A Sequel to The New Headmaster, Two sisters caned and The Crisis

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It was the final day of the Summer term and James Simmons was alone in his study taking stock of his first year, and in particular the corporal punishment that he had administered in his first year as Headmaster at Ashdean Lodge. He had caned thirteen girls, two of whom had been caned twice. Therefore, in all, he had dealt out fifteen canings, not including the two times he had caned his Head Girl, both in extraordinary circumstances.

The first was when she had put herself forward for him to practice (he had never used the cane before) and the second was when the dragon cane was used for the first time and the Head Girl had insisted that, if it was to be put into regular service, she would need to experience it for herself.

All thirteen girls that had been sent to him were at the instruction of Helen Brown, his trustworthy Head Girl. Eleven had received six strokes, whilst in extraordinary circumstances two had received twelve strokes in what Helen had described as ‘The Crisis’. In the summer term two were sent to see him for the second time and had received six strokes of the cane, but for this repeat beating they had been thrashed with the dragon cane. Overall, in a school of close on 700 pupils, 13 girls had received the ultimate punishment of a caning from the Headmaster, which he thought was appropriately modest. Including the 24 girls that had been caned by the Head Girl, around 5% of all girls had experienced the cane which, in a school that did not believe in detentions, suspensions and expulsions, was not in his view in any way excessive.

He reflected that eight of the canings had been to members of the Upper Sixth, as Helen Brown had made it clear early on that she was not comfortable punishing girls of the same age.

Simmons could not help reflect on his original interview with the Chairman of the Governors eighteen months ago when he had been told about the Archdean policy on corporal punishment. It had been made clear that he could not be offered the position if he had doubts about the policy, and in return he had assured the Chairman that he would have no intention of changing something that was clearly working. After a number of further interviews, the Chairman confirmed the offer of the coveted position of Headmaster of Archdean Lodge to him and he duly accepted. His Contract included a clause to confirm that he accepted the schools policy on corporal punishment.

What was never explained were the details on how the Prefecture controlled the system apart from a throw-away comment that he would receive a briefing from the new Head Girl at the beginning of the term. And it was certainly never mentioned that, as Headmaster, he would only be required to deliver the ultimate sanction of six strokes across a pupil’s bare bottom once the Prefecture had exhausted all other options.

As such, it was a surprise when he had been fully briefed by Helen Brown back in September and even more of a shock when she put herself forward for him to practice and in so doing actually took him through the process, stage by stage. The headmaster reflected on the sessions:


Fiona Williams, Upper Sixth, Truancy, 6 strokes, 6th form cane.

Barbara Root, Upper Sixth, Theft, 6 strokes, 6th form cane


Diana Smith, Sixth form, Insolence, 6 strokes, middle school cane.


Annabel Hunt: Lower sixth, Insolence, 6 strokes, 6th form cane


Christine Holt, Upper sixth, Violence, 6 strokes, 6th form cane


Louise White, Upper sixth, Theft, 12 strokes, Dragon cane

Christine Holt, Upper sixth, Violence, 6 strokes, Dragon cane.

Discounting the first time he actually used the cane on Helen Brown, when she put herself forward for him to practice, he remembered caning Fiona Williams as the first girl to actually merit the cane. He had been slightly apprehensive on that day back in September but he had followed the procedure perfectly and had been pleased with his performance.

Williams was in the Upper Sixth and this was the first time it became clear that Helen Brown was reluctant to administer the cane to any pupils in the same year as the Senior Prefects.

It was only two weeks later that the Head Girl brought Susan Davies to him for punishment. He was told that this girl had an unpleasant attitude and no respect for authority. Apparently she had already been caned the previous year by the then Head Girl and Helen Brown told the Head that she needed a more serious punishment. He also remembered that Susan Davies had been quite defiant and, when instructed to remove all clothes below the waist, she had showed no embarrassment when she peeled off her knickers and stood before him with her pubic triangle on full show.

Although it was only his second punishment caning, and using the middle school cane, he remembered giving this fifth former a particularly severe thrashing which had taken her down a peg or two.

Fiona Thomas had a poor reputation for bullying and had absolutely merited her caning back in October. He remembered she had a perfect peach of a bottom that had six very distinct stripes across it after she had been caned bent over the stool. Fiona Thomas was one of only two girls that returned for a second beating, sampling the Dragon cane in May.

Barbara Root had been caught going through another girl’s purse and theft was a crime that automatically led to a trip to see the Headmaster. On this particular occasion he was away, and Barbara Root had the uncomfortable experience of having to wait for two days for his return. She had never even been spanked before and clearly had no idea what to expect. Removing her clothes below the waist in front of him had clearly been highly embarrassing for her as was bending over the stool with her bare bottom on display but the intensity of the cane had clearly been a real shock for this girl. The Head remembered that she had a slightly larger bottom, which again left his study decorated with six stripes.

Diana Smith was another that had an ‘attitude’ and once she had undressed below the waist he remembered taking his time to cane her slowly and deliberately. Her attitude had certainly disappeared when she was instructed to stand and face him after the sixth stroke had been delivered to her bare bottom.

Annabel Hunt was in the Lower Sixth and had been brought before him after insolent behaviour to the Prefecture. He remembered that she had been quite defiant when instructed to prepare for her punishment and took a severe caning to her with barely a sound. This was one of the few girls that he suspected actually had a ‘thing’ about being caned.

Christine Holt was the first girl to be caned in the New Year. She had been sent-off in a competitive hockey match for violent conduct and was unsurprised to be told by Helen Brown that she was immediately being sent to the Headmaster. He remembered her punishment because she reported still in hockey kit. Removing her skirt and knickers before bending over the stool she had parted her legs leaving nothing to the imagination. With the Head Girl looking on she received a fearsome thrashing with the sixth form cane and he remembered taking longer than normal with significant pauses between each stroke. When she was eventually told to stand and face him he remembered the look of shock on her face.

It was only a week later that Sarah Bent had been sent to him for bullying. Sarah was in the Upper Sixth and at eighteen could easily have passed for a young woman in her twenties. The Headmaster thought she was one of the most attractive girls in the school and had to admit he had enjoyed caning her, not that she didn’t deserve it. Watching her take off her skirt before slipping her knickers down had given him a sight that any red blooded male would appreciate with her sporty legs flaring up to her hip and auburn pubic triangle on show, a sight which was only to get better as she got into position across the stool with her perfect bare bottom presented for the cane. Despite her feminine looks, Sarah was a tough girl who took her caning without much of a fuss.

Nicola Brown was the Head Girl’s younger sister and had been insolent to other members of the Prefecture. Nicola could expect no favours from her older sister and was sent to the Headmaster. He remembered her being mortified about having to remove her clothes below her waist and get into position over the stool in front of her sister. He remembered she made a real fuss whilst being caned and in complete contrast to how her older sister had taken the cane, both times with considerable grace although and in extraordinary circumstances.

Next of the list in his punishment book was the two girls that had caused what Helen Brown called ‘The Crisis’, called as such because if these two girls had been prosecuted they would have to have been expelled which would have spoilt the long held tradition of no suspensions or expulsions. Louise White and Jane Smith had both received twelve strokes of the dragon cane. They had both been caught shoplifting and so as to prevent the shopkeeper insisting on them being prosecuted the Head had sought permission from the Chairman of Governors to go beyond the maximum number of strokes. Additionally he remembered that the husband of the shopkeeper had insisted on witnessing the punishments.

These were the most memorable canings and he recalled the humiliation that they both suffered being naked below the waist for the entire duration of their extended canings. He also recalled that this was the first time he had used the dragon cane at Helen’s suggestion.

He smiled as he also recalled Helen later insisting on experiencing the dragon cane for herself, and not for the first time wondering if she had a little thing about being caned.

Nicky Jones was the first girl sent to him after the start of the summer term. She had been caught playing truant. He recalled that Nicky was a bit cheeky and had showed little embarrassment when instructed to take off her skirt and pants. She was quite petite but had a small but round bottom, which was certainly attractive. Using the middle school cane, he remembered giving her a moderate but firm caning which certainly had given her something to think about. Nicky had not taken her caning without a few ahrrrrr’s but when asked to stand and face him for her lecture she had almost a cheeky smile as she stood naked below the waist.

Two weeks later Fiona Thomas was, for the second time, sent to him – again for bullying younger girls. Simmons remembered being particularly annoyed by this girl and had been briefed by Helen Brown to give this girl a severe caning and reminded him that as she had already been caned that they should use the dragon cane first used in ‘The Crisis’. He remembered making Fiona Thomas wait for several minutes after being instructed to remove he clothes below the waist to add to her humiliation. Once she was in position over the stool and, with Helen looking on, he remembered giving her a particularly severe thrashing using the dragon cane, and he remembered with some satisfaction that Fiona Thomas had been well and truly caned.Laura Jones had been on the edge of being sent to the Headmaster for a while, and he remembered Helen Brown discussing her behaviour. She had been consistently impolite to the Prefecture and had received the slipper twice in the Lower Sixth. During her time in the Upper Sixth she pushed her luck one too many times and now found herself in the Head’s study. Laura was a tall girl with a sporty figure and definitely had an attitude but when instructed to remove all clothes below the waist she had looked very shocked. But it was common knowledge that all canings from the Headmaster were on the bare. Being taller, he remembered her legs stretching out a long way behind her as she got into position. Laura had made a real fuss during her caning and her previous attitude was well and truly gone when she stood up to face him after the final stroke. She tried to cover up but was told to stand in front of him with her hands by her side as he gave the customary post-caning lecture.

Christine Holt was the last girl to be caned in his first year and indeed she was one of two to return for a second caning, again for violent behaviour this time starting a fight. Having been caned before, she knew what to expect and quickly removed her skirt and knickers after being told to take off everything below the waist and got into position across the stool. Despite her crime, he had to admit she had a very toned bottom and he recalled he had no problem delivering six very firm strokes with the dragon cane, which she took without undue trouble despite him using the most severe cane available.

As he was finishing his reminiscence of the fifteen canings he had given, Helen Brown knocked on his door and came in with Stephanie French who had very recently been appointed as the New Head Girl for the next year. What was to happen next became another extraordinary event at the hands of Helen Brown.

Over the ten months James Simmons, as the new Headmaster, and his Head Girl had worked together they had created a very successful working relationship and it was true to say that the Prefecture had upheld discipline in an extremely satisfactory manner. Now Helen had a final surprise.Helen asked the Head if he had ten minutes to spare. James said of course, and asked Helen how he could help. Helen told him that the traditions of Archdean Lodge were very important, but she wanted to create a new tradition.

She said she felt that the responsibilities carried by the Head Girl were crucial to the running of the school.

She then said: “As Head Girl, you have the final say if any pupil is to be caned either by the Prefecture or be sent to the Headmaster, which is a big decision and certainly not one to be taken lightly.”

Helen told the Head he would unaware that on the final day of the summer term one year ago she had asked the outgoing Head to demonstrate a caning as she very strongly felt that if you were going to sentence a girl to the cane, you had to know for yourself what a caning felt like to receive. Previous to this, she had never been even close to receiving the cane as a punishment. She said the experience of receiving six strokes of the cane had been invaluable.

As such, she had spoken to Stephanie who, likewise, had never experienced the cane. Over the last few days she had asked her to think about putting herself forward to the Headmaster to learn for herself what a caning was like to receive. Helen told the Head Stephanie had confirmed that morning she agreed and hence they were there to ask him to demonstrate to the new Head Girl the actual experience of getting the cane.

James Simmons was astonished, but Helen had a few big surprises for him over the past ten months. He looked at Stephanie and asked her if this what she wanted.

Stephanie said: “Make no mistake that I am not looking forward to being caned, but I have to agree with Helen that if I am going to have the responsibility to sentence girls to be caned, I should know what the experience is like for myself.”

The Head then asked if she wanted the demonstration right away, to which Stephanie nodded. He told her that she should prepare herself, to which she immediately removed her blazer, shoes and her skirt. Standing in front of them she hesitated about whether she was also going to remove her pants.

Sensing her dilemma, Helen told her that all canings she would give would be to girls with knickers retained, but that when she sends a girl to the Headmaster it would be for a caning with knickers removed. If she was going to experience both, Helen suggested that she take three with, and three without. As a Prefect in the Lower Sixth, Stephanie had witnessed a Headmaster caning, knew exactly what position to take and immediately placed herself across the stool. She had never even had the slipper, so this was a terrifying prospect but Helen had persuaded her that it was for the best.

James Simmons fetched the sixth form cane and approached Stephanie from the left hand side, at the same time admiring a lovely bottom with her white pants now stretched across its curves. He told her that he would cane exactly as if she had been sent to him and, after touching her bottom a couple of times, took the cane slowly back and thrashed her for the first time.

Stephanie made a shocked gasp as she took in the pure intensity of just one stroke of the cane right across the centre of her bottom. Thirty seconds later, he caned her for the second time, lower down, and got the same shocked gasp as she parted her legs to get better balance. She knew the cane would be painful but had not imagined this level of pure pain.

The third stoke came after another thirty seconds and was higher. Stephanie knew that her pants had to come off for the final three and stood up to remove them, giving the Head the view of her light coloured golden triangle as she once more got into position. Her bottom, encased in knickers, was attractive but now completely bare it was a wonderful sight. The fourth stroke, and first across the bare, struck Stephanie’s bottom just below centre and caused another loud gasp. In truth she did not find a terrific difference without her pants as her knickers were quite thin, but the real difference was the embarrassment of being naked below the waist and bent over with her bare bottom on display to the Headmaster.

As she lay over the stool, knowing that she was not suffering the full ritual involved with being caned by the Head, she realised the major difference between being caned by the Head Girl and by the Headmaster was the humiliation involved with being naked below the waist.

The fifth stroke came only too soon and at least she knew what to expect, despite the cane still being incredibly painful. With only one to go, she knew she had learnt exactly what it felt like to be caned and was actually relieved to get the final stroke, which was just as hard as all the previous five whacks.Helen was, as ever, impressed with the Head’s accuracy with Stephanie’s bottom having six perfect cane weals.

Standing up, Stephanie faced both Helen and her Headmaster and said: “Wow! That was quite an experience. I had no idea the cane was quite so painful.” Turning to Helen, she said: “I am not quite sure whether I should thank you or hate you!”

Helen replied that she was still very much of the view that if you are going to decide to cane a pupil or send one to the Head, it was important to know for yourself what it involved, to which Stephanie replied: “I cannot argue with your logic.”

With Stephanie half naked, Helen suggested she might like to replace her pants and skirt as she had one more thought to discuss. In truth, the pain in Stephanie’s bottom was such that she had moved on from the embarrassment of showing her frontal nudity.

Helen turned to James Simmons and said she would like to make a further proposal. She hoped it would become part of the ethos and tradition of Archdean Lodge. This bit she had not discussed with Stephanie.

Helen said: “When I became Head Girl last September, the real responsibility of maintaining discipline and the seriousness of the role was something I came to learn. As I said earlier, deciding to cane a girl is a very serious step and should never be taken lightly. The first girl that I caned was Susan Williams, and whilst I delivered a satisfactory punishment, my later canings were considerably more effective. I literally taught myself how to carry out an effective caning. Therefore, as my final role as your Head Girl, I would like you to teach Stephanie how to deliver an effective caning, and having put Stephanie through her own experience, I want her to effectively get her own back by practicing on me.”

This was probably the final time that Helen Brown was going to amaze her Headmaster, but amaze him she did. Stephanie was not entirely sure what to say either, but did appreciate that, come September, she would be a very inexperienced caner when the first girl became liable.

Helen took off her blazer and removed her skirt. Turning to Stephanie, she said that all her canings would to girls with pants retained, but for the sake of this caning lesson she was going to remove her pants so that she could see exactly what damage she would be inflicting. Moments later, Helen was across the stool with her bare bottom on full show. This was the third time the Head had seen Helen’s bottom across his stool and the sight was as attractive as ever.

James Simmons handed Stephanie the cane and gave her some brief instructions. First he said that accuracy was more important than force and that she should aim for the cane to strike the centre of the bottom with further strokes a little higher or a little lower. Ideally the strokes should all be parallel, as diagonal strokes would cause unnecessary pain crossing other strokes already given. Ideally she should achieve six individual stripes, which is not always possible. She should also be careful to not get too close to ensure that no strokes wrapped round the far side of the recipient’s bottom. Further, she was told to take her time. A good caning should not be rushed with strokes about thirty seconds apart.

Stephanie was looking forward to this unexpected development and, taking her place to Helen’s left, touched her bottom in the middle before taking the cane back and giving her the first stroke successfully across the middle of Helen’s bottom, but not with enough power to cause any response. The Head suggested she use a bit more force, which she did but caught Helen quite low down with her second stroke. Again Helen, although caught below the crease, did not show any response.

Stephanie knew she needed to do better and the Head suggested she took the cane back more slowly and concentrate on the point she wanted to strike. The third stroke struck Helen’s bottom higher and certainly looked painful, but again Helen showed no response. The fourth stroke was, however, much closer to the mark, striking Helen’s bottom in the centre and with more force.

It was clear that Stephanie was getting into her stride. And both the fifth and sixth were in the same mould; both across the centre and both with some power. Helen knew about these last two strokes and was pleased she had given Stephanie the opportunity to deliver her first caning as a practice and not to the first girl to be identified for punishment.

Although Helen knew there was still room for improvement, she also knew that the next time Stephanie delivered a caning she would remember the lessons from the last five minutes. As Helen stood and faced both Stephanie and James Simmons, she said she very much hoped the initiative shown by this final meeting would become part of tradition and asked Stephanie to think about how, in one year’s time, she might consider repeating the last fifteen minutes with whoever would the next appointed Head Girl. It was clear Helen had created a very powerful template of how the Prefecture should be prepared for each year ahead.

And so the Summer Term came to a close. Stephanie was as prepared as possible for her year in charge. Helen felt she had more than succeeded against her responsibilities and had done her best to both bring the new Headmaster into the ethos and prepare Stephanie.

James Simmons also felt that, as Headmaster, he had a good first year and reflected on his relationship with Helen. He was as certain as possible that Helen Brown, whilst clearly being a strong believer in discipline, also had an interesting relationship with the cane, with possibly Annabel Hunt being in the same mould. He did not previously know she had asked for his predecessor to demonstrate a caning a year previously, but remembered she had volunteered to give him the opportunity to practice caning on her in September, then insisted in experiencing the dragon cane in March before it was introduced for those sent to him for a second caning, and finally the extraordinary events of the final day.

The End

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