A sixth form girl finally gets to feel the cane

By Simone Levinson

Pauline was bored, and stared out of the window of the classroom as Mrs Williams, her History teacher, droned on about the late Roman Empire. It was not that Pauline was not a bright girl, she was, but since she was leaving at the end of the term and school year to start vocational work and study, she had no interest in Roman history. Suddenly her reverie was interrupted by a voice close by: “Since you are bored by Roman History, Pauline, please leave the room and wait for me in the corridor until the bell.” Pauline picked up her books and a chair and left the classroom to sit in the corridor until the end of the lesson.

A short while later Pauline thought to herself: ‘Blow this. I am not going to wait here for another ninety minutes. I‘m off,’ and she left the school. Pauline heard no more about her episode of truancy that day and she assumed that she had got away with it. However, during assembly the next day, a Friday, the headmistress read out the names of six girls who were required to report to her office after morning break and Pauline realised, with a shock, that her name was amongst them. She, who had never been so much as spanked by her parents, was going to be caned, for the list was the names of girls due for the cane, as everybody in the school knew. It was part of school ritual that all canings were administered on a Friday morning so that the miscreants spent an uncomfortable weekend.

Although Pauline had never been subjected to corporal punishment, a number of her classmates had been caned and she, along with the rest of the class, had seen the results when the girls changed for sports, gym or swimming. Pauline’s extremely close and long-standing friend, Julie, had been caned for rudeness the week before and she had described the ritual to Pauline who, as a result, knew that she would be caned in front of the other girls with her knickers down and skirt lifted up. She also knew that she could get anything from three to twelve strokes depending upon how the headmistress, Mrs Clark, viewed your breach of school rules, your punishment record and your age.

As the morning passed, Pauline’s apprehension about her forthcoming ordeal rose and she found it very hard to concentrate on the lessons. Eventually the bell went for break and Pauline left the classroom, and very slowly and extremely reluctantly headed for the headmistress’s office, and knocked on the door before entering the secretary’s room. The secretary looked up and Pauline gave her name.

“Ah yes, Goddard, truancy. Wait over there against that wall with your hands behind your back and do not speak.” As Pauline and her bottom waited for their appointment with the headmistress and her cane, the other girls came in slowly. Two older girls who had been caned before and were back again for smoking, a younger pair who were being caned for bullying and finally a very frightened girl who had been rude to a teacher.

The secretary looked up and said to the waiting girls: “When Mrs Clark buzzes, you will enter her office in the order in which I call out your names. Stand silently in front of her desk with your hands behind your back until she is ready to deal with you.”

Pauline gave a start when the buzzer went, and the secretary read out the names starting with the smokers: “Jackson, Wilson, Dobson, Browning, Goddard, Evans.”

The girls filed in and stood as instructed and, whilst they waited, Pauline looked around the study. It was a large corner room with windows in the two outside walls, with Mrs Clark’s desk situated so that she could see out of all of the windows, one of which was open to admit some fresh air. Standing against the wall shared with the secretary’s office was a bookcase and a wooden chair with a high back over which, Pauline knew from Julie, the girls had to drape themselves when being caned. Behind the girls was a comfortable seating area where presumably Mrs Clark held informal meetings. Pauline’s eyes, however, were drawn to the object hanging on a hook above the chair, a thin yellow stick with a crooked handle, the CANE.

Mrs Clark looked up, then stood up with a list in her hand and started down the line of waiting girls, stopping in front of each one in turn: “Jackson, Wilson. Smoking again! I have told you time and again that SMOKING IS FORBIDDEN ON SCHOOL PREMISES OR WHILST IN SCHOOL UNIFORM! You have been caned twice this year for smoking and yet here you are again. If you appear here again you will be caned in public and expelled.

“Dobson, Browning. Two brave girls who pick on younger, smaller girls and make their lives a misery. This school does not tolerate and I do not like bullies. They are cowards. We will see how brave you two are shortly.

“Goddard. Why? You are leaving at the end of term so why play truant? All Mrs Williams wanted to do was arrange something for you to do instead of attending her history class, yet you chose to leave the school premises. There is, as you will shortly discover, a price to be paid for truancy.

“Evans. Not here a year and you are in my study for the cane. What a good start to your time here. My staff are not here to be insulted by stupid ill-mannered girls!

“Right, Jackson, you know the drill. Get the chair and place it here. The rest of you move back towards the chairs behind you and stand there silently with your hands behind your backs.”

As Pauline and the rest of the girls moved back, Jackson picked up the ‘caning chair’ and placed it where the headmistress had indicated with its back towards the waiting girls. When the chair was positioned to the headmistress’s satisfaction she ordered Jackson to stand behind it, lower her knickers and bend over the chair back with her hands on the seat. As Pauline watched with a degree of curiosity and growing apprehension, Jackson reached up under her pleated school skirt and pulled her navy blue knickers down to her ankles before bending over the back of the chair as ordered. Mrs Clark moved behind the bending figure, grasped the hem of her skirt, lifted it and tucked it into Jackson’s waistband. As she moved out of the way to get the cane off the hook, Pauline saw Jackson’s pale bottom quivering slightly as she waited for her caning.

The headmistress returned to Jackson’s left, lifted the cane and suddenly without warning there was a swish and then a thwack as the cane descended and cut into Jackson’s upturned waiting bottom. Pauline watched in complete fascination as the flesh of the bottom rippled away from the cane’s impact point like ripples on a pond when a stone is thrown in and a thin red line appeared.

“Swish, thwack,” and another red line.

“Swish, thwack,” a third red line.

“Swish, thwack,” a fourth line appeared.

As the fifth stroke cut in to her now rather red striped bottom Jackson uttered a low cry of pain, a cry that increased in volume as further strokes cut into her. Finally, on the ninth stroke, her resolve broke and she started crying. The final three strokes were delivered to the accompaniment of a chorus of cries of pain, tears and the regular “swish, thwack,” of a caning.

Eventually, after twelve strokes, the headmistress stopped, returned the cane to its hook and said: “Stand up, take your knickers completely off and stand with the other girls. Put your knickers on the floor by your feet; keep your skirt tucked up and your hands clasped in front of you. Do not touch your bottom.”

Wilson was called next and she too dropped her knickers before bending over the back of the chair. Once again Pauline watched as the girl’s skirt was lifted and tucked into her waistband before the headmistress removed the cane from its hook and returned to stand by Wilson’s left side. Mrs Clark lifted her right arm and brought it sweeping down with a “swish” whilst a “thwack” announced the cane’s impact with Wilson’s upturned waiting bottom and the customary red line appeared. Further strokes of the cane cut into Wilson’s rapidly reddening bottom whilst the girl started to moan in pain until she received the sixth stroke, when she started crying. When she had received her twelve strokes, she was sent back to the line and told to assume the same position as Jackson.

The bully, Dobson, was next and it was obvious to Pauline that the girl was trying, somewhat unsuccessfully, to show that she was tough and not frightened of what was going to happen to her. She somewhat arrogantly pulled her knickers down and bent over the chair back and awaited the headmistress’s attention. Her skirt arranged to Mrs Clark’s satisfaction, the headmistress retrieved her cane from its hook and sliced hard into Dobson’s waiting bottom. The girl accepted the stroke with an attitude of: “is that the best you can do?” Three strokes later and Dobson was crying out in pain and by the seventh stroke tears were running freely down her face. After nine biting strokes she too was sent back to her place in line.

Browning, Dobson’s accomplice, was called forward for her caning and to Pauline, who had been standing next to her, it was obvious that the girl was frightened and deeply regretting her involvement with Dobson. Browning made her way very slowly and reluctantly to the chair and, with a soft mew of resignation, pulled down her knickers and bent herself over the chair back. Her skirt was tucked up into her waistband and Pauline saw that the girl was trembling with fear. The headmistress collected the cane from its resting place, assumed her position and with a “swish, thwack” the first stroke cut into Browning’s bottom. The girl jerked and cried out in shock and pain, a second stroke cut into her and her cries grew in volume as she begged to be let off promising never to bully anyone ever again. Mrs Clark ignored the frantic girl’s cries and carried on caning her until Browning jumped up and tried to evade her punishment. Mrs Clark ordered her back down and when she refused told Pauline to fetch her secretary to hold Browning down whilst she received the remainder of her caning plus a further three strokes for disobedience.

Mrs Clark replaced the cane on its hook and told Browning to stand up and remove her knickers before sending her back to her place. Pauline was aghast when she saw Browning’s face, red eyed with tears streaming down her cheeks and scarcely able to walk back to the line. She came and stood next to Pauline, her body shaking as tears rolled down her cheeks. The headmistress took a few moments to recover her equilibrium after the turmoil of Browning’s caning, a delay that did nothing for Pauline’s increasing apprehension, and the fear that so was clearly gripping Evans.

“Goddard!” Pauline’s appointment with the cane had arrived and rather than prolong the agony she walked smartly out, butterflies included, and without waiting to be told reached under her school skirt, dropped her navy blue regulation school knickers and bent over the back of the chair. She felt Mrs Clark grasp the hem of her skirt, lift it up and tuck it into her waistband exposing Pauline’s as yet un-caned bottom to the waiting girls and the gentle breeze that was coming in via the open window.

It seemed to Pauline that she had to wait for ages before she heard the rattle of the cane being taken off its hook. Another apparent interminable pause before Pauline sensed, rather than saw, Mrs Clark standing on her left. A faint whistling sound impinged on Pauline’s ears, and then suddenly she lost her caning virginity as the first stroke cut deep into her upturned bottom.

Pauline’s initial unspoken reaction was: “Is that it? All that fuss about that!” A second later she felt differently as a line of fire ignited on her bottom and a wave of pain such as she had never felt before shot through her body. Before she could gather her senses and come to terms with what was happening, a second line of fire erupted across her upturned, no longer white and unmarked, bottom followed by another wave of pain as the second stroke of her caning cut into her.

Nothing Julie had said about being caned had prepared her for the pain or for the feeling that her bottom was being cut into slices and then set on fire. Determined to take her punishment, Pauline tightened her grip on the seat and clamped her lips as the third stroke whipped into her. No matter how determined she was, the fourth stroke elicited a gasp of pain, the fifth a moan and sixth a cry. It was impossible for her to stay silent and accept her caning as she had intended. It was all she could do to stay down and not cry.

Then, as suddenly as it had begun, the assault on her bottom ended, but mindful of what had happened to Browning, Pauline stayed in position even after she heard the cane being replaced on its hook.

“Stand up Goddard. Remove your knickers and return to your place.”

Pauline stood up gingerly and tried to remove her knickers from around her ankles, but it was difficult and painful. Eventually she succeeded and with the feeling that her face was as hot as her bottom she made her remorseful way back to her position between the still softly sobbing Browning and very nearly tearful, but definitely frightened, Evans. Dropping her knickers on the floor at her feet, Pauline stood as instructed with her hands clasped in front even though she desperately wanted to rub her throbbing burning bottom.

“Evans!” With a cry Evans moved slowly towards her fate. When she got to the chair she started pleading with the headmistress that she was sorry, it would not happen again, but Mrs Clark had heard it all before. She sized up Evans and then turned the ‘caning chair’ round and said: “Stop crying. You will have something to really cry about in a minute. Take your knickers down, bend forward with your hands on the chair seat and DO NOT MOVE!”

Reluctantly Evans put her hands up under her skirt and pulled her knickers down before bending forward as instructed. Mrs Clark lifted the hem of her skirt, tucked it into her waistband and moved quickly to the cane. She returned to Evans’ side and before Evans realised what was happening:

Swish, thwack; swish, thwack; swish, thwack.

Three red lines appeared on the girl’s trembling bottom and she burst into tears. The cane having been returned to its rightful place, Evans was told to remove her knickers and return to the line of thoroughly chastised girls. Pauline was instructed to return the chair to its place under the cane and then rejoin the line. The girls were ordered to turn around so that their caned bottoms were displayed to the headmistress and her secretary who came in carrying the punishment log and the individual record cards for each of the girls upon which their punishments were duly noted.

The paperwork completed, the girls were warned about their future behaviour before being told to dress themselves and return to their classes after they had made themselves presentable.

Pauline returned to her class, apologised to the teacher and told her and the class that she had just been caned by the headmistress for truancy. She was told to sit down, and she very carefully lowered herself into her chair where she sat gingerly on her welted, throbbing bottom not daring to move because to do so was agony.

During the lunch break she met Julie who wanted the grisly details, but Pauline’s biggest concern was the fact that she was due to meet Brian, her boyfriend, on Saturday when he would undoubtedly see what had happened when the inevitable occurred. Julie told her not to worry as her boyfriend, Paul, had been excited by the sight of Julie’s caned bottom the week before and she suspected that Brian would be the same.

After a very uncomfortable night during which she slept, unsurprisingly, on her stomach, Pauline woke with the problem of what to say to Brian unresolved. She still had no answer when she called at his house later that day except that she knew he would find out fairly soon after she arrived as his parents were away for the day. Shortly afterwards she winced as Brian’s hands roamed gently up under her skirt, and over her very thin definitely non-school regulation panties as he kissed her. He felt the welts left by the cane and, putting two and two together, asked her if she had been caned at school. Pauline admitted that she had and told him the whole story.

Brian’s sole reaction was to say: “My poor naughty Pauline,” before adding: “I know a special way to ease your pain.”

Fifteen minutes later Pauline cried out, not in pain but joy as Brian most emphatically eased the pain of her caning as he had promised, rather frequently as it turned out.

Was Pauline caned again? Given the way in which Brian eased her pain and comforted her, what do you think? In fact the school punishment log shows that mid-morning, one Friday about a month after her bottom was deflowered by Mrs Clark’s cane, Pauline was once more standing against the wall of the secretary’s office with her hands clasped behind, awaiting her second caning, truancy again.

Sharing the stage with her were a group of as yet un-caned, but not for much longer, nervous girls who had been involved in a fight in the playground. Fifteen minutes later, they watched with growing apprehension as Pauline positioned the ‘caning chair’, stood behind it with her back to them, reached under her school skirt and lowered her knickers before bending over the back of the chair.

As Mrs Clark lifted Pauline’s skirt and tucked it into her waistband the waiting girls realised that the stories that they had been told about being caned bare-bottom were true. The girls’ eyes widened as Mrs Clark moved to the wall, took the cane down, returned and proceeded to cut nine neat parallel fire-filled furrows into Pauline’s upturned bottom. Apprehension became fear as the girls saw their immediate future being carved into Pauline, whose cries of pain filled the study as she was steadily and remorselessly caned, whilst discovering for herself that nine strokes of the cane are far more painful than six.

Several hours later, in the privacy of her bedroom with her bottom still throbbing from her caning, Pauline’s cries once more filled the air. Not cries of pain, but delighted satisfaction when Brian gently eased her pain in his own inimitable way as the young couple started taking advantage of the absence of Pauline’s parents that weekend.

The punishment log also shows that Julie was caned the following Friday for a second outburst against a teacher, receiving nine strokes of the cane on her own. She later confided to Pauline that being caned on her own was more frightening than the first time she was caned because with other girls there you had company in your pain although, she added with a smile, Paul would certainly spend most of Saturday afternoon helping her get over her caning. She then blushingly told Pauline that she would love to watch Pauline being caned by Mrs Clark and then have Pauline watch her being caned, a suggestion that found a ready response in Pauline, much to both girls’ surprise.

The final punishment log entry for that year dated the last day of term states:

J Abbot Special caning 18 strokes Repeated Truancy

P Goddard Special caning 18 strokes Repeated Truancy

The next day the two girls went on holiday with their boyfriends who spent a not inconsiderable amount of time easing their pain whilst, in return, the boys were almost constantly treated to the delightful sight of Pauline and Julie’s well striped bottoms as both girls tended to wear clothes that left little to the imagination and failed to provide much covering.

Mrs Clark would have been mortified to know that Pauline and Julie were playing the school’s punishment system for their own ends with their canings being deliberately instigated and timed to occur just before the girls knew they would be able to spend time being comforted by their boyfriends without badly timed interruptions. Mrs Clark also never discovered that the last caning she administered to the two girls fulfilled their joint desire to see each other caned before they both left school.

The End