now?”

“Very delicate, very tender and very sorry for itself.” replied Penny gently massaging her bottom. “I can honestly say I have never known a slipper sting so much as that one.”

“Does it sting more than when we had the slipper from Jilly after our illegal party?” asked Jane sympathetically. Several girls in the group had been slippered then and on other occasions by prefect and Sports Captain Jilly who was very tough, very fit and very unforgiving.

“It’s much worse than that,” replied Penny wincing as she patted her bottom gently again. “It’s true what those fifth formers said. Little Miss Howarth is an ace with a slipper and if there was an international competition Miss Howarth could slipper for England. She is definitely not a pussycat – she’s a dragon. I am not planning to tangle with her ever again!”

Prep was an uncomfortable time for Penny who was still finding sitting painful as she did her homework. She knew she had to see Vicky after supper and the fact that she had been told to report wearing pyjamas and no pants almost certainly meant she was in for several more whacks with a slipper. Perhaps she could persuade Vicky to let her off. But she knew she had been very rude to the head girl and thought she had called her a bitch. Vicky would never forgive her. If only she hadn’t been so stupid! But she had, and was going to pay for it. By supper-time her bottom was a little less uncomfortable but glowed warmly and was still very tender to the touch.

Becky walked along to Vicky’s study with Penny and stood back when the head girl opened the door. Vicky saw her and asked her if she wished to be punished with Penny. Becky declined politely and felt sorry for her friend when Vicky said crossly: “Right girl, in you go, and I warn you I am not a happy bunny after your rudeness this afternoon.”

“Vicky, I’m really sorry…,” began Penny.

‘Shut up girl and stand there!” ordered the head girl as she closed the study door.

Vicky sat comfortably at her desk leaving Penny standing anxiously in front of her in her pyjamas. She had anticipated Penny’s visit with pleasure. Vicky really enjoyed being head girl with the powers and privileges it gave her. One to one interviews with naughty girls gave her a chance to apply all sorts of pressure. She could cross examine the girl, lecture her, withdraw her privileges, impose sanctions, make her run round the sports field, write lines or essays, learn poems by heart, give her detentions and, perhaps most enjoyably, smack her bottom. She would employ as many of these powers as possible with Penny this evening. Penny would undoubtedly plead for forgiveness and be very polite and repentant, hoping to be let off. Vicky might let her think her pleas had been accepted and then at the last minute announce the punishment.

“Now have you anything to say for yourself, Penny, about your behaviour this afternoon?” she asked. “Stand up properly girl and put your hands behind your back.”

Penny obeyed, instantly conscious of discomfort when she rested her hands on her tender glowing bottom.

“I’m really, really ever so, ever so sorry Vicky and I didn’t mean what I said about you. I had got really scared outside in the corridor in case Miss Gregory came along and then Miss Howarth’s slipper hurt so much that I didn’t know what I was saying. It just sort of came out. Please, please forgive me Vicky.”

“Your language was so disgusting. You actually called me a cruel bitch. I really should take you to Miss Gregory after assembly tomorrow morning. I am certain she would cane you for it, actually probably cane you and then suspend you or expel you in disgrace. That’s after she had made matron wash your mouth out with soap and water.”

“Please no Vicky. Please don’t take me to Miss Gregory. I know she will kill me and my parents will go ballistic,” pleaded Penny.

“I don’t think she would kill you, Penny, but she would certainly cane you. Your behaviour would merit at least twelve strokes on your bare bottom and she might even consider caning you in front of the whole school.”

‘Vicky I am sorry, I really am. I know I deserve to be punished. Please punish me yourself and please don’t tell Miss Gregory.”

“So you would rather not be caned in public then Penny?”

“No definitely not. Please punish me yourself.”

“The trouble is, I don’t think you are really sorry Penny,” said the head girl.

“But I am, Vicky, I really, really am.” Penny’s eye filled with tears. “How can I convince you?”

Vicky paused in thought, secretly enjoying the power over other girls that being head girl gave her. Penny waited anxiously, deeply regretting everything that had happened since she had been stupid in the maths lesson. If only she could put the clock back.”

“Alright Penny,” began Vicky. “You can start by apologising properly on your knees.”

“On my knees? But…er, sorry Vicky er, OK Vicky.”

Penny quickly obeyed and knelt submissively in front of the head girl.

“That’s better. Now, start apologizing. But make it a proper apology or it will be a visit to Miss Gregory in the morning.”

Penny cleared her throat and after a pause began to speak carefully.

“Please Vicky, I would like to apologise most humbly and profusely for my bad behaviour this afternoon. I behaved very badly in Miss Howarth’s lesson and I was unkind and rude to a young and new teacher. I let everyone down including the sixth form, you as head girl and the whole school.”

Penny paused and wriggled carefully in her kneeling position and pressed her hands on the floor to ease the pressure of her heels were exerting on her tender bottom. A few more tears appeared in her eyes and her blush deepened as she continued choosing her words carefully.

“I deserved to be sent out of the class and made to stand in the corridor and I was really lucky that Miss Gregory didn’t come along. I deserved to be punished by Miss Howarth for my unacceptable behaviour and I am really sorry I made such a fuss about getting the slipper from her. Er, I know I have been a naughty girl on many occasions and I have deserved to have the slipper from several teachers and most of the prefects including you. But I have never known anyone make the slipper sting as much as Miss Howarth did and it was so embarrassing to be punished like that in front of the whole class.”

“Go on Penny.”

Penny coughed behind her hand to clear her throat as she continued with her apology.

“I am also very sorry for being so rude to you, Vicky. I respect you as both head girl and senior prefect and I know you were right in telling me to behave. I deserve to be severely punished for using such bad language and I am pleading with you to punish me yourself in any way you think fit. Oh er, sorry Vicky and please, please don’t report me to Miss Gregory.”

“Right Penny you have had a chance to apologise and to try to explain your dreadful behaviour today. You can get up girl. Go and stand in the corner, facing the wall, put your hands on your head while I consider my verdict and decide what punishments I will give you.”

“Yes Vicky, thank you.” Penny replied in a whisper and went to the corner. Her bottom still felt tender when she moved and her pyjama trousers tightened.

After a few minutes she turned to speak to Vicky increasing the discomfort in her bottom as she did so.

“Sorry, Vicky. Could I just check that I did apologise to you for my bad language.”

“Silence Penny. You have had your chance to speak and I am not prepared to listen to any more drivel from you. It’s your fault if you missed anything out.

Face the wall again and be quiet. I advise you not to annoy me or put me in a bad mood.”

Vicky made a few adjustments to her make up and then read the letter she had received from her boyfriend this morning. She glanced at the sets of 200 lines two juniors had handed in earlier before tearing them up and tossing them towards the wastepaper basket. She missed and ordered Penny to pick them up and put them in the basket before returning to her corner to await her fate.

“Come here Penny and stand in front of me.” Vicky said at last. “Hands behind your back.”

Penny waited anxiously, blushing with embarrassment.

“Right Penny this is what is going to happen. I really should take you to Miss Gregory for a caning tomorrow but I have decided not to do so.”

“Thanks, Vicky.” Penny sighed with relief.

“Shut up and don’t interrupt!”

“Sorry Vicky.” Penny suddenly felt tired and longed to go back to her room.

“You will go and apologise to Miss Howarth at lunchtime tomorrow and grovel. I will give you permission to go to the village shop and buy her some flowers and a card at break. You will write a letter of apology to me to be handed in tomorrow after prep. You will run round the sports field before breakfast every morning for the next week.

“You will also be on head girl’s report for the next week. The prefects will be keeping a special eye on you. You will come to me at five o’clock each evening and tell me how you have behaved during the day and you will also tidy my study and clean my shoes. Is that clear girl?”

“Yes Vicky, absolutely clear thank you.” Penny whispered wondering if Vicky was going to whack her as well as all the other punishments she was getting.

“I am also going to slipper you. I seriously considered asking Miss Gregory permission to give you twelve strokes.”

“Oh please Vicky not twelve. My bottom’s so sore already.” pleaded Penny.

“Shut up. The fact that you have a stinging bottom and that it’s shortly going to sting more is entirely your own fault. You have only yourself to blame”

Penny felt her face going red and she waited anxiously to hear more.

“If I asked Miss Gregory for permission to really wallop you with twelve of my very best she would ask what you had done and almost certainly tell me to send you to her for a caning.”

Penny sighed quietly with relief that Miss Gregory would not be involved unless, and she hadn’t thought of this until now, Miss Howarth reported her.

“So I am going to give you the maximum allowed without special permission. That’s eight strokes, with a further eight strokes in a week’s time.”

“But Vicky, eight strokes is very severe. Couldn’t you make it six?” Penny had attempted this sort of negotiation, mostly unsuccessfully, with prefects before.

“No. You are lucky I’m not giving you eight each evening for a week which I will do if you argue with me.”

“No I won’t argue Vicky, but could I ask you to remember that I have already had the slipper today?”

Vicky got to her feet.

“Turn round girl and let me see your bottom. Hands on your head.”

Vicky pulled Penny’s pyjama trousers down.

‘You’ve got a few slipper marks and a few little bruises and your bottom is quite red. You can go and check with matron that you are fit to be slippered if you wish, but I think you are quite fit enough for a good hard spanking.”

“Yes, I’m OK, Vicky. Please go ahead but please don’t do a Miss Howarth.”

“Bend over this chair then. Quickly girl.”

Penny adopted the required position bending over the chair back holding the seat with both hands.

Vicky pulled the pyjama trousers up tight to eliminate any wrinkles that might provide illegal protection.

“Push your bottom out more girl, and lower your head. Right, now you will count the strokes and thank me for each one. Is that clear girl?”

“Yes. Thank you Vicky.”

Vicky gave the eight strokes slowly and firmly although perhaps not quite as hard as she normally did. Penny squeaked, gasped and sighed as she received her punishment and was very relieved when she was able to say: “Eight, thank you Vicky.” She was allowed to stand and then carefully rubbed her burning bottom which she realised had received a total of fourteen whacks with a slipper.

“Alright you can go girl and I hope you have learned your lesson.”

“Thank you very much Vicky.” Penny’s voice was a quiet whisper.”

“Oh and don’t forget all the things you have to do. Now get out.”

Penny left the study rubbing her glowing bottom very carefully.

Becky was waiting there to look after her. She had heard the eight whacks that Penny had received.

“Are you alright darling?” She asked. “She gave you eight?”

“Yes she did. I’ve had a dreadful afternoon and my bum’s very sore indeed.”

‘Well I did warn you sweetie.” replied Becky, putting her arm round her roommate.

“It was my own silly fault and yes you did warn me Becks. But I still think Vicky is a cruel bitch.”

“Shush darling, she might hear. You wouldn’t want another eight would you? Let’s get you back to our room and find some cold cream for your poor bum and I’ll get you some more cocoa.”

Half an hour later Penny was in bed lying on her tummy. Becky had applied several portions of cold cream. Penny thought about her dreadful day and then about all the humiliating things she had to do. She planned what she would say to Miss Howarth and began to mentally write her letter of apology to Vicky. It would be nice to write: ‘Dear Cruel Bitch’ but decided it wasn’t worth the risk, and remembered she already had another eight strokes of the slipper to come in a week’s time. Being on head girl’s report would mean Penny being the best behaved girl in the school, which would be quite a challenge.

The End