When a student struggles to cope financially, she turns to a friend for guidance. A story from a new writer.

By Katie-Louise Jennings

Faye, dressed in white bum pinching hipster shorts and a clingy bright yellow tank top, was heading towards her favourite coffee shop when I caught up. There was something I needed to ask her.

“Hi, Faye! It’s only me,” announcing myself with a tap on her shoulder. “Been shopping again?” It was of course a rhetorical question, the designer label carrier bags needed no explanation.

“Hi, Katie, I was just thinking about you,” she replied and glanced, as she always does, to see what I was wearing. “It’s a nice surprise to see you, Katie, even though you’re a copy cat, dressing just like me,” she remarked with a hint of devilment.

“Sorry, Faye, I’m, er…” She had thrown me off balance with her comment about being in her thoughts. “You were thinking about me? Really? Because…”

“But I’ll forgive you,” she interrupted, and then giggled before landing her hand on my rump with a gentle slap.

“Ouch!” Her smack didn’t hurt, but I couldn’t stop reaching to the hem of my shorts and rubbing my palms over my bum. A man in his fifties walked past and looked back at me; he must have seen Faye wallop me and witnessed my little performance. I blushed.

Jokingly, Faye called me, yes me, a nineteen year old undergraduate studying applied mathematics, ‘a naughty girl’ for dressing as I pleased, before nonchalantly taking up from where she left off in a somewhat bitchy manner.

“Yeah, a couple of parties to be seen at before end of term, Katie, and if Jenny and Harriot are going to show up then I don’t want to be seen in the same outfit twice and lose my street-cred.”

I just nodded. “Faye, were you really thinking about me?”

“Among other things, yes I was, Katie, but it was nothing.”

”Oh, that’s okay then.” I didn’t know why she mentioned it; stupid to mention something without pursuing it, I thought. Anyway, I really wanted to talk to her about something important.

“Faye, the other day what did you mean when you said the student loan wasn’t a problem and you’ll have no difficulty paying it back?” It was a question I just had to ask; it puzzled me why Faye seemed unconcerned about something that worried me a lot.

“Just what I said, Katie, it’s not a problem for me.”

“But, I’ve already over-spent my budget and there’s still three weeks of Trinity to go before the summer hols. I’ll probably end up stacking shelves in a supermarket to earn some money now the software company I told you about has stopped taking on students. I don’t know what to do for the best.”

Faye pretended to sound interested, but was really trying to hold back her smirk. “Oh, you poor thing, Katie. Life can be very cruel.”

“Faye, believe me, if I told my parents they would go crazy, despite daddy earning a fortune in the City. In fact, he made it perfectly clear to me that after what it cost to send me to boarding school, I’ll have to prove myself with a First at Oxford before he’ll dip into his pockets for me again.”

“Confident of a First then, Katie?”

“Yes, yes of course I am. Why shouldn’t I be? You’re lucky if your parents are not tight with their money, so…”

Faye cut me short. “Wait till you see what I bought, Katie. They’ll look great with the dress I just had to buy when we went shopping last week.”

‘Yes, all the hundred and sixty pounds of it, bitch!’ I thought to myself.

“A bit on the expensive side, but I couldn’t help buying a very nice pair of shoes; very comfortable to wear too. You’ll just love them when you see them, Katie; I know what you are when it comes to shoes. And these were irresistible.”

Sometimes I hated Faye.

“And wait till you see the undies, Katie. Gorgeous colour.”

“All right for you, Faye. Money isn’t a problem, is it?”

She didn’t hear me.

“I splashed out on a really sexy matching set for something special, and not just for parties, but they wouldn’t go with that dress.”

“Faye, Faye, please!”

She wasn’t listening.

“Incredibly tiny red panties, Katie and…”

“SHUT UP, Faye!”

“Katie, you seem upset?”

“Faye, listen to me. I couldn’t care less what colour underwear you’ve bought.”

“Katie, that’s not like you. You’re always interested in what I buy, aren’t you? Are you going to buy something to wear at Emma’s birthday party? But it’s getting late now. Maybe you’ll like to borrow something? We’re the same size, Katie; it’s not a problem if you want to, honest.”

“I’ve already decided what I’m going to wear. I wore it for the party at the end of Freshers Week; the little black dress, remember? Faye, can I ask you something?”

”But that was ages ago. Sorry. Yes, go ahead, I’m all ears, Katie.”

“I, er.” I was embarrassed.

“Out with it, Katie! Don’t keep me in suspenders!” She began to laugh.

“Okay.” I was still hesitant. “Faye, I just want to know how you can afford to buy all those clothes and shoes and things. That’s all, Faye. I just want to know how you can afford to buy the things I can’t.”

We arrived at the coffee shop.

“Buy me a cappuccino, Katie, I’m sure you can afford it, can’t you?”

“Yes, I think I can stretch myself to a cappuccino and an espresso, Faye.”

A waitress took the order.

“Katie, do you remember me telling you that you were in my thoughts when we met?”

“Of course I haven’t forgotten, Faye, it was only a couple of minutes ago.”

“I’ve been bursting to tell someone, someone I can trust about something that excites me. Can I trust you, Katie?”

“You’ve got my full attention, Faye, and before you ask, yes I’m sitting comfortably, thank you.”

“Well in that case, Katie, it’s about, about, well, if you promise to keep it to yourself, you must promise to keep it a secret, Katie”

“Promise. I promise, Faye. Oh my God, you’re not a whore are you, Faye? Is that how you get your money?”

The coffee arrived. I think the waitress overheard me say ‘whore’; she looked more interested than shocked.

“No, I’m not a whore, Katie!”

“Sorry, Faye. I didn’t mean to offend you, but, well…”

“Katie, do you know anything about adult role play and strict discipline?”

“Yes, yes I think so, Faye.”

Faye picked up on my uncertainty. “Acting out punishment fantasies, Katie, that’s what I meant by role play. Now do you understand what I mean, Katie?”

“I’m not sure. I’m a bit confused, Faye. Sometimes my boyfriend, Jamie, pats my bum, like you did before, but it’s only for fun, Faye, he doesn’t even pretend to punish me and as for discipline, well he’s no chance. I’ll do what I want!”

“Katie, if someone wanted to spank you, not for fun, but for real, would you let him?”

“That’s what you do, Faye, isn’t it? My God, Faye, that’s how you can afford the things you want? You actually allow some pervert to spank you for money. Well no. No, thank you, Faye, no I wouldn’t!”

“Would a hundred and twenty pounds per hour or seventy for thirty minutes persuade you otherwise?”

“How much? Someone would actually hand over that sort of cash just to spank me?”

“Well, he’d want to tell you off to begin with, that’s how role play usually starts, and then make you stand in the corner for a while after he punished you. But, a whole fantasy scenario from start to finish seldom lasts an hour.”

I should have been shocked, but for some reason I wasn’t and wanted to know more. Submissive thoughts had often gnawed themselves into my dreams.

“Does it hurt? Spanking, I mean.”

“Yes, at first you scream your head off, when you’re not used to pain, especially if it’s a caning or something like that. But after a while, if you suffer till the endorphins kick in then…”

“Then what? You can’t just stop, Faye, then what?”

“It’s like a tingling, prickly, hot feeling. You’d have to experience it to understand me, Katie. I’m addicted to the sensation and I thrive on the humiliation. I can’t help myself. Really, I can’t help myself enjoying every moment from dressing to order till the time comes for me to take the punishment that the fantasy is built on.”

“But where do you go?”

“It’s at a private house, Katie. There’s a schoolroom with desks and a blackboard; another room decorated and furnished retro style, sort of nineteen fifties, I think; and the ‘cell’! You wouldn’t believe me if I told you what’s in there, Katie!”

“But, why are you telling me?”

“Because, because, Katie, I’m going to take you there.”

“No! When?”

“Tomorrow. I’ll sweet talk a client and bring you into the session, if I can. Don’t worry, I’ll tell him you’re new and to go easy, just a hand spanking, but I’ll certainly be getting the cane regardless. The scenario is all in his email.”

“Tomorrow? But I’m supposed to be jogging with Alice.”

Faye homed in on my curiosity. ”Send her a message, tell her you’re ill or something. Katie, will you come to my room tonight?”

“Yes. Yes!”

“You know I’m going to spank you, don’t you?”

“If you promise not to be horrible and really hurt me.”

“I’ll know if it’s hurting you, Katie, believe me. Everyone will be at Emma’s party and no one will hear us. They’ll not miss us at the party, I think. Knock on my door after nine o’clock.”

It started to rain.

“Come on Katie, it’s gone six; let’s go back to college before the rain gets too heavy. We never spoke, just ran, but the rain came down so heavy it bounced off the pavement. We were soaked through by the time we got back and our underwear was clearly outlined under our now transparent shorts and tops. We looked at each other and laughed.

“Don’t be late, Jennings! Remember what I said about the time!” Faye never called me anything other than Katie; obviously, she had already taken on her role.

I showered, wrapped myself in a little white bath robe and dried my hair before putting it in a pony tail. I had no idea what to wear when it was time to report to Faye.

What would it be like to be spanked? Should I ask her to punish me or would she take control from the start? Would I really experience this ‘hot, tingling, prickly sensation’ that Faye spoke about when she spanked me? Questions, I just kept asking myself questions, but perhaps the most important one was: ‘Is this game we’ve agreed to play going too far?’

I resisted surfing the Net to find out more about the world of the spankee; apart from what Faye told me, I wanted to be innocent and cry if necessary, either through pain or joy.

The time rolled on. Eight forty-five and it would take me five minutes to reach Faye’s room. I could think of nothing original to wear; standard student garb would have to do; pink ankle socks? Yes, I thought pink ankle socks to match the T-shirt would be fine; white undies; designer scruffy blue jeans and a pair of trainers would have to do.

Three minutes past nine, according to my mobile. I knocked on Faye Pritchard’s door.

“Enter!” Her voice had the definite tone of authority.

Faye stood next to a chair in the middle of the room. Her blonde hair was centre parted and bunched into two angel wings. She had dressed in white lace-up plimsolls and a maroon track suit; she could have easily been mistaken for a gym mistress.

“You better get yourself ready to go over my knee, girl.” Faye didn’t intend delaying matters, that was obvious and I was glad for her to take the lead.

“I, I’m not sure, er, what do I have to do?”

“Undress! We’ll start with the trainers and jeans, take them off!”

I took off my trainers and then unzipped my jeans, before pushing them down to my feet and stepping out of them. I stood with my arms at my sides and head bowed.

I wondered if I should say something.

“Socks, should I take off my socks and my top too, Miss?” I added ‘Miss’, perhaps I was drifting into my role too.

“No, the pink ankle socks make you look cute and it’s in any case unnecessary to remove anything else yourself, Jennings. Now come here and get yourself over my knee.”

I took up position. Her words ‘remove anything else yourself’ taunted me.

“That’s it, put your hands flat on the floor and keep your legs together!”

I wanted her to start spanking me straight away. I started to wriggle in anticipation. I couldn’t wait for her to spank me. It would be with her right hand; her left had nestled itself in the small of my deliberately bared back.

After what seemed like ages, Faye’s finger slid under the waistband of my panties and hooked around the tiny ‘vee’ of ruffled white cotton that fanned out from the cleft between my tightly clenched buttocks.

“What shall I do with these?” She said, teasing the gathered panties out of my bum crack and stretching them as tight as she could before letting them snap back.”

“Don’t know, Miss,” I said coyly.

“Well, since they barely cover anything at all, then I think they should be taken down. Don’t you, Jennings?” Seconds later my wispy little knickers were around my knees.

“Nice! Such a nice little spankable arse, Jennings,” she whispered, just loud enough for me to hear while tracing the ‘valley’ between my buttocks and the ‘furrow’ at the top of my thighs with her manicured nails.

“Are you ready, Jennings, eh?”

I swallowed and managed to whimper a soft: “Yes.”

Faye giggled and I squeezed my bum cheeks together in anticipation of what was about to happen.

“No! Naughty girl! Naughty, naughty girl! You’re not to do that, Jennings!”

All of a sudden:  S M A C K!!!

Oh God, it really hurt! She actually started to spank me!

Then another SMACK and another SMACK and another SMACK.

Left cheek, then right cheek, then left, then right, SMACK, SMACK.

I screamed and cried and yelled, but I didn’t want Faye to stop.

Then she stopped spanking me and stroked my buttocks. I sensed she was admiring her work.

“Okay, Katie?”


“Like it, Katie? Do you like having your tight little arse spanked?”

“Yessssss! Yessss!”

“That’s enough for now, Katie. Go and stand over there and face the wall.”

I hobbled with my panties still around my knees to where she said.

“Hands on your head, girl, and stay like that.”

After ten minutes of being exhibited in this humiliating pose, Faye told me to relax and pull up my panties. My taster punishment session was over. She handed me the dress she bought when I went shopping with her the week before.

“Put it on and wear the shoes I bought today, Katie. There are some stockings in that drawer and choose a ‘susie’ belt. We’re going to Emma’s party!”

“But what will you wear, Faye? I mean I can always rush back and change into one of my dresses.”

“Do as you’re told, Katie Jennings; I insist!”

It was a strange feeling at the party, and not just because of my tenderised bum sending ‘wow factor’ signals to my brain. Faye and I laughed and danced and drank in the student bar as if nothing had happened. We just exchanged knowing smiles.

The next day Faye very cleverly found a way to involve me in her session and, as I had no uniform to wear, she thought it was a good idea to dress me in just white cotton vest and knickers for my ten minute debut in the CP scene with ‘Sir”.

By the start of Michaelmas term my wardrobe was bulging with all sorts of outfits and uniforms no serious spankee would be without. My decision to enter the world of the spankee paid off my student loan and, as a bonus, I graduated with honours too!

Editor’s note:

Katie-Louise discovered ‘Over the Desk’ during a fantasy detention scenario in January 2013, not by chance. Part of her punishment was to copy a spanking story, by hand, from this website and later that day contacted me by email to tell me about her unusual punishment.

The End

© Katie-Louise Jennings 2013