Two girls receive less than their awarded punishment from the gym mistress. Unfortunately for them, they’re found out – with more serious repercussions. Based on a factual event.

by Kenny Walters

Tom Arbuttle looked again at the note in his hand as though he was unable to believe his eyes. The two eighteen year old girls standing just a yard from the side of his desk studied their headmaster as they waited, expecting to bear the brunt of his wrath at any moment. Finally, and surprisingly calmly, he placed the small piece of paper on the polished walnut surface of his desk. Clasping his hands together, he leaned back in his broad chair as he composed his words.

“Patricia Hardcastle and Nicola Prescott.” Both girls tensed as they heard their names spoken out loud. Patricia flicked her head nervously causing her shoulder-length light brown hair tied neatly in a pony-tail to bounce against the sparkling white collar of her school blouse. At the same time, Nicola unconsciously gave her short dark hair a stroke before clasping her hands in front of her as they rested against the front of her navy blue pleated skirt.

“You know what is in this note, presumably?” Tom Arbuttle continued.

“I think so, sir.” Patricia answered.

“The gist anyway.” Nicola added.

“The gist?” The headmaster seemed to pounce on the word. “The gist? Well, let me read it to you in its entirety. It says:

‘Dear Mr. Arbuttle, I feel I have no option other than to send these two girls, Patricia Hardcastle and Nicola Prescott, to you. During the mid-morning break, I caught them fighting in the playground. I immediately ordered them to report to me in my form room where I asked for an explanation. They both responded with more bickering before pushing and shoving each other again, which then resulted in more fighting. Could you please deal with them? Yours sincerely, J. Grimshaw (Miss).’

“There! Do either of you have anything to say?”

Both girls stood in silence, their heads bowed. Nicola finally found a few words.

“It wasn’t my fault, sir.”

“Oh, wasn’t it, Nicola? Whose fault was it then, eh?”

“I don’t know sir.”

“You don’t know? Well, was it Patricia’s fault perhaps?”

“No sir!” Patricia reacted quickly.

“Okay, so who’s fault was it then? Come on girls, I’ve got better things to do than listen to your nonsense. Are either of you going to tell me what happened?” Tom Arbuttle’s voice was rising with his anger. Both girls preferred to maintain their silence as they sensed their headmaster’s impatience.

“Very well,” he continued, after just a brief opportunity for either girl to answer. “Is there anything either of you would like to say to me before I announce your punishments?”

Patricia’s pony-tail received another nervous flick as the eighteen year old heard the final word of her headmaster’s last sentence. Nicola took to biting the thumb-nail on her right hand.

After another pause to allow the two girls time to respond, Tom Arbuttle swivelled in his chair so that he was directly facing them.

“I regard fighting as a most serious matter, girls. Be in no doubt, you have come close to being expelled. Do you understand that?”

“Yes sir.” Patricia spoke dolefully.

“Sir.” Nicola, too, had her head well bowed.

“However,” Tom Arbuttle relented. “I do not propose to take such drastic action on this occasion.”

Patricia looked relieved, and clasped her hands together behind the back of her tight-fitting navy blue skirt as she patiently waited to be advised of her penalty. Nicola seemed more doubtful, anxious to know what her headmaster had in mind for her. Mr. Arbuttle still seemed to be deciding as the tense minutes ticked by.

“You will both report to Miss Gibbons and ask her to give you each six strokes of the slipper. Is that understood?” Tom Arbuttle looked up at the two eighteen year old girls, seeking some sign his allotted punishment had struck at least a little fear into them.

Patricia snatched a deep breath, and gave her headmaster a resigned look. Nicola’s face showed a mixture of horror and indignation. She turned her head as though to express her feelings to Patricia, but quickly thought better of it and returned to looking at her headmaster.

Satisfied his awarded punishments had indeed had some effect on these two girls, he brought the interview to an end. “Very well, girls. Unless there’s anything else, I suggest you go and find Miss Gibbons.”

“Thank you, sir.” Patricia murmured.

“Yes, sir.” Nicola added grimly, before both girls turned and left the room.

Once in the corridor outside, and safely out of their headmaster’s earshot, Nicola became more outspoken.

“This is all your fault!” She chided Patricia.

“You started it.” Patricia responded.

“No I didn’t!”

“Yes you did!”

“No I didn’t! Anyway, where do you think you’re going?” Nicola asked.

“To the staffroom, of course. Where do you think?”

“Hold on, it’s only just after three o’clock. There’s nearly another hour of school left. Let’s go and get it done at four o’clock.”

“Why? The Old Gibbon (as Miss Gibbons was unaffectionately known throughout the school) will have finished her last gym lesson a quarter of an hour ago. It’s Wednesday, remember. She’ll be free now.”

“There’s no rush, is there?”

“Might as well get it over with.”

“Well you can if you want. Personally, I’m waiting ‘til after four.”

“Then we’ll have to explain why we’re not going immediately home with the others.” Patricia explained. “If we get it done now there’s just a chance no-one will find out about it.”

“In this school? You’re joking!” Nicola countered. “Still, perhaps we might be lucky. Okay.”

The two eighteen year old girls having at last found some common ground to agree upon, the short walk to the staff room was at least devoid of hostility. Patricia tapped on the door as soon as they got there, and Mr. Saunders, a portly fifty year old History teacher opened the door to them.


“Could we see Miss Gibbons, please sir.” Patricia asked politely.

Mr. Saunders smiled knowingly, causing Patricia to blush. He said nothing to the two girls, but turned and called inside the room. “Emily! A couple of sixth form girls asking for you.”

“What do they want?” A stern female voice answered from somewhere inside the room.

“To feel the benefit of your right arm, I’d say at a guess!” Mr. Saunders looked directly at Patricia, a broad smirk on his face. Moments later, a stout woman dressed in a dark grey track-suit appeared beside the History teacher.

“Yes girls. What can I do for you?” As Emily Gibbons awaited the girls’ answer to her question, Mr. Saunders continued to stand by the door.

“We’ve been sent to see you, Miss Gibbons.” Patricia told her.

“By whom and for what reason?” The gym. teacher demanded. “Come on girl, I haven’t got all day!”

Patricia felt her face hot and flushed as she found herself forced to explain the precise nature of their visit, even in the presence of Mr. Saunders. “We’ve been sent to see you by the headmaster, Miss Gibbons.”

“Have you now, girls.” Now a faint grin appeared on the normally severe features of the rugged gym. teacher. “For the slipper, perhaps?”

“Yes miss.” Patricia answered, looking down at her feet and avoiding the eyes of the smirking Mr. Saunders.

“Come along then!” Miss Gibbons led the two girls at a brisk pace directly to a small room along the corridor, adjoining the gymnasium. She opened the door and ushered them in.

This small room, measuring just ten feet by eight, contained nothing more than an old leather vaulting horse placed broadside across the room and a small old classroom desk with a lift-up lid. Girls were invited to this room for one purpose and one purpose alone, and not one girl in the school was ignorant of the contents of that old desk. Miss Gibbons wasted no time.

“Right girls! Shoes, skirts and tights off! I want you in just your blouses and knickers. You’ve got two minutes!”

Without a moments hesitation, both girls set about the task of kicking off their shoes and stripping off their skirts and tights. Patricia had her tight navy blue skirt unzipped in moments and felt somewhat self-conscious as she forced it down over her shapely hips. Nicola struggled to undo the zip on her pleated navy blue skirt, but once it was unfastened, she had the skirt off in an instant. Well within the allotted time, both girls were standing before Miss Gibbons in just their white uniform blouses and bare feet. Both blouses were quite short, and Patricia’s white cotton briefs and Nicola’s tiny primrose yellow panties were clearly visible.

By now, Miss Gibbons had opened the lid of the desk and extracted her chosen weapon, a large black plimsoll. “Okay, how many strokes has Mr. Arbuttle said you must take?”

“Three.” Nicola shot her answer in before Patricia even had time to draw breath,”

“Three?” Miss Gibbons raised an eyebrow.

“Yes miss.” Nicola confirmed, returning Patricia’s look of horror with a glare that defied the latter girl to correct her.

“Very well.” The robust gym. teacher sighed. “Okay. One of you bend over the vaulting horse, the other can stand facing that wall.”

Both girls stood looking at each other, as they both waited for the other to make a move in the direction of the vaulting horse. Nicola nodded for Patricia to go first and, before Patricia could argue, she turned and went to stand with her face to the wall. Patricia stood in something of a daze as she watched the other girl take the three or four paces over to the wall and stand facing it, hands clasped in front of her, apparently now oblivious to Patricia’s quandary.

“Come on, Patricia, let’s get this over with.” Miss Gibbons urged.

Patricia came rapidly to her senses and, in two steps, stood with her tummy touching the padded leather front of the old vaulting horse. Feeling quite awkward, she leaned forward and draped herself over the top of the horse, allowing her head and arms to hang down on the further side. A cold hand brushed against her back as it lifted her blouse slightly, then hard fingernails slid over her soft skin as fingers were inserted into the elastic waistband of her white brief knickers. For one awful moment, Patricia held her breath as she fretted that Miss Gibbons was going to….. but no, those fingers merely tugged the knickers up so the soft white cotton fabric encased her full round buttocks even more tightly.

Only a few tense seconds passed before, with no warning, Patricia felt the large slipper crash across the centre of her proffered backside with a resounding crack that echoed round the tiny room.

“Uh.” She grunted.

Just moments after sensing the bruising effect of that first whack, Patricia felt a second mighty smack as the next stroke struck her thinly clad bottom.

“Argh!” She called.

That second swipe stung, landing as it did on almost the exact same spot as the first. Patricia felt her eyes going watery, and she blinked several times so she could hold back the tears. Before she really had the situation under control, the third hard stroke of the slipper was delivered to her now tender backside.

“Argh!” She cried with even greater sincerity. Her bottom was throbbing now, and it was as much the knowledge that her punishment was over that she was able to avoid sobbing like an infant.

“Get up please, Patricia.” Miss Gibbons words were cold and as unforgiving as the strength of her right arm in delivering the slipper as a punishment.

Patricia wriggled up from her awkward bending position and, when finally upright, surreptitiously felt her sore bottom with her right palm as she tried to ease the tingling pain. She looked towards Miss Gibbons for her instructions.

“Go and face the wall, Patricia. Nicola! Over here, girl.”

The two eighteen year olds exchanged places with barely a glance between them. Patricia felt more secure now that she stood facing the wall with the bulk of her punishment completed, and as a consequence she rubbed her bottom more openly as she recognised the gym. teacher’s concentration would now be focused on Nicola.

Nicola had marched strongly over to the vaulting horse immediately the two girls had been told to change places, simply to avoid the possibility of incurring any displeasure from Miss Gibbons. If that had made her seem bravely ready to accept her punishment, then her action had concealed the truth. Nicola now stood before the vaulting horse, the gym. teacher frighteningly close beside her. Only the eighteen inches the eighteen year old maintained between the vaulting horse and herself, plus her teeth that chattered even in the small confines of this small room, betrayed her true emotions.

“Come on, Nicola, bend over!” Miss Gibbons chided.

Reluctantly, Nicola took a step forward and leaned over the leather horse.

“Get right over it, girl. Come on!”

Nicola shuffled her body further across the padded surface until she too experienced that awkward feeling whereby her head and arms dangled down on the further side. She flinched very noticeably as she too felt the coldness of Miss Gibbons’ hand as her blouse was moved further up her back out of the way, and her tiny pale yellow panties were tugged up. Conscious this action had exposed the lower portions of her buttocks, Nicola felt herself sweating with humiliation where moments before she had shivered.

The tingling soreness of her bottom now assuaged, Patricia risked looking around out of the corner of her eye in order to watch the other girl receiving these embarrassing attentions at the hands of the gym. teacher. She saw, where Nicola could only sense, those bare bottom cheeks peeking out from below the tightly stretched flimsy material of the brief yellow panties. Patricia saw too Miss Gibbons’ arm swing back and up, well above the level of her shoulder, then swipe the large slipper down to crash it across the waiting plump buttocks.

“Ooow!” As Nicola cried out, as much in shock of having received the first blow as the pain it induced, so Patricia saw those soft round bottom cheeks flatten and spring back as the slipper struck and then was withdrawn. Already she could see red blotchy patches on the areas of Nicola’s bottom that were not covered by the tiny panties.

“Oooouch!” Patricia watched fixedly as the gym. teacher applied the second stroke with gusto. Again the other girl’s buttocks contracted and wobbled back into their natural pliant roundness, and the red sore patches darkened in their intensity.

“Uuurgh!!” The eighteen year old called out one more time as the third stroke of her punishment cracked across her barely covered buttocks. With some satisfaction, Patricia noted with some satisfaction the other girl too struggled to contain the salty tears that sprang involuntarily to her eyes. Indeed, it was with more than a trace of disappointment that Patricia heard Miss Gibbons telling her accomplice to get up.

Even as the other girl eased herself up from the leather vaulting horse, so Patricia turned round to face the gym. teacher.

“Alright girls, you can get dressed. Quickly now.”

Nicola clearly felt quite sore, and it was Patricia who led the race to get their clothes back on, while the former girl spent several seconds gently massaging her aching bottom. As Patricia completed her dressing by zipping up her tight-fitting navy blue skirt, she found she then had to wait and watch, with Miss Gibbons, the other girl slowly pulling on her tights. That done, Nicola ignored the interested gazes of the other two while she stepped into her pleated navy blue skirt, pulled it up, and fixed it into place.

Once dismissed, the two girls left Miss Gibbons to lock the door to the small room while they made their way towards their Geography class.

“You idiot!” Patricia rebuked the other girl.

“What?” Nicola responded innocently.

“Telling her we’d been sentenced to three whacks!”

“Oh that!”

“Yes, that!”

“Who’s going to know? Uncle Tom Arbuttle might just check we attended for our smacked botties, but I can’t imagine them having some great discussion about it. The number of whacks won’t even be mentioned.”

“And what if it is?”

“It won’t be! Trust me.”

When the two girls tapped gently on the classroom door and joined the Geography class, they noticed their friends and classmates enjoyed smirking at them, but it was only after school had ended that they were subjected to more boisterous teasing. The only other embarrassing moment had been two days later when the class had stripped in the changing rooms ready for hockey practice. Thankfully, Patricia’s bottom was clear of any marks from her slippering, and even Nicola’s red blotches had faded to just a pale pinkiness. Thus this second bout of teasing became only a half-hearted affair.

The following Tuesday, some eight days after the fateful summons to Mr. Arbuttle’s office, Patricia had virtually put the sorry incident behind her. It was therefore with some surprise that she found herself being required to put in another appearance before her headmaster. Wild thoughts as to what wrong-doing might have led to this call flashed through her mind as she passed along the corridor. She reached the door to the school secretary’s office, and tapped on the painted wooden panelling.

“Come in!” The cheery voice of Lisa Montgomery summoned her in.

“Hello Patricia. Have a seat.” The attractive young blonde-haired secretary waved a hand towards a short row of chairs by the wall opposite the door that separated this outer office from the headmaster’s inner sanctum.

“What’s it about this time, Lisa?” All the girls, except perhaps for the shyer of the first year girls, called the friendly young secretary by her first name. Indeed, being just nineteen, she was not really that much older than Patricia who felt herself quite grown up at eighteen.

“No idea. Mr. Arbuttle simply told me he wanted to see you and Nicola Prescott as soon as possible.”

“Nicola’s been called too?” Suddenly, Patricia had an awful feeling she knew why she was here.

“Yes. Didn’t you know?”

“No. She’s got a French lesson while I’m doing Physics.”

Moments later, another tap was heard on the office door and they were joined by Nicola. The horrified look on both the sixth form girls’ faces as they saw each other clearly showed they shared the same opinion as to the purpose of this summons, only Lisa Montgomery appearing ignorant.

“What have you two been up to, then?” The pretty blonde girl asked, the tone of her voice suggesting friendly teasing.

“It’s her fault!” Patricia nudged Nicola in the ribs.

“You don’t know that’s what this is about. You’re only guessing!” Nicola countered.

“Sounds intriguing!” Lisa smiled. “Do tell.”

“You remember when we were here last week? Patricia began.

“Yes. Caught fighting, wasn’t it?”

“That’s right.” Patricia continued. “Well, we got the slipper from Miss Gibbons.”

“I know. The word does get around, you know.” Lisa still smiled in friendly innocent fashion.

“Really. Well, this silly idiot only goes and tells Miss Gibbons to give us three whacks each when Mr. Arbuttle had awarded us six!”

Lisa for a moment looked astonishingly towards Nicola.

“Well, it was worth a try!” The other girl tried to defend her actions.

“Was it really?” Patricia snarled. Then, to Lisa, she asked: “What do you think we’ll get?”

The young school secretary thought seriously for several moments before replying. “This might not be a good experience, girls.”

“Oh come on, Lisa, you know what sort of a mood he’s in.” Nicola retorted. “What do you think we’ll get? Come on, tell us.”

“Well.” Lisa began, but did not continue.

“Come on, Lisa, the suspense is killing us!” Patricia pressed the young woman she regarded as a friendly ally.

“Well, girls, I hate to tell you this, but I’ve already had to witness one caning today.” Lisa Montgomery was no longer smiling. Indeed, she looked towards the younger girls with a great deal of sympathy etched on her face.

“A caning!” Patricia and Nicola exclaimed together.

“Who?” Patricia asked.

“What happened?” Nicola asked.

“Can’t mention names – confidentiality and all that, but she was in your year group. That’s all I can say.”

“Can’t you tell us what she did?” Nicola asked.

“You’d sooner not know.” Lisa replied.

“Tell us!” Patricia demanded.

“She kind of ‘forgot’ to report to Miss Gibbons for a dose of the slipper.”

“Eek!” Patricia exclaimed.

Nicola rolled her eyes towards the ceiling. “Oh heck! That means we’re for it too.”

“Yes, I do rather feel you’re right.” Lisa confirmed.

“So who does the caning, Lisa? Mr. Arbuttle?”

“No. He doesn’t like whacking girls himself. Your old friend Miss Gibbons usually gets the honour.”

Before either of the eighteen year olds had a chance to respond, the office intercom. buzzed and the unmistakable voice of Mr. Arbuttle asked for the two girls to be sent in to him.

“Patricia Hardcastle and Nicola Prescott.” Mr. Arbuttle stared directly at the two nervous schoolgirls who now stood before him. “Presumably you do not deny deliberately lying to Miss Gibbons and telling her to give you each three strokes of the slipper when I had said you should have six?”

“Well sir,” Nicola attempted to explain. “It was a misunderstanding. We were very nervous and we just….”

“No sir!” Patricia interrupted strongly. “Miss Gibbons was informed of the wrong number.” A firm glance towards her accomplice told Nicola to keep her mouth shut and not get them into even worse trouble.

“Hmm. Thank you for that Patricia.” Mr. Arbuttle paused, clearly considering his sentence upon the two disobedient girls. “Frankly, girls, there’s been a little too much of this sort of thing just recently. I would have thought the slipper would have been a sufficient and acceptable form of punishment for you girls. Clearly, I’m wrong. Therefore, I’m afraid on this occasion we shall have to be a little more firm.”

Both girls trembled as they awaited what must now be the inevitable. Mr. Arbuttle confirmed their fears with his next sentence; “Three strokes each.”

Getting up from behind his desk, the headmaster went straight past them to the door leading to the secretary’s office, opened it and called for Lisa Montgomery to come into his office. As the blonde haired young woman entered, he smiled weakly as he spoke.

“Sorry about this Miss Montgomery, but I’m afraid I shall have to ask you to witness another two canings.”

“That’s alright, headmaster, I don’t mind.” Lisa replied sweetly.

“What would we do without you, Miss Montgomery? Would you get these two young ladies ready whilst I go and find Miss Gibbons?”

“Certainly, headmaster.”

As the door closed behind the portly figure of Tom Arbuttle, Lisa turned to the two eighteen year olds and smiled encouragingly as she asked simply: “How many?”

“Three!” Nicola almost shouted the word.

“Oh.” The young secretary answered. “Still, could have been worse. The other girl got six. Anyway, you’d better get ready.”

“Get ready?” Patricia asked.

“Yes, get ready.” Lisa confirmed.

Patricia rubbed the palm of her right hand thoughtfully down the side of the tight navy blue uniform trousers she was wearing that day already pondering to herself whether it would be that palm that was to take the whole three strokes, or whether she might be allowed to spread the discomfort by taking one stroke on her other hand. Nicola, meanwhile, stood silently in something of a daze, her fingers unconsciously pinching the sides of her pleated navy blue skirt.

“What’s to get ready?” Patricia continued her questioning, totally baffled.

“Patricia, dearest,” Lisa mocked. “You know how Miss Gibbons wants you. You do have prior experience, after all.” Then, seeing that Patricia still had not got the point, she added. “Strip to your blouses and knickers, girls!”

“What!” Patricia exclaimed, and Nicola suddenly snapped out of her stupor with a look of horror. “You mean….?”

“Yes. Strip!” Lisa confirmed, grinning broadly. “I do mean it!” She added, lest her obvious mirth should make the two eighteen year olds doubt her words.

“What, here? In front of you?” Patricia demanded.

“Yes, and why not in front of me? We’re all girls together, for the moment at least.”

“And what does that mean?” Patricia still doubted she was hearing things correctly.

“Just because Mr. Arbuttle doesn’t like whacking girls doesn’t mean he won’t watch!”


“Look, I don’t like to rush you, girls, but time is marching on. They’re going to be back soon.” Lisa looked at her watch as she spoke.

It was Nicola who began by unbuttoning her navy blue cardigan and taking it off. Kicking off her shoes, the eighteen year old then carefully unfastened her dark blue pleated skirt and let it fall to around her ankles.

Still Patricia persisted. “Can’t I be caned on my hands, Lisa?” For the moment the girl with the light brown hair tied in a pony-tail ignored her friend with the short dark hair who was slowly but steadily disrobing.

“No. Apparently all corporal punishment at this school is performed on your rear end. Headmaster’s orders!”

By now, Nicola had completed her undressing and her clothes lay in an untidy heap on one of the chairs. She stood quietly waiting in just her white school blouse and brief maroon pants.

“Come on, Patricia, you’d better hurry up. You won’t be very popular if you’re not ready.”

“This is so humiliating!” The girl with the pony-tail complained, even though she did actually begin unfastening her dark blue cardigan. As she unfastened her trousers and began pushing them down her shapely thighs, Patricia felt extremely embarrassed, not helped by Lisa standing close to her, arms folded, studying her every move.

“There! Satisfied?” Patricia said sarcastically, throwing her arms up in the air as she displayed her white blouse and pale blue brief panties to the full gaze of the young school secretary.

“Quite satisfied, thank you.” Lisa answered simply.

“Now what?” Patricia continued, clearly angered by this added humiliation.

“Now we wait for Miss Gibbons to come along and smack your naughty bottoms!” Lisa replied.

“You’re going to enjoy this, aren’t you?”


Before Patricia could respond, the door burst open and Miss Gibbons entered the office, closely followed by Mr. Arbuttle. The robust gym. teacher immediately took control.

“Right! One of you across the desk, the other go and stand facing the wall.”

In an instant, Patricia decided she wanted to get this awful experience over with as soon as possible, and so she immediately turned towards the desk, giving Nicola no option but to go and stand with her nose to the wall. As Patricia placed herself across the hard wooden surface of the desk, so Mr. Arbuttle went to a corner cupboard over to the eighteen year old’s left, and she watched him take out a four foot length of slim rattan, one end of which curled itself up into a crook handle. She saw the wicked looking implement being placed on the desk beside her.

If this weren’t bad enough, Patricia then heard Mr. Arbuttle and Lisa Montgomery shuffling round to stand behind her to her right, and knew they were positioning themselves to afford the best possible view of her round knicker-clad bottom and the punishment it was about to receive. Only fear of the pain moderated the embarrassment she felt.


“Aaah!” Patrcia cried out immediately. The cutting swipe across the very centre of her soft bottom cut right into her and a hot, sore, stinging, painful sensation spread right across the cheeks of her ample backside.


“Aaaargh!!” The second stroke whipped right into the soft mounds of her bottom barely an inch and a half below the first. An even more intense pain spread rapidly across her whole backside, and she cursed herself for not having told on Nicola when they were about to be slippered by Miss Gibbons.


“Aaaaargh!!” Tears sprang to Patricia’s eyes as the shock of the third stroke bit across the whole width of her plump buttocks. Her eyes misted over so she could barely see and she desperately wanted to place her hands on her poor bottom to soothe the agony and protect it from further onslaught.

“Up you get, Patricia. It wasn’t that bad. Change places with Nicola.”

“Thank you, miss.” Patricia eased herself slowly up from the desk and immediately cupped her hands delicately on the surface of her thin panties. Already she could feel the ridges of the marks left by the cane on her soft bottom underneath the flimsy material. Still clutching her bottom, she hobbled over to where Nicola stood facing the wall but with her head turned around in the direction of the desk.

As Patricia stood with her nose almost touching the wall, Nicola remained there too, and for a few tense seconds the two eighteen year olds stood side by side, the one in tears, the other looking round anxiously at the solid desk. Eventually, they were joined by Lisa, who took Nicola by the arm and led her towards the place of her punishment.

“Bend over!” Lisa whispered in Nicola’s ear, and the girl with the short dark hair did as she was advised and placed herself in position across the hard wooden surface.

Stifling back the tears, Patricia cautiously looked round and, seeing everyone focused totally on her accomplice, felt able to continue watching the proceedings. Nicola lay across the width of the desk, her head buried in her arms that were folded and resting on the desk near to its furthest edge. Patricia saw that Miss Gibbons, Mr. Arbuttle and Lisa Montgomery all had their eyes focused on Nicola’s crimson knickers that were stretched tautly across her round bottom. Now, Miss Gibbons held the cane at the ready, poised just a foot away from its impending target.


“Uuuuh!!” Nicola’s loud and long grunt rang round the room. Patricia watched as the long slender cane cut into the soft buttocks and sprang away. She saw Nicola’s whole body jerk involuntarily, then settle back down into position.


“Uuuuuuh!!” The grunt was longer and louder, and Patricia recognised how that second stroke intensified the pain of the first, and how Nicola would now be feeling her whole bottom had been struck by some electric branding iron.


“Uuuuuuuh” For a third time, the cane whipped into the poor girl’s soft round backside, and she jerked uncontrollably. Patricia felt stunned by the short amount of time it had taken to inflict such extreme punishment. She knew already she would never do anything that could possibly cause her to suffer such a chastisement ever again.

Things seemed now to happen in a blur. In the space of just a few seconds, or so it seemed to Patricia, the cane had been put away in its cupboard and Miss Gibbons and Mr. Arbuttle had left the room. Nicola was still bending over the desk with Lisa standing close by looking down at the brief crimson knickers, and Patricia continued to stand by the wall also staring at her accomplice’s bottom.

“You can get up now.” Lisa addressed Nicola. Then, turning towards Patricia, she added: “And you don’t have to stand there any more either.”

Although she knew her own punishment was now long passed, it took these words for Patricia to fully realise the sense of relief she now felt. She ambled over towards the other two just as Nicola was easing herself up from the desk and beginning to rub her sore bottom.

Lisa Montgomery allowed the two eighteen year olds a couple of minutes to massage their bottoms as they tried to gain some respite from the soreness. Only when Patricia began to look around for the chair where her clothes had been piled did the attractive blonde secretary ask brightly: “Come on then, let’s see your marks!”

“What?” Patricia exclaimed.

“Go on! Let’s see your marks!”


“Oh go on! Let me see!”

Before Patricia had a chance to further decline, Lisa took her by the arm and turned her round so that the girl’s back was towards the grinning young secretary. “Be careful, then!” the eighteen year old cautioned, suddenly surrendering. Thankful at least for her words being heeded, Patricia felt her pale blue panties being eased down with commendable delicacy and she too tried to twist round and look at her own backside.

“Look’s really sore.” Lisa commented before gently putting the knickers back in place.

“It feels it!” Patricia confirmed wryly.

“Come on then, let’s look at yours!” Lisa said brightly to Nicola, who was still rubbing her bottom.


“Oh, don’t let’s go through all that again!”

Nicola surrendered too, went over to Lisa and turned her back so that she also could have her pants taken down and her bottom inspected. Gently, Lisa eased the thin red material down and she and Nicola took a long look at the angry red horizontal lines that crossed the youngster’s plump round bottom.

“She certainly knows how to cane!” Lisa remarked as she carefully pulled the girl’s knickers back up again.

Patricia and Nicola went over to their respective heaps of clothes and began to get dressed again. Meanwhile, Lisa went over to the corner cupboard, took out the cane that had recently been used with such devastating effect, and began carefully examining it.

“So, what does it feel like then? You know, when you actually get it.” She asked the two eighteen year olds.

“It hurts!” Nicola replied bluffly.

“Why? Want to find out?” Patricia asked.

“I’m too old.” Lisa responded, and both the eighteen year olds wondered whether they detected a note of disappointment in the attractive blonde haired girl’s voice.

“I’ll give you a whack!” Patricia offered.

“We couldn’t! What if we got caught?” Lisa replied.

“It would only take a moment!”

After the briefest moment of thought, the young secretary handed Patricia the cane and bent herself over the desk. The tight skirt of the pale blue business suit she wore stretched itself across the young woman’s shapely bottom, clearly showing the outline of very brief underwear that barely covered her buttocks underneath.

“Just a moment, Lisa! Skirt and tights down, please!”

“Patricia! There isn’t time!”

“Yes there is! You’re just being a coward!”

“I’m not! Oh, alright then.” Quickly, the young secretary unzipped her skirt and pushed it down over her hips, collecting her tights on the way so that when she leaned over the desk again the two girls could see almost the full extent of the young woman’s buttocks, the skimpy black underwear concealing practically nothing.

Patricia took careful aim, swung the cane back as she had seen Miss Gibbons do for Nicola’s benefit a short while ago, and delivered a hard stroke right across the centre of the inviting target before her.

“Grief!!!! That hurts!!!”

“Told you so!” Patricia responded without sympathy. “Let’s try another one.”

“No!” Lisa squealed, but she remained bending across the desk.

The eighteen year old took a firm grip on the thin rattan cane and lined it up for the second stroke. She drew it carefully back, then whipped down across the young woman’s near naked bottom.

“Aaaaaaah!!” Lisa screamed as a second angry red line appeared just an inch below the first.

“Hold still.” Patricia cautioned as she saw the young secretary begin to push herself up from the desk.

“Oh no!” Lisa protested unconvincingly as she resumed her bending position. Patricia readied the cane for the third stroke and drew it back, right up above her shoulder. The muscles in her arm flexed as she prepared to deliver a firm whipping blow across the waiting round bottom.

“What on earth is going on here?” The three froze as Mr. Arbuttle’s voice rebounded round the room.

The two eighteen year olds turned to face their headmaster. Patricia felt very awkward with the cane still clasped in her hand, and she hastily placed it on the desk beside her. Lisa, not knowing what to do for the best, eventually raised herself up off the desk and turned to face Mr. Arbuttle, rubbing her sore bottom unconsciously. She then quickly reached for her pale blue skirt and held it in front of her, her face as red as her bottom.

“Nicola!” Mr. Arbuttle addressed the stunned eighteen year old. “Go and fetch Miss Gibbons, would you please?” The girl fled out of the room.

As Patricia trembled, Lisa Montgomery reached down and began to put her skirt back on.

“Wait until Miss Gibbons gets here please, Miss Montgomery.”

“What are you going to do, Mr. Arbuttle? Mr. Arbuttle?”

The End