A Trip to the Sea has consequences

By Wendy A

Let me start with an introduction. I was born in the 1950s, the youngest of three children. My brother Peter was several years older than me and David was just one year older. We lived in a large house in the country about 1 hour by train from London. Our Father was a partner in a firm of accountants in the City and spent quite a lot of time travelling to conferences and visiting foreign clients. Our Mother was involved in many charitable works and also spent part of her time in London for meetings and even the odd conference abroad.

Peter was in his 4th year of medical studies at one of the prime Universities in the country. His girlfriend, Anne, was also a medical student at the same University.

At the time of this account I was in my penultimate year at a girls’ boarding school, St Marys, located in a market town in Hampshire. My brother David was in his last year at a boys’ school in the same town, our schools were only about one mile distant and so we did meet up occasionally. Some activities were arranged jointly between the two schools and so contact was actively encouraged although controlled to ensure that contact did not become intimate. David was a senior prefect as was his best friend, Sam.

I was a junior 6th form prefect which gave me a few privileges. The main objective was grooming to become a senior prefect in my final year. My best friend was Susan, also a junior prefect. Both of us were in the top stream for our subjects, I had chosen sciences and Susan modern languages and literature. We both loved games and excelled at all ball games. Even being a year younger than those in the upper 6th, we were often chosen for the senior school teams.

During the previous few months David and Susan had become an entity and it seemed natural that Sam and I had become very close friends. David and Susan had progressed further than Sam and myself. We had met up during the Easter holidays and Susan could not resist telling me that they had been very intimate. With Sam we had limited ourselves to heavy petting. I fully intended to go further at the next opportunity.

The most painful memory of my time at St Marys was shortly before half term in the summer term. We had several Parents’ Sundays each term. Parents could take us out of school after morning chapel till early evening.

We had arranged to go out with our parents on the Sunday before half term. Sam and Susan had been invited to join us as neither of their parents were available. The standard format was that we would go to a local hotel for lunch then take a walk in the surrounding countryside. After afternoon tea our parents would return us to school. That would not permit much petting but would make a change from the routine of school.

On the Wednesday morning I received a message from David. He informed me that our great aunt, Agnes, had died and our parents would be attending the funeral the following Monday. As Agnes had lived in the north of Scotland our parents planned to drive up to Scotland on the Saturday and not return south until the Tuesday. My heart sank at this news as I had been looking forward to our Sunday out. David asked me to meet him that afternoon as he was trying to make alternative arrangements.

I met David after athletics practice. He told me that he had called Peter in the hope that he could take us out on the Sunday. Unfortunately he was involved in a University sailing event over the weekend and could not act as our chauffeur. He had suggested that he could bring our Mother’s car on the Friday and collect it on the Monday. He could park the car in a friend’s drive only a short distance from the school; he would leave the keys with his friend’s parents.

Pleased as I was that our plans for a day out of school would not be spoilt, I expressed my concern that there had been previous incidents where pupils had been caught driving without their parents and the consequences had been very serious including expulsion. He assured me that he would be very careful and would pick us up from a small car park on the outskirts of town.

He had already spoken to Sam and he was up to it. He suggested that I should speak to Susan. His idea was that as the weather was set fair we should head to the coast, have a pub lunch and spend the afternoon on the beach. The beach trip certainly clouded my concerns about school rules and anyway who would see us on a beach near Bournemouth?

That evening I had a chat to Susan, she also had some concerns but was swayed by the thought of spending an afternoon on the beach with David. The next day I delivered a note to David and all was set.

On the Sunday after chapel Susan and I made our way to the car park. Our route was mostly through residential streets. There was then a small park and play area for children, the car park was adjacent. Sam was already there when we arrived with a wide grin on his face. A few minutes later David pulled in driving my Mother’s Morgan 4 Seater. Sam and I squeezed in the back while Susan sat next to David in the front.

With the roof up it was very cramped in the back but after a few miles David stopped and lowered the roof. We then drove on to Bournemouth with the wind blowing in our hair. There was quite a lot of traffic but we reached our destination shortly after 1pm. David stripped off his uniform, he had shorts and a t-shirt underneath. We all got out and he put the roof up. Sam was next to strip off, similar shorts and t-shirt. David suggested that we girls change in the front of the car while they went into the pub. Susan and I had bikinis and wrap around skirts in our bags, we changed quickly and followed the boys into the pub.

The boys had ordered beers and we both had martini and lemonade. We all ordered salads and tucked in. Sam ordered another pint of beer but the rest of us refused.

After lunch we headed for the beach. David had brought towels from the car and we found a quiet spot. We settled down for some sunbathing. We noticed that many of the girls on the beach were topless and some couples were even naked. With a nod from Susan we both took off our tops. Sam moved closer and was fondling me, he was clearly excited as for that matter so was I. I looked over at David and Susan. They were exploring each others’ bodies. Sam had similar ideas but I was reluctant to be so intimate in public. Even so, I enjoyed Sam’s closeness and his soft hands on my body.

It was not long before David suggested that we make a move to avoid the traffic jams. We returned to the car and put on our school uniforms. Despite an early start the traffic was heavy and we were at risk of being late back. On nearing the school David suggested that he drop us close to school so we would not be late. This he did and Susan and I headed straight for school without apparently being seen.

The first moment we realised there were problems was when Susan and I were called to the Headmistress’s (Mrs King) office on the Monday afternoon. We were disconcerted to see Mr Jones in her office, the Headmaster of The Wold. Mrs King asked us straight out where we had been on Sunday afternoon and with whom. I glanced at Susan but got no response. What should we do, admit to everything or lie? Lies would soon be found out and we had no idea what the boys may have said or who might have seen us.

I could see little alternative but to own up and gave a brief summary of the events. I of course missed out the topless and fondling bits. We were dismissed and told to go to our studies without speaking to anyone else.

The next summons was later that evening. This time David and Sam were present. Once again we were asked what had happened. This time David spoke; he stated that he had set the whole thing up and had persuaded the others to follow his plan. He also avoided mentioning our visit to the pub and our activities on the beach. When he was finished we were told to go out into the corridor.

After about 10 minutes we were called back in. It was Mrs King who spoke. “We are satisfied that we now have most of the details. You are all aware that pupils are not allowed to drive cars during term time and are also not allowed to be in a car with another pupil unless a parent or guardian is present. I am sure that either you remember, or have heard about, an accident that occurred four years ago in which three pupils were injured, one seriously. While you are at school we are responsible for your safety. Such an accident as happened four years ago could render the school liable for damages.”

“We know that you all have driving licences and are legally able to drive, subject to your parents’ approval. Our experience, and that of other senior schools, is that accidents do occur and are more likely when drivers have only had a licence for a year or two. There is always a temptation of showing off which clearly increases the risk of an accident.”

Mr Jones took over at this stage. “My first reaction was to expel the four of you. However Mrs King was of the opinion that for some of you such a draconian punishment would be too severe. Also, in the case of you boys, you are in the middle of your A levels, expulsion would have a very adverse effect on your future. Suspension could impact negatively on your futures even if you girls could catch up. We have also taken account of your school records to date; these can only be described as excellent.”

He continued: “On the other hand we can not overlook your behaviour and total disregard of the school rules. We must also ensure that your peers are discouraged from being equally stupid; the deterrent effect is essential.”

Mrs King took over: “We now come to what punishment would act as a deterrent and be seen as sufficient to make others think more than twice about embarking on a similar escapade. We have spoken to each of your parents, and discussed our intentions with them. I might add that none of them is happy and they are all upset that you so blatantly ignored the rules, all admitting that the rules concerning driving are there for a very good purpose. They have all agreed to leave the punishment to us and have approved of our intentions.”

At this Mrs King took a deep breath and looked each of us directly in the eyes.

“You will all be caned. In the case of you, David, you will receive 9 strokes. You clearly organised the trip to the beach and were the driver. Sam, you will receive 6 strokes. You girls will each receive 4 strokes. I will cane you girls and Mr Jones will punish you boys. You will be caned tomorrow evening and will present yourselves to my study at 7pm. That will give you 24 hours to reflect on your punishment.”

Mr Jones made a sign to dismiss us and we filed out of Mrs King’s study. None of us was in the mood to chat as we walked down the corridor to the main entrance. The boys wished us goodnight and Susan and I returned to my room.

Neither of us was in the mood to chat, we were deep in our own thoughts, how much it would hurt, how embarrassing it would be to bend over, the questions from our peers, our bottoms on display in the changing rooms, whether our impending ordeal would damage our relationships, mine with Sam and Susan’s with David. Could we run away? But where would we go?

The next day was the longest of my life. We were the unwelcome centre of attention by our peers. There was all sorts of speculation; would we be caned in each other’s presence. As boys were caned on the bare bottom for such serious misdemeanours, would we girls be caned on the bare? Would Mr Jones be present when we were caned? All through the day tears were never far away. The teachers seemed also to be aware of our impending caning with remarks such as: “Pay attention, Wendy. Under other circumstances I would slipper you.”

I had very little to eat at lunch and nothing at dinner time. I found it impossible to eat, my stomach was in turmoil. Susan hardly touched her food, just the odd nibble.

As 7pm approached we went to our rooms and changed our knickers. We had decided that we would wear new white knickers which would offer some protection unless we were caned on our bare bottoms. With 5 minutes to go we headed off to Mrs King’s study.

David and Sam were already there waiting in the corridor. They smiled as we came into view, I am not sure if I smiled back as the tears were very close to tumbling down my cheeks, my eyes were watery. As we came closer they both mouthed: “Sorry.”

We were not kept waiting more than a couple of minutes. Mr Jones popped his head round the door and said: “We will start with you girls, you first Susan. Once you have been punished you will wait here in the corridor.”

He held the door wider open and Susan reluctantly entered the execution chamber. Mr Jones closed the door.

I could no longer control the tears, they flooded down my cheeks. David was quick to hand me a handkerchief which helped but did not stem the flow. My legs trembled and I felt sick.

We clearly heard the first stroke land, it was like a pistol shot. Within seconds we heard Susan scream out in pain. My tears intensified and I dabbed the handkerchief on my cheeks to mop them up. The next stroke was also followed by a scream, perhaps less intense than the first or perhaps I was just getting used to hearing her crying out in pain. The third and fourth strokes were also followed by shrieks from Susan.

After a couple of minutes the door opened and Susan shuffled out. She was clutching some paper tissues in her hand which she used to wipe away her tears. The other hand was rubbing her bottom.

Mr Jones appeared again. “You’re next, Wendy.”

Like Susan, I slowly moved towards the door, my legs felt as if they would fold under me and I would end up in a heap on the floor. Mr Jones held the door wide and then closed it after I entered. Mrs King was standing by her desk holding a cane. There was a piano stool next to her. I stood stock still staring at the cane. Mr Jones meanwhile went behind the desk.

Mrs King then spoke. “When told, you will remove your skirt, bend over this stool and hold onto the handles. You will not move from that position, stand up or move your hands until I tell you that your punishment is over. If you do not remain in position I will give you extra penalty strokes and in case of need I will ask Mr Jones to hold you down. Is that clear Wendy?”

A squeaky: “Yes Miss,” was all I could manage.

“Right Wendy, remove your skirt and bend over.” I did as instructed, leaving me just in my white school knickers, white suspender belt and stockings. I felt so vulnerable offering my knicker clad bottom for punishment.

Mrs King moved to my left side and I felt the cane touch the centre of my bottom. It disappeared, there was a sound of air being compressed and then the sound of the pistol shot. Almost immediately I screamed as the pain reached my brain, it was awful, like a red hot poker being placed on my bottom. How could I stay bending, I so wanted to stand up and run out of the study. I summoned all my strength to hold onto the handles of the piano stool.

The second stroke landed soon after the first. If anything it was worse. I screamed blue murder and the tears started streaming down my nose and face, I was snivelling and finding breathing difficult. The third and fourth strokes had a similar effect. All I could think of was the pain I felt in my bottom, a thousand wasp stings. I did not register that Mrs King had said something, everything was a blur.

Finally Mr Jones said in a rather gruff tone: “Mrs King has told you that your punishment is complete and that you may stand and put your skirt back on.”

Ever so slowly and with the help of the stool I eased myself up. If my legs had been wobbly before, they now felt like jelly. I thought I might fall if I took even one step towards the desk where I had placed my skirt. Somehow I reached the desk and picked up my skirt. With one hand resting on the desk I managed to step into it, raise it up over my legs and finally clipped it into place before pulling up the zip. Mrs King handed me some paper hankies and told me to join the others in the corridor.

It took considerable effort to walk to the door. Just as I reached it, Mrs King was by my side and turned the handle. I was back out in the corridor and three faces turned to greet me. I was still mopping up the tears with one hand while the other ministered to my burning bottom. I moved next to Susan who appeared to have recovered a little and was just rubbing her bottom.

Mrs King called Sam in next; the door was shut behind him. After a couple of minutes we heard the first stroke, it sounded louder than when Susan had been caned. At least Sam did not scream out, there was silence as the cane bit into his bottom as the remaining five strokes were administered.

After a brief delay the door opened and he exited. The only signs that he had been caned were his flushed face and the gentle rubbing of his bottom. David was called in. We heard the first stroke land on his bottom and started to count. The only sound we heard was the cane landing. That is until the 8th stroke when we heard a grunt from David. The 9th stroke resulted in a similar but louder grunt.

After a couple of minutes we were called back in by Mrs King. Mr Jones took his time as he surveyed the four rather dishevelled pupils standing in front of him.

“Let me just remind you that this has been a warning, any further serious contravention of the rules will result in expulsion. I suggest that you all retire to your rooms and reflect on this evening. I will drive you boys back to The Wold.”

At that he stood up, thanked Mrs King for the courtesies extended to him, and he ushered David and Sam out on the study.

After a couple of minutes Mrs King told us to follow her. We duly followed her in line abreast; fortunately the corridors were empty as it was prep time. She stopped at Matron’s door, knocked and went in while we waited outside. She was back in an instant and handed us a pot of cold cream.

“You may need this. Now back to your rooms.” She then left us to make our own way.

I suggested to Susan that she come to my room where I would apply the cream, she could then reciprocate. In the confines of my room I lowered my skirt and eased my knickers down. I took a brief look in the mirror and could see the four red lines across my bottom. I lay face down and Susan applied the cream using the tips of her fingers. She was very gentle with her fingers tracing the line of each stroke.

When she was satisfied that the whole of the damaged area had been covered she stopped. She helped me to my feet. I decided it would be best to strip completely and put on a nightie. While I did this she removed her skirt and knickers and lay down on my bed.

I took the cream and started to apply the cream with my fingers. The ridges left by the cane looked very sore and she flinched several times when I touched the end of the cane line near her right thigh. The tip of the cane had cut deeper than the rest of the line. I put lots of cream on this area.

Once complete I handed her my dressing gown, she could then go to her room without having to put her skirt and knickers back on. Before leaving she gave me a hug and kissed me full on the lips.

“Thank you, Wendy, I have no regrets and would do it all again to have those few hours together on the beach. I could take another caning but draw the line at expulsion. From now on I will be a very, very, good girl.” At that she left my room.

The next day we were again the centre of attention. All our peers wanted to know all the sordid details; were we caned on our bare bottoms, did we cry, did we scream, how did the boys take their punishment, etc? After sports we were again the centre of attention as our bottoms were inspected.

I was rather surprised to be summoned to see Mrs King at 4.45. What on earth did she want? I felt decidedly unhappy as I walked down the corridor to her study and knocked on the door and went into her secretary’s office.

“Ah Wendy, take a seat. Mrs King will see you in a few minutes.”

I was getting more nervous by the minute and could feel tingling in my bottom. Did her secretary know I had been caned the previous evening?

The phone went and the secretary told me to go on in. Mrs King was sitting behind her desk, no cane in hand this time. She signalled to a chair in front of her desk. Should I bend or sit? Seeing my hesitation she smiled and told me to sit down.

She explained that my Father had been in touch. He and my Mother had been invited to attend a shoot at the weekend so rather than returning south they intended to stay in Scotland till the following week. She was aware that both Sam and Susan had been invited to spend the half term weekend with David and me. As both their parents were away at the weekend they had been telephoned and had agreed to the proposal put forward by my Father.

She continued: “This is where it becomes complicated. Your brother Peter is not able to pick you up from School on Friday morning. He has arranged for his girlfriend, Anne, to collect all four of you and will use your Father’s car. As a third year medical student, your Father is of the opinion that she is a suitable person to act in loco parentis. Do you have any questions?”

I asked if Susan was aware of this change. Mrs King replied negatively and suggested that I inform Susan. David had been informed by Mr Jones and he had no doubt informed Sam. With that, I was dismissed, fortunately with no mention of our meeting less than 24 hours previously.

I went immediately to find Susan. She was in the 6th form common room preparing some work. As it was quiet at the time I felt I could discuss the half term arrangements without going out of the common room. She seemed delighted and I was sure was already planning her encounter with David without parental supervision.

Friday came and Anne was on time to pick us up. She then drove on to The Wold where David and Sam were waiting. The drive home was uneventful although David did have a few remarks on Anne’s driving.

When we reached home David suggested that we have a coffee and asked me to help, the others settled round the kitchen table. Anne started the conversation with a thunderbolt.

“I gather that you all have sore bottoms?”

How did she know? It must have been Peter that told her and probably he had spoken to Mr Jones or Mrs King.

Anne continued. “I went to a progressive day school where corporal punishment was never a sanction. Peter has told me about canings he had when at The Wold, but what about you girls?”

They all turned to me for a reply. Rather hesitatingly I mentioned about the drive to the beach, being summoned by Mr Jones and Mrs King, the lecture and the sentence.

“We had to wait 24 hours before the caning was carried out. It was a terrible time and I felt sick knowing that I would be caned the following evening. I know that Susan suffered the same, stomach churning and wobbly legs.

“At the appointed time we reported to Mrs Jones’ study. David and Sam were already waiting in the corridor. Susan was called in first, we could hear each stroke and her screams. She was crying and rubbing her bottom when she reappeared. Then it was my turn, I already had tears in my eyes. Mrs King told me to remove my skirt and bend over a piano stool. Mr Jones stood at the other side of the desk where he could not see my bottom. It was humiliating bending over with just knickers covering my bottom, but that was nothing when it came to the pain of the cane. It was awful, like a red hot poker. I was screaming and crying like Susan had before me, it was a horrific experience.”

David said how sorry he was that we had had to endure such indignity and pain, it had all been his idea and he had persuaded the three of us to agree. He and Sam had been caned on their bare bottoms and with a thicker cane. The one used on us lay on the desk when they were caned.

Anne was fascinated by the whole process, being caught, the lecture, the sentence, the waiting and finally the caning within earshot of the others.

“So do you have marks on your bottoms?”

We glanced at each other, wondering where this was leading and how to reply.

David took the lead. “Yes and they may last for a few more days, I guess the girls have less bruising than Sam and I.”

The scene was set for the weekend as each of us exposed our bottoms. Emotions were high and the next few days were like an orgy; skinny dipping, nude sunbathing, etc. It was totally different from the discreet moments I had planned with Sam.

The End

© Wendy A 2015