Further adventures in the Girls of St Mary’s series

By Frances Stephenson

with kind permission of Penny Morton

Penny and Becks had finished the mandatory Saturday games session at St Mary’s School for Girls. They were revelling in an all too rare period when they were not expected or required to do anything at all. All at once a strange car drew to a halt.

“Hey you two!” A voice called out.

It turned out to be Hilary Craig who had left St Mary’s over a year ago. She looked completely stunning in a cream silk trouser suit with a floral pattern in muted green and reds. Her soft brown hair was expertly styled and acted as a frame for her lovely face with its soft complexion and full cherry red lips.

“I’m down in the district for the weekend; I have an Aunt who lives in Strettle about 15 miles away. I thought I would drop in and see if there was anyone I knew and then I saw you two, isn’t that great?”

She was obviously pleased to see Penny and Becks, whom she remembered, in spite of the fact that she had been a year or so their senior. She had slippered the pair of them on more than one occasion, but ‘best not to mention that,’ she thought.

“I bet you two could do with some time away from this place,” she said. “Why don’t you ask for a short exceat, you know back by 10pm?” She rolled her eyes.

“Yes, do lets,” said Penny. “We will just go and ask old “Pain in the whatsit.”

Miss Payne was their Housemistress They obtained permission easily enough, especially when it was learnt that they would be with an Old Girl. They scampered back to Hilary.

“All fixed,” they said triumphantly. “Do lets go. We could do a bit of browsing in Strettle and see what develops before we think about dinner.”

They set off in great good spirits, chattering away as if their lives depended on it. They soon reached Strettle. Hilary found a parking place and the three of them started to wander around the small town. The two girls attracted a fair amount of attention but Hilary attracted many an admiring glance accompanied by sharp intakes of breath; not really surprising as she was stunningly attractive and moved with sinuous grace which highlighted a superb bottom and the promise of great legs.

They stopped for tea at a pleasant enough place and continued with their gossiping. The conversation got around to the level of discipline that existed at St Mary’s now compared with Hilary’s time.

“The threat of a caning seems to be ever present,” said Penny. “More than when Miss Gregory was Headmistress.”

The girls agreed that the diminutive Miss Howarth could really ‘lay it on’.

Hilary was interested in what the girl’s had to say and compared it with her own time, saying: “Don’t you think the dread of awaiting a caning was almost worse than the actual event?”

The two girls were undecided.

Hilary was just over a pretty intense affair and pleased to be free, for a time at least! The girls were anxious to hear all about it and just drank it all in, pleased to be in a different world, different from St Mary’s.

At last it was time to leave. Hilary knew of a quiet country pub cum restaurant which was noted for its first class chef and wine list and, bearing in mind their curfew, they thought they would make their way to it.

They were sipping a gin and tonic and reading the menu in the pleasant bar when three young men appeared. There was much mutual appraisal and exchange of glances before they invited themselves over to talk to the girls. They all got on well together and the young men joined them for dinner. The evening progressed well and the wine flowed.

Hilary turned the conversation back to the discipline at St Mary’s. The boys seemed a bit more than interested to hear of all the slipperings and the few canings that were dished out. They questioned the girls and were clearly ‘turned on’ by the thought of these two luscious teenagers being punished on their lightly clad bottoms. One of the boys, James, asked Penny when she had last been caned.

“About two weeks ago,” retorted Penny.

“Maybe we should check for marks after dinner!” Said James, only half joking.

“Oh really?” Said Penny who smiled saucily at him.

The boys spoke about their experiences, particularly about a sadistic Housemaster who used to delight in caning boys soon after they had received a caning from someone else, knowing that they usually aim for the centre of ones bottom.

“He was a squash ‘blue’,” said James. “He delights in his accuracy and aims to land strokes on or near other marks, ‘the bruise on bruise’ punishment. It is normally a point of honour with us to take a thrashing without making a sound even though we are in pyjamas; he knows this and delights in breaking us. He really seems to enjoy it!”

“Prefects hand out more canings than the Masters,” said John. “I’ve been caned three times by the Sports Captain, a real brute of a fellow who swims butterfly for the County, shoulders on him like you wouldn’t believe, I’ve had six of the best from him on three occasions and I cannot tell you how painful they were.”

“Do you ever get it on the bare?” Asked Becky.

“No,” said John. “Boys School and all that!” And they all laughed.

Hilary said that she had given out quite a few slipperings and had enjoyed the experience even admitting that she had slippered her two dining companions.

“We remember!” Said the girls, rolling their eyes.

There was much laughter as the evening progressed. Punishments seemed to be of general interest and Hilary, in particular, seemed oddly reflective.

Penny told the boys about Jilly breaking the record for the number of slipperings given in a single session and the boys were fascinated, imagining all the girls lined up in their games shorts with no knickers on to receive six or eight hard whacks from the Games Captain.

“Becky and I were part of that,” said Penny. The boys drank it all in.

“We are caned in the Senior Common Room if the Head Boy or other prefects do it,” said Peter. “Otherwise it is the Gym or the Headmaster’s or Housemaster’s study. There could be about 20 other boys watching, which does add a bit to the tension as they are waiting for you to yell and the prefect

thrashes you harder to try and make that happen. Don’t tell me that you girls can get it on the bare?”

“Yes we can,” responded Penny. “But only by the Head which is small comfort as she spanks and canes really hard!”

Bright eyed and flushed, all three girls had had more than sufficient of the delicious red wine. The time had come to call a halt and they went to the car park. Hilary was unsure whether she should drive. Peter, one of the boys, said that if one was not sure it was better not to risk it. Although he had participated in the evening he had not had a drink and therefore offered to drive.

The two girls, after much giggling, got into the back of the car and sat on the boys’ laps. Hilary sat in the front and Peter drove. At about the half way point Peter stopped and some serious snogging took place, the windows becoming steamed up as a result of their exertions. They started back only to realise that the 10pm curfew had long passed. This fact sobered the girls considerably.

When they pulled up outside the school they were met almost immediately by the Duty Prefect. She consulted her clipboard.

“You are both logged in as returning at 11.05 pm,” she said. She then stood close to them. “Smell of alcohol on the breath, looking somewhat dishevelled and three boys in the car. You will both report to Miss Howarth at 11.00 am tomorrow. She has a meeting and may be a bit late but, as far as I know, you two will be the only ones booked in to see her; good luck! You will probably need it. Now say goodbye to your friends and go to bed.”

The girls went back and soon saw Hilary and told them what had transpired.

“We’re in for the cane at 11 am tomorrow, that’s for certain.”

“Oh you poor darlings,” said Hilary. “And by Miss Howarth too!”

Hilary had now sobered up considerably. The boys were very sympathetic and distressed that the two girls were to be caned. Hilary brought the goodbyes to a conclusion. She drove the boys back to the pub and dropped them after having promised to keep in touch. She then drove back to her Aunts house in a very reflective mood.

Helen Howarth saw the Duty Prefect the next morning and made herself conversant with the evidence. “Gone eleven pm on a 10pm curfew. Alcohol had been consumed. Three boys in the car which brought them back, looking a bit dishevelled,” said Helen. “The first two charges are enough to warrant the cane but the third, although highly likely, is a bit too circumstantial.”

Later that day Hilary arrived at St Mary’s at around 10.15 and asked to be directed to Miss Howarth’s study. An attractive and bright eyed girl met her and enquired her business. Hilary told her that it concerned Penny and Becks who were due to be ‘seen’ at 11am.

She was ushered in to the fearsome Miss Howarth’s Study.

“Well, Hilary what do you want? I hope it isn’t a social call because I have a busy morning in front of me.”

“It is about Penny and Becky, Miss Howarth,” said Hilary. “They were both with me last night and I should have exercised more control and generally acted in a more protective way both in respect of the alcohol and encouraging the boys to join us, although I must say they were pleasant enough and well behaved.”

“It makes no difference,” barked Miss Howarth. “It was a flagrant breach of school rules. Penny and Becky realise that and know that they will be severely punished. You have only left this school a short time ago. Surely you remember what the penalties are? You should know much better. Maybe a good thrashing would help you to remember your responsibilities.”

Hilary was shocked but a reflective gleam came into her eye.

“Yes Miss Howarth,” she said in a subdued voice. “Perhaps it would be for the best and teach me a lesson. May I please ask you to give me a sound thrashing as well?”

“Yes I will,” came the stern response. “Go and wait in the outer office with Jessica Morgan and I will cane you after the two girls.”

Hilary departed, her heart thudding. Why had she done that, she asked herself?

Just before 11am Penny and Becks arrived at Jessica’s study and were astonished to find Hilary there.

“I’m for it as well,” said Hilary ruefully. “Lack of Proper Care and Attention to Schoolgirls. Never mind, I told Miss Howarth I deserved it. I just hope my nerve doesn’t give out before it is my turn.”

Jess talked to them in a friendly manner. “Have you decided who is to be first?” She enquired softly, her face alight with sympathy.

It was decided that Penny would be first. Jess knocked on the door and announced that the first miscreant was ready for punishment.

“Send her in,” said Miss Howarth.

Jess picked up a wicked looking cane from her desk and ushered Penny in. She carefully placed the cane on Miss Howarth’s desk and stood and waited for further instructions.

“You stayed out after curfew, drank alcohol, and kissed and cuddled boys,” rasped Miss Howarth.

“Yes Miss Howarth,” whispered Penny, nervously awaiting her sentence. A caning from Miss Howarth was indeed something to remember.

“You will receive eight strokes,” snapped the mistress.

“Yes Ma’am,” said Penny smartly.

“Miss Morgan, prepare everything please.”

Jess busied herself and placed a lowish backed leather library chair facing the desk and said quietly: “Would you like to come over here Penny? Take off your skirt and bend over the back of this chair, please; head down and bottom up, head further down and make your bottom more prominent, that’s fine. Now hold onto the front legs of the chair, I am afraid this will be very painful so hold on tight.”

“Everything ready Ma’am,” she said.

Helen Howarth approached the bending girl and took a moment to appreciate the perfect bottom, well presented for her attention. “Here it comes Penny,” she said and whipped in the first stroke, just below centre.

Penny gasped and made some urgent hip movements. The second was about two inches higher and made Penny squeal. The third was higher up and the fourth just below the first. Both produced loud squeals from Penny.

‘Miss Howarth certainly caned with a vengeance,’ she thought. ‘Still, half way through.’

Helen worked her way lower with the next two just under the overhang and right in the crease. Penny screamed at each one and made many more urgent motions with her hips. Her hands moved towards her bottom but she instantly replaced them. She still had control, just.

The seventh landed on the overhang and the eighth, a real humdinger, landed on the crown, dead centre. The eighth was a real swine of a stroke and Penny screamed and screamed but managed to stay down.

“That’s it Penny,” said Jessica softly as she helped the pain racked girl to her feet.

“Thank you Ma’am,” she whispered.

Penny limped to the outer office to find Becks in tears on her behalf. “There, darling, it’s all over,” said Becks.

“Come in now,” said Jessica to Becks.

The same ritual was performed and poor Becks was similarly thrashed. Weeping she thanked Miss Howarth before emerging into the outer office where both girls fell into the others arms and sobbed while they coped with the throbbing pain.

“Please would you go in now?” Said Jess to a clearly shaken Hilary who went and stood in front of Helen’s desk and awaited her sentence.

“I am going to give you a hard thrashing,” said Helen. “You should have realised the trouble you were getting into, let alone encouraging two schoolgirls. You will get nine strokes, well laid on. Jessica, please prepare her. I will thrash you over your knickers. Now let’s get on.”

A much chastened Hilary presented her bottom, and Helen proceeded to lay stripe after stripe over it much to Hilary’s pain and discomfort. She was determined not to make a fuss but was shrieking after the first three.

Helen really laid it on and the final six were all poems of pain. At last it was over and a cramped and pain-filled Hilary slowly got to her feet. “Thank you Miss Howarth,” she said and walked stiffly into the outer office.

The three girls walked stiffly to Hilary’s car where they said their Goodbyes. Hilary climbed very carefully into her car and, with a wave, drove away. A weekend none of them would forget in a hurry.

The End