A woman has bad thoughts about her schooldays, but can she do anything about it?

By Stinger Sam

Sasha Richardson was a devoted Catholic but had not always been devout in her faith. In her youth, she was spiteful, mistreated her classmates, and was even a bully at times. As she was kneeling in a church pew reflecting on her past behavior, she began to be overcome with guilt. During Lent, every practicing Catholic is supposed to make a sacrifice or give up something in an attempt to forsake sinful behavior and to get closer to God. Sasha had not yet decided what she was going to do for Lent, but one thing she knew was that she needed to discuss her past behavior with her parish priest. With courage to face her dark past and determined to amend her wrongdoings, she took a deep breath and entered the confessional.

“Bless me father for I have sinned. It has been one month since my last confession.”

“Be brave my child. Christ forgives all sin,” replied an unfamiliar voice.

Sasha was expecting the senior pastor to hear confessions today. The voice she heard was not the familiar, kind, and welcoming voice that she was accustomed to hearing. The voice she heard sounded stern and caused her to feel uneasy. She thought about leaving and returning another time to confess her behavior.

“I’m sorry; I was expecting Father Ernest.”

“An emergency came up and Father Ernest had to leave.”

“Who are you?”

“Father Rufus.”

When she learned the identity of the confessor, she almost shrieked but quickly caught herself and swiftly placed her hand over her mouth. Father Rufus was the nightmare of penitents. Instead of assigning the normal penance of two Hail Marys and one Our Father, Father Rufus assigned torturous penance. He gave no free passes to commit sin, nor did he cut anyone any slack. Every knowledgeable Catholic in this particular diocese heard horror stories about Father Rufus.

“I think I’ll come back another time.”

“What is the matter?”

Sasha didn’t know how to respond. She did not want to lie, especially during a sacred sacrament.

“I’m scared,” she answered while trembling with fear.

“It takes courage to face your wrongdoings and to accept the consequences of your actions. Chastisement or penance does not feel good at first, but it is medicine for your soul.”

Sasha took a deep breath and said: “Father, I have been a horrible person. When I was younger, I treated people like garbage and had no respect for anyone. I didn’t care about no one except for myself. To say I was a brat was an understatement. I reckon that my ill behavior was linked to the absence of my father. My father passed away when I was a young child. With him out of the picture, I was in the sole care of my mother. My mother took little interest in my misbehavior. She let me slide when I engaged in mischief except on rare occasions.

“There was this one particular student named Molly Peterson that I frequently humiliated. She had shoulder length jet black hair, accompanied with beautiful wide dark eyes and a dark complexion. One time in our senior year, I placed a pack of cigarettes in her locker and lied to Principal Harris, saying that she was trying to get me to smoke with her in the girls’ restroom. He searched her locker and of course he found the goods. During seventh period, we was in history class together. There was a piercing knock on the door and then the principal came in the classroom with a large wooden paddle tucked under his arm. He pointed at Molly and told her to step outside in the hallway, face the lockers across from the classroom, and put her hands on her head. He slammed my pack of cigarettes on the teacher’s desk and warned us about the consequences of possessing tobacco on school premises.

“Principal Harris handed his paddle to a student in the front roll and told the student to take a hard look at the paddle, feel it, and to pass it to the next student until we all got the opportunity to fully examine it. Holding it, I could tell that his paddle could whup a backside with little or no effort. If I remember correctly, the paddle was roughly around 24 inches long, 4 inches wide, and a 1/2 thick blade. It had ‘ouch’ written all over it.

“Once the last student got a chance to view the board, Mr Harris asked the teacher if she could witness Molly’s paddling. She closed the door behind them but Principal Harris opened the door and informed the teacher that he wanted all of us to thoroughly hear what was about to transpire so we would know what to expect if we brought tobacco to school. He then proceeded to scold Molly about bringing tobacco to school. She burst into tears and proclaimed her innocence. Despite her pleading, he ordered her to turn around, bend over, and grab her ankles. Once she was bent over, he asked the teacher to raise the student’s blue/white plaid skirt. Mr Harris next told Molly to spread her legs apart and to stick out her butt.

“A few students, myself included, got up from our desks and watched the show through the doorway. Molly was fully exposed to any student or faculty member who wished to serve as an unofficial witness. Mr Harris stood to the left of the student and the witness stood to the right. He tapped his paddle against Molly’s bottom, which had no protection whatsoever except a pair of white cotton panties, and he swung his paddle like he was a professional tennis player. She let out a loud howl but was given little time to recover as Principal Harris smacked her rump again. The sound of the paddle strongly resembled that of a gun being fired. He struck her again, this time knocking her forward and out of position.

“Molly was sobbing and rightfully so, but Mr Harris was not fazed one bit. He ordered Molly to get back in position, spread her legs, and stick out her butt. After the witness lifted Molly’s skirt again and her bottom was raised to his liking, Mr Harris delivered three more hard swats. Once her paddling was concluded, Mr Harris ordered a sobbing Molly back into the classroom and reminded the class that would be us if he caught us with tobacco. I couldn’t take my eyes off Molly. Her dark eyes were filled with tears and her face was flushed. I made eye contact with her and giggled when she returned to the classroom. Sadly I was not alone; the majority of the students joined in.

“The next day in swimming class, the damage on her bottom was made apparent for the amusement of her classmates. Molly was one of those curvy girls with a large bottom. Needless to say, her petite bathing suit failed to adequately cover her rear end and consequently provided students with the insight of what a bottom would look like after Mr Harris was finished with it. From the appearance of her behind, she was probably bruised for a few days,” Sasha said, ending her confession.

Father Rufus responded: “You made a good confession but all the details you provided are not required to make a proper confession. Also, you must remember disclosing certain information could possibly lure priests into temptation.”

“I’m sorry, father. I’m just so used to my pastor and I wanted to get this guilt off my chest.”

“Were you a Catholic during that time?”


“Have you already confessed this sin?”

“No, it has slipped my mind until just recently.”

“As a general rule, mortal sins are treated as being absolved if one accidentally forgets to mention them during confession. However, you obviously feel sorrowful about what occurred. Correct?”

“Yes, father.”

“I think in this case, considering the extent of harm you done, a little penance would not hurt. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, father. I agree with you. This is precisely why I am here. I feel like I need to do something but I don’t know what I should do.”

“Have you decided what sacrifice you will make during Lent?”

“I have not, father.”

“Seeing as how it is Lent, for penance I want you try to repair the damage you caused this poor girl. I want you to find this woman that you tormented so much and show her your love. Face her and acknowledge your faults. This sacrifice of love will also be more than sufficient to satisfy your Lenten observance. Can you do that?”

“I will try.”

“How am I able to do this?!” Sasha exclaimed, squealing her tires as she was aggressively driving through the church parking lot. “I knew I should’ve left and came back,” she shouted while continuously punching the dash of her car.

At lunch, she discussed the penance with Rob, her husband. She was hoping that Rob would provide comfort and tell her that Father Rufus was out of his mind and that she should discuss this concern with Father Ernest. She was in for a surprise.

“I think Father Rufus was completely on the money. He gave you the opportunity to face your victim and to bury the hatchet. You can now put this whole thing behind you.”

“But I don’t know where the first place to look,” Sasha cleverly objected, attempting to weasel out of her penance. “If I don’t know where she is at, how can I complete my penance? Father Rufus should’ve been more realistic.”

“You don’t have to know where she is at; remember I am a detective. I have access to tons of information. I bet I could find her current location in thirty minutes.”

“But what about the kids? You can’t miss work while I go on this wild goose chase.”

“We will be fine. I have four weeks of paid vacation and I could use a small break. You just give me that name and go pack your bag.”

Sasha sighed and answered: “Molly Peterson.”

“I can’t believe he is doing this shit,” she mumbled to herself as she was collecting her belongings.

She was about to throw a tantrum and Rob came in the bedroom.

“Hey babe, I found her. It turns out Molly Lewis, aka Molly Peterson, is married, has two children, and lives two hours away in El Dorado where she is employed by the high school.”


“Don’t worry about the kids, honey. You should get going. If you hurry, you could get this issue resolved today.”

Wearing a fake smile on her face, Sasha said her farewells to her husband and departed. She made haste and arrived in El Dorado thirty minutes ahead of schedule. She continued following the GPS directions until she arrived at the high school and then parked her car.

“No turning back now. You can do this.”

She exited her car, locked the doors, and entered the school. Once inside, she located the office which was close to the main entrance.

“Can I help you?” Asked the school secretary.

“Yes, I am needing to speak with Molly Lewis.”

“Hold on one second.”

The secretary picked up her phone and informed Molly that she had a visitor.

“Mrs Lewis is in a meeting and should be finished shorty. Please have a seat.”

Sasha sat down and wondered what kind of position Molly occupied at this school.

“It couldn’t be much,” she thought to herself. “She is most likely an underpaid janitor or a lowly cook. There is no possibility a person of such low stature as Molly to amount to anything of real significance. Yes, she is probably discussing different mop heads in that meeting while wearing a cheap and disgusting custodial uniform. Gross,” Sasha thought to herself, chuckling out loud.

“Ms Williams, can you please step in my office?” A somewhat familiar voice announced over the office intercom.

The secretary rose from her desk, entered the office, and closed the door behind her. Sasha could hear voices from the principal’s office but was unable to make out what was being said. Then there was silence and all of sudden an earsplitting bang came from the office. After a few seconds, another deafening sound was heard, followed by a squeal. After two more similar sounds were overheard, Sasha could hear crying from the office. After a short pause, another alarming thud passed through the office walls. After one more bang, the office door opened and the secretary exited the room.

“Ms Williams, keep the door open. We are close to being done here. Thank you,” a female voice ordered.

“That voice sounds so familiar. Could that be Molly? No way!” Sasha thought to herself.

“Thank you for not suspending my son. I know he deserved it but his grades would’ve dropped, his chances to get accepted into a good college would be decreased, and the school’s football team would be devastated with the loss of their quarterback,” Sasha heard a woman say.

“I am glad to be of assistance. I too feel that this was a win–win situation for everybody,” that familiar female voice replied.

“Thomas, what do you tell the good principal?”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you and for what?”

“Thank you for the paddling and for not suspending me.”

“You are quite welcome, Thomas. I hope not to see you back in my office or else you know what will happen as your mother, you, and I have discussed. One more thing though, I would like for you to sign and date my paddle. It is somewhat of a school tradition involving students that the school believes will go on to be prominent members of society.”

“Go on and sign it, Thomas. After all, the principal cut you a lot of slack and besides, there are several signatures already on the paddle.”

“I appreciate you stopping by, Mrs Davis, especially on such short notice.”

“You are welcome.”

“Thomas, you stay out of trouble and I will see you tomorrow at school.”

Sasha looked up and saw a medium age woman and a monster of a student departing from the principal’s office. Thomas was close to 6’7” and appeared to weigh 260lbs with a full beard. His eyes were bright red and filled with tears swimming down the sides of his face. Even with his thick beard, Sasha was able to see that his face was glowing red. Sasha couldn’t believe it.

“Oh my god, this mammoth is crying like a baby. It wasn’t even a male who administered the paddling,” Sasha thought to herself.

Just then an all too familiar person from Sasha’s past walked out of the office and stared at Sasha. Sasha’s jaw was about to drop to the floor; it was Molly. Molly was easily recognizable by Sasha. She still had that dark complexion, her beautiful wide dark eyes, and jet black hair with the exception that she was now slightly on the chubby side and grew out her hair to the middle of her back. Molly was wearing a pair of beige flared pants, orange V-neck top, and black dress shoes.

“Come in my office.”

Sasha felt weak in the knees but found the strength to climb out of her chair and to enter Molly’s office. Molly closed the door behind Sasha.

“Have a seat.”

Sasha sat down across from Molly and instantly noticed the paddle lying on her desk. The measurements were exactly the same as Mr Harris’s paddle that was used on Molly in their senior year. Looking at Molly’s paddle caused Sasha to have a flashback of Molly’s spanking. Sasha remained silent and couldn’t stop staring at it.

“It is intimidating, isn’t it,” Molly asked, waking Sasha out of a trance.

“Oh, yes it is. It looks like it would be painful.”

“You heard Thomas’s paddling from outside in the secretary’s office. That giant is our star quarterback. He turned 18 years old five months ago and will be graduating school this May. Guess what? This paddle brought him, a grown man, to tears. So yeah, it hurts a little.”

Wanting to get to the point, Sasha said: “Molly, I don’t know if you remember me but I am…”

“Sasha. I know,” said Molly, aggressively interrupting Sasha. “I recognized you when I first saw you. Your blonde hair with the familiar ponytail and blue eyes, yeah, you haven’t changed much except you slightly lost your figure. But hey, we are no longer 18 and seniors in high school. So what to you want?”

“Molly, I am so sorry for how I treated you in school. I was a terrible person and you didn’t deserve none it. Please forgive me.”

“Thank you for your apology, Sasha. Yes, the treatment you and our classmates dished out haunted me for years. Do you remember the paddling that Mr Harris gave me in the hallway in our senior year? That was a nightmare. I turned 18 just one month before that incident. He made an example out of me by publicly spanking me, a legal adult, for the rest of the school to learn from. He purposely kept the classroom door open and had my skirt lifted up so anybody with eyes could watch him paddle my ass to an oblivion, which was only covered by my underwear.

“Gosh, it was so embarrassing to get paddled in our school uniform. I literally felt like my ass was put on display for the entire school to view on account of being in the hallway bent over with my skirt raised. If I were to die tomorrow, that pack of cigarettes that he found in my locker and spanked me over did not belong to me.”

“I know.”

“You know?” Questioned Molly, having a surprise look in her eyes.

Sasha looked down and said: “They were mine. I was experimenting with cigarettes at the time and I planted them in your locker and told Mr Harris that you was trying to get me to smoke with you in the girls’ restroom.”

Sasha continued to look down in shame and unable to face Molly.

“You little bitch. You done a lot of cruel things to me but that took the cake.”

“Molly, I…”

“No, stop right there. Do you know what your problem was? You were a spoiled brat. Your parents never took the time of day to discipline you, did they? You probably don’t even know what a spanking is, do you?”

“I got spanked as a child.”

“Really? How many times?”

“Two or three times by my mother.”

“Two or three times? Not with an implement, right?”

“My mother never used anything to spank me except her hands. The spankings were bare bottom and over her knee.”

“Have you ever been paddled in school?”

“No, my mother refused to sign the corporal punishment form.”

Molly let out an obnoxious laugh and replied: “You don’t know what a good spanking is. My mother took the strap to me whenever I stepped out of line. In addition, she was more than willing to sign off on me receiving corporal punishment at school. And guess what? For that paddling that I received by Mr Harris because of you, my mother laid into my backside with her strap the next day, like I really needed it because Mr Harris obviously didn’t spank hard enough. Admit it, you behaved like a witch because your parents permitted you to get away with murder.”

“Molly, you are right. My mother was more interested in having a friend than a daughter after my father passed away. As a result, I never got the discipline that I deserved. I know what I did was wrong and that is why I am here. I am willing to do anything to repair the damage that I have caused. Please let me.”

“You really mean those words? Okay, I want you to experience a slice of the hell that you shoved down my throat.”

Molly rose from her desk and opened the closet door. She removed a female student uniform and a pair of black dress shoes.

“What is your last name?” Asked Molly.


“I want you to be in my office at 7:30 tomorrow morning and wearing this. Also, there is no need to wash the uniform. It is ready to go and you may keep it as a souvenir of your time spent here,” Molly said as she passed the uniform and shoes to Sasha.

“Yes ma’am. I will be here bright and early.”

“Oh, two more things. The school dress code requires female students to wear white cotton knickers. I don’t know your taste in undies, but you can purchase the required panties at a store just right up the street from here if you don’t already have the mandatory garments. And Sasha, don’t call me Molly. Call me Principal Lewis.”

After leaving the school, Sasha stopped by the store that Molly told her about and bought a package of panties that met the school guidelines. She then checked in at a motel and ordered out for pizza. Before calling it a night, she called her husband to inform him of her situation.

“Hey babe, how did it go?” Rob greeted her.

“So-so. It turned out that Molly is the high school principal. When I was waiting to see her, she spanked a huge football player and made him cry like a baby. I heard the entire paddling in the secretary’s office despite the principal’s office door being completely closed.”

“Is that so? I guess he won’t be wanting to visit Molly again anytime soon,” Rob commented while laughing.

“I bet not. Anyways, Molly wants me to return to school tomorrow morning at 7:30.”

“What for?”

“I don’t know yet. She did furnish me a school uniform and gave me instructions to be wearing it tomorrow and to call her Principal Lewis.”

“Hmm, that’s weird. So are you going to stay overnight in El Dorado?”

“I might as well. I really don’t want to make this drive again. I should be home early tomorrow. I’ll call you in the morning and let you know for sure.”

“Sounds great. You have a long day tomorrow so I will let you go so you can get some rest.”

“Rob, put the phone on speaker. I want to talk with the kids.”

“Hello mom,” said their teenage son.

“Hello mommy,” screamed their six year old daughter.

“Listen to me. I love you all very much. I want you to be good and obey your father. I will be home tomorrow. Okay?”

“Yes mom,” affirmed their son.

“Bye,” Sasha replied and then ended the call.

Sasha had a hard time sleeping that night, wondering what tomorrow had in store for her. The alarm went off and she got out of bed. She took a shower, dressed herself, styling her hair in a ponytail, and then put her makeup on. After she was finished getting prepared, she examined herself in the vanity mirror. She had on a white plaid skirt, a white long sleeve blouse, white knee high socks, and black dress shoes.

“I look just like a schoolgirl, only that I am 34,” Sasha muttered to herself. “I wonder what Rob would think? Let’s find out.”

Sasha snapped a few pictures of herself in front of the vanity mirror and texted them to Rob. Rob quickly texted her back, complimented her, and told her to keep the uniform because they might have some fun with it. Sasha giggled and left the motel. She arrived at the school and looked straight ahead at the entrance with dread.

“This is the big day, Sasha. You can do it,” said Sasha, attempting to encourage herself.

She went into the school and checked in at the office.

“Come in my office and have a seat,” Molly said, welcoming Sasha.

Molly Peterson, now Principal Lewis, no longer appeared as a weak coward who was lacking confidence. She looked stunning. She was wearing a crepe framed crepe skirt suit consisting of a black skirt and a royal blue jacket trimmed in black. Her black high heels put everything into perfection. She was no longer that girl that Sasha knew in high school; Molly was now a powerful and exceptionally attractive woman who wielded great authority.

“Wow. I have to say that you look amazing, Principal Lewis.”

“Thank you, Sasha. You look cute in that school uniform. Your husband might become a little feisty seeing you wear that,” Molly jokingly said.

After a few laughs, Sasha asked: “So what is going on?”

“I pulled some strings so you can be a student for a day. You will be attending class like a normal student and will be treated as such. Here is your class schedule,” informed Molly. “Your wedding ring and phone, give them to me. Students are not allowed to have those iteMs Don’t worry, I will give them back to you at the end of the day.”

“Okay, sounds reasonable. Do you care to hold on to my purse too?” Asked Sasha.

“Sure, not a problem. I will lock it in my desk.”

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome. Another thing, do you have a fax machine at home or does your husband have access to one?”

“Yes, we have a fax machine at home.”

“Good. I need to fax this to your husband and have him sign it and fax it back,” Molly told Sasha as she passed her the mysterious piece of paper.

“What is this?”

“A corporal punishment form. I cannot administer corporal punishment to students without permission from their guardian. You being a student today makes your husband your rightful guardian.”

Sasha was dumbfounded but nevertheless complied with Molly’s orders. Sasha wrote down the fax number on a scrap piece of paper and passed it to Molly.

“Here you go, Principal Lewis. I can also call Rob and inform him of the situation so he will know that the form is not a prank and to send the fax ASAP.”

Molly faxed Rob the corporal punishment form and handed the office phone to Sasha.

“It is ringing. Hey, good morning Rob.”

“Good morning, honey. Did you get things squared away with Molly Peterson, I mean Molly Lewis?” Asked Rob. “Would you like to catch a late breakfast this morning?”

“Yeah, about that. I will be attending her school today as a student. I guess I should’ve seen that coming since she provided me a school uniform.”

“Hold on a minute honey. A fax is coming in.”

Rob retrieved the fax and got back on the phone.

“Consent to corporal punishment with a paddle. School will provide a witness…! Honey, is this some kind of joke?”

“I am afraid not, Rob.”

“Let me talk to him,” Molly said in a professional tone.

“Hi Rob. This is Principal Lewis from El Dorado High. How are you doing today?”


“No need to be confused. The fax you received is a legit corporal punishment form. Sasha will be attending class today so it is important that you sign the form and fax it to me as soon as possible. Without having that form signed and in my possession, I cannot administer corporal punishment to Sasha. Do you understand?”

Chuckling, Rob responded, “Sure. I’ll fax it to you right now.”

“Thanks for your cooperation, Rob. Here is Sasha.”

“Hi again, Rob.”

“I hope this is not some kind of joke, Sasha. I did not use three vacation days from work so you can goof off. I cut into my vacation time so you could resolve your past and move on.”

“And that is what I will be doing. Trust me. Just please sign the form and fax it to Principal Lewis. Okay?”

“I already did it. She should be getting it anytime.”

As soon as Rob said that, Molly retrieved the fax. Right on the form it contained Rob’s signature and today’s date.

“The fax just arrived. Listen, I better go because class is starting and I still don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing. I’ll call you when I am on my way home.”

“Okay. You better be good or you know what is going to happen,” Rob replied, busting into laughter.

“Ha-ha, very funny. Bye,” Sasha said, shaking her head and rolling her eyes as she hung up the phone.

“We are in business. You are now a student of El Dorado High. Your locker number is 207. I recommend you quickly read over this copy of the Student Handbook. Inside is a map of the high school campus. Obey your teachers, school procedures, and most importantly me. Now get to class.”

Sasha made her way to first period in a hasty manner, hoping to avoid being tardy. She successfully located the classroom but was hesitant to enter.

“Can I help you with something?” A male voice asked her, startling Sasha.

“Umm, I am a new student and I think I am supposed to be here.”

“What is your name?”

“Sasha Richardson.”

“Let’s see, Richardson. Yes, come in and have a seat,” confirmed the male staff member.

Everything was going smooth for Sasha. She stayed out of mischief, interacted in her classes, and made new friends. She thought to herself that the penance assigned to her by Father Rufus was not so deplorable as she formerly believed. After all, it only involved Molly forcing her to attend school for one day. With only one period left, which was history class, her penance would soon be completed. As the instructor was giving her a lecture on the American Civil War, there was a knock on the door. The teacher stopped the lecture and opened the door. Sasha looked over and saw Molly in the doorway, having a large wooden paddle tucked under her arm.

“I apologize for disturbing your history class, Mrs Moore. Ms Richardson, out in the hallway. Now.” Principal Lewis demanded in a harsh voice, followed by laughter from the entire class.

Sasha was bewildered. To the best of her knowledge, she had faithfully observed all the Student Handbook regulations. Sasha looked over to her left in distress and saw that her neighbors were grinning and snickering at her. Obviously the class noticed the paddle that Molly brought with her and reasoned that it would be put to good use this afternoon.

‘There is no way I am getting paddled; I have not done anything wrong,’ Sasha thought to herself, hoping to find some comfort.

She stood up and went to the hallway as instructed by Molly.

“Face the lockers that are across from the classroom, put your hands on your head and don’t move,” Molly ordered Sasha.

Molly walked in the classroom, making loud clicking noises with her high heels as she made her way to the front of the class.

“Possessing tobacco on school campus is strictly forbidden”, Molly stated while slamming a pack of cigarettes on Mrs Moore’s desk. “Understand? Possession of tobacco on school property is an automatic six swats as outlined in the Student Handbook. No warnings, nothing. I want all of you to take a hard look at my paddle and to feel it. This is what will be in store for you if you choose to bring tobacco to school,” warned Molly as she passed her paddle to a student in the front row. “Take a look at the paddle and pass it to the next student.”

The paddle was identical to the paddle that Principal Harris used on Molly that fateful afternoon in her senior year; 24 inches long, 4 inches wide, and a 1/2 thick blade. After all the students had the opportunity to examine her paddle, the last student returned the paddle to Molly.

“Hey, I see Thomas’ name on the paddle. Does it hurt, Thomas,” sarcastically asked the student who returned the paddle to Molly, causing the class to laugh and Thomas to become embarrassed.

“It feels like a massage. What kind of stupid question it that? Of course it hurts, but not as much as my fist to your face would,” Thomas assured the inquiring student.

“You two, knock it off,” said Molly in a firm tone. “Or you will be joining Ms Richardson out in the hallway. Mrs Moore, please come with me.” Molly said, retrieving the pack cigarettes from the top of Mrs Moore’s desk.

As they were exiting the classroom, Mrs Moore closed the door in an attempt to provide Sasha some privacy. However, it didn’t remain closed very long.

Molly opened the door and said: “Leave the door open, Mrs Moore. I want the students to be fully aware of the consequences of possessing tobacco.”

Sasha rationalized to herself that she did not have to go through with the spanking. She was a grown woman and no longer a child, or a real student for that matter. She could simply demand her purse from Molly and walk out. Nothing could stop her. Only one thing prevented Sasha from acting; her penance would not be completed. The time, energy, money that she and her husband spent would be wasted. If that was not enough, there was a strong possibility that her pastor, Father Ernest, would view Sasha as being defiant to the church and inform her that she must complete the penance assigned by Father Rufus. Feeling that she was out of options, she reluctantly submitted to Molly’s authority.

“Turn around and face me. Do you care to explain this,” Molly asked Sasha, showing her the pack of cigarettes.

Sasha looked at the pack of cigarettes and discovered that it was the same cigarette brand and style as the pack that she planted in Molly’s locker. She then realized that Molly placed the pack of cigarettes in her locker as she did to Molly years ago.

“That is not mine!” cried Sasha, proclaiming her innocence.

“A student reported that you tried to influence her to smoke with you in the girls’ room. Then Ms Williams and I searched your locker and found these.”

“But they are not mine.”

“Ms Richardson, you were provided a copy of the Student Handbook which explicitly stated that the first offence for possessing tobacco on school grounds is six swats with a paddle. Correct?”

“Yes, Principal Lewis.”

“Also, your guardian has consented to the use of corporal punishment by signing the corporal punishment form that I have in my office. Correct?”

“Yes, Principal Lewis.”

“I want you to turn back around, face the lockers, bend over, and grab your ankles.”

Sasha was whimpering but nevertheless she submitted to Molly’s commands.

“Mrs Moore, please raise Ms Richardson’s skirt.”

Mrs Moore complied with Molly’s request and raised Sasha’s skirt. Sasha was not thrilled about her round bottom being put on display for her classmates to view and intended to make that point by scowling at Mrs Moore when the two made eye contact upon her changing her position to Sasha’s right side.

“It is not personal. Just protocol,” said Mrs Moore.

Sasha looked back to the left and saw Molly at her side holding the paddle with her right hand and resting the blade in the left hand. It appeared to Sasha that Molly was examining her posture, ensuring that she was correctly positioned to Molly’s satisfaction to be spanked. During that moment, the two ladies made eye contact.

Tapping the paddle against the palm of her left hand, Molly said: “Ms Richardson, spread your legs further apart and stick out your butt. Excellent. Look straight ahead and stay in position at all times and do not move your hands. This is very important and it is for your own good. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Principal Lewis.”

“Good. You have six swats coming.”

After affirming that Sasha’s rear end was properly hiked in the air and her legs were spread shoulder length apart, Molly placed her paddle on Sasha’s bottom, perfectly lining it up.

Sasha felt the spooky pressure of the paddle as Molly rubbed it on her unprotected bottom and said to herself: ‘This is not going to hurt so bad. Who am I fooling?! Molly made that monster Thomas bawl like a baby!’

Then Sasha felt nothing.

‘Oh, God! Here it comes!’ Sasha thought to herself, bracing herself for what was coming.


Sasha gasped with her eyes full of tears. The pain that she was experiencing did not fail to meet her expectations. Her backside was on fire from the first lick. The few spankings that she received from her mother with her hand were of zero comparison to Molly with her paddle. She heard laughter from the classroom, which was of no surprise to her since Molly chose to spank her in the hallway just five feet from the classroom with the door deliberately kept wide open. Being as it was, her classmates not only easily heard the impact of every swat but also could view her white cotton panty covered bottom get paddled, to the delight of her former victim. Taking aim again, Molly swung the paddle, walloping Sasha’s butt.


Sasha yelped and could no longer hold back the tears. She accepted the fact that the class was going to watch her weep like a child as Molly demolished her bottom. She then broke down and started crying. By then some of the classmates who were in back of the classroom abandoned their seats and watched the action from the front of the class. Molly was fully aware of the large audience observing her thrash Sasha’s butt but she didn’t care. She allowed them to watch and refocused her attention on the task at hand, namely to punish her former bully’s backside.


Another swat was excellently connected to its intended target. She patted Sasha’s bottom one time, took aim, and delivered another thunderous lick.


Due to the extent of the force of that swat, Sasha was rocked forward. She let out a bloody scream and stood up while rubbing her sore bottom with her hands.

“God! I can’t take this anymore!” Sasha violently screamed, with tears flowing down her face.

“Ms Richardson, get back in position,” Molly instructed Sasha. “Or you will be getting extra swats.”

Sasha, already afflicted with great pain and not wanting to volunteer for extra swats, willingly bent back over, spread legs far apart, and hiked her butt high in the air.

“Mrs Moore, the skirt,” Molly said.

Mrs Moore raised Sasha’s skirt and returned to her position. Molly, not wasting any time, pulled back her paddle and crashed it against Sasha’s backside.


After the fifth swat from Molly, Sasha was sobbing uncontrollably. Molly gazed at Sasha’s upright bottom. After pausing for three seconds, she raised her paddle, took aim one final time, and struck Sasha’s rump.


Sasha remained bent over and was sniveling from the punishment that Molly dealt. Her backside was numb. She was positive that bruising occurred.

“Get up and return to class,” Molly directed Sasha. “Mrs Moore, thank you for your assistance in this manner.”

Sasha, undergoing great shame, bowed her head down and slowly returned to the classroom with Mrs Moore. Mrs Moore closed the door and asked Sasha if she was okay. Sasha did not respond because she was trying to gain her composure and was frightened that she would crack in front of the class.

“That is how you spank an ass!” Exclaimed one student.

“Jeffery! Watch your language. Any more commotion out of you and I will send you to the principal’s office,” warned Mrs Moore.

“Mrs Moore, did somebody turn the heat on or is just the newbie,” Thomas said, high fiving a nearby classmate.

Mrs Moore rolled her eyes and shook her head in disgust. Sasha made it back to her seat and laid her head down on the desk.

“Watch this,” said a male classmate, who was sitting directly behind Sasha.

“Whip it! Whip it good,” sung the classmate.

“Kyle!” screamed Mrs Moore.

“What? I was just singing a song that I heard on the radio this morning.”

“Anymore outbursts and the entire class will be assigned a ten page essay due by tomorrow afternoon,” threatened Mrs Moore.

For the remainder of the class, Sasha kept her head down and reflected on her experience. What she endured today was exactly what Molly encountered. Like Molly, she was having a wonderful day at school and had one more hour until school was dismissed. That all changed when there was the dreadful knock on the classroom door that ruined the whole day. She was publicly spanked and made an example out of, although she did not commit any offence. When her punishment was over, she returned to class only to be scorned and laughed at by her classmates. She was now completely aware of just one of the many awful days that she generated for poor Molly. Sasha’s penance was supposed to make her feel better; instead she felt worse. After the dismissal bell rung, Sasha went to the office and knocked on the principal office door even though it was open.

“Come in, Sasha,” Molly said. “Please shut the door.”

Sasha closed the door and sat down in a chair that was across from Molly’s desk.

“Are you angry?” Asked Molly.

“No, I am not angry, Molly, I mean Principal Lewis. I am so sorry for causing you to be paddled and humiliated. I now know what you went through. Although my bottom is thoroughly sore and probably bruised, thank you for the paddling. I deserved it. I don’t expect your forgiveness nor do I expect your friendship because of all the misery that I bestowed on you. I can only hope that I compensate for even a small fraction of the pain that I caused you.”

After a moment of silence, Molly opened her mouth and said: ”Sasha, I never dreamed in a million years that you would remotely say anything close to that. You have changed into a trophy. I was not originally going to ask you, but it would be an honor for you to sign my paddle. You have definitely become a profitable individual for society.”

Laughing with joy, Sasha replied: “It would be a pleasure to sign it. I do have to admit, you sure know have to swing a paddle, Principal Lewis,” Sasha said as she signed Molly’s paddle with a black marker.

Sasha handed Molly back her paddle. Molly saw where Sasha signed and dated the paddle, to which she also included a smiley face beside her name.

Smiling, Molly responded: “I suppose I do. I usually don’t see repeated violations by the same students. Which reminds me, here is a notice you may take with you stating that you received corporal punishment today.”

“Thanks, but I don’t think I will need a notice reminding me that I received corporal punishment today, at least not for awhile,” Sasha jokingly said.

“Probably not,” Molly replied, laughing. “Listen Sasha, you earned my respect and my friendship. Feel free to return and visit. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“There is one thing.”

“What is it?”

“What about all the other harm that I caused? One paddling, even of great magnitude such as what you gave me, does not do justice. I still feel guilty for my actions, like I need to do penance for what I have done.”

“Anytime you feel that you need to be punished, I can help you with that,” assured Molly. “Because I am a principal.”

The End

© Stinger Sam 2016