Too much alcohol and a wife’s behaviour spoils a party.

By Holy Diver

Gordon and Michelle Ross were a newly-wed young couple who lived in the English countryside. Michelle was 28, tall with reddish-brown curly hair and had curves in the right places, particularly her breasts and bottom. Gordon had just turned 30, was a tall and muscular man with dark hair. Both had successful jobs. Michelle worked at the local bank, maths being her strong point. Gordon worked for a legal firm. They had been together since their teenage years and were bonded with their strong interest in spanking.

Even though Michelle was regularly spanked by her mother right up until she became an adult, she still wanted to retain the disciplinary aspect in her life. When they started dating, Michelle had confided this to Gordon and, to her delight, he was only too happy to oblige. For the early years of their relationship, they only experimented with minor implements such as the hairbrush and wooden spoon, before progressing to the leather strap when Michelle became more confident.

During a holiday in America, the couple purchased a traditional spanking paddle. Michelle had always felt drawn to the American style school paddlings. On their return, they bought two more American-style paddles from their usual implement shop to act as spares.

But the one implement that Michelle always detested was the traditional British cane. Michelle had been unfortunate enough to have been caned on several occasions at school. Even though the canings were over her knickers, Michelle still remembered the nasty welts the cane left on her bottom.

Gordon, on the other hand, was fond of the cane. He could just imagine himself as a headmaster caning naughty girls. Gordon had bought a cane to add to his growing collection of implements, much to Michelle’s chagrin.

They made a deal. Every Friday evening was devoted to a spanking session to help the couple unwind after the toils of a busy week. Each session would start with a hand spanking to warm up Michelle’s bottom. If Michelle had been good during the week, she would be rewarded with twelve swats of her favourite American paddle. However, if Michelle had done anything to annoy Gordon she would receive twelve strokes with the dreaded cane. Also, for any offence that Michelle had committed during the week, she would receive a strapping on the spot. It was seldom that Michelle had a bad session, as she and Gordon got on so well.

One Saturday evening, Michelle and Gordon attended a dinner party hosted by Gordon’s boss, Robert McCormack and his wife, Jane. Although he was approaching 50, Robert was still a handsome man. He had a mop of silvery grey hair and pleasant looking features. Jane, on the other hand, was in her mid-forties. She had peroxide blonde hair in an attempt to make her look younger. Jane worked as a secretary for her husband’s legal firm, being it a family business. Although fairly attractive, she looked rather severe when she was angry.

Gordon was keen to impress both Robert and Jane. He was aware Michelle was younger than most of his colleagues, with the exception of Daniel, a 25 year old paralegal. Daniel still felt attracted to Michelle, even though she was now married to Gordon. The rest of Gordon’s colleagues were all keen to meet her.

It had been a wonderful week for the couple, and Michelle’s bottom was still pleasurably tingling from the paddling she had received the previous evening. However, Michelle’s weakness was that she had a tendency to drink more than she should. Gordon warned her to be extra careful this evening.

As the evening progressed, Michelle had several glasses of wine. Gordon could tolerate this as Michelle was still in control. Unfortunately, Michelle soon moved on to the gin and tonics. This had a disastrous effect, as Michelle was becoming giggly and even started flirting with Robert. To make matters worse, Michelle climbed up on the table and exposed her breasts to Robert.

Gordon’s colleagues roared with laughter and Daniel thought it was his birthday. The sight of Michelle’s well shaped breasts was a glorious sight for Robert. Although he still loved his wife very much, Jane’s aging body had taken its toll. Jane’s breasts were once her best feature, but they did not seem as pleasurable to him anymore. Robert had longed for the sight of attractive breasts, and Michelle just aimed to please.

Jane noticed the look of joy on her husband’s face, and fumed with jealousy. She missed the days where she used to please her husband. Jane gave Michelle a death glare, to which she was oblivious. Gordon, however, got the full effect of Jane’s anger and was mortified. Michelle had really messed this evening up for him. Gordon felt the best course of action was for him and Michelle to leave the party immediately.

The taxi ride home was quiet. Gordon and Michelle didn’t speak to each other. The driver could sense there was something wrong by the stony silence, but he did not dare comment. Gordon had only had a few drinks, but Michelle was the worse for wear. Gordon knew he would have to deal with her in the morning.

Gordon slept badly that night. He couldn’t get the image of the stern look on Jane’s face out his mind. Plus, Gordon worried how Robert was going to take this. At the time, it seemed like Robert found the incident funny, but that wasn’t likely to be the case on Monday morning. Presumably, Jane was going to give him a hard time over the incident, and that would reflect badly on Gordon.

On Sunday morning, Gordon woke at 8 am. He looked at his wife lying in bed beside him. She was only wearing a bra and panties. Usually, Sunday mornings were when Gordon and Michelle would have a long lie in. But this morning, business had to be taken care of.

Gordon got up, showered and dressed and went back into the bedroom. He lifted the duvet off the bed and paused to admire the sight of his wife’s warm body and focused his attention on the pants which concealed her callipygous bottom. It was a beautiful sight, but Gordon was mad at her and action had to be taken. He woke Michelle up with a hard smack on her knicker-clad bottom.

Michelle woke with a headache and feeling miserable. She could not believe what Gordon had just done.

“What the hell are you doing, smacking my bottom at his time in the morning” asked Michelle in an annoyed tone. “Oh, my bloody head hurts too.”

Gordon spoke severely to Michelle. “Shut up! I want you up, washed, dressed and in the dining room in half an hour. Move!”

Michelle was feeling dreadful with her hangover, but Gordon looked angry and she knew it was best not to argue. She arrived in the dining room wearing a T-shirt and jeans. Gordon had prepared full English breakfasts for him and his wife. Michelle did not feel like eating, but knew a cooked breakfast usually helped a hangover.

Gordon started the conversation: “Feeling hungover this morning, are we Michelle?”

“Yes,” replied Michelle. “I feel bloody awful.”

Gordon was barely able to control his ever rising temper. “You certainly had a lot to drink last night,” continued Gordon. “I warned you to be careful, but you continued to knock back drink after drink. You also made a fool out of me in front of my colleagues.” Gordon’s eyes were starting to bulge. “Then you started flirting with my boss. You got on the table and flashed your breasts in front of him.”

Gordon could no longer conceal his rage. He started shouting.

“WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?” Roared Gordon, banging his fist on the table.

Michelle started to sober up with the fright she received. “I’m – I’m s-sorry,” she stammered. “It was only a bit of fun.”

“Oh, my God,” snarled Gordon. “You just don’t get it. You were too smashed to see the look on Jane’s face. That was her husband you were fooling around with. Your breasts aren’t for Robert’s eyes or anyone else’s for that matter. They are for MY eyes only!”

Despite the situation, Michelle couldn’t help feel reckless. “I think you’re just jealous, Gordon. Robert is a funnier man than you. You’re too serious. And Jane’s a stuck-up old cow.”

Gordon could not believe his ears. “I do not believe you have the audacity to speak to me like that. I’m your husband, for God’s sake. And how DARE you speak about Jane like that. Well, I’ve got news for you, young lady. You are getting a strapping after breakfast. And you are to receive a severe punishment session tonight. You will receive a hand spanking, followed by twelve strokes of the cane.”

Michelle’s eyes opened wide with fear.

“Oh, God! Not the cane! I hate that thing so much. Please, can you paddle me instead?” begged Michelle.

“You don’t deserve the paddle. You humiliated me,” answered Gordon coldly.

Michelle got down on her knees. “Look, darling, I know I deserve to be punished. But if I do all my chores and cook your favourite meal tonight, please let me have the paddle.”

Gordon looked down at his wife. Michelle was batting her eyes at him. Her eyes were brimming with tears. Gordon didn’t like seeing his wife like this. He loved her very much and wanted to honour her request. However, she had dishonoured him and herself the previous night.

“I’m still not so sure. I feel you would be getting off too lightly. I paddled you two days ago, so I feel you’ve had your pleasure. You need to be punished and humiliated too.”

Michelle was now getting desperate.

“OK, how does this sound? I must be humiliated too. What if I invite Robert and Jane round for dinner? Then they will see me getting my bare bottom spanked by you. Would we not then be even?”

“Hmm,” replied Gordon, thoughtfully. “An interesting proposal. I’m doubtful, though, that Jane would be wishing to speak to you after last night’s escapade.”

After a great deal of thinking, Gordon eventually gave in.

“Alright. But there a few conditions. First of all, you must have your strapping now. Ten strokes will be delivered on your bare bottom. I will only stop when you are in tears, and believe me, I can make you cry.

“Next, you, not me, you will have to phone Robert and ask to speak to Jane. You should still have the tears in your voice, which is what I intend. You will apologise, and invite her and Robert over to dinner. If Jane refuses to speak to you or they cannot attend, then you will receive your intended punishment; twelve strokes of the cane.

“If Robert and Jane are able to attend, you will first receive a hand spanking with an indefinite amount of smacks. You will then receive six swats with the paddle, followed by six strokes with the cane. They will each be delivered on your bare bottom. I still feel you need some strokes with the cane as this is supposed to be a punishment. Do you accept these conditions?”

Michelle said: “Yes,” without hesitation.

Gordon went to fetch the leather tawse that was reserved for Michelle’s punishment sessions. Michelle trembled as she waited. She knew she had royally screwed up and deserved the punishment of a lifetime. Michelle nervously felt her bottom, wondering if it will ever feel the same again after today.

Gordon arrived with the tawse. “Now Michelle, you know the deal. Lower your jeans and underwear and bend over the couch.”

Michelle obeyed, and bent over the sofa. Gordon took the opportunity to admire the sight of his wife’s quivering bare buttocks. Michelle hated when Gordon would make her wait. This was all part of the punishment. When Gordon was satisfied he was ready to start, he took aim.

Whack! The first stroke made a sharp impact across Michelle’s bottom. “Ouch!” was her reply. This was followed by another Whack! Michelle was definitely feeling these strokes. By the fourth stroke, Michelle’s eyes were welling up and by the seventh stroke, she was sobbing loudly.

“Three more to go, I think darling,” announced Gordon. He had achieved the desired effect.

“OK, first part is over. I want you to wait until 10.00 am before you phone Robert. He will be likely to answer. You will ask to speak to Jane. Robert will hear the tears in your voice, and you will tell him what has happened to you.”

Michelle was mortified, but she meekly agreed for the sake of wanting clemency. She waited anxiously for the clock to reach 10.00. She hated it whenever time would run slow. After what seemed like ages, the clock eventually struck 10.00. Michelle’s hands were shaking as she dialled Robert’s house number.

Robert was in his study looking over case notes for the following day. Like Gordon, Robert did not sleep well the previous night. Jane was giving him a hard time over the events of the party. This morning, Jane was barely speaking to him. The phone rang. Robert was surprised as nobody usually phoned on a Sunday morning. But he remembered rather vividly about the events of last night and was intrigued as to who may be phoning. Suspecting it was Gordon apologising for his wife’s behaviour, Robert lifted the receiver, and answered in a formal voice.

“Hello, Robert McCormack speaking. How may I help?”

“Good morning, Robert. It’s Michelle Ross,” replied Michelle, the tears still in her voice. Gordon had instructed her not to make any attempt to stop crying. This was all part of the plan.

“Ah, Michelle. Nice to hear from you. You seem rather upset.”

“Yes, my husband has punished me by strapping my bottom for my behaviour last night,” sobbed Michelle.

Robert liked hearing this news. He still found the incident rather funny, even if his own wife did not.

“Would I be able to speak to Jane?” Enquired Michelle. “I want to apologise to her.”

“Hmm, I’m not sure if Jane is willing to speak to you,” said Robert in a serious voice.

Michelle’s heart pounded in her chest. If Jane was not willing to speak to her, Gordon was going to give her twelve strokes with the cane.

“Please,” begged Michelle. Gordon has threatened to make my punishment more severe if I don’t apologise to your wife.”

Robert felt sorry for Michelle. He could detect the desperation in her voice. Michelle was a nice young lady after all, even if she had made a huge mistake.

“I’ll see what I can do,” said Robert. “Jane!” called Robert. “Michelle is on the phone wishing to apologise.”

Jane fumed. “I have no intention of speaking to her. If she wants to apologise, I will only accept it in writing,” was Jane’s cold reply.

“Listen, darling. Michelle sounds rather upset. She has already been spanked by her husband, with further punishment to follow if she cannot apologise to you in person.”

Jane pondered. She noticed how attractive Michelle’s bottom was under her dress. The thought of Michelle paying for her sins cheered her up a little.

“Alright then,” she said. As if it was going against her principles, Jane took the receiver. “Hello, Michelle. What do you want?” Answered Jane stiffly.

“Please, Jane. I wish to apologise for my outrageous behaviour last night. I know I have embarrassed you, my own husband and myself. I want to make amends by inviting you and Robert to our house for dinner tonight.”

“I can hear from your voice that you are sorry. But it is too short notice for us to come to your house tonight. We are very busy, you know. I shall have to ask my husband, but I’m not making any promises.”

Jane briefly asked Robert if they were available to go over to dinner at Gordon and Michelle’s house. Robert agreed. They told Michelle that they would be arriving at 6.00 pm sharp. Michelle was relieved.

Gordon told Michelle he was going to be working on the garden, while she was to tidy the living room and to prepare dinner. Michelle was still rather nervous. While it looked like she was to avoid a full caning, she still didn’t feel entirely comfortable about being punished in front of Robert and Jane. If it meant that Michelle was to be back in her husband’s good books, she was prepared to go through with it.

During the afternoon, Michelle’s best friend, Lisa, phoned her as she often did on Sunday afternoons. Although Michelle was looking for someone to talk to, she regrettably had to tell Lisa that she couldn’t talk and would see her at work tomorrow. Before the guests arrived, Michelle changed into a blouse and skirt.

At 6.00 pm, Robert and Jane arrived. Michelle was required to greet them and take their coats. She felt rather awkward at meeting Robert and Jane so soon. Robert had a certain glint in his eye when he greeted Michelle, while Jane was still treating poor Michelle with cool contempt.

Before they had dinner, they sat in the drawing room. The paddle which Michelle was to be spanked with hung on the wall, which Robert noticed. Robert’s excitement grew, wondering if Gordon was going to punish Michelle in front of the guests. Gordon and Robert decided to talk about the week’s upcoming case, while Michelle and Jane tried to avoid eye contact.

Eventually, Michelle was required to inform Robert and Jane that she was to receive a bare bottom spanking followed by six swats with the paddle and six strokes with the cane after dinner. Robert thought he had hit the jackpot, while Jane felt happier, now that she knew that Michelle was to be humiliated to compensate for her previous behaviour.

After dinner, they returned to the drawing room. Robert and Jane sat on the sofa, while Michelle was instructed to take a chair into the middle of the room.

Gordon ordered Michelle to pull down her knickers and then get over his knee. Michelle obeyed without fuss.

Gordon then raised Michelle’s skirt, exposing her bare bottom, which was still red from the strapping she had received earlier. Robert could hardly believe his eyes. He had already seen Michelle’s bare breasts, and now he could see her bottom, too.

Gordon spoke. “Now, you remember our deal, don’t you darling? I shall decide how many spanks you receive and I won’t stop until I’m done. Do you object?” asked Gordon.

“No,” replied Michelle.

“Good.” Gordon started with a hard smack on Michelle’s right bottom cheek followed by another on her left cheek.

“OW! OW! OW!” Squealed Michelle. More smacks soon followed.

Michelle soon found that this hand spanking was nowhere near gentle. She knew Gordon was really going out of his way to pay her back. The spanking continued. Michelle was losing the battle with trying to hold back her tears and soon she was bawling like a baby.

Gordon looked satisfied and so did Robert and Jane.

More spanks came and Michelle’s bottom was bright red. Finally, Gordon decided that Michelle was warmed up enough.

“Right, Michelle. I want you to stand up and walk over to the corner, where you will stand for five minutes with your hands behind your head. Do not move or touch your bottom.”

Michelle felt embarrassed and anxious having to wait for the next part of her punishment while Robert and Jane were staring at her bum.

“OK, Michelle. You know the drill. Bend over and hold onto the chair. Stick your bottom out.”

As Michelle bent over, her backside jutted out nicely. Gordon gave a short speech.

“Normally, Michelle has a spanking session every Friday. Usually, these sessions are for pleasure. However, if Michelle has been bad, then these sessions are for punishment. I normally like to punish Michelle with the cane, which she dreads, rather than the paddle which she loves. Michelle negotiated with me to allow her to receive a punishment session with the paddle. I agreed, on the following conditions. Michelle must receive six swats with the paddle. After each swat, she must count the stroke and say: ‘Thank you, sir.’ If she forfeits, the rest of the spanking would be continued with the cane. Do you accept these terms, Robert and Jane?”

They both agreed with the terms.

Gordon took aim. “Brace yourself, Michelle.”

Smack! Michelle took her first lick.

“One, thank you sir!” Said Michelle. This was followed by another hard Thud! “Two, thank you sir!” Said Michelle, her voice sounding with pain. Another hard Smack! “Three, thank you sir!” Yelled Michelle. She was definitely in agony now, and a large bruise was starting to form on her right buttock. Even a fan of the paddle like Michelle could not deny that most of its force was applied to the right cheek. Thud! “Four, thank you sir!” Yelled Michelle.

She was starting to wonder if she could continue this punishment. The fifth swat was applied. “Five, thank you sir!” screamed Michelle. She was beginning to hate the paddle that she once loved. With the final swat came “Six, thank you sir!” From Michelle.

“Right, Michelle. I want you to stand up and walk over to the corner, where you will stand for five minutes with your hands behind your head. Do not move or touch your bottom. Otherwise, I may add strokes.”

Gordon went to find his cane, while Michelle stood still. Again, Michelle felt embarrassed and anxious having to wait for the next part of her punishment. She hoped Gordon wouldn’t string it out too long as her bottom was very sore. Could she handle any more? Would Gordon, and more importantly, Jane, forgive her after her ordeal? Michelle had these nagging doubts in her mind.

Five minutes had passed. Gordon entered the room, swishing the cane in his hand. Michelle shuddered at the sight.

“I shall now continue Michelle’s punishment with the cane. She will receive 6 strokes. For her sake, I hope Michelle takes them well, as I have no desire to add any more. That bottom already looks sore,” said Gordon prodding his finger against Michelle’s bruised bottom. “Ready?”

“Yes sir,” replied Michelle.

“OK, we shall start.”

Whack! “One, thank you sir,” said Michelle. Thwick! “Two, thank you sir.” Whack! Tears were welling in Michelle’s eyes. Three, thank you sir!” The pain was increasing, but Michelle resisted the urge to touch her bottom. Extra strokes were not worth the price. Whack! “Four, thank you sir!” yelled Michelle.

“You’re over the half way mark, girl,” said Gordon encouragingly. “Keep it up, and it will all be over.”

For the first time that day, Gordon had said something affectionately to Michelle. She could tell that he was finally starting to forgive her. This show of affection bolstered Michelle to take the rest of her punishment.

‘Only two more to go,’ thought Michelle to herself. ‘I can do this!’

However the next Thwick caught her off guard. Five, thank you sir!” Screamed Michelle.

“It’s OK, calm down. We’re almost done,” said Gordon soothingly.

Then the final stroke came down with a Whack! “Six, thank you sir!” said Michelle with a tone of relief in her voice.

After a pause, Gordon said: “You may stand up, Michelle.”

Gordon hugged Michelle. “I’m so proud of you darling. You took your punishment well. I forgive you.”

“Thank you,” sobbed Michelle.

Jane felt that Michelle had been punished enough. The experience had helped to defrost Jane’s iciness. “I forgive you too, Michelle.” Jane also gave Michelle a hug. This hug was somewhat more awkward than the one her husband gave her, but nevertheless, Michelle was so relieved that Jane had forgiven her.

“You did well,” said Robert, and he also hugged Michelle.

“You may put yourself back together,” said Gordon to Michelle.

After Robert and Jane left, Gordon took Michelle up to their bedroom. He instructed Michelle to lie down on her stomach. “Since you took your punishment so well, I will rub cold cream on your bottom.”

Michelle had already looked at her bottom in the mirror. She was shocked by the sight; swollen, bright red, bruised and welted. Michelle knew she wouldn’t be sitting comfortably for at least a fortnight. She was therefore grateful for having cold cream to cool down her bottom.

“I think its best that we have an early night tonight, sweetheart,” said Gordon. “You’ll be sleeping on your belly, that’s for sure. You’ll be pleased to know that there will be no session this Friday.”

Michelle felt relieved. “Sounds fine by me, darling,” she replied. The couple kissed, bade each other good night and went to bed. Michelle found it hard to sleep, but was glad that she was back in her husband’s good books.

The End

© Holy Diver 2015