A round-the-world trip comes unstuck.

By Pat Greenham

At the age of 26, Paula found herself unemployed for the first time since leaving school, and having recently broken up with her boyfriend she made a big decision. After school she had gone straight into work whilst all her friends either took a gap-year or went to university. Secretly she had envied those that had gone off round the world for a long trip and decided that with no job on the horizon and with money in the bank she would embark on a six month trip and see some of the world.

Her travel agency suggested she buy a ‘round the world’ ticket that could be changed as her trip progressed. A week or so later, all by herself, Paula left Heathrow for her first stop in Asia. Initially she was apprehensive, but quickly met other young female travellers and made friends. Her second stop was on a beautiful small island in Asia, and she found some basic but perfectly acceptable accommodation near a seaside resort and very near the beach. Again there were lots of young people and Paula quickly fell into a group of mainly girls. They would spend most of their time together and used to go down to the beach after dinner for a smoke and a few drinks.

Although highly illegal, there was also a supply of cannabis and it was not unusual for a couple of joints to be shared. Nobody seemed much perturbed by this until one evening when sitting with five other girls on the beach, out of the blue, they were surrounded by several officers from the local Police Station. There were all arrested for being in possession of an illegal drug and taken to the Police Station and placed in individual cells overnight. All their possessions were confiscated and it was a very long night for Paula as she wondered what was going to happen in the morning.

Just after eight in the morning, a police officer came to her cell and told her to follow him for her interview. A sergeant was waiting for her in a small room and she was told to take a seat. The officer introduced himself as Sergeant Clark, which did not sound very Asian to Paula, but he seemed pleasant enough. He asked her if she knew why she had been arrested, to which Paula replied that it was about drugs and immediately protested her innocence. Clark told her to be quiet and said that there were two options, and that she should listen very carefully to what he was about to say.

The first option was that she agreed to plead guilty and sign an admission form. The form would then go with others before a judge in a private hearing that very morning who would then decide on the appropriate punishment. If the judge believed the drugs were purely recreational it would be unlikely to result in a custodial sentence, more likely some kind of physical punishment which could be administered immediately. He then told her about her second option, which would only be relevant if she continued to protest her innocence. He went on explain that this option would result in her being held in a detention centre before appearing in person before the judge later in the week. He then added that if she was found guilty, a custodial sentence was more likely and whilst in prison she would in any case almost certainly suffer physical punishment.

It was clear to Paula that the options were heavily loaded and she was petrified of any prospect of prison. But the first option meant that would have to admit her guilt and would suffer some kind of humiliating physical punishment. Paula decided to ask what he meant by physical punishment, to which Clark replied that in Asia old-fashioned punishments that date back to the days of The Commonwealth are still widely used and were very effective. He said that he knew that such punishments were no longer used in British schools, which he thought was a pity. At this point he still had not said exactly what he meant, so she asked him to say exactly what he meant by physical punishment. He paused and said simply that it was probable she would be caned. Paula was horrified but thought again about what he had said about option two and the threat of prison and asked if she did sign the confession would she be freed immediately after whatever punishment was awarded had been carried out.

The sergeant nodded and said: “Yes, you will almost certainly be set free once the judge is satisfied you have paid your penance.”

Paula knew there was only one option and decided to admit her crime and sign his form. He told her he thought her very wise and called for the officer that had brought her to the office to take her back to her cell, adding that he had some of her friends still to see.

There was nothing left except to wait for whatever was going to happen next and the absolute horror of facing up to being caned.

It was four hours later that the Police Officer returned to take her back to the Sergeant. Paula was again asked to take a seat. He had four forms in front of him, telling her that he had already seen two of her friends and they were in the process of receiving their punishments, adding that she was number three. He also said that all six of the group had agreed to go with option one.

He went on about the laws of the country and the seriousness of possessing drugs and that she could easily have gone to prison. He then said that the judge was content there was no intent to supply and that a short sharp shock would suffice. Then, to Paula’s horror, he said she had been sentenced to twelve strokes of the cane which be carried out in front of the judge and other officials after she had been medically examined, which was standard practice for all convicted of a drugs offence.

He said the first girl was receiving her caning, whilst the second was undergoing her medical, adding that when he received a call to say the doctor was free she would proceed to the first of a two stage process. It was no more than a couple of minutes before the phone went to say the doctor was free. The Sergeant summoned the Officer to escort Paula to the doctor’s room adding that the officer would be with her throughout the process until she was returned to her cell.

As she entered, the Doctor stood up and asked her take a seat whilst at the same time asking the Officer to wait outside. In the room was a standard doctors couch and a chair that was obviously some kind of special examination apparatus. The doctor took Paula’s blood pressure before asking her to remove her clothes below the waist in preparation for the examination, adding that all convicted drugs offenders had to undergo a quick check to ensure they were not hiding any drugs within their person. Paula had never seen a male doctor before and it was intensely embarrassing to remove her cut-off jeans and shoes before sliding her skimpy pants off. She stood before the Doctor wearing just a cropped tee-shirt and bra and he had to admit that Paula was a very attractive girl who was medium height with a very toned body, now naked below the waist.

He told her to position herself in the examination chair. As Paula climbed into it, she had to put her legs into individual left and right leg supports that were at a 45 degree angle going forward and were designed to spread her legs apart. The Doctor electrically reclined the chair putting her in a perfect position before giving her an examination, quickly telling her that he was happy she was clean.

The Doctor was actually quite sensitive and asked if she had ever been beaten before, to which Paula replied that apart from the odd smacked bottom as a child, she had never been formally beaten. He told her to bend over as he wanted to examine her bottom to see if there any remarks to make to the Punishment Officer. Paula had a lovely bottom, round and pert but not too tiny and as the Doctor examined it, he told her that it was more than capable of taking a caning. Telling her to stand and put her clothes back on, he wished her well and said that whilst being caned she should think about her breathing, adding that in less fifteen minutes it would all be over.

The Officer was summoned and had already checked to see if the Judge was ready for Paula, the third girl to be dealt with this morning. He told her to follow him.

As she entered the room, the Judge was seated in the middle of a long table with one other official, a woman, and a third man that was introduced as the Punishment Officer. In all, there were three men and one woman who were going to be in the room for her caning. Also in the room was an A-shaped frame with a padded top and securing straps.

The Judge addressed Paula, saying that she had pleaded guilty and had been sentenced to a caning. He asked if she had anything to say.

Paula just wanted the whole thing to be over and said she had nothing to say, except she was sorry.

He then told her she would be caned across her bare bottom and that she should remove her clothes below the waist. At no stage had anyone mentioned that it was to be a bare bottom caning and she was horrified. She had just taken off her clothes for the Doctor, but now she had the prospect of being forced to strip in front of the judge, his female assistant and the Punishment Officer.

But there was clearly no choice, so once again she removed her jeans and knickers. The Judge told her to face him as she covered up her pubic region with her hands, to be told to put her hands by her side. Whilst this was a judicial process, the judge certainly appreciated the sight of a very pretty young woman in front of him, naked below the waist, about 5ft 4in, with a perfect figure, nice sporty legs flaring up to her hips centred by a wispy triangle of pubic hair, trim waist and pert medium sized breasts. She was then lectured about the law and told that the Punishment Officer, Bell, who was actually English, had both experience of giving the cane in his own country when he had been a janitor at a boys public school as well as being additionally trained by the local prison. He added that once bent over the frame she would be held by the restraints to prevent any jumping up which would result in additional strokes.

Paula was then told to turn and walk to the frame and get into position. Giving the judge the first view of her bottom as she took the few steps toward the punishment frame, she bent right over it, reaching down the far side to hold onto the bar. The officer that had been with her throughout fastened her wrists to the front legs of the frame before kneeling behind her to fasten her ankles to the middle straps which at least meant her legs were almost together.

The judge and his female assistant official were now treated to the sight of a very attractive bare bottom perfectly presented for the soon-to-start caning. For Paula, the thought of her bare bottom in full view of the judge was absolutely dreadful but thankfully the officer had been told to stand to one side.

Officer Bell left her in position for about two minutes before choosing a cane that was at least 36 inches long and of medium thickness. The sense of anticipation for Paula as she started to forget her exposed state and started to think about how painful the caning might be was awful.

The Punishment Officer measured the cane up against Paula’s bottom before taking it right back and giving her the first hard stroke right in the middle. Paula could not believe the pain from just one stroke and let out a load gasp as Bell lined up the second stroke, striking her bottom a little higher and causing Paula to let out a muffled scream.

Each stroke was about twenty seconds apart and the punishment officer was delivering all the initial strokes to the top part of her bottom. As the third stroke hit home, Paula could feel herself bracing against the straps and knew if she wasn’t secured she’d have jumped up by now. As it was she had no choice but to try and get through it, and as she remembered what the doctor had said about breathing, Officer Bell once more took the cane back over his shoulder and gave Paula her fourth stroke again above the very first and central first stroke causing another loud gasp of horror. Two more stokes completed the first six and the upper part of Paula’s bottom was decorated with six perfectly parallel stripes and she knew she was half way but had no idea how she was going to cope with another six.

She was soon to find out as Bell delivered an incredibly painful seventh stroke just above the crease between bottom and thigh, the first stroke to the lower part of her bottom. He now had a two to three inch gap of white bottom to put the last five strokes into.

The eighth stroke hit her bottom just below the centre and caused Paula once more to jolt against the straps as she let out another loud gasp. Bell was an expert and his deadly accurate strokes were producing a perfect set of red weals. For some reason the officer left a slightly longer gap which Paula appreciated as she lay over the frame waiting for the ninth stroke that eventually hit her bottom just below the previous stroke and caused another cry out as she tried to absorb the incredible pain.

The white gap on Paula’s bottom was now reduced to a little over an inch and it the Punishment Officers job to deliver the last three strokes into this previously unpunished area. Paula knew there were only three to go and tried to breathe in and out as she felt him touch her bottom with the cane before again taking it back over his shoulder to deliver the tenth agonising stroke causing another scream from Paula. The eleventh came quite quickly which just left the last and final stroke which he made her wait for over a minute before giving her by tradition the hardest of all hitting her bottom in the single remaining gap and causing the loudest scream of all.

Paula just lay there in shock with her bottom feeling absolutely on fire. She no longer cared that she was naked in front of three men and one woman, no longer cared that she was bent over in an exposed position. All she cared about was that the caning was over.

The officer eventually undid the four straps that had secured her in place and she was told to stand and turn to face the Judge. They told her that they hoped she had learnt an important lesson about lacking respect for the country’s culture and laws and added that she was lucky to simply have endured a caning and a sore bottom that she would feel for a few days, adding that in previous years there would have been no tolerance and she would simply have received a prison term. Whilst this final lecture was taking place, she was still naked below the waist but somehow no longer felt embarrassed.

They told her to get dressed and it was with great care that Paula replaced her knickers. Once the rest of her clothes were back on, the officer that had been with her throughout took her back to her cell and told her that once the sixth girl had been dealt with they would all be freed and taken back to their lodgings.

Paula initially sat on the bed, but quickly thought better of it and laid face down with her bottom throbbing. After about an hour when the final girl had seen the doctor and endured her caning the cell door was opened and all six girls were put in the back of a police van and taken back to their lodgings. In all it had been eighteen hours since their arrest and it had been a complete nightmare.

It was agreed the only thing to do was go to a bar where it quickly became obvious, as they swapped stories, that each had undergone identical experiences. They all talked about the medicals and the strange chair that tipped right back leaving their legs high in the air for the doctor’s examination. And of course they talked about the twelve stroke canings given by the Punishment Officer whilst secured to an A-shaped frame in front of the Judge. It seemed that there were two police officers who had taken it in turns to accompany the girls, meaning that each had witnessed three canings.

The drinks were helping numb the very considerable pain in each of their bottoms and later that night, in one of their rooms, they decided to share their damaged bottoms and all remarked on the accuracy of the cane weals with each having twelve discernable parallel lines.

Paula decided to ask each of her companions which was the worst part the whole dreadful experience and got differing responses.

Surprisingly only Jane and Trudy agreed that the caning was by some way the worst part and did not appear to really mind about the rest of the total experience. Jane added that she had undergone similar medicals in the past.

Amanda, who was American, admitted to being paddled a number of times whilst at school and said that, whilst the caning was really bad, the medical examination was the worst bit for her.

Samantha, who admitted being strapped across her bottom when at school in New Zealand, agreed the caning had been dreadful but for her the worst part was that at no point did anyone say the caning was to be given across the bare bottom whilst having the police officer witness the caning.

Debbie agreed the caning was dreadful, but said the worst bit for her was being secured to the punishment frame in front of the Judge.

Paula herself did not comment but, rather strangely, was starting to get some sense of enjoyment from her still throbbing bottom.

The End

© Pat Greenham 2013