PADDLED BY THE PRINCIPAL contains three fictional stories depicting the corporal punishment of schoolgirls within American high schools:

A Model Student…?:

Stunning, but self-centred, eighteen-year-old Chrissie Caresco, now in her last semester in 12th grade, can’t wait to leave high school to pursue a career as a model. It’s no surprise, therefore, to discover that getting to her American History class on time is not one of her priorities and, having been repeatedly late to class, finds herself sent to see Assistant Principal Crompton, who has a fearsome reputation as a disciplinarian. Due to a fortunate turn of events CC manages to evade punishment, but a few weeks later she misses her first two classes, having attended an ad agency casting. This time she is not so lucky and her angry history teacher marches her off, still dressed in her short skirt for the audition, to see Mr Crompton. Unfortunately for CC the previously missed disciplinary referral comes to light and her Assistant Principal decides to administer both punishments at once, right there and then, taking a formidable wooden paddle to her scantily clad bottom.

The Governor’s Intervention:

It’s a prestigious day at Golden Valley High School as Governor John Gurnard and school principal, Gary McCloud, are about to announce the opening of an impressive new school annexe to a large assembled crowd, including press photographers. But the photo opportunity goes horribly awry as several water-filled condoms, dropped from an upper window, burst on top of their heads and shoulders. Pandemonium ensues, but eventually the culprits, two 12th grade girls, are caught and brought before the principal and the governor. Both girls are given the option of expulsion or licks with the paddle and, after a little hesitation, both opt for the latter. The no-nonsense paddling is duly carried out by the principal in front of the Governor. The girls really feel it, hopping up and down rubbing their burning backsides, but Governor Gurnard is still not satisfied.

A Welcome Distraction:

Narrated by a male pupil sat at the front of the 12th grade English class, we are informed that today their regular teacher is off sick, and stern disciplinarian, Vice Principal ‘Baldy’ Baldwin, is in charge instead. It’s not long before Baldy spots several of the girls giggling at the back of the class and observes one of them quickly stuff something into the back pocket of her jeans. It turns out to be a rather obscene drawing of the vice principal himself. The note-passing culprits, five of the best-looking girls as it turns out, are summoned to the front of the class. The five miscreants are then instructed to face the class and to bend over one of the front row desks. One girl bends over the desk of the narrator, ending up face to face with him. Once in position, much to the amusement of the class, the VP paddles the guilty parties, really lighting them up, some of them getting extra swats.

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