Three girls keep an appointment with their gym mistress

By Kenny Walters

It was ten minutes to four on a Thursday afternoon and most of the sixth form girls were heading for their form rooms for the final few minutes of the school day. Katie Watson, a shy quiet girl, was heading in the opposite direction towards the locker room at the western end of the school.

As she neared the large open doorway, Katie stopped and looked around. No-one was in sight, no-one could see her. She went in.

“Good grief, look who’s here.” A small girl with collar length blonde hair, too light a blonde to be natural, had just dragged her sports bag off the top shelf in her locker.

“I was late in to school on Tuesday morning.” Katie offered by way of explanation. “It was the third time this term.”

“You little rascal.” Another girl, a taller girl with short dark hair struggled to re-secure her locker after extracting her sports bag.

“I didn’t intend being late, Fay.”

“Really? You don’t say.”

Fay Barkley and Julie Henderson were bright, active girls, good at games and in the same large group of friends. Katie, more academic than sporty, kept herself to herself and the very small like-minded group she associated with, which made her feel more than a little uncomfortable in these two girls’ presence.

By the time Katie had inserted the key in her locker, opened it and brought out her sports bag, the other two girls had already left the locker room. Katie thrust a hand through her honey blonde hair as she looked in the little mirror attached to the inside of the door, closed the door and re-locked it.

She soon caught up with Julie and Fay who were strolling slowly along the corridor.

“I’ve never had to do this before.” Katie said, trying to appear friendly.

“There’s a surprise.” Fay responded with typical sarcasm.

The changing rooms for the gymnasium were at the opposite end of the school to the girls’ locker room and located on ground level. Steps led from inside the changing rooms up to the gymnasium on the first floor. The large doorway into the changing rooms was protected by sliding mesh gates which had been pulled shut.

“Hold on.” Fay cautioned as Julie was about to pull the unlocked gates aside. “Make sure there’s no-one in there. I can do without some snotty-nosed first year girl sneering at us.”

Julie peered in. “No, all clear.” She slid the gates aside and all three girls went in.

Fay chose a coat hook close to the end of the row nearest to the steps leading up to the gymnasium and dumped her sports bag onto the low wooden bench that ran the length of each row of hooks. Julie took the coat hook three away from Fay’s, while Katie deposited her sports bag on the low bench opposite to the other two.

“This is just so tedious.” Julie commented as she peeled off her dark blue sixth form blazer and hung it on her hook.

“Why do we have to do it?” Katie tried again to break into the conversation.

“Don’t ask me.” Fay had also removed her blazer and was pulling the knot in her tie apart. “Perhaps Mrs Benson gets a thrill out of girls in white gym shorts.”

“Ugh!” Katie, a little behind the other two, hung her blazer and tie up and began to unbutton her white blouse.

Julie, with a white bra like Katie, began unzipping her grey trousers. “Hey, you don’t have to watch. Lesbo!” She snapped as she caught the shy girl looking at her.

Katie quickly turned her back and unzipped her grey pleated skirt.

Fay, ignoring the other two, continued stripping down to matching black bra and pants. She delved into her sports bag and brought out white shorts and a netball top in the school colours of white with a broad red band running horizontally all the way around. Soon she and Julie had both finished changing, although Julie had opted for a plain white T-shirt instead of the netball top.

“Hey, no knickers.” Julie noticed Katie was about to pull on her white shorts over her white cotton panties. “It’s not allowed.”

“Oh.” Katie hesitated, not sure whether to believe the small blonde-haired girl.

“That’s true.” Fay supported her friend, although Katie was still far from convinced. “Come on, we’d better be getting up there. Old Benson goes mad if we’re late.”

Feeling she daren’t risk it, Katie quickly pushed her white panties down, unhooked them from her feet and put on small white shorts like the other two. “These shorts are too small for me really.” She said as they tightly encased her hips and bottom.

“She’ll like that.” Julie answered, although her own shorts were also tight fitting and brief.

“Don’t we need plimsolls?” Katie asked as she noticed Fay Barkley, who had just began to climb the stairs up to the gymnasium, and Julie Henderson were both bare footed.

“She’ll let us share.” Fay replied.

Katie blushed, even though her question appeared reasonable and there seemed no obvious reason why they should not wear something on their feet.

“Just another of old Benson’s little foibles.” Julie explained.

Although Katie was feeling considerable trepidation at this point, the fear of arriving at the top of the stairs too far behind the other two motivated her into rushing up the stairs to catch up. When they arrived at the doorway into the gymnasium, all Katie could see by looking over Julie’s shoulder was an empty wooden floored gym with the older of the two vaulting horses positioned right in the middle. As the two girls ahead of her moved forward, Mrs Benson came into sight.

Mrs Benson, the senior of three gym mistresses, had somehow assumed the status of deputy headmistress, even if she didn’t actually have that title. A robustly built woman in her late forties, a figure that looked inappropriate for the faded dark blue tracksuit she always wore, short silver grey hair, Mrs Benson was one teacher few girls chose to mess with.

“Come along! Stop dawdling!”

The three upped their pace from dead slow to a slow loiter, but it took them up to the teacher in sufficient time to avoid another rebuke.

“Go and stand facing the wall bars, then stretch your arms up and take hold of the highest bar you can.”

Continuing at a slow amble, the three girls went past Mrs Benson and the old vaulting horse to the long wall with wooden wall bars stretching from floor to ceiling that lay beyond. The all took in the low setting of the vaulting horse on its adjustable legs and the large dirty white size twelve plimsoll held by the gym mistress.

Katie found it quite uncomfortable reaching up and grasping the highest wall bar she could reach, and the lower bars pressed awkwardly into her breasts and stomach. She found herself first in the line with Julie next to her and Fay the other side of Julie.

“I trust no-one has been foolish enough to wear knickers under their shorts.” Mrs Benson’s voice boomed round the near-empty gymnasium. “If they have, now would be the time to make the appropriate adjustment.”

Had Julie not given her a ‘told you so’ nudge, Katie might have been grateful to the small blonde girl for her earlier warning.

“I will be checking, girls.” Mrs Benson decided the additional warning might be necessary, seeing that none of the girls had moved.

“I bet she will.” Julie whispered.

“Did someone speak?” Mrs Benson shouted.

“No, miss.” Three voices answered in harmony.

“Right.” Mrs Benson sounded unconvinced. “I shall call you over to me in turn. You will bend over the end of this vaulting horse and get right down so you are lying along its length. Tuck your knees in and your bottoms out, then remain quite still until your punishment has been meted out to you. Is that clear?”

“Yes, miss.” The little chorus repeated.

“Good. We shall do this in alphabetical order. That gives you, Fay Barkley, the honour of going first.”

Fay tutted, then let go of the bar she was holding on to, turned and left the short line. Katie was too scared of incurring an angry reproach to look round and see what was going on, but her ears were wide open. First, she heard Fay padding across the wooden floor in her bare feet. Then the footsteps ceased. The next sounds were indistinct, not unlike the rustle of cotton fabric against skin and perhaps the stretching of elastic, and that unnerved Katie.

Two more footsteps and the sound of leather being compressed signified that Fay was now getting down across the vaulting horse. Different footsteps, rubber plimsoll soles against wooden floor, meant Mrs Benson was on the move. They didn’t last long, not as long as the stony silence that followed.

Bang! The loud retort echoed round the large gymnasium confirming that Fay had received her first stroke. A quick shuffle of feet followed by a second, even louder, bang heralded the second stroke. The third loud bang was followed almost immediately by a brief shrill cry; Fay was certainly feeling the punishment. The fourth bang arrived after what seemed a long pause. Katie thought she heard a weird sort of grunt, but wasn’t sure.

“Right, back to the wall bars. Hands on the highest bar you can reach.”

Before she heard Fay’s bare feet padding across the wooden floor, Katie distinctly heard a slap like a hand smacking across youthfully firm buttocks. Now, she couldn’t resist looking to her right as Fay came up to the wall bars and reached up, tears rolling down her cheeks and any earlier haughtiness long gone. Katie shuddered.

“Julie Henderson. Come along, you certainly know the drill.”

When Julie turned and walked away from the wall bars Katie looked across at Fay, but the dark haired girl didn’t want to know. She kept her nose to the wall bars and her thoughts to herself.

By the time Katie turned her attention to Julie’s progress, all she could hear was the sound of leather being compressed that told her the little blonde girl was already bending over the end of the low-set vaulting horse. For some perverse reason, Katie reckoned that if she twisted her head round to the left, right round as far as she could stretch, she might be able to catch a glimpse of the scene without Mrs Benson noticing.

Katie’s first sight was the teacher holding the large white plimsoll high above her shoulder. The second was the slipper being hurled down until it smashed hard across its target, the bit that Katie couldn’t see.

With the strain of stretching her head so far round, Katie had to relieve the tension by looking back towards the wall bars. Just as she felt the muscles in her neck relax, so a loud bang signified Julie’s second stroke.

Katie reckoned she’d seen all she needed to see and kept her eyes focussed on the wall bar directly in front. Clearly Mrs Benson didn’t hold back when it came to striking girls across the bottom with that extremely large slipper. Unfortunately, there was no way out of taking her place across the old vaulting horse and taking exactly the same punishment.

A loud bang followed by a meaningful ‘ouch’ grabbed Katie’s attention from her thoughts. That meant Julie had received the third stroke and it would soon be time for another exchange of personnel, a change that Katie wasn’t relishing.

Bang!! The sound resonated around the large gymnasium, and a distinctive grunt followed. Katie panicked.

“Back to the wall bars, Julie. You know what to do.”

To Katie, it seemed like everything was happening at break-neck speed. From the corner of her eye she could see that Julie was already back at the wall bars, face tear-stained and certainly not wanting any communication with her.

“Katie Watson. Come along.”

With her heart working overtime, Katie forced herself to turn away from the wall bars and slowly plod across to Mrs Benson. The first thing she noticed, apart from how the teacher was tapping the slipper gently across the palm of her hand, was the wicked smile on Mrs Benson’s face.

“I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure before, have I Katie?”

“No, miss.”

Katie couldn’t avoid momentary eye contact with the teacher but she pressed herself to keep pushing her legs forward to take her ever nearer to the low-set vaulting horse.

“One moment, young lady! Stand still.”

Katie froze, too frightened to move a muscle. Why had she been ordered to stop? Surely the teacher needed her to bend across the vaulting horse to administer those extremely hard strokes to her backside, didn’t she?

Katie suddenly felt a rough hand grab the back of her white shorts which made them feel uncomfortably tight at the front. It wasn’t the front that worried her though. Clearly Mrs Benson was having a good look down the back of her shorts and, with her lack of underwear, at her bare bottom.

After what seemed an excessively long time for the teacher simply to check she wasn’t trying to cheat by wearing knickers under her shorts, Katie suddenly felt the elastic waistband of the shorts snap back into place. A sharp slap to the seat of her shorts sent her forward towards the vaulting horse.

Mrs Benson’s now rather intimate knowledge of her bottom made Katie particularly self-conscious as she bent down over the vaulting horse and felt the thin cotton seat of her shorts stretch tightly across the firm round mounds of her backside. Almost immediately, she felt her knees being forced apart and pulled forwards one by one which stretched the shorts even more tightly until they felt at bursting point. Katie reached under the vaulting horse and clung on as firmly as she could.

After a few seconds, during which time Katie was sure Mrs Benson would be surveying the target area she presented with considerable relish, she felt the large size twelve plimsoll tap her gently right in the middle of her bottom. Just a moment later a loud bang and a sudden scorching pain across her bottom confirmed the arrival of the first stroke.


Katie was amazed and shocked by the amount of pain one whack with the slipper could induce, until she remembered the sight of Mrs Benson raising the slipper right back over her shoulder before applying a stroke to little blonde Julie’s bottom.


A second loud bang and a fresh smarting pain across her bottom made Katie’s eyes water to the point of tears. Already, her backside felt hot and sore and aching, leaving Katie in no doubt that as much effort was being made by Mrs Benson to punish her as she had witnessed for Julie.


Katie had anticipated the third stroke but that didn’t make it hurt any the less. Again her bottom smarted and stung from the force of the stroke on her thinly clad rear. She sniffed back tears that threatened to roll down her cheek, but one managed to escape.


The final stroke hit even harder and sent several more tears trickling down Katie’s pretty face. Despite the sore thudding pain across almost the whole of her bottom, she brought a hand up from under the vaulting horse and wiped away as many tears as she could with the back of her hand.

“Back to the wall bars, Katie. Quickly now!”

It was at least a welcome relief for Katie to be able to drag herself off the vaulting horse and waddle back to her colleagues even though, in better times, she would have felt extremely embarrassed about rubbing her sore bottom so blatantly.

Reaching up for the wall bars made Katie’s sore bottom ache even more, but failing to comply was something she simply couldn’t risk. Hopefully, Mrs Benson would dismiss them promptly.

“So what do we have now? Three nice sore bottoms, I think you will agree.” Mrs Benson seemed in no rush. “This needn’t happen you know, girls. If you didn’t misbehave, this would not have happened to you.”

From the corner of her eye, Katie could see the teacher hovering behind Fay Barkley, but she couldn’t see what was going on. Something clearly was though, and the sound of elastic waistband snapping back into place confirmed it.

Now Mrs Benson was standing behind little Julie and, although Katie kept her eyes glued to the wall bars in front of her, she could just see the teacher pulling back the waistband of Julie’s shorts and peering down.

“Oh, your bottom’s really nice and red and sore, girl.”

Katie could just imagine the glow of satisfaction on the teacher’s face, and them she could sense Mrs Benson standing right behind her. The back of her shorts were suddenly pulled back and Katie closed her eyes as she imagined what was happening.

“Oh yes, and another nice red bottom to be going home with.”

Katie felt her waistband snap back around her, and she opened her eyes again.

“Right, girls. Dismissed! Get changed as quickly as you can and get off home. No Dallying!”

Julie was quickest off the mark and led the way to the door, with Fay not far behind and Katie bringing up the rear. With a rapid drumbeat of footsteps on the stairs, they were back in the changing rooms.

“That bloody cow! She really laid it on!” Julie pronounced loud enough for the other two to know her feelings but without any danger of the teacher being able to hear.

“Oh, and of course she went easy on us two. Right?” Fay retorted.

“My bottom’s really sore.” Katie added, not sure whether her comment would be welcomed.

“No, I was just saying.” Fay defended herself, as all three began to change out of their gym kit.

“You took yours pretty well.” Julie said as she stood quite naked to untangle her own knickers and watch Katie put her underwear on. “Considering it was your first time.”

“Ouch!” Katie exclaimed as her brief panties felt very uncomfortable around her sore bottom. “Did I have any choice? I think she’d have gone mad if I’d tried to prevent her whacking me so hard.”

“True, very true.” Julie was now putting her bra on at the same time as Katie.

“She really enjoyed checking under our shorts to see if we had knickers on, didn’t she?” Katie felt emboldened enough to converse freely. “I really hated that.”

“How else is she going to check we’re not cheating, stupid!” Fay snapped.

“Yes, if we didn’t know she was going to do it, we’d put padding and all sorts under our shorts, wouldn’t we?” Julie added.

“Well, yes, but she just made me feel so uncomfortable.” Katie found herself on the defensive again.

“Why? What’s so special about your bottom?” Fay had almost finished changing.

“Nothing. It just felt odd. That’s all.”

“What are you trying to say?” Fay asked aggressively.

“Yes, you need to be careful.” Julie added, siding with Fay. “Mrs Benson’s okay. She doesn’t whack you unless you deserve it.”

“No, I suppose not.”

All three had finished changing and, while Katie was still gathering together her sports kit and stuffing it into her bag, Fay and Julie began heading for the exit.

“Well then!” Was Fay’s last comment on the matter.

As Katie finally left the changing rooms alone, she was left to ponder on how she’d managed to become one of the girls and lose her new-found status in such a short time.

The End